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on household topics, short stories, etc. Rate of payment by arrange-
Home and Colonial Kail (1878), W., 6d. Temple Chambers, B.c BdUor,

Mr. Arthur H. Wheeler.
*Ho]ne Chat (1895), W„ id. a Carmelite House, Carmelite Street, B.a
Editor, Miss Maud Bown.
Articles on domestic subjects, or dealing with phases of social life.
Length from 500 to i,aoo words. Stories of strong love interest,
pleasant in tone, from 1,500 to 2,500 words. Remuneration varies.
*Home Cinde, W„ id. Carmelite House, Carmelite Street, E.C. Managing
Editor, Mr. HAMILTON Edwards.
Domestic stories with happy tone (5,000 words). Remuneration, about
one guinea a page. Serial stories of 60,000 words and upwards of
either light love interest or melodramatic character will be given very
careful consideration.
*Home Companion (1897), W., id. Carmelite House, Temple, e.c. Manag-
ing Editor, Mr. Hamilton Edwards.
Short stories of a bright, happy character, 6,000 words. Serial stories
from 50,000 words. Appeals to women who manage their own homes.
*Home Conntles Magailne, Q., is. 6d. net 44 Chancery Lane, w.a
Editor, Mr. W. Paley Baildon, F.S.A.
Short articles on topography and antiquities of the home counties, based,
if possible, on original research. Payment by arrangement.
*Home Life, AT., id. 8 Johnson's Court, E.C. Editor, Miss F. Cart-
Practical artides on domestic subjects. Complete stories (5.000 to 6,000
words). Payment by arrangement.




ITotes, IV„ Id. z8 Henrietta Street, w.c.
Bright and useful articles about household matters. Short stories of
about 4,000 words. Serials by armogemeot Payment acoording to
Home wordi (1869), Af., id. zi Ludgate Square, E.c
Homlletio Bevlew, Af., is. 44 Fleet Street, E.a Editor, Rev. T. K.

Funk. P.D.
Homer's Penny Stoiles (1870), IV„ zd. 17 New Bridge Street, e.c.
Editor, Mr. Hartley Aspden.

Stories of a relifjious tone, 18.000 words long. Payment per story, £9^
Homer's Pocket UlHraiy (1901), W., zd. Z7 New Bridge Street, E.C.
BdHor, Mr. Hartley Aspden.
Short complete story. Payment, £\o to ;f 14 each.
Holler's Weeldy, zd. 17 New Bridge Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. Hastlet
Miscellaneous articles of rdiglous interest, one short story, and one seri^
AU articles and paragraphs paid for.
Btese eaA Hound (1884), W. 15 York Street, Covent Garden, w.c.

Editor, Mr. A. F. B. PORTMAN.
Hospital (1885), W,, 3d. a8 and 39 Southampton Street, Strand, w.c.

Editor, Sh- H. Burdett, K.C.a
Hnddersfldld Examiner (1851), A, id. ; W„ ad. Ramsden Street,

Httddersfield ; 5 New Bridge Street, K.C.
Hull Daily Kews (iSca), D,, id. 43 Whitefriaigate. Hull; 159 Fleet

Street, B.C. Editor, Mr. Arthur Tidman.
Bnmuie Review, Q„ is. York House) Portugal Street, Lincola's Inn, w.a

Editor, Mr. Henry S. Salt.
HnmaiiitarisJi, AT., id« 53 Chancery Lane, w.a Bdiior, Mr. H. S. Salt.

*XIiIb, 0., 8s. 3 Hanover Square, w. Edilors, Mr. P. L. Sclatbk, D.Sc,

F.R.S., and Mr. A. H. Evans.
*Ideas, W„ id. Withy Grove, Manchester ; zi8 Fleet Street, E.C Editor^
Mr. H. H. Sanders.
Smart articles on topical subjects, jokes (illustrated) by eminent artiste
Dramatic stories. A feature is the publication from time to time of the
inner history of dramatic events. Original articles and jokes are well
paid for.
*Idler, ^., 6d. 53 Henrietta Street, Strand, w.c. Editor^ Mr. Robert
Light, huoBorous, and interesting stories and sketches, from 1,000 to
4,000 words in length. Also poems. AU submitted matter is promptly
returned or acknowledged. The contributor's name should Ime plainly
written on each contribution. A preliminary letter is quite unneoessary.
Articles are signed.
*Xlliuitrated Bits, W,, id. 158 Fleet Street, B.a Editor, Mr. T. H.

*IIltiBtnited Family KoveUst, id. 26 Dean Street, Fetter Lane, E.c.

Long complete ladies' novels, either with illustrations or suitable for
illustration. A preliminaiy letter is necessary. Payment by arrange-
*miistrated London News (1843), W.^ 6d. 173 Strand, w.a Editor^ Mr.
Bbucs S. Ingram.
iThe Editor considers articles, not exceeding 1,100 words in length* on
subjects of topical interest Payment at rate of two guineas per x,ooo




*miufenit6d KaU (1890). W., Id, Carmelite Hoase, ex.
mnBtratad Ofllolal Jonxnal (Patents) (1889), IV, , 6d. (by postp 8d.).

35 Southampton Baildings, Chancery Lane, w.c
'miutrated Sportliifir and Dramatic Newa (1874), W„ 6d. 172 Strand,
w.c. Art Editor, Mr. G. J. Maddick; LiUrary Editor, Mr. A. C.
Pictures, short stories, paragraphs and articles relating to sport and
dramatic matters. Remuneration by airangemenL
Imp, The, M. Messrs. Greening and Co., Ltd., 91 St. Martin's Lane,
A magazine dealing with literary and general matters.
Imparial and Asiatlo Quarterly Review, 5s. net. The Oriental Institute,

Woking, and Messrs. Simpkin, Marshall and Co., London.
&idox Ubrary, Q., 21s. per annum. 124 Chancery Luie, w.c. Editor,

Mr. E. A. Fry.
Index to "The Times" (Bsuley's). 5 Great College Street, s.w. Editor,

Miss N. Bailey.
Index to *<The Times" (Palmer's), £9. Richmond House, Sheppertoo, S.W.

Editor, Mr. S. Palmer.
Iiulla, W., 3d. 85 Palace Chambers, s.w.
IiLdia Office List, The, xos. 6d. Pall Mall, s.w. &o. Messrs. Harrison

AND Sons.
Indian Kagaalne and Review, Af., 3d. National Indian Association,

Caxton Hall, Victoria Street, 8.W.
Indian Review, M., xos. per annum. (Devoted to the discussion of all topics
of general interest) zo Esplanade Row, Madras. Editor, Mr. G. A.
Nates AN, B.A.
ContributiODS from England desired. Articles are, as a rule, signed. No
restriction as to the choice of subjects. Remuneration depends.
*lQftnta' Magailne, Af., zd. 8 and 9 Paternoster Row, E.a

Bright and amusing yerses and pictures in line or wash. Payment by
International Journal of Ethics, ^. , 2s. 6d. 14x5 Locust Street, Philadelphia,
U.S.A., and Messrs. Swan Sonnenschbin and Co., London. Editors,
Mr. S. Burns Weston, Philadelphia, and Prof. J. Sb Mackenzie,
University College, CardiE
Intematloiial Musical Journal and Magazine (1899), ^- ^^ Q-* together
£1 per annum. Messrs. Breitkopt and H Artel. 54 Great Marlboroogh
Street, w. Editor, Dr. C. Maclean (for Great Britain, eta).
Serious essays on musical subjects — current, abstract, or historical.
Signed. Remuneration on the merits.
Inventor's Review, il/., 3d. 99 Cannon Street, e.c Editor, Mr. E. Eaton.
^Investor's Review (1892), W., 6d. Norfolk Street, w.c Edited fy Messrs.

A. J. Wilson and Son.
bish Cydlst, IV., id. 34 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin. Editors, Messrs.

R. J.Mecredy and J. C. Percy.
Irish Monthly (1873), 6d. St. Francis Xavier's, Upper Gardiner Street,

Dublin. Editor, Rev. Matthew Russell, S.J.
Irish Booiety (1888), W,, id. la D'Olier Street, Dublin.
Irish Times (1859), £>.. id. ; W., id. 31 Westmoreland Street. Dublin;

61 and 153 Fleet Street, E.c. Editor, Mr. John E. Healy.
Itonmonger, The, Universal Engineer and Metal Trades' Advertiser (1859),
IV., 6d. 4a Cannon Street. E.C. Editor, Mr. A. C, MeyJES.
Technical or commercial articles relating to metals and the metal trades,
If written by experts. Remuneration by arrangement.




Ills, TbB, Oxford Undergraduate Weekly (1899), 6d. Messrs. Aldbn and

Co., Ltd., Bocardo Press, Oxford. Present Editor, R. A. Knox, Baliiol


Exlitors are freqaendy changed as men leave the University. Among

recent Editors have been H. C. Bailey and Desmond Coke ; and many

of its contributors are now eminent in literature and politics, e,g.,

Hilaire Belloc, A. E. W. Mason, R. C Lehmann, Keble Howara,

J. A. Simon, F. E. Smith, etc.

Isle Of Wiirtit Joumal and Newport Times (1870), W. , id. Newport, I. W.

Japaneee Jonmal of Commerce (1893), Q., sub. Eastern Press Ltd.,

3 Chancery Lane, w.c.
* Jester, The, W., id. a Carmelite House, Carmelite Street. Editor, Mr.

G. Heath-Cantle.
Jewish Ghronlcle (1841). W., 2d. 2 Finsbury Square, E.C.
Jewish Uteraxy Aminai, is. 38 Fitzroy Square, w. Editors, Messrs.

N. DE M. Bentwick and Leon Simon.
Jewish Quarterly Review, The, 3s. 6d. ; annual subscription, post free, iis.

Messrs. Macmillan and Co., Ltd., St. Martin's Street, w.c. Editors,

Mr. L Abrahams and Mr. C G. Montefiore.
Jewish World, W., td. 7 South Street, Finsbury, E.G. Editor, Mr.

Lucien Wolf.
Jewish Tear-Book, The (1895), ss. 6d. Messrs. Greenbbrg and Ca, Ltd.,

80 Chancery Lane, w.c. Editor, Rev. I. HARRIS, M.A.
Jonmal of the African Boolety (1901), Q., 6s. net. Messrs. Macmillan,

St. Mardn's Street, w.c.
Jonmal of Anatomy and FhyBlol(^:y, Q. , 6s. 12 Exeter Street, Strand, w.c.
Jonmal of Botany, British and Foreign (1863), Af., is. 8d., illustrated.

54 Hatton Garden, E.a
Jonmal of Gonoh<aogy, Q., is. 6d. Dulau and Co., 37 Soho Square, w.
Jonmal of Eoonomio BlolOfiry. The, annual sut>scription, i6s. c.o. Messrs.

Dulau and Co., 37 Soho Square, w. Editor, Walter E. Collingr,

M.Sc., University of Birmingham.
Publishes original Investigations in Economic Biology. Illustrations are a
special feature.
Jonmal of Education, The (1869), M», 6d. 3 Broadway, Ludgate Hill,

E.C. Editor, Mr. F. Storr.
Jonmal of Hellenic Studies, The, hi-A,, 15s. net. Messrs. Macmillan,

St. Martin's Street, w.c
Jonmal of the Incorporated Society of Mnsclans (1888), M,, 3d.

19 Bcmers Street, w.
Notices and reports of meetings ; papers read ; pass lists of examinations.
Jonmal of the marine Biological Association, Irregular, 3s. 6d. net.

Dulau and Co. , 37 Soho Square, w.
Jonmal of Mental Science, ^., 5s. 7 Great Marlborough Street, w.

Editors, Drs. Rayner, Urquhart, Norman, and Chambers.
Jonmal of the "Ex LLbris" Society, M., 2s. net. 4 Soho Square, w.

Editor, Mr. W. H. K. Wright, Public Library, Plymouth.
Jonmal of Philology, Bi-A,^ 4s. 6d. ; annual subscription, post free, 9s.

Messrs. Macmillan, St. Martin's Street, w.c. Editors, Mr. W. Alois

Wright, M.A., Mr. Ingram Bywater, M.A., and Mr. Henry Jack-
son, Utt.D.
Jonmal of the Royal Agrlcnltnral Society, ^., los. Mr. John Murray,

50A Albemarle Street, w.




Jonnial of tbB Boyal 860IM7 9t AatUiiuurtos of Irelaa^ Q„ 3s. 104

Qrafton Street, Dublin. Bdttor, Mr. Robert Cochrank, LL.D., LS.O.,

Jonznal of tlie Bosral AztiUexy (formerly ' ' Proceedings of the Royal ArtiDery

Insiituiion "), M., as. 6d. DuLAU AND Co., 37 Soho Square, w.
Jounal of the Royal BIlaroBcoplcal Society, BUM,, 66. net 14 Hen-
rietta Street, Covent Garden, w.c.
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Q,, ^ 9 Adelpbi Terrace.

Strand, w.c.
Journal of tbe Royal Sanitary Institute, M., zs. Mr. E. Stanford, iia,

13, and 14 Long Acre, w.c Edited by A Committee of the Institutk.
Journal of the Sode^ of Architects, The, M», 6d. Staple Inn Buildings,

Holborn, w.c.
Journal of the Society of Arts (1852), W,, 6d. York House, Portugal

Street, W.c.
•Judy, W., 2d. 57 and 58 Chanoerv Lane, w.c. Proprietor, Mrs. A. V. B.

WooDiwiss. Editor, Mr, F. W. VOGT. Sub-Editor, Mr. Frederick L.

Juridical Rerlev, Q., 3s. 6d. St Qiles' Street, Edinburgh, ca Messrs.

Wm. Green and Sons.
Jtutice (1884), W., id. 37A Clerkenwell Green, B.c.
Jtistlce of the Peace (1837), ^., 6d. 7 and 8 Fetter Lane. G.a Sdiiors,

Mr. C. E. Allan, M.A., LL.B. ; Mr. J. Scholefield; Mr. G. R.

Hill, M.A., Barristers-at-Law.
Keepsake Novels (1907), W., id. 67 Long Acre. w,c. Messrs. E. J.

Brett, Ltd.
Heat Vaaaenget and WafdHtone Tdegraph, Tri-lV,, xd. Maidstone.

Managing Editor, Mr. B. P. Boorman ; Ntws Editor, Mr. F. E.

Kentish Express (1855), W., id. High Street, Ashford. Editor, Mr.

Charles Igglesden.
Kentish Mercury (1833), (K, id. 6-14 Blackheath Road, Greenwich, S.E. ;

2 Grocers' Hall Court, Poultry ; 167-169 Upper Thames Street ; and 33-35

Moor Lane, E.C, Proprietors, Messrs. Merritt and Hatcher, Ltd.
^Knowledge and Ulustrated Scientific News (1881), M,, 6d. net. 37

Chancery Lane, w.c. Editors, Major B. Baden- PoWELL, F.R.A.S.,

F.R.Met.Soc, and Mr. E. S. GREW, Mj\.
Original matter in science, literature, and art; average length,
words, also illustrations. A preliminary letter is not necessary. Articles
are signed.

Labour Leader, W,, id. Hotspur Press, Whitworth Street West.

Manchester. Editor, Mr. J. Bruce Glasier.
Labour News, W,, id. 10 Farrlngdon Avenue, e.c. Editor, Mr. Geo.

La Chronique, W., id. 29 Bessborough Street, s.w. Editor, Mr. A. P.

*Ladies' Field (1898), W„ 6d. Messrs. Geo. Newnes, Ltd., Southampton
Street, w.c. Editor, Lady Colin Campbell.
A sixpenny Illustrated artistic journal, preferring such matter as will interest
cultured women. Length of mntter varies, but ariiclea should not
exceed z,ooo to 1,500 wor5s. A preliminary letter is desirahlft Some
articles are signed. Remuneration varies according to merit




•lady (1885). W,, 3d. 39 and 40 Bedford Street, w.c. Bdiior, Miss Rita
Anything of interest to women. Articles should seldom exceed z,ooo
words. The remuneration varies. Short stories published from time
to time; articles are not as a rule signed. A preliminary letter is
LaAy ofFkBllloil, The, W,, id. za and 13 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden,
Short articles (1,200 words) on subjects of interest to ladies, and up-to-
date stories of 1,500 to 3,000 words in length. Payment depends on
the literary value of contributions.
*Lady'8 Compajoioii, W.,td. 8 and 9 Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, E.c.
Articles on matters of special interest to women, cookery, dressmaking,
and fancy-work ; and domestic love-stories. Payment varies.
lAdy's Pletorial (1880), PK.,6d. 172 Strand, w.c. Editor, Mr. ARTHUR


Articles on social and feminine subjects, brightly written. Length, z.200
words. Payment by arrangement.
•Lady's Realm (1896), AT., 6d. 34 Paternoster Row, ex. Ediior, Mr. Verb

High-class work. Illustrated magazine articles of interest to ladies,
about 2,000 words ; and short stories, z,5oo to 3,000 words. Re>
muneration varies. A preliminary letter is not necessary, and it is
immaterial whether articles are signed or not.
•Lady's World. M., sA. H. Marshall and Son, 125 Fleet Street. e.c.

Love-stories, articles on fashions, and other subjects of interest to

La nca sh i r e Daily Post (1886), id. Z27 Fishergate, Preston. EdiA^r, Mr.

ARTHtni Francts.
Laaoet (1823), IV., 7d. 423 Strand, w.c. EdUor, Mr. T. Waklby.
Land Magaiine. Af., zs. 149 Strand, w.c. Editor, Mr. J. A. Moran.
Law Idst (Z740), A,, zos. 6d. Z19 Chancery Lane, w.c. c.o. Messrs.

Stevens and Sons.
Law Journal (1866), W., 6d. 37 and 39 Essex Street, w.c. Editor, Mr.

Herbert Bentwick.
Law Hagasine and Review (1828), Q., 5s. zz6 Chancery Lane, w.c.
Law Reports. Af. , £4 4s. per annum, co. Messrs. William Clowes and

Sons, 7 Fleet Street, e.c.
Law Quarterly Review, 5s. (12s. 6d. per annum). Z19 Chancery Lane, w.c

Editor, Sir F. Pollock, Bart.
Law Times (Z843), IV., 9d. Bream's Buildings, E.G. Editor, Mr. Basil

Leaderettes, leaders not exceeding 1,000 words, and articles for "Our
Literary Column." Remuneration is given.
Law Times Reports (with Law Times), IV., is. Bream's Buildings, E.C.

Editor, Mr. Basil Crump.
Leeds Budget, iV,, zd. 77 Albion Street, Leeds ; 150 Fleet Street, E.C
Leeds Mercnry (17Z8). Z>., id. Albion Street, Leeds; 65 Fleet Street, E.C.

Editor, Mr. James Lumsden.
Legal Literature (Z899). Q., 6d. 3 Chancery Lane, w.c
Leloester DaUy Post (1872), zd. 25-29 Albion Street, Leicester; 49 Fleei

Street, e.c. Editor, Mr. A. Galbraith.

' Qnardian, IV., rd. 29 Bowling Green Street, Leicester.


by Google


*Leifliire Hour Monthly Lllmry, 6d. 4 Boaverie Street, r.c.

Complete in each number.
UhBtty Berlev. M., 6d. 17 Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, E.C.

Short articles on political, economic, and sociological subjects, from the
individualist standpoint, are considered. Tbey are not signed. Pay-
ment arranged .
Llteuy AaalBtant, The, jl/., 3s. p^ annum. Edi/or, Mr. Hugh Smitb.

Bishopsgate Institute, E.C.
lAbmry, nie (A Quarterly Review of Bibliography and Library Lore). Editor,
Mr. J. Y. W. MacAlister, F.S.A. Published by the De La More Press,
32 Geom Street, Hanover Square, w.
«Ufe and Wozlc (1879), M, , id. Messrs. R. and R. Clark, 4a Hanover Street,
Edinburgh, and 191 Fleet Street, e.c. Editor, Rev. R. H. Fisher, D.D.
Articles on religious, biographical, and historical subjects, and on mission
methods at home and abroad. Length. 1,000 to 2,000 words. Short
tales of 1,000 to a, 200 words. One good serial. The circulation of
this journal is about 120,000 copies monthly. All contzibutions are
paid for liberally.
Ught (1881), W,, 2d. no St Martin's Lane, w.c.
literary Digest^ W., sd. 44 Fleet Street, E.C.

literary Qnlde (1885), J/., 2d. 17 Johnson's ^Court, Fleet Street, £.c.
Editor, Mr. Charles A. Watts.
Arddes on subjects of interest to Radonalists. No fiction. Remunera-
tion arranged,
literary World (1868), ^., 3d. 13 and 14 Fleet Street, e.c. EdUor^Ux,
F. H. Fisher.
No articles are accepted from outside contributors except in the rarest
cases; but literary news paragraphs receive consideration. Payment
not stated.
literary Year-Book (1897), 5s. net. Broadway House. Ludgate Hill, E.C

c.a Messrs. G. Routledge and Sons, Ltd.
*Llttle Folks (1871), M., 6d. Messrs. Cassbll and Co., La Belle Sauvage,
E.C. Editor, Mr. S. H. Hamer.
Short stories, poems (humorous or otherwise). Stories should be
1,800 words m length. Remuneration varies. MSS. returned when
accompanied by stamps. No preliminary letter is desirable ; articles
are signed.
Uyerpool Courier (1808), Z>., id. Victoria Street, Liverpool; 8x Fleet

Street, e.c. Editor, Mr. J. F. Snape.
Uverpool Dally Post and Ifercury, D., id. ; Victoria Street, Liverpool;

138 Fleet Street, e.c Editor, Sir Edward Russell.
Liverpool Herouiy (i8n), D,, id.; \V., id. Wood Street, Liverpool ;

46 Fleet Street, E.c. Editor^ Mr. Geo. Wynne.
Ziyerpool Review, W„ id. 64 Victoria Street, Liverpool.
Uoyd'B Weekly Newe (1842), id. 12 Salisbury Square, e.g. Editor, Mr.

Robert Donald.
Local aovemment Annoal and Official Directory, is. 6d. 27A Farringdon

Street, E.c Editor, Mr. S. Edgecumbe-Rogers.
Local aovemment Journal and Offldala' Gazette, W,, ad. 27 a Farringdon

Street, E.c. Editor, Mr. S. Edgkcumbe- Rogers.
Locomotive Magazine, Af., 2d. 3 Amen Comer, e.g. Editor, Mr. F.

Lodge's Peerage and Baronetage (183a). A., 21s. net 182 High Ilolborn,

w.c. CO. Messrs. Hurst and Blackbtt.
lAndon Directory, A., £1. 35, Abchurch Lane, e.c.




*XoBdon Magaslne (1898), M,, 4id. Carmelite Street, e.c. Editor, Mr.

J. A. Hamuerton.

Short stories ; articles accompanied by photographic or other illustrations ;

verses. Short stories should be bright and dramatic, and rarely exceed

^,000 words in length ; articles should not exceed 2,500. Remuneration

IS entirely a matter of arrangement. A preliminary letter is desirable.

Articles are usually signed. The author's name and address should be

written on the first page of every (returnable) MS., and MS. should

never be rolled.

loodon Xanaal, A., zs. 6d. 12 Salisbury Square, e.c. Editor, Mr.

Robert Donald.
London Opinion (1904), IV,, zd., 36-38 Southampton Street, Strand, w.c
Editor, A. Moreton Mandeville.
Bright, short stories of about 1,000 words, particularly those of a topical
sort, always welcomed. Satirical verse and parodies turning on events
of the hour will receive special attention. Original pen-and-ink line
drawings of a humorous or topical nature are Invited.
London Pbllatellst, M., 6d. xo Gracechurch Street, E.c. Editor, Mr. M. P,

London Qoarteily Review, 2s. 6d. 2 Castle Street, City Road, e.c.

Editor, Rev. John Telford, B.A.
London WftlwTiTnan and Kelt (1895), W„ id. 21Z Gray*s Inn Road, w.c.

Editor, Mr. T. J. Evans.
Londoner General Anielger, Bi-W., 2d. 26 and 28 Sun Street, FInsbury

Square, E.c. Editor, Mr. Henry Detlopf.
•Lot-O'-Fim, Red Lion House, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, E.a Editor,
Mr. A. W. Barrett (" R. Andom").
Comic pictures printed in colours. Short and serial tales for boys.
Remuneration by arrangement

K'Olfue'i Kagailne, M, 10 Norfolk Street, w.c. Editor, Mr. S.
Although this magazine has many articles dealing with American Ufe,
almost any subject well treated finds a chance of acceptance. Stories
not exceeding 6,000 words are considered : it is essential that the style
and the plot be thoroughly attractive.
Kacmlllaa'B Magazine, M., 6d. net. St. Martin's Street, w.c. Editor, Mr.
Mowbray Morris.
Serials, short stories, th§ latter from 3,000 to 4.000 words. Articles on
history, travel, and general subjects are acceptable. The editor
endeavours to return ^1 MSS. which cannot be used, if accompanied
by stamps.
^Madame (1895), W^«f 3d- 7 Essex Street, Strand, w.c. Editor, Mr. Ramsay


Articles on topics of feminine interest (500 to 1,500 words), with illustra-
tions, and short stories (1,700 words). Payment by arrangement.
Kadiaa Bevlew, Q. Messrs. Thompson and Co., Madras. Editor, Mr. C.
Karunakara Menon.
Contributions from England desired. Political, social, and literary
articles are as a rule signed. The remuneration varies ftrom two to
five rupees a page. Fteliminary letter not necessary. All contribu-
tions should be addressed to the Editor, Tripljcone, Madras, and not
to the publishers.




iragartBft of Commerco. J/.. 6d. Peel Building, Cheapside, e.c. Editor,
Mr. Frank F. Bridgewater.
Articles on subjects of business interest, with fllastiations : length,
2,000 words. Payment by arrangement
Kagisterial Cases Reported in the Justice of the Peace (1896). Q„ 4s-
7 and 8 Fetter I^ne, e.c. Editor ^ Mr. C. E. Allan, M.A., LL.B.,
Kalacologloal Society, ProceedingB of the, 5s. (6 numbers to a volnme).

DULAU AND Co., 37 Soho Square, w.
Maldon Express (1872). W,, \d. ao. Messrs. Mecmsy, Thompson and Co.,

Chelmsford. Editor, Mr. Thomas Thompson.
*Man, M. , is. Royal Anthropological Institute. 3 Hanover Square, w. Editor,

The Secretary.
Maaohester City Kews, W., zd. Stratt Street, Manchester, and 54 Fleet

Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. J. Cuming Walters.
Kandiester Courier (1825), A, id. ss Cannon Street, Manchester;

89 Fleet Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. J. NicOL Dunn.
Manchegter Ooardlan (1821), A , id. 3 Cross Street, Manchester ; 54 Fleet

Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. C. P. ScoTT.
Maadtoster Qnarter^, 6d. co. Messrs. Shersatt and Hughes. Man-
chester. Editor, Mr. W, R. CredlaND.
Maaohester Weekly TIaies (1857), W,, id. 22 Cannon Street, Man-
chester; 89 Fleet Street, E.c. Editor, Mr. B. S. Attwood.
M. A. P. (1898), W., zd. C. A. Pearson. Henrietta Street, w.c.

Matter required is new, true, topical, and original anecdotes and pen
portraits of men and women of the hoar, and stories of a length of
about 2,200 words, with pleasant tone, pleasant ending, and strong
plot Outside contributions are paid for at the rate of £x per
words ; commissioned artides at much higher rates, by arrangement
*Karvel Uhnry (Z893). icl- a Carmelite House, E.C. Managing Editor,
Mr. Hamilton Edwards.
Seria<:omic stories, and tales of adventure, peril, and heroism. Payment
from lot. per 1,000 wends for stories of z8,ooo words or 32.000 words,
MOBwaa'i Amateur Journalist and literary Aspirant, M. 97 New Bond

Street, w. Editor, Mr. Oliver McEwan.
Medical Aaaual (1883), A„ 8s. 6d. Bristol.
Medical Directory (1845), A., 14s. net 7 Great Marlborough Street, w. c.a

Messrs. J. and A. Churchill.
Medical Temperance Reriew, M., 2d. Free by post, 2s. 6d. per annum.
Yearly vols., 3s. R. J. James, 3 and 4 London House Yard, B.c. Organ
of the British Medical Temperance Association.
Metbodist Recorder (1853). W„ id. 161 Fleet Street e.c.

Articles relating to Methodism, illustrated, of from to 1,500 words
in length. Short stories with a Methodist flavour, 1.500 to 2.500
words, or a Methodist serial. Remuneration by agreement.
^Methodist Tlmea (1885), H^., id. 125 Fleet Street e.c. Editor, Rev.
J. Scott Lidgett, M.A.
Articles on religious and progressive topics, 1,000 words long. Illus-
trated articles dealing with Methodist topics and personalities, 2,000

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