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words or less. Stories occasionally. Remuneration Is given.
Mid4IUMMZ Oaiette, W„ id. 150 North Street, Brighton.
Mldlaad Dally Telegzmph, D., id. x8 Hertford Street, Coventry ; 58 Fleet

Street, B.G. Editor, Mr. WitLiAM Baldock.
Midland Mail, W,, id. Maricet Harborougb. Editor, Mr. A. J. ToMPKiNS.




Hmtary Kail and National Anny BeiAew, fK. , id. a Amen Comer, b.c.
Editor, Mr. A. E. Druett.
Naval and Military nrticles, length i,6oo to i,8oo words. Remunexation
according to arrangement.
MUlgate Montoly, The {1905), 3d. A magazine of progress. Co-operative

Newspaper Society, Long Millgate, Manchester.
■iad, Q,, 4s. Messrs. Macmillan, St. Martin's Street, w.c. Editor^ Prof,

G. F. Stout.
Mlneralogloal Magarina, Irregular, 5s. Messrs. Simpkin, Stationers' Hall

Court, E.C. Editor, Mr. L. J. Spencer, M.A., F.G.S.
mnlatiire Korela (1907), W,, id. 67 Long Acre, w.c. Messrs. £. J.

Brett, Ltd.
USnlng Journal, K^., 6d. 46 Queen Victoria Street, E.c. Editor^ Mr.

Baliol Scott.
Ulsinff Manual, A.., 21s. 11-12 Clements Lane, Lomboxd Street, S.C.

Editor and Proprietor, Mr. Walter R. Skinner.
Uining Tear-Book, A., 15s. 72 Coleman Street, E.C.
maaionaxy Beylew, M., is. 133-4 Salisbury Square, B.C. Editor, Rev.

Arthur T. Pierson, D.D.
Kodam Langnage Sevidw, Tbe, Q., 25. 6d. net. Cambridge University
Press Warehouse, Fetter Lane, E.c. Editor, ProC John G. Robertson.
Articles of a scholarly and specialist character, embodying the results of
research or critical investigation. Short notes from contributors are
invited ; reviews of all new books of interest to the student of modern
languages or literary history.
Modem Society (1880), W., id. 18 Kirby Street, Hatton Garden, E.C.
Monitor (1893), W., id. 57 Fleet Street, B.C Editor, Mr, C Diamond.
Montli (1863), J/., IS. 30 Paternoster Row. c.o. Messrs. Longmans.

Devoted to Catholic hterary interests.
Montbly Magazine of Fiction, 3d. 33 and 24 Henrietta Street, w.c.
CO. Messrs. Wm. Stevens, Ltd.
Complete original novels are published in this form, for which remunera-
tion is given by arrangement.
MorlBon'8 Ohronide of the Year's News, ^., 3s. 6d. net. Glasgow.

CO. Messrs. MoRisoN Bros.
Moniing Adyertiaar (1794), />., id. 127 Fleet Street, B.a Editor, Mr.
G. W. Talbot.
Articles on general subjects, brightly treated, from i,ooo to z,2oo words
long. Payment by arrangement.
Morning Leader (1892), D., ^d. Stonecutter Street. e.c. Editor, Mr.
EARNEST Parke ; Assist. Editor, Mr. Bertram Christian.
Short articles of topical interest are considered, about i,ooo words long.
Morning Poet (1772), D„ id. Aldwych. w.c. Editor, Mr. Fabian Ware.
Motbem in Council, ^., 6d. 44 Victoria Street, s.w. Founded under the
editorship of Charlotte M. Yonge.
Designed for mothers of the educated classes.
Mothers' Union Journal, Q., id. 44 Victoria Street, s.w. Editor, Lady

Designed for mothers of the poorer classes, containing stories, poetry,
notes of the Mothers' Union work, etc.
Motor Car Magazine, The. M., 6d. 17 Shaftesbury Avenue, w.
Motor News, W., id. 34 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin. Editor, Mr. R. J.

Motoring Annual and Motorist's Year-Book, The, A. 11 Arundel Stieet,
Strand, w.c.
The " Whitaker " of the Motoring Industry.




Motoring niustrated, IV. » id. zx Arundel Street, Strand, w.c.

The practical motoring weekly.
Municipal Engineers' Spedfloation, A. . 2s. 6d. 6 Great New Street. Fetter

Lane. E.C. Editor, Mr. J. H. Elder-Duncan.
Municipal Gasetto and London Argna, The (1897), W., id. Bush Lane

Chambers, Cannon Street, E.C.
Municipal Journal, W,, id. ; Year-Bo6k, 3s. 6d. 12 Salisbury Square, B.C.

Editor, Mr. Robert Donald.
Munsey's Magazine (1900). M., 6d. Published by Horace Marshall
AND Son, Temple House, Temple Avenue, E.C. Editorial Office: 175
Fifth Avenue, New York.
Mueeums Journal, The, M., is, Dulau and Co., 37 Soho Square, w.
Music (1895), M., 2d. A Gough Square. E.C.
Music Ttades Review (1877), M., 4d. i Racquet Court, e.c.
Musical Directory, Almanack, and Annual, 3s. 23 Berners Street, w.

c.a Messrs. Rudall, Carte and Co.
Musical Herald, M„ 2d. 24 Bemers Street, w.

Musical News. W,, id. 4. Bell's Buildings. E.C. Editor, Mr. J. Percy
Baker, Mus. Bac Dunelm., A.R.A.M.
News, articles, and comments relating to all matters of interest to
Musical Opinion (1873), ^'* ^- 35 Shoe Lane, b.c.
Musical Standard (1862), W., 2d. 83 Charing Cross Road, w.c Editor,

J. H. G. Baughan.
Musical Times (1844), il/., 4d. 160 Wardour Street, w., Editor, Mr. F. G

Muslo-Hall and Tlieatre Reylew. W,,id. 14 Leicester Square, w.c.
My Po6ket NovOls (1907), W., id. 67 Long Acre, W.C. Messrs. Ew J.

Brett, Ltd.
*Myra's Journal, il/., 3d. 10 and 11 Fetter Lane, B.C. Editor, Miss
Juliette Heale.
The editor considers articles on matters interesting to women on dress,
household management, needlework, etc. Length, z,ooo to 1,500
words. Short stories of good tone.

Ration (1907), JK, 6d. 14 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, w.c. Editor,
Mr. H. W. Massingham.
A political, critical and literary organ, on progressive lines. Liberal bat
independent in tone. Special attention is given to modem movements,
religious, social, and artistic. Outside contributions are not invited,
but the editor will endeavour to return all declined MSS. if stamped
and addressed envelope accompany.
National Rerlew, J/., 2s. 6d, 23 Ryder Street, w. Editor, Mr. L. J.
Fresh and miscellaneous matter, averaging about ten pages in length, for
which payment is made at from los. to £$ per page. A preliminary
letter is always desirable. Articles are signed.
Naturalist (1833), M„ 6d. The Museum, Hull. Editors, Mr.T. Shkppard

and Mr. T. W. WooDHEAD.
Nature (1869). W., 6d. net. Messrs. Macmillan, St Martin's Street, w.c.
Editor, Sir Norman Lockyer, K.C.B.
Articles of a strictly scientific character. MSS. are considered and
returned on the usual conditions. Payment is made for original con-
Nature Notes, jl/., 2d, 83-91 Great Titchfield Street, w. Editor, Prof. G. a
Boulger, F.L.S., F.G.S.

Digitized by LjOOQ IC


HTatore Study, Af., 2d. 2x3 Lockwood Road, Lx)ckwood, Huddersfidd.

Editor, Mr. Charles Mosbley.
NantioalKaerailiw. Tlie (xSsa), M,, is. Messrs. Brown and Son, " Nantical

Press," PoUokshields, Glasgow. Editor^ Mr. James R. Brown.
Short articles of interest to the N autical Profession.
Naval and IBlltaxy Record (x886), W,, 2d. George Street, Plymouth ;

47 Fleet Street, E.G.
Naval Annual, los. 6d. Portsmouth. c.o. Messrs. Griffin.
New Age, The, W., id. i and 2 Took's Court, Fumival Street, E.C.

Short, pithy articles on political, economic, socialist, literary, and religious
subjects, from 500 to 1,000 words long. Special articles only are
Newtniry Weekly Newa, id. 34 Northbrook Street, Newbury. Editor,

Mr. T. W. Turner,
Hewcaatle Ghronlcle (1764], A. id. ; B., )d. ; W., id. Westgate Road,

Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 84 Fleet Street, K.C. Editor, Mr. R. Ruddock.
Newcastle Dally Journal (1832), id. Clayton Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne ;

169 Fleet Street, e.c. Editor, Mr. A. D. Murray.
Newcastle Weekly Journal and Conrant (1711). id. Clayton Street,

Newcastle; 169 Fleet Street, E,c. Editor, Mr. John Harvey.
News, Tbe (1876), W., id. 11 Ludgate Square, e.g. Editor, Rev. C.

Bullock, B.D.
News of tbe World (1843), W„ id. 30 Bouverie Street, e.c. Editor,

Mr. Emsley Carr.
New8a«:ent, Bookseller's Beview and Stationery Market (1888), W., id.

Exeter House, Exeter Street, Strand, w.c. Editor, Mr. G. F. Goulder.
NeW8]Miper Owner (1898), W,, 2d. 21 Wilson Street, Finsbury, B.C.

Editor, Mr. Charles Baker.
Newspaper Press Directory, 2s. i and 2 Snow Hill, e.c. Messrs.

C. Mitchell and Co.
Nineteentb Century and After (1877), M., 2s. 6d. Published by Messis.

Spottiswoode and Co. Editor, Sir Jas. Knowles.
Rejected contributions are not returned.
Nomad's Weekly and Critic, W., zd. Belfast. Editor, Mr. Alf. S. Moore.
Cartoons and articles on subjects of general interest in social life. Tales
short, crisp and topical. Remuneration to be stated by contributors.
Korfi>lk dironidle (1761), W., id. St. Gfles, Norwich ; 47 Fleet Street, E.c.
Norfolk News (1845), W., 2d. 57 London Street, Norwich ; 151 Fleet

Street, E.c. Editor, Mr. A. Cozens-Hardy.
Nortli Devon Herald. W,, id. 106 High Street, Barnstaple. Editor, Mr.

H. G. W. McWhinnie.
North Man (1901), id. High Bridge, Newcastle- on-Tyne ; 53 Fleet Street,

e.g. Editor, Mr. E. Tebbutt.
Nortli Star, Z>., id. Crown Street, Darlington. Editor, Mr. J. H.

Northern Echo, D. , id. Newcastle and Darlington ; 30 St. Bride Street, E.C.

Editor, Mr. Geo. G. Armstrong.
Northern Notes and Qneries (1906), Q., is. 6d. 61 Quayside, Newcastle-
upon-Tyne. Editor, Mr. Henry K. Leighton.
Articles of antiquarian interest are welcomed. No payment is made.
Northern WeeUy (Teddy Ashton's), W„ id. Promenade, South Shore,

Blackpool. Editor, Mr. Allen Clarke.
Northern Weekly Leader (1884), id. High Bridge, Newcastle-on-Tyne \

53 Fleet Street, e.c.
Nertbem Whtg (Beiftst) (1824), Z>.. id. 7 and 9 Victoria Street, Bdfast ;

49 Fleet Street, b,c. Editor, Mr. Joseph R. Fisher, B.L,




irorwftdl Merenzy (17x4), Bi-lV., id. and id. London Smet, NonriA;

151 Fleet Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. Albert D. Euren.
Notes aad QuerteB (1849). ^'» 4^* " Bream's Buildings, E.C. Editor, Mr.

Vernon Rendall.
Nottingham Dally Express (i860), Jd. Parliament Street, Nottingham ;

75 Fleet Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. D. A. M. M'Gillivray.
Nottin£:liam Bveninir News, ^d. Parliament Street, Nottingham ; 75 Fleet

Street. E.c Editor, Mr. H. Mee.
Ndyel Magagjne, A/., 4d. net. 18 Henrietta Street, w.c. Editor, Mr. P. W.

A magazine of stories; no illustrations. Short stories, long complete
stories (up to 20,000 words), and serials are all required.
Nunlii^ Notes, A/., ad. 12 Buckingham Street, Strand, w.a Publisher,

£. Brierlt.
A practical journal for mldwives and nurses.
Nnrsiziff Times, The, PF., xd. Messrs. Macmiixan, St, Martin's Street, w.c.

rep (1791), W,, xd. 125 Strand, w.c.
Oooalt Beview, The, J/., 6d. Messrs. Wm. Rider and Son, Ltd., X64

Aldersgate Street, B.C. Editor, Mr. Ralph Shirley.
*0lU0<Acer (1900). W„ 3d. x6 Bedford Street, w.c.

Paragraphs of social news, and short sketches and anecdotes are taken.
Remuneration is according to value of contribution.
Organist and Cholnnaster (1893), M. . 3d. 60 Bemers Street, w.
Oriental list and Book Beview, Lniac's, Bi-M,, 3s. per annum. 46 Great

Russell Street, w.c. Editor, Mr. J. H. Rayner.
OmlB (4 parts to Vol., xos., not separately). DULAU AND Ca, 37 Soho

Square, W.
Our Boys and CUzls, M., ^. 2 and 3 Ludgate Circus Buildings, b.c

An illustrated magacine for children, with stories, articles, eta Con-
tritnitors are not required for this maganne, as the copy is supplied by
the regular staff of the Sunday School Union.
Our Boys' Magaadne. M, xd. X3A Warwick Lane, £.c

Stories, suitable illustrations, either drawings or photos, etc. Preliminaiy
letter is required.
Our Darlings, M., 3d. 48 Paternoster Row, e.c.

Illustrations, articles, and stories suitable for children. A prdiminary
letter is generally preferred.
Our Home. W., id. 6 Essex Street, Strand, w.c.

Short and serial stories, articles on domestic and general subjects, and
fashion illustraiions. A preliminary letter is optional.
Our Hospitals and Charities. J/., 3d. net. (Subscription for xa numbers,

post free, 4s. 6d.) Messrs. Macmillan, St. Martin's Street, w.c.
Our Letter, Q,, id. 44 Victoria Street, Westminster. Editor, Miss K. M.


For G.F.S. candidates
Our little Dots, M., id. 4 Bouverie Street, e.c.

An illustrated magazine for very young children, in large tjrpe.
Our Missions ( 1894), four times yearly, 3d. 15 Devonshire Street, Bishopsgate
Without, E.a Editor, Miss Mary Hodgkin,
The illustrated organ of the Friends' Foreign Mission Assodation.
Our Own Magazine, Af., id. 13 a Warwick Lane. B.C.

True stories illustradng Scripture. Suitable iUustiations, either drawings

or photos. No preliminary letter is required.
Biographical sketches chiefly required tnan oatside conlributoiB. No
fixed rate of payment.




Outlook, W.t 6d. 167 Strand, w.c. Editor, Mr. Albert Massy.

The paper itself should be consulted for information as to the style of
_ contribution required. A preliminary letter is not desired.
Owly The, W., id. Upper Priory. Birmingham. Editor, Mr. Hasdy

Oxford Magazine (1883), 6d. {during term). Clarendon Press, Oxford.

Editor, Mr. H. L. Drake, M.A.

Paldologiflt, thrice yearly, 6d. Messrs. Norman, Sawyer and Co.,

St. George's Hall, Cheltenham.
Pall Man Qazette (1865). ^m '^^' ^^ &nd 14 Newton Street, Holbom, w.a
Editor, Sir Douglas Straight.
Articles of a topical or literary character, i,ooo to 1,200 words. Pay-
ment, £1 IIS. 6d. per 1,000 words.
*Pall KaU Magarino (1893), Af, , 6d. la and 14 Newton Street, Holbom, w.a
Editor, Mr, Charles R. Morley.
Short stories and articles: length, 4,000 words. Remuneration varies.
Articles are signed, and a preliminary letter is desirable.
Pap«r Kaken' IMreotoxy of all Kations, A., zos. 6d. net Messrs.

Dean and Son, Ltd., i6oa Fleet Street, e.c.
Paper Tirade BOYlew (Wodd's) (1879), IV., 6d. 58 Shoe Lane, e.c. Editor,


Papnr Pawt), IV., zd. Publisher, Daniel Rbes, Carnarvon.

Parents' BOYlew, J/., 6d. Parents* National Education Union, 26 Victoria

Street. s.w. Editor, Miss C. M. Mason.
ParUn Kagaaliie, J/., zd. 36 Mildmay Street, Islingtoo. N. Editor^ Mr.


ParlBh Register Society TranBacttona, at ifUetvals, ais. per annum.

124, Chancery Lane, London, w.c Editor, Mr. E. A. Fry.
*Peanoiifi iragartne'dSgg), Af., 6d. Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, w.c
Editor, Mr. Percy W. Everett, M.A., F.S.S,

Articles on subjects of general interest, capable of effective illustration ;
short stories, signed, under cooo words; Payment by anangement.
A preliminary letter is desirable.
Pearmm'! Weekly (1890), id. Henrietu Street, Covent Garden, w«c.
Editor, Mr. Peter Keary.
Bright and new articles and ideas wanted. Short stories, about 3,000
words. Good payment on merit only.
PeUoan, The, W,, id. 10 and 11 Fetter Lane, e.c.

A paper containing social and general news, and some stories and articles.
A preliminaiy letter is desirable.
^Penny niiistrated Paper (1861). W, 173 Strand, w.c. Editor, Mr.
Norman M. Goddard.
Drawings and photographs on topical subjects are considered. Payment
not stated.
*Peimy Uagazine, The (1898), W., id.; M., 6d. La Belle Sauvage, e.g.
Editor, Mr. Newman Flower.
Popular articles of wide general interest, from 500 to 3,000 words long.
Good opening for short stories, not more than 4,000 words long.
Remuneration by arrangement.
^Penny Pictorial tlagairtne (1899), id. 9 Carmeiite House, Temple, e.c.
Managing Editor, Mr. Hamilton Edwards.
Clever short stories, bright and interesting topical articles, accompanied
by photographs. Payment on pablicatlon.




Penny Popular Stories, IV., zJ. Religious Journal Publication
Society, 149 Strand, w.c.
Stories of popular interest, with illustrations. A preliminary letter is
People, IV., id. Milford Lane, w.c. Managinjf Proprietor, Mr, V/.T,

People's Ftiend (1869), W., id. 7 Bank Street, Dundee, and z86 Fleet
Street, e.c. Editor, Mr. David Pae.
Articles on subjects of current and domestic interest (i>5oo to 2,^
words], and good short stories (3,000 to 4,000 words). Remuneration
on a liberal scale, especially for good matter.
People's Journal, W., id. 7 Banlc Street, Dundee; 186 Fleet Street. E.C.
Editor, Mr. D. L. Cromb.
Sensational serials are required, for which liberal payment is given.
Topical articles and photographs.
People's Penny Stories, IV., id. 7 Bank Street, Dundee, and z86 Fleet
Street, e.c. Editor, Mr. NoRVAL Scrymgeour.
Short stories are accepted. Payment according to merit.
People's Saturday Journal, The, W., id. 14, 15 Trinity Street, Leeds,
Yorks. Editor, Mr. Fred. W. Waithman.
Articles on popular subjects, not more than 1,000 words. Serial stories
and short tales in series of thirteen to twenty-six. Payment as
PbUaxLtHropiBt (1881), M., 3d. (Summer and Christmas Numbers, 6d.)

30 and 31 Fumival Street, Holbom, w.c
Philosophical Beylew, The, Bi-M., 3s. net. (Annual Subscription, post
free, 129. 6d.) Editors, Messrs. J. G. Schurman, J. E. Creighton, and
James Seth, of the Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell University. Messrs.
. Macmillan, St. Martin's Street, w.c.
Photo Bite, W., Id. 7 Bolt Court, e.c

Photos, sketches, and comic stories are required. A preliminaiy letter
not necessary.
*Photogn9hic monthly, The (The Photogram), M., 3d. 6 Farringdon
Avenue, E.C. Editors, Mr. H. S. Ward and Mrs. C. W. Ward.

Noies and articles from 100 to 2,000 words on technical subjects. Pay-
ment, ^i per 1,000 words, illustrations extra.
*Ptaotographlo News. W. , 2d. 9 Cedl Court, Charing Cross Road, w.c.

Illustrated articles on photography and photographic processes for
Iseginners and advanced workers. Eight-page art supplement every
week. A preliminary letter desirable, but not necessary.
Photographic Trades Qasette, The, Bi-M., 3d. 52 Long Acre, w.c.

A medium of photographic information between manufacturers and
retailers of apparatus and materials. Commercial problems and
patents regulations explained.
Photography, W,, id. 20 Tudor Street, E.c

Photography being essentially an artistic and technical periodical, dealing
solely with photographic matters, contributions from professional writers
are not invited.
Phsrsical Review, The, 3s. net; annual subscription, post free, 36s.
Conducted by Edward L. Nichols, Ernest Merritt, and Frederick
Bedell. Published for Cornell University. Messrs. Macmillan, St.
Martin's Street, w.c.
^Pidk-me-Up (1888), W., id. 158 Fleet Street, e.c. Editor, Mr. T. H.
Short satirical articles, up to date, and to 1,000 or 2,000 words* Re-
muneration varies. A preliminary letter is not necessary.




*Fletoirlal Comedy. Af., 6d. Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, £.c

No articles required ; humorous short stories and dialogues. High-class
humorous pictures. Remuneration according to arrangement.
*PiotllTe politics, AT., id. Westminster Gasette Office, Tudor Street, E.C.

Editor, Sir F. Carkuthers Gould.
Pigeons and Poultry (established as Fanciers' Gazette, 1874), IV,, id.

Idle, Bradford. Editor, Mr. J. £. Watmough.
Pitman's Journal (1842), W., id. Phonetic Institute, Bath; i Amen

Comer, E.C.
Plnck litvary, Tbe, IV. , id. 2 Carmelite House, Carmelite Street. Managing
Editor, Mr. Hamilton Edwards.
Complete school adventure stories of 18,000 words and 22,000 words.
Typewritten. Payment on publication, from los. per 1,000 words.
Political Sdenoe Quarterly, 3s. 6d. net. c.o. Messrs. Ginn and Co.,
9 St Martin's Street, Leicester Square, w.c. Edited by The Faculty
OP Political Science op Columbia University, New York City, to
whom all artides and books for review should be sent direct.
Contributions to knowledge in field of political history, pubh'c law, or
economics. Length 4,000 to 8.000 words preferred. Remuneration,
8s. a page of 370 words. Articles are always signed. A preliminary
letter is desirable, and should mention subject and plan of treatment.
Polo Annual, A„ is. net. Mr. Alston Rivers, 21 and 22 Brooke Street,

Holbom, E.C. Editor, L. V. L. Simmonds.
Popular Astronomy, A/., i6s. 6d, per annum. Messrs. W. Wesley and
Son, 28 Essex Street, Strand, w.c. Editor, Prof. W. W. Payne. Goodsell
Observatory, U.S.A.
*PortfOllo, Occasional, 5s. net 38 Great Russell Street, w.c.

Monographs on art subjects, which are specially commissioned.
Portsmontli Times (1850), W,^ id. 154 Queen Street. Portsmouth ; 6a Lud-

gate Hill, B.a
Postage Stamp, W,, id. Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, i Amen Comer,

E.C. Editor, Mr. E. J. Nankivell.
Post-Offloe London Directory (1799). A„ 32s. 182-184 High Holbom, w.c

CO. Kelly's Directories, Ltd.
Pxaetltloner (1868), Af., 2s. 6d. 149 Strand, w.c.
Premier and Ecclesiastical Ck)de, A., 25s. 10 Agar Street, w.c.
Preston Onardian (1844), id. 127 Fishergate, Preston.
PrimltlYe Methodist Quarterly Review (1879), 2s. 48-50 Aldersgate

Street, E.a
Printers' Begister, Af., sd. and 3d. 62 Fleet Street. e.c Editor, Mr.

W. L. Field.
Printing World (1891), AT., 6d. St. Bride House, Dean Street, E.C Editor,

Mr. George w. Jones.
*Prise, The, M„ id. Wells Gardner, Darton and Co., Ltd., 3 Pateiw
noster Buildings, e.c.
For boys and girls. Stories and miscellaneous articles up to 1,000 words
long. Illustrated with numerous engravings.
Process BngraTer's Monthly, The (The Process Photogram), A/., 6d.
6 Farringdon Avenue, E,c. Editor, H. Snowden Ward.
Notes and articles, from 100 to 2,000 words, on technical and trade
subjects. Payment £1 per 1,000 words.
Protest, The, M. , 6d. Crockham Hill, Edenbridge.
PnUiO Ledger (1759), D„ 2id. 4 Tower Dock, Tower Hill, E.c.




Paldie Opinion, W„ 9± 30 wad 31 Temple Honae, TaUls Street, B.C
Bdiior, Mr. Pbrcy L. Par&er.
A weekly review of current thought and activity as reflected In the woild's
newspapers, magazines, and books.
Pablic BchoolB Tear-Book, 3s. 6d. net. 25 High Street, Bloomsbuzy. c.o.

Messrs. Swan Sonnenschein and Co., Ltd.
PaUlidien' OlroiOar and Booksellers' Record, W., ad. St. Danstan's

House, Fetter Lane, e.g. Editor, Mr. R. B. Marston.
Pnok (1904), W., zd. Carmelite House, B.C. Editor, Mr. G. Hbath

•pimcli (1841), W., 3d. zo Bouverie Street, Fleet Street. E.a Editor, Mr.
Owen Seaman.
Short humorous or satirical sketches are considered. Rejected MSS. are
returned to the senders if accompanied by envelopes properly stamped
and addressed.
*Patnam'8 Monthly and the Critic, M., 25 cents. 27-29 West 23rd Street,
New York. Editors, Joseph B. Gilder and Jeannette L. Gilder.
All subjects connected with literature, art, music, and the drama are
discussed from month to month. A serial story is published from time
to time.

Qnany (Z895), ^., 6d. 30, 3Z Famival Street, Holboni, B.a Editor, Mr.

Allan Green well.
Qoarterly Review, 68. 50A Albemarle Street, w. Editor, Mr. G. W.

*Qtloen (1861), W., 6d. Bream's Buildings, e.c. Editor, Mr. PBRcr S. Cox.
Short articles on subjects of interest to ladles (1,000 words). Fiction is
rarely accepted. Articles may be illustrated by a few drawings or good
photogr<^phs. Average remuneration, 25s. per column.
*Qiil7er (z86z), Af,t 6d. La Belle Sauvage, B.C. Editor, Mr. Datid
Short complete stories and articles suitable for Camlly reading. Payment
by arrangemenL

Railway Bnglnaer (z88o), Af., zs. 3 Lndgate arena Buildfaigs, K.a

Editor, Mr. S. R. Blundstone.
Railway and Looomotlva Bnglneerlnff, Af., zod. 3 Amen Comer, b,c.

Editor, Mr. Angus Sinclair.
Railway Magarinft, Af., 6d. 30 Fetter Lane. B.c. Editor, Mr. G. A.

Railway Tear-Book (published end of March), as. 6d. 30 Fetter Lane, ex.

Mr. G. A. Sekon.
Reader, The (Z906), W„ zd. E. Lloyd, Ltd., 3Z Whitefriars Street, b.c
Record (1828), W., zd. z Red Lion Court, B.C Editor, Rev. A. R
. Buckland.
Red Letter, W. Z09 Fleet Street, e.c.

Topical articles (700 to z,aoo words) and short stories strong in sentiment
and incident (2,000 to 3,000 words). Remuneration is given.
Referee (1877), W„ zd. Victoria House. Tudor Street, B.C. Editor, Mr.
R. W. Butler.
Outside contributions are not invited, bat, if sent, are not neoessarily
refused. Payment according to quality.
Reld's London Bntertalnmant Onlde (z888), Af., zd. i, 9, and 3 SaUsbwy
Court, B.a Editor, Mr. Gsa TUCKER.




*Btfl<maiy. ^., 2S. 6d. 4 Snow Hill, B.a Editor, Rev. J. Chakles Cox,

LL.D.. F.S.A.

Arcbseological, ethndogical, and artistic. Length should be about 3,000

words, and accompanied, as a rule, with illustrations. Articles are

signed, and a preliminary letter is desirable.

Beporten' Joimal (1866), A/., 4d. 32 Anerley Road, Crystal Palace, S.E. ;

I Amen Comer, e.c.
Seporlen' Magairtne, J/., 4d. Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, z Amen

Corner,. B.C. Editor, Mr. El, J. Nankivell.

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