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28 Great Ormond Street. W.C.

ALLEH, Miss PhCSbe. Granfer Garland (S.P.C.K.) ; Playing at
Botany, 4th ed. (Wells Gardner). 1907 ; ana many other
works. Evelyn House. Ryde, I.W.

ALLEN-HARKERy L. Tke Intervention of tke Duke (Bowden).
1898 ; Wee Folk Good Folk (Duckworth), 1900 ; A Romance of
tke Nursery (Lane). 1902 ; Tke Little People, 1903 ; Concerning
Paul and Fiammetta, (£. Arnold. Lond., and Scribner's Sons,
N.Y.), 1906 ; His First Leave (E. Arnold), 1907. C. Scribner*s,
ComkiU, Century, 7 Montpelier Villas, Cheltenham.

ALLERTOH, Mark» Barr.-at-Law (W. E. Cameron), M.A., LL.B.
B. 1 88 1. Frivolous Glasgow: Towns and Types (Menzies) ;
Jest-Book (Greening) ; Girl from Corsica (play). C. Pearson's,
Westminster Gai,, Pall Mall Gaz., Toiler, Glasgow Evening
Citizen. Editor World of Golf, ia Middle Temple Lane, and
2 Plowden Buildings, Temple, E.C.

ALUESy Hary H. A. Leaves from S. Jokn Ckrysostom (Bums). 1889 ;
Hist. Ckurck in Eng., 1892-97 ; Leaves from St. Augustine (Wash-
bourne), 1900 ; Pius VII. ; St. Jokn Damascene on Holy Images ;
Tkomas William Allies (Bums). 1907 ; Ac, 7 Melina Place.
St. John's Wood, N.W.

ALMA TADEMA, Miss Lauranee. Tke Wings of Icarus (Heine-
mann). 1894; Realms of Unknown Kings (Richards), 1897;
Songs of Womankood, 1903 ; Four Plays, 1905, &c. The Fair
Haven. Wittershane, Kent; 34 Grove End Road, St. John's
Wood, N.W.

AtMAOK, Edward. B. 1852. Fell. Soc. of Antiquaries. Mem.
Bibliographical Soc. A Bibliograpky of Tke King's Book ; or,
Eikon Basilike (Blades), 1896 ; Tke Cavalier Soldier's Vade-
Mecum (Blades), 1900 ; Regimental Badges worn in tke Britisk
Army One Hundred Years Ago (Blades), 1900; General Ed.
Stuart Series (Robinson), and first volume Dr. Bates's Elenckus
Motuum Superiorum in Anglia, 1902 ; Ed. Eikon Basilike (De la
More Press), 1903 ; Bookplates in Methuen's series of Little Books
on Art, 1904 ; Tke History of tke Royal Scots Greys (De la More
Press), 1907. Eastern House, College Road, Brighton.




AHEER ALI, Syed, M.A.. B.L., C.I.E., Judge of H.M. High Court
of Judicature, Bengal, 1890-1904 ; Barrister-at-Law, Magistrate
and Chief Magistrate (Calcutta), 1878-81 ; Pres. of Committee
of Management of the Mohsin Religious Endowment, 1876-
1904; Member of Commission on the Ex-King of Oude's
Affairs, 1879 ; Lecturer on Mohammedan Law at the Presidency
Coll.. 1873-78 ; Tagore Law Professor, 1884 ; Pres. of the
Faculty of Law, Calcutta University, 1891-92 ; Member of the
Bengal Legislative Coimcil. 1878-83 ; Member of the Viceregal
Council, 1883-85. B. 1849. Crit, Exam, of the Life and
Teachings of Mohammed (Williams & Norgate), 1873 ; Personal
Law of the Mohammedans (W. H. Allen), 1880 ; Mohammedan
Law, 2 vols. (Thacker), 1904 and 1907 ; Spirit of Islam (W. H.
Allen), 1893 » '^cw and revised edition (Lahiri, Calcutta), 1904 ;
Ethics of Isldm (Thacker), 189J ; Short History of the Saracens
(Macmillan), 1899; Students' Handbook of Mahommedan Law
(Thacker), 1892, 5th ed., 1906 ; joint author of The Law of
Evidence Applicable to British India (Thacker), 1901, 4th ed.,
1907 ; Commentary on the Bengal Tenancy Act (Thacker),
1904 ; and others. C. XlXth Century, Hibbert Journ, &c.
The Lambdens, Beenham, Berks ; Reform Club.

AMES, Percy WlUoughby, LL.D.. F.S.A., Sec. R.S.Litt. B. 1853.
Afternoon Lectures on English Literature (ed. and contrib.),
1893 ; The Mirror of the Sinful Soul, 1897 ; Chaucer Memorial
LeUures (ed. and contrib.), 1900. C. Transactions R.S.L., and
various journals. 71 Lewisham Park, S.E.

AMY AND, Arthur {see Haggard, Major Arthur).

ANDERSON, Jamas Haltland, Univ. Librarian, St. Andrews, since
1 88 1. The University of St, Andrews (Cupar), 1878 ; Heraldry of
St, Andrews Univ. (Johnston), 1895 » Matriculation Roll of the
University of St, Andrews, 1 747-1 898 (Blackwood). 1905.
Kinnessbank, St. Andrews.

ANDERSON, John Parker. B. 1841* Book of Brit, Topography
(Satchell), 1881 ; C. to Great Writers Series (Scott) ; many other
bibliographies. Late British Museum, W.C.

ANDERSON, Peter John, LL.B., Librarian, Aberdeen Univ., and
Secretary New Spalding Club. Aberdeen Charters, 1890 ; Fasti
Acad, Mariscall, 3 vols., 1889-98 ; Quarter Century Studies,
1906 ; and other works relating to Aberdeen. The University.

ANDERSON, Sir Robert, K.C.B., LL.D., late Asst.-Com. Metro.
Police. The Gospel and its Ministry (Nisbet), 1876 ; The
Coming Prince, 1881 ; Human Destiny (Hodder), 1886 ; A
Doubter* s Doubts about Science and Religion, 1889 ; Daniel in
the Critics* Den, 1895 I ^*^ Silence of God (Hodder), 1897 ;
The Buddha of Christendom, 1899 f ^^^ BMe and Modern
Criticism, 1902; Pseudo-Criticism; or, the Higher Criticism
and its Counterfeit, 1904; Sidelights on the Home Rule Move-
ment (Murray), 1906 ; In Defence : A Plea for the Faith, 1907 :
Criminals and Crime : Some Facts and Suggestions, 1907 ; and
others. C. the leading Reviews. 39 Linden Gardens, W.




AMDREWSf Margaret Lovell. B. 1885. C. Contemporary Verse,
Anthology, New Songs (Chapman & Hall), 1907, T.P/s
Weekly Literary Competitions. 94 Barboume Road, Wor-
ANDREWS* WilUam, Librarian, Royal Institution, HuU. B. 1848.
Historic Yorkshire (Reeves), 1883 ; Curiosities of the Church
(Methuen), 1890 ; Bygone England (Hutchinson), 1892 ; Bygone
Punishments (Andrews), 1899 ; At the Sign of the Barber's Pole
(Tutin), 1904 ; Modern Merry Men (Brown), 1904 ; Picturesque
Yorkshire, Vol. I. (Valentine), 1905; A Wreath of Christmas
Carols and Poems (Tutin), 1906. Editor Bygone Series, 1891-
1900, &c. C. Chambers's Journ., Leisure Hour, Young Men,
Gentleman's Mag,, Country Life, Mitigate Monthly , &c. Royal
Institution, HuU.
ANGST, Henry, C.M.G., D.Ph., LL.D., late Director of Swiss Nat.
Museum, H.B.M. Consul-General. B. 1847. Annual Reports
Swiss Nat. Museum, 1 891 -1 900 ; other Museum publications.
Belvoir Park, Zurich II., Switzerland.
ANNANDALB, Charles, LL.D., Editor of encylopaedic works and

dictionaries. B. 1843. 35 Queen Mary Avenue, Glasgow.
ANSON, Sir William Reyneil, Bt., D.C.L., M.P., Warden of All Souls'
Coll., M.P. Oxford Univ. B. 1843. English Law of Contract
(O.U. Press), 1879 ; Law and Custom of the Constitution, 2 vols.,
1886, 1892 ; Ed. Mem. Duke of Grafton (Murray), 1898. C.
L.Q. Rev. All Souls' College, Oxford.
tANSTBT, F. (Thomas Anstey Guthrie). Vice Versd (Smith,
Elder), 1882 ; many edns. since ; The Giant's Robe (Smith,
Elder), 1884; The Tinted Venus (Arrowsmith), 1885; The
Pariah (Smith, Elder), 1889 ; The Talking Horse, 1891 ; The
Man from Blankkys (Longmans), a play, 1893, 1901, and 1906 ;
Baboo Jabberjee, B.A. (Dent), 1897 i ^^^ ^^"^^^ ^^^^^ (Smith,
Elder), 1900 ; A Bayard from Bengal (Methuen), 1902 ; Only
Toys, a story for children (Grant Richards), 1903 ; Salted
Almonds, 1906. Many contributions to and reprints from
Punch. 16 Duke Street Mansions, Grosvenor Square, W.
ANSTRUTHER, Hon. Mrs. The Influence of Mars (Richards),

1900. A Lady in Waiting (Smith, Elder), 1904. 9 Little
College St., Westminster.

ANTROBUS, Lady, Guide to Amesbury and Stonehenge (Simpkin).

1901. C. Country Life, Nature, Lady's Realm, &c. Amesbury
Abbey, Salisbury.

ANWTL, Professor Edward, M.A. A Welsh Grammar for Schools
(Sonnenschein), 1897, 1899 ; Prolegomena to the Study of Old
Welsh Poetry, 1905 ; Celtic Religion (Constable), 1906. C.
ArchcBologia Cambriensis, Celtic Rev., &c. 62 Marine Terrace,

ARBER, Professor Edward, D. Litt. Oxon., F.S.A., FeU. of King's
Coll., London. English Reprints, 30 vols (Constable), 1895 ;
English Scholars' Library, 16 vols., 1895 ; -e4n English Garner,
9 vols.,. 1895-96. 26 Priory Road, Bedford Park, W.




ARCHER, William, A4.A. B. 1856. Dramatic critic of The
Tribune, Ed. Ibsen's Prose Dramas (Walter Scott) and
Ibsen's Collected Works (Heinnemann) ; About the Theatre
(Unwin), i886 ; Masks or Faces? (Longmans), 1888 ; numerous
theatrical studies at various times ; Poets of the Younger
Generation (I^ne), 1901. National Liberal Club, S.W.

ARCHER-HIND, Rlehard Daere, M.A., FeU. and late Sen. Lect.
Trin. Coll., Camb. B. 1849. Ed. Plato's Phado (Macmillan),
1883, 1894 ; TinuBUSt 1888 ; Translations into Greek, 1905.
C. Classical periodicals. Tiinity College, Cambridge.

ARGYLL, The Dake of, Gov.-Gen. Canada, 1878-83. B. 1845.
Guido and Lita (MacmiUan), 1875 I Canadian Pictures (R.T.S.).
1884 ; Imperial Federation (Sonnenschein), 1885 ; Life of
Palmerston (Low), 1892 ; Life of Q. Victoria, 1901 ; and various
essays, tales, poems, and plays. Kensington Palace, W.

ARMSTRONG, Arthur Coles. A Tale from Boccaccio : Poems
(Constable), 1897. 25 Edward Street, Hampstead Road,

ARMSTRONG, James Tarbotton, F.C.S., Vice-Pres. Ex LibHs Soc,
Ed. of Collecting, B. 1 849. The Food we Eat ; The Ground
we dwell on ; lectures and papers on scientific subjects, especially
on Torpedoes and "Wireless Telephony. " Desburga," Walters
Ash, Hughenden, Bucks.

ARMSTRONG, Sir Walter (Knight), B.A. Oxon., Director of the
National Gallery of Irekmd since 1 892. B. 1 850. Sir John Millais
(Virtue), 1887 ; Thomas Gainsborough (Seeley), 1888 ; Life and
Art of Velasquez, 1897 ; Thomas Gainsborough (Heinemann).
1900 ; Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1900 ; Raeburn, 1902 ; Turner
(Agnew), 1902 ; and other critical works. C. Guardian, Pilot,
VArt, Art Joum., Mag, of Art, Nineteenth Century, Nat, Rev,,
&c. Ceanchor House, HoM^i:h, co. Dublin ; Burlington Fine
Art Qub.

ARNOLD, Andrew W. The Attack on the Farm (White), 1899.
C. Blackwood* s, Chambers* s. The Grove, Dorking, Surrey.

ARNOLD, Edwin L. A Summer Holiday in Scandinavia (Low),
1877 ; Bird Life in India (Chatto), 1887 ; Phra the Phoenician,
1 891 ; The Story of Ulla (Longmans), 1895 * Lepidus the Cen-
turion (Cassell), 1901, &c. C. various. 15 Emperor's Gate,

ARNOLD-FORSTER, Hugh Oakeley, M.P. B. 1855. The Citizen
Reader, 1886 ; The Laws of Everyday Life, 1888 ; In a Conning
Tower (Cassell), 1891 ; Things New and Old, 1893 ; A History
of England, 1897 ; The Coming of the Kilogram, 1898 ; and
others, chiefly educa. 2 The Abbey Garden, Westminster,

ASCHER, Isidore G., B.C.L. M'Gill Univ., Canadian Barr. Voices
from the Hearth (poems) (Lovell, Montreal), 1863 ; ^^ Old
Man*s Story (Stock), 1889 ; A Social Upheaval (Greening),
1898 ; and other novels. C. numerous magazines. 7 BuUing-
ham Mansions, W.




A8HBT-STERRT, Joseph ("The Bystander")- The Shuttlecock
Papers (Tinsley), 1873 ; Tiny Travels, 1874 ; Boudoir Ballads
(Chatto), 1S76; A Snailway Guide (Clements), 1884 ; The Lazy
Minstrel (Unwin). 1886 ; Cucumber Chronicles (Low), 1887 ;
Nutshell Novels (Hutchinson), 1890 ; A Naughty Girl (Sands),
1893 ; ^ Tale of the Thames (Sands), 1896 ; rev. cd., 1903 ;
The Bystander, 1900. 8 St. Martin's Place, Trafalgar Square,

ASHLEY, William James, M.A.,M.Com. Prof.Commerce,Univ.Birm.

B. i860. An Introduction to English Economic History and
Theory : Part /., The Middle Ages (Longmans), 1888 ; Part II„
The End of the Middle Ages, 1892 ; Surveys, Historic and
Economic, 1900 ; The Adjustment of Wages, 1903 ; British In-
dustries (ed.), 1903 ; The Tariff Problem, 1903 ; The Progress
of the German Working Classes, 1904 ; and others. C Nation
(N.Y.), Econ, Jour, and Pol. Sci, Q,, &c. 3 Yateley Road,
Edgbaston, Birmingham.

ASHTON, John. B. 1 834. Life in the Reign of Queen A nne (Chatto),
1882, 1897 ; Old Times, 1885 ; The Romances of Chivalry, 1886 ;
Men, Maidens, &c„ a Hundred Years Ago, 1888 ; Social England
under the Regency, 1^90 ; and many other historical works.
4 Middleton Road, Camden Road, N.

A8KBW, Clasds Gary, F.R.G.S.. and AUoe J. de C. (in collaboration).
The Shulamite (Chapman & Hall), 3rd ed., 1904 ; rev. ed.
(Unwin), 1906 ; dramatized (Savoy Theatre), 1906. Eve and the
Law (Ch^man & Hall), January, 1905 ; The Premier's Daughter
(F. V* White), 1905 ; Anna of the Plains (F. V. White), 1905 ;
Jennifer Pontefracte (Hurst & Blackett), 1906 ; Out of the Run-
ning (Everett) ; The Etonian (F. V. White), 1906 ; Lucy fiort,
1907; The Sword of Peace; The Plains of Silence (Cassell).

C. Serials, short stories and verse to many papers and periodi-
cals. I IB Oxford and Cambridge Mansions, N.W.

ASKWITH, Rev. Edward Harrison, D.D. B. 1864. Destination
and Date of Ep, GtUatians (Macmillan), 1899 ; The Christian
Conception of Holiness, 1900 ; Introd, Thessalonian Epistles,
1902 ; Pure Geometry (Pitt Press), 1903 ; Essay on Sin and the
Need of Atonement in Cambridge Theological Essays (Mac-
millan), 1905, etc Trinity Coll., Cambridge.

ASTLET, Rev. H. J. Dukinfleld, M.A., Litt.D., F.R.Hist.S.. F.R.S.L.,
Hon. Edit. Sec., Brit. Archaeolgical Assoc, 1897-1906, Lib.
Brit. Numismatic Soc, 1903-06, Vicar of Rudham, Norfolk.
B. 1856. Northborough Church and Manor House (Bedford
Press, Lond.), 1899 ; Two Norfolk Villages, 1901 ; Religious
and Magical Ideas, 1901 ; Hist, of Lindisfarne, 1902 ; Tree and
Pillar Worship, 1903 ; Portuguese Parallels to the Clydeside
Discoveries, 1904 ; Roche Abbey, Yorks : its History and Archi-
tectural Remains, 1904 ; Scandinavian Motifs in Anglo-Saxon
and Norman Ornamentation, 1905 ; The Saxon Church at Brad-
ford-on-Avon, 1905 ; Norman Fonts in North-West Norfolk,
1906 ; Bury St. Edmunds : Notes and Impressions (Stock),
1907 ; Memorials of Old Norfolk (Bemrose), 1907 ; &c C. The




Antiquary, Athenaum, Guardian, Eastern Daily Press, Trans-
actions R. S, L., Joum. Brit. Arch. Assoc, Saga Book of the
Viking Club, &c. E. Rudham Vicarage, King's Lynn.

ASTON, William George, C.M.G. Grammars of Japanese language,
written and spoken, var. edns., 1868-96 ; Translation of Nihongi ;
Transactions of Japan Soc., 1896 ; Hist. Jap. Lit. (Heinemann),
1899 ; Shinto (Longmans), 1905 ; Shinto, a smaller work (Con-
stable) ; Many articles on Jap. and Korean subjects. The
Bluff, Beer, E. Devon.

ATHERTON, Gertrude. NoveUst. The Doomswoman (Hutchin-
son), 1895 ; ^ Whirl Asunder (Cassell), 1895 '» Patience Spar-
hawk (Lane), 1897 ; American Wives and English Husbands,
1898 ; The Calif ornians, 1898 ; A Daughter of the Vine, 1899 ;
Senator North, 1900 ; The Aristocrats, 1901 ; The Splendid Idle
Forties (Macmillan), 1902 ; The Conqueror, 1902 ; A Few of
Hamilton's Letters, 1903 ; Rulers of Kings, 1904 ; The Bell in the
Fog ; The Travelling Thirds, 1905. 75 Kaulbach Str., Munich.
(Letters insufl&ciently stamped are not delivered.)

ATKINS, Frederick Anthony. • Editor of The Home Messenger, etc.
B. 1864. Moral Muscle (Nisbet), 1890 ; Aspiration and Achieve-
ment (Nisbet), 1895, &c. Temple House, Temple Avenue, E.C.

ATKINSON, Blanche. B. 1846. The Web of Life (G. AUen). 1889 ;
They have their Reward, 1890 ; The Real Princess (Innes), 1894 ;
Tom Leslie's Secret (S.S.U.), 1900 ; and others. C. Good Words,
Sunday Magazine, &c., &c. Tyn-y-ffynon, Barmouth, N. Wales.

ATKINSON, Professor Robert, LL.D., Litt.D., Pres. Roy. Irish
Acad., Prof. Sanskrit and Romance Languages. Univ. Dublin.
Ed. Vie de St. Auban, 1876 ; Trans. The Legend of Igor's Raid,
from the Old Russian, 1877 ; The Book of Leinster, 1880 ;
The Book of Ballymote, 1887 ; The Passions and Homilies from
Leabhar Breac (Todd Lectures), 1885-87 ; The Yellow Book of
Lecan, 1896 ; Vol. V. of The Brehon Laws, Vol. VL, 1901, &c
University of Dublin.

ATTERIDGE, Andrew Billiard. Towards Khartoum (Innes), 1897 ;
Wars of the Nineties (Cassell), 1899. National Liberal Club,

ATTFIELD, John, F.R.S. B. 1835. A Manual of Chemistry
(Gurney & Jackson) ; many editions between 1867 and 1901.
Ill Temple Chambers, E.C.

AUBREY, WlUiam Hickman Smith, LL.D.. M.J.S. B. 1848. Nat.'
and Domest. Hist, of Eng., 3 vols. (Hagger), 1885 ; Rise and
Growth of Eng. Nation, 3 vols. (Stock), 1900 ; TA^ Harmony
of the Divine Utterances in Nature, Providence, and Revelation
(S. Low, Marston), 1907. C. Quart. Rev., Fortn. Rev., Cont.
Rev., Macmillan, Chambers's, Leisure Hour, S. at Home, &c.
* 13 Canterbury Road, Croydon.

AUDEN, Henry William, M.A. Camb., Princ. Upper Canada Coll.
Toronto, late Sixth Form Master, Fettes Coll., Edin. Gen.
Editor Blackwood^ s Classical Texts. B. 1867. Meissner's,
Latin Phrase-book (Macmillan), 1894 ; various classical texts,




&c C. Blackwood's J. of Education, Canadian Edticational
Jour, The Principal's House, Upper Canada Coll., Toronto.

AUSTIWy AUred, Poet Laureate since 1896. B. 1835. The Season :
a Satire (Macmillan), i860 ; Interludes (Blackwood), 1872 ;
The Human Tragedy, 1876 ; Lyrical Poems (MacmUlan), 1891 ;
Foriunaius the Pessimist, 1892 ; Flodden Field, 1^3 ; many
other vols, of poems. In prose, The Garden thai I love (Mac-
miUan), 1894 ; In Veronica* s Garden, 1897 ; Lamia* s Winter
Quarters, 1899 ; Haunts of Ancient Peace, 1902 ; A Poefs Diary,
1904, Ac. Swinford Old Manor, Ashford, Kent.

AVEBURT, Rt. Hon* Lord (Sir John Lubbock), P.C, F.R.S., D.C.L..
LL.D. German Order of Merit. Com. Legion of Honour. A
Trustee of the British Museum. Form. Sec. R.A. Cr. 1st Baron
Avebury, i§oo. B. 1834. Prehistoric Times (W. and Norgate),
1872 ; Origin and Metamorphoses of Insects, 1873 ; Monograph of
the CoUembola and Thysanura, 1873 '» Origin of Civilisation (Long-
mans), 1874; Wild Flowers in Relation to Insects (MacxniUan),
187$ ; Scientific Lectures, 1879 ; Addresses, Political and Educa-
tional, 1876 ; Fifty Years of Science, 1882 ; Ants, Bees, and Wasps
(Paul), 1882 ; Representation (Sonnenschein), 1885 ; Flowers,
Fruits, and Leaves (Macmillan), 1886 ; The Pleasures of Life,
I., II., 1887-88 ; Senses, Instincts, Intelligence of Animals
(Paul), 1888 ; Seedlings, 1892 ; The Beauties of Nature (Mac-
millan), X892 ; The Use of Life, 1894 ; The Scenery of Switzer-
land (Macmillan), 1896 ; Buds and Stipules (Paul), 1899 *> ^^^
Scenery of England, 1902 ; A Short History of Money and Cur-
rency, 1902; Essays and Addresses, 1903; Free Trade, 1904 j
On Municipal and National Trading, 1906 ; Notes on the Life
History of British Plants, 1905 . and over 100 memoirs in the
Transactions of the Royal and other Scientific Societies. C.
XlXth Cent,, Cont, R., Nature, Sec, Most of Lord Avebury's
books have attained an enormous circulation, and have been
translated into some twenty forei^ languages. Kingsgate
Castle, Kingsgate, Isle of Thanet ; High Elms, Down, Kent,

AVERT, Hirold. B. 1867. Author of many books for young
people, including The Magic Beads, Play the Game, Firelock
awa Steel (NeLson), 1906 ; True to His Nichname ; Captain
Swing fNelson), 1907. C. various publications. Wyndcliffe,
Homyold Road, Malvern.

AWDRTy Mrs. Early Chapters in Science (Murray), 1902 ; Day-
light for Japan, 1904. 8 Sakaecho, Shiba, Tokyo, Japan.

ATLB89 Gmebor. B. 1881. GiUicolane (A. Gardner), 1903.
Craighall, Ayr, N.B.

ATRTOll^ Mrs. Hertha, M.LE.E. The Electric Arc (Electrician Pub.

Co.), 1901. 41 Norfolk Square, W.
ATRTON, WOltom Bdward, F.R.S., FeU. of Royal Soc Past Pres.
Institution of Electrical Engineers and of Physical Soc. Awarded
in 1901 a Royal Medal for his contributions to Electrical Science.
B. 1847. Practical Electricity (Cassell), 1887, twdve editions.




and many scientific papers, reports, &c. C. to the Proc, and
Trans, of the Royal Soc, Physical Soc, Institution of Electrical
Engineers, &c. 41 Norfolk Square, W., and High Mead,
Little Baddow, nr. Chelmsford.
AYS00U6H, John. B. 1858. On Kali's Shoulder, 1896 ; Rose-
mary, 1900 ; Admonition (Harpers), 1903 ; Marotz (Constable),
1908. Serials, &c., in Temple Bar, Macmillan's. C. Art
Journal, Vanity Fair, Academy, Westminster Gazette, Pali Mall
Gazette, &c. c/o Messrs. Archibald Constable & Co, 10 Orange
Street. Leicester Square, W.C.



ANDERSON, Artbiir Henry, F.C.I.S. B. 1867. Joint-Editor of the
Hofvflnvd Handbooks. Woking and Ripley, 1905 ;. Reading and
its Surrounatn^^ (Home\a.nd Association), 1906. and other
topographical books, o. -n^// jjf ^// Magazine, &c.






BADDELET, MouBtford John Byrde, B.A. B. 1843. Guide-
Books to all parts of the British Isles. New Eds. (1906),
English Lakes, loth ed., Yorkshire, Part II. {West). 5th ed. ;
Scotland, Part. II. {Northern Highlands), yth ed. ; South Wales
(with C. S. Ward), 5th ed. ; Ireland, Part II. (with C. S. Ward)
{South, including Dublin and Connemara), 5th ed. ; Bath and
Bristol and 40 miles round, 2nd ed. Bowness-on- Windermere.

BADEN-POWELL; Ueat-Oen., C.B., R.S.S. B. 1857. Pig-
Sticking (Harrison), 1884 ; Reconnaissance aiid Scouting (Clowes),
1884 '* Cavalry Instr., 4 eds. (Harrison), 1885 ; Downfall of
Prempeh (Methuen), 1896; Matabele Campaign (Methuen),
1897; -^^'^s to ScotOing (Gale), 1899; Sport in War, 1900;
Sketches in Maf eking and East Africa, 1907. C Badminton,
Windsor Mag, 32 Prince's Gate, S.W.

BADEN-POWELL, Major B. P. S., late Scots Guards. Ed. of Know-
ledge and of Science Year Book. In Savage Isles, 1891 ; War in
Practice, 1903 ; Ballooning as a Sport, 1907. 32 Prince's Gate, S.W.

BAGOT, RleliaM. (A Knight of the Sovereign Order of Malta until
1901, when he resigned on account of his political articles on the
Vatican.) B. i860. A Roman Mystery (Methuen), 1899 ; 6th
ed. 1902 ; The Just and the Unjust (Lane), 1901, 3 eds. ; Casting
of Nets (Arnold), 1901 ; 12th ed. 1901 ; Donna Diana, 1902 ;
Lovers Proxy (Arnold), 1904 ; The Passport (Methuen), 1905.
C. Quart. Review, XlXth Cent., Nat, Rev,, Nuova Antologia, &c.
Bachelors' and St. James's Clubs. 6 Sommacampagna, Rome ;
20 South Eaton Place, London.

BAILDON, Henry BeUyse, M.A., Ph.D., F.R.S.E., F.R.S.L., Lect.
Eng. Lang, and Lit. Univ. Coll., Dundee, Univ. St. Andrews.
The Spirit of Nature, 1880 ; R. W, Emerson, 1884 ; The Merry
Month, 1893 » ^' ^' Stevenson, 1901 ; Titus Andronicus, Arden
Shakespeare, 1904 ; Works of William Dunbar (C.U.P.), 1906 ;
also four volumes of poetry. University College, Dundee.

BAILET, Henry Ohristopner. B. 1878. My Lady of Orange
(Longmans), 1901 ; Karl of Erbach (Longmans), 1903 ; The
Master of Gray (Longmans), 1903 ; Rimingtons (Chapman &
Hall), 1904; Beaujeu (Murray), 1905; Springtime (Murray),
1906 ; Raoul (Hutchinson), 1907. c/o Mr. J. B. Pinker, Talbot
House, Arundel Street, Strand.

BAILET, John Oann, M.A. Oxon. B. 1864. Studies in some
Famous Letters (Burleigh), 1900; English Elegies (Lane), 1900;
The Poems of William Cowper, ed. with Introduction and Notes
(Methuen), 1905 ; The Claims of French Poetry (Constable),
1907. C. Quart. Rev., Times (Lit. Supp.), Fort. Rev., Black-
wood, Monthly Rev., Macmillan*s, and other periodicals. 20
Egerton Gardens, S.W.

BAILBTy Prof. L. H., Editor of "Rural Science" series. Annals of
Horticulture, 1 889-1 893 ; Ed. Cyclopadia of Amer, Horticulture,




i9Cx>-oi ; Ed. Cyclapadia Amer, A^ic, ; and twenty other
works on botanical, rural, and educational subjects. Director of
the College of Agriculture, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

BAILLIE-GROHMAN, William A. B. 1851. Tyrol and the
Tyrolese (Longmans), 1876 ; Gaddings with a PrimUive People,
1878 ; Camps in the Rochies <S. Low), 1882 ; Sport in the
Alps (Black), 1896 ; Fifteen Years' Sport and Life in North
America (Cox), 1900 ; The Master of Game (with preface by
President Roosevelt) (Ballantyne, Hanson & Co.), 1904; The
Land in the Mountains (Simpkins), 1907 ; &c. Artillery
Mansions, Westminster, S.W. ; Schloss Matzen, Brixlegg,

BAILUE-WEAVER, Mrs. (fG. Cohnore). Concerning Oliver Knox
(Unwin), 1888 ; A Conspiracy of Silence (Sonnenschein), 1890 ;
A Daughter of Music (Heinemann), 1894 ; The Marble Face
(Smith), 1900 ; A Ladder of Tears (Constable), 1904 ; The
Angel and the Outcast, 1907 ; and other novels, &c. Newport,

BAIN, Robert Nisbet. B. 1854. Various translations, including the
novels of Maurus Jokai ; monographs on Swedish and Russian
history, <S:c., &c. 28 Overstrand Mansions, Battersea Park, S.W.

BAKER, Alfred T,, M.A. (Cantab.), Ph.D. (Heid.), Prof. French,
Univ. Coll., Sheffield. B. 1873. Outlines of French Historical
Grammar (Dent), 1899. C. Mod. Lang. Quarterly, &c. 2 Silver
Villas, Twickenham Road, Isleworth.

BAKER, Ernest A., M.A. (Lond.), Borough Librarian, Woolwich

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