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*Beivl6W of BevieWB, M., 6A, 39 Whilefriars Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. W. T.
The Editor does not, as a rule, take outeide contributions ; but if such
are accepted, the ordinary magazine rates are paid.
BayndldB's Ntfwipaper, W. , id. Effingham House, Arundel Street, Strand.
Editor, Mr. W. M. Thompson.
Articles and news paragraphs adapted to the tone of the paper Ordinary
rate of payment, except for special work.
Blfleiliot. M,, id. 48 Dower Street, Piccadilly, W.

An independent organ of sport and a newspaper for men. Aims to say
most in fewest words : has a column of general news for which the rate
of remuneration is half-a-guinea for half a stick.
lUKSk (1868), W„ Id. 12 St. Bride Street, E.C.
Boyal Antbropological Lutltate JonnuO. Non-members, 308. per annum.

3 Hanover Square, w. Editor, THE Secketasy.

*Baj9l Wagartne, M, 4d. 18 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, w.c.

Editor, Mr. P. W. Everett.

Light and bright short stories, articles, and verses specially welcomed.

Average length of stories, to 4,000 words. Remuneration by

arrangement. Articles are signed or not at the discretion of the author.

Boyal Sliortluuid Magaiine, i/. 97 New Bond Street, W. Editor, Mr.

Oliver McEwan,
*Rlixal World, M„ Id. 98-32 Hutton Street, Whitefriars, w.c.

*8t. Qeoigo (x898)> Q.i is. 6d. net. 156 Charing Cross Road, w.c. Editor, Mr.
John Howard whitehouse.
Articles on Art, Literature, Education, and Sodal Questions.
*8t Midiolas, M., is. Messrs. Frederick Warne and Co., 15 Bedford
Street, Strand, w.c. ; Ccnturv Co., New York.
Stories, articles, and verses tor young children, with or without illustrations.
Articles are signed at pleasure. A preliminary letter is not desirable.
BoUstrary and Wlndiester Journal (1729), W„ zd. Canal, Salisbury;

18 New Bridge Street, E.a
Batorday Revtew (185c), W„ 6d. 33 Southampton Street, Strand, w.c.
Editor, Mr. Haroi.d HoDGE.
Politics, literature, science, and art. Average length of articles, 800 to
1,500 words. MSS. are not returned.
Batorday Westminster, id. Tudor Street, e.c. Special sixteen-page issue

of the Westminster Gazette,
BcOiool (1904), Af., 6d. net. 50A Albemarle Street, W. Editor, R. B.
Contribudons and news on educational subjects considered, and paid for
if accepted. Preliminary letter desirable.
Bcboolmaeter (187a). W„ id. 3 Racquet Court, E.C. Editor, Mr. T. J.

Macnamara, LL.D.
Btiluxdnuurterfl' Tear-Book and. Directory, 6s. net 25 High Street^ Blooms-
bory. w.c co. Messrs. Swan Sonnbnschein and Co., Ltd.



572 THE LITERARY YEAR-BOOlt [part ih

BdioolmlstresB (i38l), W., id. 149 Fleet Street. e.c. Ediior, Mr.

HowARTH Barnes.
School Woild (1899), Af., 6d. oet. (annual subscription, post free, 8a.).
Messrs. Macmillan, St. Martin's Street, w.c. Editors, Vt6L. R. A.
Gregory and Mr. A. T. Simmons.
Articles and notes on the theory and practice of teaching at home
and abroad, about 1,500 to 2,000 words ; rate of remuneration varies.
A preliminary letter is desirable. The signature of articles is optionaL
8oience Prognreas in the Twentieth Oentury, Q,^ 5s. net. Mr. Murray,
50A Albemarle Street, w.
A quarterly journal of scientific thought
«8olenoe SIftlngB (1891), W,, id. 133, 124, and 125 Fleet Street, e.g. Editor,
Mr. Charles Hyatt-Woolp, F.R.S.L., F.R.P.S.
Articles in any department of popular science, 650 to 1,300 words
in length. Remuneration from los. to £^ 5s. per column. A pre-
liminary letter is preferable. Illustrations can be utilised. Articles are
not necessarily signed.
Sdenoe Tear-Book, The (Diary, Directory, and Scientific Summary), 5s. net ;
also abridged edition {i.e. without diary), 3s. net. c.o. Messrs. King, Sell
AND Olding, Ltd., 27 Chancery Lane, w.c. Editor, Major B. F. S.
Baden-Powell, F.R.A.S., F.R.Met.Soc.
Boientillo and Learned Sodetles of Qreat Britain and Irtiand, Tear-
Book of (1884), 7s. 6d. la Exeter Street, w.c. c.a Messrs. C. Griffin
AND Co., Ltd.
Scotsman (T817), D,, id. 24 North Bridge Street, Edinbtu^h ; 45 Fleet

Street, E.C.
*floottiflh Historical Review, Q.^ 2s. 6d. co. Messrs. MacLehosb, Glasgow.

Editor, Mr. James MacLehose, F.S.A.
SoottliKh Hotes and Qaerles, M., 3d. The Rosemount Press, Aberdeen.

Editor, Mr. John Bulloch.
Scottlflh Btandard-Bearer, M., id. St. Giles' Printing Ca, Edinburgh.
*aarap8, W., id. Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. A. W.
Barrett (" R. Andom ").
Humorous and curious articles, not more than 1,500 words. Also short
.humorous stories and serials. Remuneration is given.
*8erllmer'8 Kagazlne, M., is. 153-157 Fifth Avenue, New York ; London:
Wm. Heinemann, 21 Bedford Street, w.c. Editor, Mr.E. L. Burling AME.
Miscellaneous matter, varying in length, for which payment is made by
arrangement. A preliminary letter is desirable, direct to New YoriL
Articles are not invariably signed.
B^leot Btorles (1899), W., id. AUerton House, Ardwick Green. Manchester.
Sheffield Daily Independent, D,, id. 21 Faigate, Sheffield. Managimg

Director, Mr. Joseph Cooke. Editor, Mr. John Derry.
Sheffield Daily Telegraph (1855), D., id. 17 High Street, Sheffield;
180 Fleet Street, e.c. Editor, Mr. T. H. Parkin.
The Editor considers special articles on subjects that are topical in
literature, politics, discovery, manufactures, trade, and commerce, and
a feature is made of illustrations from photographs.
Sheffield Weekly Independent, W„ id. 21 Fargate, Sheffield. Editor,

Mr. Joseph Burton Hobman.
Shorthand World (190a), At, 2d. 85 Fleet Street, E.C. Editor, Mr.

GuiLBERT Pitman.
Shorthand and Typewriting Year-Book (189a), xs. x Amen Corner, e.c
CO. Sir I. Pitman and Sons.




Sign, Tbe, Af., id. ; also as " central " for parish magazlDe supplied at 3s. 3d.
per 100, or 2s. 9d. per xoo for not less than 500 copies. London and Oxford.
Messrs. A. R. Mowbray and Co., Ltd.
Religious and devotional matter, definite Church type ; bright, instructive,
historical articles, etc., for which outside contributions, as a rule,
not required, stories, short practical papers, domestic
notes, pretty "subject," photographs of domestic life, childhood, etc.,
carefully considered. Special p^iyments for special features. All
communications as to the literary and artistic contents of this Magazine
should be addressed to the Editor of The Sign, A. R. Mowbray and Co. ,
Ltd., 34 Great Castle Street. Oxford Circus, London, w. Every care
will be taken of MSS., sketches, or photos submitted, but the Editor
cannot be responsible for accidental loss. All MSS. should bear the
author's name and address, and stamps should accompany any contribu-
tion the return of which is desired in the event of non-acceptance.
*8ketdi (1892), W,, 6d. 172 Strand, w.c. Editor, Mr. Bruce S. Ingram.
Any short stories of not more than 3,000 words in length will be considered.
Rate of payment varies. Rejected MSS. are returned if stamps are
sent with them.
Smart Set, The, A/., is. The Smart Set Publishing Co., Ltd., 90-93
Fleet Street, E.C. Managing Director, Mr. W. J. Thorold.
Bright, short articles are considered, 100 to 1,000 words. Also modem
short tales, no mud or blood (500 to 5,000 or 30,000 to 40,000 words).
Poems also. Payment is made, thirty days after acceptance, at from
£^ to jf 10 a thousand words.
*Siiiart Set Annnal, The (July), is. The Smart Set Publishing Com-
pany, Ltd., 90-93 Fleet Street, e.c. Editor, Mr. W. J. Thorold.
Topical travesties, burlesques, epigrams. Contributions limited to 500
words. Half-tone reproductions from paintines and miniatures by
famous artists. Humorous line drawings by the cleverest black and
white artists in England.
Social Democrat (1897), M„ 6d. 37A Clerkenwell Green, E.C.
*Soele^ Piotoilal, W,, 2d. 5 Arundel Street, Strand, w.c. Editor, Mr.

J. A. Westwood Oliver.
•Somettdnff to Sead, W*, id. 67 Long Acre, w.a Messrs. E. J. Brett,

SontH Atrioa (1889), W., 6d. Winchester House, E.C. Ediior and

Proprietor, Mr. Edward P. Mathers.
Soath Dnrliam and Auckland Chronicle, IV,^ id. Dariington.
Spare Moments, W., id. 12 and 13 Fetter Lane, B.C. Editor ^ Mr. F. A.


Short stories with good plot and dramatic treatment are taken, of about
2,000 words in length, for which one guinea each is paid.
Spedflcation (1898), A., 2s. 6d. 6 Great New Street, Fetter Lane, E.C.

Editor, Mr. H. Kempton Dyson.
Spectator (1828), W,, 6d. x Wellington Street, w.c Editor, Mr. J. St.
LoE Strachey.
MSS. are letumed if possible. A preliminaiy letter is not desirable.
Articles are not signed as a rule.
^Sphere (1900), W^., 6d. 6 Great New Street, E.c Editor, Mr. Clement
The Editor must decline to consider MSS. of any kind unless he has
been previously approached as to their possible utility. Drawings and
sketches sent must deal with the events of the day. All matter
accepted is liberally paid for.




BtalRirdSUre 8«lltln61, Z>.. }d. ; IV., id. Hanley, Staffordshire. Edifor,

Mr. H. Barrett Greene.
8ta^ (1880), IV,, 2d. x6 York Street, Covent Garden, w.c. Editor, Mr.

Lionel Carson.
Standard (1857), D., id. 132 and 134 Fleet Street, E.C. Editorial Offices,

104 Shoe Lane, E.c. Editor, Mr. H. A. G WYNNE.
Star (1888), D., Jd. Stonecutter Street, E.G. Editor, Mr. Ernest Parke;

Assistant Editor , Mr. James Douglas.
Statesman's Tear-Book (1863), los. 6d. net. St. Martin's Street, w.c. c.a

Messrs. Macmillan and Co.
Stationer and Printer, M., 6d. 160 a Fleet Street, e.c.
Stationers' Oaiette, The (official organ of the Stationery Proprietary Articles
Trade Association) (1906), Af„ 3d. Exeter House, Exeter Street, Strand,
w.c. Editor, Mr. G. F. Goulder.
Statist (1878), IV., 6d. 51 Cannon Street. E.C. Editors, Mr. T. Lloyd,

Mr. R. R. Mabson, and Mr. George Paish.
StoOk Bz<diange Tear-Book (1875), 28s. neL 77 to 8x Gresham House,

E.C. Editor, Mr. T. Skinner.
Stozy-TUler, The (1907). ^f-, 4id. neL La Belle Sauvage, E.C. Editor,
Mr. Newman Flower.
Stories containing plenty of action of from 1,500 to 7,000 words in
length, also humorous verse. Remuneration by arrangement
Strad (1890), Af., 2d. 186 Fleet Street, e.c.

*Strand Wagartne (1891), A/., 6d. Southampton Street, Strand, w.c.
Editor, Sir Geo. Newnes, Bart, M.P. ; Acting Editor Mr. H.
Greenhough SMiTir.
Articles of general interest and stories of strange experiences are always
acceptable. Stamps should alwavs he sent Liberal remuneration is
given for all accepted work. Articles are always illustrated, and usually
Street Railway Journal, 10 Norfolk Street, Strand, w.c.
Student (1903). M„ ad. Omega Press, Oxford. Editors, Dr. J. W. Knipb
and Mr. S. H. Hooke, RA.
Articles on educational, literary, and scientific subjects, from 1,000 to
1,500 words in length. One short story every month, not over x.5cx>
words. Payment by arrangement
*Stadlo (1893), Af., IS. net 44 Leicester Square, w.c. Editor, Mr. C.
Fine and applied art. The matter preferred should deal with modem art
subjects ; 1,500 to 3,000 words. A preliminary letter is desirable.
Articles are generally signed.
Studio Tear-Book of Decorative Art, February or March, 5s. net 44

Leicester Square, w.c Editor, Mr. C. Holme.
Snlrarban Directory, A., 5s. 25 Abchurch Lane, e.c.
gon-Chlldren's Budget. Paternoster Buildings, £.c.
Snnshlne Herald. A/. , 3d. 23 and 24 Henrietta Street, w.c. Wm. Stevens,
A Journal devoted to the interests of TMd Family Herald Sunshine
•Sunday Beading for the Toung, W,, id.. M„ 3d. 3 Paternoster Buildings,


Good, bright, short stories, about 1,000 words ; short papers of general
information, interesting for boys and girls, espedslly if soiiable for
fllustratkx). No allegories or miry-tales required.




ntaadaj at Htaie (1854). AT., 6d. 4 Boaverie Street, b.c.

This magazine accepts short stories of a religious tendency, for which
remuDcratioD is given. A serial is also required from time to time.
Bimday ChroniGle, IV., id Withy Grove, Manchester; 93 Fleet Street,


Illustrated articles on current topics of general interest, about 1,500 words
in lengrth. Short stories of not more than 2,000 words. Highest terms
to known writers.
SnndAy- Oizde (1903), IV. tj New Bridge Street, E.c. Editor, Mr.
Hartley Aspden.
Articles and stories of religious character. Remuneration varies with
Sunday Companion (1894), IV., id. 17 New Bridge Street, e.c. Editor,
Mr. Hartley Aspden.
Articles on general religious subjects, 900 to 1,000 words; stories of
3,000 won^. Payment rate, a guinea a column.
Sunday School Cbronlcle and ObrlBtian Ontlook, W,, id. 57-59 Ludgate
Hill, E.C. Editor, Rev. Frank Johnson.
Articles are not invited. Good serials are considered, of domestic
interest with religious tone, also exclusive news paragraphs. Payment
is liberal.
Snnday Stories, W., zd. 17 New Bridge Street, e.c. Editor, Mr.
Hartley Aspden.
Stories of bright domestic character. Payment at £i^ to ^fao for z8,ooo
Snnday Strand, A/., 6d. 7-12 Southampton Street, w.c. Editor, Mr.
A. B. Cooper.
Articles on religious and semi-religious subjects, and stories of the same
character. Length from 3,000 to 5,000 words. Remuneration is given.
Snnday Tlmee (1822), (K, id. 7 Essex Street, Strand. w.C. Editor, Mr.

Leonard Rees.
Snnziao and BarnUar, (K, zd. 22 Henrietta Street, w.c. Editor, Lady

Valflet (1840), W,, 6d. 19 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, w.c. Editor,

Mr. Snead Cox.
^Tatlar (1901), JK, 6d. 6 Great New Street, e.c.

Short personal paragraphs about living celebrities within the knowledge
of the writer. Short stories, sketches, or dialogues, of a bright, witty
description, from 1,600 to 2,000 words long. Also photographs of
notable events, people, or places, or anything of a curious character,
with full descriptive matter accompanying. Liberal payment for
accepted matter. Address: The Society Editor.
Ttanperanoe Caterer. Organ of the National Temperance Caterers' Associa-
tion. 3d. R. J. James. 3 and 4 London House Yard, E.c.
Tomperance Becord, A/., 4d., post free. Organ of National Temperance

League. R. J. James. 3 and 4 London House Yard, E.C.
Terrestaial Uagnetinn, Q., zis. 3d. per annum. Messrs. W. Wesley and
Son, 28 Essex Street, Strand, w.c. Editor, Mr. L. A. Bauer, Ph.D.,
Washington, D.C.
Thaosopliical Bevlew, THe, Af., is. The Theosophical Publishing
Society, 161 New Bond Street, w. Editors, Mrs. Besant and G. R. S.
nirflUng Life Stales, W., zd. AUerton House. Ardwick Green,




TlmM, Tbe (1788), A, 3d. Printing House Square, E.C. Editor, Mr. O. E.

Timee. The (weekly edn.) (1877), W,, ad. Printing House Square, E.C.

Editor, Mr. H. A. Kennedy.
Tlt-BitB (1881), VV., id. Southampton Street, Strand, w.c. Editor, Mr.
Galloway Fkasek.
The Editor considers all contributions, which should be of a short, bright,
and original nature. One guinea per column is paid for all accepted
contributions. Stamped envelopes must accompany dJ\ MSS. Artides
are not signed.
Topical Times, W., id. la, Henrietta Street, w.c. Editor^ Lesser
Witty anecdotes and paragraphs are considered. Also short stories,
smart and bright, 2,000 words long. Payment at rate of two guineas
per column (1,000 words).
Torquay Times, PT., id. 64 Fleet Street, Torquay. Editor, Mr. Walter

T. P.'s Weekly, id. 5 Tavistock Street, w.c. Editor, Mr. T. P. 0*Connor
(Acting Editor, Mr. W. Whitten).
Short chatty articles on subjects of popular literary interest, treating of
people, places, or books.
Traethodydd T, Welsh bi-monthly review (1844), is. Publisher, Daniel

Rebs. Carnarvon.
*TFayel (1896), Af., id. 125 Fleet Street, e.c. Editor, Dr. Henry S. Lunn.
Brief, practical travel articles, illustrated, to 3,000 words. Adven-
ture stories connected with travel are considered. Remuneration by
*TrBa«iiry, M„ 6d. net 7 Portugal Street, w.c. Editor, Rev. Anthony
Articles ecclesiastical and miscellaneous, representing the Church of
England (illustrations accepted). Average length, 3,000 to 4,000
words. Short stories about 3,000 words are also considered. Payment
by anangement
Mlrane (1906), D., id. 23-99 Bouverie Street, E.C. Managing Editor, Mr.

S. J. Pryor. Literary Editor, Mr. Edward G. Hawke.
Tropical AgrlcnlturlBt, Af., Rupee i (is. 4d.). Editor, E>r. Willis, F.US.
Publishers, A. M. and J. Fergusson, Colombo. London, 52, Graoechurcfa
Trath (1877), W., 6d. Carteret Street, s. w. Editors, Mr. H. Laboucherb
and Mr. H. Voules.
A short story in each issue.
Taesday Express (1903), W., id. High Street, Ashford. Editor, Mr.
Charles Igglesden.

*Unlon Jadk (1894), W,, id. Carmelite Hotise, e.c. Managing Editor, Mr.
Hamilton Edwards.
Long complete stories, detective stories dealing \rith one character.
Lnigth about 36,000 words. Payment from /18.
•United Benrloe Qaaette: The Journal of His B^vJesly's.Foroee, W., 6d.
43 and 44 Temple Chambers, E.C.
Naval and military topics, articles of about 700 words (payment by
arrangement) ; photographs of current service events solidted.
United Service Magarine (1829), M., 2s. 23 Cockspur Street, s.w.
(a) Imperial, Naval or military topics of the day. U) Naval or military
history, (c) Strategy, tactics, drill, and naval or military administratioD.
No fixed rates of remuneration. Signature is at the author's discretioD.




UUrtnlty Mtcaslno, tlie, ^. , la. net Messts. Macuillan, St. Martin's

Street, w.c.
▼aaltgr FUr (1868), IV„ 6d. 33 Strand, w.c. JSdi/^, Mr. Prank
*' Lake the racks in a railway canria^, Vanity Pair is intended for light
articles only." Remuneration varies. No preliminary letter. Matter
is signed if its author wishes.
Tftnt^, Tlte, W. (during term), zd. Holywell Press, Oxford. Editor,

Mr. C. B. Ranger-Gull, M.A.
Vat«r (1889), J/., 6d. 30 and 32 Fiimival Street, Holborn, E.C. Editor,

Mr. Allan Greenwell.
^Weekly Bndgret, PK. id. Red Lion Honse, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street,


Articles, with or without illustrations (line or photos), on social,
topical, industrial, general, and curious subjects. Short stories,
a,ooo to 3.000 words. Serial stories with good dramatk treatment. *
RemuneratioQ by airangement.
WMkly Dwpfttch (1801), Id. a Carmdite Street, E.a
WMkly V«WB, zd. Albert Square, Dundee.

Short articles and tales of domestic intenst. Remuneration is given.
Weekly Bootiimifcn. Tlie (1817). zd. 24 North Bridge Street, Edinburgh ;

45 Fleet Street, e.c.
Weekly Telegraph, W„ zd. z8o Fleet Street, B.C., and Aldine Court,
The Editor considers serial stories, short complete stories, and general
articles. Also anecdotes, paragraphs, jokes, pen-and-ink drawings, and
photographs. No preliminary letter necessary before submitting
matter; but when sending MSS. authors should sute the rate of
payment desired. Otherwise payment will be made according to
Editor's estimate of value. All MSS. must be accompanied by stamped
addressed envelope for return of work if unsuitable.
Weekly Teleffxapli Noyele {see W. T. Norels).
*Weet Aftica, (K, 6d. 46 Cannon Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. E. H.

Weit iDdlaii BnUetin, 6d. (four numbers a year), DULAU AND Co., 37

Soho Square. W.
*Weeteni QraiAic, W., zd, Burleigh, Ltd., Bristol.
Weetem Dally Prese (1858), Z>., id. Baldwin Street, Bristol; 6z Fleet

Street, B.C. Editor, Mr. W. £. HiCKS.
*Weeteni Independent, W,, id. 16 St. Aubyn Street, Devonport ; 38 King

V^IIiam Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. Henry Whitfeld.
Wettem Kail (1869), A, zd. Cardiff; 176 Fleet Street, E.C. Editor, Mr.

Wm. Davies.
*Weetmlnfter Oaiette (1893). A, id. Tudor Street, £.c. Editor, Mf. J. A.
Stories, sketches, and general articles are considered. Remuneration by
arrangement. MSS. are returned when accompanied by stamps.
WeetBdiurter Beview (1824), il/., as. 6d. 51 Old Bailey, e.c.
Wliitaker'g ATma^naAV (Z869), net zs. and as. 6d. la Warwick Lane, e.c.

CO. Messrs. J. Wmitaker and Sons, Ltd,
Wliitaker'8 Peeracre, A,, net 3s. 6d. and 5s. za Warwick Lane, E.C c.o.

Messrs. J. Whitaker and Sons, Ltd.

Beylew (1876). M., 6d. Whitehall Hoase, Charing Cross, s.w.
Editor, Frank Alton Morgan.





WMta BIblxui, Ai,, zd. Organ of the National British Women's Tempos

ance Associadon. R. J. James, 3 and 4, London House Yard, E.C.
Who's Who, A,, zos. net Soho Square, w. Messrs.. A. and C Black.
Who's Who Tear-Book, is. net. Soho Square, w. Messrs. A. and C

*Wide World Magaitne (1898), M., 6d. 7-ia Southampton Street, Strand,
w.c. Editor, Mr. Victor Pitt-Kethley.
Articles on curious and out-of-the-way subjects, illustrated with sets of
strikiDg photographs. True stories of adventure and incident, Sllns-
trated with all Available portraits of persons, etc, mentioned. Re-
muneration is according to interest of contribudon.
WiUin^'s BrltlBh and Irish Press Quide (January), zs. 125 Strand, w.r.,

and 73 Knightsbridge, s.w.
^^indsor Kagaslne (Z895), 3/., 6d. Salisbury Square, e.c. Editor, Mr
Arthur Hutchinson.
Good work of any kind. Length depends tipon subject, and remunera-
tion on qualit]r. Typewritten matter is returned if aooompanied by
stamped and directed envelope, but no responsibility is undertaken for
the safety of any unsolicited MS. A preliminary letter is undesirable.
Articles are signed.
Witness, The (1874), W„ zd. 58, 60 and 64 Royal Avenue, Belfast
*Woman (1889), W,, zd. zo and zz Fetter Lane, E.c. Editor, Mr. J. J.
Short articles with illustrations on all subjects that appeal to educated
and refined women are oon^dered. Payment £1 per page.
^Womaii at Home, i/., 4d. Warwick Square, b.c. Editor, Mrs. Annie
S. Swan.
Short stories, sketches, articles of general and domestic interest.
Woman's Life (Z895), ^m <<^' 7-1^ Southampton Street, Strand, W.c.

Useful, bright articles likely to be helpful to girls, housewives, and others.
Latest fashions, Court and society news, smart dramatic gossip. Stories
of about 2,000 words. Remuneration according to merit
Woman's Woild, W„ zd. 9 Carmelite House, Carmelite Street, B.C.
Managing Editor, Mr. HAMILTON EDWARDS.
Serials and short complete stories of z, 500 words in length are oonsideved.
Arddes of interest to women and girls. Payment on publicadon.
♦Work (Z889), W., zd. ; M., 6d. La Belle Sauvage, E.C. Editor, Mr. P. N.
This journal deals with handicraft subjects in a light and instructive style
(illustrated), and acceptable articles must fall in with the tone of the
paper. Payment at scale rates or by arrangement.
World (Z874), K^., 6d. z York Street, Covent Garden, w.a

A short story of about 3,500 words appears in each issue. Dialogues of
about words are also considered, as well as articles of about the
same length on topical subjects.
*Wond of Dress and Woman's Journal. Af., 6d. 6 Chandos Street, Stnmd,

w.c. Editor, Mrs. Waldemar Leverton.
*World and His Wife, The (Z904), il/., 6d. a Carmelite House, Carmelite
Street, e.c. Editor, Mr. Laurence Clarke.
Articles suitable for illustration, length 700 to 3,000 words. Stories with
a love interest, pleasant in tone, frpm 9,000 to 5,000 words, Faymeiit
good for suitable matteiv




*Woild's Wofk, M., IS. net. 90 Bedford Strset, w.c.

Articles on general subjects, but especially upon new and interesting
enterprises in any part of the British Empire. Articles to be accom-
panied by original photographs, if suitable for illustration. Contributors
should, if possible, oommtmicate with the Editor before sending.
Remuneration as arranged.
Wilten' and Artlsto' Tear-Book, is. net. Soho Square, w. Messrs. A. and

C. Black.
W. T. Hoyall, A/:, 3d. Wetkly Telegraph, 180 and 181 Fleet Street, E.C.
CO. Sir W. C. Leng and Co., Ltd.
This is a monthly series of copyright novels. Works of a popular
character which have already appeared in 68. form have a better
chance of acceptance than new novels.

Ta^ttng WoUd. W,, 3d. 37 Walbrook, e.g.

Devoted to the interests of yachting all over the world. Preliminary
letter required.
TadLtmum, Tbe, W., 3d. 143 Strand, w.c.

Stories, yachdng yams, etc., articles relating to yachting. Payment by
Tear-Book of Aiutralla. A,, los. 6d. co. Messrs. Gordon and Gotch,

Z5 St. Bride Street, E.a
Tear-Book for the Bplicopal Glmroli in Sootland (1878), as. St. Giles

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