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Telephone : 6283 Gerrard.

ARNOLD, EDWARD, 41 & 43 Maddox Street, w. General and
educational publisher, and publisher to the India Office. Tele-
graphic address : Scholarly, London. Telephone : 1883 May&ir.

ARNOLD, E. J., & SON, LIMITED, Leeds. Issue educational
books, appliances, and stationery for Elementary, Secondary,
and Technical Schools. Telegraphic address : Arnold, Leeds.
Telephone : (four wires) 4303.

ARROWSMITH, J. W., 11 Quay Street, Bristol. Founded as
a bookselling business in 1829. General publisher chiefly of
fiction ; notably, in recent years. Called Bach, by Hugh Conway ;
Three Men in a Boat, by T. K. Jferome ; The Prisoner of Zenda,
by Anthony Hope ; also books by Marie Corelli, A. T. Qufller-
Couch, F. Anstey, John Strange Winter, and otheis. Tele-
graphic address : Arrowsmith, BristoL




ART AND BOOK CO., LTD., 28 Ashley Placb, Wbstminster.

S.W. Established at Leamington in 1875. Extended, and

London branch opened, in 1888 ; removed to Westminster

1904. The publications of thia firm are chiefly Catholic.

Telegraphic address : Hierarchy, London. Telephone : x 502

^A8CH£RB£RG, E., & CO., 46 Bbrnbrs Strbbt, w. Music

publishers. Telephone -' yi6 Gerrard.
ASHER & CO., 13 Bedford Street, Strand. 1864. Publishers

of miscellaneous literature. Telegraphic address : Aspiration,

London. Telephone : Gerrard 8976.

♦BACON, G. W., & CO., LIMITED, 127 Strand, w.c. Maps and
guides. Telegraphic address : Definition, London.

»BAGSTER, SAMUEL, & SONS, LIMITED, 15 Paternoster Row,
B.C., and Glasgow, New York, and Melbourne. Bibles,
works on Biblical subjects, in English, Greek, and Hebrew,
and devotional books. Telegraphic address : Bagster, London.
Telephone: 13271 Central (London), 1594 Corporation (Glas-

BAILLlt:RE, TINDALL A COX, 8 Henrietta Street, Covent
Garden, w.c. Publishers of medical, veterinary, dental,
chemical, and art works and periodicals. Offices of Medical
Press and Circular (Wednesday), Dental Surgeon (Friday),
Veterinary News (Friday), Veterinary Journal (monthly),
Westminster Hospital Gazette (monthly), St. George's Hospital
Gazette (monthly), Midwives* Record (monthly), British Journal
of Tuberculosis (quarterly), Laryngoscope (monthly), British
Journal of Inebriety (quarterly), and other medical periodicals ;
University Series of Manuals, Students' Aids Sertes, Medical
Monograph Series, and other important series. Telegraphic
address: Baillidre, London. Telephone : Gerrard 4646.

BAKER, JAMES, & SON, The Mall, Clifton. Publishers.
Telegraphic address : Bakers, Publishers, Clifton. Telephone :
204 X.

BAKER, THOMAS, 72 Newman Street, Oxford Street, w.
Established as Edwards and Baker in 1848. Bookseller and
Publisher specially in books of theology, philosopher, meta-
physics, archaeology, ecclesiastical history, antiquities:
English and Foreign.
•BALE, JOHN, SONS & DANIELSSON, Ltd., 83, 85. 87, 89. & 91
Great Titchfield Street, Oxford Street, w. Founded
1790. Medical and scientific works, tropical medicine especi-
ally. Telegraphic address : limitable, London. Telephone :
3713 Gerrard.

BARNICOTT & PEARCE, The Athenjeum Press, Taunton.
Established over a century. Publish topographical works,
chiefly relating to Somerset and Devon. Also publishers of
the General Booh Catalogue and other publications for British
and Colonial booksellers. Telegraphic address : Barpearce,
Taunton ; codes, ABC and Unicode. Telephone : 26 National.




BATSFORD, B. T., 94 High Holborn, w.c. 1843. Publishes
works on architecture, art, and science.

BAYLEY & FERGUSON, 2 Grbat Marlborough Strxbt, w.,
and 54 QuBBN Strbbt, Glasgow. 1884. Publishers of
music, books of songs (sacred and secular), cantatas, part-
songs, anthems, school music, &c.

BEETON & CO., LIMITED, lo & 11 Fettbr Lane, e.c. Messrs.
Beeton publish Hearth and Home, Myra's Journal, and Woman ;
Myra*s Library of Needlework ; Professions for Boys, by J. J.
Nolan ; Ideal Cookery Book by Lilian Clarke ; How to Play
Croquet, by Sir W. W. Bruce, Bart. ; Designs for Fancy Dress,
by Mrs. C. S. Peel.

BELL. GEORGE. & SONS, York Housb, Portugal Strbbt,
w.c. Founded by George Bell in 1840. Educational,
artistic, and general publishers. Proprietors of the univer-
sally known Bohn's Libraries, numbering nearly 800 volumes
of standard works. The Aldine Poets, Webster* s International
Dictionary, Bryan* s Dictionary of Painters, and other important
books are published by this firm, which of late years has
devoted much attention to the production of illustrated works
on all branches of art, and of finely printed books. Among
recent series may be mentioned The Chiswick Library of NobU
Writers, The York Library, The Great Masters Series, BelTs
Miniature Series of Painters, Miniature Series of Musicians, and
Miniature Series of Great Writers, British Artists Series, BelVs
Cathedral Series, The Chiswick Shakespeare, BelVs lUustraied
Classics, &c. PubUshers of The Mathematical Gazette, The
Genealogist, The Society of Arts Journal, and other periodicals.
Telegraphic address : Bohn, London. Telephone : 12784

BELL & BRADFUTE, 2 & 4 St. Giles Street, Edinburgh.
1734. Export books to New Zealand.

BEMROSE & SONS, LIMITED, 4 Snow Hill, b.c., and at Derby.
Established 1866. Chiefly theological, topographical, anti-
quarian, and technical books. Publishers also of numerous
guide-books and of several religious periodicals. Telegraphic
address : Bemrose, London. Telephone : 576 Holbom.

BIRD, ARTHUR F., 22 Bedford Street, Strand. General
publisher. Importer of American books and periodicals and
general agency for American books. Publisher of The Arena,
Metaphysical Magazine.

BLACK, ADAM & CHARLES, 4, 5, & 6 Soho Square, w. Founded
by Adam Black in 1807. Ueneral publishers. Telegraphic
address : Biblos, London. Telephone : No. 2679 P-O. (l!entral.

♦BLACKIE A SON, LIMITED, 50 Old Bailey, e.g., Glasgow and
Dublin. Founded in 1809 by John Blackie. General and
educational publishers. Telegraphic addresses : Glossarium,
London ; Blackie, Glasgow.




BLACKWELL, B. H., 50 & 51 Broai> Strxbt, Oxford. Founded
1879. Principally educational books for publishers' list and
books of local mterest. The Pelican Record {CC.C. magazine) ;
The Stapeldon Magazine (Exeter College) ; both issued ter-

BLACKWOOD, JAMES, A CO., Loveix's Court, Paternoster
Row, B.C. 1850. Books on religious, historical, and bio-
graphical subjects, and general literature.

BLACKWOOD, WILLIAM, & SONS, 45 George Street, Edin-
burgh, and 37 Paternoster Row, e.g. Established 1804.
General and educational publishers. Telegraphic address :
Maga, London ; Blackwoods, Edinburgh. Telephone : 2491
Edinburgh ; 10663 Central, London.

•BONNER, A. & H. B., I & 2 TooKS Court, Cursitor Street, e.g.
Established 1891. Books on religion, politics, sociology, and
general reforms are published by tins firm. Among the authors
whose works it has issued are the late Charles Biudlaugh, the
late Professor L. Buchner, and Mr. J. M. Robertson.

•BOOSEY & CO., 29s Regent Street, w. ; and 9 East Seven-
teenth Street, New York. Music publishers.

BOWES & BOWES (late Macmillan & Bowes), i Trinity
Street, Cabcbridge.

•BRADBURY, AGNEW & CO., LIMITED, 10 Bouverie Street,
Fleet Street, e.g. Proprietors and publishers of Punch,
Teleeraphic address : Charivari, London. Telephone : 28

ViGTORiA Street, e.g. Founded in 1804. President : The
Marquis of Northampton. Secretaries : the Rev. A. Taylor,
M.A., and the Rev. J. H. Ritson, M.A. Editorial Superin-
tendent : the Rev. J. Shaip, M.A. Literary Superintendent :
the Rev. T. H. Darlow, M.A. Home Superintendent : the Rev.
H. A. Raynes, M. A. The activities of the Society will be found
accurately recorded in the Society*s Annual Report, and in
its popular report The Leaves of the Tree, both published in
1907. Telegraphic address : Testaments, London.

BROADBENT, ALBERT, 257 Deansgatb, Manchester.
Founded 1900. Mr. Broadbent publishes the Threepenny
Treasuries from the Poets, and other books on general subjects.
Among the authors' selections from vrhoae works he has
published are Mr. Philip James Bailey (the author of Festus),
Mr. Mackenzie Bell, Norman Gale, Wordsworth, Longfellow,
Whittier, Emerson, Russell Lowell, and Henry Septimus Sutton.

•BROWN, A., & SONS, LIMITED, 5 Farringdon Avenue, e.c.
Also at Hull and York. Founded i860. Publishers of ele-
mentary school books.




Strbbt, Pollokshiblds, Glasgow. Pablishers of nantical
and marine engineering works, also of Brown* s Nautical Al-
manac and The Nautical Magazine (established over seventy
years), the only magazine for officers in the Mercantile Marine.

BROWN, LANGHAM & CO.. LIMITED (see Masters & Co.).

BROWN, WILLIAM, 5 Castle Street. Edinburgh. First
editions and bibliographical rarities, books on the fine arts,
family histories, Scottish and general literature. Autographs.
Telegraphic address : Bibliopole. Edinburgh. Telephone: 1237.

BROWNE & NOLAN, LIMITED, 24 & 25 Nassau Street.
Dublin, and at Cork and Belfast. Publishers of school books
and religious and general works mainly relating to Ireland ;
also, monthly. The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, The Irish
Educational Review; The Teachers* Circular (a journal for
free circulation amongst school-teachers). Telephone .'85.
♦BRYCE, DAVID, & SON, 133 West Campbell Street, Glasgow.

Books of reference and miniature books.
♦BURLEIGH, THOMAS, 155 Victoria Street, s.w. Established
March, 1898. General pubUsher. Telephone : 5038 West-

BURNS & OATES, LIMITED, 28 Orchard Street, w. Founded
by James Bums early in the last century. Publishers of
Catholic and educational books. Telegraphic address : Bums
Gates, London. Telephone : 2706 Mayfair.

Long Acre. w.c. 1870. Publish The Delineator. Also use-
ful books and paxnphlets. Telephone : 4293 Gerrard.
BUTTERWORTH 4 CC5.. 11 A 12 Bell Yard, Temple Bar, w.c.
Founded in 1809. Law publishers. Publishers of Lord Hals-
bury's Laws of England m about 20 vols., and other standard
law works. Telegraphic address : Butterwort, London. Tele-
phone : Post Office 6i8 Central.

Fetter Lane, London, e.c. ; and at 50 Wellington Street,
Glasgow. The list of Cambridge printers begins with the
name of John Siberch, who printed at Cambridge in 15 21
Linacre's translation of Galen, De Temperamentis, and other
works. It is said that about 1522 the Stationers Company,
on some complaint of privilege, seized the University prmting
press, but from the year 1584 to the present time printing
has been continuously carried on. IThe name Pitt Press strictly
applies only to a part of the present buildings, which were
erected in 1831 with money subscribed as a memorial to
WUliam Pitt. Up to the year 1873 the publishing business
of the University was conducted through the agency of
various London pubUshers, but in that year the University
established its own publishing warehouse at 17 Paternoster
Row ; in 1884 the business was removed to Ave Maria Lane,
and in 1905 to Fetter Lane. The publishing business was in




the first tastanoe managed by Mr, (X J. Gay, who was Uni*
versity printer from 1854 to 1894. It is now conducted under
the management of his son, Mr. C. F. Clay.

The University Press, using its privileges to the full, pub-
lishes editions of the Bible and Prayer Book in every variety
of size, type and binding. In recent years one of the great
undertakings of the Press has been the publication of the Re-
vised Version of the Bible : the New Testament was pub-
lished in 1 88 1, the complete Old Testament in 188$, the
Apocrypha in 1897, and in 1905 the Interlinear Bible, lowing
the Authorized and Revised Versions at a glance.

As general publishers the Press issues works of 'learning
ranging from elementary school books to the most elaborate
mamematical and scientific treatises, as well as several
scientific serials. Among the most important recent publica-
tions are The Cambridge Modem History, planned by the late
Lord Acton, in 12 volumes, 8 of which are now ready, and the
Cambridge History of English Literature, in 14 volumes, edited
by the Idiaster of Peterhouse and Mr. A. R. Waller.

At the new warehouse in Fetter Lane there have been formed
(i) a permanent exhibition of Cambridp^e Bibles and Prayer
Books, in a great variety of leather bindmgs, and (2) a library
of the publications of the Press, where any book issued by the
Press may be seen.

Telegraphic address : Cantabrigia, London. Telephone :
Post Office 6359 Central.

•CAMERON, FERGUSON & CO.. 263 High Strebt, Glasgow.
Issue many cheap and popular books, including fiction.

CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED, La Bellb Sauvage, Lud-
GATB Hill, b.c. ; 31 Rub Bonaparte, Paris; 43 & 45 East
loTH Street, New York; 42 Adelaide Street West,
Toronto; 376 Little Collins Street, Melbourne.
Founded in 1853. Mr. Arthur Spurgeon succeeded the late
Sir Wemyaa Reid as manager in 1905. General publishers.
Telegraphic address : Caspeg, London. Telephone : 2550-1,

CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY, 69 Southwark Bridge Road.
s.E. The Society was founded in the year 1884 for the publi-
cation of cheap Catholic Uterature. New issue of the Gospels,
with Notes, id. each. Telegraphic address: Truismatic, London.

Surrey Street, w.c, with Branches at Oswaldestre
House. Norfolk Street, w.c, Glasgow, Newcastle, Man-
chester. Liverpool, Leeds. Birmingham. Norwich, Bristol,
and Southampton. Publishers of subscription works.
Managing partner : Mr. H. F. Le Bas. Telegraphic address :
Argillous, London. Telephone : 6928 Gerrard.

CENTURY PRESS, THE, 6 Surrey Street, Strand, w.c.
General Publishers.




CHAMBERS, W. & R., LIMITED, 47 Paternoster Row. e.g.,
and 339 High Street, Edinburgh. Founded by William
and Robert Chambers in 1832. The name of this firm is
associated with many educational works, juvenile literature,
works of reference, and periodical publications, the chief of
which is the well-known Chambers^s Journal. Telegraphic
addresses : Journal, London ; Chambers, Edinburgh.
♦CHAPMAN & HALL, LIMITED, 11 Henrietta Street, Covent
Garden, w.c. General publishers. Agents and publishers
for the Science and Art Department, South Kensington, and
for the official models, casts, apparatus, &c., for the Science
and Art Examinations. Office of The Fortnightly Review.
Telegraphic address: Pickwick, London. Telephone: 27 11

CHAPPELL & CO., LTD., 50 New Bond Street, w. Music
publishers and pianoforte manufacturers. Theatre and con-
cert ticket office. Telephone : 3653 Gerrard, 447 Mayfair,
and 2460 Gerrard.

CHATTO & WINDUS, iii St. Martin's Lane, w.c. Founded
over fifty years ago by John Camden Hotten. General
publishers and printsellers. Telegraphic address : Bookstore,
London. Telephone : 3524 Central.
CHICHESTER PRESS, THE (Proprietors, The Colliery
Guardian Co., Ltd.), 30, 31 Furnival Street, Holborn,
E.G. Mining, technical. Telegraphic address : Colliery
Guardian, London. Telephone : 1354 Holborn.
♦" CHURCH BELLS," 5 & 6 Tower Street, St. Martin's Lane.
General publishers, chiafly of religious works.

CHURCHILL, J. & A., 7 Great Marlborough Street, w.
Founded by John Churchill in 1825. Medical and scientific

Eublishers. Telegraphic address : Churchill, Publishers,
ondon. Telephone : 131 14 Central.
Sanctuary, Westminster, s.w. Publish works which serve
the cause of temperance. Telegraphic address : Temperance,
London. Telephone : 562 Victoria.

Strand, w.c. Founded 1861. Religious works of an English
Catholic character. Telephone : 346D Central.
CLARK, CHAS. J., 65 Chancery Lane, w.c. Founded 1887
(4 Lincoln's Inn Fields). Formerly Thomas Richards and
C. Whiting & Co. Publisher of antiquarian, historical, topo.
graphical and genealogical works — Archaologia Cambrensis,
Journal of Cambrian ArchaologictU Association, quarterly.
7s. 6d. Publisher to the Hon. Society of C)mimrodorion.

CLARK, T. & T., 38 George Street, Edinburgh. Founded
1 82 1. Publishers of theology, philosophy, and kindred sub-
jects. Expository Times, monthly, 6d. Telephone : 398.




♦CLARKE, JAMES, & CO.. 13 & 14 Fleet Street, e.g. Founded
by the late James Clarke in 1857. Theological and general
publishers. Proprietors and publisher of The Christian
World, The Literary World, The Sunday-School Times, The
Christian World Pulpit, The Rosebud, and general publishers
of books. Telephones : National, 4889 Holbom (for advertise-
ments and general business) ; Post Office, 646 Central (for
editorial department).

CLAY. C. J.. & SONS {see Cambridge University Press).

CLEGG, JAMES, Aldine Press, Rochdale. Publishes books
chiefly relating to Lancashire. Publisher also of The Inter-
national Directory of Boohsellers and Bibliophile* s Manual.
Telephone : National, 0518.

•CLIVE, W. B., 157 Drury Lane, w.c. London Warehouse of
the Universivy Tutorial Press, Ltd. Editorial and Printing
Offices : Burlington House, Cambridge. Publisher of edu-
cational works. Makes a special feature of books for London
University Examinations. Office of The University Corre-
spondent. Publications in 1906 include many new text-
books for London University Certificate and other examina-
tions. Telegraphic address : Tutorial, London. Telephone :
1 21 87 Central.

•CLOWES, W., & SONS, LIMITED (together with, 1907, the
business of Messrs. Gilbert & Rivington, Ltd.), 7 Fleet
Street, e.g., law publishers and booksellers, and publishing
office of The Law Reports ; 23 Cockspur Street, s.w. Pub-
lishers of Hymns Ancient and Modem, military works, and
The United Service Magazine. Telegraphic address : Clowes,
London. Telephone .'4558.

COLLIER & CO., 2 TuDOR Street, e.c. General publishers.

COLLINGRIDGE, W. H. & L., 148 & 149 Aldersgate Street,
E.G. Publish The City Press, Gardeners* Magazine, Amateur
Gardening, Farm and Garden, Gardening Year-Booh, City of
London Directory, City Diary, Gardening Boohs, Farm and
Garden Series of Handbooks, Ac. Telegraphic address : Colling-
ridges, London. Telephone : 831 Holbom (printing and
editorial only), 2140 Holbom (publishing and advertising

COLLINS. W., SONS & CO., LIMITED. Bridewell Place, e.g.,
and 144 Cathedral Street. Glasgow. Educational and
general publishers. Telegraphic addresses : 1, Collins, Glas-
gow ; 2, CoUins, Limited, London.

Street, Leicester Square, w.g. General publishers.
Victoria History of the Counties of England. Oxford and Cam-
bridge Rev., Indian Magazine, Atlantic Monthly. Agents for





several well-known American publishers, and for the publica-
tions of the Indian Government. Messrs. Constable are the
sole publishers of the works of Mr. George Meredith, and the
important series of Classics of the Tudor and Stuart period
edited by Professor Arber. Their list of books comprises
important historical and biographical works, as well as
modem works dealing with all branches of civil, mechanical
and electrical engineermg, and medical works. Amongst noted
writers of fiction may be mentioned the following : Agnes and
Egerton Castle, R. W. Chambers, Marie Corelh, John Fox.
jun.. Gustav Frenssen, George Gissing, Winifred James, Mary
Johnston, Maarten Maartens, Dmitri Merejkowski, £. Nesbit,
W. E. Norris, Bernard Shaw. U. L. Silberrad, May Sinclair.
J. C. Snaith, Bram Stoker, Leo Tolstoy, Graham Travers, Percy
White, and Kate Douglas Wiggin, " Zack." Telegraphic address :
Dhagoba, London, lelephone : 12432 Central.

CORNISH BROTHERS. LIMITED. 37 New Strebt, Birming-
ham. Publishers by appointment to the University of

♦CORNISH, J., & SON. 397 High Holborn, w.c.

♦COX, HORACE, Windsor House, Bream's Buildings, Chan>
CERY Lane. e.g. Publisher of The Queen, The FiM, Law
Times, Crochford's Clerical Directory, other periodicals, and
a few sporting books, novels, and travels. Telephone : 239

♦CURTIS. A. C, High Street, Guildford. Founded 1898. Pub-
lishes Belles'letlres and finely printed reprints.

DALY S* CO., 37 Essex Street, Strand, w.c. General

DARLINGTON & CO., Grebnhbys, Llangollen. Publishers of

Handbooks to the principal Health Resorts of England and
Wales. Telephone : 9.

DAVIS & MOUGHTON, LIMITED, 2 Ludgate Hill. Birming-
ham. Founded 1888. Educational publishers.

DAWBARN & WARD, LIMITED, 6 Farringdon Avenue, e.g.
Publishers of The Photographic Monthly, The Process En-
graver's Monthly, The Photo-Miniature, books on photo-
graphy, minor engineering, artistic and decorative handi-
crafts, country hobbies, etc.

Chambers, Duke Street, Adelphi, w.c. Founded in 1869.
General publishers. Telegraphic address : Handbook, London.

DEAN & SON, LIMITED. 160A Fleet Street. e.c. This house
existed before last century. General publishers. Publishers
of Debrett*s Peerage, Baronetage, etc. ; the Remarque Classics,
Gold Medal, and other toy books, books for elocutionists, plays
for young actors, etc. Telegraphic address : Debrett, London.




DEIGHTON. BEIX, d CO.. 13 Trinity Strbbt, Cambrid&b.
Circa 1777. Issue works on theology, mathematics, and
general literature. Catalogues of second-hand books in all
classes of literature and science.

32 Gborgb Strbet, Hakovbr Square, w. Founded 1896.
The publications of this firm are books of high Uterarjr value,
produced in an artistic and inexpensive form, but also include
books in general Uterature. Purchasers of stocks and copy-
rights of Grant Richards (1905). Telephone: 2037 Majrfair.
Telegrams : Literistic, London.

•DE LA RUE, THOMAS, & CO., LIMITED. Bumhill Row, City
Road, b.c. Books dealing with indoor and outdoor games.
Telegraphic address : Delarue, London. Telephone : 3295
London Wall.

DENT, J. M., & CO., 29 & 30 Bedford Street, w.c. General
and Educational publishers, widely known for their Temple
reprints of classical works, though they publish books belong-
ing to an departments. Series includes Temple Greek and
Latin classics, Les Classiques Franfais, English Men of Science,
Everyman's Library, Temple Biographies and Autobiographies,
Temple Classics, Primers, Topographies, Mediaval Towns, 6^.
Telegraphic address : Templarian, London. Telephone : 2452

•DIGBY, LONG, & CO., 18 Bouvbrib Street, Fleet Street, e.c.
General publishers.

•DIPROSE & BATEMAN, Shbfpield Street, Lincoln's Inn,
w.c. Publishers of fiction, detective stories, and small hand'
books on various subjects.

DOBELL, BERTRAM, 77 Charing Cross Road, w.c. Founded
1875. General pubtisher and bookseller.

DOUGLAS, DAVID, 10 Castle Street, Edinburgh. General

Sublisher. Has issued many English editions of popular
.merican authors.

DRANE, HENRY J.. Salisbury House, Sausbury Square,
Flebt Street, b.c. Founded 1885. General publisher.
Telegraphic address : Text-book, London. Telephone : 7041

DUCKWORTH & CO., 3 Henrietta Street, Covbnt Garden,
w.c. Founded January, 1898. General publishers. Tele-
grams : Ductarius, London. Telephone : 3423 Central. CcAle
address : Gerwalduck, London.

DUFFY, J., & CO.. LIMITED, 15 Wblungton Quay, Dublin.
Publi^ers of Catholic Prajrer books, theological and reli^ous
works, giit-books, some fiction ; also numerous works specially
relating to Ireland, and works in the Irish language.





♦DULAU & CO., 37 SoHO Square, w. Founded 17^2. Foreign
bookseileTB, and publishers of the tourists* ^de-books by

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