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Public Libraries. B. 1869. A Guide to the Best Fiction (Rout-
ledge), 1903 ; Moors, Crags, and Caves of the High Peak (Hey-
wood), 1903 ; History in Fiction (a Bibliography), 2 vols.
(Routledge), 1907 ; in collab. with H. E. Balch, The Nether-
world of Mendip (James Baker), 1907 ; ed. with F. £. Ross,
The Voice of the Mountains, an anthology, 1905 ; ed. Praise
of a Simple Life and Voices of Nature, anthologies, 1907 (Rout-
ledge). Ed. Half -forgotten Boohs series, and Library of Early
Novelists (Routledge) (in progress). C. Manchester Guardian,
&c. Public Library, Eltham, Kent.

BAKER, His Honour Sir George Sherston, Bart., County Court
Judge. B. 1846. HdUech's International Law (Paul), 1878
and 1893 ; The Laws of Quarantine (Paul), 1879 ; Digest of Law
Reports, 1881-85 (Clowes), 1886 ; Office of Vice-Admiral of the
Coast (priv. print.), 1884 ; Archbold's Quarter Sessions (Butter-
worth), 1898 ; First Steps in International Law (Paul), 1899 I
and other legal works. C XlXth Cent,, Law Magazine and
Review. 18 Cavendish Road. St. John's Wood, N.W.
BAKER, Henry Barton. B. 1845. French Society (Bentley), 1874 ;
Our Old Actors, 1878 ; Strafford, a Romance (Tinsley). 1878 ;
Margaret Grey (Unwin), 1896 ; Stories of the Streets of London
(Chapman), 1890 ; Robert Miner : Anarchist (Ward, Lock),
1902; The London Stage, 15 76- 1903 (Routledge), 1904; Two
Men from Kimberley (Ward, Lock), 1904. C. Daily Chronicle,
&c. Tonbridge, Kent.



PAftt u] AtrrHORS 49

BAKER, lames, F.R.G.S., F.R.HistSoc.. Sec, Hon. Sea Brit
Intern. Assoc, of Journalists. B. 1847. Q^i^^ War Scenes
(Simpkin), 1879 » ^^y^ Afoot, 1881 ;John WestacoU (Chapman),
1886 ; By the Western Sea, 1889 ; ^arh Tilhtson, 1892 ; Our
Foreign Competitors (Low), 18^2 ; Pictures from Bohemia,
1894 ; A Forgotten Great Engltshman, 1894 ; The Gleaming
Dawn (Chapman). 1896 ; The CardinoTs Page, 1898 ; i4 Double
Choice (Unwin), 1901 ; A National Education to National
Advancement, 1904 ; The Inseparables, an Oxford Novel, 1905 ;
The Harrogate Tourist Center, 1906 ; and several other works,
including Keport for Board of Education on Tech. and Com.
Educ. in Ont. Eur. Voted by the Senate and Council of
Prague, 1905, the ^reat Silver Medal of the Royal City for literary
services to Bohemia. C. Times, P.M, Gaz„ Queen, &c. Sewello
Villa, Clifton.

BAKJBR, John OUbert, F.R.S., F.L.S. V.M.H., M.R.I.A., Gold
Medallist of Linnean Society, and Veitch Memorial Gold Medal,
&c., Ex-keeper of the Herbarium of the Royal Gardens, Kew.
B. 1834. North Yorkshire (Longmans), 1863 ; Flora of the
English Lake District (Bell). 1885 ; Fern Allies, 1887 ; and
many monographs on plants. C. Gardener's Chronicle, Ac.
3 Cumberland Road, Kew, S.W.

BALDRT, Alfred Lys, B. 1858. Albert Moore (Bell), 1894;
Marcus Stone (Virtue), 1896; Sir John Millais (Bell), 1899;
The Wallace Collection at Hertford House (Goupil), 1904.
53 Gunterstone Road, W. Kensington, W.

BALDWIN, Mrt. Allred. The Story of a Marriage (W. & Downey),
1889 ; Where Town and Country Meet (Longmans), 1891 ; xhe
Shadow on the Blind (Dent). 1895 ; Richard Dare (Smith Elder) ;
The Pedlar's Pack (Chambers) ; Chaplet of Verse for Children
( Elkin Matthews). Wilden House, near Stourport.

BALDWIN, James Mark, Ph.D. (Princeton), Hon. D.Sc. (Oxon.),
LL.D. (Glas.), Prof. Philos. and Psychol. Johns Hopkins Univ.
B. 1 86 1. Handbook of Psychology (Macmillan), i88p ; Mental
Development, 1895 ; 3rd ed., 1906; Story of the Mtnd, 1897 ;
Social and Ethical Interpretations, 4th ed., 1906 ; Diet, of
Philosophy and Psycholoey, 1901-06 ; Fragments in Philosophy
and Science, 1902 ; Development and Evolution, 1902 ; Thought
and Things, or Genetic Logic, vol. i., 1906; vol. ii., 1907. Ed.
Psychological Rev. from 1894. Johns Hopkins University,
Baltimore Md., U.S.A.

BALE, Manfred Powis, M.I.C.E., M.I.M.E.. &c. B. 1848. Wood-
working Machinery (Crosby) ; Stoneworking Machinery ; Pumps
and Pumping ; Gas and Oil Engine Management, 1^03 ; and
other technical works. 21 Marlborough Road. Chiswick.

BALFOUR, Andrew, M.D., B.Sc, &c. B. 1873. By Stroke of Sword
(Methuen), 1897 J "^^ Arms, 1898 ; Vengeance is Mine, 1899 »
Cashiered, and other War Stories (Nisbet), 1901 ; Pub. Health and
Preventive Medicine (with Lewis) (Green), 1902; The Golden
Kingdom (Hutchinson). 1903 ; First Report Research Laboratories,^
Gordon College (Griffin), 1904. Gordon College, Khartoum.




BALFOUR, Rt Hon. Arthur James, M.P., LL.D., D.C.L.. F.R.S..
Chancellor, Edin. Univ., &c. A Defence of Philosophic Doubt
(Macmillan), 1879 »' Essays and Addresses (Douglas and Foulis),
1 89 J ; cheap and enlarged ed., 1905 ; The Foundations of
Belief (Longmans), 1895 ; eighth and cheap ^ition, with Intro-
duction and Summary, 1901 ; Economic Notes on Insular Free
Trade (Longmans), 1903 ; Reflections suggested by the New
Theory of Matter (Longmans), 1904 ; Speeches (1880 to 1905)
on Fiscal Reform, 1906. 4 Carlton Gardens, S.W. ; Whittinge-
hame, Prestonldrk, N.B,

BALFOUR, Frederic Henry. Formerly Ed. North China Herald,
&c. Founder of Celestial Empire and of Chinese daily paper
Hu Poo. Waifs and Strays from the Far East (Paul), 1877 ;
Leaves from my Chinese Scrap-Booh ; Dr. Mirabel* s Theory ;
Cherry field Hall ; Unthinkables (Bentley) ; The Expiation of
Eugene (Greening), 1905, &c. C. Asiatic Quarterly, Nat. Rev.,
Sec, P^azzina CasteUi, Via Ferdinando Bartolommei, Florence.

BALL, Rev. 0. J., M.A. Light from the East (Eyre), 1899 ; and
other works on Biblical subjects. Blechingdon Rectory,

BALL, Sir Robert, LL.D., D.Sc., F.R.S., Lowndean Prof. Astron.,
Fellow of King's Coll., Camb. B. 1840. The Story of the
Heavens (Cassell), many editions ; The Theory of Screws (C. U.
Press), 1900 ; The Earth's Beginning, 1901 ; and many other
books and papers. Observatory, Cambridge.

BALL, Walter William Ronse, M.A., Fell, and Sen. Tut. of Trin.
Coll., Camb., Barr., Inner Temple. B. 1850. Guide to the Bar
(Macmillan), 1 878-1 904 ; History of Mathematics (Macmillan),
1888, 1893, 1901 ; Hist, and Study of Maths, at Cambridge
(C.U.P.), 1889 ; Mathematical Recreations (Macmillan), 1892-96,
1905 ; Algebra (C.U.P.), 1890-97 ; Newton^s Principia, 1893 ;
Primer of Hist, of Maths., 1895, '903. ^9^ I ^st. of Trin.
Coll., Camb. (Macmillan), 1899 ; Trin. Coll., Camb., in Dent's
College Monographs Series, 190(5. Trinity College, Cambridge.

BANKS, Elisabeth, Graduate Milwaukee-Downer College. Some-
time Secretary to American Minister to Peru. Campaigns of
Curiosity (Cassell), 1894 ; The Autobiography of a " Newspaper
Girl" (Methuen), 1902. C. XlXth Cent., Fortnightly, North
Amer. Review, c/o Messrs. Methuen & Co., 36 Essex Street,

BANKS, Mrf. Mary Maeleod. Ed. Alliterative Morte Arthure, with
Introduction and Notes (Longmans), 1900 ; Ed. An Alphabet
of Tales, Etienne de Besan90n's collection, for the Early English
Text Society, 1904. 19 Arkwright Road, Hampstead, N.W.

BARBER, Rev. Wllllam Theodore Aquila, D.D. B. 1858. The
Lands of the Rising Sun (Kelly). 1896 ; David Hill, Missionary
and Saint, 1898 ; Raymond Lull, the Illuminated Doctor, 1903 ;
David Hill, An Apostle to the Chinese, 1906. The Leys, Cam-

BARCLAY, Florenee (f Brandon Roy). B. 1862. Guy Mervyn
(Spencer Blackett), 1891. Hertford Heath, Herts.




BARCLAY, flUr Tbomai, Kt., LL.B. (Paris). Ph.D. (Jena). Officer of
the Legion of Honour, &c. Les Effeh d$ Commerce dans h Droit
Anglais (Pedone-Lauriel, Paris), 1884 ; La Femme AngUdse,
1895 ; French Law of Industrial Property (Sweet), 1889 \ Com-
panies in France^ 2nd ed. (Sweet), 1899, and others. C. Law
Quart, Review, FortnigkUy, Contemporary, N, Amer., Harper's
Weekly, Encydopeedia of the Laws of England, Suppl. Encylc.
Brit., &c 17 Rue Pasauier, Paris ; 13 Old Square, Lincoln*s
Inn, London ; Reform Qub.

BARING-GOULD, Rev. SaMne, M.A. Camb. B. 1834. Origin
and Development of Religious Belief (Rivingtons), 1869-70; and
many other homiletical writings. Numerous contributions to
topography, medisevalism, folk-Tore, and to the literature of many
of the counties of England, provinces of France and Germany,
&c. ; fairy-tales, ballad-music, history, theology, art, hynmody,
and stories for children. Novels include — Mehalah (Smith),
1880, many editions ; Court Royal, 1886 ; Cheap Jack Zita
(Methuen), 1893 ; Wine f red, 1900 ; The Frobishers, 1901 ;
Miss Quillet ; Nebo the NaiUr, 1902 ; Chris of All Sorts, 1903 ;
In Dewisland, 1904. Lew Trenchard House, N. Devon.

BARKER, G. F. Roudl, M.A. Trxn. CoU. Camb., Barr. B. 1848.
Joint ed. Hist, and Political Handbook (Cluupman). 2nd ed.
1888 ; The Westminster School Register (MacmiUan), 1892 ; Ed.
Horace Walpole*s Memoirs of George III, (Lawrence & Bullen),

1894 ; author of Memoir of Richard Busby, D,D,, 1895. C Diet,
Nat, Biog, 3 New Square. Lincoln's Inn, W.C.

BARLOW, JaiiA, D.Litt., Dublin. Boe-land Studies (XJnwin),
1892 ; The End of Elfintown (MacmilUm), 1894 ; Mrs. Martin's
Company (Dent), 1895 ; A Creel of Irish Stories (Methuen),
1897 ; Ghost-bereft (Smith, Elder), 1901 ; The Founding of
Fortunes (Methuen), 1902 ; By Beach and Bogland (Unwin),
1905. &c. C. Nat. Rev,, Pilot, Comhill. The Cottage, Raheny,
CO. Dublin.

BARNARD, Perey Hordavnt, B.D. Camb. B. 1868. Clement of
Alexandria: Quis Dives Salvetur ? (C.U.P.), 1898; (S.P.C.K.),
1901 ; Biblical Text of Clement of Alexandria in the four Gospels
and the Acts (CU.P.), 1899 ; Jezebel : a Drama (Griffiths), 1904 ;
The Interpretation of the New Testament in Modem Life and
Thought (Griffiths). 1905. &c. C. Expositor, &c. 28 St. James
Road. Tunbridge Wells.

BARBBTT, Bdllh A. Training of Girls for Work (MacmiUan),

1895 t ^ Chamffion in the Seventies (Heinemann), 1898 ; Sun-
ningham and the Curate (Chapman), 1900 ; The Fetich of the
Family (Heinemann). 1903 ; A Garden of Eden (ConstaMe),
1905 ; A Wilderness Winner (Methuen), &c. C. Queen, Guar-
dian, Hohn Leas. Worthing.

BARHBTT, Kn. HenrietU Oetavla. B. 1851, married 1873.
Making of the Home (100.000) (Casseli), 1885 ; Making of the
Body (Longmans), 1892 ; Place of Women in Philanthropy,
(With Canon Bamett), Practicable Socialism, 1893. £d- Pupil
Teachers* Record. C. XlXth Cent,, National Review, Comhill,




CofU. Rev., Ency. Brit, (art. Social Progress), &c. 3 Little
Cloisters, Westminster.

BARNBTTy Pdrey Arthur, M.A. Trin. Coll., Oxon., H.M. Inspector,
Board of Education ; Chief Inspector for the Training of
Teachers ; late Supt. of Ednc, Natal, &c. B. 1858. Editor
and joint author. Teaching and Organisation (Longmans), 1897 ;
Common -sense in Education (Longmans), 1899; Natal: the
State and the Citizen (joint author) (Longmans), 1904 ; The
Little Booh of Health and Courtesy (Longmans), 1905. C.
Macmillan*s, Monthly Review, Academy, Joum, of Education,
&c. Savile Club, London.

BARNBTT, Rev. Canon Samael Angastos, M.A. Oxon., Warden
of Toynbee Hall, Whitechapel. B. 1 844. (With Mrs. Bamett),
Practicable Socialism (Longmans), 1893 ; Service of God, 1897.
C. XlXth Cent., Contemporary, Ency. Brit., CornhUl, Christian
Commonwealth, Independent, 3 Little Cloisters, Westminster.

BAROIA, Pio, M.A., Spanish Novelist. B. 1872. The most notable
of this writer's works are Aventuras, inventos y mixtificaciones
de Silvestre Paradox (1901), and Camino de perfecdon (1902);
El Mayor ar go de Labrar (1903) ; La Busca, Mala Hierba,
Aurora Rofa (1904). Mendirabal, 34, Madrid.

BARR, Mn. (Amelia). B. 1831. Jan Vedder's Wife (J. Clarke),

1885 ; Feet of Clay, 1889 I Prisoners of Conscience (Wame),

^ 1897 ; The Maid of Maiden Lane (Unwin), 1901 ; Friend Olivia

(J. Clarke) ; The Lion's Whelp (Unwin) ; Blach Shilling (Unwin).

&c. Cherry Croft, Comwall-on-Hudson, New York.

BARR, Robert. B. 1850. Ed. of The Idler. In the Midst of
Alarms (Methuen), 1894 ; A Woman Intervenes (Chatto), 1896 ;
The Mutable Many (Methuen), 1897 '» ^^ Unchanging East
. (Chatto), 1900 ; The Victors (Methuen), 1902 ; A Prince of
Good Fellows (Chatto), 1902 ; Over the Border (Isbister), 1903 ;
The Tempestuous Petticoat (Methuen), 1905 ; The Speculations
of John Steele (Chatto), 1905 ; Monsieur Valmont (Hurst &
Blackett) ; Roch in the Baltic (Hurst & Blackett). 1907 ; The
Measure of the Rule (Constable), 1907. Hillhead, Woldingham.

BARRBSf Manrlee* B. 1862. Sous Vaeil des barbares, 1888 ; Un
Homme libre, 1889 ; Le Jardin de B&Aiice, 1891 ; VEnnemi
des Lois, 1893 ; ^^ Sang, de la Volupt^ et de la Mort, 1894 ;
Les Dhacinis, 1897 ; UAppel au Solaat, 1900 ; Leurs Figures,
1901 ; Seines et doctrines du nationalisme, 1902 ; Amori et
dolori Sacrum, 1903 ; Les Amities franfoises, 1903, &c., &c.
100 Boulevard Maillot, Neuilly-sur-Seine.

BARRETT, Frank. B. 1848. Lieutenant Barnabas (Bentley),
1881 ; The Admirable Lady Biddy Fane (CasseU), 1888 ; A Set
of Rogues (Innes), 1895 ; The Obliging Husband {Tribune), 1906 ;
many other novels and stories, and three plays. Thwaite Rec-
tory, Hanworth, Norwich.

BARRIB, James Matfthew. B. i860. Auld Licht IdyUs (Hodder),
1888 ; When a Man's Single, 1888^; A Window in Thrums,
i889 ; My Lady Nicotine, 1890 ; The Little Minister (CasseU),




1891 ; Sentimental Tommy, 1896 ; Margaret Ogilvy (Hodder),

1896 ; Tommy and Grizel, 1900 ; The Little White Bird, ip02 ;
Plays : The Professor's Love Story, 1895 J ^^^ Little Minister,

1897 ; ^A* Wedding Guest, 1900 ; Quality Street ; The Admirable
Crichton; Little Alary, 1903; Peter Pan, 1904; Alice-sit-hy-the'
Fire, 1905. Black Lake Cottage, by Famham.

BARRY, John Arthur. B. 1855. In the Great Deep (Methuen),
1896 ; A Son of the Sea (Duckworth), 1899, and other novels,
c/o Town and Country Journal, Sydney, Australia.

BARRY, Rev. William Franeis, D.D., Rector, St. Birinus'. Dor-
chester, Oxon. ; Matric. Hon. Lond. Univ. ; Scholar Eng. Coll.,
Rome. &c. B. 1849, The New Antigone (Macmillan), 1887 ;
Place of Dreams (Cath. Tru. Soc.), 1894 ; Two Standards (Unwin),
1899 ; Arden Massiter, 1900 ; Papal Monarchy, 1902 ; New-
man, Heralds of Revolt (Hodder and Stoughton), 1904. C.
Quarterly, XlXth Cent., Contemporary, &c.

BARSTOW, Montagae. Wives and How to Manage Them ^Skeffing-
ton) ; also part-author of The Scarlet Pimpernel, a play (New
Theatre, 1905). 8 Essendine Mansions, Maida Vale, W.

BARTLET, James Vernon, M.A., D.D. (St. Andrews, 1904), Prof.
Ch. Hist., Mansfield College, Oxford. B. 1863. Early Church
Hist. (R.T.S.), 1894, 1897 ; The Apostolic Age (Scribners), 1900.
C. The Century Bible, The Temple Bible, The Diet, of the Bible,
Expositor, Cont. R., Critical R., Hibbert Jour. 35 Museum Road,

BARTRAM, George. The People of Clopton (Unwin), 1897 ; The
Whiteheaded Boy (Unwin), 1898 ; The Thirteen Evenings
(Methuen), 1901 ; Ballads of Ghostly Shires (Greening), 1900 ;
The Longshoreman (Arnold), 1903 ; Lads of the Fancy (Duck-
worth), 1906. C. various, c/o The Literary Agency of London,
5 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, W.C

BASHFORD, Henry Howarth, M.B., B.S. Lond., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.,
B. 1880. Tommy Wideawake (Lane), 1903 ; The Manitoban
(Lane), 1904 ; The Trail Together (Heinemann), 1906. C.
Spectator, Outlook, and various magazines, c/o The Literary
Agency of London, 5 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, W.C.

BASSET, Alfred Barnard, M.A., F.R.S. B. 1854. PubUcations
entirely scientific. On Hydrodynamics (Deighton), 1888, &c. ;
Physical Optics, 1892 ; On Cubic and Quartic Curves, 1901.
Fledborough Hall, Hol3rport, Berks.
BASTIAN, Henry Charlton, M.A. Lond., M.D., F.R.S., Sec, dec.
The Beginnings of Life (Macmillan), 1872 ; Evolution and the
Origin of Life, 1874 ; The Brain as an Organ of Mind (Paul,
Trench, & Co.), 1880 ; Studies in Heterogenesis, Part I., 1901,
Part XL, 1902, Parts III. and IV. (Williams and Norgate), 1903 ;
The Nature and Origin of Living Matter (Fisher Unwin), 1905 ;
and numerous other works and papers on neurology. 8a Man-
chester Square, W.
BATE, Perey. B. 1868. The English Pre-Raphaelite Painters
(Bell) \ Art at the Glasgow Exhibition (Virtue), 1901 ; English




Table Glass (Newnes). 1905. C. Studio, Connoisseur, Mag. of
Fine Arts, Art Journ., &c. Institute of Fine Arts, Glasgow.

BATEHAN. May Geraldine Franees. Special Correspondent in
S. Africa, 1900, and frequent contributor to the Fortnightly
Review, &c. Sonnets and Songs (Mathews), 1895 ; The Altar
of Life (Duckworth, Lippincott), 1898 ; The Glow-worm (Heine-
mann), 1901, &c. C. Fort. Rev. 64 Longridge Road, South
Kensington, S.W.

BATEMAN, Stringer. B. 185 1. King and Cardinal and Other
Poems (Simpkin), 2nd ed., 1902 ; As Crowned Queen (poems),
1902 ; The Strange Story of the National Anthem, 1902.

BATSON, H. M. (N&s. Stephen Batson). Dark; a Tale of the
Down Country (Smith, Elder), 1892 ; Adam the Gardener (Hurst
& Blackett), 1893 ; The Earth Children (Hutchinson), 1897 ;
A Comm. on the Rubaiyai of Omar Khayyam (Methuen), 1900 ;
A Book of the Country and the Garden (Methuen), 1903 ; Concise
Handbook of Garden Flowers (Methuen), 1903 ; The Summer
Garden of Pleasure (Methuen), 1908, &c. C. XlXth Cent.,
Cornhill, Country, &c. Hoe Benham, Newbury.

BATTBRSBY, Caryl James, M.A. B. 1858. Song of the Golden
Bough, poems (Constable), 1898 ; Ed. Macaulay's William Pitt
(Blackie), 1900, &c. C. Spectator, School World, &c. South
Villas, St. John's Avenue, Bridlington.

BATTERSBY, H. F. Prevost (Francis Prevost). War Corr. Morn-
ing Post ; Spec. Corr. with Prince of Wales in India. FcUse
Dawn (Ward, Lock), 1897 ; In the Web of a War (Methuen),
1900 ; The Plague of the Heart (Ward, Lock), 1902 ; India under
Royal Eyes, 1906 ; The Avenging Hour, 1906. C Edin» Rev.,
Fortnightly, &c. Lyncroft, Weybridge.

BATTY, Mrs. Bralthwalte (Beatrice Batty). Moravian Life in the
Black Forest; Forty -two Years amongst the Indians and
Eskimo ; Some Oxford Customs, &c. C Monthly Packet, Sun-
shine, Spectator, &c. Ye Gabled House, The Parks, Oxford.

BAX, Ernest Belfort. B. 1854. Kant's Prolegomena; Hist, of
Philosophy (Bell), 1886 ; Religion of Socialism (Sonnenschein) ;
Ethics of Socialism, 1889 ; Outlooks from the New Standpoint ;
Problem of Reality, 1892 ; French Revolution ; German Society at
Close of Middle Ages ; The Peasants* War, 1899 ; Rise and Fall
of the Anabaptists ; Outspoken Essays (Reeves) ; Marat,
fRichards), 1900. 2nd ed. 1901 ; Essays in Socialism, New and
Old (Richards), 1906 ; Roots of Reality (Richards), 1907, Ac.
National Liberal Club, S.W.

BAYLIS, T. Henry, M.A. Oxon.. Lt-CoL. V.D., K.C., <Skc. B. 1817.
The Temple Church Record and Guide (Philip) ; The True
Account of Nelson^s Famous Signal (Allen), 1905, &c. (Chiswick
Press), 1 90 1, &c. 15 Kensington Gardens Square, W.

BAYLY, EUiabeth Boyd. Jonathan Merle; Zachary Brough^s
Venture ( Jarrold & Son) ; Under the She-Oaks (R.T.S.). C. Sun-
day at Home, Quiver, &c. i Bohemia Road. St. L.eonards-on-




JBEAURBGARD, Charles Albert Oosta de. B. 1835. E. 1896.
Un Homme d' autrefois ; Le Roman d'un Royaliste ; Histoite du
rot Charles Albert, 44 Rue de Bourgogne, Paris.

BBAZLBTy Charles Raymond, M.A., F.R.G.S., Fellow Merton Coll..
Oxon., University Lecturer in History of Geography, and in
Historical Geography. B. 1868. Jarries of Aragon (Blackwell).
1890 ; Henry the Navigator (Putnams), 1895 '» Azurara's Dis-
covery of Guinea (Hakluyt Soc). vol. i., 1896 ; vol, ii., 1899 i
John and Sebastian Cabot (Unwin), 1898 ; Datvn of Modern Geog,
(Murray and Oxford, Univ. Press), vol. i., 1897 I vol. ii., 1901 ;
vol. iii.. 1906; Voyages and Travels, XVIth-XVIIth Centuries
(Constable), 1902 ; Carpini 6* Rubruquis (Hakluyt Soc.), 1903.
C. Encyclopadia Britannica, Geographical Journal, Saturday
Review, CasselFs Social England, &c, Merton College, and
27 Norham Road, Oxford.

BBBB, Rev. Llewellyn John Montfort, D.D. Oxon., form. Fell.
Brasenose Coll., Oxon. ; Principal of St. David's Coll., Lam-
peter. B. 1862. Essay in Studia Biblica, vol. ii. (O.U.P.),
1890 ; Ed. Oxford University Sermons (Geo. Allen), 1901 ; Ed.
Graduated Lessons from the Old Test, (O.U.P.), 1902. C. Church
Quart, Rev,, Hastings* Bible Diet. St. David's College, Lampeter.

BECSB, George Lools. B. 1848. By Reef and Palm (Unwin).
1894 ; Pacific Tales, 1897 ; Rodman the Boaisteerer, 1898 ; A
First Fleet Family, 1896 ; Yorke the Adventurer, 190X ; Breachley,
Blach Sheep, 1902 ; and several others in collaboration with
Walter Jefiery, &c. ; Helen Adair, 1903. c/o The Evening News,
Market Street, Sydney.

BBDDARD, Frank Evers, M.A., F.R.S. Corresp. Mitgl. d. K.
Bdhm. Ges. d Wiss.. Hon. Memb. N. Zeal. Inst. B. 1858.
Animal Coloration (Sonnenschein), 1892 ; Zoogeography (C.U.P.),
1895 ; A Monograph of the Oligochaia (O.U.P.), 1895 ;
Structure and Classification of Birds (Longmans), 1898 ; A
Booh of Whales (Murray), 1900 ; Mammalia (Camb. Natural
Hist.), 1902, &c. Zoological Society's Gardens, N.W.

BBDDO^ John, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S. B. 1826. The Races of
Britain (Triibner), 1885, and other anthrop. and antiquarian
works. The Chantry, Bradford-on-Avon.

BBDDOBSy T. VL Wlllonghby. B. 1848. Under One Flag (Drane),

1902 ; A Goddess from the Sea, 1903 ; A Son of Ashur (Swan
Sonnenschien), 1905. Hosesaz, Aston-on-Clun. Salop.

BBDFORD, Major Charles Henry, D.Sc., M.D.. M.R.C.S., Ind. Med.
Service, Prof. Chemistry Calcutta Med. Coll., Director Central
Excise Laboratory for India, Kasauli. B. 1866. Report to
the Govt, of India on the Quality, Manufacture, and Excise ;
Clinical Handbook, 1902, 2nd ed. 1904 (transl. into French,
German, and Italian) ; Practical Chemistry, Inorganic and
Organic, 1902, 2nd ed., 1902 ; Hygiene for Indian Students,
1903, 2nd ed., 1906 ; Syrnptoms and Treatment of Poisoning,

1903 ; George Heriofs Hospital, Edinburgjh (jointly with Dr.
Gimn and H. J. Blanc, R.S.A.) 1902. Various archasol. papers.
&C. JCasauli, Punjab.




BEDFORD, William Kirkpatriek IUland» M.A. Oxon. B. 1826.
Ed. Etchings by C. K, Sharpe (Blackwood), 1869 ; Woodmen of
Arden, 1885 ; The Rilands of Sutton (Comish). 1889 ; The Order of
St. John (with Col. Holbeche) (Robinson), 1902 ; axid other
works. St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell, E.G.

BEEBY, Charles Evans, M.A., B.D.. Oxon. B. 1853. Creed and
Life (Simpkin), 1897 ; Doctrine and Principles (Williams), 1900.

BEEOHING, Rev. Henry Charles, M.A. Oxon., D.Litt. Dur., Canon
of Westminster, Preacher Lincoln's Inn, Chap, to Bp. of
Carlisle. B. 1859. Lyra Sacra (Methuen), 1894 ; In a Garden :
Poems (Lane), 189s I Pages from a Private Diary (Smith), 1898 ;
various essays, editions of the poets, and sermons, 1892- 1900 ;
Lectures on Poetry (C.U. Press), 1901 ; Inns of Court Sermons
(Macmillan), 1901 ; Religio Laid (Smith), 1902 ; Lectures on
Creed (Murray), 1905 ; The Grace of Episcopacy (Nisbet), 1906;
Atonement (Murray), 1907 ; Provincial Letters (Smith), 1907.
4 Little Cloisters, Westminster, S.W.

BEERBOHM, Max. B. 1872. Works (Lane), 1896; The Happy
Hypocrite, 1897 ; More, 1899 ; Poets' Corner, 1904. 48 Upper
Berkeley Street, W.

BEESLY, Professor Edward Speneer, M.A. Oxon. B. 1831. Cati-
line, Clodius, and Tiberius (Chapman), 1878 ; Queen Elizabeth
(Macmillan), 1892 ; Comte's Discourse on the Positive Spirit,
trans, with Notes (Reeves), 1903. C. Fortnightly Rev., Posttivist
Rev, 21 West Hill, St. Leonards-on-Sea.

BEET, Rev. Joseph Agar, D.D. Glasgow. B. 1840. Credentials
of the Gospel, 1889 ; Through Christ to God (Hodder), 1892 ;
New Life %n Christ, 1895 \ ^*^ ^^^^ Things, 1897 ; 5th ed. re-
written, 1905 ; The Immortality of the Soul, 1901 ; Commentaries
on the Epistles of Paul, 1 877-1 900 ; A Key to Unlock the Bible,
5th ed., 1906; Manual of Theology, 1906; &c. 11 Dynevor
Road, Richmond, Surrey.

BE6BIB, Harold. B. 1871. The Political Struwwelpeter (Richards),
1899 ; The Handy Man, 1900 ; The Adventures of Sir John
Sparrow (Methuen), 1902 ; Bundy in the Greenwood, 1902 ;
Bundy on the Sea (Isbister), 1903 ; Master Workers (Methuen),
1905 ; The Priest (Hodder), 1906 ; The Vigil (Hodder), 1907 ;
C. Times, Globe, World, P, M. Mag. Joined the staff of the
Daily Mail as a special correspondent in August, 1904 ; was for
some six months a contributor to the Westminster Gazette ;

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