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of the works of ancient art in the municipal museums in
Rome. Vol. III., published 1906, contains a further paper
on the Roman Campagna by Dr. Ashby, and articles on
historical sculptures by Mr. H. Stuart Jones and Mr. A. J. B.




At present the annual income of the School is less than
£Soo, much of which is precarious ; and it is estimated that
an income of :£i,ooo will be required to secure permanence and
efficiency. The Director of the School is Dr. Ashby. Further
information will be supplied by the Secretary, John ff. Baker
Penoyre, Esq., M.A., 22 Albemarle Street, w., or by any other
member of the committee. Subscriptions and donations are
urgently needed. They should be paid to the credit of the
" British School at Rome," at the London and Westminster
Bank, Lothbury, e.g.

Royftl Colonial InstitatOj Northumberland Avenue, w.c. 1868.
Incorporated 1882. Objects — ^To provide a place of meeting
for all gentlemen connected with the Colonies and British India,
and others taking an interest in Colonial and Indian alSairs ; to
establish a reacSng-room and library, in which recent and
authentic intelligence upon Colonial and Indian subjects may
be constantly available, and a Museum for the collection and
exhibition of Colonial and Indian productions, &c, &c Meet-
ings — Monthly, and occasional afternoon meeting in addition,
at which papers are read and discussed. Publications — Journal,
monthly for eight months during the session ; Proceedings,
yearly. On the 17th September, 1907, the list of members
mcluded 1,417 Resident, 3.078 non-Resident, and 13 Honorary
Fellows, or 4,508 in all. The present annual income is rather
over ;£8,ooo ; and at the dose of the year the Ubrary contained
over 65,000 volumes, all dealing with the Colonies and India.
Secretary — J. S. O'Halloran, C.M.G. Librarian — Jambs R.

Boyal Instltntion of Great Britaiii, Albemarle Street, Piccadilly, w.
March 9, 1799. Charter 1800. Confirmed 18 10. Objects —
To prosecute Scientific and Literary Research ; to illustrate the
principles of inductive and experimental Science ; to promote
social intercourse among lovers of Science ; and to afiEord to
them opportunities for collective and individual study. Mem-
bership — ^Those " who are attached to Science, and who desire
to further its advancement." Laboratories — Chemical and
Physical Science. Public Lectures — Experimental Illustration
and detailed descriptions of matters connected with sdenoe and
art. Christmas series of Lectures for juveniles. Weekly
Meetings of Members — For the communication of new views,
applications, and results. Model Room — Furnishing apparatus
for research, and for illustration at the PubUc Lectures and
Weekly Meetings. Library — 60,000 volumes. Reading Rooms
— Open from 9 a.m. till ii p.m. Membership — By ballot at
the next general monthly meeting. Fe^s-^io los. on ad-
mission ; five guineas annually. Publications — Proceedings,
free to Members. President — ^The Duke or Northuiibbrland,
K.G., D.C.L., F.R.S. Treasurer — Sir Jambs Crichton -
Browne, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S. Honorary Sdcrtftery— Sir
William Crookes, D.Sc., F.R.S. Assistant Secretary and
Librarian — ^Hbnrv Young,




Royal PhUfttolle Soelet7» The, 10 Gracechurch Street, s.c. 1869.
Objects — ^To encourage and promote the study of history, en-
graving and printing of postage and telegraph stamps, &c. ;
and to detect and prevent stamp frauds. Membership — ^At
present 250. Meetings — Fortnightly between October and
May. Publications — The London Philatelist (monthly), and
papers and works relating to philately. Honorary Secretary —
J. A. TiLLBARD, 10 Gracechurch Street, e.c.

Royal Society of London, Burlington House, w. 1660. Incor-
porated 1662. President — ^The Rt. Hon. Lord Rayleigh.
O.M., M.A., D.C.L. Object — ^The promotion of natural know-
ledge. Membership — ^Fedlow and Foreign Members. Meetings
— On Thursdays at 4.30 from November to June inclusive.
Publications — Philosophical Transactions, Proceedings, Year-
Booh, and Record. Secretaries — Prof. Joseph Larmor, M.A.,
D.Sc, and Sir Archibald Geikie, K.C.B., D.C.L. Foreign
Secretary — Francis Darwin, M.A. Assistant Secretary and
Librarian — Robert W. F. Harrison.

Raskin Union, The. Instituted February 8th, 1900. To promote
the study of the works of John Ruskin, recognising them,
without indiscriminate approval, as the outcome of a genius
at once profound, sympathetic, and generous, and nobly used
for the benefit of mankind. Many well-known names figure
in the Council. Honorary Secretary — Rev. J. B. Booth, M.A.,
32 Cathcart Road, South Kensington, s.w.

SeottUh Oeographieal Soelety, Royal* Queen Street, Edinburgh.
1884. Objects — ^The study and advancement of geographical
science in its various aspects and bearings ; the improvement
of national cartography ; the study of Scottish topography,
Ac, Branches — Glasgow, Dundee, and Aberdeen. Member-
ship — International, 1,900; Honorary Members, 12; Cor.
Members, 42 ; Lady Members, 190. L&rary — 10,000 volumes ;
8, coo separate map-sheets; pamphlets, reports, blue-books,
&c. Publications — Scottish Geographical Magazine, monthly,
free to Members. Lectures — ^November to April. Meetings —
Bi-monthly. Exploration and Research — ^The Society con-
tributes towards the expenses of expeditions which it approves,
and awards gold and silver medals for distinguished services.
Secretary — ^Major W. Lachlan Forbes (late R.E.). Editor —
Miss M. I. Newbigin, D.Sc. Chief Clerh — G. Walker.

Seottish History Soeiety, Edinburgh. 1885. 05;>c<— The publication
of inedited documents illustrating the civil, religious, or political
history of Scotland. President — ^The Earl of Rosbbsrv.
Secretary — D. Hay Fleming, Esq., LL.D.

Seottlsh Soofety of Ltteratnro and Art Instituted i8th January,
1886. Objects — ^To encourage the study of literature and art,
by promoting public lectures, by organizing private meetings
for the reading of essays and discussion among the members.




and by other kindred methods. President — The Right H<m,
Lord Kelvin, LL.D., G.C.V.O., &c. Secretary and Treasurer-—
George Middleton, M.A., LL.B., 83 Bath Street, Glasgow.

Mbonie Soeiety, The. Founded 1885. Objects — ^The promotion of
the study of natural history. The preservation from needless
destruction of vdld birds, animals, and plants. The protection
of places and objects of antiquarian interest or naturad beauty.
Membership — ^Those who subscribe a minimum of 5 s. {>er
annum are entitled to hold office, vote at meetings, and
to receive the Society's Magazine {Nature Notes, published
monthly). The subscriptions of Members shall be due on
January i in each year, and shall be payable in advance. The
Subscription of those admitted during the last quarter of the
year wul date from January i foUowmg, but will be payable
at the time of election. President — ^The Rt. Hon. Lord
AvEBURY, D.C.L., F.R.S. Honorary Secretary — Wilfred
Mark Webb, F.L.S., 20 Hanover Square, w.

Selden Soeiety. 1887. Object — ^To encourage the study and advance
the knowledge of the history of English law. The Publications
of the Society are original documents and reprints, free to
Members. Volume XVII. (1903) was the first volume of a
reprint and translation of the Year-Books of Eaward II., by
Prof. Maitland. This has been continued in Volumes XI A.
(1904) and XX. (1905). and a further part is in preparation
for Volume XXII. (1907). Volumes XVIII. (1904) and XXL
(1906) form a new and complete digest and translation of
Borough Customs, arranged and edited with bibliographical and
historical introductions by Miss Mary Bateson, FeU. rfewnham
College. Cambridge. For all particulars and list of volumes
already issued apply to the Honorary Secretary, B. Possett
Lock, ii New Square, Lincoln's Inn. Subscription-— One
guinea per annum. Non-members may obtain the publications
by purchase from the publisher, Mr. Bernard Quaritdi, 11
Grafton Street, w., at 28s. per volume.

Sette of Odd Volnmes, The. 1878. The Sette of Odd Volumes is a
Society of book-lovers and especially of such as are interested
in out-of-the-way forms of uterature, art, and science, the
Membership consisting of twice twenty-one brethren. The
motto of the Society is " Conviviality and Mutual Admiration."
The " Sette " dines at Oddenino's Restaurant on the fourth
Tuesday in each month, when papers are read on divers subjects,
being afterwards privately issued as " Opuscula." The " Sette "
is governed by odd rules, and fresh elections of President and
Officers take place in March. A ddress : Imperial Restaurant, w.

Shakespeare League, The London. Founded 23rd April (" Shake-
speare Day "), 1902. Objects — ^The commemoration of Shake-
speare in connection with London, where his works were
originally produced and printed ; and the organization of an
annual celebration of " Shakespeare Day " in London. Annual
subscription — Five shillings. Secretary-^^Siaa Elspbt Kkitb,
17 Park Avenue, Willesden Green, n.w.




Stage Soeiety, Tbe Ineorporstod, 9 Arundel Street. Strand, w.c.
Founded 19th Joly, 1899. Incorporated ipth July, 1904.
Object — The production on non-commercial lines of original
modem plays, and the establishment of a Repertory Theatre
in London. Subscription — One guinea. Hon, Treasurer —
W. HscTOR Thomson. Secretary — A. E. Drinkwatbr.

Stationers' Company, Stationers' Hall Court, b.c. 1403. Incor-
porated 1557. Present Hall built (after the Fire of London)
1674. Books, music, dramatic rights, and painting, drawings,
and photographs are registered {see Copyright, page 347) at
Stationers' Hall. The Company is governed by a Master and
two Wardens, with a court of assistants. The annual election
of Master and Wardens takes place on the Saturday after
St. Peter's Day. The Stationers Company's thirty-seventh in
precedence among the livery companies. The Publishers' Asso-
ciation and other Societies connected with the Company's
trade hold their meetings at Stationers' Hall. Clerk — C. R.


StatUtteal Soeiety, Royal, 9 Adelphi Terrace, w.c. March 15, 1834.
Objects — The collection, arrangement, discussion, and publication
of facta bearing on and illustrating the complex relations of
modem society in its social, economical, and political aspects ;
the formation of a statistical library. Membership — Fellows
and honorary Fellows, about 1,000. Library — ^40,000 volumes.
Publication — Journal, quarterly, free to Fellows. President —
Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Dilke, Bt., M.P. Hon. Secretaries —
Sir J. Athelstane Baines, C.S.I. (Foreign), R. Henry Rew,
A. Wilson Fox, C.B., G. Uding Yule. Assistant Secretary —
T. H. Mageb, B.A. Chief Clerk and Librarian — John A." P.

Sumy Parish Register Soeiety. 1903. Objea-^The publication of
the older Registers of Parishes in the County of Surrey which
have not been already printed. Council Room — 140 Wardour
Street, London, w. Tne publication for the year 1903 was
Richmond Registers, Part 1. ; for the year 1904, Godalming
Registers ; for the year 1905, Richmond Registers, Part XI. ; for
the year 1906, The Registers of Wanborough, Farleigh, W aiding-
ham, and Tats field ; for the year 1907, Tfu Registers of Adding-
ion, Chelsham, Crowhurst, Gatton, Headley, Warlingham, are
appix>acbinff completion. President — ^The Right Hon. the
VISCOUNT Midlbton. Hon, Secretary — ^W. Bruce Banner-
KAN, Esq., F.S.A., The Lindens, Sydenham Road, Croydon,
' to whom all communications should be addressed.

Snrtees Soeiety. The, Whitehouse. Northallerton. Object — The pub-
lication of inedited MSS. illustrative of the intellectual, the
moral, the religious, and the social condition of those parts
d England anof Scotland between the Humber and the Firth
of Forth on the east, and the Mersey and Clyde on the west, a
region which constituted the ancient Idngdom of Northumbria.




Since it was founded in 1834 the Society has published 108
volumes. Sitbscription — One guinea ; no entrance fee.
Secretary — ^Wilxjam Brown, F.S.A.

Swedenborg Soelety, i Bloomsbnry Street, w.c. 1810. Objects —
The tran^tion, publication, and distribution of the writings of
Emanuel Swedenborg. Stibscription — ^Minimum, ten shillings
annually. Secretary — Jambs Spsirs.

Toynbee Natural History Society, 28 Commercial Street, b. 1886.
Object — ^The study of natural history. This Society organizes
Lectures, Classes, and Excursions, especially designed for those
working in East London. For full particulars apply to the
Honorary Secretary, Owbn Monk. 8 Shooters Hill Road,
Blackheath, s.b.

Vietoria Institute, 8 Adelphi Terrace, w.c. 1865. Object-^Th^
investigation of questions of philosophy and science, more
especially those which are alleged to bear on the great truths
of Holy Scripture. Subscriptions — ^Members, two guineas :
Assodates, one guinea. Publication — Transactions, free to
Members and Associates. President — ^The Earl of Halsbury,
F.R.S. Secretary^ProfessoT E. Hull, LL.D., F.R.S.

Viking Club, The: Society for Northern Researelu Founded 1892.
Objects — To meet for the discussion of papers on Northern
history, literature, music, art, archaeology, language, folk-
lore, and anthropology; and to encourage the transcription
and publication of original documents relating to Northern
history, etc. Several volumes of Proceedings {Saga-Books) have
already been issued, containing papers on Norse history and
antiquities. Orkney and Shetland ' Old-lore ' Series (quarterly).
Subscription — ^Ten shillings per annum, payable ist Januaiy.
Old-lore Series, los. 6d. extra. President — Professor W. P.
Ker, M.A. Chairnuin of Council — A. W. Johnston, F.S.A.
Scot., 59 Oakley Street, Chelsea, s.w. Hon. Treasurer — ^A.
Shaw Mellor. M.A., 14 Westbourne Street, Hyde Park, w.
Hon. Secretary — Mrs. Wintle Johnston, 59 Oakley Street,
Chelsea, s.w.

Women JonmaliatSy Society ot» i Clifford's Inn. Fleet Street,
B.C. 1894. Object — ^The promotion and protection of the
personal and professional interests of women engaged in
journalism, either as writers or artists, at home and abroad.
Subscription — One guinea per annum. Country and Foreign
Members, half a guinea. No entrance fee. Honorary Secretary
— ^Miss Mary Fraser.

Wyelit Soeiety. 1882. ObjeU — The publication of Wydif's hitherto
unprinted Latin works. For 1908, De Potestate Pape. Sub-
scription — One. guinea a year, entitling subscriber to volume
or volumes published in that year. Honorary Secretary — ^Miss
Dorothy G. Matthew, 56 Fellows Road, n.w.




Zoologioal Sodety of London. 1826, bv Sir Stamford Raffles and
others. Incorporated by Royal Charter 1829. The Gardens
m Regent's Park were opened in 1828. Objects — The advance-
ment of zoology and animal {>hysiology ; and " the introduc-
tion of new and curious subjects of the animal kingdom."
Membership — Fellows, and Honorary, Foreign, and Correspond-
ing Members. Subscription — £z pcr annum. Entrance Fee —
£S- Composition Fee (Life) — £4$. Publications — Proceedings
(illustrated), Transactions (illustrated), and Zoological Record,
Gardens — Regent's Park, open 9 a.m. till sunset. Offices and
Library — 3 Hanover Square, w., 10 to 5, Saturdays 10 to 2.
President — The Duke of Bedford, K.G. Secretary — P.
Chalmers Mitchell, M.A., D.Sc. F.R.S.

International Ezehange Bnreaa of the Smltbsonlan Institntion.

Since its foundation in 1846 the Smithsonian Institution has
conducted a system of the exchange of literary and scientific
publications voluntarily presented by institutions or indi-
viduals in the United States to correspondents throughout the
world, and reciprocally.

These exchanges are in no sense of a commercial nature, for
no publications for sale are allowed transmission. More than
one-half of the exchanges consist of Government documents,
while the other half are publications exchanged between learned
societies and savants throughout the world. The Intemationsd
Exchange Service has salaried resident agents in London,
Leipzig, and Budapest, and a number of agents in various parts
of the world lend their services gratuitously. The correspon-
dents who more or less regularly exchange publications through
the Smithsonian Institution now aggregate 44,012, of which
9»55? are ill tbe United States and the rest in foreign lands, ex-
tending even to the remotest comers of the world.

Further particulars with reference to the above can be ob-
tained on application to Messrs. W. Wesley & Son, 28 Essex
Street, Strand, w.c, who are the London agents for the
Smithsonian Institution. (See p. 624.)





Hew South Wales

Anslralaflaii Anoolatton for the Adfaneement of Sdenea. 1888.
Congresses are held at different places, and Reports published
in altemate years. There is a library. President — ^Prof.
Bragg. M.A., F.R.S. Permanent Hon. Secretary^Prai. A.
LiVERStDGB. The University, Sydney. The next Session will
be held in Brisbane in January. 1909.

Royal Anthropologieal Soeleqr. 7 Lmcoln's Inn Chambers, Elizabeth
Street, Sydney. Founded 1896. Objects — ^The investigation
of the history and ethnology of mankind. A monthly journal.
The Science of Man, is published. Director — Dr. Alan Carroll^
M.A., D.Litt., Ph.D., &c. Corresponding Secretary — Isidorb
KozMiNSKY, D.Sc, F.R.Hist,S. General Secretary — ^W. Wbnt-


Royal Soelety of Mew Sonth Wales. Od/ect^— Hie advancement o£
science. Publishes a Journal and Proceedings. President —
H. Dbane. M.A., M.I.CE. Hon, Secretaries^]. H. Maidbn,
F.L.S., and F. B. Guthrie, F.I.C, F.C.S. Office— -$ Elizabeth
Street, Sydney.


Royal Soelety of Queensland. Founded in i860 as the Philosophical
Society ; name changed in 1885. The Society holds monthly
meetings, and issues Transactions at certain periods. Small
library. Members — 110. President — Benjamin Dunstan.
F.G.S. Hon. Secretary — Frank E. Connata, Technical College.
Ann Street, Brisbane.

Sontli Avstralla

Royal Soeiety of Sonth Australia, Ineorporated* Founded 1853.
Objects — ^The acquiring and recording of facts new to science.
Members — 88. Thirty volumes of Transactions and Proceedings
and vol. i.. parts 1,2, and 3, and vol. ii., part i, of Memoirs
have appeared. Small library. President — ^J. C. Vbrco. M.D..
F.R.C.S. Hon. Secrctary—G. G. Mayo, C.E., Institute, Adelaide.
South Australia.


Royal Soeiety of Tasmania, Hobart. Founded 1844. Objects— -The
scientific study of the country. Members — 150. It has a
library, and annual Papers and Proceedings have been issued
since 1850. President — ^The Govbrnor. Secretary — Alsx-
ANDER Morton.


Royal Geographleal Soelety of Australasia, Victoria. Instituted
1883. '^he objects of the Society are : (i) Scientific — ^The ad-
vancement of geographical science, the study of physical geo-




gtaphy, and the exploration of Australasia, with the islands
and seas adjacent tnereto, to obtain information upon their
physical features, fauna, flora, and geological formation, &c.
(2) Commercial — ^The study of commercial geography, the
natural and artificial products, and the manufactures of various
countries to promote commerce. (3) Educational — The dis-
semination of knowledge of physical, commercial, and political
geography among all classes, by means of illustrated public
X$ctures and publications. (4) Historical — ^The collection and
publication of historical records of geographical interest, and
of memoirs of notable men of Australasia. (5) The compila-
tion, from reliable data, of the geography of Australasia. Any
lady or gentieman may become an ordinary member, subject
to election. Subscription — Gentlemen. £1 is. ; ladies, los. 6d.
per annum. Life Membership — gentlemen, ;^io los. ; ladies,
£S $s. Hon. Secretary — Thomas Walker Fowlkr, 421 Collins
Street, Melbourne.
Royal Society of Vietoria. Founded 1854. Objects — The advance-
ment of science. Members — 98 ; Associates — ^43. There is a
library. Transactions or Proceedings have been issued since the
foundation. President — Gsorgs Sweet. F.G.S. Hon. Secretary
— T. S. Hall, M.A., The University, Melbourne.


Canadian Institnte, Toronto. Incorporated 185 1. Objects— The
promotion of science, the study of the history, folk-lore, and
physical conditions of the country. Has a good library, and
publishes Transactions from time to time. Members — 250.
President— R, F. Stupant, Esq., F.R.S.C. Secretary— Proi.
I. H. Faull, Ph.D.

Canadian Sooiety of Authors. Founded February, 1899. Objects —
To promote the production of literature in Canada, and the
interests of Canadian authors ; to discuss and circulate informa-
tion with regard to public questions affecting literary workers ;
and to obtain and distribute information as to channels of
publication open to Canadian authors. The Society exerted
great influence in connection with the preparation and passing
of the Canadian Copyright Act of 1900, and has since been most
energetic in defending the interests of Imperial copyright.
Subscriptions — Full Members, two dollars ; Associates, two
dollars. Hon. President — Prof. Goldwin Smith, D.CL.
President — Byron E. Walkbr, D.CL. Secretary — Pblbam
Edgar, Ph.D.. Victoria College, Toronto.

Literary and Selentifle Soeiety, Ottawa. Founded 1870. Objects-^
The discussion of literary and scientific questions. Xhe library
contains over 4,000 volumes. Membership, about 400. Trans-
actions have been published since 1897. President — Dr. C.
Morsb. Secretary — S. J. Jenkins.

Ontario Hlttorleal Sooloiy. Founded 1888 ; reorganized 1898.
Objects — To stndy Canadian history, especially as it relates to
Ontario ; and to form a union of all local historical organiza-




tions. Many societies are affiliated, totalling 1,200 members.
There is a small library. The annual publication is Papers
and Records, and volumes of local history and reprints are
issued. Subscription — One dollar per annum. Secretary —
David Boylb, Education Department, Toronto, Ontario.

Royal Society of Canada, Ottawa. Founded, 1882, by the Duke of
Argyll for the advancement of science. Most of the historical
and scientific societies of Canada are affiliated. Has sections on
French and English literature, and on mathematical and
biological sciences. Transactions are issued. President — Dr.
S. E. Dawson, C.M.G. Vice-President — Dr. J. Edmond Roy.
Hon. Sec. — Dr. J. Fletcher. Hon. Treas. — L. M. Lambe.


Aslatle Soeiety of Bengal. Founded 1784. Objects— To study the
history, language, literature, and social conditions of the present
and former native inhabitants of India. Members — 357 in
number. A Journal is published, as also Memoirs. President
— His Honour Sir A. H. L. Fraser, M. A., LL.D., K.C.S.I. Hon.
Gen. Secretary — Lieut. -Col. D. C. Phillott — Assistant Secretary
and Librarian - ]. H. Elliott. 0(fUe^S7 Park Street, Calcutta.

Asiatio Soeiety of Ceylon. Founded 1845. Objects — To institute
and promote inquiries into the history, religions, languages,
literature, arts, and social conditions of the native inhabitants
of Ceylon; also the geology and zoology of the island.
Members — 209. President — Tlie Hon. T. Ferguson, CM.G.
Hon. Secretaries — H. C. P. Bell, J. Harward, M.A., and
Gerard A. Joseph, Colombo Museum.

There are also branches of the Asiatic Society at Singapore
{Hon. Secretary, H. N. Ridley, M.A.) and Shanghai {Hon.
Secretary, Rev. E. T. Williams, Museum Road).


Hew Zealand Institute. Founded 1867. Objects — The study of
science and the economic conditions of the colony. This insti-
tute has affiliated societies in the principsd towns of New
Zealand. Proceedings are published. President — Sir James
Hector, K.C.M.G., M.D., F.R.S. Secretary— T. H. Gill, M.A.,

Polynesian Society, Mew Plymonth, N.Z. Founded 1892. Objects—

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