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na TtuUha, striking studies of peasant character in the South.
Glengarrifife. Co. Cork.

WELDON, Roibeard (Weldon, Robert). Perhaps the truest and
most remarkable living poet of the ' traditional ' school ; has
written many beautiful lyrics, not yet collected. Kilmac-
thomas, Co. Waterford.






The following lists, compiled for the first time, suffer inevitably
from the defects of all experiments. They are hasty, incom-
plete, and, possibly, illogical, and the Editors of the Year- Book
will be glad to receive corrections, additions, and suggestions
for improvement.

This disclaimer is not written with a view to deprecating
criticism. It is merely the statement of a fact of which the
author of the Index is thoroughly conscious, and the conse-
quences he hopes gradually to remove by the assistance of
critics and correspondents. It has proved more difficult than
he anticipated to compile such lists at all. He was anxious,
for example, to omit the unsatisfactory heading of " Belles-
Lettres," but there are so many miscellaneous writers of essay-
ettes, travel-notes, diary-books, short studies, and so forth,
that the category, though restricted as far as possible, has been
included perforce. A few writers have been removed from it
to a separate class of " Introspection," but this description has
been used with some misgiving, and without intentional dis-
respect. A similar use has been made of the subject-heading
** Tracts." The only conceivable alternative was the inad-
missible phrase " Goody-goody," and the compiler will be
obliged if anyone who objects to the selected entry will suggest
a more suitable place for his or her name. *' Fiction " is by
fax the largest independent class, but *' Poetry " wiU be found
to have more votaries than might, perhaps, have been ex-
pected. The subdivision of " Science has proved perplexing,
and in " History," too, it has not been easy to indicate for
practical purposes the special studies of historians. " Journa-
lism " means, as a rule, contributors to periodicals who have
not blossomed into authorship ; this list is, of course, very
deficient, but the class is but little represented in the Year-
Book. '* Juvenilia " means writers for young people, and
carries with it in most instances the connotation of a moral
purpose. The compiler hopes that these lists may prove
eventually of some value to editors, publishers, and others
who desire to place work, while they cannot but be interesting
as evidence of the kinds of writers now active in this country.


Digitized by LjOOQ IC

Anthology :



Baker, Ernest A.
Block, Regina M.
Burns, Thomas
Cook, Theodore A.
Craig, R. S.
Eyre-Todd, George
Gilder. Richard W.
Godley, Alfred D.
Graves, A. Percival
Knowles, F. L.
Kyle, W. Galloway
Macquoid, Gilbert S.
MUes. Alfred H.
Pertwee, Ernest
Radford, Ernest
Rhys, Ernest
Russell, Rev. Matthew
Stanley, Arthur
Stedman, Edmund C.
Waddington, Samuel
Wood, Rev. W.


Almack, Edward
Cochrane, Robert
Dibdin, L. T.
Dickson, Rev. John
Evans, Arthur J.
Evans, Sir John
Haverfield, Francis J.
Head, Barclay V.
Ha-ne, John F.
Jevons, Frank B.
Kcnyon, R. Lloyd
M&ss6, John
Murray, Dr. James
Soper, H. Tapley
Thomson, Reg. J.
Welch, Charles

Arekaology :

Allen, J. Romilly
Anderson, Peter J.
Astley, Rev. H. J. D.
Beddoe, John
Briscoe, John P.
Bryant, Thomas H.
Camm. Rev. Dom Bede
Climenson, Mrs. Emily J.

Arehaology {conUnu^d) —
Dickson, Rev. John
Ditchfield, Rev. Peter H.
Fowler, Rev. Joseph
Gardner, Prof. Ernest
Gardner, Prof. Percy
Gourlay, Janet A.
Greenwell, Canon W.
Hi ngeston- Randolph, Preb.

F. C.
Hogarth, David G.
Lewis, Mrs. Agnes
Marriott, H. P. Fitzgerald
Munro, Robert
Norman, Philip
Ridgeway, William
Rushforth, Gordon McN,
Russell, T. O'Neill
Rye, Walter
Smith, Miss E. M.
White, H. Marmaduke

Arehlteetnro :

Bond, Francis
Browne, Edith A.
Buckmaster, M. A.
Burgess, James
Collier, Hon. John
Fletcher, Banister
Fletcher, Herbert P.
Hayler. Guy W.
Hope, Sir Theodore
Jaclcson, Thomas G.
Perkins, Rev. Thomas
Triggs, H. Inigo


fAdy, Mrs. Henry
Armstrong, Sir Walter
Baldry, AJfred Lys
Bate, Percy
Bell, Mrs. Arthur
Bradley, John W.
Bushell, Stephen W.
Buxton, Rev. Harry J. W.
Colvin, Sidney
Comyns-Cair, J. W.
Cook, Edward T.
Crane, Sir Walter
Cust, Lionel





Art {continued) —

Gallichan, Mrs. Walter

(t Hartley, C. Gasquoine)
Haden, Sir Francis
Henderson, Mrs. M. Sturge
Hind, C. Lewis
Huish, Marcus B.
Hulme, Frederick E.
Lehman, Rudolf
Manson, James A.
Marillier, H. C.
Mather, J. Marshall
Menpes, Mortimer
Middleton-Wake, Rev. C. H.
Parkes, Kineton
Plunkett, Connt G. Noble
Quilter, Harry
Rossetti, William M.
Spielmann, M. H.
Thomas, Margaret
Waldstein, Charles (fGordon

Ward, T. Humphry
Wedmore, Frederick
Williamson, George C.

Belles Lettres:

A'Beckett. Arthur W.
Adam, Major W. A.
Adcock, A. St. John
Argyll, The Duke of
Andrews, William
Ascher, Isidore
Baker, Henry B.
Balfour, F. H.
Bedford, W. K. R.
Beeching, Canon
Bell. Lady
Bell. C. Moberly
Bellairs, Lady '
Belloc. Hilaire
Berlyn, Mrs, A.
Broadley, Alex. M.
Bunting. Freeman
Calthrop, Annette
Canton, William
Champneys. Basil
Coke, Mrs. Talbot
Coleridge, Hon. Stephen
Curtis, Albert Chas.

Belles Lettres {continued) —

Darling, Hon. Sir C. J.
D'Esterre, Elsa
Dixon, Constance E.
Dobell, Bertram
Dobson, Henry A.
Dowling, A. E. P. R,
Earle, Mrs. Alice M.
Earle, Mrs. C. W.
Emerson, Peter H.
Escott. J. H. S.
Evans. Sebastian
Festing, Gabrielle
Fisher, F. H.
Fish wick, Lt.-Col. Henry
Fuller, James F.
Gibson, Rev. John G.
Gibson, Hon. William
Glover. Terrot R.
Godfrey, Elizabeth
Gosse, Edmund
Grahame. Kenneth
Graves, Charles L.
Greenwood, Frederick
fGrey, Rowland (Miss Row-
land Brown)
Gwynn. Stephen
Hardy, Rev. Edward J.
Harris, Mary D.
Haultain, Arnold
Hay, John
Headlam. J. W.
Hueffer, Ford M.
Huth. Alfred H.
Ingram, John H.
Jacobs, Joseph
Jenkinson, Rev. Arthur
Johnson, WUliam K.
Kennedy, Howard A.
Killanin, Lord
KiUick. Hallie (Mrs. Eustace

Lang, Andrew
Lawless, Hon. Emily
Layard, George S.
Leach, Henry
Lee, Rev. Albert
tLee, Vernon (Violet Page)
Leeds, Duchess of
Le GaJlienne, Richard
MacManus, Seumas






Belles Leitres {continued) -

Macquoid, Gilbert S.
Magnns, Lady
Marston, Edward
Masefield, John
Masson, Rosaline
Maxwell, Sir Herbert
Mayo, Mrs. Fyvie (tGarrett,

Meynell, Mrs. Alice
Mills, Edmund J.
Molloy, J. Fitzgerald
Monkshood, G. F.
Moscheles, Felix
Mumby, F. A.
Nation, W. C. C.
Newdegate, Lady Newdigate
Nordau, Max S.
O'Connor, T. P., M.P.
Payne, Rev. G. A.
Penn, W. A.
Powell, George H.
Quiller-Couch, A. T. (" Q.")
Romayne, Leicester
Rawnsley, Canon H. D.
Repplier, Agnes
Rickett, Arthur
Rickett, Joseph C.
Rix, Herbert
Robinson, Phil
Rogers, William S.
Solwey, Charlotte M.
Shay lor, Joseph
Shefrard, Robert H.
Sims, George R.
Smith, Gold win
Street, George S.
Tarver, John C.
Thompson, Creswick J. S.
Tollemache, Hon. Lionel
Wagner, Leopold
Watson, Edmund H. L.
Watson, W. Lorimer (fAdam

Wright, John C.

Bibliography :

Anderson, J. Parker
Baker, Ernest A.
Burgoyne, Frank J.

Blbliograpliy {continued) —

Collins, F. Howard
Dalbaic, P. H.
Darlow, Rev. T. Herbert
Fletcher, William Y.
Hales, Prof. John W.
Macray, Rev. William D.
Madan, Falconer
fMarchmont, Frederick
Martin, Edward A.
Mitchell, Sir Arthur
Mitton, G. E.
Moore, Rev. Edward
Ogle, John J.
Phillips, L. Bamett
Pollard, Alfred W.
Roberts, William
Sharp, R. Farquharson
Slater, John H.
Sonnenschein, W. Swan
Thring, George H.
Wace, Rev. Henry
Wollaston, Arthur N.

Biography :

Barber, Rev. W. T. A.
Benson, Arthur C.
Bickersteth, Rev. Samuel
Blennerhassett, Lady
Blyth, Canon T. A.
Boas, Prof. Frederick
Boulger, Demetrius C.
Bo wring, Lewin B.
Byles, Charles E.
Carlyle, Edward I.
Carus-Wilson, Mrs. A.
Chesterton, G. K.
Clergue, Helen
Creighton, Mrs.
Crockett. William
Cunliffe, Emma F.
Cunningham, Sir Henry
Darwin, Francis
Dasent, Arthur Irwin
Davey, Richard P. B.
Davidson, Arthur F.
Dawson. Albert
fDe Burgh, A. (Edward M.

Dobson, Henry A.





Biography {continued)—

Douglas, Charles M.
Douglas, Sir George
Durand^ Sir Henry
Eardley-Wilmot, Rear-Adm.

S. M.
Fawcett, Mrs. M. Garrett
Fell-Smith, Charlotte
Fitzgerald, Percy H.
Fitzmaurice, Lord Edmond
Fleming, David H.
Fraser, Alexander C.
Gosse, Edmund
Green, Walford D.
Groser, Horace G.
Guildford, Bishop of (G. H.

Hamilton, Catherine J.
How, Frederick D.
Huxley, Leonard
Ingpen, Roger
Irving, Henry B.
Jerrold, Walter
Kelly, Rev. Bernard W.
Ken worthy, John C.
Kinloch-Cooke, Sir ClemenJ
Kirlew, Marianne
Layard, George S.
Leach, Henry
Lee, Sidney

Lee- Warner, Sir William
Lowe. Charles
Macdonagh, Michael
Mackail, John W.
Mactaggart, John
Markham, Adm. Sir Albert
Markham, Sir Clements
Marris, Nora M.
Martin, Sir Theodore
Marziais, Sir Frank
Maude, Aylmer
Maxwell, Sir Herbert
Meynell, Wilfrid
Molloy, J. Fitzgerald
Morley, Kt, Hon. John
Murray. T. Douglas
Myers, Ernest
Nicoll, W. Robertson
O'Brien, R. Barry
Paul. Herbert W.
Perris, George H.

Biography {continued) —
Podmore, Frank
Prothero, George W.
Prothero, Rowland E.
Rand, Benjamin
Reid, Mrs. Elizabeth
Reid, Sir Hugh Gilzean
Reid, Stuart J.
Robinson, J. R.
Rosebery, the Esu'l of
fRutherford, Mark (W. Hale

Salt, Henry S.
Seccombe, Thomas
Sherrard, Robert H.
Sillard, P. A.
SiUaxd, Robert
Simpson, Eva Blantyre
Smith, George C. M.
Spielmann, M. H.
Stedman. Arthur
Stoker, Bram
Story, Alfred T.
Teehng, Mrs. Bartle (fNor-

man Stuart)
Thomson, C. Linklater
Townshend, Mrs. R. B.
TuUoch. Rev. W. W.
Vemey, Lady
Vincent, James E.
Ward. Wilfrid P.
Warren. T. Herbert
Willcock, John
Williamson, C. N.
Williamson, David
Wilson, David
Wingate, A. K. P.
Wolseley. Viscount
Wood, Walter
Wordsworth. Elizabeth
Wright, Thomas

Christian Selenoe :

Feilding, Alice

Divinity :

Ball, Rev. C. J.
Bebb. Rev. L. J. M.
Beet, Rev. Joseph A.
Benham, Canon (f Peter Lom-






DiTlnlty (coniinued)-^

Benson, Margaret

Birks. Rev. H. A.

Bourdillon, Rev. Francis

Brooke, Rev. C. H.

Buckland, Rev. Augustus R.

Burn, Rev. A. E.

Butler,. Rev. Henry M.

Buxton, Rev. Harry J. W.

Charles, Rev. R. H.

Charteris, Archibald H.

Clarke, Rev. Erskine

Cobbold, Rev. George A.

Corbett, St. John

Durham, Bishop of (Handley

Dykes, Rev. James O.

Edinburgh. Bishop of (J.

Fenton, Ferrar [Dowden)

Field, Rev. Thomas

Harris, Reader

Hughes-Games, Archdeacon

Hutton, Rev. A. Wollaston

Jackson, Rev. George

Johnstone, Robert

Lester, Rev. George

fLovell, Arthur (Williams)

Mackarness. Ven. C. C.

McClymont, Rev. James A.

Meyer, Rev. F. B.

Meyrick, Preb. Frederick

Middleton, Rev. Robert

Milligan, Rev. George

Moor house, Rt. Rev. James

Newbolt, Canon W. C. E.

Nicoll, W. Robertson

Oman, Dr. John C.

Panter. Rev. Dr. C. R.

Pen tin. Rev. Herbert

PiTOU, Rev. Dr. Frands

Pole, Rev. Herbert

Redpath, Rev. Henry A.

Ridgeway, Preb. C. J.

Rigg. Rev. James H.

Rogers, Rev. William M.

Rowland, Rev. Alfred

Sanday. Rev. Prof. William

Snell, Rev. Bernard J.

Stalker, Rev. James

Stepney, Bishop of (C Gor-
don Lang)

Dlflnlty (continued)—

Stevenson, Canon Morley
Story, Very Rev. R. H.
Swete, Henry B.
Telford, Rev. John
Walpole, Rev. G. H. S.
Wright, Rev. C. H. H,

Drama :

Allen, Cecil J. M.
Alma Tadema, Miss L.
Barrie, James M.
Barstow, Montagu
Berlyn, Alfred
Burnand, Sir Francis
Burnett, Mrs. F. Hodgson
Butler, Arthur G.
Byatt, Henry
Caine, Thos. H. Hall
tCarton, R. C.
Comyns-Carr, J. W.
Corbett, Elizabeth B.
Dawe, Wilfrid
De la Pasture. Mrs. Henry
Esmond, Henry V.
Fitz-Gerald, S. J. Adair
Garnett, Edward
Garvice, Charles
Gilbert, William S.
Gilder, Jeannette L.
Graham, J. Menteith
Graves, Clotilde
Grossmith, Weedon
Grundy, Sydney
Hales, A. 6.
Hamilton, Cosmo
Hanshew, Thomas W.
Hetiniker, Hon. Mrs. Arthur
Heron-Maxwell, Mrs.
Hood, Captain Basil
tHoward, Keble (J. Keble

Hunt, Arthur
Hyde, Douglas
Jacobs, William W.
Jerome, Jerome K.
Jones. Henry Arthur
Langbridge, Rosamund G.
Maartens, Maarten
McBride, Captain Ernest E.

(tErnest Western)





Drama (continued) —

Marshall, Captain Robert
Martin, Ernest
Martyn, Edward
Maughan, W. Somerset
Morrison, Arthur
Newnham-Davis, Lt.-Col. N.
Orczy, the Baroness
Parker, Louis N.
Phillips, Stephen
Phillpotts, Eden
Pinero, Arthur W.
Prowse, Richard Orton
Pryce, Richard
RaJei^h, Cecil
Robbms, Alfred
Shaw, G. Bernard
Sims, George R.
Sladen. Douglas
Sutro, Alfred
Thurston, E. Temple
Toynbee, William
Vane, F. Sutton
Yeats, W. B.
Zangwill, Israel

Drama — Critleism :

Archer, William

Beerbohm, Max

Fyfe, Hamilton

Grein, J. T.

tHoward, Keble (J. Keble

Penley, Belville S.
Radford, Ernest
Rea, Hope
Sachs, Edwin O.
Tweedie, Mrs. Alec
Vallance, Aymer
Walkley, Arthur B.

Beonomles :

Ashley, William J.
Avebury, Lord
Balfour, Rt. Hon. Arthur
Bonar, James
Bosanquet, Helen
Carpenter, Edw^uxi
Clarke, Charles B.
Crozier John Beattie

Boonomics (continued)—

Cunningham, Rev. Dr. W.
De Brath, Stanley
Dennis, Robert
Dickinson, Golds worthy L.
Dolman, Frederick
Fawcett, Mrs. M, Garrett
Glenn, Mary W.
Hull, Charles H.
Keynes, John Neville
Kropotkin, Prince Peter
Little, James S.
Lough, Thomas
Mackenzie, V. St. Clair
Miller, Mrs. F. Fenv^dck (F.

Money, L. O. Cbiozza
Price, Langford L.
Rand, Benjamin
Robertson, John M.
Rowntree, Joseph
Shaw, G. Bernard
Symes, Rev. John E.
Warren, Henry
WUliams, E. E. G.

Edueation :

Arnold-Foster, Hugh O.
Auden, H. W.
Bailey. Prof. L. H.
Baker, Emily
Baker, James
Barnett, Percy A.
Bell, Preb. George C.
Blyth, Canon T. A.
Bryant, Mrs. Sophie
Byles, Charles E.
Coit, Stanton
Cornford, L. Cope
Cornish, F. Warre
Cotes, Kenelm
Craik, Sir Henry
Dale, Nellie
Dal ton, Rev. Herbert
Deane, H. F. W.
Fletcher, Alfred E.
Gardner, Alice
Gibson, Rev. J. John G.
Gilkes, Arthur H,
Gould, Frederick J.






Bdnofttton {continuedy-^
Gow, James
Hobhouse, Canon
Hogdson, Geraldine
Hope. Sir Theodore
Jackson, John
James, Rev. Robert A.
King. John £.
Knowlson. T. S.
Kynaston. Rev. H.
Lyttleton, Rev. the Hon.

Macnamara. Thomas J.
Magnus. Sir Philip
Mark, Harry T.
Marshall, Mrs. Ord
Marshall. John
Mayor. Rev. Joseph
Methnen, Algernon M. S.
Miles. Eustace
Moore. H. Ktngsmill
Murison. Prof. Alexander
Nesbitt, Rev. J. J.
Owen, E. C. E.
Payen-Payne, de Vinchel6s
Pertwee, Ernest
Reddie. Cecil
Richmond. Ennis
Rouse, W.H.D.
Skeat, Bertha M.
Spencer. Frederic
Spiers. Victor
Storr, Francis
Tickdl. Rev. S. Claude
Webb. Sidney


Brown. Sir R. Hanbury
Budge. E. A. Wallis
Dicey, Edward
Lane-Poole, Stanley
Mahaffy, John P.
Petrie, Prof. Flinders
Sayce, Rev. Prof. A. H.


Gould, Frederick J.
Hayler, Guy
Knight, Prof. W. A.
Lescher, Rev. WUfrid

Bthlet (continued)-—

tLovell, Arthur (A. L. Wil-
McCabe, Joseph
Pearson, Karl
St. Clair. George
Seth, Prof. James
Sorley, William R.
Wallace, Alfred R.

netton :

A'Beckett. Arthur W.

t Ackworth, John (Rev. F. R.

Acland, the Hon. Lady

Adamson. Frances A. (fEsca

Adcock. A. St. John

Adderley, Hon. and Rev.

Agnew. Georgette

t Agnus, Orme (John C. Hig-

Aitken, Robert

Albanesi, Madame Carlo

Alcock. Deborah

Alden, Chev. William L.

Alexander, A.

Allen, James L.

Allenton, Mark

Alma Tadema, Miss Laur-

tAnstey, F. (T. A. Guthrie)

Anstruther, Hon Mrs.

Arnold, Andrew W.

Arnold. Edwin L.

Ashby-S terry, J.

Askew, Alice

Askew, Claude C.

Atherton. Gertrude

Ayles, Grueber

Ayscough, John

Bagot, Richard

Baillie-Weaver, Mrs. (fG. Col-

Baker, Henry B.

Baker, James

Baldwin. Mrs. Alfred

Balfour, Andrew

Banks* Elizabeth





Fiction (continued) —

Barclay, Florence (^Brandon

Baring-Gould, Rev. S.
Barlow, Jane
Barnett, Edith
Ban*. Mrs. Amelia
Barr, Robert
Barrett, Frank
Barrie, James M.
Barry, John A.
Bartram, George
Bashford, Henry H.
Bateman, May G. F.
Becke, George L.
Beddoes, T. H. WiUoughby
Begbie, Harold
Bell, Robert S. W.
Belloc, Madame Bessie
Belloc, Hilaire
Bennett, Enoch A.
Benson, E. F.
Benson, Rev. Robert H.
Betham-Edwards, Matilda
tBickerdyke, John (C H.

Birchenough, Mabel C.
Blake, Bernard C.
Bleackley, Horace W.
Bloundelle-Burton, John E.
fBoldrewood, Rolf (T. A.

Bower, Marian
{Bowen, Marjorie (G. V.

Boyd. Mary S.
fBraddon, Mary E. (Mrs. J.

Bradshaw, Annie
Brandon, D.
Bramston. M.
Brayshaw, John D.
Brebner, Percy J.
Bremont, Comtesse de
Bright, Florence K.
Brodrick, Hon. Mrs. Alan
Brooke, Rev. C. H.
Brooke, Emma F.
Broughton, Rhoda
Brown, Vincent
Buchan, John

Fletion {conHnurd} —
Bulley, Henry A.
Bullock, Shan F.
Burchell, Sidney H.
Burgin, George B.
Burnett, Mrs. F. Hodgson
Burrow, Charles K.
Cable, George W.
Caffyn, Mrs. Mannington
Caine, Thos. H. HaU
Caird, Mona
fCambridge. Ada (Mrs. G. F.

Cameron, Mrs. Lovett
Campbell, Archie
Capes, Bernard
Capes, Harriet H. (fMagda-

lene Brooke)
Carey, Rosa Nouchetto
Carman, Bliss
Camithers, Mrs. G. J.
Cartwright, John
Casserley, Capt. H. G.
Castle, Agnes
Castle, Egerton
Cave, Henry W.
Chambers, Robert W.
Chan-Toon, Mabel
Cholmondeley, Mary
Churchill, Winston
Clare, Austin
Clarke, Allen
Clarke, Cecil
fCleeve, Lucas (Mrs. H.

Clifford, Mrs. W. K.
Cobb, Thomas
Clouston, J. Storer
Coleridge, Christabel
Collins, W. E. W.
Compton, Herbert E.
Comyns Carr, Mrs. A.
Conrad, Joseph
Constable, Frank C.
Cook, Mrs. Mabel
Cooke, J. Y. F.
Cooke, W. Bourne
Cooper, Edward H.
Corelli, Marie
Cox, Palmer
Crawford, F. Marion






Ftetton (continued)-^

Crawf ard, Oswald

Creswick, Paul

Crockett. Samuel R.

Crofton, F. Blake

Croker, Mrs. B. M.

tCromarty, Deas

Cromie, Robert

Crommelin, May H.

Crosland, T. W. H.

Cross, Margaret B.

Crotch, W. Walter

Cule. W. E.

Cuming, Edward W. D.


fCushing. Paul (R. A. Wood-

Dabbs, George H. R.
fDanby, Frank (Mrs. Fran-
D'Arcy. Ella [kau)

Davidson, Lillias Campbell
Davis, Richard H.
Dawe, Carlton
Dawson, A. J.
Dearmer, Mrs. Percy
De Crespigny, Mrs. P. C.
Delaire, Madame Jean
Deland, Mrs. Margaret
Delannoy, Burford
De la Pasture, Mrs, Henry
De Morgan. William
Denny, Charles E.
Dick, Cotsford
Dickens, Mary Angela
Dill, Bessie
Dix, Gertrude
Dixon, Ella H.
Doudney, Sarah
Dou^all, Lily
Dowie, Menie Muriel
Dowding, A. L. (fLewis

Downey, Edmund
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
Drake, Maurice
Drummond, Hamilton
Dudeney, Mrs. Henry
Duncan, Sara J.
Diiring, Mrs. Stella M.
Eastwick, Mrs. Egerton

Fietion {continued) —
Eddy, Charles
fEgerton, George (Mrs. Gold-

ing Bright)
Eldridge, Robey F.
Elkington, E. Way
Ellesmere, the Earl of
Ellis, T. MuUett
Emerson, Peter H.
Erichsen, Hugo
Esler, Mrs. Erminda R.
Everett-Green, E.
fFalconer, Lanoe (Miss Mary

Farmiloe, Mrs. Edith C.
Felkin, A. Laurence
Fenn, Clive R.
Fenn, G. Mandeville
Findlater, Jane Helen
Findlater, Mary W.
Finnemore, Mrs. Emily

Fitchett, Rev. W. H.
fFleming, George (Miss Con-
stance Fletcher)
Fletcher, J. S.
Flowerdew, Herbert
Forbes, Edmund
Forbes, Lady Helen
Forbes, Hon. Mrs. Walter
Fowler, Edith H.
Fowler, E. Thomeycroft
Francillon, Robert E.
tFrancis,M. E. (Mrs. F. Blun-

Eraser, Augusta Zelia (f Alice

Eraser, Mrs. Hugh
tFrost, George (Mrs. O. Eddi-

Fryers, .\ustin
Gallon, Tom
Galsworthy, John
Gardiner, Linda
Garland, Hamlin
tGarrett, Edward
Garvice, Charles'
fGerard, Dorothea (^fadame

Longard de Longgarde)
f Gerard, Morice (Rev. J. Jes-

sop Teague)





Fletion (continued)
Gibney, Somerville
fGift. Theo (Mrs. G. BonlRcr)
Gilbert, Lady
Gilchrist, Robert M.
Gilliat, Rev. Edward
Gissing, Algernon
Glanville, Ernest
Gleig, Charles
Glyn, Mrs. Clayton
Godfrey, Elizabeth
Golding, Harry
Gordon, Charles W.
Gordon-Stables, William
Gould, Nathaniel
' Graham, J. M.
Graham. Winifred
Grand, Sarah
Graves, Clotilde
fGray, Annabel (Mrs. Cox)
fGray, Maxwell (Miss M. G.
Green, Frederick [Tuttietti)
Greener, Will
Gresswell, George
Gribble, Francis
fGrier, Sydney C.
Griffiths, Maj. Arthur
Grogan, Walter E.
Guggisberg, Capt. F. G.
Guthrie, James J.
Habberton, John
Haggard, H. Rider
Hales, A. G.
Hall, Charles E.
Hallowes, Frances S.
HamiU, Mrs. I. M.
Hamilton, Bernard
Hamilton, Catherine J.
Hamilton, Cosmo
Hamilton, John A.
Hamilton, Lillias
Hamilton, Lord Ernest
Hanshew. Thomas W.
Harcourt-Roe, Mrs.
Hardy, Thomas
Harraden, Beatrice
Harris, Frank
Harris, Joel C.
Hawthorne, Julian
Hartley, C. Gasquoine (fGal-
lichan, Mrs. Walter)

Fietlon {continued) —
Hayes, Frederick W.
Headlam, Cecil
Heddle, Ethel F.
Henniker. Hon. Mrs. Arthur
Heron-Maxwell, Mrs.
Hewlett, Maurice
Hichens, Robert
Hicks, Beatrice M.
Hocking, Joseph
Hocking, Rev. Silas
Hodgson, Geraldine
fHoldsworth, Annie (Mrs.

Holland, Clive
Holmes, Arthur H.
Holmes, Frederic M.
Hooper, Mrs. Violet M.
fHope, Anthony
Hope, Graham
Hopkins, Tighe
Homung, Ernest W.
Housman. Prof. Alfred E.
Housman, Laurence
Hosken, E. C. Heath
Howells, WilHam D.
Hunt, Margaret
Hunt. Violet
Hyne, Charles J. C. W.
Igglesden, Charles
Inchbold, Mrs. Stanley

ackson, Wilfred S.

lacob, Violet

acobs, William W.

ames, Henry

lane, Fred T.

leffery, C. E.

efTery. Walter

enkinson, Emily J.

epson, Edgar

erome, Jerome K.

lerrold. Mrs. Clare

fersey, the Countess of

ones, Alice

ones. Dora M.

ones, W. Braunston

Ceary, Charles F.
Keightley, S. R.
Keith, Leslie
Kenealy. Arabella
Kennard, Mrs. Edward






Fietlon {continued) —
Kennaway, Sir John
Kenyon, Edith C.
Kernahan, Mrs. Coulson
jKingstead. Julian (F. J. De

M. Cunyngham)
Kinross, Albert
Kipling, Rudyard
Kirlew, Marianne
Koch, Mary
Laffan, Mrs. de Courcy
Lampen, Rev. Charles
Lang, Andrew
Langbridge, Rev. Frederick
Langbridge, Rosamond G.
Lanyon, Mrs. S. M.
Lawson, Henry H.
Layard, George S.
Lay cock, Arthur
Lee, Rev. Albert
Lee, Charles
T^froy, Mrs. E. Napier
Le Gallienne, Richard
Leighton, Marie Connor
Leigh ton, Robert
Le Queux, William
Levett-Scats, Sidney K.
I^ewis, Edgar S.
Leys, John K.
Lie, Jonas
Locke, William J.
London, Jack
Long, William H.
Lonsdale, H. Marmaduke
Lowis, Cecil
Lowndes, Mrs.
Maartens, Maarten
McCarthy, Justin
Macfall, Haldane (fHal

Machar, Agnes Madue
Machen, Ajrthur
McChesney, Dora G.
Machray, Robert
McHugh, Martin J.
Mackie, John
Macleod, Mary
MacMahon, Ella
MacManus, Seumas
Macquoid, Katharine S.
Magnay, Sir William

Fietfon {continued)-^

fMalet, Lucas (Mrs. St. Leger

Mann, Mrs. Mary E.
Marchmont, Arthur W.
Marriott, Charles
Marsh, Richard
Marshall, Archibald
Marshall, Capt. Robert
Mason, A. E. W.
tMathers, Helen
Mathew, Frank
Maughan, W. Somerset
Marshall, Mrs. (f Agnes

Maxwell, W. Babington
Maxwell, Gerald
tMeade, L. T.
Meakin, Nevill G. M.
Meldrum, David
Meredith, George
Merrick, Leonard
Messent, C. (tMax Baring)
Middlemas, Jean
Miller, Esther
Mitford, Bertram
Moberly, Lucy G.
Montresor, F. F.
Moore, F. Frankfort
Moore, George
Morgan-de-Groot. Dr. J.
Morley, George
Morral, Herbert A.
Morrison, Arthur
Mott, Frederick Blount
Moulton, Mrs. L. Chandler
Muddock, J. E. Preston

(fDonovan, Dick)
tNesbit, E. (Mrs. Hubert

Nesbitt, Mrs. J. J.
Neumann, B. P.
Newdegate, Lady Newdigate
Nicolson, John
Nisbet, Hume
Norris, William E.
O'Donnell, Elliott
OUivant, Alfred
Onions. Oliver
Oppenheim, E. Phillips

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