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other theol. works. Cambridge.

fSWIFT, Benjamin (William Romaine Paterson, M.A.). B. 1871.
Nancy Noon (Unwin), 1896 ; The Destroyer, 1898 ; Siren City
(Methuen), 1899 ; Dartnell, 1899 .' ^*«*^ ^^^^ (Heinemann),




1900 ; Ths Eternal Conflict, an essay, 1901 ; Sordon, 1902 ;
Life's Questionings, 1905 ; The Nemesis of Nations : an Historical
Study (Dent), 1007. 31 Belsize Park Gardens, Hampstead,

SWINBURNB, Algernon Oharies. B. 1837. AtalarUa in Calydon
(Chatto), 1865; Chastelard, 1865; Poems and Ballads, 1866,
1878, X889 ; Songs before Sunrise, 1871 ; Mary Stuart, 1881 ;
Marino Faliero, 1885 ; Study of Victor Hugo, 1886 ; Locrini,
1887 '* Rosamund, Queen of the Lombards, 1899 ; Lovers Cross
Currents (Chatto), 1905 ; and many other poems and studies
in prose. 1 1 The Pines, Putney.

STKES, Arthnr A. Trans. Gogol's Inspector General (Scott), 1892 ;
Author of A Booh of Words (Constable), 1895 ; Without Per-
mission (Simpkin), 1896 ; Mr, Punch's Museum (Bradbury),
1903, &c. C. Punch, Pearson's, &c. 16 Edith Road, W.

STHES, Re?. John Eiliotson, M.A., Prin. Univ. CoU., Nott. B.

. 1847. Newcastle Sermons (Hodges), 1882 ; Political Economy

(Ix>ngmans), 1888 ; 8th ed.. 1906 ; Prelude to Mod. Hist., 1890 ;

The French Revolution (Methuen), 1892, &c. C. Social England.

The Park. Nottingham.

STMONS, Arthur. B. 1865. An Introduction to the Study of
Browning, 1886, new ed. 1906; Days and Nights (Macmillan),
1889; Silhouettes (Mathews & Lane), 1892; London Nights
(Smithers), 1895 ; Studies in Two Literatures, 1897 i Amoris
Victima, 1897; Aubrey Beardsley, 1898, new ed. 1905;
Symbolist Movement in Literature (Heinemann), 1900 ; Images
of Good and Evil (Heinemann), 1900 ; Poems (coll. ed.) (Heine-
mann), 1901 ; trans. D*Annunzio*s Dead City, Gioconda, and
Francesca da Rimini, 1901 ; Plays, Acting, and Music (Duck-
worth), 1903 ; Cities (Dent), 1903 ; Studies in Prose and Verse
(Dent), 1904 ; Spiritual Adventures (Constable), 1905 ; The
Fool of the World, and other Poems (Heinemann), 1906 ; Studies
in Seven Arts (Constable), 1906 ; William Blahe (Constable),
1907. 10 Clifton Hill, St. John's Wood, N.W.

STBETT, Netta. Nobody's Fault (Lane), 1895 ; The Tree of Life,
1897 ; Rosanne (Hurst), 1901 ; The Finding of Nancy (Play-
coers' Prize Play) ; Six Fairy Plays for Children (Lane) ; The
Magic City (L. & Bullen). C. Yellow Booh, Macmillan' s, P. M.
gazine. 3 Morpeth Terrace, Ashley Place. S.W.




TARBLLI9 GharlM Oamii. B. 1870. Persephone, and other Poems
(Macmillan), 1898. C. Spectator, &c. Barton, Victoria Road,
Sutton. Surrey.

TARRANT, EmMt Frank. B. 1874- A Threefold Cord (Stockwell).
1899. C. Sketchy Bits, Princess, &c. Bell Farm, Eton Wick.

TARVER, John Charlef, M.A. Camb. B. 1854. Life and Letters
of Gustave Flaubert (Constable), 1896 ; Some Observations of a
Foster Parent, 1897 ; Debatable Claims, 1898 ; Tiberius the
Tyrant, 1902, &c. Tyringham, Newport Pagnell.

TATLORy Henry, F.S.A. Notes on Sketching Tours in England and
Abroad (Batsford), 1880 ; Old Halls in Lancashire and Cheshire
(J. E. Cornish) , 1884: The Ancient Crosses and Holy Wells of
JLancashire (Sherratt & Huehes), 1906. C. Historic Soc. of
Lancashire and Cheshire, Archaologia Cantiana, various to
current literature. Braeside, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells ; Birk-
lands, Birkdale, Lanes.

TCHBRTKOFF, VMimlr, Ed. Free Age Press publications (Russ.
and Eng. branches). B. 1854. Christian Martyrdom in
Russia (Free Age Press), 1897 ; 2nd ed., 1900. C. Fortnightly,
Inquirer, Black and White, Ency, Brit, Christchurch, Hants.

TEEUNGy Captain Bartte. B. 1848. Military Maxims and Apo-
phthegms of Commanders Ancient and Modern (Sampson Low),
1 88 1 ; My Weatherwise Companion (Blackwood) ; My First
Prisoner, by the Governor (Aberdeen & London) ; Arrested by
Her Majesty's Guard of Honour (The Month), 1895 ; Oh, ye
Chateaux of Savoy/ {The Month), 1805 ; A Day in Savoy {New
Ireland Review), 1899. C. The Author, 1897-98.

TEELING, Mrs* Bartle, nee Lane-Clarke (fNorman Stuart). Roman
Violets (Bums & Oates) ; Through Night to Light (a serial) ;
My Zouave (Bums & Oates) ; Her Last Stake (Benziger) ; The
Mission Cross (Washboume) ; The Violet Sellers (a play).
Music : A Song by Isola (Augener) ; Old English Carols (Shap-
cott) ; has also published several biographies, chiefly of foreign
celebrities, in leading American and English reviews and maga-

TEGETIIEIER, WOUam B. B. 1816. Natural History of the
Cranes (with Blyth) (Horace Cox), 1881 ; Horses, Asses, and
Aftt/^s (withMr. C. L. Sutherland. CLE.) (Cox), 1897 1 Pheasants,
their History and Management, 4th ed., 1903 ; Poultry for the
Table and Market (Cox), 3rd ed., 1898 ; The House Sparrow
(Vinton), and others. C. Nature, Ency. Brit., Field, &c. The
Field Office, Bream's Buildings. E.C

TELFORD^ Re?. John, B.A. Ed. of London Quarterly Rev,, &c.
B. 1851. Life of John Wesley ; Life of Charles Wesley ; History
of Lay Preaching ; The Story of the Upper Room ; The Methodist
Hymn-Book Illustrated; Short History of Wesley an- Mehtodist
Foreign Missions ; Wesley's Chapel and Wesley*s House (all




Kelly) ; Story of Moses and Joshua (Cassell). 3 Rothes Road,

TEIXEIRA DE MATTOS, Alexander Louis. B. 1865. Trans, and
ed. The Memoirs of Chateaubriand (Freemantle), 1902 ; Maeter*
linck's The Double Garden, Joyzelle ; Life and Flowers (Allen),
1904-07 ; Carl Ewald's Two-Legs, and other Stories (Methuen),
1907 ; Maurice Leblanc's The Exploits of A r sine Lupin (Cassell),
1907 ; many other trans, edited and annotated u'om French,
Danish, German, West-Flemish and Dutch. 9 Cheltenham
Terrace Chelsea S.AV,

TENCH, Mary Frances Alicia, F.A.I. Where the Surf Breaks (Hurst
& Blackett), 1897 ; A Prince from the Great Never-Never
(Hurst & Blackett), 1899 ; Against the Pikes (Russell & Co.),
1903, &c. C. Country Life, Lady^s Pictorial, Lady, Womanhood,
Times of Ceylon, &c. 4 Avonmore Gardens, W.

^THEURIET, Andr^t French Acad. M., Novelist, &c. B. 1833.
E. 1896. Jean-Marie, 1871 ; Le Mariage de GArard, 1876 ;
Sous Bois, 1878 ; Nouvelles, 1884 ; Amour d'Automne, 1888 ;
Sofur de Lait, 1902 ; many other novels, and some plays, poems,
and critical works. 6 Av. Victor Hugo, Bourg-la-Reine (Seine).

fTHIRLMERE, Rowland (John Walker). IdyUs of Spain (Mathews),
1898 ; A Woman of Emotions (G. Allen), 1900 ; Letters from
Catalonia (Hutchinson), 1905 ; A Word for the Empire (Sherratt
A Hughes), 1907 ; The Clash of Empires (Heinemann), 1907 ;
Mont Saint-Michel, and other Poems (in the press), &c. C.
Cornhill, Academy, Outlook, Daily Mail, and principal news-
papers, &c. Hudcar House, Bury, Lanes.

fTHOHAS, Annie (Mrs. Pender Cudlip). Over one hundred novels,
1 862-1901, incl. : He Cometh Not, she said (Chapman), 1873 \
Friends and Lovers (White), 1883 ; Love of a Lady, 1890 ; Com-
rades True (Chatto), 1900 ; The Diva (Long), 1901 ; Social Ghosts
(White), 1903, &c. Sparkwell Vicarage, Plympton, South Devon.

THOMAS, Edward. Ed. Pocket-Book of Songs ; Poems for the Open
Air (Grant Richards) ; Book of the Open Air (Hodder & Stough-
ton) ; Mora Solitara (Duckworth) ; Oxford and Beautiful
Wales (A. & C. Black) ; The Heart of England (Dent) ; Rose
Acre Papers (Brovm Langham). Berryfield Cottage, Afford,
Petersfield, Hants.

THOMAS, Rev. Joseph Uewelyn, M.A., F.R.G.S. A Trip to Italy and
Attica (Thornton, Oxford), 1881 ; Oxford to Palestine (Leaden.
Press), 1890 ; Journeys among the Gentle Japs (Low), 1897 ;
Views along the Volea, with notes {Western Mail, Ltd.), 1907.
C. The Queen, &c. Pont-Neath-Vaughan, Neath, South Wales.

THOMAS, Margaret A Scamper through Spain and Tangier
(Hutchinson), 1892 ; Two Years in Palestine and Syria (Nimmo),
1900 ; Denmark, Past and Present (Treheme), 1902 ; How to
Judge Pictures (Treheme), 1906 ; A Painter's Pastime (Greening),
1907. C. Sunday at Home, Youth's Companion (Boston),
Travel, Crampton's Mag., Leisure Hour, &c. 59 Primrose
Mansions, Battersea^Park, S.W.




THOHB; Ibenezer. B. 1835. ^^ Que»n of the Colonies (Sampson
Low), 1876 ; The Heresy of Teetotalism (Simpkin, Marshall), 1903.
Lovacott House, Highampton, Devon.

THOMPSOM, CrefWlek J. S., Ph.D.. F.R.S. Med. The Cult of
Beauty (Scott), 1894 ; The Mystery and Romance of Alchemy,
1897 ; Poison Romance and Mysteries, 1899 ; Zotastro (Greening),
1899 ; The Chemist's Compendium (Whitaker & Co.) ; Pharmacy
for Nurses (Scientific Press, Ltd.) ; PraUical Dispensing
(Baillidre, Tindall & Cox). &c. Monk's Dene, Northwick Park,

THOMPSON, Franols. Poems (Bodley Head). 1893 ; Sister Songs
(Lane), 1895 ; ^^^ Poems (Constable), 1897 ; Health and Holi-
ness (Bums So Oates), 1904. c/o W. Meynell, Esq., 4 Granville
Place Mansions, W.

THOMSOM, Arthur, M.A.. M.B., Prof. Hum. Anat. Univ. Oxon.

B. 1858. Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students (O.U.P.),
1896; The Ancient Races of the Thebaid (with D. Randall-
Maclver, M.A.) (O.U.P.). X905. C. var. scient journs. The
Museum, Oxford.

THOMSON, Basil Home. B. 1861. South Sea Yams (Blackwood),
1894 ; The Diversions of a Prime Minister, 1894 ; The Indis-
cretions of Lady Asenath (Innes), 1898 ; The Discovery of the
Solomon Islands, 1901 ; Savage Island, 1902 ; The Story of
Dartmoor Prison, 1907, &c. i Ducane Road, W.

THOMSON, C. LlnUater. Samuel Richardson : A Biographical and
Critical Study (Horace Marshall) ; A First History of England
(Horace Marshall) ; Selections from Wordsworth (Pitt Press).

C. Cambridge History of Literature, vol. i. : Later Transition Eng-
lish. 51 Eaton Rise, Ealing, W.

THOMSON, Reginald Alexander, M.A.. A.E.I.S., F.R.S.A.L, Assis>
tant-Secretary J.E.M. Fimd for the Northern Province. B.
1855. The Valley Church (Jackson & Co.), 1905. Essays,
theological and antiquarian, i Greenfield Place, Newcastie-
upon-Tyne, and Westwood House, Ebchester, S.O., County
Durham, nr. Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

THORNB, Guy {see Ranger-Gul).

THORNE, Eglanton. Her Own Way (R.T.S.), 1899 ; A Girl of
the Name of Brown (Stockwell). 1901 ; The Blessedness of Irene
Farquhar (R.T.S.), 1902 ; The Widowhood of Gabrielle Grant
(Hodder & S tough ton), 1904. 9 Sinclair Road, Kensington, W.

THORNTON, Perey Melville, LL.B., M.P. Recovered Thread of
England's Foreign Policy (Ridgway), 1880 ; Harrow School
(W. H. Allen), 1885 ; Brunswick Accession (Ridgway), 1887 ;
The Stuart Dynasty (Ridgway), 1890 ; Continental Rulers of the
XlXth Century (Bradley, Toronto), 1901, &c. Battersea Rise,

THORP, John Thomas, F.R.S.L.. P.R.H.S., F.R.S.A.I., Editor,
since 1892. of the Transactions of the Lodge of Research,
No. 2429, Leicester. B. 1849. Memorials of Lodge No. 91
{AnHents) Leicester, 1898 ; The Early History of Lodge No. 50,
Hinckley, 1899 ; French Prisoners' Lodges, 1900 ; Transcripts




of Old Charges, 1900 ; Masonic Pafers, I., 1901 ; Mas&nic Papers,
J I., 1902 ; Irish Masonic CerHficaUs, 1903 ; Masonic Papers,
III,, 1904 (all G. Gibbons & Co., Leicester); Masonic Reprints,
I, (Johnson, Wykes & Co., Leicester). C. Notes and Queries,
Yorkshire Notes and Queries, Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, The
Freemason, Masonic Illustrated, The Keystone, The Amer, Tyler,
&c. 57 Regent Road, Leicester.

THRING, George Herbert, B.A., Secy, and Solicitor Incorp. Soc.
Authors, Solicitor in England to La Soci6t6 des Genfi de Lettres,
France. B. 1859. Works on copyright and the work of the
Soc. of Authors. C. Fortnightly, Literature, &c. 39 Old Queen
Street S W

tTHUREAU-DANGIN, PauL B. 1837. E. 1893. Paris capitale
pendant la Evolution, 1872 ; VEglise et VEtat sous la Monarchie
de Juillet, 1879 ; Histoire de la Monarchie de Juillet, 1886-^2 ;
Un prSdicateur pop, dans V Italic de la Renaissance ; St, Ber-
nardin de Sienne ; La Renaissance Cath. en Angleterre au XIX*
SiUle, &c. 1 1 Rue Garandere. Paris.

THURSTON, E. Temple. The Apple of Eden (Chapman & Hall),
X904 ; Traffic (Duckworth), 1905 ; Dramatized John Chilcote,
M.P., from the novel by Mrs. Katherine Cecil Thurston (pro-
duced at the St. James's Theatre, May i, 1905) ; other plays in
America and the provinces. 20 Victoria Road, Kensington, W.

THURSTOM, Mrs. Ka&erine CeeU. The Circle (Blackwood ; Dodd,
Mead), 1903 ; John Chilcote, M,P. (Blackwood) ; Idem as The
Masquerader (Harper), 1904 ; The Gambler (Hutchinson), 1906.
C. various mags. 20 Victoria Road, Kensington, W.

nOKELL, Rev. S. Claude, Assoc. King's ColL, Lond. B. 1867.
Rules for French Pronunciation (Hachette), 1899 ; From Sounds
to Letters (Spelling System) (Newmann), 1900 ; Analysis of Un-
fanciful Handwrtting (Newmann), 1901 ; Christian Heresies
(Stock), 1901 ; An English Grammar (Newmann). 1902; Alco-
holism : its Effects and Prevention (Temperance Chronicle,
C.E.T.S.), 1903-04 ; Corporal, Facial, and Vocal Expression
(Newmann), 1903 ; Emphasized Series (Speeches from Shake-
speare, &c.) (Newmann), 1903 ; A Latin Syntax (Newmann),
1906; Guide to Old Stamford (Dolby, Stamford), 1907, Ac.
The Ramps, Lew Trenchard, N. Devon.

TIOKELL, Mrs. Holllek (see tWimamMii» Hargorle).

TIDDEMAM, Llixle EUen. In the Leafy Month of June: Dr,
Rollison's Dilemma: Clifford Dunn: A Flower of Bohemia :
A Queen of Hearts ; The Man of Her Choice : An Affair of the
Heart: The Sea Bird: Celiacs Conquest: Reine's Kingdom:
Marigold's Fancies: Angelica's Troubles: Robinetta: Tender
and True: The Story of Dorothy: Poverty's Pupil, &c. ; also
about forty books for young people. C. Westminster Rev.,
Lady's World, Cassell's. Ac. 1 8 Canterbury Road, Brixton. S. W.

tIMLOW, EUiabeth Weetyn. B. 1861. Cricket (Estes, Boston).
1895 ; Dorothy Dot (Dutton, N.Y.). 1899 ; A Nest of Girls, looi,
and others. C Atlant. Month., Youth's Comp. Montclair,
New Jersey, U.S.A.




TODI^ Hargftret 0., L.R.C.P.S. Edin., M.D. Brux. B. 1859.
Mona Maclean (Blackwood), 1892 ; The Way of Escape^ 1902;
Growth, 1906, &c. C. Blackwood's, Mark Cross, Sussex.

TODHUIITER9 John, M.D. B. 1839. Laurella, (poems) (King),
Z876 ; Alcestis (Paul), 1879 * Study of Shelley (Paul), 1880 ;
The True Tragedy of Rienzi (Paul), 1881 ; Forest Songs (Paul).
1881 ; Helena in Troas, 1885 ; Ths Banshee, and Other Poems,
1888 ; Sicilian Idyll (Mathews), 1890 ; The Black Cat (Henry),
1894 ; Life of Patrick Sarsfield (Unwin), 1895 I Three Irish
Bardic Tales (Dent), 1896; Sounds and Sweet Airs (Mathews),
1904, &c. Orchardcroft, Bedford Park, W.

TOLLEM AOHB, David, F.R.S.L. Engl. Coronations, 1902 ; Story
of the English Boroughs (Newnes), 190^ ; CasselTs New Dictionary
of Cookery, 1905 ; Cookery for Licensed Victuallers, 1906.
C. of leading articles, short stories, &c.. to many periodicals.
Press Club, E.C.

TOLLBM AOHB, Hon. Uond Arthur, M.A. B. 1838. Safe Studies
(Wm. Rice), 8th ed., 1891 ; Stones of Stumbling, 5th ed., 1891 ;
Benj, JoweU : a Pers. Memoir (Arnold), 5th ed., 1895 ; Talks
wish Mr. Gladstone, 4th ed., 1898 ; C. Fortnightly, Fraser,
Nat. Rev. The Athenaram Club, S.W.

TOLSTOT, Connt Lyof M. B. 1828. The Cossacks, 1852 (Low,
1878) ; Katia, 1859 (Scott, 1894) ; War and Peace, 1868 (Vize-
telly, 1886-89) ; Anna Karenin, 1876 (Viretelly, 1886-88) ;
My Confessions, 1880 ; My Religion, 1884 ; The Kreutxer
Sonata, 1890 (Scott, 1890) ; The Kingdom of God is within
You, 1893 (Hetnemann, 1894) ; Master and Man, 1894 (Chap-
™<^» 1S95) '» Patriotism and Christianity, 1896 (Reeves. 1896) ;
What is Art ? 1898 (Broth. Pub. Co., 1898) ; Fruits of Enlighten-
ment (Hetnemann), 1900 ; Resurrection (Broth. Pub. Co., 1900) ;
and numerous pamphlets and some pla3rs.

TOMPKmS, Herbort Winekworth, F.R.Hist.S. B. 1867. High-
ways and Byways in Hertfordshire (Macmillan), 1902 ; Hertford-
shire (Methuen), 1903 ; Marsh-Country Rambles (Chatto), 1904 ;
Stratford-on-Avon (Dent), 1904; The Complete Idler (Dent),
1905 ; Selbome (Dent), 1905 ; In Constable's Country (Dent),
1906 ; Constable (Methuen), 1907. C. Eng. Illus., Gent. Mag.,
&c. Verulam, Riviera Drive, Southend-on-Sea.

TOUT, Thomas Frederiek, M.A., Prof. Med. and Mod. Hist, in the
University of Manchester. B. 1855. The Empire and the
Papacy (Rivingtons), 1893 ; Edward I, (MacmillanVs Twelve
English Statesmen), 1803 ; Hist. Eng., in 3 vols, (with the
late Prof. York Powell) (Longmans), 1898-90, &c. ; joint-ed.
and contrib. Owens Coll. Historical Essays (Longmans), 1902;
Longman's Historical Series for Schools on the Concentric
System (Bks. I., II. and III.). Joint-ed. State Trials of the Reign
of Edward I. (Camden Set, Roy. Hist Soc), 1906 ; History of
England, 1216-1377 (Vol. III. of Longman's Political Hist.
Eng.), 1906. C. Diet. Nat. Biog., Hist. Rev., &c. 21 Mauldeth
Road, Withington, Manchester.




TOWMSHEMD, Rlehart Baxter, M.A. B. 1846. Trans. TacUus's
Agricola and Germania (Methnen), 1894 ; Lone Pine, 1899 ;
An Officer of the Long Parliament (with Mrs. Townshend)
(Frowde), 1892 ; The Bride of a Day (with Mrs. Townshend)
(G. Allen), 1905 ; The Complete Air gunner (Upcott Gill), 1907.
C. XlXth Cent., Badminton. 117 Banbury Road, Oxford.

TOWMSHEND, Mn. R. B. Endymion Porter (Unwin), 1897 ; Great
Earl of Corh (Duckworth), 1903 ; Lost Leader (S.P.CK.), 1902 ;
A St. George of King Charles' Days (S.P.C.K.), 1906 ; (with
Mr. Townshend) An Officer of the Long Parliament (Frowde)t
1892 ; The Bride of a Day (G. Allen). 1905. C Litt. Folks,
Temple Bar, Toiler, &c. 117 Banbury Road. Oxford.

TOTMBEE, Mrt. Paget Letters of Horace Walpole, ed., with Notes
and Indices, 16 vols. (Clar. Press), 1903-05. Fiveways,
Bumham, Bucks.

TOTNBEE, Paget Jaekson, M.A., D.Litt. Oxon. B. 1855. Speci-
mens of Old French (Cent. IX.-XV.) (O.U.P.). 1892 ; Hist.
French Gram,, 1896 ; Diet. Prop. Names, 6<:., in Dante, 1898 ;
Crit. Text of the Divina Commedia (Methuen), 1899 ; Life of
Dante, 1900; 2nd ed., 1902; 3rd ed., 1904; Dante Studies and
Researches, 1901 ; and other works on Dante. C. Romania,
Giorn Stor. delta Lett. Italiana, Eng. Hist. Review, Athemgum,
&c. Fiveways, Bumham, Bucks.

TOTMBEE, WiUlam, Barr. B. 1849. Selection from Biranger
(Paul), 1886 ; Lays of Common Life (Remington), 1890 ; Songs
of Bhanger {Canterbury Poets), 1890 ; On Oaten Flute (Glaisher),
1899 ; Excursions in Comedy, 1899 ; When the Devil Drives,

1902 ; Two Plays (Court Theatre), 1904 ; A Play (Scala Theatre),
1905 ; Rhymes of City and Countryside, 1907, &c. C. ComhiU,
Spectator, P. M. Gaz., &c. 4N Portman Mansions, W.

TOZER, Baail John. Form. Assist.-£d. Galignani Daily Messen-
ger (Paris). Free-lance writer. On Fox-hunting staff of Daily
Telegraph. Practical Hints on Shooting (Kegan Paul) ; Round
the World with a Millionaire (Everett) ; Free-lance Journalism
(Sykes) ; Practical Hints on Riding to Hounds ; The Horse in
History (Methuen) ; JegaheVs Daughter (Rebman) ; The Irony
of Marriage (Rebman) ; How to Buy a Gun (Newnes). C.
XlXth Century, Fortnightly, National, Strand, daily and weekly
papers, &c. Boodle's Club, St. James's, S.W.

TRAFFORD-TAUNTON, Mn. Winefride. Marked with a Cipher
(Downey), 1901 ; Silent Dominion (Methuen), 1903 ; The Re-
demption of Damian Gier (Digbv, Long), 1904; The Doom of
the House of Marsaniac (Digby, Long), 1905 ; Igdrasil (£. Grant
Richards), 1906. C. Lady's Realm. 20 CoiviUe Road, W.

TREM AYHEy Harold* Dross (Treheme), 1901 ; Reminiscences of a
Gentleman Horse-Dealer, 1901 ; The Shears of Fate, 1902 ;
Two Women (Drane). 1903 ; Protection and the Farmer (Isbister),

1903 ; Reminiscences of a Poor Hunting Man (Drane). 1905.
C Country Life Illus., The Fortnightly Review, ftc Savage
Clnb, Addphi Terrace. W.C




TRBMCHy Herbert, M.A., Pell. All Souls' Coll., Oxford; Senior
Examiner, Board of Educ, Whitehall. B. 1865. Deirdre
Wedded, and Other Poems (Methuen), 1901 ; New Poems
(Methnen), 1907; trans. Merezhkov8ky*s Death of the Gods,
1 901. C Fort. Rev, Mansfield Place, Richmond Hill, Surrey.

TRIVELTAH, George Mteaulfty, M.A.. ex-Fell, of Trin. CoU.. Camb.
B. 1876. England in the Age of Wycliffe (LongmansX 1899 ;
England under the Stuarts (Methuen), 1904; The Poetry and
Philosophy of George Meredith (Constable), 1906 j Garibaldi's
Defence of the Roman Republic (Longmans), 1907. 2 Cheyne
Gaurdens, Chelsea.

TREVELTAII, The Right Hon. Sir Geo. Otto» Bart. B. 1838. The
Competition-Wallah (Macmillan), 1864; The Story of Cawn-
pore, 1865 ' ^^ Ladies in Parliament and Horace at Athens
(Bell). 1868 ; The Life and Letters of Macaulay (Longmans),
1876 ; The Early Hist, of Chas. Jas. Fox, 1880 ; The Amer,
Revolution, revieed ed., 3 vols., 1904 ; Interludes in Verse and
Prose (Bell), 190$. 8 Grosvenor Crescent, S.W.

TRIGGS, H. Inlgo. Some Architectural Worhs of Inigo Jones (Bats-
ford), 1901 ; Formal Gardens in England and Scotland (Batsford),
1902 ; The Art of Garden-design in Italy (Longmans), 1906.
8 South Parade, Bedford Park, Chiswick, W.

TRIPP, Walter John (fC. H. Canoder). B. 1874. A Bride of God
(White), 1899 ; The Vision of Splendid Hope (poems) (Unic.
Press), 1901, &c. C. the Methodist Press.

fTRISCOTT, Edith Browning (Mrs. Allinson-James). Chiefly
Concerning Two (Digby, Long), 1898. C. Temple, Wide World,
Pearson's, &c. Rock House, Orchard Hill, Bideford, N. Devon.

TROTTER, Captain Lionel James. B. 1827. East and West (poems)
(Blackwood), 1859 ; Hist, Brit. Emp. in India (W. H. Allen),
1866; Hist, of India (S.P.C.K.), 1874; India under Victoria
(W. H. Allen), 1886 ; Life of John Nicholson (Murray), 1897 ;
Hodson of Hodson's Horse (Blackwood), 1901 ; The Bayard of
India, 1903 ; and other works on Indian hist. C. Univ, Rev.,
New Rev,, Contemp,, A then., &c. 332 Banbury Road, Oxford.

TROWBRIDGE, WUUam Rutherford Hayes. The Letters of her
Mother to Elizabeth, 1901 ; A Girl of the Multitude, 1902 ;
The Situations of Lady Patricia (Unwin), 1903 ; J Isabel : drame
en prose (La Plume, Paris), 1903 ; An Inarticulate Genius ;
That Little Marquis of Brandenburg (Hurst & Blackett), 1904 ;
A Dazzling ReprcbtUe ; a social satire (Unwin), 1906 ; Court
Beauties of Old Whitehall : Historiettes of the Restoration (Unwin),
1906 ; Mirabeau the Demigod, 33 Buckingham Gate, S.W.

TRURO, Bishop of, Rt. Re?. Charles William Stnbbs, D.D. B. 1845.
Christ and Democracy (Sonnenschein), 1884 I God's Englishmen
(S.P.CK.), 1887 '» ^^^ Land and the Labourers (Sonnenschein),
189X ; God and the People (Unwin), 1891 ; Ch. Kingsley and the
Christ. Soc. Movement (Blackie). 1899 ; In a Minster Garden,
190 1 ; Cambridge and its Story. 1904 ; The Christ of English
Poetry, 1906, &c lis. Escop., Truro.




TULLOCH, Re?. W. W., M.A., B.D., D.D. (tOrion. The Paperknife,
The Booktaster, Bonar Bridge, Arthur Hill. Gregory Goose-
quill. Sailil). Story of the Life of Queen Victoria (revised by the
Queen), 1886 ; Life of the Prince Consort (revised by Queen
Victoria). 1888 ; Life of the Emp. William of Germany, 1890 ;
Editor of Leyden's Scenes of Infancy, with biographical sketch ;
For the Sorrowful (Nisbet) ; The Ecclesiastical Position in Scot-
land (Werner Laurie) ; Life of Tom Morris, with Glimpses of
St. Andrew's and its Golfine Celebrities (Werner Laurie). C.
Cornhill, Spectator, World, Morning Post, Golf Illustrated, Scots-
man. Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St. Andrews, Fife.

TURNER, Fred«, F.R.H.S. B. 1864. Lecturer on Literary and
Historical Topics. Famous Old MS» and Boohs : Beowulf (Chis.
Press), 1894; CaedmoWs Paraphrase (Stock), 1898; Brentford
Lit. and Hist, Sketches, 1898. C. Library World, Home
Counties Mag., Gardeners Mag. Waverley Cottage, Brentford.

TURNER, Reginald, B.A. Oxon. Cynthia's Damages, 1901 ; The
Comedy of Progress, 1902 ; The Steeple, 1903 ; Castles in
Kensington, 1904 ; Dorothy Raebum, 1905 (ail Greening) ;
Peace on Earth (Alston Rivers), 1905 ; Uncle Peaceable, i$>05 ;
Davray*s Affairs (Greening), 1905. C. various articles in
literary reviews. Reform Qub, Pall Mall. S.W. ; c/o. J. B.
Pinker, Esq., Talbot House, Arundel Street, W.C

TUTIN, John Ramsden. Charles Cotton's Lyrical Poems (Tutin),
1903 ; The Orinda Booklets (Tutin), 1904 ; Crashaw*s Poems
(Routledge) ; The Pembroke Booklets (Tutin), 1905-06, &c.
Albert Avenue, Hull.

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