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Learning (C.U.P.), 1905. C. Class. Rev., and vol. i. of Cam-
bridge History of English Literature, 1907. Merton House,

tSARDOU, Vletorien* Dramatist. B. 1831. £. 1877. Monsieur
Gar at and Les Prds St.-Gervais (i860) ; Nos Intimes and Les
Ganaches (1861) ; Les Vieux Garfons and La Famille Benotton
(1865); La Patrie (1869); Fedora (1883); La Tosca (1887);
Thermidor (1891) ; Les Barbares (1901) ; Robespierre (1902);
Dante (1903). 64 Boulevard de Courcelles, Paris.

SAB6ANT, Aliee. B. 1858. Endymion's Dream (Bell), 1890 ;
The Crystal Ball, 1894 ; From a Yacht (Lead. Press), 1895 ;
Ballads and Etchings (Mathews), 1898 ; Death of Oscar (Nor-
man Macleod), 1902 ; Qtteeh's Calendar (De La More Press),
J 905- Quarry Hill, Reigate.

SAUIfDBRS» Thomas Bftlley, M.A., Barr. B. i860. Trans. Essays
of Schopenhauer (Sonnenschein), 1889-96 ; Maxims and Reflec-
tions Of Goethe (Macmillan), 1893 ; Life and Letters of James
Macpherson, 1894; The Quest of Faith (Black). 1899; Schopen-
hauer, 1 901 ; Prof. Hamach and his Oxford Critics, 1902 ; and
. others. C. Athenaum, Quart. Rev., Diet. Nat. Biog. The
Athenaeum. Pafl Mall, S.W.

SAVILB, Frank H. M. John Ship, Mariner (Low). 1898 ; The
Blessing of Esau, 1900 ; Fate's Intruder (with A. E. T. Watson)
(Heinemann), 1905 ; The Desert Venture (Arnold), 1907, &c.
C. Badminton, Strand, P. M. Mag., &c. Castle Ashby, North-

SAVORNIN-LOHMAN, Anna de, Dutch NoveUst. Ed. Hollandsche
Lelie (Ladies* Jour.). Miserere ; Vragensmoede ; Met eene
noodige ; Geloof ; Na het ontwahen ; Smarten, &c. The Hague,

SAXBY, Argyll, M.A.. F.R.G.S., F.S.Sc, R.I. Coml. Ed. Edmon-
ston's Flora of Shetland (Oliphant), 2nd edit., 1903 ; Do Plants
Think ? (Lyne, Bodmin), 1905. C. Westminster Rev., CasselVs
Sat. Jour., Teacher's Times, B.O.P., Young England, Brigade,
Life and Work, M. Rays, Sec. Harleigh County School, Bodmin,

SAXBT, Jessie Margaret Bdmonston. B. 1842. Home of a
Naturalist (Nisbet) ; Preston Tower (Oliphant) ; Lindeman
Brothers, Sisters-in-Love (Partridge) ; some thirty volumes of
tales, poems, &c. C. Chambers's, B.O.P., Leisure Hour, &c.
Wullver's Hool, Baltasound, Shetland Isles.

SATOB, Bev. Professor Arehibald H., Prof. Assyr., Oxon. B. 1846.
Assyr. Gram. (Triibner), 1872 ; Comparative Philology, 1874 ;
Science of Language, 1880 ; AncierU Empires of the East (Mac-
millan), 1884 ; Th Hittites (R,T.S.), 1888 ; Babylonians and




Assyrians (Nimmo), 1900 ; The Religions of Anc. Egypt and
Babylonia (T. Clark). 1902 ; Archaology of Cuneiform Inscrip-
tions (S.P.C.K.), 1906. Queen's College. Oxford.

8CAIFB, Arthnr Hodgkin. B. 185^. Three Letters of Credit
(Provinc. Pub. Co.). 1894; Gemini and Lesser Lights, 1896;
Soliloquy of a Shadow Shape (Kerslake), 1900. &c. C. Strand,
Badminton, Outlook, Sec. Authors' Club, 3 WhitehaU Court,

SCHAFER, Edward Albert, LL.D., Sc.D.. F.R.S.. Prof. Physiology.
Univ. Edin. B. 1850. Parts of Quain*s Anatomy (Longmans).
1876 ; Practical Histology (Smith), 1877 ; Essentials of Histology
(Longmans), 1892 ; Text-Book of Physiology (Pentland), &c.
University, Edinburgh.

SOHIPPBR, Professor Jaoob^ Ph.D. (Bonn.). Hon. LL.D. Edin. and
Aberdeen, Hon. D.Litt., Qxon. and Camb. B. 1842. De versu
Marlovii (Bonn, 1867) ; Englische Alexiuslegenden (Trubner,
1877, and Ceroid. 1887) '» Englische Metrik, 3 vols. (Strauss,
1881-88) ; William Dunbar (Oppenheim. 1884) ; Shakespeare
Bacon-Frage (Holder, 1889) ; Grundriss der EnglischM Metrik
(Braumuller, 1895) » ^^^ Bacon Bacillus (BraumuUer. 1896) ;
Poems of Wm. Dunbar, and Gedenkrede auf Robert Bums (Ceroid,
1896); K, Alfred* s Ubersetzung von Beda*s Kirchengeschichte
(Wigand, 1897-99); Poems of Walter Kennedy (Ceroid. 1901);
AUe Bildung u. moderne Cultur : Inaugurationsrede (Braumuller.
1 901) ; Alt und mittelenglisches Obungsbuch (Braumuller, 8th ed.,
1907). Editor of Wiener Beitrdge zur Englischen Philologie.
65 St. Veit Casse. Vienna, 1 3/6.

SOHNITZLER, Arthur, Cerman Dramatist and Novelist. B. 1862.
Anatol, 1893 ; Liebelei, 1895 ; Preiwild, 1896 ; Das Vermdchtnis,
1898; DergrUne Kakadu; Paracelsus: Die Gefdhrtin {three one-
act plays), 1899 ; Der Schleier der Beatrice, 1900 ; Lebendife
Stunden ; Die Frau mit dem Dolche ; Die letzten Masken ; Ltt"
teratur (four one-act plays), 1902 ; Der einsame Weg (five-act
play), 1904 ; Zwischenspiel (three-act play) ; several other
plays ; Der Ruf des Lebens (three-act play), 1906 ; Marionetten
{three one-act plays), 1906, &c. Novels: Sterben, 1893; ^^^
Frau des Weisen, 1898 ; Frau Bertha Gar Ian, 1902 ; Lieutenant
Gustl, 1902; Reigen, 1903; Die Griechische Tdnzerin, 1904;
Dammerseelen, 1906. Spoettelgasse. Vienna XVIII.

SCHOOLING, John Holt B. 1859. Handwriting and Expression
(Paul), 1892 ; A Peep into Punch (Newnes), 1900 ; Mr, Chamber-
lain* s Proposal (Pall Mall Press), 1904 ; Local Rates and Taxes
(Ward, Lock), 1905 ; British Trade Year-Book (Murray), 1905-06.
C. XlXtk Century, Fort,, C<mtemp„ National, and Month.
Reviews, Pall Mall Mag,, &c. Fotheringhay House, Twicken-

tSOHREINBR, Olive (Mrs. Cronwright-Schreiner) (tRalph Iron).
^ Story of an African Farm (Hutchinson), 1881 ; Dreams (Unwin),
1891 ; Dream Life and Real Life, 1892 ; Trooper Peter Halket,
1897 \ some political writings. Capetown, South Africa.




SOOTT, Very Rev. Arehitald, D.D. B. 1837. Buddhism and
Christianity (Douglas), 1890; Sacrifice, 1894; Church Oppor-
tunities and Responsibilities, 1896. i6 Rothesay Place,

SCOTT, Eva. Rupert, Prince Palatine (Constable), 1899 : The King
in Exile (Constable), 1905. C Temple Bar. Waterhouse.

SOOTT, Walter S., B.A., LL.D. B. 1870. . Editor of Keats' Poems
(Finch ft Co., The Macmillan Co.). Translator and Editor of
La Rochefoucauld's Maxims. C. to numerous periodicals.
The Literary Agency, 3-4 Tudor St., E.C.

SORUTON, William. The Birthplace of CharloUe Bronte, with
etchings by the author (J. S. Fletcher, Leeds), 1884 ; Pen and
Pencil Pictures of Old Bradford, illus. (T. Brear), 1889 ; Bradford
Fifty Years Ago : A Jubilee Memorial of the Bradford Corpora-
tion (Sewell), 1897 ; Thornton and the Brontis (J. Dale), 1898.
C Bradford Telegraph, Leeds Mercury, Yorkshire Post, Bradford
Daily Argus, ftc. The Whitdands, Baildon, Bradford.

SBAI^ Horaee SamneL B. 1846. Eleven-Twelfths' Alloy, booklet
(Harmsworth), 1887 I ^A* Nature of State Interference, 1893 I
Science of Status, A Study in Sociology, 1896 (both Williams
& Norgate) ; Sovereignty and the State, pamphlet (Watts ft Co.),
1907. C. Westminster Review.

SI AM AN, Owen, M.A., D. Litt. Staff of Punch, 1897 ; Sub.-£d.
1902, Editor 1906. B. 1861. Horace at Cambridge (Lane),
1895 ; The Battle of the Bays, 1896 ; In Cap and Bells, 1899 ;
Borrowed Plumes (Constable), 1902 ; A Harvest of Chaff, 1904,
ftc. The Tower House, Putney, S.W.

SBOOOMBE, Thomas, M.A. B. 1866. Twelve Bad Men (Unwin),
1894 ; Age of Johnson (Bell), 1900 ; rev., 1907 ; Age of Shake-
speare, rev. 1903 ; The Bookman History of English Literature,
1906 ; with H. S. Scott, In Praise of Oxford, 1908 ; Ed. Mun-
chausen, Smollett, Borrow, and Constable's An English Garner,
and Religions Ancient and Modem: Biog. IntrcKluct. to G.
Gissing's House of Cobwebs, 1906, and SmoUett's Travels, 1907.
C. Cornhill, Times, Bookman, Tribune, ftc. 18 Perryn Road;
Acton, W.

SEDGWIOK, William, Lt-Ool., late R.E. B. 1841. Light the
Dominant Force of the Universe (Low), 1882 ; The Advance of
Knowledge (Geo. Allen), 1899 ; Man's Position in the Universe,
1902 ; and other works. Elmcote, Godalming.

SBELET, Harry Govier, F.R.S., F.Z.S., F.G.S., Prot Geol., Kmg's
Coll., Lond. Manual Phys. Geol. and Palaon. (Griffin), 1884 ;
Freshwater Fishes of Europe (Cassell), 1886 ; Factors in Life
(S.P.C.K.), 1887 ; The Story of the Earth (Newnes), 1897 ; Dragons
of the Air (Methuen), 1901, ftc. 3 Holland Park Court, W.

SELBT, Rev. Thomas Gttnn. B. 1846. Imperfect Angel (Hodder),
1889 ; The Unheeding God, 1899 ; The Chinaman at Home,
1900 ; As the Chinese See Us (Unwin). 190X ; God of the Frail




(Hodder), 1902; The Alienated Crown (Robinson), 1904; The
Strenuous Gospel (Hodder), 1906, &c. Basil House, Oaklands
Road, Bromley. Kent.

SBLOUS, Frederlek Courteney. B. 1851. A Hunter's Wanderings
in Africa (Bentley), 1881 ; Travel and Adventure in 5. E. Africa
(Rowland Ward), 1893 ; Sunshine and Storm in Rhodesia, 1896 ;
Sport and Travel East and West (Longmans), 1900, &c. Heath-
side, Worplesdon, Surrey.

SENIOR, WllUam, Editor of The Field. Waterside Sketches (Grant),
1875 ; Near and Far, 1888 ; Thames from Oxford to the Tower
(Nimmo), 1890 ; various other sporting books, ftc. 9 Parkhill
Road. Hampstead, N.W.

SERAO, Maillde, Novelist. B. 1856. Cuore Infermo, 1881 ; Fan-
tasia, 1883 (Heinemann, 1891) ; Le Leggende Napoletane :
Riccardo Joanna, 1886 ; // Paese di Cuccagna {The Land of
Cockaigne) (Heinemann), 1900 ; Suor Giovanna della Croce,
1901 ; Lettre d'Amore, 1902, &c. Office of Mattina, Naples.

SETH, Prot. James, M.A. Edin., Prof. Mor. Philos., Univ. Edin.
A Study of Ethical Principles (Blackwood), 1894- C. Mind,
Philos, Review, &c. 3 Queen's Crescent, Edinburgh.

SETON, Ernest Thomi>soil. B. i860. Wild Animals I have Known
(D. Nutt), 1898 ; The Trail of the Sandhill Stag (D. Nutt), 1899 ;
Biography of a Grizzly (Hodder & Stoughton). 1900 ; Lives
of the Hunted (D. Nutt), 1902 ; Two Little Savages (Constable),
IQ02 ; Monarch, the Big Bear of Tallac (Constable), 1903 ;
Wood Myth and Fable (Hodder & Stoughton), 1904; Animal
Heroes (Constable), 1906. Wyndygoul, Cos Cob, Connecticut,
U.S.A. ; 38 Outer Temple, London, W.C.

SHARP, Evelyn. Novels: At the ReUon Arms (Lane) ; The Making
of a Prig (Lane). Fairy Tales : Wymps ; All the Way to Fairy-
land ; The Other Side of the Sun ; Round the World to Wymp-
land (all Lane). Children's Books : The Making of a Schoolgirl ;
The Youngest Girl in the School ; The Other Boy ; The Children
Who Ran A way ; Micky (all Macmillan) ; Lessons (Brimley
Johnson) ; The Child's Christmas Book ; The Story of the
Weathercock (Blackie) ; Nicolili : A Novel (Constable). 15
Mount Carmel Chambers, Duke's Lane, Kensington, W.

SHARP, Robert Farquharson, B.A., Aaet.-Lib. Brit. Mus. B. 1864.
Ed. Lytton's Plays (Scott), 1890; Dia. of English Authors
(Redway), 1897 ; enl. ed. (Kegan Paul), 1904 ; Makers of Music
(Reeves), 1899 ; 3rd ed., 1905 ; Trans. Hernani (Richards),
1898 ; Architects of English Lit. (Sonnenschein), 1900. C. Diet.
Nat. Biog., Ency. Brit. 80 St. Mary's Mansions, W.
SHAW, George Bernard (fG. B. S., Corno di Bassetto, Redbam
Wash, &.C., &c.). B. 1856. Journalist. Critic, Novelist, Play-
wright, Agitator. Subjects : Philosophy, theology, politics,
economics, fine arts, including music. Agent : none ; transacts
his own business. American theatrical representative, Miss
Elisabeth Marbury, 1430 Broadway. New York, and 20 Green
Street, Leicester Square, W.C, who also collects fees for




amateur perfonnances in the United Kingdom. Registered
telegraphic address, " Socialist, London." Postal address,
10 Adelphi Terrace, W.C. Member of the Committee of the
Society of Authors.

SHATLOR, Joseph. B. 1844- The Pleasures of Literature (Wells
Gardner), 1898 ; Saunterings in Bookland, 1899 ; Some Favourite
Books (Kichards). 1901 ; In Friendship's Garden (Truslove &
Hanson), 1907. C. Ency. Brit., XlXth Cent., Cornhill, The
Booh Monthly, Ac. Gloucester House, Holden Road, Wood-
side Park, N.

SHEPPARD, Alfred Tresldder. The Red Cravat (Macmillan). 1905 ;
Running Horse Inn (Alacmillan), 1906. C. various magazines,
c/o The Literary Agency of London, 5 Henrietta Street, Covent
Garden. W.C.

SHBPPARD, Thomas, F.G.S., Curator of Municipal Museums, HulL
B. 1S76. Joint-Ed. of Naturalist. Geological Rambles in East
Yorkshire ; The Making of East Yorkshire. C various maga-
zines. The Museum, Hull.

8HERARD. Robert Harborough. B. 1861. Rogues (Chatto), 1890 ;
Emile Zola, 1894 ; Jacob Niemand (W. & Downey). 1895 ; The
White Slaves of England (Bowden), 1897 ; The Iron Cross
(Pearson), 1897 » -^^ l^ Closed Door (Digby), 1902 ; Oscar
Wilde (Hermes Press), 1902 ; Twenty Years in Paris (Hutchin-
son), 1905 ; Child Slaves (Hurst & Blackett), 1905 ; The Life of
Oscar WUde (Werner Laurie) ; My Friends the French (Werner
Laurie). 22 Rue de Grevarin, Vernon (Eure), France.

SHERIMGHAM, Hugh Tempest» B.A. Trin. Coll., Cambridge. B.
1876. AnsUng Ed. of The Field. The Court of Sackarissa
(with NevTll Meakin) (Heinemann), 1904 ; An Angler^s Hours
(Macmillan), 1905 ; The Enemy's Camp (with K. Meakin),
(Macmillan), 1906. C. The Field, Morning Post, &c. 142
Alexandra Road, St. John's Wood, N.W.

SHBRRBM, WllklnsoDu B. 1875. The Wessex of Romance (Chap-
man), 1902 ; A Rustic Dreamer, 1905. Ed. The Chronicles of
Berthold Darnley (Griffiths), 1907. C. American papers, &c.
c/o Francis Griffiths, 34 Maiden Lane, Strand. W.C.

8mBL, IL P. B. 1865. Shapes in the Fire ; Prince Zaleski ; Cold
Steel: The Lord of the Sea; The Yellow Danger (Richards). 1808 :
The Purple Cloud (Chatto), 1901 ; The Weird o* It (Richards),
1902 ; Unto the Third Generation (Chatto), 1903 ; and other
novels. 7 Medina Mansions, Great Titchfield Street. W.

SHIPUY, Arthur Everett, M.A., Hon. D.Sc, Princeton, F.R.S.
Zoology of the Invertebrata (Black), 1893 ; Elem. Zoolo^ (CU.P.),
1901 ; trans. Weismann on Heredity ; Joint-Ed. Camb. Nat.
Hist. ; Ed. Pitt Press Nat. Set. Manuals {Biol. Series), A Hand-
book to the Natural History of Cambridgeshire, &c. C. scient.
joums. Christ's College, Cambridge.

8HIPLBT, Orbf, M.A. B. 18^2. Ed. Lyra : Eucharistica, Messianica
and Mystica (Longmans), 1863-65, 3 vols. ; Tracts for the Day,
1868, X vol. ; The Church and the World, 1866-68, 3 vols. ;
Essays in Ecclesiastical Reform, 1873, t vol. ; Ascetical Library




(Rivingtons), 1868-69, 4 vols. ; Glossary of Ecclesiastical
Reform, 1872, i vol. ; Annus Sandus : Hymns of the Church
(Bums A Gates), i vol. ; 1884, Carmina Mariana : English
Anthology in Verse, 1893-1902, 2 vols. ; and other and orig.
works on eccles. subjects. 39 Thurloe Sauare, S.W.

SHORE, W. Teignmoutn, Editor of The Cambridge Chronicle:
Editor of The Academy and Literature, 1 903-05 ; The Talhing
Master ; Fruit of the Tree (part-au.) ; The Pest (novels) ; Egomet ;
Dickens; Canterbury: Kent, &c. C. Fort, Rev., Academy, &c.
The Cambridge Chronicle, Market Place, Cambhdfi^e.

SHORTER, Clement King, Editor of The Sphere, Charlotte BrotUi
and her Circle (Hodder), i8q6 ; Sixty Years of Vict. Lit. (Bow-
den), 1897 ; Life of Charlotte Bronte (Hodder & Stoughton).
1905 ; Immortal Memories (Hodder & Stoughton). 1907 ; various
eds. of Eng. classics, essays, &c. 16 Marlborough Place, St.
John's Wood, N.W.

SHORTER, Dora SIgeraon (Mrs. Clement Shorter). Verses (Stock),
1^93 ; A Fairy Channeling (Lane), 1897 ; Ballads and Poems
(Bowden), 1899; Father Confessor (stories) (W., Lock), 1900;
The Woman who went to Hell (Moring), 1902 ; As the Sparks
Fly Upward (Moring), 1903 ; The Country-House Party (Hoader),
1905 ; The Story and Song of Earl Roderick (Moring), 1905.
Collected Poems, with an Introduction by George Mereditii
(Hodder & Stoughton), 1907 ; Through Wintry Scenes (Cassells),
1907. 16 Marlborough Place, St. John's Wood, N.W.

SICHEL, Edith Helen. B. 1862. The Household of the LafayetUs
(Constable), 1897 ; Women and Men of the French Rerutissance,
C. Month. Rev., Pilot, &c. 42 Onslow Gardens, S.W.
[, Mrs. Alfred. The Grasshoppers, 1895 '» ^^ Inner
Shrine (Harpers), 1900 ; Cynthia's Way (Arnold), 1901 ; The


Thousand Eugenias, 1902 ; The Beryl Stones, 1903 ; Scenes of
Jewish Life, 1904 ; and other novels. C. P. M. Mag., Sphere,
Cornhill, &c. Vellensagia, St. Buryan, Cornwall.

SIDGWICK, Alfred. Fallacies (Paul), 1883 ; Distinction and the
Criticism of Beliefs, 1892 ; The Process of Argument (Black),
1893 '» The Use of Words in Reasoning, 1 901, &c. Vellansagia,
St. Buryan, Cornwall.

SIDGWICK, Arthur, M.A. B. 1840. Greek Prose Composition
(Longmans), 1876 ; Stimulus (C.U.P.), 1882 ; Vergil (text and
notes) (C.U.P.), 1890 ; Ed. Text of Mschylus, and separate plays
(C.U.P.), 1881-1903 ; and various school-books. C. Joum.
Educ. 64 Woodstock Road, Oxford.

SIDNEY, Philip. B. 1872. Jane the Quene (Sonnenschein), 1900 ;
Who Killed Amy Robsart ? (Stock), 1901 ; The Sidneys of Pens-
hurst (Bousfield), 1902 ; The Gunpowder Plot (Rel. Tract Soc.),
1904 ; The Headsman of Whitehall (Morton), 1905 ; Modem
Rome in Modern England (R.T.S.), 1906 ; The SubjeU of All
Verse (Frowde), 1907, &c. C. West. Rev., Hibbert Jour., &c.
Royal Societies Club, S.W.

SIENKIEWICZ^ Henryk. B. 1846. Most of M. Sienkiewicz's novels
hav« been translated into English by Mr. Jeremiah Cortin.




Works include : Sketches in Charcoal, 1874 ; Fire and Sword,

1884 ; The Deluge, 1886 ; Quo Vadis, 1896 ; Pan Michael, 1897 ;
Children of the Soil, iS<^ ; Judgment of Peter and Paul, ipcx) ;
Knights of the Cross, 1900. Warsaw. Poland.

8IGBRSON9 G«Olge, M.D. Bards of the Gael and Gaul (Unwin), 1897.

3 Clare Street. Dublin.
SILBBRRAD, Una L. B. 1872. The Enchanter (Macmillan).

1899 ; The Lady of Dreams (Heinemann), 1900 ; Princess Puch

(Doubleday, N.Y.), 1901 ; The Success of Mark Wyngate, 1902 ;

Petronitta Heroven (Constable). 1903 ; The Wedding of the

Lady of Lovell (Constable). 1905 ; Second Book of Tobiah, 1906 ;

The Good Comrade, 1907. C Blackwood's, Pall Mall Mag.,

Macmillan's, &c. Buckhurst Hill, Essex.
SILLARD, P. A. Lives of Mitckel, Martin, and other Young Ire-
landers (Duffy) ; Ed. Poems of R. d' Alton Williams, C. Allan.

Monthly, Gentleman's Mojg., The Month, The Academy, &c.

48 Mountioy Square. Dublm.
SILLARDy Robert. Barry Sullivan and his Contemporaries (Unwin).

C. Eng. Illus., CornhiU, Westr. Rev., Grand Mag.. Irish

Monthly, &c. 48 Mount joy Square, Dublin.
SILVAM-EVANS, John Henry^ M.A. Oxon. (With Rev. D. S.

Evans) Diet, of the Welsh Lang. (Spurrell, Carmarthen), now

issuing in parts. C. Academy, Archaolo^ia Cambrensis, &c. Ty

Gwyn ar L>af, Whitland. Carmarthenshire.
SILVESTER, M. E. B. 1876. In 1907: When Wealth Allures;

Better than Riches ; Sin-Wrought Chains. 28 Ulverston Road.

Forest Road. Walthamstow.
SI1I1I0NS» Arthur ThomM» B.Sc. Joint-Ed. School World. B.

1865. Physiography,i9^ ; Exercises in Prac. Physics, 1899;

Introduction to Practical Geography (Macmillan). 1905 ; and

many other sclent, text-books. C Nature, &c. 39 Blenheim

Road, Bedford Park. W.
SIHPSON, Eve Blantyre. B. 1856. Dogs of Other Days (Blackwood).

1881 ; Sir James Simpson {Famous Scots series) (Oliphant).

1895 ; Stevenson's Edinburgh Days (Hodder). 1897, ^c. C. Art

Jour., Chambers's, Century, &c. 1 5 Inverleith Row. Edinburgh.
SIMS, George Robert B. 1847. Ballads and Poems (Routledge),

1879 I ^0^ l^^ P^^ ^*v^ ' Rogues and Vagabonds (Chatto),

1885 ; Memoirs of Mary Jane, 1887 ; Dagonet Abroad, 1895 ;
In London's Heart, 1900 ; Nat Harlowe, Mountebank (Pears).
1901 ; Among my Autographs ; A Blind Marriage; Two London
Fairies and Mysteries of Modem London ; For Life and After ;
Joyce Pleasantry (Pears) ; The Mystery of Mary Ann ; The Cry
of the Children ; Human Wales ; and many other books and
plays. &c. Ed. Living London, 1901-02-03. C. Referee, Ac,
etc. Clarence Terrace. Regent's Park. N.W.

SIHOLAIRy May. Audrey Craven, 1897 ; Mr. and Mrs. Nevill
Tyson, 1898 (Blackwood) ; Two Sides of a Question, 1901 ; The
Divine Fire, 1904; The Helpmate, 1907 (Constable), Ac, &c.
C. Macmillan' s, P. M. Mag., Blackwood's, &c. Lyceum Club,
Piccadilly, W.




SINCLAIR, The Venerable miliam Maedonald, D.D. B. 1850.
The Psalms : the Author. Vers, in the Orig. Rhythm (Hatchards),
1879 ; The Christian's Influence (Nisbct), 1892 ; Words to the
Laity, 1895 * Simplicity tn Christ (Constable), 1896 ; Leaders
of Thought in the Engl, Ch, (Hodder) ; i* Unto you Young Men "
(Richards), 1900 ; " Likewise the Younger Women," 1901 ;
Words from St. Paul's (2nd series) (Richards), 1902 ; John
MacWhirter, R.A., and his Works (Virtue & Co.); Christian
Science and other Difficulties (Griffiths), 1904 ; &c., &c. C.
many mags. Chapter House, St. Paul's Cathedral, B.C.

tSINJOHN, John (see Galsworthy, John).

SKEAT, Bertha M., Ph.D. (Zurich). Examiner in English for the
Coll. of Preceptors. B. 1861. A Pub. School Reciter (Long-
mans) ; Specimens of Eng. Prose (Blackie) ; Mist. Eng. Gram.
(Blackie) ; Persephone : a School Play (Moring) ; The Land
East of the Sun : a School Play ; Eros and Psyche : a School
Play (Moring). (Principal of) Baliol School, Sedbergh, Yorks.

SKEAT, Rev. Walter William, Litt.D., D.C.L., LL.D., Ph.D..
F.B.A., Elrington and Bosworth Prof. Ang.-Sax., Camb.
Founder and Director of Eng. Dialect Soc, 187 3-5^. B.
1835. Ed. Uhland's Songs and Ballads, 1864 ; Piers the Plow-
man, 1867-84; Havelok, 1868 ; The Bruce, 1870-77 ; Chatterton's
Poems, 1871 ; Ang.-Sax. Gospels (Riving tons), 1871-87 ; Etym.
Diet. Eng. Lang. (O.U.P.), 1879-84 ; St. Mark in Gothic, 1882 ;
Princs. of Eng. Etym., 1887 ; The Works of Chaucer (Frowde),
1894; The Chaucer Canon, 1900, &c. C. Notes and Queries.
2 Salisbury Villas, Cambridge.

SKRINE, John Huntley, Vicar of Itchenstone, Hants, late Warden,
Trinity Coll., Glenalmond, and Canon of St. Ninian's, Perth.
B. 1848. A Memory of Edw. Thring (Macmillan), 1890 ;
Columba, a. poem (Blackwood), 1892 ; Joanihe Maid, a drama
(Macmillan), 1895 ; Songs of the Maid and other Lyrics (Mac-
millan), i8q6 ; Pastor Agnorum, a Schoolmaster's. Afterthoughts
(Longmans), 1902 ; The Christ in the Teacher (Simpkin, Marshall)
1905 ; several vols, of poems and sermons ; What is Faith .>
(Longmans), 1907. Rectory, Itchen Stoke, Alresford, Hants.

SLADEN, Douglas (Brooke Wheelton), B.A. Qxon., LL.B. Mel.
Frithjof and Ingebjorg (Paul), 1882 ; Edward the Black Prince,
1886; 2nd ed., 1903 ; The Japs at Home (Hutchinson), 1892;
75 th thousand, 1904 ; On the Cars and Off, 1895, 3rd ed. ; A
Japanese Marriage, 1895 > 82nd thousand, 1904 ; Trincolox, 1898 ;
22nd thousand, 1906; The Admiral, 1898; 52nd thousand.
1905 ; In Sicily (Sands). 1901 ; My Son Richard, 1901 ; 22nd
thousand, 1904 ; Queer Things about Japan, 1904 ; 4U1 ed.,
1905 ; Playing the Game, a Sequel to A Japanese Marriage

(title changed to When we were Lovers in Japan in latest ed^)
(F. V. White). 1904; More Queer Things about Japan (with
Norma Lorimer) (Treheme), 1904. 2nd ed.. 1905 ; Sicily, the
New Winter Resort (Methuen), 1905 ; Queer Things about Sicily
{vdth Norma Lorimer) (Treheme), 1905 ; A Sicilian Marriage




(F. V. White), 1905 ; Carthage and Tunis : The Old and New
Gates of the Orient (Hutchinson), 1906 ; The Secrets of the Vatican,
1907 ; (with E. de Lorey) Queer Things about Persia, 1907 ; and
other travel books, novels, and poems. Much editorijd work
and reviewing; edited Who's Who, 1897-99; London and its
Leaders, 1902. 32 and 34 Addison Mansions, Kensington, W.
SLATER, John Hor1>eTt, Barr. Middle Temple. Ed. of Book Prices
Current, 1 887-1907 ; Sale Prices, 189(5-97 ; Art Sales of the
Year, 1902-03. Au. of Red Surrey, the Romance of a Night,
189X ; Round and About the Bookstalls, 1891 ; Engraving and
their Value, 1894, 3rd ed., 1900 ; The Romance of Book Collecting,
1898 ; The Library Manual, 3rd ed., igoo ; How to Collect Books
(Bell), 1905, &c. C Athenaum, Connoisseur, and other journals.

7 Cameron Road, Croydon, Surrey.

SMEDLBT, Constanee, Founder and Honorary Secretary of the
Lyceum Club. An April Princess (Cassells), 1903 ; For Heart
o* Gold (Harper & Brothers), 1904 ; Conflict (Constable), 1907 ;
The Boudoir Critic (Harper & Brothers), 1904 ; Mrs. Jordan,
produced by Mrs. Patrick Campbell ; The Listeners, and other
plays. 4 Whitehall Court, London, S.W.

SMITH, Charles, M.A., Master Sid. Sus. CoU., Camb. B. 1844.
Conic Sections (Macmillan). 1882 ; Solid Geometry, 1884 ;
Treatise on Algebra, 1886 ; Elem, Algebra, 1886 ; Arithmetic
(CU.P.), 1 89 1 ; Geometrical Conies, 1894, &c. Sidney Sussex
College, Cambridge.

SMITH, E. M. The Zodia ; or. The Cherubim in the Bible and the

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