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cheapness, its accuracy, and its capitd editing. It should turn new
readers to a half-forgotten poet" — Nation,

" We offer a hearty welcome to the little reprint before us. May it sell
fiir and wide, and bring Beddoes many new admirers." — Academy,

" The first popular edition of his works ... has been edited with the
greatest care l^ Mr. Ramsay Colles." — Literary World

THE POOKET BUSEIK. Edited by Rose Gardner. 7 in.

by 4 in. 480 pp. Qoth gilt, gilt edges, coloured End-papers

2s. 6d net.
'* The aim of this volume is to present the essence* as it were the attar,
of Ruskin's thought. An attempt has been made, in all reverence, to
select passages containing the opinions which the author seems most
profoundly to have held at the time of writing them, and to have con-
firmed in later years, in the £EUth that these, at least, must remain essentially
true." — Preface^

HI8T0BT IN FICTION: A Guide to the Best HiBtorical
Bomances, Sagas, Novels, and Tales. By Ernest A.
Baker, M.A. In 2 volumes: I., English Fiction; II.,
American and (translated) Foreign. Foolscap 8vo., cloth
gilt, each 2s. 6d.
'* An excellent idea, accurately and thoroughly carried out." — Morning

" In point of arrangement these little volumes are admirable."—

"Sure to be in great request in libraries where historical novels are
asked for." — Scotsman,

**The compilation must have involved a vast amount of work, and,
happily, the catalogue b enlivened by pieces of apt criticism." — Manchester

Vos, BJL, M.B. Crown 8vo., is.
" As the nests, which include those of a considerable number of species,
were all observed within a radius of sixteen miles from the City, beginners
whose homes are in large towns need not be deterred by lack of material
from following in the footsteps of the author, to whom amateur photo-
graphers in general are indebted for showing how much can be done at a
comparatively small expenditure of time and money, "~//a/iir<.

Broadway House, Ludgate Hill, £.C.



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The London Library.

Attention is directed to an important series of Books of the highest
literary interest and importance, entitled the London Library, and
produced in a style which rentiers them eminently suitable for the library
or study, while the low price of Half-a^Crown vet at which they are sold
enables every lover of^ood literature to possess himself of several specimens
of what has approfrtatefy been described as " the ne plus ultra of book'
production,*' The following are among the volumes now ready : —


who lived about the time of Shakespeare ; with the Extracts from the
Garrick Plays. Selected, with Notes, bv Charles Lamb. With an
Introduction by J. Dykes Campbell, ana a Photogravure Frontispiece.
8 by 5I in. 538 pages. Buckram, gilt, gilt top, 2s. 6d. net


By Archbishop Trench. With an Introduction by A. Smythe
Palmer, D.D., and a Photogravure Frontispiece. 8 by 5} ra. 432 pages.
Buckiam, giU^ gilt top, 2S. 6d. net.

George Webbe Dasent. With an Introductory Essay on the Origin
and Diffusion of Popular Tales, and a Photogravure Frontispiece. 8 oy
5^ in. 416 pages. Buckram, gilt, gilt top, 2s. 6d. net.

THE LIFE OF GOETHE. By Gborob Henry Lbwbs. With
a Photogravure Frontispieoe. 8 by 5} in. 59a pages. Buckram, gilt,
gilt top, 28. 6d. net.


Thomas Jefferson Hogg. With an Introduction by Professor
Edward Dowden, and a Photogravure Frontispiece. 8 by 5^ in. 606
pages. Buckram, gilt, gilt top, 2s. 6d. net.

Robert Bums. Arranged and Edited by Frank Arthur Mumby.
With a Photogravure Frontispiece of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.
8 by 5i in. 386 pages. Buckram, gilt, gilt top, 2s. 6d. net.

LETTERS OF LITERARY MEN: Nineteenth Century.
Arranged and Edited bv Frank Arthur Mumby. With a Photo-
gravure Frontispiece of Keats. 8 by si in* 640 pages. Buckram, gilt,
gilt top» 2S. 6d. net.

Epic of the Germanic Race. Translated into Modern English Prose, with
Notes and many Archaological Illustrations, by Wentworth Huyshe.
Shy si in. Buckram, gilt, giH top, 2s. 6d. net.

Broadway House, Ludoatb Hill, E.C

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TtfAi^lMme: 68t90eii«na. Telegnou: "Bbolg, London. "

The Globe Press was founded in August, 1906, and is the sole advertise-
ment agent for the Literary Year-Book and other publications.
During the short time the Globe Press has been in existence, it has acted
as sole agent for the Official Publications of the Irish Exhibition of 1907
for England, Scotland and Wales, and, besides acting as agent for two
or three big firms, it has been called in aid by such firms as Messrs.
Upton, Rudge Whitworth, Peek Frean, Barclay Perkins, and a great many
others for the services of Mr. Arthur Lawrence in "write-up" articles, of
which, during this short period, some hundred columns have appeared in
the Times, Daily Mail, Truth, Reynolds's, Weekly Dispatch, and other

In the latter part of 1907 several firms, whose advertisements took the
form of Limerick Competitions, entrusted the organisation of the business
to the Globe Press, which was responsible for the handling of the large
number of competitions advertised by Messrs. Lipton, Ltd., for whom
Mr. Lawrence secured the services of Sir F. C. Bumand as Judge; Messrs.
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Messrs. Samuda & Co., with Mr. fi Greenhough Smith (the Editor of
the Strand Magazine), Mr. Mostyn T. Piggott of the World, and Mr.
Arthur Lawrence as the Judging Committee.

The literary affairs of some eminent men of letters are in the hands
of Mr. Arthur Lawrence, who advises on MSS., but only after a prelimi-
nary letter has been sent, and by special arrangement

The Globe Press is first and foremost a publicity agent, specialising
in the writing-up of first-rate firms, having special contracts with various
daily and weekly newspapers, and is at all times open to deal with the
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MOTE.— The entries in tlUs Direetory liave l>een revised, in nearly all
eases, by the authors themselves, and the Publishers desire to
thank the very large number of correspondents who have assisted
in this manner. Owing to eonsiderations of spaee, it has not
always been possible to give an exhaustive list of eaeh writer's
work ; but the titles ineluded having been seleeted by the authors,
the information in sueh eases will be found representative. Where
no returns have been made, information has been gathered to a
large extent from other sourees ; but in doubtful eases — i.e„ where
no definite information has been fortheoming— names have been
neeessarOy though reluctantly omitted. Songs, pamphlets,
serials, and sub-titles have not, as a rule, been inserted.
fv A (t) prefixed means that the name is a pseudonym ; a
^ (t) implies Membership of the Freneh Aeademy.
*\i The abbreviations used in the Direetory will, it is hoped,
exitoin themselves. C= Contributor. B=Eleeted, Where
the titles of two or more eonseeutive books have been given,
issued by the same firm, the publisher's name has not been
repeated. Foreign books are inserted with the date of publiea-
tlon without brackets ; but if atoo published in England, these
particulars are bracketed.

ABBOTT, Rev. Edwin Abbott, D.D. Camb., form. Headmaster City
of London School. B. 1838. Through Nature to Christ (Mac-
miUaja), 1877 ; Philochristus, 1878 ; Onesimus, 1882 ; FlcUland,
a Romance of Many Dimensions, 1884 ; The Kernel and the
Husk, 1886 ; Philomythus, 1891 ; The Aftglican Career of
Card, Newman, 2 vols. (MacmiUan), 1892 ; the Spirit on the
Waters, 1897 ; St, Thomas of Canterbury, 1898 ; Clue, 1900 ;
The Corrections of Mark, 1901 ; From Letter to Spirit, 1903 ;
Paradosis, 1904 ; Johannine Vocabulary, 1905 ; Johannine
Grammar, 1906 ; SUanus the Christian, 1906 ; Apologia, 1907 ;
Notes on New Testament Criticism, 1907 ; Indices to Dtatessarica,
1907 ; etc. Encycl. Brit, and Encycl, Biblica, &c. Wellside,
WeU Walk. Hamptsead, N.W.

ABBOTT, George Frederick, Knight Commander of the Hellenic
Order of the Redeemer. Songs of Modern Greece (C.U.P.),
1900 ; Macedonian Folklore (C.U.P.), 1903 ; The Tale of a
Tour in Macedonia (£. Arnold), 1903 ; Through India with
the Prince (E. Arnold)^ 1906 ; Israel in Europe (Macmillan),
1907. C. Classical Rev., Edinb. Rev., Quarterly Rev., XlXth
Century, Times, &c. 233 Temple Chambers, E.C.

33 2




ABBOTT, Lyman, D.D., LL.D. B. 1835. Commeniary on the New
Testament (Barnes & Co., N.Y.), 1875 ; Life of Christ (Harpers),
1882 ; Evolution of Christianity, 1896 ; Christianity and Social
Problems, 1897 ; The Theology of an Evolutionist, 1897 I -^*/*
and Literature of the Ancient Hebrews, 1901 ; The Rights of Man,

1 901 ; Life of Henry Ward Beecher, 1903 (Houghton, Mifflin, &
Co.) ; Problems of Life (Dodd, Mead), 1900; The Other Room,
1903 ; The Great Companion, 1904 (Macmillan). Editor of
The Outlook. C. The N. Amer. Review; The World* s Work;
The Review of Reviews : The Century ; The Atlantic Monthly, &c.
Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York.

ABBOTT, Rev. Thomas Kingsmlll, LittD.. Hon. D.D. Glas..
Librarian, T C, D. B. 1829. Kanfs Ethics (Longmans),
1886 ; various scientific and artistic essays ; commentaries on
sacred texts, &c. Trinity College, Dublin.

A'BEOKETT, Arthur William, Barr. Gray's Inn. B. 1844. Fallen
Amongst Thieves (Chapman), 1869 ; Our Holiday in the High-
lands (Bradbury), 1874; A^ Beckett's Comic Blackstone, 1881 ;
The Modem Arabian Nights, 1885 ; The Member for Wrotten-
borough, 1895 ; Greenroom Recollections (Arrowamith), 1896 ;
The Modern Adam (Hurst), 1899 » London at the End of the
Century, 1900 ; The A'Becketts of Punch (Constable), 1903.
C. Punch, Sat. Rev., Fortn. Rev., &c. 33 Eccleston Square, S.W.

ABNEY, Captain Sir William de W., K.C.B., F.R.S. B. 1844.
Instructions in Photography (Low), 1870 ; tenth ed., 1900 ;
Thebes (Low), 1876; Colour Vision (S.P.C.K.), 1893, &c.
Scientific papers, various. Rathmore Lodge, Bolton Gardens,

ABRAHAMS, Israel, M.A., Editor Jewish Quarterly Review since
1889. B. 1858. Aspects a9( Judaism (Macmillan), 1895 ;
Jewish Life in the Middle Ages (Macmillan), 1896 ; and other
works on Jewish literature. Cambridge.

ACKERHANN, Alfred S. B., B.Sc. (Engineering) Lond., A.C.G.L,
A.M.I.C.E., M.R.S.I., Consulting Engineer, Sec. Society of
Engineers, & Hon. Sec. Civil and Mech. Engineers' Soc. B.
1867. Coal Cutting by Machinery in A merica (Colliery Guardian
Co.), 1902 ; Some Engineering Observations in 1901 in the
United States of America (Civil and Mech. Engineers' Soc.),

1902 ; Pneumatic and Electric Locomotives in and about Coal
Mines (A. Reid & Co.), 1903 ; British and American Coal-
Cutting Machines (Soc. of Engineers), 1904 ; The Distribution
of Producer Gas as a Means of Allemating the Smoke Nuisance
(Roy. Sanitary Inst.), 1906; Popular Fallacies (Cassell), 1907.
C. Times Engineering Supplement, Engineering Mag., Colliery
Guardian, Local Govt. Officer, World's Work, Sec, on engineering
subjects. 25 Victoria Street, S.W.

fACKWORTH, John (Rev. F. R. Smith). B. 1854. Clog-Shop
Chronicles (Kelly), 1896. Other Novels, 1897, 1898, &c. The
Coming of the Preacher (Hodder), 1901 ; From Crooked Roots
(Marshall). C. Meth. Rec, Chr. Wld., &c. Trinity Manse,
Patricroft, Manchester.




ACLAND, The Right H»B« Arthvi Herbert Dyke, M.A. Oxon.
Handbook Polit, Hist. Eng, (Longmans), 1897, <^c. 29 St.
James's Court, Buckingham Gate, S.W.

ACLAND, The Hon. Lady. * B. 1859. Hugh Moore (Blackwood),
1883 ; J-OPtf tfi a Life (Kegan Paul), 1892 ; The Lost Key (Mac-
queen), 1901 ; C. XlXth C, National Review, &c., &c.

ADAIB, Sir Frederlek Bdward Shafto, Bart. B. i860. Sport in
Ladah (Cox), 1894; A Summer in High Asia (Thacker), 1895.
Flixton Hall, Bungay.

ADAH, Sir Charles Elphinstone, Bt., M.A., Barr., D.L., &c. B.
1859. The Political State of Scotland in the Last Century
(D. Douglas), 1887. 5 New Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C.

ADAM, Major Wm. Augustus, 5th Lancers and General Staff. M.A.
B. 1865. Rus Divinum, 1900 ; Hot a Fugaces, 1902 ; The
Lonely Way, 1903 ; Japanese Conversation in Six Months, 1905 ;
Two Hundred and Fifty Thoughts, 1906. C. New Songs, 1907.
Carlton Club, S.W.

ADAMS, BlUiior Davenport, Publisher's Reader and Reviewer.
67 Chelverton Road, Putney. S.W.

ADAMSON, Franees A. (f Esca Gray). Belfield (Skeffington). 1896 ;
The Fairy Stepmother (J. Clarke). 1897 ; The Ways of the World
(Stockwell), 1901, &c. The Manse, Windermere.

ADOOCK, Arthur St. John. B. 1864. ^^ Unfinished Martyrdom
(Arrowsmith). 1894 ; Beyond Atonement (Redway), 1896 ; East
End Idylls (Bowden), 1897 ; Songs of the War (Johnson), 1900 ;
From a London Garden (Nutt) ; More than Money (Partridge),
1903; In Fear of Man (Everett); London Etchings (Elkin
Mathews), 1904 ; Admissions and Asides (Elkin Mathews),
1905 ; London from the Top of a Bus (Hodder & Stoughton),
1906 ; Love in London (Griffiths). 1906 ; The Shadow Show
(Elkin Mathews). 1907 ; &c. C. JBoohman, Reader, &c. The
Red House, Mill End, Rickmansworth, Herts.

ADDERLET, Hon. and Rev. James, M.A. B. 1861. Stephen
Remarx, 1894; cheap edition. 1905 (Masters & Co.) ; Paul Mercer
1896 ; Francis, the Little Poor Man of Assisi, 1900 ; Monsieur
Vincent (Arnold), 1901 ; Third Orders, 1902; Quis Habitabit ;
A New Earth, 1903 ; Commentary on Epistle of St. James (Masters
& Co.), 1904 ; Behold the Days Come (Methuen) ; Catholocism
of the Church of England (Griffith), 1907. The Parsonage,
Saltley, Binningham.

ADDIS, Rev. Wm., M.A. Ball. Coll., Oxon. B. 1844. Catholic
Diet, (Paul), 1884 ; Documents of Hexateuch (Nutt), 18^2-98 ;
Book of Job {Temple Bible), (Dent), 1902 ; Hebrew Religion to
Establishment of Judaism (Williams & Korgate), 1906. C.
Dublin Rev., Tablet, Bibl. Ency. 32 Norham Road, Oxford.

ADDT, Sidney Odei, M.A. B. 1848. The Evolution of the English
House (Sonnenschein), 1898. C. Folb-Lore, N. and Q. 3 West-
bourne Road, Sheffield.
tADELER, Max (Charles Heber Clark). Out of the Hurly Burly
(Ward, Lock), 1874 ; Elbow Room, 1876 ; An Old Fogey, 1881;

2 — 2




Capt, Bluitt, 1901 ; In Happy Hollow, 1903 ; The Quakeress,
1905, &c. Conshohocken, Penn., U.S.A.
ADENET, Walter Frederie. M.A., D.D., Principal, Lancashire
Coll. B. 1849. ^^ Hebrew Utopia (Hodder). iSyg ; Ex-
positor's Bible : Ezra and Nehemiah (Hodder), 1893 ; The
Theology of the New Testament, 1894 ; Expositor's Bible :
Canticles and Lamentations (Hodder), 1895 ; How to read the
Bible (J. Clarke), 1896 ; Women of the New Testament (Nisbet),
1899 ; A Century* s Progress (J. Clarke), 1901 ; St, Luke {Century
B&le) (Jack), 1901 ; Galatians and Thessahnians, 1902 ; and
others. Ed. of Century Bible (in progress). Lancashire Col-
lege, WhaUey Range, Manchester.
ADLERy The Very Rev. Hermann, D.D., LL.D., Ph.D., Chief Rabbi
since 1891. B. 1839. Publications theological, philosophical,
and historical. 6 Craven Hill, W.
ADLER, Mareus Nathan^ M.A. Edited The Itinerary of Benjamin
of Tudela, with critical text, translation, and commentary,
1907. 22 Craven Hill, W.
t ADTy Mrs. Henry {nSe Julia Cartwright). The Pilgrim's Way from
Winchester to Canterbury (Virtue), 1893 » Madame, 1894 :
Bastien Lepage, 1895 I ^^h and Works of G, F. Watts (Virtue),
1896 ; Beatrice d'Este (Dent), 1900 ; The Painters of Florence
(Murray), 1901 ; Isabella d'Este (Murray), 1903 ; and others.
C. Quarterly Review, XlXth Century, Art Journal, Gazette des
Beaux-Arts, &c. Ockham, Surrey.
AFLALO9 Frederlek George. B. 1870. Sea Fishing on the Eng,
Coast (Gill), 1890 ; Nat. Hist, of Australia (Macmillan), 1896 ;
Nat, Hist, of Brit, Isles (Blackwood). 1897 ; Sea Fish (L. &
Bullen), 1897 ; Types of Brit, Animals (Sands), 18^9 ; A Walk
through the ZooL Gardens (Sands), 1900 ; Sea and Coast Fishing
(Richards), 1901 ; British Salt Water Fishes (Hutchinson) ; The
Sea Fishing Industry (Stanford); Fifty Leaders of British
Sport (Lane), 1904 ; The Salt of My Life (Isbister), 1905 ;
Fifty Years of Sport tn Hampshire (Newnes), 1905 ; Fisherman's
Weather, 1906 ; Sunshine and Sport in Florida (AVemer Laurie) ;
The Call of the Sea, a prose anthology (Grant Richards), 1907 ;
Ed. Encyclo. of Sport, &c, C. Fortn. Rev., Quart. Rev., Field,
Cornhill, Morning Leader, Outlook, Blackwood^ s. Morning Post,
&c. The Garrick Club.
A6NEW, Georgette (Mrs. Philip Agnew). Marianna (Burleigh),
1899 ; Mr. Punch's New Book for Children ; The Onlooker ;
Mr. Punch's Christmas Book; The Countess (Gay & Bird),
1905 ; Mr, Punch's Children's Book, 1905 ; One Day a Gipsy, a
children's play (Alston Rivers), 1907 ; The Night that brings out
Stars (Heinemann), 1907. C. Lady's Realm, West, Gazette, &c.
18 Gloucester Square, Hyde Park, W.
tAGNUS^ Orme (John C. Higginbotham). Countess Petrovski
(Ward, Lock), 1898 ; Jan Oxber, 18^ ; Love in our Village,
1900 ; Zike Mouldom, 1902 ; Sarah Tuldon, 1903 ; The Root,
1905 ; New Minister, 1905. C WiruLsor Mag,, &c, Wareham,




AIRT, Osmond, M.A., LL.t>., H.M. Divisional Insp. of Schools.

B. 1845. Geometrical Optics (Macmillan), 1870; Louis XIV.
and the Restoration in England (Longmans), 1888 ; Text-Book
of Eng. Hist, (Longmans), 1891 ; Ed. Burnet* s Hist., 2 vols.
(O.U. Press), 1897-99 ; Life of Charles II. (Goupil), 1901 ; &c.

C. Encyd. Brit., Westminster Review, Diet. Nat. Biog., Quarterly
Rev., Eng. Hist. Rev., Athenaum, &c. Kentmere, Weybridge ;
Royal S<Kieties' Club ; Board of Education.

ATTKBNy George Atherton. B. i860. Richard SUele (Isbister),
1889 ; Works of Arbuthnot (O.U. Press), 1892 ; various works
edited 1893-99 » Swift's Journal to Stella (Methuen), 1901 ;
Later Stuart Tracts (Constable), 1903. C. XlXth Cent., Cont.
R., &c. 42 Edwardes Square, Kensington, W.

AITKBN, ReT. James, D.D. The Abiding Law (Oliphant), 1899.
Linden. West Park Road, Dundee. Scotland.

tAITKEN, Robert Windfalls (G. A. Morton), 1903 ; The Redding
Straik, 190S ; Days Errant, 1907. C English and American
magazines. Salmagundi Club, New York ; Authors' Club, S.W.

ATTKEN, Rev. William Hay M. H., M.A., Canon Residentiary of
Norwich, General Superintendent of the Church Parochial
Mission Society. B. 1 84 1 . Mission Sermons ( 3 series) , 1875 and
1876 ; Newness of Life, 1877 ; The School of Grace, 1870 ; God's
Everlasting Yea, 1881 ; The Glory of the Gospel, 1882 ; The High-
way of Holiness, 1883 ; Around the Cross, 1884 ; The Revealer
Revealed, 1885 ; The Love of the Father. 1887 ; Eastertide, 1889 ;
The Romance of Christian Work and Experience, 1898 ; The
Mechanical versus the spiritual, iSgg; Apostolical Succession, 1903
(all J. F. Shaw) ; Temptation and Toil (Isbister, now Pitman),
1895 » T^^ Doctrine of Baptism (Nisbet), 1901 ; The Divine
Ordinance of Prayer (Wells Gardner), 1902 ; Life, Lieht, and
Love : Thoughts on the First Epistle of St. John (Marshall Bros.),
1905. Ed. Hymns for a Parochial Mission (with tunes), last ed.
(Shaw), 1888. C. Church Family Newspaper, Homilitic Rev.,
The Churchman, The Church League Mag., The Quiver, Sunday
Companion, Horner*s Weekly, The Sunday Circle. The Close,

ALBANESIy Madame Oarlo. Peter, a Parasite (Sands), 1901 ; Love
and Louisa, 1902 ; Susannah and one Elder (Methuen), 1903 ;
Capricious Caroline (Methuen), 1904 ; Marian Sax (Hurst and
Blackett), 1905 ; The Brown Eyes of Mary (Methuen), 1905.
4 Mandeville Place, W.

ALCOCK, Deborah. B. 1835. ^^^ Spanish Brothers (Nelson),
1871 ; Crushed yet Conquering (R.T.S.), 1892 ; Not for Crotvn
or Sceptre (Hodder), 1903 ; Done and Dared in Old France
(Partridge), 1907 ; and many other books. C. The Sunday
Magazine, The Sunday at Home, &c. i Bohemia Road, St.

ALDBN, Chev. WWlam Llvington. B. 1837. Domestic Explosives
(N.Y.), 1877 ; Moral Pirates (Clarke), 1881 ; Adventures of
Jimmy Brown (Low), 1887 » ^^^ Robinson Crusoe (N.Y.),
1888 ; Told by the Colonel (M'Clure), 1893 I Among the Freaks




(Longmans), 1896 ; His Daughter (Beeman), 1897 ; ^^^ Wagner's
Ways (Pearson), 1898 ; Drewitfs Dream (Chatto), 1902. 61
Cloudesdale Road, S.W. '

ALEXANDER* A., F.R.G.S. B. 1852. Robin Hood (Burleigh),
1900 ; A Holiday Romance (W. Stevens), 1902 ; The Pirate's
Hoard (Nelson), 1904 ; Brit, Physical Education for Girls
(McDougalls), 1907. Physical Training College, Southport.

ALEXANDER, Rev. Sidney Arthur, M.A., Canon of Gloucester.
B. 1866. Christ and Scepticism (Isbister). 1894 ; The Chris-
tianity of St. Paul (Longmans), 1899 ; The Mind of Christ
(Murray), 1903. College Green, Gloucester.

ALEXANDER, Most Rev. WiUiain^ Archbishop o£ Armagh, D.O..
D.Litt., D.C.L., LL.D. B. 1824. Leading Ideas of the Gospels
(Macmillan), 1872 ; The Witness of the Psalms (Murray). 1874 ;
The Divinity of our Lord (Cassell), 1886 ; Verbum Crucis (Low),
1891 ; The Finding of the Book, Poems (Hodder), 1900 ; Epistles
of St, John (Hodder), &c. C. Speaker's Commentary, Vols. III.,
IV. ; Keble's Christian Year, 1903, Preface (Blackie and Son) ;
George Herbert's " Temple," Preface (Blackie and Son). The
Palace, Armagh.

ALFORD, Daniel Pring, M.A. Oxon. B. 1838. The Retreat and
other Poems (Simpkin, Marshall), 1874, reissued, 1884 ; The
Abbots of Tavistock and Views Beyond (W. Brendon), 1891 ;
A Tale of Tresco and other Poems (Simpkin, Marshall), 1894 ;
The Butterfly's Sleep, booklet (S.P.C.K.), 1869 I The Revival,
booklet, 1870, in Good Stories ; Four Tavistock Worthies ;
Inscribed Stones at Tavistock ; Dick of Devonshire, three papers
in Trans, of the Devonshire Assoc, for 1889, 1890, and 1892 ;
History of the Tavistock Library, for its catalogue, 1897 I Alfred
in Athelney, a paper in the Proc. of the Somerset Archaological
Soc. for 190 1 ; Britannia's Pastorals and Tavistock in Memorials
of Old Devonshire (Bemrose) 1904; Taunton and its Castle,
Poets in Somerset, two papers in Memorials of Old Somerset
(Bemrose), 1905. South View, Taunton.

ALLANSON-WINN, RowUnd George, B.A., M.Inst.C.E.1. B. 1855.
Various sporting hand-books ; some scientific treatises. Boxing
(Bell), 1889 ; Broadsword and Singlestick, 1889 ; Constructive
Power of the Sea, 1900 ; On Road Construction, 1901 ; Deep
Sea Erosion, 1903. C. Engineering, Pearson's, &c. 22 Soutn
Frederick Street. DubUn.

ALLEN, OeeU J. Mead, M.A., Barr. B. 1872. Burglary : a Farce
(French), 1896 ; and works privately printed. The Cedars,
Denmark Road, Exeter.

t ALLEN, F, M. {see Downey Edmund).

ALLEN, Rev. O. C, D.D. Tales from Tennyson (Constable), 1900 ;
The Didach^, or Teaching of the XII Apostles (Curtis), 1903, Ac.
Plutarch's Roman Questions (Selections) (Bickers), 1904;
The Eucharist and Agafe (Asher, Guildford) ; History of Cran-
leigh School (Asher, Guildford), 1906. Cranleigh School, Surrey.

ALLEN, Rev, George William, Editor of The Seeker. B. 1852.
Poems and Essays. The Mission of Evil (Skeffington), 1900 ;




Wotkierful Words and Works (SkeflSngton). 1903. The Vicarage,
Bretby, Burton-on -Trent.

ALLBH» James lASe. The Blue Grass Region of Kentucky (N.Y.),
1892 ; Flttte and Violin (Simpkin), 1892 ; Sister Dolorosa, 1892 ;
Jokn Gray, 1893 * -^ Kentucky Cardinal (Osgood). 1894, 1896 ;
A Summer in Arcady (Dent), 1896 ; Tke Ckoir Invisible (Mac-
millan), 1897 » ^^ Increasing Purpose (Macmillan), 1899 ; Tke
Mettle of tke Pasture, 1903. &c. c/o Macmillan Co., N.Y.

ALLEH, John RomlUy, F.S.A.» Editor of Tke Reliquary and of Tke
Arckaoloeia Cambrensis, B. 1847. Design and Construction
of Dock Walls (Spon), 1876 ; Ckristian Symbolism in Gt, Britain
(Whiting), 1887 ; Monumental Hist, of tke Brit Ckurck
(S.P.C.K.), 1889 ; Tke Early Ckristian Monuments of Scotland,
1903 ; Celtic Art in Pagan and Ckristian Times (Methuen), 1904.

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