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Mark H. Judge, A.R.I.B.A. Hon, Secretaries — ^W. V. Cooper
and Hugh Elliot. Office — 23 Charing Cross, s.w. Annual
Subscription — Ten shillings (minimum). Publications — Con-
. stitution Papers, at irregular intervals, threepence ; Annual
Reports, sixpence.

Bffltisk RMord Soetoty, Limited* 1886. 0&;m^— The publication
of Records from the Public Record Office and Calendars of
Wills from the various Probate Registries relating to Great
• Britain. Yearly subscription — £1 is. Hon* Secretary, £. A.
Fry, 124 Chancery Lane, w.c.
Brittsh Sehool at Athens,— This School (founded in 1886) gives
to British students of Greek archaeology and art the oppor-
tunity of pursuing their researches in Greece itself, with com-
mand of the means which the recent great advances of the
science have r^dered indispensable.

Athens Is every year becoming more amd more the centre of
the archaeological world. The architecture of Greece can
nowhere else be studied to such advantage ; and the concentra-
tion in . the Athenian museums of the numerous and most
important discoveries which have taken place on Greek soil in
the last few years has made a personal knowledge of them
indispensable to a proper training ; in particular, they may
almost be said to hold a monopoly of the materials for the
investigation of prehistoric and early ascl^c art.

The student requires two auxiliaries when working in
Athens — ^firstly, the command of an ade(^uate library ; and
secondly, the advice of a trained archaeologist, residing on the
spot, and following the rapid advances of the science, due
partly to new discovery and partly to the rearrangement of
old materials.

These advantages are now provided for French, German,
Anstrian, American, and Rngush archaeologists, through the
schools which they have estabti^ed. By the recent addition
of the Penrose Memorial Library, the British School is now in
point of equipment one of the best in Athens. It is also by




means of these schools that moat otcavatians on Gre^ soil
have been carried out ; and those conducted in Cvprus, in
the Peloponnese, in Melos, and in Crete by the British School
are an encouraging proof of the work that may be done in the
future if the School is adequately supported.

Any persons who bring satisfactory testimonials of their
qualincations are admitted as students free of charge. The
principal conditions imposed are that they shall pursue some
definite course of Hellenic study or research, residing for the
purpose not less than three months in Greek lands, and that
they shall at the end of the session write a report of the work
which they have done. Applications from intending students
should be made to the Secretary, John ff. Bakbr-Pbnoyrb,
Esq., M.A., 22 Albemarle Street, W., who will also be happy to
supply any further information.

iXonations or annual subscriptions to the School are greatly
needed, and will be gladly received and acknowledged by the
Hon. Treasurer — V. T, York, Farrington Works, Shoe Lane,


Brontii JSocietyy The. Founded 1893. Incorporated 1902. llie
membership of the Society now (1907) exceeds 350, scattered
over all parts of Great Britain and America. Seventeen parts
of the Society's Transactions, and three supplementary ones,
have been issued, of which two ordinary parts appeared during
- the year 1907' Part XVI. contains CharlotU Bronii and the
Realists, by G. K. Chesterton ; The Late Rev. A, B. NichoUs,
by H. E. Wroot, and A Disputed Portrait of Charlotte Bronti,
by the editor. Subscription — Three shillings and sixpence ;
Life membership, two guinfeas. President^] ous Brigg, Esq.,
M.P. Hon. Secretary^Mr. W. T. Field. Southgate, Bradford.

Browning Union, The» North London. Founded in 1889. Objects —
The promotion and extension of the influence of the poetry of
Robert Browning. The meetings are suspended for a time.
Papers have been read in 1900-1907 by Mr. W. G. Kingsland.
Mr. Eric Hammond, Mr. H. W. Wilkms, Mr. F. T. Parsons,
Mr. F. Geeson, Miss C. G. Barnard, and others. Honorary
Secretary — Mr. William G. Kii^gsland, 10 Thomhill Crescent,
Bamsbury, n.

CathoUe Reeord Society, The. Founded 1904. Objects — The
objects are the transcribing, printing, indexing and distributing
to its members the Catholic Registers of Baptisms, Marriages,
and Deaths and other old Records of the Faith, chiefly personal
and genealogical, since the Reformation in England and Wales.
Management — ^The affairs of the Society are managed by a
Council consisting of twelve members and four hononury officers.
Subscription — ^The subscription is one guinea per annum, which
entitles members to the publications for the year. Patron —
The Archbishop of Westmtnstbr. PItmuwi/— The Lord
Her*ies. ' /fow. Bursar — ^Leonard C. Lktosay, F.S.A.,
23 Belgrave Road, s.w.




Celtle Assoeiatton, Alva, Chapelizod, Dublin. October, 1900,
• Obfect — The furtherance of Celtic studies, and the fostering of
mutual sympathy and co-operation between the various branches
of the Celtic race in all matters afiecting their language and
national characteristics. Subscription — los. Hon. Secretary-—-
£. £. FouRMiBR d'Albb, B.Sc. The organ of the Society is
Celtia, published monthly from 129 Alexandria Road, AA^mble-
don, under the editorship of Mr. S. R. John.

Chaaeer Soeiety, The. 1868. Object — ^To do honour to Chaucer,
and to let the lovers and students of him see how far the best
unprinted MSS. of his works difiered from the printed texts.
Many MSS. of the poet's works have been edited and published,
and of the best of these autotypes have been issued. More
members wanted. Subscription — ^Two guineas per annum,
^yable in advance ist January. Honorary Secretary — ^Wm. A.
Dalzibl, Esq., 67 Victoria Road, Finsbury Park, London.

Ghemleal Soetoty, Burlington House, w. 1841. Incorporated
1848. Objects — ^The general advancement of chemistry and
of those branches of science immediately connected with it,
bjr the reading, discussion, and subsequent publication of
original communications ; and the formation of a chemical
library. Membership — Fellows, by ballot, and subscription
to the Obligation. Meetings — ^Twice a month from November
to June, except January, once, and Easter, once, or as the
Council sees fit ; and the annual general meeting, March 22.
The Society celebrated its Jubilee in 1891. Publications —
Transactions. Proceedings, and Annual Reports on the Pro-
gress of Chemistry, a volume of Memorial Lectures, 1893-1900.
President— Sk Wiluam Ramsay, K.C.B., LL.D., F.R.S.
Treasurer — Albxandbr Scott, D.Sc^ F.R.S., Hon Secretaries
— M. O. FoRSTER, D.Sc, Ph.D., F.R.S., and A. W. Crosslby,
D.Sc, Ph.D., F.R.S. Foreign Secretary — Horace T. Brown,
LL.D., F.R.S. Assistant Secretary— StK^UBn E. Carr, F.C.LS.
Librarian — F. W. Clifford.

Ohemiitry, Instltate of, of Great Britain and Iroland, 30 Bloomsbury
Square, w.c. Founded 1877. Incorporated by Royal Charter,
June 13, 1885. Objects — ^To promote the better education of
persons desirous of qualifying themselves to be professional
consulting anal3rtical and technological chemists and public
analysts ; to examine candidates, and to grant certificates
of competency ; and to elevate the profession of chemistry by
setting up a Mgh standard of scientific and practical pro*
ficiency, and by requiring on the part of the members the
observance of strict rules in reffard to professional conduct.
Associateship — No person is qualified to become an Associate
of the Institute until he has attained the age of twenty-one
years, and unless he has passed a Preliminary Examination in
subjects of general education, has completed a course of at
least three years' study in Theoretical and Practical Chem-
istry, Physics, Mathematics, and one other subject to be




chosen from the list given in the Regulations, and has passed
the Intermediate and Final Examinations of the Xnsdtute.
Fellowship — In order to become eligible for the Fellowship,
an Associate is required to have b^n continuously engag^
for a further term of three years in the study and practice
of chemistry in a manner satisfactory to the CounciL Students
— Candidates appl)dng for registration as Students must pass
an approved preliminary examination, and must be not less
than seventeen years of age. Publications — Proceedings (four
parts annually, is. each), gratis to Fellows, Associates, and
Students ; The Register of Fellows, Associates, and Students
(gratis) ; The Regulations for Admission of Students, Associates,
and Fellows, with Past Examination Papers, one shilling (post
free is. id.) ; A List of Official Chemical Appointments held
in Great Britain and Ireland, in India and the Colonies, two
shillings net (post free, 2s. 3d.). New edition in course of
preparation. Registrar and Secretary — Richai^d B. Pilcmbr.
Ohetham Soelety. 1843. Objecs — ^The ppblication of "Remains,
Historical and Literary, connected with the Palatine Counties
of Lancaster and Chester." Volumes to the number of 173
have been issued. Subscription — One pound annually.
President — Dr. A. W. Ward, Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge.
Hon. Secretary — Charles W. Sutton, M.A., Free Reference
Library, Manchester.

Olassieal Assoeiation, The. Founded December 19, 1903, as the
Classical Association of England and Wales. Objects — ^To
promote the development and maintain the well-being of
classical studies. No. of Members — About 1,200. The govern-
ment is by a Council, consisting of about 30 members, including
officers. Subscription — 5s. entrance fee and 5s. annual sub-
scription. Inclusive life composition £4. Officers : President —
1906, Lord Curzon ; I907, Mr. S. H. Butcher, M.P. ; 1908,
Rt. Hon. H. H. Asquith, M.P. Secretaries — Prof. Sonnen-
SCHEIN, 7 Bamsley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham ; Mr.
E. Harrison, Trinity College, Cambridge. Local branches at
Manchester and Birmingham.

Cobden Clab. Founded 1866, the year after Richard Cobden's
death. Object — ^To encourage the growth and diffusion of
those economical and politick principles with which Cobden's
name is associated. Secretaiy — Mr. J. A. Murray Mac-
don ald, M.P., Caxton House, Westminster.

Correeton of the Press, London Association oL Founded 1854.
Object — ^The mutual assistance and protection of its members,
and the provision of a Benevolent Fund and Pension Fund. The
Annual Dinner, held at the Trocadero Restaurant on March 3,
1906, was presided over by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, among
the speakers being Lord Desborough, Admiral Sir E. Fre-
mantle, Major - General Sir Alfred Turner, Sir John Cock-
bum, Mr, Owen Seaman, and Mr. G. K. Chesterton. Secre-
tary — ^Mr. S. F. Cr ampin, 33 Chancery Lane, w.c.




Oowfer Society. Founded 25 th April, 1900* the centenary of
Cowper's death. The Society meets on the 25 th April every
year at some place associated with Cowper. In ipoo it met
at Olney ; in 1902 at St. Albans ; in 1903 at Huntingdon ; in
1904 at Westminster School ; in 1905 at East Dereham ; in
1906 at Berkhamsted. Objects — To aid in the publication
of unpublished manuscripts relating to Cowper ana his circle.
In 1900 the book aided was The Unpublished Poems of William
Cowper (Unwin) ; in 1902 T$edon*s Diary ; in 1904 John
Cowper, by Dr. Stokes. Subscription — 3s. 6d. per annum.
President — The Bishop of Durham. Secretary — Mr. Thos.
Wright, Cowper School, Olney.

C^mmrodorloii, The HoftovrtMe Soeiety ot^ 64 Chancery Lane,
w.c. Fonnded 1 7 5 1 . Object — ^To encourage literature, history «
science, and art as connected with Wales. President — ^The
Right Hon. Viscount Tredegar. Secretary — E. Vincent
Evans. Publications — Y Cymmrodor, Transactions of the
Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion (published annually),
and the Cymmrodorion Record Series (published periodically).
Meetings held monthly from November to June. Annual
Subscription — One guinea.

Dante Soelety, 38 Conduit Street, w. Patroness— H,It,H, Princess
Christian. President — Sir Theodore Martin. K.C.B.,
K.C.V.O. Honorary Secretary — Luigi Ricci. Object — The
study of Dante's works and of Italian literature. The Dante
Society was founded in 1881 by Signor Luigi Ricci, its first
members being students of his Itahan classes at the City of
London College. It now includes not only all students of
Dante, but also all friends of Italy. At some of the monthly
meetings over 500 members and their friends are assembled.
Conduit Street proving too small for such large audiences, the
lectures are often given at the Pfeiffer Hall in Harley Street.
The Pante Library is now open at 38 Conduit Street, w.
Entrance Fee — Two guineas. Subscription— One guinea a year.
Life Membership — Ten guineas.

Designers, The Soeiety of. Founded 1896. President^-^zoRGE, C.
Haiti, R.I„ R.B.A., &c. Vice-President — 'F. Hamilton
Jackson, R.B.A., &c. Hon Secretary and Treasurer— J. Scar-
ratt Rigbv, 153 Cheapside, e.g. Objects — ^To advance the arts
of design, and to safeguard the interests of the profession of
Design for Applied Art. Membership is open to professional
designers for Applied Art.

Deron and Oornwall Reeord Soelety. Objects— The transcription
and printing of records concerning the counties of Devon and
Cornwall. President — ^The Earl of Mount Edgcumbb,
G.C.V.O. Chairman — Sir Roper Lethbridge, K.CI.E.
Hon. Secretary — H. Taplhy-Soper, Royal Albert Memorial
College, Exeter. Bankers — Lloyd's Bank, Exeter.




Dlekens Fellowship, The. Founded 1902, to encourage good fee&ng
on Dickensian principles among the members, and to take such
measures as may be expedient to remedy or ameliorate those
social evils which would have appealed to the heart of Charles
Dickens. There are over eleven thousand members, who pay
a minimum subscription of one shilling a year. Branches are
established in chief towns of the Umted Kingdom, America,
and the Colonies. The Fellowship has its own organ — a
monthly magazine, entitled The Dickensian, edited by B. W.
Matz. President^-'Mi, Henry F. Dickens, K.C. Hon. Gen.
Secretary, Mr. J. W. T. Ley. HeadquarterS'—y/hitcomb House.
Whitcomb Street, w.c.

Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Glali. 1875. Object —
To promote and encourage an interest in the stud^ of the
physical sciences generally and archsBology, especially the
natural history of the county of Dorset and its antiquities,
prehistoric records, and ethnology. Its influence is used to
prevent, as far as possible, the extirpation of rare ]^ants and
animals, and to promote the preservation of the antiquities
of the counter. It aims at effecting its objects by a series of
summer meetings held in different localities each year, and by
a series of winter meetings held at the Dorset Coimty Musenm«
An illustrated volume of the Club's Proceedings is issued annually.
Membership — 400. Subscription — los. a year. There is also
an entrance-fee of ids. Hon, Secretary and Editor — Rbv.
Herbert Pbntin. M.A., F.S.A., Milton Abbey Vicarage.

Dorset Reoords. 1894. Object — ^The publication of records from
the Public Record Omce, parish registers, calendars, &c.,
relating to the county of Dorset. Yearly Subscription — los, 6d.
Editor — E. A. Fry, 124 Chancery I.*ane, w.c. 1

6ublin Society, Royal, Leinster House, Dublin. 173 1. Incorpor- I

ated 1749. Objects — The advancement of agriculture and I

other branches of industry, and of science and art. It also
carries on much scientific work ; lectures on various topics are
delivered annually in the theatre ; and there are musical recitals
during the Session. The Society takes rank as the oldest of
its kind in the kingdom. President — Right Hon. Lord Ardiu^un.
Hon, Secretaries — ^Prof. John Joly, D.Sc, F,R.S., and Capt.
J. Lb WIS RiALL, D.L. Registrar — R. J. Moss, F.I.C. Librarian
and Editor of scientific publications — A. H. Foord, Ph.D.,

Early English Text Sooiety. 1864. Objea—To brin^ the mass of
Old EngUsh Literature within the reach of the ordinary student,
and to wipe away the reproach under which England has long
rested, of having felt little Interest in the monuments of her
early life and language* The Society^ desires to print in its
Ori^nal Series the whole of our unpnnted MS. literature, and
in its Extra Series to reprint in careful editions all thai is most
valuable of printed MSS. and early printed books. It greatly




needs more support. The Society has issued to its subscribers
235 Texts. Subscription — One guinea per annum, and one
guinea additional for the Extra Series, payable in advance
ist January. Honorary Secretary — ^Wm. A. Dalziel, Esq.,
6;^ Victoria Road, Finsbury Park, London, n.
Minlraifhy Royal Soeiety oL 1783. Meetings^Fint and third
Mondays from November to July. Fellowship — ^Ordinary,
unlimited ; Honorary, limited to fifty-six, of whom twenty
may he British subjects. Pttblications — Transactions, 4to., and
Proceedings, 8vo., periodically. Secretary — Professor Gborge
Crrystal, LL.D., Mound, Princes Street, Edinburgh.
BUiabethaii Llterery Society, Toynbee Hall, Commercial Street, b.
1884. Object — ^The study of Elizabethan literature. The
Society meets every Wednesday. On the first Wednesday
of each month a paper is read, and these monthly meetings are
open free to the public. On the other Wednesdays of the
session, Elizabethan drama and prose will form the subject of
study. Nominal subscription. President — Sidney Lee. Hon-
orary Secretary — Otto Sallmann, 4 Caithness Road, West
Kensington, w.
tUsabothan Stage Soelety, The^ 90 College Street, Chelsea, s.w. In
July, 1901 , the old English Morality Play Everyman was revived
m the Master's Court of the Charterhouse, London, and the
performance repeated to the University Extension Students in
the quadrangle of University College, Oxford. Henry the Fifth,
Shakespeare's historical play, was acted in the Elizabethan
manner, in November, 1 901, in the Lecture Theatre, Burlington
Gardens, w. Various performances have since been success-
fully given, and in August, 1906, Goldsmith's Comedy, The
Good Natur*d Man, was revived before the University Extension
Students at the Theatre Royal, Cambridge.
English Assoelatlon, The. Founded 1906. Objects^ia) To afford
opportunities for intercourse and co-operation amongst all those
interested in English language and Literature ; (6) to help to
maintain the correct use of English, spoken and written :
{c) to promote the due recognition of English as an essential
element in the national education ; (d) to discuss methods of
teaching English, and the correlation of School and University
work ; (e) to encourage and facilitate advanced study in English
Language and Literature. Publications — Papers and leaflets.
Constitution — Central committee elected annually, and local
branches. Subscription — 53. President — Very Rev. H. Montagu
Butler. Hon, General Secretary — Professor F. S. Boas. Hon.
Secretary and Assistant Treasurer — Miss Elizabeth Lee,
8 Momington Avenue Mansions, w.
English Goethe Soeiety. Objects— The English Goethe Society was
founded on February 26, 1886, for the purpose of promoting
the study of Goethe's work and thought ; and in 1891 its scope
was extended, so that, while always keeping Goethe as the
central figure, the attention of the members might also be

Digitized by LjOOQ IC


directed to other fields of German literature, art, and science.
The Society pursues its aims by means of meetings, discussions,
the publication of transactions, and in any other mode which
may from time to time seem advisable to the governing body.
Meetings — Five each year. Publications — TransacHons, and
other original papers. Sisbscripiion-^HsiM a guinea per annum.
One guinea per annum includes membership of the German
Goethe Society at Weimar. The Society is flourishing, but
would welcome new members. Secretary — Dr. Eugbnb Oswald ,
129 Adelaide Road, n.w.

Entente Oordiale, L' (Anglo-French Association). 1897. Objects —
To develop and maintain friendly social and commerdBl
relations between the French and EngUsh peoples ; to encourage
a more general knowledge of the two languages ; and to make
the two nations better acquainted with the respective feelings
and c^Hnions of each other. PtAlications-^Pasaphlets con-
tsining information as to parts of France worth visiting by
English people, or on subjects of public interest to both nations,
and corrections of erroneous statements made in the press.
Subscription — Not less than half a guinea yearly, due
ist January. Entrance fee — los. 6d. President — ^Lord Cole-
BROOKE. Chairman of Council — A. Barton Kent, Esq,
Treasurer — H. S. A. Foy, Esq. Honorary Secretary —
W. H. Sands, Esq., 6 Fig-Tree Court, Temple, e.g.

Entomological Society ot London, 11 Chandos Street, Cavendish
Square, w. 1835. Incorporated 1885. Object — ^The improve-
ment and diffusion of entomological science. Membership —
International, 500. Publications — Transactions (quarterly),
and Proceedings. Secretaries — H. Rowland-Browm. M.A.,
and Commander J. J- Walker, M.A., R.N. Librarian —
George Bethbll, T.K.Hist.S.

Ethologioal Society for the Systematic Stndy ot Hnman Chaneler.
Founded 1 904. The object of the Society is the study of Human
Nature, not through any one department of science, but taking
from all its different branches the most practical and useful to
arrive at a knowledge of the intellect and character of man, and
the laws which govern their manifestation ; and not limited to
any one method of research, but collecting all material that is
available, and applying it to the preservation of the mental
health of the individual, to education, moral reform, and the
solution of various sociological problems. Extract from Rules
— " The Society shall hold a series of * Conversazioni ' from
November till July, to which eminent authorities shall be
invited to deliver lectures on the relation of their branch of
science or philosophy to Human Nature. The Annual Sub-
scription shall be for Members one guinea, and for Associates
half a guinea. A Journal shall be published containing the
proceedings of the Society and original contributions." Presi-
dent — Bernard Hollander, Esq., M.D. Treasurer —
W. Cranstoun Todd, Esq. Hon, Secretary^Dr, Percy W.
Ames, 35 a Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, w.




FaMM teiMy. Fonnded 1863 for the study of Socialism find its
pitppaganda mainly by educational methodB. Metfibership —
1,600. chiefly in London, but also in the provinces, is confined
to Socialists, bat associates paying los. and subscribers of 5s.
receive publications, and can attend the meetings. These,
usually lectures, are held fortnightly at Essex Hall, Essex
Street, Strand, except in the holiday season. The lectures and
publications are chiefly devoted to the consideration of political
and social problems, with a view to the reconstruction of
society on SodaUstic lines. The Society has a circulating
library of over 4.000 books on Political and Economic subjects,
which are supplied in boxes to Trade Unions, Cooperative
Societies, and other organizations at a charge of ids. .per year.
It publishes Fabian Tracts usually at id., which explains its
views of Socialism and its proposals far social and political
reform. Amongst these is inclnded a 6d. bibliography, What to
Read on Social and Economic Suhjeds (fourth etttion), 1901,
a supplement. More Books to Read (1906), id., and a Guide to
Books for Socialists (1907), id. Its organ is the Fabian News,
devoted to reports of the Society's Meetings, reviews of books,
and a monthly list of new books. Secretary — Edward R.
Pease. Office — 3 Qement's Inn, Strand, w.c.

Foik-Lore Soelety. 1878. Object — ^To collect and preserve the

relics of Folk-Lore. Publications — ^The quarterly journal,
Folk-Lore, volumes and Transactions : free to Members. An
additional volume is also issued free to members every year.
Subscription — One guinea per annum. Secretary — F. A. Milne,
1 1 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, w.c.

Folk-Song Society. — ^This Society was founded in 1808 for the pur-

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