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Baedeker. Agents for the sale of the Pubhcations of the
British Museum (Natural History), Royal Society of London,
Ray Society, Palaeontographical Society, Association of
Economic Biologists, Biologia CentrcUi- Americana, etc.

EASON & SON, LIMITED, 79-82 Middle Abbey Street,
Dublin, Catholic Prayer-Book publishers. Telegraphic ad-
dress : Season, Dublin.

BORN Viaduct, e.g. Educational books and appliances.
•ELKIN & CO., LIMITED, 8 & 10 Beak Street, Regent Street,
w. PuUish music by various composers. Sole publishers of
all new works by Edward MacDowell, Cyril Scott, &c. Tele-
graphic address : Enkennel, London. Telephone : 5605
ELLIS, 29 New Bond Street, w. 1728. The writings of Dante
Gabriel Rossetti. Telegraphic address : EUscrut, London.
♦ENOCH & SONS, 14 & 14A Great Marlborough Street, w.
Music publishers. Telegraphic and Cable address : Litolff,
London. Telephone: 5595 Gerrard. Code: A.B.C, 5th
♦EVAN, P. M., & SONS, LIMITED, Holywell, Flintshire.

Welsh publishers,
♦EVERETT & CO. (Founded in 1899), 42 Essex Street, Strand.
w.c. Publishers and export booksellers. Sole partners,
A. W. Stone and C. Terry, Telegraphic address : Accoutred,
London. Telephone : 4719 Gerrard.
EYRE & SPOTTISWOODE. Printing Office, East Harding
Street, e.g. Publishing Office for- Legal Works, 6*., East
Harding Street, e.g. Bible Warehouse, 33 Paternoster
Row, e.g. Woodbury, S'C, Department, Great New Street,
E.c. Bible Printing Office, Downs Park Road, Hackney,
n.e. This firm was founded in 1767 by Charles Eyre, the
youngest son of John Eyre, Esq., of Landiord House,
Wilts, who had acquired in 173 1 the reversion granted by
Letters Patent to John Baskett. Charles Eyre settled at
Clapham, and took into partnership a Scotch printer, William
Strahan, who died in 1785, his third son, Andrew, taking
his place. In 1797 George Eyre succeeded hi& father,
Charles Eyre, and Andrew Strahan being sucoeeded by
his nephew, Andrew Spottiswoode, the firm of Eyre and
Strahan has since been known by the title of Eyre &

The numerous '* King's Printers' " editions of the Bible and
Prayer-Book include the Variorum editions of the Old and New
Testaments and of the Apocrypha, containing at the foot of
each page a complete digest of the most accredited various
readings and renderings of the text, and a collation of the
Revised Vendon, edited by Cheyne, Driver, Clarke, Sanday,




aad C J. Ball ; the Variorum aQd other editions of the Nem
lUustraied Teacher's Bible,Gdited by the moat eminent ^>ecialist8
of the day, and comprismg a representative series of manu-
scripts, antiquities, and sites oi Biblical interest, selected and
described by C. J. Ball ; The Annexed (or Standard) Book of
Common Prayer, 1662, in type (a cheap edition of the large
facsimile edition produced by this firm), with three Appendices ;
Bishop Barry's Teacher's Prayer-Boaht with Glossary by May-
hew ;The Historical Prayer-Booh ; and the Child's Guide to the
Booh of Common Prayer, edited by the late Miss Charlotte M.

The firm, bang the proprietors of the Woodbury Permanent
photographic Company, Limited, has eiven sj)ecial attention
to the reproduction photographically of the chief monuments
of Babylonia, Assyria, Syria, and Egypt, and of the important
sites and cities which illustrate the bible. In consequence,
they have published Light from the East, a complete first
hand-book to the study of Biblical archaeology, edited by the
Rev. C J. Ball ; Kenyon's Our Bible and the Ancient Manu-
scripts, illustrated by twenty-nine facsimiles ; The Young
Scholar's Illustrated Bible ; The Landscape Bible, with Fifty
Coloured Views; The Teacher's Roll of Bible Illustrations,
They also publish Lectures to accompany selections from their
numerous " Woodbury " lantern sliaes.

The firm are the publishers and printers oi The Sphere, The,
Tatler, The Builders Journal, and The Architectural Review.
Telegraphic address : Eyre, London ; (Bible Department)
Exaltedly, London ; (Woodbury Department) Spotless,
London ; (Bible Printing Office) Print E3rre, London.

FIFIELD, ARTHUR C, Thk Simflb Lira Prbss. 44 Fleet
Street, e.g. Reform and general oublisher.

FOULIS, T. N.. 3^ Bedford Street, (jovekt Garden, London,
W.C., and 13 and iK Frederick Street, Edinburgh. Estab-
lished 1904. Publisher of art and general works, belles-
lettres and reprints. Has produced The World of Art Series,
Envelope Boohs, Roses of Parnassus Series, &^.
•FREE AGE PRESS. THE, for the publication of very cheap
CKlitions of the relinous, social, and ethical works of Leo
Tolstoy. Editor: v. TchertkofF. Publisher: Anna Tchert-
koff. Christchurch, Hants. Telegraphic address : Tchertkoff,

FRENCH, SAMUEL, LIMITED, 36 Southampton Street,
Strand, w.c. Dramatic publishers. The American house
is at 26 West Twenty-second Street, New York.

FROWDE, HENRY (see Oxford University Press).
•FUNK & WAGNALLS CO., Salisbury Square, e.c., and 44-60
East 2 3RD Street, New York. General publishers and
bookselleirs. The business was founded in New York City
in 1880, and a London branch started in 1884. (Edward
Page Gaston, F.R>G.S., manager.) Telegraphic address:
Trepathic, London. Telephone : 726 Holborui




Row, B.C., Aldbrshot, Portsmouth, and Chatham. Naval,
military, athletic, and general publidheirs. Telegraphic
addresses : Picquets, London {Telephone : 954 Holborn. and
281 Central) ; Polden, Aldershot (Telephone : 2) ; Polden.
Portsmouth {Telephone: 15 19 Corporation, 71 National);
Polden, Chatham.

GALL & INGLIS, 25 Patbrnostbr Squarb, bx. Head Office :
20 Bbrnarb Terrace, Edinburgh. Fonnded by James Gall
and others in 1810. Publishers of general literature. Maps and
Road Books. Telegraphic address : Gall, Edinburgh.

GARDNER, ALEX., Paisley. 1827. General publisher, especi-
ally of works relating to Scotland. Telegraphic address:
Gardner, publisher, Paisley.

GAy & BIRD* 12 & 13 Henrietta Street, Strand, w.c. Founded
1891. General publishers. Publishers of Baconian^ Pub-
Ushers of The Bibelots, a series of reprints for the book-lover.
The World Beautiful Library, The Sportsman's Classics, and
The Bible Classics. .
♦GEDDES & COLLEAGUES, The Outlook Towbr, Castle Hill,
Edinburgh. Founded 1895. Publishers of The Evergreen,
the Celiic Library, the Current Events Series, The OuHooh
Tower Series, &c.
♦GIBBINGS & CO., 18 BURY Street, w.c. Founded by W. W.
Gibbings, 1 888. Publishers of works of travel and adventure,
and other books of mis(iellaneous character, as well as works
of reference and many reprints. Telephone .'713$ Gerrard.

GILL, GEORGE, & SONS, LIMITED, 13 Warwick Lane, e.c.
Educational and scientific publishers. Tehphon4 : 1711

GILL, L. UPCOTT, Bazaar Buildings, DruryLanb, w.c. Books
for amateurs and collectors. Office of The Bazaar, Exchange
and Mart. Guide-books and handbooks on many subjects.
Telegraphic address : Bazaar, London. Telephone : 9189

GILL, M. H., & SON, LIMITED, 50 O'Connell Street. Upper,
Dublin ; and The Quay, Waterford. The ^publications of
the Gaelic League and Society for the Preservation of the
Irish Language ; other books in Irish or in Englisn dealing
with Ireland ; Educational books ; also Roman Catholic books
and Prayer-Books. Telegraphic address : Gill, Dublin. Tele-
phone : 365.

GINN & COMPANY, 20 Beacon Street, Boston. Founded 1867.
Educational text-books. London address : 9 St. Martin s
Street, w.
♦GLOBE PRESS, ; THE (Founded 1906^. (Arthur Lawrence.)
Publishers and Publicity Agents. 35 ..Surrey . Strbbt,
Strand, w.c. Telephone: 6839 Central.. ' Tehgn^hic 4tddress:
Ebolg, Londou,




GORDON A GOTCH. 15 St. Bripe Street, Ludoatb Cirqus.
E.C. Publishers of Year-Booh of Australia. London agents
for Central News Agency, Limited (South Africa). Telegraphic
address : Gotch, London. Telephone : 91 Holbom, and 9293

GOUPIL St CO., fine art publishers; Manzi, Joy ant & Co., fine
9^ publishers to the King (successors), 25 Bedford Street,
Strand, w.c, Paris, and New York (170 Fifth Avenue).
Founded 1827. Telegraphic address : Goupille, London.

GOWANS & GRAY, LTD., 5 Robert Street. Adelphi, w.c,
and at Glasgow. General publishers,

GREEN, WILLIAM, & SONS. 3 & 4 St. Giles Street, Edin-
burgh, and 12 N0R70LK Stubet, Strand, w.c. Founded in
1874, and incorporating the firm of Bell & Bradfute. founded
in 1734. The ogoks published by this firm are l^al and
other professional works in encyclopaedic form. Telegraphic
address : Viridomar, London ; Viridis, Edinburgh.

*GR££NB£RG & CO., LIMITED, 80 Chancery Lane, w.c.
Publishers of Jewish literature, religious works, Hebrew
grammars, commentaries, &c. Office of The Jewish Year-Booh,
Telegrams : Significatio, London. Telephone : 212 Holbonx.

GREENING 6* CO., LIMITED, 91 St. Martin's Lane, w.c.
FoQiided January, 1897. Popular fiction is largely issued by
the firm, which also publishes works in general literature.
Publishers and proprietors of The Imp, a monthly magazine
dealing with literary and general matters.

•GRESHAM PUBLISHING CO., THE, 34 Southampton Street,
Strand, London, w.c. Founded February, 1898. Managing
partner. Mr. R.. Phillips. Publishers chiefly of works of
reference. Telegraphic address : Literate, London. Telephone :
545 Central.

•GREVEL, H., & CO., 33 King Street, Covent Garden, w.c.
Founded 1880. Translations from German and French, and
a number of books dealing with art, chemistry, and music.
Telegraphic address : Legrev, London.

GRIFFIN, CHARLES. & CO., LIMITED. 12 Exeter Street,
Strand, w.c. Scientific, medical, and general works.
Founded 1820. Limited Company, 2i8t December, 1891.
Chairman and Managing Director : F. J. Blight. Director ;
H. F.. Griffin.

•GRIFFIN, J., & CO., 2 The Hard, Portsmouth. 1788. Naval

Street, Covent Garden, w.c. Founded in the i8th century.
General publishers. Telegraphic address : Yardfar, London.
Telephone : 12744 Central.




GRIFFITHS, FRANCIS, 34 Maidek Lake, Strakd, w.c. Estab-
lished 1897. Fiction, belles-lettres, travel, theology, and
philosophy. Publisher of The Liberal Churchman, The
Biblical Illustrator, The Men of the Bible, English Preachers,
Essays for the Times, <S^. Works by Dean Farrar, Canon
T. K. Cheyne, Canon S. R. Driver, Archdeacon Sinclair, 6c.

GUIU<f£Y & JACKSON, 10 Patbrmostbr Row« e.c Business
founded in 1834 b^ John Van Voorst. Gumey & Jackson
succeeded him on his retirement in 1886. Publishers of works
on natural history and science. Publishers of Journal of the
Chemical Society, Entomologists* Monthly Magazine, &c,

HACHETTE & CO., 18 King William Street, Charing Cross,
w.c. Founded 1859. Pablishers of standard and popular
works for the study of European languages.

HARPER & BROTHERS, 45 Albemarle Street, w. (New
York : Franklin Square). General publishers.

HARRAP, GEORGE G., & CO., 1 5 York Street, Covent Garden.
w.c. Founded 190 1. Educational text-books, leather books,
and school prizes. Publishers of the First Folio Shakespeare
and the Belles Lettres Series,

HARRISON & SONS, 45 Pall Mall, s.w. Publishers of works of

reference, travel and military books.
♦HAZELL, WATSON, & VINEY. LIMITED, 53 Long Acre. w.c.
Established 1839. This firm has large printing works at
Aylesbury. Bucks, and in London at Kirby Street, E.C.. and
Long Acre, w.c. Their most important publications are
HazelVs Annual, now in its twentieth year of issue ; The
Amateur Photographer, a weekly illustrated journal devoted to

Pictorial photography; The Amateur Photographer Library of
^holographic Manuals, The Gas Works Directory and Statistics,
and The Water Works Directory and Statistics^ Telegraphic
address : Plainti£F, London, for Long Acre ; Vlney, Ix^ndon,
for Kirby Street j Hazell, Aylesbury, for Aylesbiiry.
HEADLEY BROTHERS, 14 Bishopsgate Street Without. e.c.
Founded 1894. Publish books and magazines for the Society
of Friends. Telegrams : Affirmation, London. Tdephone :
4976 Central.

^HEATH, D. C, & CO., 120 Boylston Street, Boston. Founded
1885. Educational text-books. London Office: 15 York
Street, Covent Garden, w.c.
HEFFER Sc SONS. Cambridge. Publishers of school books.
Telephone : 347.

•HEINEMANN, WILLIAM. 20 & 21 Bedford Street. Strand,
w.c. Founded January i. 189a General publisher, and
distinguished as tne publisher of many translations of remark-
able works by Continental authors. Telegraphic address :
Sunlocks. London. Telephone : 2279 Gerrard, and 10580




^HENDERSON. JAMES, & SONS, Rbd Lion Hovsb, Rbd Lion
Court, Fleet Street, ex. i 86 i . Publishers of newspapers,
periodicals, and novels.

•HEYWOOD, JOHN. Dbansgate and Ridgefield, Manchester ;
also 29 & 30 Shoe Lane, London. Founded by John Hey-
wood in 1842. Educational, local histories, technical and
g^eral books. Technical and scholastic magazines and
periodicals publisher. Libraiy contractor. Telegraphic ad-
dresses : Books, Manchester ; Handworked, London.

HoLBORN, EX., 40 (S* 42 University Avenue, Glasgow.
Founded 1885. Publishers of Hossf eld's works for the study
of modem languages, grammars, dictionaries, &c., in French,
German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese,
Japanese, <S<. Telegrams : Hirschfeld, London. Telephone :
2757 Central. ABC Code, 4th edition.

HODDER & STOUGHTON, Warwick Square. e.c. Theologj-
and general literature. Many novels. Publishers of The
British Weekly, The Bookman, The Woman at Home, etc.
Telegraphic address : Expositor, London.

HODGE, WILLIAM, & CO., 34-36 North Frederick Street,
Glasgow, and 8 North Bank Street, Edinburgh. Founded
I $80. Genei^ publisher. Telegrams : Municipal. Edinburgh
or Glasgow. Telephone : 3348 Glasgow ; 985 Edinburgh.
♦HODGES, JOHN, 14 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, w.c.
Catholic devotional and historical works.

HODGES, FIGGIS & CO., LIMITED, 104 Grapton Street,
DuBUN. Irish books and official publications.

HOGG, JOHN, y Paternoster Row, e.c. The business was
founded at Edinburgh in 1837 by James Hogg the elder.
Publisher of juvenile books, cookery books, bool^ in general
literature, and oi the Artistic Crafts series of Technical Hand-
books, edited by Professor W. R. Lethaby.

House, 22 Bride Lane, Fleet Street, e.c. Publishers of
the Homeland Handbooks. Joint Editors : Arthur Henry
Anderson, Prescott Rowe.

E.c. Publishers of medical and surgical works.
♦HOPWOOD ft CREW, LIMITED. 42 New Bond Street, w.
Music publishers.

HORNER, W. B., & SON. LIMITED, Carmelite House, Car-
melite Street, e.c. Publishers of Homer's Penny Stories,
also Horner's Pocket Library, Horner's Wefhly, and Fannie
Eden^s Penny Stories, Telephone : 1301 Holbom.

HUGHES & SON (Principality Press), Wrexham, North
Wales. Founded 1820. Publishers of Welsh books, com-
mentaries, school books, theoloncal works, music, and maga-
zines. Music, book, and general printers. Telephone : 0188.




•HUMPHREYS. A., 187 Piccadilly. General publisher. TeU-
phone : 41 21 Gerrard.

HURST & BLACKETT, LIMITED, 182 High Holborn. w.c.
Founded in 1807 by Henry Colbum. General publishers, well
known as publishers of books of travel and popnlai novels.

HUTCHINSON & CO., 34, 35, & 36 Paternoster Row. b.c.
General publishers. Publishers and proprietors of The Lady's
Realm, and other popular magazines. Lai^ge exporters to
India. America, and the Colonies. Telegraphic address :
Literarius, London. Telephone .'733 Holbom.

♦ILIFFE & SONS, LIMITED, 20 Tudor Street, e.c, and at
Coventry. Founded in 1847. Publishers of the Cyclist and
Motor Trade Review, Photography, The Autocar, Motor Trac-
tion, The Motor Cycle, all weekly. This firm also makes a
speciality of photographic and motor-caLr instruction books.
Telegraphic address: Cyclist, London. Telephone: 1731 and
1 20 1 Holbom.

MENT, 23 Bride Lane. Fleet Street, e.c Publishers of
The SocieUist Review, The Socialist Library, under the editor-
ship of Mr. J. Ramsay MacDonald, M.P., and books and
pamphlets on Socialist and Labour questions. 'WH^iolesale
depot for foreign and colonial Socialist publications. Tele-
graphic address : Ilper, London. Telephone : 2262 Central..

ISBISTER & CO., I Amen Corner, e.g. General publishers. The
assets of this firm were purchased in 1904 by Sir Isaac Pitman
and Sons, Ltd., who now carry on the business undei their
own name. Telegraphic address : Contemporary, London.
Telephone : 6519 CentraL

*JACK, T. C. a E. C, Causewaysidb, Edinburgh, and 16 Hen-
rietta Street. London, w.c. 1859. Standard works, fine
illustrated reprints, genealogy* heraldry, juvenile educational,
and general. Telegraphic address : Octavo, Edinburgh ;
Sceptral. London.

JARROLD & SONS. 10 & 11 Warwick Lane. e.c. and London
and Exchange Streets. Norwich. Publishers of transla-
tions of works by Continental writers, novels, reward books,
religious and educational works. Telegraphic address :
Jarrolds, London ; Jarrolds, Norwich. Telephone : 5821.

Lane, w.c.

♦JOHN CHURCH COMPANY, THE. 8 Argyle Place, w. Music
publishers. Telephone .-3321 CentraL

•JOHN DICKS PRESS, LIMITED. Effingham House. Ardndel
Street. Strand, w.a Cheap editions of standard works,
especially fiction and plays. Telephone .•5941 Central,




JOHNSTON, W. A A. K., LIMITED, 7 Paternoster Sohare.

E.G., and Edina Works, Edinburgh. 1825. Geograpliers to

the lat« Queen, edw&itional, medical, and scientific pubHshers,

lithoffiaphers, lettetpress printers, bookbinders, etc. Tele-

• graphic addresses : Geogra^ers, London ; Edina, Edinburgh.

JORDAN & SONS, LIMITED, 116 & 117 Chancery Lane, w.c,
and 4-7 Bishop's Court, w.c. Founded 1863. Converted
into private limited company in 1895. -Authorized coital,
/50,ooo ; Daid up, j£26,830< Directors : William Jordan and
Herbert William Jordan. Secretary :. E. A. Jordan. Law
publishers, mainly ol books relating to company law and
practice, stamp duties, and patents. Telegrams ; Certificate,
London. Telephone : 246 Holborn.

•KELLY, CHARLES H., 2 Castle Street. City Road, ex., and
26 Paternoster Row, b.c. Founded 1790. Theological and
general publisher. Telegraphic address : Boolaroom, London.
Tehphone : 1770 Londcm Wall.

w.c. And at Birmingham, Bristol. Liverpool, Manchester,
Leeds, Sheffield, Glasgow, Paris (agency), Hamburg, and
New York. Telegraphic address : Directory, London.

KIMPTON, HENRY, 13 Furnival Street. Holborn, e.g.
Founded 1854. Publisher of standard Medical, Pharma-
ceutical, and Scientific works. Telegraphic address : Hirsch-
feld, London. Telephone: 2757 Central. ABC Code.
4th edition.

KING, P. S., & SON, Orchard House, 2 & 4 Great Smith Street,
WssiMiNSTER. Founded 1819. Books on questions of the
day, political, economic and social. Teleeraphic address :
Paxilif^[ientary» London. Telephone : 324 Westminster.

KING. SELL, & OLDING, LIMITED, 27 Chancery Lane, w.c.
General publishers.

LAMLEY & CO., i, 3, and 7 Exhibition Road, South Ken-
. siNGTON, s.w. 1875. General publishers. Telephone : 1276
^ Kensington.

LANE, JOHN, The BooLBYHEAt). Vigo Street, w. Publisher.
Business founded October x. 1894, previously .to which John
Lane was for seven years partner in the firm of Elkin Mathers
and John Lane. Telegraphic address : Bodleian, London.
Telephone ; 4467. Gerrard.

♦LAURIE, THOMAS, 13 Paternoster Row, b.c. Educational.
Established. in Edinburgh in 1862 as an educational publisher.
Subsequently removed to London. Supplies all science and art
roquimaenta for technical classes.




LAURIE, T. WERNER. 13 CtiFFORD's Inn, Flbst Stsbst,
LoNDaN. Founded 1904. Novels, biographies, and general
publiGatxms. Works by George Moore, HaUiwell Sutcliffe,
Shan Bmllock, M. P. Shiel, G. K. Chesterton. Violet Hunt.
Eden Phillpotts, John Oliver Hobbs. Fergus Hume, etc.
The Cathedral Series, Classical Library, Music Lovers* Library,
Leather Booklets, Sports Library, etc. Agent for the Century
Co., New York. Telephone : 11624 Central.
♦LAWRENCE & BULLEN, LIMITED. 16 Henrietta Street.
CovsNT Garden, w.c. General pubUshers. Telegraphic
address : Decameron. London.
Street. E.a Founded hi 1859. Miscellaneous.
LENG (John) 6* CO.. LIMITED, 7-25 Bank Street. Dundee.
186 Fleet Street, e.g.. and Edinburgh. Glasgow, and
Aberdeen. Newspaper, periodical and book publishers.
Telegraphic address : Leng. Dundee. Telephone : 655 and
656. National.
LEWIS, H. K.. 136 GowER Street, and 24G0WBR Place, w.c.
Medical and scientific works. Established 1844. Publisher
to the New Sydenham Society, and of Lewis's Practical
Series of medical and surgical monographs. Medical and
Scientific Circulating Library. Telegraphic address : PuUic-
avit, London. Telephone : 107 2 1 Central.
♦UPPINCOTT CO. (J. B.). 5 Henrietta Street. Covbnt Garden,
w.c. Philadelphia : East Washington Squarb. General
literature. Lippincotfs Magazine was commenced in 1868.
The London agency was established in 1875.
LITTLEBURY BROTHERS. 3 Crosshall Street. Liverpool.
London office : Savoy House, Strand, w.c. Telegrams :
Littlebury, Liverpool. Telephone : 6785.
LITTLEBURY 6* CO.. The Worcester Press. Worcester.

Telephone : 13.
LOCKWOOD (CROSBY) & SON. 7 Stationers* Hall Court. e.c
Chiefly publish scientific, educational, and technical works.
Telegrams : Crosby Lockwood. London. Telephone : 4421
LONGMANS, GREEN & CO., 39 Paternoster Row.. E,a . New
York : 91-93 Fifth Avenue. Bombay : 8 Hornbv Road.
Calcutta : 303 Bowbatar Street. This firm^ was founded in
1724 by Thomas Longman. There is practically no depart-
ment of publishing ia which it is not represented. Telegraphic
address : Longmans. London.
LONG, JOHN, 12-14 Norris Street, Haymarxbt, s.w. General
publisher, making a specialty of fiction, in which department
the firm has issued books by G. W. Appleton, Frank Barrett.
Miss Betham-Edwards, Harold Bindloss, John Bloundelle
Burton, M. McDonell Bodkin, Guy Boothby, Robert Bucbaium.
G. B. Buxvin, Mrs. Lovett Cameron, Bernard Capett. J. Mc-
Laren Cobban. Edward H. Co6per, May CronHnelin. " Victoria
Cross.'* Alice M. Diehl, Dick Donovan, MiB. Henry Dudeney.




George ManviUe Fenn. J. S. Fletcher, Lady Hden Forbee,
R. Hi'Forster, Mrs. Hugh Fraser. Kat Gould, Maxwell Gray,
George Griffith, Major Arthur Griffiths, Colonel Andrew
Haggard, Keble Howard, Fergus Hume, Mrs. Coulson Ker-
ziahaa, William Le Queux, Mary £. Mann, Richard Marsh,
Helen Mathers, L. T. Meade, J. £. Muddock, David Christie
Murray^ '' Ouida/' Mrs. Campbell Praed. C Ranger-Gull,
" Rita," Morley Roberts, Adehne Sergeant, " Guy Thome,"
Mrs. Violet Tweedale, Florence Warden, John Strange Winter,
Fred Whishaw, Curtis Yarke, Cosmo Hamilton, Carlton Dawe,
I>orothea Gerard, Mcnrice Gerard, James Bl3rth, Bertram Mit-
ford, Sidney Paternoster, Hubert Wsdes, Barry Paine, Gertrude
Warden, S. Baring-Gould.

Mr* John Long is the sole publisher oi all Mr. Nat
Gould's new atories. He also publishes Nat Gould* s
Annual, In classic literature Mr, John Long publishes the
following series : The Library of Moieim Classics, a series
ol great works of fiction by modem authors, at 2s. 6d. cloth,
3s. leather, and 5 ft. classic half- vellum, all net ; The Carlton
Classics, decorative wrapper 3d., cloth 6d., leather is., all net.
Also the Haytnarket Novels, a series of copyright novels by
popular authors, at 2s. 6d. each doth. Eadi year Mr. John
Long reprints about twelve of his most popular novds in

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