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Marlborough (Bentley), 1^94 ; Decline and Fall of Napoleon
(Low), 1895 : The Stoiry of a Soldi4r*s Life (Constable), 1903,
&C. Glyade, Sussex.
WOOD, Chailet WilUaa, F.R.G.S. B. about 1856. Letters from
Majorca (Bentley), 188S ; Memoir of Mrs. Hemy Wood, 1894 ;

II— 2




The Romance of Spain (Macmillan), 1900 ; Glories of Spain
1901 ; In the Valley of the Rhone, 1902 ; Norwegian Byways »
1903, Ac. C Temple Bar, &c. 65 Prince's Gate, S.W.

WOOD, Oeneral Sir Evelyn, V.C.. G.C.B. The Crimea in 1854-94,
new ed. (Chapman), 1895 ; Cavalry at Waterloo (Low), 1895 !
Achievements of Cavalry (Bell), looo. 23 Devonshire Place, W.

WOOD, Fnunoes Hariott Picture Map of Palestine (S.S.U.). 1902 ;
Karen : a Swedish Idyll (Brown, Langham), 1903 ; For An
Atonement (Griffiths), 1905 ; Mr. Moffat's Brownie (S.P.C.K.) ;
Old Red School House (Partridge) ; Notes on Names of Place ;
in the Holy Land (Griffiths), 1906 ; and many other books.
116 Bromley Road, Beckenhajn* Kent.

WOOD, Rev. Theodore. B. 1862. Our Insect AUies (S.P.C.K.),
1884 ; Our Insect Enemies, 1885 ; Our Bird Allies, 1886 ; Nature
and her Servants, 1 886 ; The Farmer's Friends and Foes (Son-
nenschein), 1887 ; Life and Worh of the Rev. J. G. Wood (Cassell),
1890 ; A Natural History for Young People (Nister), 1905 ;
The Seashore (Jack), 1907. C. Tribune, &c, St. Mary Mag-
dalene's Vicarage, Wandsworth Common, S.W.

WOOD, Walter. Famous British Warships (Hurst), 1897 : The
Northumberland Fusiliers (Richards), 1901 ; The Rifle brigade ;
With the Flag at Sea (Constable), 1901 ; Wellington's Despatches
(Richards). 1902 ; Men of the North Sea (Nash), 1904 ; The
Enemy in our Midst (Long) ; Survivors' Tales of Great Events
(CasseU) ; Mary Queen of Scots (Hodder & Stoughton), 1906 ;
The Lord of the Dyke (CasseU), 1907. 68 Ridgmount Gardens,

WOOD, Rev. W. C. New Songs, an Anthology of ConUmporary
Verse, ed. by Fred. G. Bowles; also to Ac€^my, Dundee Adver-
tiser, Dundee Courier, People's Friend, British Weekly, &c.
Newport, Fife.

WOODS, Mrs. Margaret Looiia. B. 1856. A Village Tragedy
(Bentley), 1887 ; Esther Vanhomrigh (Murray), 1891 ; The
Vagabonds (Smith, Elder), 1894 ; Wild Justice (poem) (Smith),
1896 ; Weeping Ferry (Longmans), 1898 ; Sons of the Sword
(Heinemann), 1901 ; The Princess of Hanover (dram, poem)
(Duckworth), 1902 ; The King's Revoke (Smith, Elder), 1905,
&a The Master's House, Temple, E.C

WOOLF, Bella Sidney. Jerry and Joe (Oliphant), 1897 ; All in a
Castle Fair (CasseU), 1900 ; Killamey and Round About (jointly)
(Hodges), 1901 ; Dear Sweet Anne (CoUins), 1906. &c. C. Pall
Mall Gaz., Girls' Realm, Country Life, &c. Lexham, CoUnette
Road, Putney.

WORDSWORTH, Rev. Christopher, M.A. Cam., FeU. Peterhous.,
Ac. B. 1848. Univ. Social Life in XVIIIth Cent. (Deightone,
1874 ; Schola Academica (C.U.P.), 1877 ; joint-ed. Brev. ad
usum Sarum, 3 vols., 1879-86 ; part-au. Lincoln Cath. Statutes,
3 vols., 1892-97 ; MediiBval Services in Eng. (T. Baker), 1898 ;
Salisbury Ceremonies and Processions (C.U.P.), 1901 ; 5.
Nicholas' Hosp. Charters (Brown, Salisbury), 1903 ; Old Serv.
Boohs of the Eng. Church (Methuen), 1904 ; Precedence of English




Bishops; Provincial Chapter (C.U.P.), 1906. Ed. works for
the Bradshaw Soc., O.H.S-, &c. St. Peter's Rectory. Marl-

WORDSWORTH, ElixaMh. Life of Bishop C. Wordsworth (joinUy)
(Rivingtons), 1888 ; Illustrations of the Creed, &c. (Piincipal
of) Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

WORSFOLD» WiUiam Basil. Principles of Criticism (G. Allen),

1897 ; Valley of Light (Macmillan) ; Redemption of Egypt
(G. Allen) ; Judgment in Lit. (Dent), &c. C. Monthly, Corn-
hill, Fort, Rev., &c. 2 Pump Court, Temple, E.C.

tWRAT, Reginald (W. B. Home-GaU). R 1861. Tales of the
Empire (Cosmopolitan Pub. Co.), 1901 ; Beyond the Northern
Lights (Burleigh), 1903 ; Where Honour Sits (Digby, Long),
1906, &c. C. Novel, Royal, Captain, &c. Panmure, Hampton-

WRIGHT, Rev. Charles Henry Hamilton, D.D., PhiLD., Knt. of the
North Star of Sweden (R.N.O.), &c. B. 1836. Gram, of Mod,
Irish, i860 ; The Booh of Genesis in Hebrew, 1859 ; Booh of
Ruth, Heb, and Chald,, 1864 ; Zechariah and his Prophecies,
with Crit. and Gram. Comm. on the Booh (Bampton Lectures),
1879 ; Booh of Koheleth in Relation to Modern Criticism and
Modern Pessimism, with a Crit, and Gram. Comm. (Donnellan
Lectures), 1883 ; Biblical Essays, 1886 ; The Intermediate State
and Prayers for the Dead, 1900 ; Isaiah and other Historical
Studies, 1906 ; Daniel and his Prophecies, 1906 ; Daniel and its
Critics ; A Crit, and Gram. Comm, on Daniel, 1906 ; Bampton
Led., 1878 ; Donnellan Lea., Dublin, 1880-81 ; Grinfield Lect.
on the LXX., Oxford, 1893-97 ; joint-ed. Protestant Diet., 1904,
&c. C. XlXth Century, Expositor, &c. 90 Bolingbroke Grove,

WRIGHT, John Charles. B. 1852. The Poets Laureate (Jarrold),
1897 ; Bygone Eastbourne, 1902 ; In the Good Old Times
(Elliot Stock), 190S, Ac. C. Outlook, Gent. Mag., H. C. Mag.,
&c. Holmedene, Arundel Road, Eastbourne.

WRIGHT, Joseph, M.A., D.C.L., &c. B. 1855. Old High Germ.
Primer (O.U.P.), 1888 ; Mid, H. G. Primer, 1888 ; 2nd ed..

1898 ; Primer of the Gothic Language, 1892 ; 2nd ed., 1899 ;
Grammar of the Dialect of WindhiU, 1892 ; Eng. Dialect
Dictionary, 6 vols. (Frowde), 1 896-1 905 ; Eng. Dialect Grammar

(Frowde), 1905. 119 Banbury Road, Oxford.

WRIGHT, Thomas. B. 1859. The Town of Cowper (S. Low),"i886 ;
Life of William Cowper (Unwin), 1892 ; Life of Daniel Defoe
(Cassell), 1894 ; Life of Edw. FitzGerald (Richards), 1904 ; Life
of Sir Richard Burton (Everett), 1906; Ed. The Letters of
William Cowper (Hodder), 1904; The Life of Walter Pater

(Everett), 1907. (Principjj of) Cowper School, Olney.

WRIGHT, Walter Page, Editor of The Gardener, B. 1864. School
and Garden (Cassell), 1906 ; Beautiful Gardens (Cassell), 1906.
The Grey House, Lyminge, S.O., Kent.

WRIGHT, William Aldis, M.A., Hon. LL.D., D.C.L.. Utt.D., Vice-
Master Trin. Coll., Camb. Jt.-ed. Journal of Philology, and




Secretary to the Old Testament Revision Company, 1870-85.
Bacon's Essays, 1862 ; The Camb, Shakespeare (with W. G.
Clark), 1863-66 ; 2nd ed., 1891-93 ; The Globe Shakespeare
(with W. G. Clark), 1864; Guillaume de Deguileville ; The
Pilgrimage of the Lyf of the Manhode (Roxburghe Qub), 1869 ;
Robert of Gloucester's Chron. (Rolls Series), 1887 ; Letters, 6«.,
Edward FitxGerald, 1889; Letters of E. FitxGerald to Fanny
Kemble, 1895 ; Facsim. MS, Milton* s Minor Poems, 1899 ;
FitxGeraWs Miscellanies, 1900 ; More Letters of Edw. Fits-
Gerald, 1901 ; Lit, Remains of Edw, FitzGerald, 7 vols., 1902-03 ;
Ed. with crit. notes Milton's Poet. Works, 1903 ; Ascham's
English Works, 1904 ; 3rd ed. Westcotfs History of the English
Bible, 1905; Hebrew Commentary on Job, edited for the Text and
Translation Society, 1905 ; and others. C. Smithes Dictionary
of the Bible. Trinity College. Cambridge.

WRIGHT, Wm. Henry Kearley, F.R.Hist.Soc., F.L.A., &c. B. 1844-
Gay's Fables (Wame), 1889 ; West Country Poets (Stock), 1896 ;
Ed. Western AntiqiMry, 1 871 -91 ; Ed. Journal of Ex-LAris
Society, 1891-1905, &c, (Since 1876) Borough Librarian,

WUNDTy WUhelm. B. 1832. Beitrdge lur Theorio d. Sinneswahr-
nehmung, 1862 ; Menschen und Tierseele, 1863 » Grundziige der
physiolg. Psychologie, 1874 (Williams), 1896 ; Logik, 1880-83 ;
Ethik, 1886 (Sonnenschein), 1897; Vdlkerpsychologie, 1900;

and other volumes. Goethestrasse 6, Leipzig.

?FTLLARDB, Dolt. The Pathway of the Pioneer (Methuen), 1906 ;
As Ye Have Sown (Hurst & Blackett), 1906 ; Mafoota (Hurst Sc
Blackett), 1907. c/o Messrs. A. P. Watt & Son, Hastings House,
Norfolk Street, W.C.

WTNDHAM, Horaee. B. 1875. The Queen* s Service (Heinemann),
1899 ; Soldiers of the Queen (Sands), 1899 ; The King^s Scarlet
(Brown, Langham), 1904 ; Audrey the Actress (Grant Richards),
1906 ; The Flare of the Footlights (Grant Richards). 1907 ;
Reginald Auberon (Nash), 1907 ; The Call of the Drum (CasseU).
1907 ; Roses and Rue (Grant Richards), 1908. C. National
Rev,, Pall Mall, Strand, Windsor, CasselVs reviewer for leading
papers, &c. Authors' Qub, S.W.

t WYNNE, C. Whltworth (Charles W. Cayzer). M.A. Oxon.
B. 1869. Ad Astra (Grant Richards), 1900 ; Sonp and Lyrics
(Grant Richards), 1900; David and Bathshua (Kegan Paul),
1903 ; Songs of Summer (Grant Richards), 1903; For Greater
Britain (Gay & Bird), 1904; Poems and Plays (Kegan Paul),
1905. Authors* Club, S.W.

t WYNNE, May (M. W. Knowles). For Faith and Navarre (J. Long).
1904; Ronald Lindsay (J. Lon^), 1904; The Temptation of
Philip Carr (Swan Sonnenschem), 1905 ; A King's Tragedy
(Digby, Long), 1905 ; A Maid of Brittany (Greening), 1906 ;
When Terror Ruled (Greening), 1907 ; The Goal (Digby, Long),
1907. C. Madame, Graphic, Car. Hast Hill, Hayes, Kent*




TBATS» WUHftm Batter. B. 1865. Poems (Unwin), 1895, &c. ;
The Celtic Twilight (Lawrence). 1893; The Secret Rose (Lawrence),
1897; The Wind among the Reeds (Mathews). 1899 ; The Shadowy
Waters (Hodder), 1900 ; Where there is Nothing (BuUen), 1903 ;
Ideas of Good and Evil (Bullen), 1903 ; In the Seven Woods, 1903 ;
The Hour-Glass (BuUen). 1903 ; The King's Threshold (Bullen),
1903, Ac. 18 Wobnm Buildings, Euston Road. N.W.

tTORKB» Gvrtto (Mrs. Richmond Lee). The Wild Ruthens, 1890 ;
Between the Silences, 1894 ; Because of the Child, 1897 ; Those
Children (White). 1897 ; Jocelyn Erroll (Jarrolds), and Car-
pathia Knox, 1900 ; A Memory Incarnate (Hurst), 1902 ; Bungay
of Bandiloo (Hurst). 1903 ; Delphine ; The Girl in Grey (J. Long),
1904; Olive KinseUa (J. Long). 1905 ; Alix of the Glen (Long).
1905 ; Irresponsible Kitty (Long). 1906 ; The Girl and the Man
(Long), 1906 ; The World and Delia (Long), 1907 ; Only BeUy
(Long). 1907 ; and many other novels. C.^to various magazines.
70 St. Helen's Gardens, North Kensington. W.

lOUNO, Alexander BeU FUson. B. 1876. The Relief of Mafehing
(Methnen). 1901 ; Master singers (Wm. Reeves). 1902. reissued.
1905 ; Ireland at the Cross Roads (Richards), 1903 ; The Complete
Motorist (Methuen). 1904 ; The Sands of Pleasure (Richards).
1905 ; The Happy Motorist (Richards) ; Venus and Cupid
(Richards), Christopher Colombus and the New World of his
Discovery (Richards). 1906. 7 Carlton Street, S.W.

T0UM6, Sir GeiMRBe, Bart., M.A.. Barr., &c. B. 1837. The Dramas
of Sophocles in Eng, Verse (Deighton). 1889 ; 2nd ed. (Dent),
Every Man*s Library), 1906 ; Poems from Victor Hugo (Mac-
millan). 1901. Sec. Formosa Place. Cookham.

TOUMO, Oeorge, M.Y.O., H.M. Dipl. Service. B. 1872. Corps de
Droit Ottoman (Clarendon Press), 1905-6. British Embassy,

T0UH6, Horwood. B. i860. The Story of Rome (Dent), 1901 ; sth
ed., 1907. Editor Murray's Handbook for Rome and the Cam-
pagna, 1898. 1907. C. Contemp. Rev., Nat. Rev., Quart. Rev.,
&c. Glen Avon, Lansdown. Bath.

10UH0HU8BAHD, Major Sir Franels B., K.C.I.E. B. 1863. The
Relief of Chitral (Macmillan), 1895 ; The Heart of a Continent
(Murray), 1896; South Africa of To-day (Macmillan), 1897;
C XlXth Cent., Contemp., Nat, Rev,, &c 27 Gilbert Street,
Grosvenor Square. W.

TOXALLp James Henry, M.A., M.P.. J.P. B. 1857. Nuibrown Roger
and I (Blackie), 1891 ; Secondary Education (Brown), 1806; the
Rommany Stone (Longmans), 1902 ; Alain Tanger s Wife
(Hutchinson), 1903 ; Smalilou (Hutchinson), 1904 ; Beyond the
Wall (Hutchinson), 1906. C Contemp,, Cornhill. D. Chron.,
West, Gaz., Morning Leader, &c 20 Kew Gardens Road, Kew.




fZACK (Miss Gwendoline Keats). Life is Life (Blackwood), 1898 ;
On Trial, 1899 ; The White Cottage, 1900 ; Tales of Dunstable
Weir, 1901 ; The Roman Road, 1903. Fruit Hill, Caxlow,

ZAN6WILL» Edith Ayrton. The Barbarous Babes, 1904; The First
Mrs, Mollivar, 1905. 3 Hare Court, Temple, E.C.

Z AN6 WILL, Israel, B. A. Lond. B. 1864. The Premier andthe Painter
(S. Blackett), 1888 ; The Bachelors* Club (Henry), 1891 ; The Big
Bow Mystery, 1892 ; The Old Maids* Club, 1892 ; Children of
the Ghetto, 1892 ; Merely Mary Ann (Tuck), 1893 ; Ghetto
Tragedies (McClure), 1893 I The King of Schnorrers, 1894 ;
The Master, 1894 ; Without Prejudice, essays (Unwin), 1896 ;
Dreamers of the Ghetto, 1898 ; The Celibates* Club, 1898 ; They
thai Walk in Darkness, 1899 ; The Mantle of Elijah, 1900 ;
The Grey Wig, 1903 ; Poems : Blind Children, 1903 (all works
now published uniformly by Heinemann). Plays : Six Persons
(Haymarket), 1893 ; Children of the Ghetto (U.S.A. and Adelphi),
1899; The Moment of Death (Wallacks, N.Y.), 1900; The
Revolted Daughter (The Comedy), 190X ; Merely Mary Ann
(U.S.A.), 1903 ; (Duke of York's), 1904 ; The Serio-Comic
Governess (Lyceum, N.Y.), 1^04 ; Tinny the Carrier (Criterion,
N.Y.), 1905 ; Nurse Marjone (Liberty, N.Y.), 1906. 3 Hare
Court, Temple, E.C.

ZAN6WILL, Louis. B. 1869. A Drama in Dutch (Heinemann),
1894 ; The World and a Man, 1896 ; Cleo the Magnificent, 1898 ;
Of^*s Womenkind, 1902 ; and other novels, c/o Wm. Heine-
mann, 21 Bedford Street, W.C.




BRKATH9ACH, Mfeheil (Walsh, Michael), Principal of Connacht
College of Irish, Mount Partry. Has written poems and many
charming prose sketches, including Seilg i Measg na nAlp
(descriptions of Alpine life and scenery) ; translator into Irish
of Kickham's Knocknagow (1906). c/o Gaelic League, Dublin.

0RKA6, Seamus a (Craig. James P.), Professor of Irish, St. Eunan's
Seminary, Letterkenny. Author of lasgaireacht Shiamuis Bhig,
and of modernizations of Clann Lit, Clann Tuireann, and Clann
Uisnigk ; together with a Modern Irish Grammar and a Modern
Irish Composition. St. Eunan's Seminary, Letterkenny.

DB hlDK, Dabhghlas (Hyde, Douglas), LL.D., T.C.D., D.Litt.,
R.U.I., M.R.I.A. ; President of the Gaelic League, and leader
of the Irish Language Movement. Author of A Literary
History of Ireland ; The Story of Early Gaelic Literature ; Cois
na Teineadh ; Leabhar Sgialaidheachta ; An Sgialaidhe Gaedh-
ealach (collections of folk-lore) ; The Love-Songs of Connacht ;
The Religious Songs of Connacht ; The Songs of Raftery ;
poems (collected as Uhhla de*n Chraoihh) ; and the following
plays : Casadh an tS'Agdm ; An Tinciar agus an tSidheog ;
An Pdsadh ; Ri Siamus ; Au Cleamhnas ; Drdma Breithe
Criost : PUasgadh na Bulg6ide (all of which have been per-
formed) ; editor of Giolla au Fhiugha and Eachtra Chloinne
Riogh na hloruaidhe for the Irish Texts Society ; and of many
volumes of folk-lore, etc., for the Gaelic League. Ratra,
Frenchpark, Co. Roscommon.

FOURKIERy d'ALBB, Bamonn (Foumier d'Albe, Edmond E.),
B.Sc. Lond. ; secretary to the Celtic Association, and founder
of the Pan-Celtic Congress ; editor of Celtia. Has published
some Irish booklets and a useful English-Irish Dictionary
(1903). Chapelirod, Co. Dublin.

LAOIDB, SBOSAMH (Lloyd, Joseph H.). General editor to Gaelic
Leaffue ; formerly editor of Fdinne au Lae ; and later of
IrisJeabhar na Gaedhilge ; has written poems of merit and
much prose, the latter chiefly on historical, archaeological, and
topographical subjects ; author or editor of a long list of
books, mcluding Post-Sheanchas (Irish postal topography) ;
Seachrdn Cairn tSiadhail (a topographicsu poem) ; Sgialaidhe
Oirfhiall (South Ulster folk-tales) ; Teacht agus Imtheacht an
Ghtolla Dheacair and Dearg - Ruathar Chonaill Chearnaigh
(tales from MSS.) ; Measgdn M^graidhe (Mid-Cork folk-tales),
the last two published during 1907 ; one of the ripest and most
trustworthy of living Irish scholars. Na hUinnseoga, Raheny,
Co. Dublin. - *

: 329




MAO AN BHAIRD, Seaghin (Ward, John C). Author of Au
Cruinneolaidhe ; and translator into Irish of The Gospels and
Epistles for Sundays and Holidays^ and of a anmber of de-
votional works. Killybegs, Co. Donegal.

MAC foRI, Seaghan (Henry, John Patrick), a A., M.D., B.Ch,,
T.C.D. ; Principal of Leinster College of Irish, Dublin. Author
of Udhacht au Stiocaire and Bds Ghofradha Ui Dhomhnaill
^short prose pieces) ; and of the following important manuais
for students and teachers : A Handbook of Modern Irish, Parts I.
to I V. ; Ceachta Cainnte au Mh'&inieora ; and Au Modh Direach,
Parts I. to III. 32 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin.

MAC FHIONRLAOICH, Peadar (MacGinley, Peter T.). Author
of A Handbook of Irish Teaching ; Td na Franncaigh ar an
Muir (a play) ; Mion-Drdmanna (playlets) ; and prose articles
m An Claidheamh Soluis, and various other periodicals. Diin
na nGaedheal, Bloomfield, Belfast.

MAC GIOLLA EAIK, Au tAthair Eoin (MacErlean, the Rev.
John C), S.J., B.A., R.U.I. ; Professor, House of Studies.
Milltown Park, S.J., Dublin. Editor of DdrUa, Amhrdin is
Caointe Sheathriiin CHtinn (the poetical works of GeoflErey
Keating). Milltown Park, S.J., Dublin.

MAC NEILL, Eoin (Mac Neill, Eoin). B.A., R.U.I., M.R.I.A.

^ .. Founder and first secretary of the Gaelic League, and now one
of its vice-presidents. Formerly editor of Irisleabhar na Gaedk"
ilge, and later of An Claidheamh Soluis ; his voluminous

i_- editorial and critical work, distinguished for its keenness and

^ L thoroughness, has appeared mainly in periodicals and has not
U yet been issued in book-form ; co-editor of Eachtra Lomnock-
tdin (an Ossianic tale from MS.) ; in 1905 -1906 he delivered
at University College, Dublin, a course of lectures on early
Irish history, which promise to revolutionize accepted ideas
on the subject ; some of these have been published in the New
Ireland Review during 1906-1907. Hazelbrook, Malahide,
Co. Dublin.

MAC PIARAIS, P^Ulraie (Pearse, Patrick Henry). B.A.. R.U.I. ;
Barr. King's Inns, Dublin ; lecturer in Irish, University College,
Dublin ; editor (since March, 1903) of ^« Claidheamh Soluis ;
secretary to Gaelic League Publication Committee. 'Author of
Poll an Phiobaire (a story for boys, 1906) ; losagdn agus Sgdalia
Eite (studies of child character, 1907), and other stories and
sketches dealing with West of Ireland life ; has edited Bodach
an Choia Lachtna and Bruidhean Chaorthainn (Ossianic romances
from MSS.). C^il Chrsnnach, Leeson t>ark, Dublin.

HI FHAIBCHEALLAIGH, Una (OFarrelly, Agnes), M.A., R.U.I. ;
consulting examiner in Irish to Intermediate Education Board.
Author of Smuainte ar Arainn ; Grddh a^us Crddh ; and An
Cneamhaire (prose sketches) ; and compiler of Leabhar an
Athar Eoghain (the O'Growney Memorial volume, 1904), in
which is embodied much valuable critical and editorial work.
6s A, Upper Lc^ou S"*— ^ '^"blin. ^ "^




6 hAIMHIROUl, OiliorB (Bcrgin, Osborn J.), B.A.. F.R.U.I..
D.Ph. (Berlin) ; ProfesscH:, School of Irish Learning, Dublin.
Has written poems of much merit ; co-editor of Eachtta Lom-
nochtain ; has done important research and critical work in

^ Old and Middle Irish. School of Irish Learning. Dublin.

hAODHA, Tomlb (Hayes. Thomas). Author oi An Gioblachdn
(historical novel), and of two plays. Seashdn na S^uab and
Seabhac na Ceaihramhan Caoile (both of which have been per-
formed). I Doon Avenue, N.C.R.. Dublin.

6 BHBAHIIDAIN, An tAthair Cathaolr (Brennan. the Rev. Charles).
Poems ; Aoibhneas Cill Airhe, Mac an Riogh, Mac an las-
gaire, and other short prose tales and sketches. Tralee,
Co. Kerry.

6 OBALLAIQH, SeSn (O'Kelly, John T.). Author of Saothar
dr Sean i gCHn ; Brian B^rmhs ; Beatha an Athar Tiob6id,
Maiti^ : and other historical and biographical works ; trans-
lator of thi&-p\a.y,Liudaidhe 6g na Leargadh Mdire (from the
English of Seumas Mac Manus) ; editor of Leabhar Aithru
seotreachta na nGaedheal (Gill's Irish Reciter), 13 Smyth ville,
Drumcondra, Dublin.

6 CBALLAIOH, An tAtlUlr Tomis (O'Kelly, the Rev. Thomas).
B.D. ; Prof. Summerhill College. Sligo. Has written some
poems of much distinction ; translator into Irish of Caitlin Ni
Vallachdin (from the English of W. B. Yeats] ; and author of
Au Fdghmhar (both successfully performed). Sununerhill
College. Sligo.

6 OOMOHBANAIHir, Tomis (Concannon, Thomas). Author of
Mion ' Chomhrddh and Focla Gndtha a^us a gCora Cainnte
(phrase-books) ; Mac-Ghniomhartha Bhrtain and Gormfhlaith
(historical sketch^ ; and Blaiha Bealtaine (short stories from
the English of M. E. L. Butler). Clones. Co. Monaghan.

6 €OKAIHB» Pidrale (Conroy. Patrick). Author of a number of
poignant studies of the seamier side of Irish life in Connacht
and London, and of some dramatic sketches, not yet collected
in book-form. The Gaelic League, yy Fleet Street, London.

6 DONNCHADHA, Tadhg (O'Donoghue. Tadhg). Editor (since
1903) of Irisleabhar naGaedhilge ; the most prolific and accom-
plished of recent Irish poets ; his Leoiihne Andeas (1905) is
only a partial collection of his published lyrics ; has edited
Ddnta Sneain Ui Mhurchadha na Rdithineach (the poems of Sean
O Murchadha), and written An tAilledn (rhymes and stories
for children) ; Duanaire Phddraig (Irish hymns) ; Scdihdn na
bhFfredn (an Irish prayer-book) ; and numerous other booklets.
2 Upper Clonturk Villa, Drumcondra, Dublin.

6 DUBHOHAILL, Siamus (Doyle. James J.). Author of Tadhg
Gabha ; Cathair Chonroi ; Cliibhin M6na ; Beirt Fhear Sn
dTuaith : and other racy studies of Irish peasant life ; com-
piler of Leabhar Cainte (a phrase-book) ; a prolific contributor
to Irish periodicals. 3 West End Park. Derry.




d DUINNfK, An tAthaIr Padralg (Dinneen. the Rev. Patrick S.).
M.A., R.U.I. Author of Cormac 6 Conaill (an historical
romance) ; Duan na Nodlag (translated from the English of
Dickens) ; some plays ; Saoghal % n^irinn ; Muinntear Chiar-
raighe roimh an Droch-Shaoghal ; Beatha Eoghain Ruaidh Ui
Sh&illeahhdin ; and Cill Aims (historical and descriptive prose) ;
several students' handbooks ; editor of the important Irish-
English Dictionary for the Irish Texts Society, and of the
works of the following poets (chiefly for the Gaelic League) :
Aodhagin O Rathaille, Eoghan Ruadh O S<iilleabhdin, Seaf hto
Clirach Mac Domhnaill. Seafradh O Donnchadha of the Glen,
Piaras Feirit6ir, the * Poets of the Maigue/ 14 Ellesmere
Terrace, Dublin.

6 FLANN6HAILB, TomSs (Flannery, Thomas). Author of For
the Tongue of the Gael; editor of Laoi Oisin ar TMr na
ndg ; and of the poems of Donnchadh Ruadh Mac Conmara.
Forest Gate, London.

LAOGHAIRB^ An tAthair Peadar (O'Leary, the Very Rev.
Canon), P.P., Vice-President of the Gaelic League ; recognized
as the greatest living master of Irish prose. Author of Siadna
and Niamh (1907). long romances, the latter historical; ^sop
a Thdinig go Ehirnn {Msop in Ireland) ; An Craos-Deamhan
(modernized from the Elarly Irish) ; Sgoih-Bhualadh ; An
Bealach Buidhe ; and some other plays; The Gospels from the
Missal, and other devotional books ; Mion-Chaint ; Is agus
Td ; Eolas ar Aireamh ; Irish Prose Composition ; and a lar^e
amount of prose in Irish and English not yet collected m
book-form. Castlelyons, Co. Cork.

5 MAILLE, Miehe&l (O'Malley, Michael). Author of Eochaidh

Mac Ri 'nl^irnin (a wonder- tale) ; and Leahhar ar Aireamh
(a school arithmetic) ; editor, with his brother Tom&s, of
Amhrdin Chlainne Gaedheal (songs collected in Connacht).
Cornamona, Co. Galway.

NBAOHTAIN, Eoghan (Naughton, Owen). Formerly editor
of An Claidheamh Soluis ; master of a very pure and Irish
prose style ; author of Stair-Cheachta, Parts I. and II.
(chapters on Irish history) ; DuhhaUach Mac Firbisigh (a bio-
graphical sketch) ; and some minor works ; translator of
Euclid into Irish. Rialto House, Dolphin's Bam, S.C.R,,

RIAIH, UUliam (Ryan, WilUam Patrick). Editor of The
Peasant ; author of Sidheoga ag Obair (fairy tales for children) ;
Grd^ agus Griithi, and other plays ; Lessons from Modem
Language Movements, and some other books in Irish and
English. I Crow Street, Dublin.

6 SEA6HDHA, Padrafg (O'Shea. Patrick J.). Author of 6ire,

brilliant studies in Irish history before Clontarf ; An Buaiceas,
four short stories distinguished for their style ; Aodh NHll (a




play), and many notable contributions to An Claidheamh
Soluis and other periodicals. z8 Brisbane Road, Iliord,

6 SfAGHDHA, Pidralg (O'Shea. Patrick). Author of AntMa

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