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pose of collecting and publishing folk-songs, ballads and tunes.
It publishes in its journal such contributions of traditional
songs as may be chosen by a committee of musical experts,
and may from time to time hold meetings at which these songs
are introduced, and form the subjects of performance, lecture,
and discussion. Eleven numbers of the journal, containing
several hundreds of songs and tunes, copiously annotated by
experts, never before printed, have appeared (up to December,
1907). The subscription has been fixed at los. 6d. annually
(payable on June i in each year), on payment of which members
wHl be entitled to receive all publications for the current year,
and to attend all meetings, &c., organized by the Society.
President — The Right Hon. Lord Tennyson, G.CM.G. Vice-
Presidents — ^Sir Alexander C. Mackenzie, Mus.Doc.,
F.R.A.M. ; Sir C. Hubert Parry, Bart., Mus.Bac., D.C.L.;
Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, Mus.Doc.. D.CL. Hon,
Secretary — ^Miss Lucy Broadwood, 84 Carlisle Mansions, Vic-
toria Street, S.W. Hon. Treasurer — ^Mrs. G. L. Gomhb.

MenOi of Russian Freedom, Soelety of. Founded 1889. Objects —
To further the cause of political and religious liberty in Russia
through the awakening of English public opinion on the subject.




and to give material help to the victims of political and reUgiaiiB
intolerance in Russia, as well as assistance to Russian workmen
in their just struggles for the right of combination and the
improvement of the conditions of their life. The Society

f>ublishe8 Free Russia, a quarterly journal ; and arranges
ectures to treat and discuss questions affecting Russian libertv.
Minimum Annual Subscription — 5s. Funds are urgently
needed ; and full particulars of the aims of the Society and
the important work it has already done may be obtained on
application to Mr. J. Fredbricx Grsbm« 40 Outer Temple,
Strand, w.c.
Froebel Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 4 Bloomsbury Square,
w.c. 1874. Incorporated 1891. Objects — ^To promote co-
operation among . those engaged in Kindergarten work ; to
spread the knowledge and practice of the system ; and to main-
tain a high standard of efficiency among Kindergarten and
Elementaiy teachers. The work of the Society is carried on
chiefly by lectures, classes for teachers, agency for teachers and
governesses, properly catalogued lending hbrary, Ac. The organ
of the Society is the quarterly magazine, Child Life (Philip A
Son). For further particulars apply to the Secretary, Miss
Temple Orme, LL.D.

Gaelie League, 24 Upper O'Connell Street, Dublin. Objects — ^To

' promote the study of Irish language ; to extend its use as a

spoken tongue ; and to publish existing Gaelic literature. An

excellent series of Lesson Books by the Rev. E. O'Growney has

been published, besides other text-books, at popular prices.

Genealogleal and Biographical Society, The, 38 Conduit Street, w.
1902. Objects — The discovery, publication, and preservation
of whatever may relate to genealogy, biography, and local
history. To carry out the object for which the Society is
founded there will be a periodical publication ; meetings of the
Society, at which addresses of historical interest will be
delivered ; a biographical, genealogical, and historical library ;
a record office. Entrance Fee — Ten guineas. Annual Sub-
scription — Five guineas. Life Members — Sixty guineas. Hon.
Treasurer — W. H. Rickatson. Hon, Secretary — L. Ricci.
Bankers — ^The Bank of England.

Geographical Society, Royal, i SaviUe Row, Burlington Gardens,
w. 1830. Incorporated 1859. Object — ^The advancement of
geographical science. Meetings — November to June. Publi-
caiums — Geographical Journal, monthly, free to Fellows;
occasionsJ publications ; and Maps. Membership — Inter-
national. Library — 50,000 volumes; 1 10,000 maps; 30,000
photographs ; open to Fellows, who may borrow four volumes
at a time. Secretary — J. Scott Keltie, LL.D.

Geological Field Class (London). Founded 1886. Object— To
impart practical knowledge of the physical geography and
geology of the London district by teaching in quarries and




by cliffs, given by the same Professor. Excursions are made
CO Saturday afternoons, between the end of April and middle
of July ; are generally ten in number, the fee lor which is one
guinea. AppHcation is made to the Secretary, J. W. Jarvis,
F.G.S., St. Mark's College, Chelsea. The Director, Professor
SsBLBY, King's College, w.c, will issue his report on the
London Excursions in the autumn, 1908.
Geologists' Assoelatlon of London, University College, Gower Street,
w.c. 1858. Expeditions — Whitsuntide, Easter, and the end
of July, and on Saturdays from March to July. Meetings — ^The
first Friday in each month, from November to July. Pttblica-
iion — Proceedings, issued about five times a year. Entrance
Fee — ^Ten shillings. Annual Subscription — ^Ten shillings.
Secretary — Georgb W. Young, F.G.S., 34 Glenthome Road,
Hammersmith, w.

Haklnyt Soelety. 1846. Object— To print, for distribution among
its members, rare and valuable voyac^es, travels, naval expe-
ditions, and other geomiphical records, from an earljr period
to the beginning of the eighteenth century. Subscription —
One guinea per annum. Honorary Secretary and Treasurer —
Basil H. Soulsby, F.S.A., Map Room, British Museum, w.c.
Agency — B. Quaritch, ii Grafton Street, w.

Hampstead Bthleal Institute. Instituted 1900. The object of this
Society is : To increase among men the knowledge, the love,
and the practice of the right. Its bond of union is the belief
! that this object may be attained without the aid of any theo-
logical sanction. Services — Sundays at 1 1 . 1 5 a.m. at the Con-
servatoire, Swiss Cottage, N.w. Honorary Secretary — Miss
Josephine Gowa, 22 Greencroft Gardens, N.w.

HarMan Society. 1869. Incorporated 1902. Council Room, &c.,
140 Wardour Street, London, w. Object — The publication of
inedited manuscripts relating to genealogy, fami^ history, and
heraldry. The publications for the year 1906 include The
Visitation of Kent in 1663-1668, edited by Sir George J. Army-
TAGB, Bart., F.S.A., and The Registers of St. Paul, Covent
Garden, London: Christenings, 1653-1837 (2 vols.), edited by
the Rev. Wiluam H. Hunt. For 1907 The Visitation of
Berkshire in 1532, 1566, 1623, and 1664-66, edited by W. Harry
Rylands, Esq., F.S.A., and The Registers of St, Paul, Covent
Garden, London; Marriages, 165 3-1837, edited by the Rev.
W. H. Hunt. Chairman — Sir George J. Armytage, Bart.,
F.S.A., Kirklees Park, Brighouse. Secretary and Treasurer —
W. Bruce Bannerman, Esq., F.S.A., The Lindens, Sydenham
Road, Crovdon, Surrey, to whom all subscriptions and communica-
tions should be forwarded.

HeOenle Studies, Society for the Promotion of, 22 Albemarle Street,
w. 1879. Objects — ^To advance the study of the Greek
language, literature, and art ; and to illustrate the history of
the Greek race in the Ancient, Byzantine, and Neo-Hellenic




periods. Publication — The Journal of Hellenic Studies, aannally.
The library affords to members the means of archaeological
research. The society contributes ;£ioo annually towards the
support of the British School at Athens. Entrance Fee^^Tvio
gumeas ; Subscription — One guinea. President — Professor
I^Rcy Gardner. Honorary Secretary — ^Mr. Georgs A.
Macmillan. Hon. Librarian — Mr. Arthur H. Smith. Secre-
tary and Librarian — ^Mr. John ff. Baker-Penoyre.

HIstoriwU Soelety, RoyaL 1868. Incorporated 31st July, 1889.
Amalgamated with Camden Society 2nd May, 1896. Object —
To promote and foster the study of history. Membership —
Fellows, Honorary Fellows, and Corresponding Members :
about 700, international. Subscription — Fellows, two guineas
j)er annum ; Public Libraries and Institutions, /i. Publica-
tions — Transactions and Documents issued to Fellowa and sub*
scribing Libraries only. Meetings — ^November to June, third
. Thursday in each month, at < p.m. Patron — ^The King.
President-^'Rev. Wm. Hunt. D.Litt. Hon. Secretary-— H. E.
Malden, M.A. Library and Offices — 7 South Square, Gray's
Inn, w.c.

HngiWDOt Soeiety. Founded 1885. Object-— The pnbUcatioci of
knowledge relating to the history of the Huguenots and the
refugee settlements throughout the world, particularly those in
Great Britain, Ireland, and the Channel Islands. Annual
publications, of an historical and genealogical nature. Entrance
Pee — One guinea. Subscription — One guinea. Life Member-
ship — Ten guineas. Secretary — ^Mr. R. S. Fabbr, F.S.Am go
Regent's Park Road, n.w.

Imperial Iiutitate» South Kensington. 1887. The Institute in-
cludes collections of products and manufactures illustrating
the natursd resources and industries of India and the Colonies ;
the Scientific and Technical Department, with extensive
laboratories for the investi^tion of natural products with a
view to their commercial utilization ; and a Reference Library
and Reading Room containing the principal newspapers and
official publications of India and the colonies. The Bulletin
of the Imperial Institute is published quarterly, price is., with

Eostage IS. ijd. Director — Professor W. R. Dunstan, M.A.,
L.D,, F.R.S. Principal Assistant, Scientific and Technical
Department — ^T. A. Henry, D.Sc. Superintendent of Colonial
Collections— W. G. Freeman, B.Sc, F.L.S.
Indian InBtltnto^ Broad Street, Oxford. Founded by Sir Monier
Williams, 1883. Objects — To arouse interest in Oriental
literature and in India generally. Particularly to draw together
the successful candidates in the I*C.S. open competition, to
teach Indian languages, and to hold lectures on Indian subjects.
Library open from 10 a.m. to i p.m. during term and vacation,
and Museum from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. during Easter and Trinity
terms ; at other times xo a.m. to 4 p.m. The Institute is dosed




from August t6 to September 14, and from Christmas Eve to

ianuary 2, and on Good Friday and the following Saturday and
[onday. Keeper — ^The Boden Professor of Sanskrit, A. A.
Macdonell, M.A. Assistant Keeper and Librarian, Don


Internatioiial Musleal Soelety. i S99. Object— To unite in one body
those who prosecute musical research, in whatever country, by
means of (a) an organized system of local meetings and general
conferences, and (6) a published monthly journal (about 600 pp.
yearly) and quarterly magazine (about 750 pp. yearly). The
language of publications is alternatively German, English,
French, or Italian ; but on an average one.fourth of space is
given to English, and the same to French. The Society has
thirty-five organized branches in America, Austria, Belgium,
Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain and
Ireland, Holland, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzer-
land. Membership — By paying a subscription (in return for
which the journal and magazine are received post free)of ^i ;
or, if in combination with, and addition to, the (British)
Musical Association, £1 iis. Publicaiions — As above; also
certain book literature at reduced rates. President — (for
Great Britain and Ireland) Sir Alexander Mackenzie. Hon.
Secretaries — Dr. Ch. Maclean, 61 Drayton Gardens, South
Kensington, s.w. ; and Dr. W. G. McNaught, Annandale,
Woodside Park. North Finchley, n.

Irlsb Aeademy, Royals Dublin. Incorporated 1786. Its objects are
to " promote the study of science, poUte literature, and antiqui-
ties.'^ Its library includes many invaluable Irish MSS., the
Ordnance Survey papers, &c. Its important collection of
Irish Antiquities is now exhibited in the National Museum,
Dublin, under the Science and Art Department. Secretary —
Prof. John A. McClelland, M.A., D.Sc, 19 Dawson Street,

Iriili Language, Soelety for the Preservation of the, 6 Molesworth
Street, Dublin. March, 1877. Objects — ^To promote the teach-
ing of Irish in the Irish schools, to pubUsh text-books and
elementary works in Irish, &c. Over 335*996 copies of the
Society's publications have been sold in Irdand. The Society
has succeeded in obtaining for Irish a prominent place on the
curricula of the three systems of State education in Ireland,
inclucUng that of the Umversity. Honorary Treasurers — Jambs
Halligan, Esq., and G. N. Count Plunkett, M.R.I.A. Secre-
tary — J. J. MacSweeney, R-I.A.

Ifiib Literary Soelety, 20 Hanover Square, w. 1892. Objects — ^To
a&nrd a centre of social and literary intercourse for persons of
Irish nationality, and to promote the study of the Irish language,
Irish history, literature, music, and art. Membership —
Members (town and country) of Irish nationality; Associate
of any other nationality. Subscription-^Tovm members, £1 13. ;
country members, iss, 6d» Lectures — Monthly. The Report




pubtisfafid Mmh, 1006, states that the year 1905-1906 has been
one of continued success. The History and " Original Nights "
have been successfully continued, and the classes for the study
of Irish language and history are well attended. The numb^
of books on the library shelves is over 700. President — ^Mr.
R. Barry O'Brien. Honorary Secretary — Mr. Alfrbd Per-
ciVAL Graves.

Irisb Texts Society. 1898. Objects— The publication of Irish texts,
with translation and notes. The volume for 1901 was Heating's
History of Ireland, Part I., edited by Mr. David Com3rn. The
volume for 1902 was a romantic tale entitled Caithreim
Conghail Clairighntgh, edited by P. M. MacSweeney, M.A., from
a seventeenth - century MS. Five volumes have now been
issued by the Society. The Society's Irish-English Dictionary,
compiled and edited by Rev. P. S. Dinneen. M.A., is now ready,
price 7s, 6d. Subscription — 7s. 6d. per annum ; American sub-
scribe, $2. Honorary Secretary — ^Mlss Hull, 20 Hanover
Square, w.

Iron and Steel Instftiite, 28 Victoria Street. London, s.w. Founded
1869. Incorporated 1899. Object — ^The promotion of the
metallurgy of iron and steel. Publication — Journal, 2 or 3 vols.
annually. Secretary — Bennett H. Brough.

Japan Soelety, 20 Hanover Square, w. 1892. Objects — ^The encour-
agement of the study of the Japanese language, literature,
history, folk-lore, and of all Japanese matters. Membership —
Ordinary Members, Corresponding Members, and Honorary
Members. Publications — Transactions and Proceedings, free
to Members. Exhibitions — Periodically. Meetings — ^Monthly
from November to June. The meetings held last season were
addressed, among others, by Narinon Okoshi, Alfred Stead,
Miss Ethel McCaul, Mrs. Salway, Professor Takakusu, W.
Harding Smith, and J. Morris. The seventeenth annual dinner
is fixed for Wednesday, May 18, 1908» at the Whitehall Rooms.
Many of the valuable papers read before the Society have
appeared, with illustrations, in the Transactions, of which several
volumes have recently been issued. Honorary SecretaHes —
J. P. Rbid and K. Nojima. Assistant Secretary^K. E. Brick.

Jewish Hlstorieal Soeiety of England. Founded 1893 as the out-
come of the Ang^o- Jewish Historical Exhibition, Royal Albert
Hall. Objects — ^The study of Anglo-Jewish History, and the
publication of general works of Jewish interest. Four volumes
of Trans€ict%ons have been issued. Lectures on Jewish history
are promoted, and the Society has published several volumes
on Jewish history, among them being Menasseh ben Israel,
h¥ Mr. Lucien Wolf, and in conjunction with the Selden Societv,
Jewish Plea RoUs of the Exchequer, President — S. LsVY, M.A.
Treasurer — Frank Habs, 28 Bassett Road, w.

Jewish Uterary Soelettes, Union of. 1902. Objects— The difiusion
of a knowledge of Jewish literature, history, and sociology ; the
co-ordination of the work of Jewish literary societies, and




formation of new societies ; the promotion of popular Jewish
publications, and the establishment of a circulating library
containing works on Jewish History and Literature. Forty-five
Jewish literary and allied societies in Great Britain are asso-
ciated in the Union, which publishes in its Anntiol Report
selected papers of great interest and value to the student of
Jewish history and thought. President — Laurie Magnus, M.A.
Secretary — ^Miss N. Klingenstein, 38 Fitzroy Square, w.
Journalists, Instltate of, 2 & 4 Tudor Street, e.c. Founded in 1889,
by conversion of the National Association of Journalists (1884).
Incorporated 1890. Objects — ^Thef promotion of whatever may
tend to the elevation of the status^ and the improvement of the
qualifications of all members of the journalistic profession;
ascertainment and, where necessary, amendment of the law
and practice affecting the discharge by journalists of their
professional duties ; the promotion by au reasonable means
of the interests of journalists and journalism, &c. Membership
— International ; at the date of its conversion into the Institute,
about 1,200; at present 3,000. Council Meetings and Annual
Conference — ^Movable, and held in the chief towns throughout
the country. President, 1 906-1 907 — ^Mr. Alfred F. Robbins,
F.J.I. Secretary — Herbert Cornish, F.J.I.

Kyrle Society. This Society owes its origin to a letter written in
1876 by Miss Miranda Hill, calling attention to the dull, common-
place lives of the poor, and suggesting that means taken to
enliven and beautify those lives would be labour well si>ent.
Accordingly, in 1877, a society was started with this object,
and the name " Kyrle " was chosen, the idea being taken from
Pope's lines eulogizing John Kyrle, the " Man of Ross."
Objects — (a) To decorate workmen's clubs, hospital wards, parish
rooms, or any room used for social gathenngs, without dis-
tinction of creed. (6) To secure and assist in securing any open
spaces in or near the metropolis, and to prevent spaces bemg
illegally built upon ; to render available as public gardens
disused burial-grounds and other waste spaces, and to provide
seats, plants, &c., for them, {c) To distribute cut flowers,
plants, ferns, and bulbs to hospitals, workhouses, and other
institutions, and amongst the nomes of the poor, {d) To
organize a voluntarv choir of singers to perform oratorios for
the poor, {e) To distribute books, magazines, and periodicals
to hospitals, infirmaries, workhouses, clubs, and libraries for
the benefit of the poor. President — H.R.H. Princess Louise,
Duchess of Argyll. Chairman — ^Lord Monks well. Hon.
Secretary — ^Miss Lilian James. Office — 2 Manchester Street, w.

Lanoashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society. 1883. Objects—To
examine, preserve, and illustrate ancient monuments and
records, and to promote the study of history, literature, arts,
customs, and traditions, with particular reference to the
antiquities of Lancashire and Cheshire. Publications — Trans*
actions, issued annually. Subscript ion^HaU a guinea annually.




Entrance fee, half a ffuinea. Secretary — Gborob C Yatbs,
F.S.A., Urmston, Manchester.

Lancashire and Ohedilre, Hlstorle Society ot 1848. Obiects—To
collect, arrange, preserve, and publish information relating to
the two counties. The subscription is one guinea per annum.
Publications — ^Documents, &c. Meetings — ^From October to
April. Honorary Secretary — Wm. Fergusson I&vinb, F.S.A.,
34 Castle Street, LiverpooL

Laaeashlre and Cheshire, Record Society oL 1878. Object — ^Tha
transcription andpublication of original documents relating to
these counties. Tne subscription is £1 is. per annum. Publi-
cations — Records, &c., free to Members. Honorary Secretary —
Wm. Fbrgusson Irvinb, F.S.A., 56 Park Road South, Birken-

Library Assistants Association. 1895. Objects — ^To promote the
social, intellectual, and professional interests of its members,
by meetings of a social character, by discussions, and in such
other ways as may be suggested from time to time. Confined
to persons other than chief librarians, actually engaged in the
administration of libraries in the United Kmgdom and the
Colonies. Meetings — At various libraries and other public
institutions monthly from October to May ; Annual Meeting
and Conference in June, and excursions during the summer
months. Last year twenty-two papers, followed by discua*
sions, were read; fifteen institutions were visited, and there
were six excursions and recreations. Has branches in York-
shire and Ireland. Publications — The Library Assistant,
monthly, free to Members and Hon. Members ; and Annual
Report. Chairman — W. Benson Thornb. Hon, Treasurer —
W. Gbo. Chambers, Public Library, Plumstead. Hon, Secre-
tary — ^W. C. Berwick Saybrs, C^tral Library, Town Hall,

Utemry Association, Whitcomb House, Whitcomb Street, Pall Mali
East. October 5, 1877. (Incorporated by Ro^al Charter,
1898.) Objects — ^To unite all persons engaged or mterested in
libraufy work, for the purpose of securing the best administration
of libraries ; to endeavour to obtain better legislation for
libraries ; to aid and encourage the establishment of new
libraries ; and to encourage blbhographical studv and research.
Meetings — At 20 Hanover Square, w., monthly from November
to June ; and an Annual General. Between the years 1877-1907
General Meetings have been held in many of the i>nncipal
towns in the United Kingdom ; and on one occasion, in 1892,
in Paris. Publications — The Library Association Record,
monthly, free to Fellows and Members ; and a Year-Book.
President — ^Mr. Francis T. Barrett. Hon. Treasurer —
Henry R. Tedder. Hon, Secretary — h. Stanusy Jast,
Assistant Secretary — ^Mrs. Reiixy.

Unncan Society of Iiondon, Burlington House, w. This Society
was founded in February 1788 by Sir James Edwanl Smith,
who, on the recommmidation of Sir Joseph Banks, purchased




the library, manuscripts, and iamous natural history collections
of Linnaeus from his son's executrix, by whom they were offered
for sale. In March, 1802, the Society was incorporated by Royal
Charter, and a supplemental charter was granted in 1904
for the admission of women. The meetings were held first at
the house of the founder, afterwards in Soho Square, and even-
tually at Burlington House, whither the library and collections
(with the exception of the Linnean minerals, which were sold
by Sir J. E. Smith) were removed in 1857, and where they are
stiU carefully preserved. The centenary anniversary of the
Society was celebrated on the 24th May, 1888, when a Linnean
gold medal was struck in commemoration of the event ; this is
annually awarded at the anniversary meeting, alternately to a
botanist and to a zoologist. The Society, under the patronage
of His Majesty the King, is governed by a President and CouncU,
with Treasurer and tluree Secretaries, annually elected at the
anniversary meeting. Fortnightly evening meetings are held
throughout the session from November to June, and the
botamcal and zoological papers read at these meetings are
subsequently published in the shape of auarto Transactions and
octavo Journals extensively illustratea. General Secretary —
B. Daydon Jackson, Ph.D.
literary Fundy Royal, 40 Denison House, 296 Vauxhall Bridge Road,
s.w. 1790. Object — The assistance of necessitous authors,
their widows and orphans, or mothers or sisters. The income
of this fund is about ^£3,000. The number of grants to authors
and relatives of authors since the foundation of the fund in
1790 totals 4,840, to the amount of ;J 149,862. The average
number of grants in recent years has been about thirty-five,
the amount disbursed in each year being on an average about
;£2,70O. The fund holds an anniversary festival each year.
Subscription — One guinea per annum or Life Donation of ten
guineas paid in one sum. Secretary — A. Llewelyn Roberts,

Utorstve^ Royal Society of, of the United Kingdom, 20 Hanover
Square, w. 1822. Incorporated 1825. Founded by H.M.
King George the Fourth. Object — ^The advancement of
literature. Membership — Fellows, by election. Publications —
Transactions and occasional volumes, free to members. Presi-
dent — The Earl of Halsbury. Treasurer — Sir Edward

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