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Collection of

jfreberick M, Jfrcncb

C. tf. Tibbie & Co., auctioneers,

Boston, flDass.

War Department, Washington, April 20, 1865.

Of our late beloved President, Abraham Lincoln,


$50,000 REWARD

Will be paid by this Department for his apprehension, in addition to any reward offered by
Municipal Authorities or State Executives.

Will be paid for the apprehension of JOHN H SURR AT, one of Booth's Accomplices.

$25,000 REWARD

Will be paid for the apprehension of David C. Harold, another of Booth's accomplices.

LIBERAL REWARDS will be paid tor any information that shall conduce to the arrest of either of the above-
named criminals, or their accomplices.

All persons harboring or secreting the said persons, or cither of them, or aiding or assisting their concealment or
escape, will be treated as accomplices in the murder of the President and-the attempted assassination of, the Secretary of
State, and shall be subject to trial before a Military Commission and the panishment of DEATH

Let the stain of innocent blood be removed from the land by the arrest and punishment of the murderers.

All good citizens are exhorted to aid public justice on this occasion. Every man should consider his own conscience
charged with this solemn duty, and rest neither night nor day until it be accomplished.

KIWI* KL STAWTOW, Secretary of War.

DESCRIPTIONS. BOOTH is Five Feet 7 or 8 inches high, slender build, high forehead, Tjlaek hair, black eyc>, and
wore a heavy black moustache, which there is some reason to believe has been shaved off.

JOHN H. SURRAT is about 5 feet. 9 inches. Hair rather thin and dark; eyes rather' light . no beard. Would
weigh 145 or 150 pounds. Complexion rather pale and clear, with color in his cheeks. Wore light clothes of fine
quality. Shoulders square ; cheek bones rather prominent ; chin narrow . ears projecting at the top ; forehead rather
low. and square, but broad. Parts his hair on the right side ; neck rather long. His lips are firmly set. A slim man.

DAVID C. HAROLD is five feet six inches high, hair dark, eyes dark, eyebrows rather heavy, full face, nose short,
hand short and fleshy, feet small, instep high, round bodied, naturally quick "and active, slightly closes his eyes when
looking at a person.

NOTICE. In addition to the above. State and other authorities have offered rewards amounting to almost one hun-
dred thousand dollars, making an aggregate of about TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS.

No. 130. Fac-simile of Poster issued by War Dept., for the Murder of President Lincoln.

Reduced to one-quarter size.







Comprising an Extensive and Valuable Collection of Letters and
Documents of Noted Actors and Actresses, and other Celebrities
connected with the Stage.


John Wilkes Booth, 2 Fine Letters, together with Rare, Original Play-Bill of the
night of Lincoln's Assassination, also the rare Poster issued by the War
Department, offering reward of $100,000 for the capture of the Murderer.

Letters of Junius Brutus Booth and Edwin Booth, Thomas Barry, Boucicault,
Thomas A. Cooper, Charlotte Cushman, David Garrick, Charles and John
Philip Kemble, Edmund Kean, Sarah Siddons, Joseph Jefferson, Fechter,
Pierce Egan, R. W. Elliston, James H. Hackett, Mrs. Inchbald, Charles
Macklin, R. B. Sheridan, William Warren, F. C. Weymss, Tate Wilkinson
and others.

Dickens, Doran, Andrew Lang, Charles Lamb, Sir Walter Scott, Thackeray, Long-
fellow, Hawthorne, Emerson, Lowell, Eugene Field, Charles Lever, Du Maurier,
Ruskin and many others,

Together with a

Dickens' Broadside, The Great International Walking Match,


Articles formerly belonging to William Warren, Comedian,


Rare Documents Relating to the Salem Witchcraft Trial.





C. F. LIBBIE & CO., - Auctioneers and Appraisers,












Many Trial Proofs Signed by the Artist, (being the artist's own collection pur-
chased of his widow after his death).



David Garrick, John P. Kemble, Mrs. Siddons, Nell Gwynn, Bene-
dict Arnold, Benjamin Franklin,

By Earlom, Valentine Green, Smith, Houston and others,
together with many









Deposits must be made when requested.

Autographs are sold per part or piece, and bids by mail, or otherwise,
must be made accordingly.

The sale of any lot is not to be set aside on account of
any error in the description or imperfection. They are
exposed for Public Exhibition one or more days, and are
sold just as they are, without recourse.

To prevent inaccuracy in delivery and settlement, no lots will be de-
livered while the sale is in progress. Settlements can be made between
the sessions.

La all cases of disputed bids, the lot shall be resold.

No charges made for buying when parties are unable to attend the sale.


Intending purchasers wishing to avoid trouble and confusion of mak-
ing a deposit during the sale, can make arrangements before the sale with

the undersigned.



Morning Sessions at 10 o'clocK.

flfterrioon Sessions at 2 o'clocK.

THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 2, ... i to 365

THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 2, ... 366 to 731

FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 3, .... 732 to 1091

FRIDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 3, . . . 1092 to END.



a. 1. s. autograph letter signed ; /. s. letter signed ; d. s. document signed ;
a. n. s. autograph note signed.

Autographs will be sold per part or piece, and bids by mail or otherwise
must be made accordingly.

In all cases of disputed bids, the lot shall be re-sold.

1 /% BBOTT, EMMA, (Mrs. Wetherell), Vocalist, auto.
jf~X sentiment signed, i page oblong 8, "Montreal, Jan.

i, 1883." A quotation from "Mignon." The paper
bearing her monogram, E. A., in musical notes.

2 ABBOTT, William, Noted English manager and actor, a. I. s.

2 pages 4 and address, " Jan. 29, 1826," to G. W. Ab-
bott. A very interesting letter, speaks of Mme. Vestris,
Macready, Kemble, etc. Rare.

3 ADAMS, Edwin, Actor and comedian, a. I. s. i page 8,

"Long Branch, July i, 1868," to John T. Ford, asking
time of an engagement. Wood-cut portrait.

4 ADAMS, a. I. s. i page 8, " Sacramento, Nov. 15, 1869,"

to Harry Edwards; Mrs. Mary E. Adams, (Mrs. Ed-
win Adams), a. I. s. 3 pages 8, "Jan. 7, 1878," also to
Mr. Edwards, and speaking of her late husband. (2)

5 AGASSIZ, Louis, Scientist, signature, i page 12, "Boston,

April, 1871"; Charles Sumner and Edwin Booth,
signature of each, i page 12, written for the French
Fair; Henry Ward Beecher, a. /. s. i page 12, " Nov.
24, 1869." (4)

6 AID, C. Hamilton, English novelist and dramatist, a. I. s.

i page 8, to Miss Jean Ingelow; James Boaden,
a. I. s. i page 8 and address franked, " Aug. 9, 1828,"
sending the MS. of a new romance to Mr. H. Colburn,
Dramatic authors. (2)


7 AIME, Marie, (Frochon), French opera bouffe artiste,

a. I. s. 2 pages 8, "Aug., 1886."

8 AINSWORTH, W. Harrison, English novelist, a. 1. s. i page

8 and addressed envelope franked, " London, Jan. 2,
1850." Engraved portrait.

9 AINSWORTH. a. 1. s. i page 8, "Jan. 30, 1845," to Peter

Cunningham, with lithograph portrait by Count d'Orsay ;
John Gait, a. I. in 3d person, i page 8 and address,
"Aug., 1829. " English novelists. (2)

10 ALBANI-GYE, Mme. Emma, (Lajeunesse), Vocalist, a. I. s.

2 pages 8. Wood-cut portrait.

11 ALBANI-GYE. a. I. s. 2 pages 8, regretting that she cannot

sing at a concert. Cutting.

12 ALBERY, James, English dramatic writer, author of "The

Two Roses," etc., a. I. s. i page 8, "London, Aug. 6
1874," wood-cut portrait; also Geo. F. Rowe; Henry
Arthur Jones; R. H. Cox; B. Charles Stephenson; and
Bram Stoker, a. I. s, 8, of each. English dramatists.

13 ALDRICH, Louis, Melodramatic actor, a. I. s. i page 8,

"New York, June 10, 1887," to Mrs. A. T. Oakes.
Wood cut portraits.

14 ALDRICH. a. I. s. 4 pages 8, " Boston, Oct. 31, 1879," to

Mr. Harry Edwards, and telling of his theatrical success
in Boston. Wood-cut portrait.

15 ALDRICH, Thomas Bailey, Author and poet, a. I. s. i page

8, " April 27, 1886," to Harry Edwards. Portrait and

1 6 ALDRIDGE, Ira, Negro tragedian, " The African Roscius,"

a. L s. 3 pages 8, " Imperial Theatre, Warsaw, July 8,
1867," discussing proposals for engagements, and giving
a detailed account of his receipts and testimonials on
the continent. Rare.

17 ALDRIDGE. a. I. s. 2 pages 8, to the editor of a paper,

giving an account of his professional success at Brighton,
England, and asking that it might be inserted in the
" Chit-Chat " column of the paper. Rare.


18 ALEXANDER, Sara, Actress, first performing at the Mormon

Theatre, in Salt Lake City, later at the Metropolitan,
in San Francisco, a. I. s. 3 pages 8, " Brooklyn, May
31, 1884," to Mr. Edwards, introducing her niece. Rare.

19 ALLEN, Andrew Jackson, " Dummy Allen," for many years

dresser to Edwin Forrest, a. I. s. i page 4, " New York,
Nov. n, 1852," to J. B. Wright, offering him "a first
rate King's dress," etc. Very rare.

20 ALLEN, C. Leslie, Character actor, and father of Viola Al-

len, a. 1. s. i page 8, "April 20, 1888," to Mr. Ed
wards, asking for theatre tickets; Mrs. Allen, (Miss
Sarah Lyon), actress, a. I. s. 2 pages 8, " Feb. 21,
1887," also to Mr. Edwards. (2)

21 ALLEN, Harry, Actor, a. I, s. 2 pages 8, " Jan. 8, 1885 ";

Leicester Bishop; C. W. Barry; James J. Bartlett;
and William S. Andrews, a. I. s. 8, of each. Actors
and managers. (5)

22 ALLEN, Viola, Leading lady with Salvini and John McCul-

lough, a. I. s. 3 pages 8, "Chicago, Dec. 19, 1886," to
Harry Edwards, asking a position at Wallack's Theatre;

C. Leslie Allen and Mrs. C. Leslie Allen, a. /. s. i
page 8, of each. Parents of Viola Allen. (3)

23 ALSOP, Mrs. Frances, English actress, daughter of Mrs.

Jordan, died in New York, 1821, from an overdose of
opium, d. s. 2 pages folio, " Theatre Royal Drury Lane,
Junes, 1817." Articles of agreement with theT. R. D. L.
Company. Very rare. Play bill of " T. R. D. L., June
18, 1817."

24 AMEE, Josiah L. C., Chief of Police in Boston at the out-

break of the Civil War, a. d. s. i page 8, "Boston,
Aug. 14, 1862." A permit to travel to the White Moun-
tains, issued to Mr. F. W. French, and five other pri-
vate citizens. A curious relic of the war.

25 ANDERSON, James R. , English tragedian, made his first

appearance in America in 1844, as Othello, a. I. s. i page
8, "Feb. 16, 1856," to Benjamin Webster. Play bill
of "Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Oct. 17, 1874."


26 ANDERSON, Mary, (Mrs. Navarro), Tragedienne, a. I. s. 2

pages 8, to Mr. James R. Osgood. Cabinet photo-
graph signed.

27 ANDERSON, a. I. s. i page 4, to Mr. Brenan, to say that

she cannot come to rehearsal, but to call rehearsal of
" Lady of Lyons " for the next day. Wood-cut por-

28 ANDERSON, a. /. s. 2 pages 8, 1888, to James R. Osgood.

Wood-cut portraits.

29 ANDERSON, Major Robert, Commander at Fort Sumter at

the outbreak of the Civil War, signature, i page 8.
"Fort Sumter, March 7, 1861 "; Gen. John E. Wool,
a. I. s. i page 8, "Dec. 2, 1861 "; Capt. John A. Win-
slow, signature, i page 8, 1862. Officers of the Civil
War. (3)

30 ANDREW, John A., War Governor of Mass., signature, i

page 8, "Boston, March 25, 1861," on official paper;
Alexander H. Rice, a. I. s. i page 8, "Washington,
Dec. 5, 1861." Governors of Mass. (2)

31 ANGELO, Henry, English author, a. I. s. 2 pages 8, "Twick-

enham, July 14, 1834," to M. Pelier Row; J. Payne
Collier, a. I. s. 3 pages 8, 1864. English writers. (2)

32 ANSON, John William, one of the principal founders of the

Dramatic College, London, a. I. s. i page oblong 8,
" May 3, 1867." Rare.

33 ARMSTRONG, Samuel T., Governor of Massachusetts, a. d. s.

(name in the body of the document), i page 4, " Bos-
ton, March i, 1813"; with a. I. s. of Jeremiah Evarts on
the same page; Levi Lincoln, /. s. i page 4 and ad-
dress, 1841. Governors of Mass. (2)

34 ARNOLD, Samuel J., English actor, manager of Drury Lane

Theatre, and dramatist, a. I. s. 3 pages 4 and address,
" May 2, 1817," to H. E. Johnstone, giving final terms
for an engagement. Rare.

35 ARNOLD, a. I. s. i page 4 and address, "June 6, 1829,"

to Mr. Robertson of Covent Garden, a demand for pay-
ment for the use of his " Bottle Imp "; also d. s. 1-2
page 4, "Dec. 4, 1829," receipt for the same. (2)


36 AUBER, Daniel Frangois Esprit, French musical composer,

a. I. j. i page 8, "Paris, Nov. 16, 1866." Play bill of
Fra Diavolo, Covent Garden, 1831.

37 AUTOGRAPH Album. An oblong folio volume containing

signatures and sentiments signed, of H. \V. Longfellow;
J. R. Lowell; John G. Whittier; O. W. Holmes, (the
Chambered Nautilus); Francis Parkman; Henry Ward
Beecher ; Ole Bull ; Charles Fechter ; Carlotta Le Clercq ;
Mary F. Scott-Siddons; R. W. Emerson; Walter Mont-
gomery; R. H. Dana, Jr.; William Warren; Joe Jeffer-
son; Wendell Phillips; Gen. A. E. Burnside; John B.
Gough; Christina Nilsson; Edwin Booth; Lawrence
Barrett; Charlotte Cushman; Parepa-Rosa; Joachim;
John Tyndall; E. A. Sothern; Henry M. Stanley;
Charles Kingsley; B. F. Butler; Remdny; U. S. Grant;
Phillips Brooks; Sarah Bernhardt; and many others. Lot.

38 AVONMORE, Lady, (Mrs. TheVese Longworth Yelverton),

English authoress and lecturer, a. ./. s. 2 pages 8,
"Hong Kong, Jan. n," to Harry Edwards; also
a. 1. s. i page 8, " San Francisco, Feb. 26, 1870," signed
The'rese Yelverton. Cuttings. (2)

39 AVLING, Herbert, Actor and comedian, a. I. s. 2 pages 8,

"Feb. 12, 1888"; also Harry Allen; C. W. Barry;
Albert G. Andrews, and Lilford Arthur, a. /. s. 8, of
each. Actors. (5)

40 T^AILLIE, Miss JOANNA, English poetess and dramatist,
fj a. I. s. i page 8 and address, " Hampstead, Nov. 16,

1836," to Dr. Boott.

41 BAKER, Benjamin A., Actor, manager, and dramatist, a. I. s.

2 pages 4, " New York, June 5, 1884," to Harry Ed-
wards, on business of " the Actor's Fund."

42 BALFE, Michael William, Irish musical composer, a. /. s. 3

pages 4 and address, "Paris, Oct. j2, 1842," to H. J.
St. Leger. Rare.

43 BANCROFT, George, Secretary of the Navy, a. I. s. 2 pages

8, "Aug. 2, 1850 "; John Lothrop Motley,/, s. 2 pages
8, "London, Nov. 20, 1869." American historians. (2)


44 BANCROFT, Helen, Actress, a. 1. s. i page 8, "Sept. 29,

1888," to Harry Edwards; also a. 1. s. i page 8. (2)

45 BANCROFT, Sir Squire B., English actor and manager,

a. /. s. 3 pages 8, " Haymarket Theatre, July 7, 1887,"
to Mr. Wallack.

46 BANCROFT, Marie, (Lady Bancroft), English actress, a. I. s.

4 pages 8, to Mr. Wills, declining to use Lady Lytton's
comedy; Sir Squire B. Bancroft, a. I. s. i page 8,
"Jan. 24, 1870," giving Lady Bancroft's permission for
the use of " Society." (2)

47 BANDMANN, Daniel Edward, German tragedian, a. /. s. 2

pages 8, "San Francisco, April 20, 1871," to Harry
Edwards, offering to carry some shells to H. R. H. the
Duke of Edinburgh. Wood-cut portraits.

48 BANGS, Francis C., Actor, a. I. s. 2 pages 8, " New York,

Jan. 26, 1883," to Harry Edwards.

49 BANKS, Maude, Actress and authoress, a. I. s. 4 pages 8,

"May 5, 1886"; and a. I. s. 2 pages 8, "May 9,
1886," both letters to Harry Edwards. (2)

50 BANKS, Nathaniel P., Major-General in the Civil War, Gov.

of Mass., etc., a. I. s. 2 pages 8, "Washington, March
17, 1857," to Mr. Sampson Reed, upon the tariff.

51 BANNISTER, John, English comedian, a. I. s. i page 8 and

address, 1832, to John Harley, asking for seats in the
theatre. Rare.

52 BARBIERI-NINI, Mme. Marianna, Celebrated Italian vocal-

ist, a. /. s. 3 pages 4 and address, " Nov. 30, 1849," to
Signer Ronconi. A very fine letter. Cutting.

53 BARNES, John H., English actor, " Handsome Jack Barnes,"

a. I, s. i page 8, "Dec. 2, 1890," to Col. Milliken,
declining a new play; T. N. Wenman, a. /. s. r page
8, "June 14, 1886." (2)

54 BARNUM, Phineas T., Showman, a. /. s, i page 4, "March

2, 1865," to Col. Howe. Cabinet photograph signed.

"... I propose to have in the Procession one 4 horse van on
which I will have The Elephant, a Walrus and a Giraffe. . . ."


55 BARRETT, George C., Judge and author, a. 1. s. 3 pages 8,

1883, play bill of " An American Wife"; David Paul
Brown; J. G. Reed; William Young; Clay M. Greene;
Alfred Thompson; Mortimer Murdock, etc., a. I. s. 4
or 8, of each. Dramatists. (12)

56 BARRETT, Mrs. George H., Actress. 4 photograph long

in the possession of Miss Amelia Fisher, and so authen-
ticated on reverse.

57 BARRETT, Lawrence, Tragedian and author, a. I. s. 3 pages

8, "New York, Feb. 8, 1871," to Harry Edwards, offer-
ing him an engagement in Booth's Theatre, and urging
him to accept it and come to New York. A very fine
letter. Wood-cut portraits.

58 BARRETT, a. L s. 3 pages 8, " Pau, Feb. 6, 1890," to

James R. Osgood.

"... Booth was well when we parted, and like his gracious self
in all my illness, putting his not very strong neck into the collar to
pull my load as well as his own for the balance of the season. Else
I could not be here. Bless him ! . . ."

59 BARRETT, a. I. s. 3 pages 8, "Chicago, Oct. 3, 1880," to

James R. Osgood. A very good and amusing personal

60 BARRETT, a. Ls. 3 pages 8, "New York, March 28, 1871,"

to Harry Edwards, in regard to the proposition for him
to join Booth's company in New York. Very fine letter.

6 1 BARRETT, Wilson, English actor and manager, a. I. s. 2

pages 8, "Boston, Nov. 19, 1886," to Harry Edwards.

Wood-cut portrait.

"... You will be glad to learn that Boston has treated me well,
most wonderful kindness both in & out of the theatre. Hamlet, CHto,
and Chatterton, have been wonderfully successful & on the whole
have been preferred to Claudian. . . ."

62 BARRETT, a. /. s. 3 pages 8, " Princess's Theatre, April

4, 1889," to Mr. Handy, laying out a programme of
sight-seeing for the next day.

63 BARRETT, a. I. s. 2 pages 8, " London, April 8, 1889," in-

viting a friend to lunch, and giving directions to find
the house.


64 BARRETT, a. 1. s. i page 8, "New York, Oct. 6, 1886,"

to Lester Wallack, thanking him for an invitation to the
" Lambs " Club. Play bill of Claudian.

65 BARROW, Mrs. Julia Bennett, (Mrs. Jacob Barrow), English

actress, a. I. s. i page 8, ' Boston, March 17, 1857,"
sending her autograph; Mrs. M. Arbuthnot, a. L s. i
page 8, no date. (2)

66 BARRY, C. W., Actor and manager, a. I. s. 3 pages 8,

"Sept. 12, 1863"; Leicester Bishop; A. D. Billings;

A. G. Lancaster; and A. D. Bradley, a. I. s. 8, of each.
Actors and dramatists. (5)

67 BARRY, Helen, Actress, a. I. s. i page 4, "New York,

1891." With wood-cut portrait as the French Chasseur.

68 BARRY, Shiel, Irish actor, a. I. s. 3 pages 8, " Brooklyn,

Feb. 9, 1874," to Harry Edwards, asking him to refute
charges of Charles Gaylor against his character. Cutting.

69 BARRY, Spranger, Irish actor, the rival of Garrick and

Quinn, a. I. in 3d person, i page 4 and address, to
David Garrick, explaining his position in respect to a
change of plays. Very rare, and in perfect condition.

70 BARRY, Thomas. English actor, and for many years man-

ager of the Park Theatre, New York, and of the Boston
Theatre, a. I. s. 2 pages 4, "Boston Theatre, Dec. 24,
1858," to J. B. Wright, refusing to bring out a new play
and speaking in most depressed terms of his theatrical
experiences. Playbill for the "Benefit of Mr. Barry,
National Theatre, Feb. 14, 1851."

"... My lease expires the first of March, when I shall probably
bid adieu to Boston, and seek a home elsewhere. The present season
has proved almost as bad as the last, and the prospect for the next
two months is not flattering. . . ."

71 BARRY, a. I. s. i page 4, " London, June 2, 1854," to J.

B. Wright, making arrangements for his season at the
Boston Theatre.

"... James Bennett meets me on Monday when if he descends
from his high horse, I shall engage him. I am in treaty with Cerito,
2 sisters, lovely girls at Vienna. ... If I had a theatre to spare
in New York and Boston, I would bring over Rachel and Carlo tta
Grisi, play the one in French drama and the other in Ballet, each
three nights a week. . . . Our Operatic Troupe with Louisa Pyne the
best vocalist in England at its head, will I think do well."


72 BARRY, Mrs. Thomas, (Clara S. Biddle), English actress,

a. I. s. i page 8. Cabinet photograph, and play bill
of "Benefit of J. B. Wright, Boston Theatre, May 19,

73 BARRYMORE, Georgina, Actress, a. /. s. 2 pages 8, to Mr.

Edwards; Norah Bartlett, a. /. s. 2 pages 8, also to
Harry Edwards. (2)

74 BARRYMORE, Maurice H., Actor, a. /. s. 2 pages 8, "Oct.

12, 1880," to Mr. Edwards; Georgina Barrymore.
a. /. s., (signed "Georgie. ") 2 pages 8, also to Mr.
Edwards. Wood-cut portrait. (2)

75 BARTLETT, Norah, Actress, a. L s. 4 pages 8, "Sept. 27,

1883 "; Katie Bartlett, a. /. s. i page 8, both letters
to Mr. Edwards. Cutting. (2)

76 BARTLEY, Mrs. George, (Miss Sarah Smith), English actress,

a. /. s. 3 pages 8, "April 9, i8i8,"to Mr. H. Johnston,
protesting against a deduction being made in her salary . 2_>
during illness. Play bill of her Benefit, " Drury Lane,
May 9, 1814." Rare.

77 BATEMAN, Kate Josephine, (Mrs. George Crowe), one of the

famous " Bateman Children," a. /. s. 2 pages 8, no date,
to Mrs. O'Connor, declining an invitation. Two play
bills of the " Arch Street Theatre, Oct. 2, and 18, 1862."

78 BATES, Frank M., Actor and manager, murdered in Aus-

tralia, a. I. s. i page 8, " Sacramento, April 13, 1872,";
-Charles Barras, a. /. s. 3 pages 8, " Mar. 28, 1885,"
to Harry Edwards. (2)

79 BEAMAN, Genevieve, Actress, a. /. s. 2 pages 8, " Dec. 29

1884," play bill of The Salvini Co.; also Bessie Darling
Berry; Florence Bell; Victory Bateman, and Emma
Latham, a. /. s. 8, of each. Actresses. (5)

80 BEARD, John, English singer and actor, ornamented ticket

for his Benefit, signed, i page 8, at Drury Lane.
^ Printed in color. Rare and curious.

8 1 BECKETT, Harry, Comedian, a. /. s. i page 8, to Harry

Edwards. Wood-cut portrait.


82 BEDFORD, Paul, English comedian and manager, a. I. s. 3

pages 4 and address, "Islington, July n, 1838," to
Benjamin Webster, offering a MS. play called "The
Queen's Command." Play bills of Covent Garden, 1829,
and of Theatre Royal, Liverpool, 1827.

83 BEECHER, Rev. Henry Ward, Author and orator, a. 1. s. i

page 4, " Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 1869 "; Rev. George H.
Houghton, and Rev. Samuel Barrett, a. L s. 8, of each.
Noted American clergymen. (3)

84 BELGARDE, Adele, Actress, a. 1. s. i page 8, to Mrs. Ed-

wards, also a. I. s. i page 8, " New York, April 7, 1886,"
to Harry Edwards. Wood-cut portraits. (2)

85 BELL, Edward Hamilton, Actor, a. I. s. 2 pages 8, to

Harry Edwards; Frederick P. Barton, a. I. s. 2 pages
8, "Sept. 23, 1883," in regard to Mr. John Mason's
election to the "Lambs." (2)

86 BELL, Harry B., Actor, a. I. s. i page 8, to Harry Edwards,

in regard to an engagement; Mrs. H. B. Bell (Katie
Gilbert), a. L s. 2 pages 8, " Dec. io, 1886." Wood-
cut portrait. (2)

87 BELLEW, Harold Kyrle, English actor, leading man in Mrs.

Browne-Potter's Company, a. 1. s. 3 pages 8, " Evans-
(00 ville, March 25, 1888," to Harry Edwards. Wood-cut


88 BELLEW. a. L s. 14 pages 8, "Los Angeles, April 23,

1888," to Harry Edwards, giving all the stage directions
and details of Mrs. Potter's new play of Cleopatra, to
be produced at Wallack's. Wood-cut portrait.

89 BENEDICT, Sir Julius, German musical composer, long resi-

dent in England, a. L s. 2 pages 8, "London, Feb.

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