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Articles on literature, travel, sport, politics, and naval, military, and
leading topics of the day ; serial and high-dass short stories.
Board of Trade Journal, W,, id. Messrs. Wyman and Sons, Ltd.,

Fetter Lane, E.a
Bob Btabba' Tozlnlilre Almawao, A. 3d. Idle, Bradford. Editor^ Mr.

William Saville.
Bolton Evening Neirs (1867), |d. Messrs. Tillotson and Son, Ltd., Meal-

hoase Lane, Bolton.
Bolton Jonmal and Onardian (1871), W,, id. Mealhouse Lane, Bolton.

Editor, Mr. William Brimelow.
Book and News Trade Gaiette, W,, id. vj Chaacery Lane, w.c.

Proprietors, Kruse, Hundley and Co.
*Book Monthly, AT., 6d. Messrs. Simpkin and Ca, Ltd., Stationers'

Hall Court. E.C. ; Editorial Office, 14 Tavistock Stiaet, w.c. Ediior, Mr.

James Milne.
•Bookman. AT., 6d. Warwick Square, e.g. Editor, Dr. Robertson


Occasional articles on literary subjects. The journal is illustrated diiefly
by reproductions from photographs, which ere specially arranged for.
*Bookman, M. , 25 cents. 372 Fifth Avenue, New York City. Editors, Mr.
H. T. Peck and Mr. A. B. Maurice.
The articles printed deal with "literature and life.** Seldom accept
stories. Everything accepted is paid for.
Book Prices Current, A., £1 7s. 6d. Mr. J. H. Slater, 63 Paternoster

Row, B.C.
Book Lover's ftfagaiine, The (Books and Bookplatee), Six timosper Year,
3s. 6d. net. Published and edited by Messrs. Otto SchULZE and Ca,
20 South Frederick Street, Edinburgh.
BookMUer (1858), il/., 6d. la Warwick Lane, E.C. Editor, Mr. G. H.

Border Kagaitaie, M., 3d. Messrs. A. Walker and Son, Galashiels.
Botanical Oaiette, A/., £x. 4s. per annum. Messrs. W. Wesley and Son.
28 Essex Street, Strand, w.c. Editors, Professors J. M. Coulter and
C. R. Barnes. Univ., Chicago.
Botanloal Kagaiine, Tke, M., 8s. per annum. Messrs. Wesley and Son,
28 Essex Street, Strand, W.C. Editors^ The Tokyo Botanical Society,
Bondolr. Hie (1903), M., is. The Sandringham Passs, 33 Chancery
Lane, w.c. Editor, Mr. GEORGE Cecil.
An illustrated magazine for gentlewomen.




^3oyB* FMsnd (1895), W., id. a Carmelite House, Carmelite Street, b.c.
Managing Editor, Mr. Hamilton Edwabos.

Serial stories : good healthy adveoture ; sea, school, historical, or foreign
lands. Plenty of incident and no uDDCcessary verbiage. Length, 60
to 100,000 words. Complete stories : same style, about 10,000 words
in length. All copy typewritten. Payment on publication.
Boy'l Harald. 2 Carmelite House, Carmelite Street, B.c. Managing Editor,
Mr. Hamilton Edwabds.
Serial tales of adventure and school life. Healthy in tone. Articles,
written by experts, on all kinds of hobbies and sports. Complete
tales, 10.000 words in length. Payment on publication.
*Bq7'i Own Paper (1878), W., id. ; J/., 6d. 4 Bouverie Street, B.c. Editor,
Mr. G. Andrew Hutchison.
Long and short stories. Travel, adventure, boys* games, sports, recrea-
tions, etc. : about 1,500 words per page, from ais. per page up-
wards, according to value. MSS. (of which immense numbers are
received) are considered in the order in which they are sent in ; rejected
MSS. are returned in due course, but the editor cannot enter into
correspondence regarding them, or be responsible for delay. A
preliminary letter is unnecessary. Articles are mostly signed.
*B07S' Bealni, W,, id. 2 Carmelite House, Carmelite Street, B.C. Managing
Editor, Mr. Hamilton Edwabds.
Serial tales of school adventure, stories of sport and adventure. Complete
stories of sporting adventure about 6,000 words in length. Payment
on publication. Copy should be typewritten.
Bradford ObeorvBr Budget, W., id. 10 Piccadilly, Bradford ; 150 Fleet

Street, B.a
Brala: ▲ Jounial of NanrOlogr, Q,, 3s. 6d. (annual subscription, post

free, 14s.). Editor, Hbnry Head, M.X)., F.R.S.
Brighton GtaUMtfee and Hore Post (1831), Bi-W., id. 150 North Street,

Brigtltoa Horald (1806), IV., id. Princes' Place, North Street, Brighton.
Brigtiton ObMnrer (1856), W., id. co. Messrs. Fabncombe and Co.,

Ltd., Lewes.
Brlgbton Booord (1867}, W., ad. Messrs. H. and C. Tsbacher, Brighton.
Brlglltoii and Hoyo TlmM (1860), W., id. c.a Mr. W. E. Nash, Brighton.
BriBtol BaUy Mercury (1790), D., id. ; W., id. 35 Broad Street, Bristol ;

174 Fleet Street. B.C.
Brlitol BOho, Evening, \^, 35 Broad Street, Bristol ; 174 Fleet Street, B.c.
BriBftOl Brenlng Tiinei (1904), D., ^ Stephen Street, Bristol; 49 Fleet

Street, E.C.
Bristol Ol)BerTer(i859), W., id. Baldwin Street, Bristol; 61 Fleet Street,

E.c. Editor, Mr. Sydney Clabkb.
Bristol Times and tttrror (1713). D., id. ; H^., ad. Stephen Street, Bristol ;

49 Fleet Street, E.c.
Bristol Weekly Meronry (1715), id. 35 Broad Street, Bristol.
British and OOUmlal Printer and Stationer (1878), W,, 2d. 58 Shoe

Lane. E.a Editor, Mr. Geo. Brown.
*Brltlsb Arebitect (1874), W., 4d. 33 King Street, Covent Garden, w.c.
British Australasian, The, (K, 6d. i Broad Street Place, London, B.C.
British Bandsmen, The (1885), W., id. ato Strand, w.c.
'British Birds, M,, is. (yearly, los. 6d.). Witherby and Co., 336 High
Holborn, W.C.
A monthly illustrated magazine devoted to the study of Bridsh birds.




British Oongrregatlonallst, The (incorporating the Examiner, 1900. tlie

Christian News, 1846, and the Independent, 1867), W., id. 13 Memorial

Hill. E.c. Editor, Rev. VV. B. Selbie, M.A. Sub- Editor and Manager^

Mr. B. Dennison.

'BrltlBh Journal of Photography (1854), W., ad, 24 Wellington Street, w.c.

Editor, Mr. George K. Brown, F.I.C.
British Medical Journal (1832), W., 6d. 429 Strand, w.c. Editor, Dr.

Dawson Williams.
British Printer, Alt. months^ is. Messrs. Raithbv, Lawrence and Co.,
Ltd., Leicester and London. Editor, Mr. H. Whetton.
Purely technical matters or news of trade developments. Paid at the rate
of one guinea per page. MSS. returned if stamps are sent ; it is not
necessary to send a preliminary letter, and articles are usually signed.
British Temi>erance Advocate, A/., id. Organ of the British Temperance

League. R. J. James, 3 and ^ London House Yard, E.C.
British Trade Journal, M,, is. (Separate eds. in English, Spanish, Japanese,

and Chinese.) 24 Mark Lane, e.g.

British Weekly (1885), id. Wanivick Square, E.c. Editor, Dr.W. R. Nicoll.

Domestic, religious, travel, biographical articles. Occasional short stories.

'British Workman, M., id. R. J. James, 3 and 4 London House Yard, E.C.

Broad Arrow (1833), W., 6d. Temple House, Temple Avenue, E.C,

*Builder (1842). W., 4d. Builder Office, 46 Catherine Street, W.c. Editor,

Mr. H. Heathcote Statham, F.R.I.B.A.
Builders' Journal, W. , 2d. 6 Great New Street, Fetter Lane, E.c. Editors^

Messrs. R. Randal Phillips and H. Kempton Dyson.
•Building News (1854), W., 4d. Clement's Inn Passage, Strand, w.c.

Editor, Mr. E. J. Kibble white.
•Building World, W,, id. La Belle Sauvage, E.C. Editor, Mr. P. N.
Articles of practical interest on subjects allied to building, illustrated.
Payment at scale rates or by arrangement.
Bung^OW, Occ. , 3s. per annum. 7 Pall Mall, s. w. Editor, Mr. MAX Judge.
*Burdett's Hospitals and Charities, A. 28 and 90 Southampton Street.

Strand, w.c. Published by the SCIENTIFIC Press, Ltd.
•Burlington Magazine (1903), A/., 2s. 6d. 17 Berners Street, w.
'Business Illustrated, is., every two months. 44-47 Bishopsgate Without,

E.C. Editor, Mr. G. A. Ferguson.
Butterfly, The (1904). IK, Jd. Carmelite House, e.c. Editor, Mr. G.

•Bystander, W„ 6d. Graphic Office, Tallis Street, E.a Editor, Mr. COMTNS
Short, witty sketches and episodes accepted ( to 1,500 words in
length). Must be bright and topical. Short stories (3.000 to 4,000
words) require a very modern setting. Such are well paid for. News
and photographs of events interesting to English readers immediately

Cambridge Review, W,, 6d. Trinity Street, Cambridge. Editor, Mr.

S. Gaselee, B.A.
Ca.nadlan Magaslne, /l/., 25 cents. Ontario Publishing Co., Toronta
Editor, Mr. Newton MacTavish.
Stories, also travel and general articles. Short stories are wanted, but
English contributors should only send articles, which should not exceed
4,000 words. Articles are invariably signed ; it is better to send a
preliminary letter, but not necessary, and the remuneration amounts to
I2S. per 1,000 words.




Canary and CageWrd I4jto (1905), IV,, id. 9 Arandd Street, Strand, w.c.

Editor^ Mrs. Comyns-Lewer.

Interesting and practical articles on canaries, British and foreign birds,

with or without illustrations or photographs. Length 1,500 to 2,oco

words. Only MSS. accompanied by stamps are returned ; a preliminary

letter is desirable, and articles are signed.

0antex1»iiX7 Dtoceaaa Oaiette, Af, ad. Messrs. Macmillan, St Martin's

Street, W.C.
Oaptafn (1899). M., 6d. Messrs. Geo. Newnbs, Southampton Street, w.c.
Editor, Mr. R. S. Warken Bell.
Articles, stories, pictures, and photographs suitable for a boys' magazine
required. Remuneration varies. Articles should not exceed 3,000
words, whilst stories may be anything from a,ooo to 5,000 words in
length. Good school and adventure stories are most wanted.
*Oar niiiBtraled, Tbe, W., 6d. x68 Piccadilly, w. Editor, Lord Montagu.
Articles up to 3,000 words on subjects of interest to automobilists and
travellerii. Also short and serial tales. Payment is by arrangement.
Oar Boad-BoOk and Guide, The, iss. 6d. 168 Piccadilly, w.
^OaaaeU'i MaganJne (1874), J/., 6d. La Belle Sauvage, e.c. Editor, Mr.
David Williamson.
Fresh, crisp stories, complete in one number ; and bright topical articles
(thnee or four months ahead of date) capable of effective illustration.
Matter varies in length, and payment is arranged with the author. A
preliminary letter is desirable in the case of illustrated articles. Articles
are signed. Any proffered contributions accompanied by photographs
should have a note explaining the position as to copyright in the
OaeaeU'B Saturday Jonmal (1883). IT., id. ; i/., 6d. La Belle Sauvage,
E.C. Editor, Mr. Ernest Foster.
Smart, chatty, anecdotal articles and paragraphs dealing with matters
and people of to-day, out-of-the-way experiences, etc. ; from soo to
z,ioo words in length. Also dramatic and humorous complete stories,
with plenty of incident and human interest, not exceeding 3,000 or
3,000 words in length. Original articles and paragraphs are paid for
at the rate of one guinea per column of about 700 words. Complete
stories are a matter of arrangement with author. No preliminary letter
is necessary. Articles are not signed. One department of each number
is entitled,' " Contributed by Our Readers," and consists of amusing
anecdotes, stories, remarkable experiences, etc., for which payment is
made at special rates.
*Cas8ler'i Magaalne. Af., is. 33 Bedford Street, w.c.
Oatbolis Book Hotea, M., id. ; is. 6d. per annum. 69 South wark

Bridge Road, S.E. Editor, Mr. jAMES Britten, K.S.G.
Gatlumc Directory, A,, is. 6d. net. c.o. Messrs. Burns and Oates, a8

Orchard Street, w. Editor, The Rt. Rev. Bishop Johnson, V.G.
Catholic Herald (1894), W., xd. Catholic Press, Ltd., 57 Fleet Street, E.C.
OatboUc Home Jounial, W., id. ; Af., 6d. 57 Fleet Street, E.C. Editor, Mr.

Charles Diamond.
Catholic Who'a Who, The, 3s. 6d. net. Messrs. Burns and Oates,

28 Orchard Street, w.
•Cats, IV., id. Idle, Bradford. Eifitor, Mr. T. J. Ambrose.
Cazton Magarine, Af., 6d. 119- 135 Finsbury PAvement, B.C. Afattaging

Editor, Mr. Robert Hilton.
'Celtic Monthly (189a), 3d. lo Bute Mansions, HiDhead, Glasgow. Editor,
John Mack ay.




'Oentnry Magarine, Af., is. 4d. 33 East 17th Street. New York. Editor,
Mr. R. W. Gilder. Associate Editor, Mr. R. U. Johnson. Assistant
Editor, Mr. C. C. Buel,

English contributions are wanted less than American. Length varies
from 3,000 to 5,000 words for an average. MSS. returned when ac-
oompanied by stamps. Articles are sign«i.
CnuunlMn'l Journal (1833). M,, 7d. and 8d. 339 High Street, Edinborigh
and 47 Paternoster Row, E.C. Editor, Mr. C. E. S. Chambers.
High-class serials and short stories, and articles of current interest, Ixom
2,000 to 3,000 words in length. All contributions paid for. Stamps
should accompany MSS.
Ghattei^box, W,, |d. ; A/., 3d. c.o. Messrs. Wells Gardner, Darton
AND Co., Ltd., 3 Paternoster Buildings, E.&
Verse, natural history, etc., good short stories about children : best
length 400 to 700 words, or (for stories) about z,ooo words. Payroeot
according to value.
*CheinUt and Drnggist (1859), W,, 4d. 4a Cannon Street, b.c. Editor,

Mr. Peter MacEwan. F.C.S.
Gblld Ufa, ^.. IS. 4 Bloomsbury Square, w.c.
*Obild'i Own Magaadne, A/., id. 57 and 50 Ludgate Hill, B.c.

Short bright articles and stories suitable tot children, 700 words and under,
with or without drawings or photos.
Children's Friend, M„ id. 8 and 9 Paternoster Row. E.a

Short and bright stories and articles, accompanied by non-copyright
photographs where possible. Preliminary letter is desirable. Payment
by arrangement.
•Children'! Paper, M,, id. Messrs. T. Nelson and Sons. P^kside, Edin-
Tales of a moral and religious character. Pajmient by arrangement
Children'! Treasury, M., id. The Welsh Publishing Co.. Ltd.,

*Ohlps (1890), W., id. Carmelite House, E.C. Editor, Mr. G. Heath

Christian, The (1870), W„ id.— originally The Revival (1859). 12 Paternoster
Buildings, E.C. Editor, Mr. R. CopE Morgan.
A weekly record of Christian life and testimony, Evangelistic enterprise,
and religious and philanthropic work throughout the world.
Christian Age (Z871), W., id. 37 and 38 Temple House, Tallis Street, E.C.
Editor, Mr. J AS. A. Craig.
Articles on religious and social subjects. A serial story, of about 80,000
words, is required from time to time. Remuneration by arrangement ;
cash on acceptance.
Christian Commonwealtb (1880). W,, id. 133 Salisbury Square, Fleet
Street, B.C Editor, Mr. Albert Dawson.
Organ of progressive thought and social reform. Special articles, serials
and short stories. Remuneration varies according to value of contribu-
Christian Globe, W., rd. 185 Fleet Street. £.c.

Tales and articles suitable for family reading. Payment by arrangement
Christian Herald, W., id. 6 Tudor Street, e.c.

The character of the paper should be consulted. Payment by arrangement
'Christian Messenger, M,, 2d. 48-50 Aldersgate Street, e.c. Editor, Rev.
Joseph Ritson.
Articles on general and religious matters ; religious stories. Payment by




•Ghrlgtlan MUIion, W., id. 19 Fairlogdon Avenue, e.g.

Articles on general subjects ; stories of good moral tone. Payment by
Xmrlsfelaa World (1857), IV., id. 13 Fleet Street, e.c. Editor, Mr.

FIerbert Clarke
nmuxu (189a), IV., id ; A/., 6d, La Belk Sauvage, B.C Ediior, Mr.
Ernest Foster.
Up-to-date stirring serials ; complete adventure, school, and humorous
stories (r.soo to 4,000 words) ; chatty articles (800 to 1,500 words) on
subjects of special interest to boys ; illustrated chats with celebrities ;
large and small illustrations, humorous and otherwise; anecdotes,
pussies. 6(0. Payment according to arrangement with authors.
Olmron Belli (1870). W, , id. 5 ^^<^ ^ Tower Street, St. Martin's Lane, w.c.
Obnrdi Directory, A., as. net. c.o. Messrs. Nisbet and Co., 31 Bemers

Street, W.
Chiircli Family Newspaper (1894). W., i± 8 Whitefriars Street, b.c.
Ediior, Mr. W. N. Medlicott.
Articles and serial story usually by arrangement ; outside articles some-
times accepted. Sometimes articles are signed. Articles should be of
a religious or literary character. Preliminary letter advisable.
OhnrCh Monthly, M., id. 30 and 31 New Bridge Street, e.C. Edit<fr,

Mr. Frederick Sherlock.
GlLtircli Quarterly Bevlew (1875), 3s. c.o. Messrs. Spottiswoodb and
Co., New Street Square, E.G.
This review follows the general practice of the quarterlies.
Church Times (1863), W., id. 7 Portugal Street, w.c.
Ghnrchman, il/., 6d. 62 Paternoster Row, e.c. Editor, the Rev. W. H.
Griffith Thomas, D.D.
Articles theologiod, critical, expository, and literary, or on the org('iniza-
tion or work of the Church. Length from 3,000 to 5,000 words.
Remuneration is given.
City Press (1857), W., id. 148 Aldersgate Street, E.C. Messrs. W. H.

and L. Colli ngridge.
dazlon (1891), I^., id. 44 Worship Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. R. Blatch-


Classical Bevlew, is.. Feb.. March. May, June, Aug., Sept., Nov., Dec.

(MSS. to Dr. Rouse, 63 Bateman Street, Cambridge.) Same publisher as

Classical Quarter ly, to which it is complementary. Subscription for the

two together, i8s. yeariy. Editors: Dr. W. H. D. RousE, Mr. H. B.

Walters. Advisory Committee: Prof. R. M. BURROWS, Mr. S. H.

Butcher, M. P., Prof. J. W. Mackail, Mr.T. E. Page, MissE. Penrose,

Mr. V. Rend all.
Classloal Quarterly, 3s. 6d.. Jan., April, July, Oct. (MSS. for Editor only.)

54 Bateman Street, Cambridge; Mr. D. Nutt, 57-59 Long Acre, w.c

Editor, Prof. J. P. POSTGATE.
Clergy Directory, A., 4s. 6d. J. S. Phillips. i3i Fleet Street, e.c.
Clergy Ust, A., las. 6d. c.o. Kelly's Directories, Ltd., 183-184 High

Holborn, w.c.
Colliery Guardian (i860), W„ sd. 30. 31 Fumival Street, Holborn, E.C.

Editor, Mr. ALLAN Greenwell.
*0<dliery Kanager, M„ 6d. 46 Cannon Street, B.a Editor, Mr. E. H.

Comic Cuts (1890), W„ id. CarmeUte House, E.c. Mr. a Hbath





*Ckniiio life, IV., iHl. Red Uod Court, Fleet Street, S.C

Detective tales, and stories bumoroiis and adventurous. Paymeot as
Gommerdal InMUgenoe (1899), (K, 3d. 166 Fleet Street, K.a BdU^,
Mr. Henry Sell.
Short practical artides of direct commercial interest Remanetation
IS. per inch.
Commonwealth (1896), J/., 3d. 3 Paternoster Buildings. B.& ; 19 Stroud
Green Road, N. Jsdifar, Canon HsNRY ScOTT HOLLAND.
Maximum length, 3,000 words; remuneration only by arrangemenL
Social, religious, artisdc, and liteiary matters are dealt with. No
stories. Articles are signed. A preliminaiy letter is necessary.
Oonoord (1887), M,, id. 40 and 41 Outer Temple, w.c. Editor, Mr. J. F.

*0oniLOi88eiir (1901), M,, is. net. 95 Temple Chambers, Temple Avenue,
B.C. Editor, Mr. J. T. HERBERT BAILY.
Oonstitntloii Papers, M,, id. 9 Bedford Court Mansions, Bloomsbuiy, w.c.

Editor, Mr. Mark H. Judge.
OoDBtltatloiial Tear-Book, is. Messrs. Bemrose and Sons, Ltd., 4 Snow

Hill, E.C.
Contemporary BOTlew, A/., 2s. 6d. Messrs. Horace Marshall and Son,
Temple House, Temple Avenue, E.C Editor, Mr. Percy W. Bunting.
Articles on politics, science, religion, history, and all questions of the day.
Articles are generally commissioned by the editor, but outside contri-
budons are occasionally accepted.
Oo-operatiye News (1871), W,, id. Long Millgate, Manchester. Editor,

Mr. W. M. Bamford.
Cork GoUBtltutioii (1822), D., id. 42 Marlborough Street, Cork; 44 Fleet

Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. H. 1 .. TiVY.
Oork Bzamlner, The (1840), Z>., id. Messrs. T. Crosbie and Co., Ltd.,

Cork ; 85 Fleet Street, E.C.
Cork Weekly News, id. 42 Marlborough Street. Cork. Editor, Mr. H. L


Oomhlll Magaalne, M,, is. 15 Waterloo Place, s.w.

Articles on subjects of general interest and short stories (about 4,500
words) are considered. No rule as to the signing of articles. Re-
muneration is given.
Cosy Ctomer. The Ladles' Home Jovmal (1905), W., id. Carmdite
House, Temple, E.C.
Serial and short complete stories of 1,500 words in length are considered.
Articles of interest to women and girls. Payment on publication.
^Ckmntry Ufe (1897). W., 6d. Country Life, Ltd., 20 Tavistock Street, w.c.
Editor, Mr. P. A. Graham.
Sketches connected with country life and short stories Payment is
County Council and AgricQltaral Secord, 3/., is. 28 Victoria Street, s.w.
County. Local Government, and Agricultural topics. Contributions
County Court Chronicle (with Reports), M., is. 6d. Bream's Buildings,

E.C. Editor, Mr. Basil Crump.
•County Gentleman, and Land and Water, W,, 6d. 4 and 5 Dean Street,
Holbom, w.c. Editor, Mr. Walter M. May.
Articles on subjects of country life and sport, with or without illustrations.
Payment arranged.
Conrt Clrenlar and Court Newi (1656), W.,6A, 150 Strand, w.c.

Society sketches, personal par^raphs, reviews, sporting notes, and short
society stories, from 1,500 to 3,000 words. Remuneration agreed upon.




Ooort Jonmal (1899). IV., 6d. 13 Burleigh Stieet, w.c. Edilor, Mr.


Sketches, dialogues, and light articles. Length, i,ooo to 3,000 word*:.
MSS. returned if stamps are sent ; a preliminary letter is not necessaiyg
but may save disappointment ; articles are signed in some cases.
Coventry Herald (1808), IV., id. 41 Earl Street, Coventry. Editor,

Mr. J. M. Scott. •
Cricket (1882), W., 2d. 168 Upper Thames Street, k.c.
Cricket and Football Field (1884), ^-^ icL Messrs. Tillotson and Son,

Ltd., Bolton. Editor, "Olympian."
Critic (189s), W., 3d. 4 Moorfields, E.C. Editor, Mr. T. W. Webb.
Crockford'8 Clerical Directory (X857), A . , £1. Bream's Buildings, Chancery
Lane, E.c. Mr. Horace Cox.
*Crown, The (1906), IV., is. Bazaar Buildings, Drury Lane, w.c.

Articles of general interest, preferably well illustrated, on a variety of
subjects on current topics — travel, motoring, sport, dress, etc. Terms
for contributions and illustrations to be obtained from the Editor at the
Editorial Offices, 35 Sackville Street. Piccadilly, w. (Publishing Offices
at B.'izaar Buildings, Drury Lane, w.c.)
Croydon Timee, Bi- W„ Jd. 108 High Street, Croydon. Proprietor, Mr. S. H.

^Csrclln^ (1891), W,, id. 7-15 Rosebery Avenue, E.C. Conducted by
Edmund dangerfield. Editors, Walter Groves and A. C. Arm-
*CycllBtB Tonring Clnt) Gazette (Gratis to Members). 47 Victoria Street, s. w.
Editor, Mr. E. R. Shipton.
The editor welcomes literary and artistic productions of interest to
cyclists, for which payment is made. No ficdon.
CjmrvL, M., 6d. Welsh Publishing Co., Carnarvon. Editor, Mr. Owen

M. Edwards, M.A.
Cymru'r Plant, M,, id. Messrs. Hughes and Son, Wrexham. Editor,
Mr. Owen M. Edwards, M.A.

Dally Chronicle (1855), }d. Chronicle Buildings, Fleet Street, E.C.

Dally Dlspatcli, id. Withy Grove, Manchester; 92 Fleet Sireet, E.C.

London Editor, Mr. Harold Owen.
Dad^ Express (1899), id. 23 St. Bride Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. C. Arthur

•Dally Graphic (1890), id. Milford Lane, Strand, w.c. Editor, Mr.

Hammond Hall.
Dally Mall (1896), id. Carmelite Street, E.c. Editor, Lord Northcliffe.
The character of the articles appearing on the fourth page of thisjoumal
are well known. I'hey should not exceed 1,200 words.
Daily Kail Tear-Book (1901). is. 6d. Carmelite House, e.c. c.o. The
Amalgamated Press, Limited.
*Dally Mirror (1903), id. 12 Whitefriars Street, e.c. Editor, Mr. Alex.
Cnsp bright news and photographs of passing events. Daily cartoon.
Dally News (1846), id. 20 Bouverie Sireet, E.c. Editor, Mr. A. G.

Dally Becord (1895), id. ; W., id. Union Sireet, Glasgow.
Dally Report (1904), D., Jd. Basildon House, Moorgale Street, E.C.
Daily Telegraph (1855), id. 135 Fleet Street, e.c. Editor, Mr. J. M.

Le Sage.
*Darllxigton and Stockton Times (1847), W,, id. Printing House Square,
Darlington. Editor, Mr. James £. Freeman, B.A. Oxon.





Deliretf I Baronetage, Knightage, and Companionage (x8xa), ^., LihoLtj
edition x6s. 66. net c.a Messrs. Dean and Son, Lnx, z6aA Fleet Street,

Debrett's House of OommonB, A., 7s. 6d. net. co. Messrs. Dean and

Son, Ltd., i6oa Fleet Street, E.a
Debrett'B Peerage and Titles of Oonrteey (17x3), A., Library editioa.

i6s. 6d. net. c.a Messrs. DEAN AND Son, Ltd., x6oa Fleet Street, R.a
Debrett'fl Peerage, Baronetage, Xnlgbtaige, and Companionago. A.,

Royal edition, 31s. 6d. net. co. Messrs. DEAN AND Son, Ltd., i6oa

Fleet Street, London, E.C.
Departmental Decisions (Local Government Board, etc.), Q., as. Mr. &

Edgecumbe Rogers, 27 a Farringdon Street, B.C.
Devon and Exeter Gazette (1885), A, }d- 329 High Street, Exeter ; 85

Fleet Street, E.G.
Devon and Somerset Weekly Kews (1873), IV., id. Gold Street, Tiverton.
Dictionary of the World's Press (1880), A., 7s. 6d. 167 Fleet Street, E.C.

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