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BRUGB, Re?* Canon Robert, M.A. and Hon. D.D., T. C. D., and Hon.
D.D. Oxon. B. 1833. Bible History in Persian (S.P.C.K.),
1882 ; Prayer-Book, 1887-88 ; Bible Translator, Persian (B. &
F.B.S.), 1895 ; Apostolic Order and Unity (T. Clark), 1903.
Little Dean Rectory, Newnham-on-Sevem.

tBBUNETliRE, Ferdinand. B. 1849. £• 1^93* Editor of the
Revue des Deux Mondes. Etudes critiques sur I'Histoire de la
Litt/raiure franfaise ; L* Evolution des Genres litteraires ; Pascal ;
Mme. de SJvign^ ; Le Roman Naturaliste ; St. Louis et son Temps ;
Essays in French Literature (Unwin), 1898 ; Manual of the Mist.
French Literature, 1898. 4 Rue Bara, Paris.

BRTANT, Mn. Sophie, D.Sc. Lond., Litt.D. Dub., &c. Educ.
Ends (Lonemans), 1887 ; Celtic Ireland (Paul), 1889 ; The
Teaching of Morality (Sonnenschein), 1898 ; The Teaching of
Christ on Life and Conduct (Sonnenschein), 1898 ; Short Studies
in Character (Sonnenschein), &c. C. Mind. Philos. Mag., Con-
temp. Review, &c. 6 Eldon Road, Hampstead, N.W.




BRYANT, Thomas Hugh. B. 1866. Norfolk Churches, 19 volumes
(Norwich Mercury Co.), 1898-1906. C. The Reliquary, The
Antiquary, Home C, Mag., Norwich Mercury, Reading Mercury,
&c. 19 Lena Gardens, Hammersmith, W.

BRTGB, Rt Hon. Jamei, D.C.L., F.R.S.. O.M. B. 1838. The
Holy Roman Empire (Macmillan), 1862 ; Transcaucasia and
Ararat, 1877 ; The American Commonwealth, 1888 ; Impressions
of South Africa, 1897 ; Studies in Hist, and Jurispr, (O.U.P.),
1901 ; Studies in Contemporary Biography, 1903. British Em-
bassy, Washington, U.S.A.

BRTDENy Henry Anderson. Various books dealing with Airica,
1889-99; From Veldt Camp Fires (Hurst). 1900; Animals of
Africa (Sands), 1901 ; Hare Hunting and Harriers (Grant
Richards), 1903 ; A Hist, of South Africa (Sands), 1904; Don
Duarte*s Treasure (Chapman and Hall), 1904 ; Nature and
Sport in Britain (Grant Richards), 1904 ; Big Game Shooting,
African Section (Newnes), 1905 ; The Gold Kloof (Nelson). 1907.
Down View, Gore Park Road, Eastbourne.

BRTNHOR-jrONES» Sir David, Knt., LL.B., M.P. Swansea. 1895-
1901. K.C., J.P., &c. B. 1852. Ed. The Divine Order and
other Sermons, by Thos. Jones (Isbister), 1884 I Home Rule and
Imperial Unity, 1886; The Welsh People (with Prof. John
Rhys) (Unwin), 1900, 4th ed., 1906. 27 Bryanston Square,

BUGHAN, Alexander, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S., &c, B. 1829. Handy
Book of Meteorology (Blackwood), 1867. C. Nature, Journals
of Scot. Meteor. Soc. and Royal Soc, foreign journals, &c.
2 Dean Terrace, Edinburgh.

BUCHAN, John. B. 1875. 5»V Quixote (Unwin), 1895 ; Scholar
Gipsies (Lane), 1896 ; John Burnet of Barns (Lane), 1898 ;
A History of Brasenose College (Robinson), 1898 ; Grey Weather
(Lane), 1899 I ^ ^ost Lady of Old Years (Lane), 1899 ; The
Half-Hearted (Isbister). 1900 ; The Watcher by the Threshold
(Blackwood), 1902 ; The African Colony (Blackwood), 1903 ;
The Law Relating to the Taxation of Foreign Income (Stevens),
1905 ; A Lodge in the Wilderness (Blackwood), 1906. c/o
Messrs. Wm. Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh.

BUCK ELL, G. T. Teasdale. Experts on Guns and Shooting (Low),
1900. Ed. Land and Water, 1885-99 ; The New Shooting Book
(Methuen), 1907. Holme Lea, Crystal Palace Park Road,
Sydenham. Kent.

BUGKLAND, Re?. Angnstns Robert, M.A. Oxon., Sec. R.T.S..
Editor of The Record. B. 1857. The Heroic in Missions
(Isbister), 1894 ; John Horden, Missionary Bishop (Melrose),
1895 ; The Missionary Speaker's Manual (Nisbet), 1901.
Text Studies for a Year (Hodder and Stoughton), 1904 ; Devo'
tional Commentary on i Thess. (R.T.S.), 1906. C. Contemp.
Rev., Comhill, Sec. Heriot House, Hendon, N.W.

BUDGE, E. A. Wallis,M.A., Litt.D.. D.Litt.. D.Lit., F.S.A., Keeper
of the Egyptian and Assyrian Antiauities in the British Museum.
Has made excavations at Asw&n, Merawi in the SAdftn, at the




Pyramids, on the island of Meroe, and at Ddr and Kuyunjik
in Mesopotamia. The Book of the Dead : Text, Translation, and
Vocabulary (Paul), 1897 ; A History of Egypt from Neolithic
Times (Paul), 1902 ; Handbook to Egypt and the SMdn (Cook),
1904 ; Nile Notes, loth ed. (Cook), 1906 ; Papyrus of Ani,
plates and letterpress (Brit. Mus.) ; Egyptian Magic (Paul).
1889; Egyptian Religion (Paul), 1889; Egyptian Heaven and
Hell (Paul). 1906 ; and a series of Coptic, Ethiopic, Syriac,
and other texts, ed. with English translations and notes, etc.
British Museum.

BULLBM, Fnuik Thomas. B. 1857. The Cruise of the " Cachalot "
(Smith), 1898 ; The Log of a Sea Waif, 1899 ; The Men of the
Merchant Service, 1900 ; The Apostles of the South-East (Hodder),
1901 ; A Whaleman's Wife, 1902 ; Sea Wrack (Smith, Elder),
ipo3 ; Creatures of the Sea, 1904 (Relisious Tract Society) ;
Sea Puritans (Hodder), 1904 ; A Son of the Sea (Nisbet), 1905 ;
Back to Sunny Seas (Smith, Elder), 1905 ; Frank Brown, Sea
Apprentice (Nisbet), 1906 ; Our Heritage tke Sea (Smith), iqo6 ;
The CaU of the Deep (Nisbet), 1907. C. The Spectator, Good
Words, Ac, MiUiield, Melboum, Cambs.

BULLET, Heniy AshbornhAm. B. 1841. Decadents (Greening),
1902; The Church and the World (Greening). 1904; The Seal
of Confession (Greening). 1906. 9 Walton Place, S.W.

BULLOCH, John Haleolm, M.A., Aberdeen. B. 1867. History of
ike Unto, of Aberdeen (Hodder), 1895 ; House of Gordon, 1904.
C The Sphere, Ac. 118 PaU MaU, S.W.

BULLOOK, Shan F. B. 1865. The Awkward Squads (Cassell),
1893 » By Thrasna River (Ward, Lock), 1895 ; Ring o* Rushes,
1896 ; The Charmer (Harper), 1897 ; The Barry s, 1899 ; Irish
Pastorals (Richards), 1901 ; The Squireen (Methuen), 1903 ;
The Red Leaguers, 1904 ; Dan the Dollar, 1905 ; The Cubs
(Laurie). 1906 ; Robert Thorne, 1907. 167 Gleneldon Road,
Streatham, S.W.

BUBUNO, Frooman* B. 1862. Idylls of Arcadia (Simpkin), 1901 ;
Hymn to the King, 1902 ; Sonnets and Songs of a Year, 1904 ;
Harold's Town (Homeland Assoc), 1905 ; Story of Southgate
and Winchmore Hill (Walker, Round & Co.), 1906 ; Love Letters
of Famous People (Gay & Bird). 1906. C various. White
Webbs, Waltham Cross, Herts.

BURBURT, Samnel Hawkaley, M.A. Camb., F.R.S. B. 1831. The
Application of Generalized Co-ordinates to the Dynamics of a
Material System (O.U.P.). 1879 : ^^ Kinetic Theory of Gases
(C.U.P.), 1899. Ac- C. Philosophical Magazine, &c. i New

Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C.


BUBOHBLL, Sidney Herbert In the Days of King James (Gay).

1898 ; The DtAe's Servants, i85g ; Daniel Herrick, 1900 ; My

Lady of tke Bass, 1903 ; Tke Prisoner of Carisbrooke, 1904.

The Mistress of the Robes (Hurst & Blackett), 1905 ; The Grip

of Fear, 1906. Annandale. Reigate. Surrey.
BURGBSS, Frank Oeletl^ B,Sc. B. 1866. Ed. The Lark (Doxey,

San Francisco), '1895-97 ; Vivette, 1897 ; Tke Lively City o*




Ligg (Stokes, N.Y.), 1899 ; Goops, (Stokes), 1900 ; More Goops
(Stokes), 1903; Goop Tales (Stokes), 1904; A Little Sister of
Destiny (Houghton, Mifflin & Co.). 1906; The White Cat
(Bobbs -Merrill & Co.), &c. Bohemian Club, San Francisco;
The Players' Club. New York.

BUROBSS, James, C.I.E., LL.D., F.R.S.E., F.R.G.S.. Hon.
A.R.I.B.A., &c., late Director-General Archaeol. Survey of
India. B. 1832. Buddhist and Brahntanical Cave Temples,
2 vols. (Trubner), 1883 ; Amaravati and Jaggayyapeta Buddhist
Stupas, 1887 ; Muham Architecture of Gujarat, 1896 ; Architec-
ture of Ahmadabad, 2 vols., 1900-1905 ; Architectural Antiqui*
ties of Northern Gujarat, 1903 ; Epigraphia Indica, 2 vols.
(Luzac), 1891-94 ; other works on Indian art and archi-
tecture. Ed. Indian Antiquary, 1872-34; Buddhist Art in
India (Quaritch), 1901. C. /?. Asiatic Society's Journal and
Indian Antiquary, on Oriental subjects. 22 Seton Place, Edin-

BURGESS, James John Haldane, M.A. Edin. Rasmie*s Buddie
(Poems in Shetlandic), (Gardner), 1892 ; The Viking Path
(Blackwood), 1894 ; Tang (Simpkin), 1898 ; Some Shetland Folk
(Mathewson, Lerwick), 1902 ; Tne Treasure of Don Andres (Oliver
and Boyd), 1903. C. Chambers's Jour., Scotsman, Weekly
Welcome, People's Journal, &c. Lerwick, Shetland.

BURGIN, George B., Sec. Authors' Club, joint Hon. Sec. New
Vagabond Club. B. 1856. His Lordship and Others (Henry).
1894; Tuxter's Little MafVi (Cassell), 1895; many other novels,
1 894-1901 ; A Wilful Woman: The Shutters of Silence, 1902;
The Man Who Died; The Ladies of the Manor, 1903 ; The Land
of Silence: The Hermit of Bonneville, 1904; The Marble City:
The Devil's Due, 1905 ; The Only World: The Belles of Vaudroy,
1906 ; Which Woman ? 1907. C. Black and White, III. Lon.
News, Queen, P.M. Mag^, numerous Reviews. 2 Holly Terrace,
West HUl, Highgate, N.

BURGOTNB, Frank James, Librarian, Lambeth Libraries. Library
Construction (G. Allen), 1897. Editor of Queen Elizabeth, Amy
Robsart and Leicester (Longmans), 1^04 ; Facsimile of an Eliza-
bethan Manuscript preserved at Alnwxck Castle (Longfmans), 1904.
Tate Central Library, Brixton, S.W.

BURKE, John Butler, M.A. Camb. and Dubl. The Origin of Life
(Chapman & Hall), 1906. C. Fortnightly, Contemporary, World's
Work, &c., and numerous articles in the weeklies, notably the
Outlook. 8 Rose Crescent, Cambridge.

BURKITT, Franels Crawford, M.A., F.B.A., Norrisian Prof, of
Divinity, Camb. B. 1864. The Rules of Tyconius, 1894 ;
The Old Latin and the Itala, 1896 ; Fragments of Aquila (C.U.P.),
1897 ; Two Lectures on the Gospels (Macmillan), 1901 ; 5.
t^phraim's Quotations (C.U.P.), 1901 ; Text and Versions
i^^cyclopaedia Biblica), 1903 ; Early Eastern Christianity

BUDGiB,rray), 1904; Evangelion da-Mepharreshi (C.U.P.), 1904;
oithtTiospel History and its Transmission (T. & T. Qark), i9oi6.
Has ma Theol. Stud., Sec, S. Keyne's, Grange Road, Cambridge.




BURMAMDy Sir Franels Oowley, Editor of Punch for over 25 years ;
on the staff 46 years ; retired from Punch 1906. happy
Thoughts (Bradbury), 1866, many editions : and very many
other works, including over 1 20 plays ; Personal Reminiscences
of the A,D,C,, Cambridge (Chapman & Hall), 1880 ; Records and
Reminiscences (Methuen), 1903. Residence, Ramsgate. London,
Garrick Club.

BURN, Rey. Andrew BwfNUik, D.D. B. 1864. An Introd. to the
Creeds (Methuen), 1890 ; Niceta of Remesiana : His Life and
Worhs (Camb. Univ. Fress), 1904. C. GtMrdian, and other
theol. joums. Handsworth Rectory, Birmingham.

BURM, Rev. John Henry, B.D., F.R.S.E. Commentary on St.
Marh's Gospel (Funk), 1896; The Churchman* s Library .
(Methuen), 1897 I Laity in Council (Wells Gardner), 1901 ;
Manual of Consolation (Methuen), 1902 ; The Mother's Booh of
Song (Wells Gardner), 1903 ; A Day Booh from the Saints and
Fathers (Methuen), 1904 ; Children's Answers (Treheme), 1905 ;
The Churchman's Treasury of Song (Methuen), 1907, &c. C.
Expositor, &c. The Parsonage, BalLater, Aberdeenshire.

BURBBT, John, M.A., late PeUow Merton CoU., Oxon., Prof. Greek.
St. Andrews. B. 1863. Early Greeh Philosophy (Black), 1892 ;
Greeh Rudiments (Longmans), 1896 ; Aristotle's Ethics (Methuen),
1900 ; Plato, i„ ii., iii. (O.U. Press), 1900-1903 ; Plato's Re-
public, 1902 : Aristotle on Education (C.U. Press), 1903. The
university, St. Andrews, Scotland.

BURBBTT, Mrs. Franeee Hodgion. B. 1849. '^f^t Lass o' Lowrie's
(Routledge), 1877 I 4 Fair Barbarian (Wame). 1881 ; Little
Lord Fauntleroy, 1886— many editions ; A Lady of Quality »
1896 ; In Connection with the De Willoughby Claim, 1899 1
many other novels and some plays. Maytham Hall, Rolven-
den, Kent.

BDRBS» ThoniM, F.R.S.L., F.R.S.A.L., Mem. of Soc. of Arts.
B. 1848. Poems, 1885 ; Chimes from Nature^ 1887 ; Flowers
from Philosophy (all Carr, Newcastle-upon-Tyne) ; City Sones
(Downie), 1901 ; Visions from Nature (Carr), 1906 ; C. Yorh-
shire Notes and f^ueries, Kelso Chronicle, Berwickshire Adver-
tiser, Berwichshire News, Presbyterian, Alnwick Guardian,
Newcastle Daily Journal, and Chronicle, Shakespeare's Shrine,
Gems of Poesy, North Country Poets, Tributes to Queen Victoria,
Gladstone, Salisbury and Sir Henry Irving, Scottish Poets, &c.
I>iana Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
BURNSIDB, Helen Marion. B. 1844. Driftweed (Hutchinson),
1897 ; A Girl Without a Penny, serial (Girls' Own Paper) ; many
other verses and lyrics, tales in magazines, and some stories for
children. Sandilands, East Putney, S.W.
BURROW, Charles Kennett B. 1868. Asteck's Madonna (Dent),
1896 ; The Way of the Wind (Paul), 1897 ; The Lifted Shadow
(Biowden), 1899; Patricia of the Hills (Lawrence and BuUen),
1902 ; The Yeoman. ICLAne), 1904, &o. C. Macmillan's, &c«
tlia Den, Shere. Guildford.




BURROWS, Montagu, Captain R.N., M.A.. Em. Prof. (Chichele)
Mod. Hist., Oxon., Omcier de T Instruction Publique. B. 1819.
Pass and Class (Parker), 1859, 3rd ed., 1866 ; Memoir of
Admiral Sir H. D. Chads, G.CB. (Griffin), 1869 ; Constitutional
Progress (Murray), 1869 ; Worthies of All Souls (Macmillan),
1874 ; Parliament and the Church of England (Seeley), 1875 ;
Imperial England (Cassell), 1880; Oxford Univ. under the
Commonwealth (Camden Soc), 1S81 ; Admiral Lord Hawhe
(W. H. Allen), 1883. 1896 ; (J. J. KeUher). 1904; Wiclifs Place
in History, new ed. (Isbister), 1884 »* The Brocas Family (Long-
mans), 1886 ; History of the Cinque Ports, 1888 ; new ed., 1904 ;
William Grocyn (Oxf. Hist. Soc.j, 1890 ; Commentaries on Hist,
England (Blackwood), 1893 » ^*^^- 2! ^*^ Foreign Policy of Gt,
Brtt., 2nd ed., 1899 ; Admiral Blake (Bnllen), 1899. C.
Quarterly Rev., Edinburgh Rev., &c. 9 Norham Gardens,

BURY, Professor John B., LL.D., D.Litt., Regius Prof. Mod. Hist.,
Camb. B. 1861. Later Roman Empire (Macmillan), 1889 ;
Hist, of Greece, 1900 ; Life of St. Patrick, 1905 ; Ed. Gibbon's
Decline and Fall (Methuen), 1 896-1900. King's C6lldge,
Cambridge ; and Athenaeum Qub, S.W.

BUSHELL, Stephen Wootton, C.M.G., M.D. Member of Council
of the Roy. Asiatic and Roy. Numismatic Societies. B. 1844.
Oriental Ceramic Art (Appleton), 1896. Shirley, Harold Road,
Upper Norwood, S.E.

BUSSELL, Re?. Dr. Frederiek WilUam, D.D.. Mus. Doc. Oxon.,
Ac Itinerarium Rutilianum (Parker), 1886 ; Doctrine of the
Office and Person of Christ in the First Three Centuries
(O.U.P.), 1802 ; School of Plato (Methuen), 1896. C. article
in Studia Biblica, Saturday Review. Mundham House, nr.

BUTCHER, Samuel Henry, M.P., Hon. D.Litt Oxford, Hon. Litt.D..
Cambridge, Dublin, Manchester ; Hon. LL.D. St. Andrews, Glas-
gow, Edinburgh ; Fell. Trin. Coll., Camb., 1874-76 ; Fell. Univ.
Coll., Oxford, 1876-82 ; Prof. Greek, Univ. Edin., 1882-1903 :
Member Scott, and Irish Univ. Commissions ; Fellow Brit.
Acad. B. 1850. With A. Lang, trs. The Odyssey (Macmillan),
1879 ; Demosthenes, 1881 ; Some Aspects of the Creek Genius,
1891, 1893, I9<^4 ; Aristotle's Theory of Poetry, 1895, 1898, 1903.
1907 ; Demosthenes Critical Text, vol. i., 1903 ; vol. i., part 2,
1907 ; Harvard Lectures on Greek Subjects, 1904. The Athenaeum
Club, S.W.

BUTLER, Rev. Arthur G., Fell. Oriel Coll.. Oxon. Harold, a drama
(Frowde), 1892 ; The Choice of Achilles, 1900, &c. 14 Norham
Gardens, Oxford.

BUTLER, Arthur John, M.A., Fellow Trin. Coll., Camb.. 1869-74 ;
Examiner Education Dept., 1870-87 ; Asst.-Comm. Sec. Educn.,
1894. B. 1844. Ed. Dante, Commedia (Macmillan). 1880-^2 ;
Marbofs Metftoirs, trs. (Longmanns), 1892 ; Essays, Saint^
Beuve (AmoldK 1895 ; ThiebauWs Memoirs (Smith), 1896 ;




£d. Foreign Papers, Elitaheth, 1896. Wood £&d, Oatlaads,
Wey bridge.

BUTLER, Re?. Dogald, M.A.. Minister of Tron Parish. Edinburgh.
B. 1862. Ancient Church and Pansh of Abemeihy, 1897 < J^^
Wesley and George Whitfield in Scotland, 1898 ; Henry Scougal
and the Oxford Methodists, 1899 ; Scottish Cathedrals and Abbeys,
1900 ; Life and Letters of Archbishop Leighion, 1903 ; Eternal
Elements in the Christian Faith, 1905. 54 Blacket Place,

BUTLER, Rev. Henry Montagu, D.D.. Hon. D.C.L. Oxford, Hon.
IX.D. Glasgow and St. Andrews, Master of Trinity College,
Cambridge ; formerly Fellow of Trin., 1855 ; Headm. -Harrow.
1859-85 ; Dean of Gloucester, 1885-86 ; Hon. Canon of Ely.
B. 1833. Harrow School Sermons (Macmillan), 1861 ; 2nd series,
1869 ; Belief in Christ, and Other Sermons (M. & Bowes), 1898 ;
Lift up your Hearts, 1898 ; Univ., and other Sermons, 1899 ;
Public School Sermons (Isbister), 1899. C. Sunday Magazine*
Trinity Lodge, Cambridge.

BUTLER, Uent-Oen. Sir William, K.C.B. The Great Lone Land
(Low), 1872 ; Campaign of the Cataracts ; The Wild North Land ;
Red Cloud : Gordon (Macmillan), 1889 ; Napier, 1890, 1891 ;
CoUey (Murray), 1899, ^c* Devonport.

BUTTERFIELD, W. J. Aildnson. The Chemistry of Gas Manu-
facture (Griffin), 1898. 66 Victoria Street, S.W.

BUXTOM, Rev. Harry John Wilmot, M.A. Oxon. B. 1843. Poems
by an Oxonian (Shrimpton), 1866 ; Mission, and other Sermons,
various volumes, 1876-1903 ; The German and Flemish School
of Painting (Low), &c. St. Giles-in- the- Wood Vicarage, Great

BUXTON, The Rt Hon. Sydney, M.P., Poplar, Tower Hamlets.
B. 1853. Handbook to Political Questions, var. eds., 1904 ;
Political Manual, 1886 ; Finance and Politics : an Historical
Study (1785-1885), 1888 ; Handbook to the Death Duties, 1893 ;
Mr. Gladstone as Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1901 ; Fishing
and Shooting, 1902 ; The Fiscal Question — the Argument on
Either Side, 1905 (all Murray). C. XlXth Cent,, Fortn. Rev ,
&c. 7 Grosvenor Crescent, S.W. ; Athenaeum Club.

BY ATT, Henry. Purple and White (Everett), 1905 ; The Flight of
Icarus, 1906; Land o* Gold (Sisley), 1907; and many plays,
including: — The Brothers; True Heart; Before the Dawn;
L' Amour Mouille {Cupid and the Princess); John Thurgood,
Farmer; The Golden Age; Pierrdt*s Dream. 27, Warwick
Gardens, W. ; Savage Club.

BYLES, Charles Edward, B.A. Cantab., Classical Tripos, 1895.
B. 1873. The Life and Letters of Robert Stephen Hawker (Lane),
1905 ; Editor of Hawker's Cornish Ballads and Footprints of
Former Men in Far Cornwall (Lane) ; Greek Lives from Plutarch,
for schools (Edward Arnold), 1906. C. Outlook, Bookman,
Sphere, Daily Chronicle, Book Monthly, Practical Teacher, &c.
20 Wolverton Gardens, Hammersmith.


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BTRDE, Re?. Rlehftfd AagustQiy M.A. Queen's ColL, Oxon., Rector

of Widworthy. B. 1844. High Aims at School (Stock)» 1900.

Widworthy, Devon.
BTWATBR, Protesfor Ingram, Prof. Greek. Oxon. B. 1840.

Heraclitus (MacmiQan), 1877 ; and other claissical texts. 6 Nor-

ham Gardens, Oxford.



BOOGS, Winifred. The Return of Richard Carr (Hutchinson), 1907 ;
Ethel Pitcher (Ward, Lock), 1907. C. Frank Munsey Co. in
America, English various. Aughton, Ormskirk, Lanes;
Lyceum Club.




CABLE, George WMhlngtoiL B. 1844- Old Creole Days (New
York), 1879 'f ^^ Grandissimes, 1880 ; Bonaventure (Low), 1888 ;
Strong Hearts (Hodder), 1899 ; The Cavalier (Murray), 1901,
ftc. Tarryawhile, Northampton, Mass., U.S.A.

OAFFTH, Xn. Munklngtoii (f Iota "). A Yellow Aster (Hutchin-
son), 1894 ; Children of Circumstance » 1894 ; A Comedy in
Spasms, 1895 » ^ Qnaker Grandmother, 1896 ; Poor Max, 1898 ;
Anne Mauhoerer (Methven), 1899; '^^ M«fi;ir (Hutchinson),
1900 ; The Happenings of Jill, 1901 ; He for God only, 1903.
Heathcote Cottage, Porbrook Common, Cosham, Hants.

OAILLARDf Emma Marie. B. 18^2. The Invisible Powers
of Nature (Murray), 1887 ; Electricity, 1800 ; Progressive Revela-
tian, i8p5 ; The Use of Science to Christians (Nisbet), 1897 ;
Reason in Revelation, 1898 ; Law and Freedom, 1899 ; Individual
Immortality (Murray), 1903 ; The Many-sided Universe (Murray),
1906. Whitley House, Earl's Avenue, Folkestone.

OAIRD» Edward, Master of Balliol College, Oxford, 1 893-1 907 ;
Fellow and Tutor of Merton College, Oxford, 1864-66; Prof, of
Moral Philos., Glas. Univ., 1866^3, &c. B. 1835. A Critical
Account of the Philosophy of Kant (Maclehose), 187;^ ; Comte's
Social Philosophy and Religion, 1880 ; Critical Philosophy of
Emmanuel Kant, 1889 ; Essays on Literature and Philosophy,
1802 ; The Evolution of Religion, 1893 ; The Evolution of
Theology in the Greek Philosophers, 1903 ; Lay Sermons and
Addresses, 1907. C. Contemp. jRev., Mind, &c.

AIRD, Mrt. Mona. Whom Nature Leadeth, One that Wins (Unwin) ;
The Daughters of Danaus (Bliss), 1894 ; The Morality of Marriage
(Redway). 1898 ; The Modem Inquisition ; A Romance of the
Moors: The Wing of Azrael ; A Sentimental View of Vivi-
section: Beyond the Pale: The Logicians; The Pathway of the
gods : The Romantic Cities of Provence, 1906 ; various essays,
&c. Sesame Qub, Dover Street, W.

OAINE, Thomas Henry HalL B. 1853. Cobwebs of Criticism
(Stock), 1884 ; 2nd ed. (Routledge) 1908 ; The Shadow of a Crime
(Chatto), 1885 ; Sow of Hagar, 1886; The Deemster, 1887; The
Bondman (Heinemann), 1890; The Scapegoat, 1891 ; The Little
Manx Nation, 1891 ; Capt*n Davy's Honeymoon, 1892 ; The
Manxman, 1894; The Christian, 1897; The Eternal City, 1901 ;
playgoers' ed. Eternal City, 1902 ; The Prodigal Son, 1904 ; The
Bondman Play {Daily Mail), 1 906. Published some early poems,
and has been successfully dramatized. Has travelled widely ;
and by his journey to Canada in 1 898 rendered service to authors
generallv in connection with copyright legislation. Greeba
Castle, Isle of Man.

OALDEOOTT, Rot* Alfred, Prof, of Moral and Mental PhOos.,
King's Coll., Lond., form. Pell, and Dean, St. John's Coll.,
Camb., D.Litt., D.D., Exam, in Theol. Univ. Camb., Exam.-




Chap. Bp. St. Albans. B. 1850. English Colonization and
Empire (John Murray), 1890; The Church in the West Indies
(S.P.C.K.), 1808 ; The Philosophy of Religion in England and
America (Methuen), 1901 ; Selections from the Literature of
Theism (Qark). 1904 ; No. III. in Cambridge Theological Essays
(Macmillan), 1905. King's College, London.

OALTHBOP, Aimeito. MyrtU and Cypress (Marcus Ward), 1875 *'
Will Denbigh (RoberU Bros., Boston. U.S.A.), 1877 ; Notes to
New Edition of Lord Chesterfield's Letters (Methuen), 1901 ; Life
of Sir Tobie MaUhew (Elkin Matthews). C. CasseO^s Mag.,
Ac, c/o G. A. Aitken, Esq., 42 Edwardes Sq., Kensington, W.

fOAHBRIDGE, Ada (Mrs. G. F. Cross). B. 1844- My Guardian
(Caasell), 1878 ; A Marked Man (Heinemann), 1891 ; Not aU
in Vain, 1892 ; A Little Minx, 1893 I Fidelis (Hutchinson),
1895 ; Path and Goal (Methuen), 1900 ; The Devastators, 1901 ;
and many other novels ; Thirty Years in Australia (Methuen),
1909. C, Empire, Queen, &c. Holy Tiinity Parsonage,
WiUiamstown, Victoiia.

OAMBRON, Sir Charies Alexander, C.B., M.D. B. 1830. Manual
of Hygiene, 1874 ; Hist, Roy. Coll. Surg. Ireland (Bailli^re),
1886 ; some translated poems. 51 Pembroke Road, Dublin.

CAMERON, Mrs. Lo?et(. Juliefs Guardian (Chatto), 1877 ;
Deceivers Ever, 1878 ; In a Grass Country (White), 1885 ; This
Wicked World, 1888 ; A Bad Lot, 1894 ; The DeviFs Aptles,
1898 ; A Life's Mistake (Downey), 1900 ; and many otners.
published in various editions. 59 Evelyn Gardens. S.W.

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tine Martyr in England (Bliss), 1897 ' ^^ '^^ Brave Days of Old
(Art and Book Co.), 1899 ; 2nd ed. (Bums & Oates), 1905 ; A
Day in the Cloister (Sands), 1900 ; 2nd ed. (Washboume), 1906 ;
Blessed Sebastian Newdigate (Art and Book Co.), 1900 ; Lives of
the Blessed English Martyrs (Bums & Oates), vol. L, 1904 ;
vol. ii., 1905 ; Tyburn and the English Martyrs (Art and Book
Co.), 1904 ; Oxford, Douay, Tyburn (Bums & Oates). 1906 ;
Some Devonshire Screens, 1906 ; The Degrees of the Spiritual
Life (from the French) (Washboume), 2 vols., 1907 ; The Enelish
Martyrs' Birthday Book (Washboume), 1908. Erdington Abbey,

OAMPBBLL, Arehie. Ed. A. J. Boyd's The Shellback (CasseU).
1899 ; The Sound of a Voice that is Still (Redway), 1899. 17
Craven Hill Gardens, Hyde Park, W.

CAMPBELL, David, form. Rector, Montrose Academy. B. 1844.
Higher English (Blackie) ; General Hector A. Macdonald, K,C.B,
(Melrose), 1900 ; Victoria, Queen and Empress (Nimmo), 1901 ;
Africa : a Geographical Reader (W. & R. Chambers), 190 1 :
A First History of English Literature (Oliver, Boyd). 1905 ; and
other educationsd works, c/o Messrs. C61Uns, 139 Stirling
Road, Glasgow.

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