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Poems (Unwin), 1890 ; Ode to the Sun, &c. (Paul). 1^92 ; Ed.
Poetical Worhs of William Basse (Ellis & Elvey), 1893 ; ^*
Stratford Festival (Lawrence & BiUlen), 1896 ; Another Sheaf
(Mathews), 1898 ; Zenobia, a Drama, 1899. Ed. Complete
Worhs of John Lyly (Clar. Press), 1902 ; Bercher's Nobylytye
off Wymen (Roxburgh Club), 1904 ; Part Ed. Variorum Beau-
mont and Fletcher, 1904-6-7 (in progress) ; Taming, Two Gentle-
men (Arden Shakespeare), 1904, 1906 ; Montaigne, a Study
(Frowde), 1906. C. Quarterly, Contemporary, Fortnightly, &c.
8 Lonham Road, Upper Norwood, S.E.

BOHHBY, Rev. Canon Thomas George, D.Sc. LL.D., F.R.S., F.S.A.,
&c.. Fellow St. John's Coll., Camb. ; Em. Prof. Geol. U.C.L.
B. X833. OiUline Shetches in Hieh Alps of Dauphin^ (Long-
mans), 1865 ; Old Truths in Modern Lights (Percival), 1891 ;
Christian Doctrine and Modem Thought (Longmans), 1892 ;
Story of our Planet (Cassell), 1893 ; Volcanoes (Murray), 1899,
&C. 9 Scroope Terrace, Cambridge.

BOOTH, Rt Hon. Charles, P.C, D.Sc, D.C.L., F.R.S. B. 1840.
Life and Labour of the People in London (Macmillan) : vols.
i.-ix., 1889-97 ; X., xi., 1902 ; concluding vol. 1903 ; Pauperism
and Endowment of Old A^e, 1892 ; The Aged Poor Condi^
Hon, 1894 ; Old Age Pensions, 1899. 24 Great Cumberland
PL, W.

BOREL^ Heniiy Dutch Novelist. Wijsheid en Schoonheiduit China ;
Het fongetfe ; Een Droom op Tosari ; Van de Engelen ; Leliane ;
and trans, from Chinese. 76 Leidsche Kade, Amsterdam.

BOSAHQUET, Bernard, M.A. Oxon., LL.D., F.B.A. Prof. Moral
Philos., St. Andrews. Knowledge and Reality (Paul), 1885 ;
Logic (O.U.P.), 1888 ; Hist» of Msthetic (Sonnenschein) ; Theory
of State (Macmillan), 1899 ; various editorial work, translations,
and ess^jrs. The Ileath Cottage, Oxshott, Surrey.

BOSAMQUET; Helen (Mrs. Bernard). Rich and Poor (MacmUlan) ;
The Standard of Life (Macmillan) ; The Strength of the People
(Macmillan) ; The Family (Macmillan). The Heath Cottage,
Oxshott, Surrey.

BOTTOMLEY, Gordon. B. 1874. The Michle Drede, verses
(Wilson), 1896 ; Poems at White Nights (Unicom P.), 1899 ;
The Crier by Night, a play (Unicom P.), 1902 ; The Gate





of Smaragdus (Poems), illustrated by CUnton Balmer (EUdn
Mathews). 1904 ; Midsummer Eve, a dramatic pastoral, with
decorations by James Guthrie (Pear Tree Press), 1905 ; Chambers
of Imagery (poems) (Elkin Mathews), 1907. Well Knowe
House, Cartmel, by Camforth,

BOULOER, Demetrius Oharles. B. 1853. England and Russia in
Central Asia (W. H. Allen), 1879 ; History of China (Thacker).
new ed., 1898 ; Life of Gordon (Unwin), 1896 ; Life of Sir
Stamford Raffles (Marshall), 1897 ; India in the XlXth Century
(Marshall), 1901 ; History of Belgium, part i. (Self), 1902. &c.
12 Bloomsbury Square, W.C

BOULGER, George Simonds, F.L.S., F.G.S., &c., Hon. Prof. Nat.
Hist., Roy. Agric. Coll., Lecturer Bot. and Geol., City of Lon,
Coll. Ed. Nature Notes. B. 1853. Familiar Trees (Cassell),
1886-89 ; new ed., 1906-07 ; The Country Month by Month
(Bliss), 1894-95 ; 2nd ed. (Duckworth), 1902 ; Flowers of the
Field (S.P.C.K.), 1901 : Wood (Arnold), 1902 ; 2nd ed., 1908 ;
C. West. Rev., Field, Knowledge, &c. 11 Onslow Road, Rich-
mond. Surrey.

BOURDILLON, ReT. Frftneis, M.A. Camb., ftc. B. 1816. Bedside
Readings, series i and 2 ; Alone with God, series i and 2 ;
Lesser Lights, series i, 2, and 3 ; The Mourner in his Chamber
(all S.P.C.K.) ; Family Readings on St, Mark, and on St. Luke ;
The Parables Explained and Applied ; The Odd Five Minutes ;
As Happy as a King ; Earned Exhortations ; A Help to Family
Worship, series 1 and 2 (all R.T.S.) ; Handfuls (Wells Gardner
& Co.) ; Help to Family Worship, series 3 (Thynne) ; The
Householder's Treasure (Thynne) ; Our Possessions, series i
and 2 (Nisbet), 1904 ; Short Sermons for Household, Social, and
Private Reading (S. C. Brown), 1905 ; re-issued (Thynne), 1907 ;
Titus in Crete (Thynne), 1905 ; Within the Door ; A Help to
Private Devotion (Thynne) ; and many other religious books
and tracts. 12 Seaside Road, Eastbourne.
{BOURGET, Paul, NoveUst. B. 1852. E. 1894. La Vie Inqui^,
1875 ; ^d^^* 1878 ; Les Aveux, i88z ; Psychologie contemporaine,
1883 ; V Irreparable, 1884 ; Cruelle Enigme, 1885 J Etudes et
Portraits, 1885 ; Nouveaux Essais de Psychologie, t886 ; Un
Crime d* Amour, 1886 ; Pastels, 1887 '» Andre Comelis, 1887 ;
Mensonges, 1888 ; Le Disciple, 1889; Un Cceur de Femme, 1890 ;
La Terre Promise, 1891 ; Un Saint, et attires nouveUes. 1891 ;
Sensations d* Italic, 1891 ; Cosmopolis, 1892; Outre Mer, 1894;
Une Idylle Tragique, 1896 ; Recommencements, 1897 '» Voyageuses,

1898 ; Complications Sentimentales, 1899 ; Drames de FamiUe,

1899 ; Un Homme d' Affaires, 1900 ; Le FaiUdme. 1900 ; VJ&tape,
1902 ; Moniaue, 1902 ; VEau Profonde, 1903 ; Etiides Anglaises,
1904 ; Un Divorce, 1904 ; Les Deux Semrs, 190J ; Sociologie
et Literature, 1906 ; and other novels, psychological studies, and
travel books (Publishers, MM. Plon, Paris). 20 Rue Barbet-
de-Jouy, Paris.

fBOWElf, Marlorie (Gabrielle Vere Campbell). Historical and
romantic fiction. The Viper of Milan ; The Glen o* Weeping




(Alston Rivers, Ltd.). 117 Ormonde Mansions, Southampton
Row. London, W.C.

BOWER, Marten. The Guests of Mine Host (Cassell), 1899 ;
The Puppet Show (Constable and Holt, N.Y.), 1900; Marie-
Eve (Cassell), 1903 ; The Wrestlers (Ward, Lock & Co.), 1907.
Stradishall Place, Suffolk.

BOWLBSy Fr»d G. In the Wake of the Sun (Unicom P.), 1899 ; Songs
of Yesterday, 1901 ; Northern Lyrics, 1903 ; The Tent by the Lane
(Elkin Mathews), 1906 ; Ed. of New Songs : An Anthology of
Contemporary Verse, 1907. C. Literature, Pall Mall Mag., &c.
Fountain House, West Hartlepool.

BOWRING, Lewln Bentham, C.S.I., 1843-70; Asst.-Res. Lahore.
'1847; Pri« Sec. to Ld. Canning. 1858; Chief Comm. Mysore,
1862-70. B. 1824. Eastern Experiences (King), 1871 ; Auto-
biog, RecoU. Sir /. Bowring, 1877 » Haidar Alt and Tipu
SiMan (O.U. Press), 1803. C. Fortnightly R., &c. E. India
U.S. Club, St. James's ^uare. S.W. ; Woodlands. Torquay.

BOTD, Mary Stuart (Mrs. A. S. Boyd). Our Stolen Summer (Black-
wood), 1900 ; A Versailles Christmastide (Chatto), 1901 ; With
Clipped Wings (Hutchinson), 1902 ; The Man in the Wood
(Chapman), 1904 ; The Misses Mahe-Believe (Chapman) ;
Backwaters (Chapman), 1906. The Hut, Boundary Road,
St John's Wood, N.W.

BRABROOK, Sir Edward, C.B.. V.-P.S.A., V.-P.R.S.L., V.-P.S.S..
V.-P.R.A.I., &c. B. 1839. The Law of Friendly Societies
(many editions) ; Provident Societies and Industrial Welfare ;
Institutions for Thrift ; Building Societies, and other legal
works. 178 Bedford HiU. S.W.

fBRADDOH, Mary EUsabeth (Mrs. John MaxweU). B. 1837.
Lady Audley's Secret (Ward & Downey), 1862 ; Dead Men's Shoes
(Ward & Lock), 1875 : Vixen (MaxweU), 1879 ; Ishmael, 1884 ;
WyUard's Weird, 1885 ; Thou art the Man (Simpkin), 1894 ;
London Pride, 1896 ; In High Places (Hutchinson), 1898; His
Darling Sin (Simpkin), 1899 ; The Infidel, 1900 ; The Conflict,
1903 ; A Lost Eden, 1904 ; The Rose of Life, 1905 ; and fifty
other novels. Lichfield House. Richmond, Surrey.

BRADLEY, Andrew CteU, M.A., LL.D., Litt.D., late Prof. Poet.,
Oxon. B, 185 1. Poetry for Poetry* s Sake : inaug. lecture,
Oxford (O.U. P.), 1901 ; A Commentary on Tennyson's *' In
Memoriam" (Macmillan), 1901, 2nd ed., 1902; Shakespearean
Tragedy ; Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth (Mac-
millan), 1904, 4th impr., 1906. 9 Ed ward es Square. Ken-
sington, W.

BRADLEY, Artlmr Granville. B. 1850. Wolfe (Macmillan). 1895 ;
Highways and Byways in North Wales, 1898 ; Highways and
Byways in Lake District, 1901 ; Owen Glyndwr (Putnam) ; The
Fight with France for North America (Constable) ; Canada in
the XXth Cent, ; Highways and Byways in S. Wales (Macmillan).
Captain John Smith (Macmillan) ; In the March and Borderland
of Wales (Constable), and other historical and descriptive
books. C MacmillaWs, Cornhill, &c. Red Cottage. Rye.





BRADLEY, Franels Herbert, Fell. Merton Coll., Oxon. B. 1846.
Ethical Studies (King), 1876 ; Principles of Logic (Paul), 1883 ;
Appearance and Reality (Sonnenschein), 1893. Merton College,

BRADLEY, Gertrade M. B. 1868. The Runaway Puff -Puff
(Sands), 1899 ; pa. au. Pillow Stories (Richards), 1901 ; pa. au.
Shadow Rabbit, 1906, &c. Lyceum. Qub, 128 Piccadilly, W.

BRADLEY, Henry, Hon. M.A. Oxon., Hon. Ph.D. Heidelberg.
Fell, of the Brit. Acad., Joint-ed. New English Dictionary, Vice-
Pres. (form. Pres.) Philolog. Soc. B. 1845. The Story of the
Goths (Unwin), 1888 ; Ed. Stratmann's Mid, Eng. Dictionary
(O.U.PJ, 1891 ; Morrises Elem. Eng, Grammar (Macmillan),
1897 »' Gammer Gurton's Needle, in Gayley's Repr. Eng. Comedies,
1903 ; The Mahing of English (Macmillan), 1904, &c. C. Eng.
Hist. Review, Academy, Athenanm, Diet. Nat. Biog,, Chambers's
Ency., &c. North House, Clar. Press, Oxford.

BRADLEY, John William, B.A. Lond., Librarian and Sec. Salt
Library, Stafford. A Diet, of Miniaturists (Quaritch), 3 vols.,
1887-89 ; Hist. Introd, to Illuminations, &c., in Vict, and Alb,
Mus. (Eyre), 1901 ; Illuminated MSS. in Little Books on Art
(Methuen), 1906. &c. C. Acad., Athen,, N. and Q., &c. Salt
Library, Stafford.

BRADSHAW, Annie (Mrs. Albert S. Bradshaw). A Crimson Stain
(CasseU) ; Wife or Slave ? (Henry) ; The Gates of Temptation
(Greening) ; The Cabinet Reciter (Treherne) ; Ashes Tell no
Tales (Greening) ; A Philanthropic Experiment, 1903 ; The Idol
and the Husband ; The Star Reciter (Greening) ; Pamphlet re
Performing Animals (Bell) ; plays, duologues, recitations for
children, with instructions, series Elocutionary Essays, short
stories. &c. C. Crampton*s Mag,, Our Home, London Opinion,
&c. Devonshire Lodge, York Gate, Regent's Park, N.W.

BRAKSTAD, Hans Uen. B. 1845. Trans. Asbjomaen's Nor-
wegian Fairy Tales (2 vols.) ; Bjdmson's Paul Lanee and Tora
Parsberg (polit. drama), 1899. New Translation of Andersen's
Fairy Tales, iUus. (Heinemann), 1900 ; Swedish Fairy Tales
(Heinemann), 1901 ; The Norwegian Constitution (David Natt),
1905. Hill House, Court Road, Eltham, Kent.

BRAMSTON, M. Judaa and its Rulers (S.P.C.K.), 1882;
y Apples of Sodom (Innes), 1889; Too Fair a Dawn (Hurst),
1895 ; Dawn of Revelation (Simpkin) ; Sunrise of ReveUUion
(Murray), 1901 ; Rhymes for Reciting, 1903 ; Part II., 1906 ;
Barbara's Behaviour (S.P.C.K.), 1907 ; King's Daughters (Nat.
Soc.), 1907, Ac. Kingshot, St. Cross, Winchester.

BRAN DBS, George, Critic and Essayist. B. 1842. Main Currents
in XlXth Century Lit,, 1872-90, 6 vols. (Heinemann, 1901-^5) ;
Lord Beaconsfield, 1879 (Bentley, 1880) ; Eminent Authors of
the XlXth Cent, (N.Y., Thos. Y. CroweU), 1886 ; W, Shake-
speare, 1896 (Heinemann, 1898) ; Impressions of Russia
(w. Scott, 1889) ; Poland (Heinemann, 1902) ; Ibsen and
Bjornson (Heinemann, 1899) ; Complete Works (in Danish),




12 vols., 1902 ; 5 supplementary vols., 1903-05 ; Early Life
(HeinemaLnn), 1906 ; other works on Kierkegaard, Holberg,
Lassalle, Sec, Ac. C. Contemporary, The Anglo-Russian,
International Quarterly, East and West. Havnegade 55, Copen-

BRANDOH, D. Short stories, articles. C. Bystander, Vanity
Fair, C. B. Fry's Mag., Novel Mag., Idler, Boudoir, Daily
Dispatch, &c. Redfields, Ch. Crookham, Hants.

BRASSEY, Urd, K.C.B., M.A., J.P., &c. B. 1836. Work and
Wages (Bell), 1872 ; Foreign Work and English Wages (Long-
mans), 1879 ; British Seamen, 1880 ; The British Navy, 1881 ;
Ed. Naval Annual (Griffin), 1886-89 '» Papers and Addresses
(Longmans), 1894-95. C. XlXth Cent., Contemporary, Fori-
nightly. Naval Annual, &c. 24 Park Lane, W.

BRAUNHOLTZ, Engen Gustav Wilhelm, M.A. Camb., Ph.D. Berlin,
Reader in Romance. B. 1859. Dissert, on Barlaam and
Josaphat (Niemeyer, Halle), 1884; Ed. Plays of Racine, Cor-
neille, Moliire (C.U. Press), 1890-97 ; Sttulents* Guide to Camb.
Univ., Part xi. (Deighton), 1892 ; Books of Reference for
Students and Teachers of French (Hachette), 1901. Goslar,
Adams Road, Cambridge.

BRATSHAW, John Dodsworth. B. 1861. Slum SilhouetUs(ChdX\,o),
1900. 21 Stratford Place, Camden Square, N.W.

BREBNER, Perey Jftmes (Ohristian Lys). B. 1864. Hepsworth
Millions (Wame), 1898 ; Fortress of Yadasara, 1899 ; The
Mystery of Ladyplace, 1900 ; Mr, Quixley of the Gate House,
1904 ; The Crucible of Circumstance, 1905 ; Princess Maritza
(CasseUs), 1907 ; and others. C. various mags., special articles
on Hospitals and Charities in Our Hospitals and Charities Illus.
Wimblehurst, Blenheim Gardens, Wallington, Surrey ; Press
and Blenheim Clubs.

BREMOIIT9 Anna Elisabeth, Oomtesse de. A Gentleman Digger
(Low), 1890 ; 2nd edition (Greening), 1899 ; The World of Music
(Gibbings), 1890 ; Ragged Edge (Downey), 1895 ; Daughters of
Pleasure (Greening), 1901 ; Mrs. Evelyn*s Husbands, 1903 ;
Sonnets from a Parisian Balcony, 1906, &c. Lyceum Club,
London ; Perier & Co., 59 Rue de Provence, Paris.

BREUI^ Karl Hermann, M.A., Litt.D. (Camb.), Ph.D. (BerUn), Camb.
Univ. Reader in Germanic since 1899; Cambridge University
lecturer in German since 1884. B. i860. Str Gowther : a
Middle Enelish Metrical Romance (Bdhlau, Weimar), 1883, very
considerably enlarged, 1886 ; Handy Bibliographical Guide to
the Study of the German Lang, and Lit, (Hachette), 1895 '» ^^
de Robert le Diable, in Tobler book (Niemeyer, Halle), 1895 ;
The Organization of Second. Educ. in Gt. Britain (in Genn.)
(Beck, Munich), 1897 ; The Teaching of Mod. Foreign Languages
in our Secondary Schools (C.U. P.), 1898 and 1899; German
Imperial Institute in London for Germ. Teachers of English (in
Germ.) (Stolte. Leipzig), 1900 ; The Teaching of Modern Lan-
guages (contribution to The Nation's Need, ed. Spenser- Wilkin-




son) (Constable), 1903 ; Greek and its Humanistic Alternatives
in the Little-go (Heffer), 1905 ; The Teaching of Mod. Foreign
Languages and the Training of Teachers (C.U.P.), 1906 ; A New
German Dictionary (Cassell), 1906 ; Introduction and Biblio-
graphy to Miss Swan wick's translation of Goethe's Faust (Bell),
1905 ; Goethe's Dichtung und Wahrheit (Bell), 1907 ; many
volumes in the Pitt Press Series, &c. C. many German philol.
and lit. periodicals, the Athenaum, Journal of Education, Pilot,
Morn. Post, Times on German and Germanic Philology and
Literature, Comparative Literature. Study and Teaching of
Modem Languages, Education ; one of the Founders (1897) and
Joint-Ed. The Mod. Lang. Quarterly. Member of Advisory
Board of Editors of the Modern Language Review. King's
College, Cambridge.

BRIDGES, Robert, M.A.. M.B. Oxon.. F.R.C.P. Lend.. Hon. FeU.
C C. C, Oxon. B. 1844. Poems (Pickering). 1873, and
various dates (Bumpus) ; On Milton's Prosody (Frowde), last
ed., 1901 ; Yattendon Hymnal, 1897, 2nd ed. (Blackwell),
1905 ; Demeter (Frowde), 1905 ; Coll. Poet. Works, 6 vols.
(Smith, Elder), 1904. Boar's Hill, near Oxford.

BRIGHT, Charles, F.R.S.E. B. 1863. Submarine Telegraphs
(Lockwood), 1898 ; Life of Sir Charles Bright (Constable), 1898 ;
Science and Engineering during the Victorian Era (Constable),
1897 I ^*^ Story of the Atlantic Cable (Newnes), 1903 ; Imperial
Pr9ferential Policy (King), 1905 ; The Locomotion Problem
(King), 1905. C. The Times, Athenaum, Quart. Rev.. XlXth
Cent., &c. 21 Old Queen Street, Westminster, S.W.

BRIGHT, Florence Katharine. (With Robert Machray) The Vision
Splendid (Hutchinson), 1899 ; A Girl Capitalist (Chatto), 1902 ;
One Pretty Pilgrim's Progress, 1903 ; several plays. C. Sketch,
Lady's Realm, &c. Lyceum Club, Piccadilly, W.

fBRIGHT^ Mrs. Golding (sm Egerton, George).

BRIGHT, Rev. James Franck, D.D., Master of Univ. Coll., Oxon.
till 1905. B. 1832. Hist, of England (Longmans), 1882-1901 ;
Maria Teresa (Macmillan), 1897 I Maria Teresa and Joseph III.,
&c. University College, Oxford,

BRISCOE, John Potter, F.R.S.L.. F.R.H.S., F.L.A., «&c. B. 1848.
Curiosities of the Belfry, Gleanings from God's Acre (2 eds.) ;
Stories about the Midlands, 1883 ; Bypaths of Nottingham-
shire History, 1906 ; Joint-author, Monumental Brasses of
Nottinghamshire, 1904 ; Ed. Old Nottinghamshire, 2 vols.
(Hamilton). 1881-84; Sportsman's Classics (Gay), 1900-02;
Ed. The Bibelots, 22 vols. (Gay & Bird), 1900-04 ; Notts and
Derbyshire Notes and Queries, 6 vols. ; Tudor and Stuart Love
Songs, 1902 ; Heaton's Monograph on Brooches, 1904 ; and
other books, guides, annuals, &c. C Chambers's, Home Chimes,
Welcome, Antiquary, Reliquary, Library Magazines, &c. Pul^c
Library, Nottingham.

BRISTOL, BUhop of (The Rt. Rev. Georee Forrest Browne, D.D.).
B. 1833. Ice Caves, 1864 ; Off the Mtll (Smith), 1895 ; Theodore




and Wilffiih (S.P.C.K.), 1897 ; HisL of Si, Caihanne's, 1902 ;
St. Aldhelm, 1903 ; several books on Church history. The
Palace, Bristol.

BROADLET, Alexander M, B. 1847. Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln's
Inn, 1869 ; Avocat D^fenseur of French Bar, 1883. History of
Freemasonry in Malta, 1880 ; Tunis Past and Present, 2 vols.,
1882 ; How We Defended Arabi, 1882 ; Jt.-au. The Three Dorset
Captains at Trafalgar, 1906 ; The Boyhood of a Great King,
1906 ; Jt.-au. Napoleon and the Invasion of England ; The Story
of the Great Terror, 2 vols., 1907 ; The History of Freemasonry
in West Dorset, 1907. C. various magazines and newspapers.
The Knapp, Bradpole, Bridport, Dorset.

BHODBICK9 Hon. Mrs. Alan. Ananias (Methuen), 1898 ; Joscelyn's
Pictures (Simpkin), 2nd ed., 1901. St. Cross, Winchester.

BROHVLE, Paul, Ph.D. Halle, F.R.G.S., F.R.Hist.S., M.R.A.S..
Assoc. Editor Encycl. Britann, Co., New York, 1902. B. 1867.
Die Commentatoren des Ibn Hischam (1895) ; Contributions
towards Arabic Philology (Luzac), 1900 (in progress in 10 parts) ;
Alt Ibn Hamza and his Criticisms (Florence), 1902 ; Die Staats-
leitung des Alfarabi : eine metaphysische und ethisch-politische
Studie (Leiden), 1904 ; Fr. Dieterici : Orientalist, Philosoph und
Schriftsteller — eine WUrdigungiL^den), 1904; The Awakening
of the Soul : a Philosophical Romance (London), 1904. 2 Lan.
caster Gardens, West Ealing. London, W.

BROOKE, ReT. Charles Hyde. B. 1841. Percy Pomo, the Auto-
biography of a South Sea Islander (Griffith), 1882 ; Dick Dar-
leys Schooldays, 1890 ; Great French Preacher Series — vol. i.,
LerU: vol., ii.. Advent (Grant Richards), Pocket Ed. in 6 vols.
( W. Walker, Paternoster Row). The Old Rectory, Scole, Norfolk.

BROOKE, Rev. Charles William Alfred, M.A. B. i860. How to
Teach Swimming in Class (Philips) ; Hints for Meditations on the
Seven Words from the Cross (Skeffington) ; Alternative Hymn
Tunes (SoAnenschein) ; Additional Hymns (Novello), 1903;
and other religious, musical, and educational books, c/o R. £.
Brooke, Millbrook, Pinner Road, Harrow.

BROOKE, Emma Franees. A Superfluous Woman (Heinemann),
1893 ; The Poet's Child (Methuen), 1903 ; Susan Wooed and
Susan Won (Heinemann), 1905 ; Sir Elyot of the Woods (Heine-
mann), 1907 ; and other novels. C. New Review, StUurday
Review, Guardian, Cornhill, Strand, &c. Lyceum Club, Picca-
dilly, W.

BROOKE, ReT. Stoplord Augustiui, LL.D. B. 1832. Life and
Letters of late Frederick W. Robertson, 1865 I Primer of English
Literature (Macmillan), 1876 ; Poems, 1888 ; Jesus and Modem
Thought (Green), 1894 ; The Gospel of Joy (Isbister), 1898 ;
The Poetry of Robert Browning, 1902 ; and many other literary
studies, addresses, &c. i Manchester Square, W.

BROOKES, Clement A. 6. B. 1871. Ceremonial for Servers : a
Manual on the Ceremonies of the Rom, Cath. Mass (Art and Book
Co.), 1899 ; C. Tablet, New Era, Ac, 43 Cressingham Road,
Lewisham, S.E.




BROUGH, Bennett H. Ed. Jour. Iron and Steel InsUttUe. B. i860.
Treatise on Mine Surveying (Griffin), 1888, 12th ed., 1906.
Other writings on mining and metallurgy. 28 Victoria Street,
London, S.W.

BROUOHTON, Rhoda. B. 1840. Cometh up as a Flower
(Bentley). 1867 ; Nancy, 1873 » ^*'- Cupid, 1886 ; Dear Faustina,
1897 ; The Game and the Candle (Macmillan). 1899 ; Lavinia,
1902 ; and other novels. Richmond, Surrey.

BROWN, Professor Ernest William, F.R.S., ScD. Camb.. Prof.
Math.. Yale Coll., U.S.A. Treatise on the Lunar Theory
(Pitt Press). Yale Univ., New Haven, Conn.. U.S.A.

BROWN, Haydn, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. Edin., &c. B. 1864. PracUce
of Midwifery (Churchill), 1897 .* ^*« Secret of Good Health and
Long Life (Ward, Lock), 1898 ; Advice to Single Women
(Bowden), 1899 ; Ring-Worm and other Scalp Affections
(Churchill), 1900 ; The Wife : Her Book, 1907, &c. C. Lancet,
Caterham, Surrey.

BROWN, Horatio R. F., LL.D. B. 1854. Life on the Lagoons
(Kegan Paul), 1884 1 Venetian Studies (Kegan Paul), 1887 ;
Venice (Percival), 1893 I John Addington Symonds (Nimmo),
1894 ; Drift, poems (Richards), 1900 ; The Venetian Printing
Press (Nimmo), 1891 ; The Venetian Republic (Dent), 1902 •
Calendar of State Papers, Venice (Record Office), 1 894-1905.
In and Around Venice (Rivington), 1905 ; Studies in the History
of Venice (Murray), 1907 ; Trans. Molmenti's Storia di Venezia
(Murray), 1907. C. Quarterly Review, Edinburgh Review,
English Historical Review, The Academy, Mageuine of Art,
Atlantic Monthly, &c., on Venetian subjects. Ca* Torresella,
Zattere, Venice.

tBROWN, Miss Lilian Rowland {see Grey, Rowland).

BROWN, Peter Hnme, M.A.. LL.D., Eraser Prof. Anc. Scot. Hist, and
Palaeography, Univ. Edin. Editor of the Privy Council Register
of Scotland. B. 1850. George Buchanan (Douglas), 1889 '» ^ti^ly
Travellers in Scotland (Douglas), 1890 ; Scotland before 1700,
1893 ; Life of John Knox (Black), 1895 '» History of Scotland,
vol. i. (C.U.P.), 1899, vol. ii., 1902 ; Scotland in the Time of
Queen Mary (Methuen), 1904 ; School History of Scotland,
2 vols., 1907, &c. 20 Corrennie Gardens, Edinburgh.

BROWN, Major Sir Robert Hanbury, K.C.M.G., late Royal
Engineers. B. 1849. The Fayum and Lake Moeris (Stanford),
1892 ; History of the Barrage (Diemer, Cairo), 1896 ; Land of
Goshen and the Exodus (Stanford), 1899 ; The Delta Barrage
(Egypt. Govt.) ; Irrigation (Constable), 1907. Newlands,
Crawley Down, Sussex.

BROWN, Vineent, Novelist A Magdalen's Husband, 1904; The
Dark Ship, 1904 ; The Disciple's Wife, 1905 ; The Sacred Cyp,

1905 (all Duckworth) ; Mrs, Grundy's Crucifix (Hutchinson),

1906 ; Venus and the Woodman (Hutchinson), 1906 ; The Coward
in Eden (Hutchinson), 1907.




BBOWMKy Bditb A. A Maker of Women (one-act play, New
Royal^ Theatre, Dramatic Debaters' Competition), 1906 ;
Great 6uildings and How to Enjoy Them; Gothic Architecture
(Black), 1906; Norman Architecture (Black), 1907; W. S. Gilbert
{Stars of the Stage series) (Lane), 1907. C. Fortnightly Rev.,
Academy, Daily Chronicle, Madame, &c. 26 Portsdown Road,

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Academy, 1903, Orientalist. B. 1862. Ed. Episode of the Bhb,
with Eng. trans. (C.U. Press), 2 vols., 1891 ; A Year Among
the Persians (Black), 1893 ; New Hist, of the Bdb (C.U. Press),
Eng. trans. 1893 ; Cata, Pers. MSS, in C.U. Lib., 1896 ; Hand-
list of Muhammadan MSS. in same, 1900 ; Ed. Memoirs of the
Poets of Dawlatshdh (Luzac), 1901, Literary History of Persia
until Firdawsi (Unwin), 1902 ; cont. of same until Mongol In-
vasion, 1906 ; Awfi*s Lubdbu'lAlbdb, vol. ii. (Luzac), 1903 ; vol. i.
of same, 1906 ; Abr. Trans, of Ibn lsfandiydr*s History of Taba-
ristan (Gibb Trust), 1905 ; &c. Pembroke College, Cambridge.

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B. 1837. Life of George Eliot (Scott), 1890 ; History of England
4 vols. (Virtue), 1890; Dante; Goethe (Sonnenschein), 1891 ;
The Flight to Varennes, 1892 ; Guelphs and Ghibellines (Methuen),
1894; The Age of the Condottieri, 1895 ; Boyhood and Youth of
Napoleon (Lane), 1905 ; Fall of Napoleon (Lane), 1907 ; and
many other historical works. C. Quarterly, Edinburgh, Fort-
nightly, &c. King's College, Cambridge.

BROWNUE, Rev. John, M.A., Minister of Trinity Church, Port-
patrick. Hymns of the Early Church (Nisbet) ; Hymns from
East and West ; Hymns of the Holy East. Church ; Hymns and
Hymn Writers of the Church Hymnary (Frowde) ; Hymns from
the Greek Office Books ; Hymns from the East (Gardner) ; other
hymnol. works, 1890-1907. Trinity Manse, Portpatrick, Scot-

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