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CO. Mr. Henry Sell.
Dioptric Review, A/,, 7s. 6d. per annum. 199 Piccadilly, w. BdUor,

Mr. John H. Sutcliffe., F.R S.L.
Directory of Directors (1880), 155. net. 77-81 Gresbam House, E.a EdUor,

Mr. T. Skinner.
Directory of TelegrapMc Addresses, A., 21s. 167 Fleet Street, K.a

CO. Mr. Henry Sell.
Dod's Parliamentary Companion (1832), A., 3s. 6d. net Messrs.

Whitaker and Co., 2 White Hart Street, e.c.
Dod's Peerage, Baronetage, eto., A. Messrs. Sibcpkin. Marshall,

Hamilton, Kent and Co., Ltd., 4 Stationers' Hall Court, k.c.
Dorset Beoords, A,, xos. 6d. 124 Chancery Lane, London, w.c Ediior,

Mr. E. A. Fry.
Drapers' Company Besearcli Memoirs. Technical Series V. Pkasson

AND Pollard. An experimental study of the stresses in Masomyand

Dams. 7.S. Dulan and Co., 37 Soho Square, w.
Dnttlin Daily Express (1851), A, id. 199 Strand, w.a Editor, Mr. James

Y. McPeake.
Dnt)lin Review, Q,, 6s. Annual subscription, post paid, £x is. 28 Ordard

Street, w., or Sub-Editor, 87 Ebury Street, s. w. Editor, Wilfrid Ward,

Esq., Lotus, Dorking, Surrey.

Catholic thought, history, antiquarian research, literature. litutgiologTi

and biography. From 5,000 to 7,000 words. A preliminary letter is

desirable. The Review endeavours to be the chief organ of religioas

thought and of historical and liturgiological research for the Catholic

r Church in England. It was founded in 1836 by Daniel O'Conndl and

Cardinal Wiseman.

Dundee Advertiser (1801), A. id. 7 Bank Street, Dundee; x86 Fleet

Street. E.C. Editor, Mr. T. Carlaw Martin., LUD.
Dondee Conrier (1816), Z>.. }d. Albert Square, Dundee ; 109 Fleet Street,

E.C. Editor, Mr. JOHN Mitchell, J. P.

Bast and West, M., is. 3d. Whiteaway, Laidlaw Building, Bombay; and

J. F. Spriggs, 21 Paternoster Square, E.C. Editor, Mr. B. M. Malabari.

Articles on political and social subjects; Indian history, thought, and

philosophy. A few literary articles. Remuneration given.

Bast Anglian, A/., 5s. per annum. Mr. A. H. Goose, Norwich. Editor,

Rev. C. H. Evelyn-White, F.S.A., Rampton Rectory, Cambridge.
Bast Anglian Daily Times (1874^. A, id. 13 Carr Street. Ipswich;
149 Fleet Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. T. R. ElkinGTON.




Eastern Dally Fross (1870), Z>., id. 57 London Street, Norwicu ; 151 Fleet

Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. A. Cozens-Hardy.
Baatem Morninir Hews, A, id. 43 Whitefriargate, Hull; 159 Fleet

S:reet. E.c. Editor, Mr. John O'Hara, F.J.I.
Boonomlc Ctoology, Semi-Q., 15s. 5d. Messrs. W. Wesley and Son,

28 Essex Street, Strand, w.c. Editors^ Prof. J. Irving, and others.
Bconomio Journal, ^., 5s. net. Annual Subscription, post free, sis.
ao, Messrs. Macmillan and Co., St. Martin's Street, w.c.
Articles by specialists.
Bconomio Rerlew, Q.^ 3s., or los. per annnm, post free. 34 King Street,
Covent Garden, w.c. Editors^ Rev. J. Carter, Rev. H. Rashdall,
Mr. H. A. Prichard, Rev. J. M. Thompson.
Occasional contribators desired; economic and social subjects; length
ten to fifteen pages ; no remuneration ; articles are usually signed, and
a preliminary letter is desirable.

IBoonoxmat (1843), ^'* ^* Granville House, Arundel Street, Strand, w.c.

Editor, Mr. Francis Hirst.
Sdinlmrsli Almanao (1837), 6s. 6d. net Tweeddale Court, Edinburgh,

CO. Messrs. Oliver and Boyd.
Bdinlrargh B^enliif mapatdi (1886), |d. 34 North Bridge Street, Edlo-

b^^rgh ; 45 Fleet Street, E.a
Edinbargn Bvanlng Nowa (1873), Z?., )d. 18 Market Street, Edinburgh;

6a Ludgate Hill, E.c. Editor, Mr. Hector Macpherson.
Edinbnzf;!! Mag«.»tiifl (1903), W., id. 8 North Bridge, Edinburgh ; 173 Fleet
Street, London, E.C.
Gives leading society news, fiction by popular writers, and vigorous
articles by prominent men.
Edlnlraigli SoTlew. ^.,55. 39 Paternoster Row, B.C. Editor, Hon. A.
Eliot. M.P.
Reviews of books, highly specialized in character, appear in the Edinburgh,
which follows the practice of roost quarterlies in arranging by com-
mlsiiion for its contributions.
Bdncatton, W,, 3d. CoimciLS and Education Press, Ltd., a8 Victoria
Street, S.W.
Educational Topics. Contributions invited.
Bdaoatioiua Timoa (1847}, 3/.. 6d. 89 Farrtngdon Street, e.c. Editor,
Prof. A. F. Murison, M.A., LUD.
Out^de contributions considered, but the remuneration is only moderate.
Articles should in some way bear on secondary or higher education ;
length from i,ooo to 2,000 words ; may be signed.
*EloctEical Engineer (i88a), ^., 3d. 139 Salisbury Court, b.c. Editor,

Mr. C. H. W. Biggs.
*Electzlcal Review (187a), W,, 4d. 4 Ludgate Hill, e.c. Editors, Mr.

H. Alabaster and Mr. T. E. Gatehouse.
Blectrieal Times (Lightning, 1801), W., 2d. 8 Bream's Buildings, E.C.

Editor, Mr. Ernest Slater, M.I.E.E.. A.M.I.M.E.
Eleetrlcal Wozl<l, 10 Norfolk Street, Strand, w.c.
*Eleotriciaa (1861). W., 6d. x, a, and $ Salisbury Court, B.a Editor, Mr.

W. R. COOPER, M.A., B.Sc., M.I.E.E., etc.
Empire Review (1901), Af., is. net. Annual Subscription, post free, 12s.
CO. Messrs. Macmillan, St. Martin's Street, w.c. Editor, Sir Clement
•XDgtneetlng (1866), IV., 6d. 35 and 36 Bedford Street, w.c Editors,
Mr. W. H. Maw and Mr. B. A. Raworth.





^Engineering Magarine. The. M., is. net Kean Street, Aldwych, w.c.
Articles by experts on engineering and technical subjects of the day.
Length, 3.000 to 4,000 words. AH matter is paid for, articles are
signed, and a preliminary letter is necessary. MSS. are returned
when accompanied by stamps.
*Bnglneerlng Record, The, W.^ 6d. 10 Norfolk Street, Strand, w.c.
'Engineering Review (1898), M, , 6d. Gwydor Chambers, 104 High Holbora,
w.c. Editor, Mr. C. E. Allen, A.I.M.E.
Articles on engineering subjects, illustrated, from 3,000 to 5,000 words.
Payaient by arrangement.
Engineering Times (18^), M^., 2d. 6 Bouverie Street, e.c.

Articles of a practical or critical nature, dealing with a particular branch
of civil, mechanical, or electrical engineering. MSS. returned if staiups
Engineering World (1901), Af., ad. 85 Fleet Street, E.a Editor, Mr.

GuiLBERT Pitman.
English Catalogue, y4. c.o. Messrs. Sampson Low and Co., 17A Paternoster

Row, E.C.
English Historical Review, ^., 5s. 39 Paternoster Row, E.C Editor^
R. L. Poole.
Original articles and reviews of books, written by specialists ; unfHiblished
historical documents.
•English Illustrated Magazine (1883), AT, 6d. 358, Strand, w.c. Editor,
Mr. Oscar Parkek.
Chiefly illustrated articles, preferably of literary interest. Short stories
from 2,000 to 10,000 words. Accepted matter liberally paid for. MSS.
(typewritten) and drawings must be accompanied by stamped addressed
•English Mechanic (1865), H^., 2d. Clement's Inn Passage, Strand, w.c
Editor, Mr. E. J. Kibblewhite.
Articles descriptive or suggestive of mechanical or scientific progress.
For ordinary matter payment at rate of half a guinea per column.
Englishwoman's RcTlew, The. Q., is. 23 Bemers Street, w.

A publication dealing with the social and industrial progress of women in
all parts of the world. Articles on questions relating to women's work,
etc, are considered.
Englishwoman's Tear-Book (1881), 2s. 6d. net Soho Square, w.

Messrs. A. and C. Black.
Entomologist, A/., 6d. 54 Hatton Gaxden, E.c. Editor, Mr. Richakd

South, F.E.&
Entomologist's Monthly Magaiine, 6d. net. 10 Paternoster Row, E.C.

Editor, Mr. G. C. Champion. F.Z.S., and others.
Era (1837), ^K, 6d, 5 Tavistock Street, w.a
Era Almanack (1868), is. 5, Tavistock Street, w.c.
Essex County Gbronicle (1764), W., id. c.o. Messrs. Meggy, Thompson

AND Co., Clielmsford. Editor Mr. THOMAS THOMPSON.
Essex Oonnty Standard (1831), W,, id. 24 High Street, Colchester.

Editors, Mr. GuRNEY Benham and Mr. Chas. £. Bbnham.
Essex Herald (1800), (K, id. c.o. Messrs. Meggy, Thompson and Co.

Chelmsford. Editor, Mr. Thomas Thompson.
Essex Newsman (1870), IV„ ^d. c.o. Messrs. Meggy, Thompson and Co ,

Chelmsford. Editor, Mr. Thomas Thompson.
Essex Telegraph (1858), Bi- W., id. Head Street, Colchester.
Estates Qasette, IV., 3d. 34 and 35 Kirby Street, Hatton Garden, E.a
Ethical Beyiew, Occasional, 3d. 4 Kingdon Road, Hampstead, N.w.
Editor, Mr. MARK H. Judge.




fitllloal World, Tha, ^f., zd. 17 Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, e.Ci

Btbologlcal Journal, Tbe, ^., annual subscription, 5s. 35A Welbeck

Street, w. Rditor, Bernard Hollander, M.D.
Enjfenlc Laboratoxy Mexnoin, m. Schuster, E., *' The Promise of Youth,"

2S. 6d. Dulau and Co., 37 Soho Square, W.
Evening News, £>., ^d. Carmelite House, e.c.
Svening News and Soatheni Daily Hall, |d. Stanhope Road, Portsmontb*

Editor, Mr. William G. Gates.
Evening Standard and Bt James's Oajette, Z7., id. 132 and 134 Fleet

Street. E.c. Editor, Mr. W. A. Woodward.
Expert (1906), W., 3d. R. C. Chinn. z Albemarle Street, w.
Bzpoeitor, Af., IS. Warwick Square, E.C. Editor, Dr. R. Nigoll.
Expository Ttanes, Af., 6d. Messrs. T. and T. Clark, Edinburgh. Editor,

Rev. James Hastings, D.D.

FaUan News, A/., zd. 3 Qement's Inn, w.c. Editor, Mr. E. R. Pease.
Falrplay (1883), PT., 6d. 34 Leadenhall Street, E.c. Editor^ Mr. Tho&

Hope Robinson.
Family Ckmpanion, Tbe, J/., zd. Allerton House, Ardwick. Green, Man-
*Family Friend, M., zd. 8 and 9 Paternoster Row, E.c

Travel, biography, occasional short stories oif domestic and religious
interest. Preliminary letter is desirable.
Family Herald, W., id. 23 and 34 Henrietta Street, w.a Messrs. Wm.
Stevens, Ltd.
Any article of general interest. Stories are accepted, and remnaeration
is given according to arrangement.
Family Herald Supplement, W,, zd. 23 and 24 Henrietta Street, w.c.
Messrs. Wm. Stevens, Ltd.
An original complete novel appears weekly. This old-established
periodical affords a good field for writers of ability.
Family Btory-Teiler, 6d. ; 3s. 6d. in doth. 23 and 24 Henrietta Street, w.c'
Messrs. Wm. Stevens, Ltd.
Complete original novels, published monthly.
Fannie Bden*s Fenny Stories, W,, zd. 17 New Bridge Street, e.c.

Editor, Mr. Hartlev Aspden.
'Farm and Home (1882), W,, zd. Z7 Fumival Street, Holbom, E.c Editor,
Mr. W. Robinson.
Articles on farming and dairy stibjects ; also household notes. Remunera-
tion is at the rate of i29. a column.
Fftrm and Home Tear-Book, is. 17 Fumival Street, Holbom, e.c Editor,

Mr. W. Robinson.
*Farm, Field, and Fireside (1887), W„ id. 3 Wellington Street, Strand, w.c
Notes, paragraphs, and short articles dealing with country life, poultry,
and garden. Illustrations from photographs and sketches.
^Farmer and BtodtDreeder (Z843), W., id.; Tear-Book, is. 6 Essex

Street, Strand, w.c Editor, Mr. J. S. Macdonald.
Favontlte Fiction Series, 6d. 23 and 24 Henrietta Street, w.c Messrs,
Wm. Stevens, Ltd.
CompletB novels are published in this series.




*Feat&0ied World (1889), W,, zd. 9 Arandel Street, Stnmd, w.c £dUar,
Mrs. Comyns-Lewer.
Interestio^ and practical articles on poulliy, and pigeons, with or without
illustrations. Length, 1,500 to 2,000 words. Only MSS. accompanied
by stamps are returned ; a preliminary letter is desirable, and articles
are signed.
Federal Magazixia, Ai., 3d; League of the Empire, Caxton Hall, West-
Fenlaad Notes and Qnerlea, Q., is. 6d. Mr. G. C Caster, Peterborougfa.

Editor, Rev. W. D. Sweeting.
*PieUL (1853). IV„ 6d. Bream's Buildings, E,c. Editor, Mr. Wm. Senior.
Sport and pastime, travel, agriculture, gardening, country-life recreations,
and out-door interests. The editor receives contributions from all
parts of the world, and these are considered on tlie usual conditions.
NO fiction. Rate of payment, varies.
Figaro and Irish GentlewonuuL (1890), W,, zd. Figaro Printing and

Publishing Co., Dublin.
Financial News (1884), D., id. xz Abcburch Lane, e.c. Editor, Mr.

H. H. Marks.
Financial Reform Almanack, zs. z8 Hackin*s Hey, Liverpool
Financial Times (z888), D.^ td. 72 Coleman Street, e.c.
FlBhlng Oaiette (For Anglers) J['^)i ^•» ^' ^^ Dunstan's House,
Fetter Lane, E.C. Editor, Mr. R. B. Marston.
*F0C1U, W.t zd. Harp Alley, Farringdon Street, E.C.

Articles of real practical utility to amateur photographers, x,ooo to z,aoo
words. Matter must be original, accurate, and as far as possible the
outcome of the writer's o¥m experience and practice. Payment by
arrangement. Numerous prizes offered to amateur photographers.
Always glad to see examples of pictorial photography with a view to
Folk-Lore, Q., 5s. 57-59 Long Acre, w.a c.o. Mr. D. Nutt.
Football Tlmea (Z884), W,, zd. Inverness. Proprietors, Messrs. Taylor

AND Bain.
Foreign Offloe list (185s), zos. 6d. Pall Mall, s.w. co. Messrs. Harrison

AND Sons.
*FOKget-Me-lfot (Z89Z), W,, zd. Carmelite House, Carmelite Stieet, B.C
Managing Editor, Mr. Hamilton Edwards.
Bright short stories (7.500 words) and articles of domestic interest. Re-
muneration about one guinea per page. Serial stories from 60,000
words suitable for girls and young ladies are wanted.
Fortnightly Beview, M., 2s. 6d. zz HenrietU Street, w.c. Editor^ Mr.
W. L. Courtney.
Artxles on sodal, literary, and political matters, from 4,000 to 7,000
words in length. Articles are generally signed, although anonymous
articles are insened from time to time. A preliminary letter is desirable.
Ftee Oliiirch Cbroniole (1899), il/., 2d. Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street,


Ftee Chnrchman. M„ id. Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street. B.a

Editor, Mr. Herbert D. Williams.
Free Lance (1900), W., zd. 37 Southampton Street, w.c.

Paragraphs and articles of a topical and interesting nature are con-
sidered, which must be in good style and taste, for which payment, if
accepted, is made during the week of pablicntion.
Freeman's Journal (1763), A. id. Princes Street, Dublin; aiz Strand,
W.C. Bdiior, Mr. W. H. Bratden.




*me Buflsla, A/., IS. 6d. per annum. Mr. T. Laurie, i Adelphi Terrace,

w.c. Editor t Mr. F. Volkhovsky, 47 Tunley Road, Balham, s.w.
FUend (1843), W,, id. (Editorial) Buckfield, Leominster ; (Publishers)
Messrs. Headlev Bros., 14 Bishopsgate Street Without, E.C. Editor,
Mr. H. S. Newman.
^Friendly LeaTM. M., id. 44 "Victoria Street, s.w. Editor, Miss
Chuistabel R. Coleridge.
An illustrated magazine for girls.
Ftl«nd]y lAgtiX, ^., 3d. 44 Victoria Street, Westminster. Editor, Miss
F. J. Lawrence.
A magazine in Braille for blind members.
Ptiendly work for Ftlendly Workers, A/., id. 44 Victoria Street, s.w.
Editor, Miss M. M. Thompson.
Specially meant for elder members of Girls' Friendly Society.
Ftoit-Orower. nmiterer. Florist, and Market-Oardamer (1895), W., id.

I, a, and 3 Salisbury Court, e.g. Editor, Mr. G. Tugker.
trf%: Tlie Outdoor Magailiie (1904), M,,6A. 12 Burleigh Street, Strand,
w.c. Edited by C. B. Fry, 1004,
Chiefly devoted to outdoor life and sport ; it has a wide following among
all classes. Articles are generally arranged in the office ; they varv in
length ; striking and original photographs are generally essential ; a
preliminary letter is advisable ; payment by arrangement Short stories
from 1,500 to 3,000 words, having an outdoor or sporting interest
Stories should contain human as well as particular interest, and should
be vigorous or humorous. Anecdotes and first-rate personal matter
connected with well-known people in sport and outdoor life, and with
well-known people who, though best known for other pursuits, also
have outdoor or sporting interests, are acceptable.
^tvaeaij Onta, (K, ^d. 32 Fleet Lane, b.c.

^ort stories, generally humorous, and iiinny line drawings. Payment
by arrangement
For and Featbar (1888), W., zd. Idle, Bradford. Bdit(fr, Mr. T. J.

Gaelic Jonxnal (1882), A/., 2d. 24 Upper O'Connell Street, Dublin. Edited

for the Gaelic League by Tadhg O'Donoghub.
Oalnsboroilgli Noy^Is, W., id. 158 Fleet Street, E.G.

Two complete stories are contained in each number. Long, complete
novels, brightly written, and of interest to ladies. Payment is maae by
*Garden, Tlie (1871), H^., id. 20 Tavistock Street, w.c. Editor, Mr. E. T.
Articles on practical and descriptive gardening. No fiction. Remunera-
tion is given.
Gaxden Annual (1881), is. 17 Fumival Street, Holbom. Editor, Mr. W.

*Gard6ner (1899), W., id. La BeUe Sauvage, e.c. Editor, Mr. W. P.

'Qardeners' Obronlcla (1841), W., 3d. 41 Wellington Street, w.c. Editor,

Prof. J. Bretland Farmer, D.Sc, M.A., F.R.S.
^Oardenen' Magazine (1833), W., 2d. 148 and 149 Aldersgate Street, b.c

Editor, Mr. GEORGE Gordon, V.M.H.
*aaxdenlng ninstrated (1879), W., id. 17 Fumival Street, Holbom, e.c
Editor, Mr. W. Robinson.




Qu Wofld (1884), W., 4d. Messrs. John Allan and Co., 8 Booveiie

Street. E.a Editor, Mr. J AS. Stewaht.
OaB World Year-Book, 7s. 6d. Messrs. John Allan and Co., 8 Boaverie

Street, k.c. Editor, Mr. John Douglas.
Oem, The (1906), W., Jd. 2 Carmelite House, Carmelite Street, e.c
Managing Editor, Mr. Hamilton Edwards.
Complete school tales, 22,000 words in length. Payment on publication.
Oentleman'i Magaartne, Tlie (1731), ^.. zs. i York Street, Covent
Garden, w.a Editor, Mr. Sylvanus Uhban.
A magazine for those engaged in literary and antiquarian research, or
interested in biography, history, archaeology, topography, natural
history, adventure, poetry, art, and social subjects. Payment not
QenUewoman, The (1890), W,, 6d. 70 Long Acre, w.c. Editor, Mr. J. S.
Matter of special interest to women. A literary illustrated newspaper
foremost in fashions, stories, etc. Best length for articles 1,000 to
1.500 words. A preliminary letter is desirable. Articles are occasionally
signed. Exclusive matter or pictures specially paid for.
Oeogxaphlcal Journal, A/., 2s. 14 Long Acre, w.c. Editor, Dr. J. Scott

Kbltjb, LL.D.
Geological Magazine (1858), M,, is. 6d. Messrs. Dulau and Ca,

37 Soho Square, w.
ae<flogy, The Journal of, Semi-Q, , i6s. Messrs. W. Wesley and Son, aS
Essex Street, Strand, W.C. Editors, Prof. T. Chahberlin, and others.
•Ofrri Own Paper (1880), W.,id.; M.,6d. 4 Bouverie Street, E.C. Editor,
Mr. C. Peters.
Wholesome fiction and domestic papers, running to about a page and a
half, at a guinea per x,ooo words. A preliminary letter is not desired.
Articles are generally signed.
*01ilB' FMen4 (1898), W„ id. 2 Carmelite House. Carmelite Street, B.C.
Managing Editor, Mr. Hamilton Edwards.
Serial stories. 70.000 to 100.000 words in length. Healthy in tone,
moderately sensational, with a strong love interest and plenty of pathos,
conventional happy ending. Complete short stories, 6,000 words in
length, same style as serials. Articles for fashion page. All copy type-
written. Payment on publication.
*aixl8' Realm. A/.. 6d. La Belle Sauvage. Ludgate Hill, B.C. Editor,
Mr. S. H. Lebder.
Illustrated articles of interest to girls; short stories, from 1,500 words and
upwards. Payment not stated.
airlB' School Year-Book, The (Pahlic BchoolB), 2s. 6d. net 25 High Street,

Bloomsbury, w.c. c.o. Messrs. Swan Sonnenschein and Co., Ltd.
COaagow News (1875), ^. (Six editions daily— afternoon and evening.) Hope

Street, Glasgow ; 47 Fleet Street. B.a Editor, Mr. J. Murray Sicith.
Olai^pow Herald (1782). Z>.. id. ; W,, id. 65-69 Buchanan Street, Glasgow ;

112 Fleet Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. William Wallace, LL.D.
Olaagow WeeUy Hall, id. Union Street, Glasgow; 173 and 175 Fleet

Street, E.C.
Globe (1803). D., id. 367 Strand, w.c. Editor, Mr. G. E. Armstrong.
*aolden Stories, W,, id. 17 New Bridge Street, s.a Editor, Mr. Hartley


Domestic stories of good character, about 20,000 words long, payment
for which is made at from ^f 10 to ;£'i5 15s.
GNflf ninitnited (1890), W„ 6d. 33 Temple Chambers, E.C.




a«lllnff(i8Q6], PK, id. 17 Bouverie Street, E.c. Publishers and Proprietors,

Messrs. J. M. Munro, Ltd.
Good Tamplan' WatcHword, M., zd. R. J. James. 3 and 4 London
House Yard, E.C.
The Origan of the Grand Lodge of England.
*Ck)Od WordB, W„ id. Temple Chambers, Temple Avenue, E.a

A popular reli^ous weekly paper in want of brightly-written topical articles
of religious interest. Serisd stories from 60,000 words.
QoodwiU, A/., id. 3 Paternoster Buildings, E,a Editor, Rev. J. Adderley.
Ctosport and OoTmty Journal (1905), W,, id. Star Chambers, High Street.

Granta, W., 6d. 43 Sidnqr Street, Cambridge.
*Graplito (1869), W., 6d. Tallis Street, Victoria Embankment, E.C.

Short stories and illustrated articles. Drawings, sketches, and photo-
graphs of all kinds are used.
Oreat Thonglits, W., id. 37 and 38 Temple House, Tallis Street, E.C.
Editor, Rev. R. P. Downes, LUD.
Literary, artistic, and religious articles of high tone, not exceeding 2,000
words. Remuneration by arrangement; pa3rment on acceptance.
Articles are signed. A preliminary letter is optional.
Gnazdian (1846). IV., 3d. 5 Burleigh Street, Strand, W.a Editor,
Mr. J. Penderel-Brodhurst.
MS& are considered by the editor, who desires his correspondents to
understand that a stamped and addressed envelope must in every case
accompany any uninvited contribution sent to him. He will endeavour
to return all rejected MSS., but cannot be responsible for loss.

•HalQpeimy Oomlo, W,, |d. 13 Farringdon Avenue, e.c.

Short stories and serials (adventures and sensational), illustrated jokes,
comic pictures. Payment by arrangement.
Ball&x Daily anardlan, The (1906), id. George Street, Halifax. Editor,

Mr. E. O'Brien.
Ballfkx Onardian (1832), W„ xd. George Street, Hali&x. Editor, Mr.

E. O'Brien.
Bampihlre County Times, W., id. 154 Queen Street, Portsmouth.
HampsUre Telegraph (1799), W,, 3d. Stanhope Road, Portsmouth.

Editor, Mr. William Gates,
Bandy Bhipplxig Guide, W., 6d. 11 Bevis Marks, E.C. EdUor, Mr. W. C.

Pickering, 1-9, Green Lanes, N.
H^dy Stories. Long complete novels of 34,000 words. Domestic interest,

with happy endings.
Happy Hour Series of Popular Stories, W., id. 23 and 24 Henrietta

Street, w.c. Messrs. William Stevens, Ltd.
^Earper's tfagazlne, M,, is. 45 Albemarle Street, w. Editor, Mr. H. M.
Authoritative articles dealing with travel, science, art, and literature;
also high-class short stories. Remuneration is given.
Haixlson's Home Noyelfl, W., id. 8 Farrinsdon Avenue, e.c.

Love stories, which must be bright and full of dramatic interest. Prelimi-
nary letter preferred. Payment (by arrangement) depends upon the
value of the contribution.
Baza's Annual (1885), A., 3s. 6d. 5a Long Acre^ w.c co. Messrs.
. Hazbll, Watson, and Viney.
Ifoalth, W„ id. 358 Strand, w.c.

Health Beoord and P^ycho-Tharapentio Journal, The (1901), J/., 3d.
3 Bayley Street, Bedford Square, w.c. Editor, Mr. Arthur Hallam.




Hearth and Home (1891), W., 3d. 10 and xi Fetter Lane, s.c. Mdiiar,
J. J. Nolan.
Fashion sketches, articles on topics of interest to ladies, and good short
stories are entertained. Payment, 15s. per 1,000 words.
Hdlpincr Words, M., id. 4 St. Bride Street, B.C. Editor, Mr. J AMES A.
Articles on religious and family subjects, 1,500 words. Serials, 90,000
words. Domestic tales, 3,000 words. Payment by arrangement. Cash
on acceptance.
Hlbbert Journal, Q., 2s. 6d. net. 14 Henrietta Street, w.c. Editor, Prof.

L. P. Jacks, M.A.
Higllland News (1883), W., id. Inverness. Proprietors, Messrs. Taylor

AND Bain.
Highland Tlmea (1895), W., id. Inverness. Proprietors, Messrs. Taylor

AND Bain.
mndnstan Review, The (1899), M., 8s. per annum. 7 Elgin Road, Allaha-
bad. Editor, Mr. S. Sinha, Barrister^it-Law.
Articles on all subjects of general interest, especially those bearing on
current Indian topics—political and administrative, social and religious ;
also those dealing with Indian literature, history, and philosophy.
Articles as a rule signed. Contributions from England desired.
Remuneration given.
*HobUeB, W„ id. 12 Paternoster Square, E.C. BdUor, Mr. J. Hbmxt Vines.
Articles of from 1,500 to 2,000 words in length (preferably illustrated),
dealing with home arts and handicrafts {e.g,, fretwork, bent ironworic,
carving), and the various collecting hobbies. No fiction. Remnnem-
tion is given.
*Home, M,, id. 3 Brushfield Street, E.C.

An iUustrated journal for the home, with stories, articles, eta Articles

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