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Printing Co., Edinburgh. Editor^ Mr. H. A. Boswell.
Tear-Book of Sdentiflo and Learned SodetieB of Great Britain and
Ireland (1884). 7s. 6d. za Exeter Street, w.c. c.o. Messss. C. Griffin
AND Co., Ltd.
Tear's Art, Tlie (1879), 3S> 6d. 34 Paternoster Row. e.c. A. C. R.

Torkililre Daily OtMerver (1834), A, id. 10 Piccadilly, Bradford ;

77 Albion Street, Leeds ; 150 Fleet Street, E.C.
Torkrilire Herald (1790), Z)., id.; W,, ad. Beech Lawn, Park Street,

York; 145 Fleet Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. A. H. Fletcher.
Torkebire Notes and Qneries. M., 6d. Head Offices, 53 Market Place,
Bradford. Editor, Dr. Charles Forshaw, F.R.Hist.S.
A high-class historical and antiquarian magazine.
Torkrilire Poet, D., id.; £.. (d. ; W„ id. Albion Street, Leeds;

171 Fleet Street, E.C. Editor, Mr. J. S. R. Phillips.
Tonng Abstainer, M„ id. R. J. James. 3 and 4 London House Yard. e.c.
*Toiing England (For Boys) (1879), Af., 3d. 57-59 Ludgate Hill, e.c
Editor, Mr. H. G. Groser.
Two serial stories of about 70.000 words each ; short stories of school-life
and adventure, a.500 words ; illustrated articles on travel, sport,
athletics, .hobbies, etc. ; papers on historical and Imperial subjects.
Payment on publication.
•Tovng Kan, J/.. 3d. 4 Ludgate Circus, e.c. Editor, Rev. W. Kingscote
Greenland (W. Scott King).
Stories, interviews, personal sketches, religious articles, book gossip.
Artides are illustrated, generally by photographs.
Mroanff Ken. M,, id. 8 and 9 Paternoster Row, E.C.

An illustrated literary monthly of biography, travel, and criticism.





*Youag Ptopto. M., Id. 33 Pairiagdon Avenue. B.C. Mdi4or^ Rev. £. F. H.
Short chatty articles of healthy rellgkms tooe, ioterestlng to children of
all ages. Pfaotogiaphs of child life specially welcome. Tales of school
life, dty life» life on the sea, natiue parables, etc. RemuDeiation by
YOW BtandATd Bearer, Hie, A/. , ^d. 44 Victoria Street, Westminster.

An illustrated temperance roagazme for children.
*Toiiiig Woman. Af.. 3d. 4 Ludgate Circus, ex. Editor, Mr. John H. LrLE.
Stories, interviews, person^ sketches, religious articles, book gossip.
Articles are illustrated, generally by photographs.

Zbologist, J/., IS. 54 Hatton Garden. E.C. Editor^ Mr. W. L. Distant.

Shannon Lodge, Selhurst Road, South Norwood.
Zoophilist, A/., ^d. 9a Victoria Street, s.w. Editor, Dr. Ed. Berdoe.
The recognied oigan of the anti-vivisection movement. Literary and
scientific articles of a high character are acceptable. Average length,
two to three columns. A preliminary letter is desirable. In certain
cases articles are signed.




[NoTB. — ^The chief French and German monthly reviews are : in Paris, Iievu€
dts Deux Mondest and, In Berlin, Deutsckd Rundschau and Preumsfhe


AlmMattli «• Ctolba. Annoaiie g^ndalogiqae, diphNBadqna ac ilatisilq«a
(1763), Sou Gotha: Justus PxRTHsa

B«zUn and Naigbboiirliood, 90 m. Nuremberg : C. Leuchs and Ca
B«rUn IMvDOtoiy, zs m. Leipiig : Schulzb and Co.

Cataloffiie of Auatro-Hiiiigarlaa and Foreign Perlodioala, 9.50 m.

Leipzig: SCHULZE AND Co.
Catalogue of Gennaa LiDrartoa, 4 m. Leipzig: Scrulze and Co.
OatalDgne of Oomuui Nawspapen. 4 m. Leipzig : Schulzr and Co.

IMxeotory of Anstro-Hiingariaa BooloMllera and Nawnukpen, 7 m.

Leipzig : Schulze and Co.
Direotoxy of Oolleoton and Dealon la Art tbrongliout the World, zom.

Leipzig : Schulze and Co.
DIreotory of tlie German Theatre, a m. Leipzig : Schulze and Ca
IMraotory of Qerman Writers, PuVliahen, Aganta, and Newspapors, 601.

Leipzig : SCHULZE AND Co.

Gannaa Utarary Directory (Lltteratur Kalendar), (Kurschners), (Z885),
6.50 m. Leipzig : G. J. G^Vschen.

BaadboOk of the Gannaa FroM (Kurschners), m. Lenndetrasse 4,
Berlin, w. : H. Hillger.

Utarary Tear-Book aad WUtera' DIreotory, a.50 m. Leipzig: K. F.

maarra (Directoiy of the Learned World) (z89z), zo m. StrassbuTg: K. J^


Vow DIreotory of the Gannaa Book-tnde, 6 m. Leipzig: Schulze

OAoial DIraotory of tha Garmaa Book-trade, 13.50 m. Leipzig : Schulzs


Vlanaa DIreotory, Z3 m. Leipzig : Schulze and Co.
¥lanaA Dixaolory, ao m. Nuiembeig : C. Leuchs and Co.





Direotory of Daaiih, Nonroglaii, eta, BcKdn^Uen, 6 dl Leipzig:


Hof qg BtatskalABder for Danmazk, 9 kr. Copenhagen: Q. E. C. Gad.
Norges StaUtkalender, 7 kr. Copenhagen : A. Cammermbters Forlag.
Byerlges Btatakalonder, 5.50 kr. Copenhagen: G. E. C. Gad.


Anntudre do la PresBO Pjran^aise et du Hondo PoUtlqne (1880). 80 Rue
Taitbout» Paris : H. Avenel.

Didot-Bottin (1797), Annuaire du Commeice et de rindostrie de Firanoe et de
TEtrangire, 30 f. and 17 f. 54 Rue Jacob, Paris.

Favii-Hlusliotte (1896), Annuaire Complet, Commerdal. Administratif, et
Mondain, 10 f. and 3 f. 75 c. Boulevard St Gernudn, Paris: Messrs.
Hachette and Ca

Tout-PaxiB, Annuaire de la Soci^t^ Parisienne, za francs. 55 Rue de la
Cbauss^e d'Antin, Paris : A. La Fare.

AdreirtwOk toot don HodortandiOhon Boekliandtf (1854)* Leyden : A. W.


BibUograidiSa BihUographica : Repertoire Annuel des Travaux de Biblio-

* graphic (1898). Brussels: iNSTrruT International de Bibliographie ;

Whitcomb House, Whitcomb Street, Pall Mall East, s.w.: Library


De NedozlandBeho BihUograpMo : Alphabetical List of Publications in

Holland and its Colonies, 1.70 f. per ann. Leyden : A. W. SijTHOFF.


Commoreial Dlreotozy of Spain, Portugal, and Spanish Amerlfia {m
Publishers, p. 441). 253. and 298. Madrid : Bailly, Bailli^re and Co. ;
High Holbom, w.c. : Kelly's Directories.


American Educational Catalogue, The. 50 c. 298 Broadway, New York :

•' Publisher's Weekly."
Annual Amerifian Catalogue, 82. 298 Broadway, New York.
Annual Literary Index, 93. 5a 298 Broadway, New York.

Publications of American Sooieties, I3. 298 Broadway, New York.
^bUahen' Trade List Annual, 97- ^ Broadway, New Yoric.

Who's Who in America. 356 Dearborn Street, Chicago : Marquis and Co.




Details are gtren u far as posslbla of work aoeompUshod during tho
past yoar, but In a few eases Information was reeelved too lato
tor insertion In this issue.

Aeademles, International Association of. Founded 1899. This is a
union of the principal academies and learned bodies of the
dvilixed world, the Royal Society and the British Academy
representing the British Isles. Objects — ^To prepare and pro-
mote scientific works of general interest, ana to facilitate
relations between the learned bodies of the different countries.
A General Assembly is held every three years, in tiie interval
of which meetings Uie Academy of the place in which the next
Assembly is to be held is constituted the Acting Academy. For
three years from the ist January, iSK)j. the Kaiserliche
Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna, is the Acting Academy
of the Association.

Aoronautleal Society of Great Britain, 53 Victoria Street, West-
minster, s.w. Founded 1866. for the purpose of giving a
stronger impulse to the scientific study of Aerial Navigation ;
to promote the intercourse of those interested in the subject
at home as well as abroad ; and to aid with advice and instruc-
tion those studying the subject. Meetings of the Society are
frequently held, and its proceedings are recorded in the Agro-
nautical Journal, published quarterly by Messrs. King, Sell, &
Olding, 27 Chancery Lane, w.c. The Hon. Secretary is
Eric Stuart Brucb, Esq., M.A. Oxon.

African Society^ The. 1900. Founded for the study of African
languages, history, ethnology, local laws and customs, systems
of government, forms of religion, folk-lore, native wants and
aspirations, trade and products, etc. Subscription — One guinea
per annum. A Journal is published Quarterly. President —
The Earl of Onslow, G.C.M.G. lion. Secretary — H. D.
Egville. Offices — Imperial Institute, s.w.

Ancient BolMlngs, Society for the Protection of. This Society is
in the thirty-first year of its existence, and was founded to
protect ancient buildings from ruinous modemizings and
"improvements." During the year 1906-1907 much attention
has been paid to work connected witli the following, amongst
other buildings : Auld Brig of Ayr ; St. John's House, Warwick ;
West Walton Church, Wisbech; Lilboume Church, Rugby;
Exeter Cathedral ; Winchester Cathedral. The Society has
numerous correspondents in all parts of the country, and the




membership in 1907 was about 450. Full particulars of the
Society's work are to be found in the Thirtieth Annual Report
of the Committee, published in June, 1907. Secretary —
Thackbray Turner, Esq., F.S.A., 20 Buckingham Street,
Strand, w.c.

Anglo-Rasslan Literary Soelety (Imperial Instltatey S.W.)* Founded
by Mr. £. A. Cazalet in 1895. Objects — ^The study of Russian
language and literature, and promotion of friendly Anglo-
Russian relations. Lectures are given on the first Tuesday of
every month at ^ p.m. A Journal, containing a variety of original
Russian news, is printed three times in the year. Communi-
cations should be addressed to the President, £d. A. Cazalst,
Anglo- Russian L. S., Imperial Institute, s.w.

Aatiqntrles of Ireland, Royal Soeiety of, 6 St. Stephen's Green,
Dublin. Founded in 1849 as the Kilkenny Archaeok)gical
Society. It meets in Dublin monthly, and quarterly in the
four provinces seriatim. Publications-^vaxterly Journal and
an annual extra volume. Subscriptions — ^Fellows, £1 per
annum ; Members, los. per annum, tion. Secretaries — ^Robert
Cochrane, LL.D., I.S.O., F.S.A. ; G. D. Burtchawx, M.A.,
LL.B.. M.R.I.A. Hon. Treasurer^H. J. Stokbs.

Afoerypha, International Sooiety of the. 1905. Objects—To make
more widely known the spiritual, ecclesiastical, and literary
value oi the " Books which the Church doth read for example
of life and instruction of manners," and to promote their
more general study among the dergy and laity. PMicatiom —
The International Journal of Apocrypha, published quarterly
which contains vaned articles and notes bearins on the Apoc-
rypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old and of me New Testa-
ment, and reviews of recommended books. Fellows of the
Society |>ay an annual subscription oi {,1 is. The minimum
subscription for membership, 2s, 6d., or one dollar, per annum.
Patrons — All the Archbishops of the Anglican Church. Presi-
dent — The Bishop of Wimchsstbr, D.D. Central Warden and
Editor— The Rbv. Herbert Pentin, M.A., M.R.A.S., Milton
Abbey, Dorset.

Archaologieal Assoeiatlon (British), 32 Sackville Street. Picca-
dilly. 1843, Objects — ^To investigate, preserve, and illustrate
all ancient monuments of the history, mannov, customs, and
arts of our forefathers, in furtherance of the prind^des on which
the Society of Antiquaries of London was established ; and to
aid the objects of that institution by rendering available re-
sources which had not been drawn upon, and whidi did not come
within the scope of any antiquarian or literary society. Meetings
— Annual Congresses and evenings of third Wednesday m
month (Nov. to June). The number of members in 1905 is
returned at 300 exclusive of Honorary Foreign Members^ who
number 40. Publications — Journal, three times a year, Hon,
Secretaries — G. Patrick, A.R.I.B.A.. and J. G. K. Clift,
8 John Street. Adelphi, w.c Hon. Treasurer — R, H. Forstbr,
Esq., M.A.




Antoologieal Instttiite (Royml) of Great Mtain aid Inlaai, 20 Haft^

over Sqnare, w. 1843. Incorporated X884. Object — ^The en-
couragement of research into British and other antiquities,
and of care for their preservation. Membership — life and
annuaL Publications — Archaoiogical Journal, a quarterly, free
to members ; and works. Annual Meeting in July. General
Meetings — ^November to July. Hon. Secretary — ^W. Hale-Hilton.

ArlftotoUan Soelety^ 22 Albemarle Street, w. 1880. Obfectr^lhe
r^i^ing and discussion of original papers in Philosophy. Meet-
ings — On the first Monday evening in the month from Novem-
ber* to June. Publications — Proceedings (Williams & Norgate).
President — Rt. Hon. R. B. Haldanb, M.P. Honorary Secre-
ta/ry-^H. Wildon Cars.

ArtSy Sodaty off, John Street, Adelphi, wx. 1754. Incorporated
1847. Object-^Tht encouragement of the arts, manufactures,
and commerce of the country. Membership — ^About 3,000.
Sections — Indian ; Foreign and Colonial : Applied Art. Meet-
^91^5— November to June ; Cantor Lectures ; Juvenile Lectures ;
and Conversazioni. Publications — Journal, weekly, free to
Members. Examinations — Apply to the Secretary, Sir Hbnry
Trxtbman Wood.

Ailatla Soeiety, RoyaI» 22 Albemarle Street. March, 1823. The
Journal of the Society contains evidence of th£ vast range
of inquiries which the Society was formed to carry on. SmJ-
scriptton — ^£3 3s. per annum for resident members, 30s. for
non-resident members. Meetings — November to June. Publi-
cations — Illustrated Journal, quarterly, free to Members ;
Oriental Translations ; Fund (new series) Asiatic Society Mono-
graphs. Secretary — ^Miss Hughes.

AssatiatM Booksellon of Great Britain and Ireland^ i Bathurst
Street, Hyde Park, w. Obiects - —{a) To p4ace the book-selling
trade on a more profitable basis and to prevent underselling,
suod to endeavour to limit the discount upon boohs issued on the
old terms to 2$ per cent, off published prices, {b) To see that
the agreement dated ist October, 1906, re "net" books, is
strictly carried out, and to report all cases of underselling such
books to the Publishers' Association, (c) To form local
branches. President — Henry W. Kb ay. Hon, Secretory —
Edwin Pbarce.

Ailronomleal Aasoeiatioa (British)^ Sion College, Victoria Embank
ment, B.c. 1890. Objects — The association of observers,
especially the possessors of small telescopes, for mutual help,
and their organization in the work of astronomical observation ;
and the encouragement of a popular interest in astronomy.
Publications — A monthly Journal and occasional Memoirs :
all free to members. Library — Apply to the Librarian,
G. Bruford. Lantern-Slide Department — Apply to the
Curator. Meetings — October to June, on the last Wednes-
day in each month, at five o'clock. Assistant Secretary
-**-T. F. Maunder, i 36 Rodenhurst Road, Claphain Park, s. w
Braiu;AtfS— Glasgow, Melbourne, and Sydney.




Aftronomieal Soeleiy^ Royal, Burlington House, w. 1820. Incor*
porated 1832. Object — ^The encouragement and promotion of
astronomy. Membership — Fellows, 679 ; (Honorary) Asso-
ciates, 47. Meetings — Second Friday in each month from
November to June, at 5 p.m. Publications — ^Monthly Notices,
during the Session, 8vo. ; Memoirs, irregular intervals, 4to.
Library — 1 4,000 volumes. A ssistant Secretary — ^W. H. Wesley.

Althois* Atsoclatton, The« 1902. Objects — To assist and advise
and protect the beginner in literature. To criticize and, if
necessary and desirable, revise MSS. ; and to give competent
expert advice upon the advisability or otherwise of adoptmg
a literary life. To ^ve legal advice on questions within the
scope of the Association, and to afiord members the protection
and advantages of a powerful and responsible organization in
touch with tiie higher, as well as the lower, branches of the
profession of letters. To act as general literary agents, and
to arrange with publishers and editors for the pubUcation of
the work of members when suitable and desirable. To advise
upon publication of MSS., and suitable magazines,*' periodicals,
or publishing houses. To direct the efforts of the inexperienced
writer into remunerative channels — ^hterazy or otherwise. To
make contracts with editors and publishers on behalf of
members, and to watch and protect the interests of members.
To promote whatever may tend to the furtherance of the
interests of the members, the improvements of their claims to
recognition, and the unification of the literary profession. To
bring unknown authors before the notice of editors and pub-
lishers. To advise upon and (in particular cases) arrange for
publication of musical compositions, and book and magazine
work. And to use the funds of the Societv for the furtherance
of all or any of ike above objects, as may be deemed desirable.
The Association does not enter into competition with any
existing literary society. Subscription — One guinea for the
first year ; subsequent years half a guinea. General Secretary —
Galloway Kyle, F.R.S.L., Darlington.

AitborSy Ineorporated Soele^ ot^ 39 Old Queen Street, Storey's
Gate, s.w. Founded in 1883 by Sir Walter Besant, Sir
Frederick Pollock, and other well-known writers. Incorporated
in 1884 under the Presidency of Lord Tennyson. The present
President is Mr. George Meredith. Its main objects are the
maintenance, definition, and defence of literary, dramatic, and
musical property, the consolidation of the laws of Domestic
Copyright, and the promotion of International Copyright. The
membership is between 1,700 and 1,800, and continues to
increase. The general work of the Society, with much informa-
tion on technical subjects, will be found in the pages of The
Author, published monthly, and now in its fifteentii volume.
(No issue in August and September.) Full details of its works
are contained in the Prospectus issued from the Society's offices.
The Society issues also from time to time pamphlets bearingon
literary production. Among these may be mentioned "The



FART fi.] SCXriETIES 587

Methods of PQbtisliiiig,'* " The Cost of Prodnctioii " (now oat
of print), " Fonns of Agreement issued by the Publishers*
Association, with Comments by G. Herbert Thring/' "The
Addenda to the Methods of Publishing/* and a few others.
All information with regard to the standing of the dijSerent
publishing houses, contracts for the publication of books,
serial issue in magazines, dramatic productions, and the
marketing of musical compositions, can be obtained from
the Secretary. Members are also entitled to the opinion of
the Society's Solicitor in addition to that of the Secretary,
who is himself a Solicitor. The rights of authors are supported
in the Courts of Law at the expense of the Society, subject to
the sanction of the Committee, and counsel's opinion is obtained
(with the Committee's consent) without any extra charge to
the member. These are a few of the many matters that it
takes into consideration. One of the most interesting develop-
ments is that of a Pension Scheme for the benefit of authors
who are members of the Society. The Pension Fund Com-
mittee have already assigned two pensions, and hope to grant
another shortly. The names 00 tne Council include many of
those best known in the various branches of literature. The
Society is managed by a special Committee, with Sub-Com-
mittees on Art. Copyright, apd the Drama. Subscription —
One guinea per annum, or ten guineas for life-membership.
Secrektry — Mr. G. Hbrbbrt TnRiNG. Solicitor in England for La
Soci6t6 des Gens de Lettres.

Ballad Sodety. Founded 1868. Obfect-^To render accessible to all
subscribers the rare and large stores of ballads in the public
— and, as far as possifale. the private -^-ooUections of the
country. Yearly SttbscripHom — One guinea for small-paper
copies, three guineas foe large-paper copies. Honorary
Ssereiary^V/, A. Dalziel. Esq., 67 Victoria Road, Finsbury
Park, London.

BIMleal Arelisology, Society of, 37 Great Russell Street, w.c. 1870.
Objed — (Collection, from the monuments of ancient and modem
Assyria. Palestine. Egypt. &c.. illustrations of their archeology,
history, arts, and chronology. M^«n^s— November to June,
the second Wednesday each month ; the Anniversary meeting
is held in January. Pttblicaiions — Proceedings, free to Mem-
bers. Secretary— W. U Nash. M,R.CS.. F.S.A.

BlUtographleal Society* 20 Hanover Square. 1892, Objects— To
print, for the use of members, works connected with biblio-
graphy, and generally to promote and encourage bibliographical
studies. MetnUrship — 300. Me^ings — Monthly from
October to March. PM6/t^a/iafis— Transactions, lUustrated
Monographs. &c. annually. Honorary Secretary-^A. W.
Pollard, British Museum.

BIrkbeek Coflege, Bream's Buildings. Chancery Lane* 1823.
Objects— Day and evening courses of instruction for examina-




tions of University of London in the Faculties of Arts, Science,
Law and Economics. Twenty-five Free Studentships. Prin-
cipal — G. Armitagb-Smith, D.Litt., M.A. Secrekuy — H.

Botanld Soeioty^ Royal. Incorporated 1839. Obfects-^The pro-
motion of botany in all its branches, and in its application to
medicine, arts, manufactures ; and also for the formation of
extensive botanical and ornamental gardens within the imme-
diate vicinity of the metropolis. Membership — Fellows and
Members, by ballot. Gardens — Regent's Park, twenty acres.
Publication — Quarterly Record. For Lectures and Exhibiiions
apply to the Secretary, J. Bryant So were y, Regent's Park.

BrUislii Aoadeny for the Promotion ol Hiitorleal, Philoaoiihleal,
ftBd PUlologieal Stndiei, The. Founded by royal charter,
August, 1902. Objects^-The advancement and study of
history, philosophy^ law« politics, economics, archaeology,
and philology.

President— Ix>KD Rbay, G.C.S.I., O.C.I.E.
Cfmnoil—^Sir W. R. Anson, Bart., M.P., Rt. Hon. Jambs

Brvcb, M.P., Prof. S. H. Botchbr, Prof. I. B. Bywatbr,

Prof. T. W. Rhys Davids, Rev. Principal Fairbairm, D.D.,

Prof. P. Gardnbr, Sir C. P. Ilbbrt, K.C.S.I., Sir A. Lyall.

Rev. Prof. J. E. B. Mayor, Dr. J. A. H. Morray, Prof.

H. F. Pelham, Very Rev. J. Armitagb Robinson, D.D.,

Sir £. Maundb Thompson, K.C.B.
Secretary — Professor I. Gollancz, M.A., 54 Sidney Street,

Cambridge. Vol. I. of Proceedings published ux October,

1905, at 21S.

The by-laws of the Academy were allowed by aa otder of the
Privy Council, dated 5 th February, 1903. By these by-laws the
number of ordinary Fellows is umited to one hundred, with a
council selected from their number. The Academy has also been
admitted as a constituent member of the International Association
pf Academies in the philosophioo-historic section. The texB{>oi«Ky
postal address of. the Academy is The Society of Antiquaries of
London, Burlington House, w.

British Assoeiatfon for the AdTaneement of Selenee, Burlington
House. 1 83 1 . Objects — ^To ^ve a stronger impulse and a more
systematic direction to scientific inquiry ; to promote the inter-
course of those who cultivate science in different parts of the
British Empire with one another and with foreign philosophers ;
and to obtain a more general attention to the objects of science,
and a removal of any disadvantages of a public Idnd which
impede its progress. Meetings — Oiie week in each year ; in
19w at Dublin. In 1907 the Association met at Leicester.
PubHcation — Annual Report. President (1907) — Sir David
Gill, K.C.B. General Secretaries — ^Major P. A. MacMahon,
' R.A., F.R.S., and Prof. W. A. Herdman, F.R.S. AssisUmt
Secretary — ^A. Stlva White, Burlington House, w.




Bflttill OI8M4lta4y AlsatMloil. 1894- Objects—To interest
parents, teachers, and others in the systematic observation of
children and jo\m% people with a view to gaining greater
insight into chUd-natnre, and securing more sympathetic and
scientific methods in training the young. PyblicaHon — The
Paidologistt three times annually. Annual Subscription — ^Three
shillings. Hon, Gmtwal Secretary — ^Miss Mary Louch, Colbury
House, Totton, Hants. Hon, Secretary (London Branch)-^
Miss Kats Stevens, 48 Trinder Road, Crouch Hill, N.

British Conitltation Asfoeiation. To uphold the fundamental
principles of the British Constitution — ^personal liberty and
personal responsibility — and limit the functions of governing
txxiies accordingly. President — Lord Hugh Cecil. Chairman
of Council — Sir William Chance, Bart. Deputy-Chairman —
The Hon. Percy Wyndham. Chairman of Committee —

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