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ock, W., since 1915.


FRICKER, JAMES F., a.r.c.o., Sterndale, St. Helen's Road, Swansea. Born
at Swansea. Local Examiner R.C.M. ; Local Rep. R.A.M. ; Formerly
Org. St. Andrew's, Swansea ; Christ Ch., Swansea ; and Walter Road Cong.
Ch., Swansea.

FROGGATT, ARTHUR THOMAS, mus. d. (trin. coli,., dubun), a.r.p.s.,
5, Richmond Mansions, Denton Road, Twickenham. Org. St. John's, Shgo,
1882 ; Dalkey Ch., 1890 ; KUkenny Cath., 1891 ; Par. Ch., Dudley, 1895 ;
St. Lawrence, Thanet, 1900 ; Par. Ch., Hythe, 1903 ; O. and C, St. Stephen's,
Twickenham, since 1917.

FROST, J. ARTHUR, " Hillside," Langley Mill. Notts. Born at Derby.
O. and C. Wes. Ch., Langley Mill, since 1901.

FROST, NORMAN, 7, Southampton Road, Fareham. Born 1902 at Fareham.
Trained Winchester Cath. Org. Holy Trinity Ch., Fareham, since 1919.
FRY, PERCY JAMES, f.r.c.o., 7, Bouverie Avenue, Salisbury. Born 1873 at
Aldershot. Trained T.C.L. Chorister and Solo-boy Westminster Abbey,
1884-9 ; Org. Holy Trinity (English), Pau, France, 1894-6 ; St. Andrew's,
Bath, 1896-1902 ; St. Luke's, Cork 1902-5 ; St. Columba U.F. Ch., Helens-
burgh, 1905-11; St. Paul's, Salisbury, 1911-3; The Minster, Warminster,
1913-19 ; Sarum St. Thomas', Salisbury, since 1919 ; Cdr. Downton Choral
Soc. ; Hon. Cdr. Salisbury Amateur Operatic Soc.

FRYE, FREDERICK ROBERT, mus. b. (cantab), f.r.c.o., St. Mary's Lodge,
Chelmsford. O. and C. St. Nicholas, New Romney, Kent, 1871 ; The Cath.,
Chelmsford, since 1876. Cdr. Chelmsford Choral Soc.

FULTON, JAMES, " Ingleside," Saltcoats. Born 1869 at Kilwinning. Org.
Stevenston Par. Ch., 1894 ; Ardrossan Par. Ch. since 1895.
FYFE, JAMES J. C, a.t.s.c, 116, Union Grove, Aberdeen. Born 1889 at
Aberdeen. Org. St. Paul's U.F. Ch., Aberdeen, 1910-1919 ; Rutherford U.F.
Ch., Aberdeen, since 1919.

GACCON, JOHN AUGUSTUS, f.r.c.o., 37, Caeran Road, Newport, Hon.
Org. Par. Ch., Newport, since 1895 ; Borough Org. of Newport, Mon. For-
merly of St. John the Bapt. Ch., Newport. Hon. Sec. Newport andMonmouth-
shire O. and C. Assoc.

GALE, JOHN JAMES, a.r.c.o., 48, Victoria Road, Swindon. Born 1872 at
Swindon. Trained Gloucester Cath. Org. St. Mark's Ch., Swindon.
GALLAGHER, LIZZIE (MRS.), Kilcar, Co. Donegal. Born at Keady, Co.
Armagh. Trained Convent of Mercy, Dublin. Org. Kilcar R.C. Ch., Co
Donegal, since 1893.

GALPIN, WILLIAM, Bude, Cranbrook Road, Parkstone, Dorset. Born 1885
at Boscombe. O. & C. vSt. Luke's Ch., Parkstone, since 1900.
GARDEN, JOHN, 69, Sunnyside Road, Aberdeen. Org. John Knox Par. Ch.,

GARDNER, JAMES, The Manse, Glasbury-on-Wye. Org. St. Peter's. Glas-
bury-on-Wye. Formerly Org. St. Clement's, Bournemouth ; St. Cyprian's,
Marylebone, N.W. ; St. Thomas', Woolton HiU ; St. Dunstan's, Mayfield.
Cdr. Glasburv and District Choral Soc.

GARDINER, CHARLES, 5, RamilUes Road, Bedford Park, W.4. Born 1875
at Brixton. Trained G.S.M. O. and C. Par. Ch., Wembley, 1904-12 ; St.
Alban's, Bedford Park, since 1912. Cdr. Wembley Choral Soc, 1905-12;
Acton Choral Soc. since 1912.

GARNER, GEORGE F., 33, West Parade, Huddersfield. Born 1873 at Al-
mondbury. Choirboy All Saints' Almondbury, 1882 ; Deputy-Org. 1890 ;
Org. 1901. O. and C. since 1915. Choir Master St. Aidan's, Huddersfield.
Hon. Sec, Huddersfield and District Organists' Assoc. ; and Brass Bands

GARRARD, A. B,, 26, Mayow Road, Sydenham, S.E.26. Born 1880 in
London. O. and C. St. Andrew's, Uxbridge, 1905-9 ; Christ Ch., Penge, 1910-
19 ; Holy Trinity, Beckenham, since 1919.

GARRETT, LOUIS J., Ardeevin, Connaught Avenue, Cork. Trained Cork
Cath. O. and C. St. Nicholas, Cork, 1896-1902 ; Holy Trinity (Christ Church) ,
Cork. 1902-1908 ; St. Luke's, Cork, since 1908. Music Master, Cork Grammar
Sch., since 1900.



GASTER, J. S., 3, Hendford Hill, Yeovil. Org. Wes. Ch., Yeovil, since 1919 ;
formerly of St. Augustine's, Southampton.

GATER, WILLIAM H., b.a. mus., doc. (t.c.d.), i.. mus. t.c.i,., 19, Victoria
Avenue, Donnybrook, Dublin. Org. St. Stephen's, Dublin ; formerly at
Christchxurch, Bray; Professor of Pianoforte, Wesley Coll., Dublin ; Cdr.
East Meath Church Choral Assoc.

GATES, HORACE W., a.r.c.o., 101, Ditchling Rise, Brighton. Born at
Brighton. Asst. Org. St. Bartholomew's, Brighton, 1897-1900 ; Org. St.
Barnabas Ch., Hove. 1900-9 ; Chapel Royal, Brighton, 1910-4 ; St. George's,
Brighton, since 1915.

GAUNT, ERNEST, 43, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey. Born at Pudsey. Org.
Pudsey Par. Ch. since 1910. Formerly Org. St. Paul's, Stanningley.
GAUNT, JOHN H., 39, West Bars, Chesterfield. Born 1858 at Chesterfield.
Org. Mount Zion P.M. Ch., Brampton, 1867-88 ; Chesterfield Cong. Ch., since

GAUNTLETT, CHARLES TREVOR, The Chantry, Berwick-upon-Tweed.
O. and C. Par. Ch., Berwick, since 1899 ; Music Master Berwick Grammar
Sch. and Cdr. Choral Union. Local Sec. Trinity Coll., London. Formerly
of St. Luke's, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; and Par. Ch., Oswestry.
GAYFORD, A. W. P., b.a. (oxox.), 43, Chestnut Road, West Norwood. Born
1889 in London. Trained Derby Sch. & Keble CoU., Oxford. Org. Christ Ch.,
Carlisle, 1906-08 ; Asst. Org. Carlisle Cath. 1908 ; St. Matthew's, Ardwick,
Manchester, and Asst. at Manchester Cath., 1909 ; Organ Scholar, Keble
Coll., Oxford, 1909-12; Mus. Mast. Fettes Coll., Edinburgh, 1912-14; Org.
St. John the Evangelist Ch., Westminster, since 1920.

GEARY, GEORGE, The Cedars, Nr. Hinckley. Born 1868 at BarweU. Hon.
Org. Barwell Wes. Ch., since 1904.

GENDALL, G. H., f.r.g.s., a.r.c.o., Lanyon, College Road, Ringwood. Born
1877 at Madron, Penzance. Org. Par. Ch., Madron, 1893-6 ; St. Luke's
Training Coll., Exeter, 1897-8 ; Stogumber Par. Ch., Taunton, 1898-1900 ;
St. Peter's, Edmonton, 1901-4 ; Par. Ch., Brockenhurst, 1905-15 ; EHingham
Par. Ch., Ringwood, since 1916.

GEORGE, A., A.R.C.O., f.i.s.c. (School Teaching Dep.), Llys Cerdd, Coedpoeth,
Born 1872 at Coedpoeth. Org. Zion Cong. Ch., Coedpoeth, since 1872. Cdr.
of Musical Festivals, Adjudicator, and Recitalist. Accompanist Coedpoeth
Musical Soc.

GERMAIN, J. P., 2, Richelieu Villas, Bagot, St. Saviour's, Jersey. Born 1886
at Jersey. Org. George Town Wes. Ch., 1913-7 ; St. Martin's, Jersey, since

GIBBON, HARRY, f.r.c.o., Moorfield, 52, Westgate, Hale. Born 1874 at
Hale, Cheshire. Org. St. EHzabeth's Ch., Altrincham, 1891-1903 ; St. George's
Ch.. Hulme. Manchester. 1903-1916 ; vSt. Peter's Ch., Hale, Cheshire, since

GIBBONS, MISS LUCY, a.r.c.o.. Shorelands. Hill Head. Fareham. Born at
Gosport. Trained R.C.M. Org. S.S. Peter and Paul, Eye, Leominster, 1910 ;
Cong. Ch.. Fareham. 1913-7 ; Holy Rood. Crofton, Fareham. since 1917.
GIBBONS-MONEY, HENRY, 11, Brunton Place, London Road, Edinburgh
Born 1871 at Cowes. Trained Inverness Cath. Org. St. Peter's Epis. Ch..
Stornoway ; and to Lady Matheson, of Lews. 1891-3 ; Dalmeny St. U.F. Ch.,
Edinburgh. 1894-5 ; Trinity Collegiate Ch.. Edinburgh, since 1895. Hon.
Treasurer Edinbiurgh Soc. of Organists.

GIBBS, ALBERT EDWARD, mus. b. (dunelm), 10, Lillington Road. Leam-
ington-Spa. O. and C. LiUington Par. Ch.. Leamington ; Cdr. Leamington
Male Voice Choir.

GIBBS, CECIL P., 30. Northumberland Road. Bristol. Born 1898 at Bristol.
Org. Broadmead Chapel, Bristol, since 1920.

GIBBS, CHARLES ROBERT JAMES, 37, Outram Road, Southsea. Born 1869
at Landport. Org. St. Andrew's, FarUngton, 1889-1908 ; St. Mary the Virgin,
Rowner. since 1912.


GIBBS, WILLIAM JOHN RICHARD, mus b , ma. (Queens' Coll., Camb ),
A.R.C.O., George Dixon School, Edgbaston, Birmingham. Asst. -Master and
Music Master, West Suffolk County Sch., 1910-13 ; Org. Music Master and
Asst. -Master George Dixon School, Birmingham, since 1914 ; O. and C. St.
Jude's Ch.. Birmingham, 1921.

GIBSON, ALBERT HENRY, 57, Broadway, Peterborough. Born 1876 at
Peterborough. Trained Peterborough Cath. Org. Wentworth St. Wes. Ch.,
Peterborough, since 1899.

GIBSON, FREDERICK, l.r.a.m., t.T.c.i.., 30, Whitehall Street, Dundee. Born
1878 at Gateshead-on-Tyne. Org. Leighton Memorial Ch., Heaton, Newcastle,
1898 : Bainbridge Memorial Ch., Newcastle, 1898-1900 ; Ch. of St. Paul.
Whitley Bay, 1900-11 ; GilfiUan Memorial Ch., Dundee, since 1911.
GILBERT. G. BERNARD, f.r.c.o., 3, Windsor Road, Forest Gate. Born
1860 in Birmingham. Org. Holy Trinity Ch., Birchfields, Birmingham, 1876 ;
Par. Ch., West Ham since 1879 ; also Borough Org., West Ham, since 1893.
GILBERT, J, R., 34, Spottiswoode Road, Edinburgh. Org. St. Mary's U.F.
Ch., Edinburgh, since 1902.

GILBERT, NORMAN OLDHAM, Primrose Hill, Crichel. Wimborne. Born
1893 at Crichel. Org. Par. Ch., Ivong Crichel, 1906-10 ; Par. Ch.. Witchamp-
ton, since 1910 ; also O. and C. St. Mary's Ch., Crichel. since 1916.
GILBERTHORPE, HENRY TYAS, i .R.c o., i, r.a m., l. mus. t c.l., 43. West
Grove Road, Exeter. Born 1877 at Chesterfield. Trained Chesterfield Par.
Ch., and Norwich Cath. Org. Himstanton Par. Ch.. 1900 ; Lynton Par. Ch.,
1901 ; Dunster Par. Ch., 1902 ; Christ Ch.. EUacombe, Torquay, 1904 ;
Walton-on-Thames Par. Ch., 1908; St. James, Hampton Hill. 1911; St.
Sidwell's, Exeter, since 1918.

GILBODY, PETER JOHN, mus. b. (dukeIvM), 2, Lodge Road. Orrell, Wigan.
Born 1863 at Flixton, Lanes. Org. St. Luke's. Orrell. since 1886.
GILL, HERBERT CHARLES TOMS, a.r.c.o.. " Kenmure." Wells Way. Bath.
Org. St. James's Ch., Bath.

GLADWIN, WILLIAM E., 913, Dumbarton Road. Glasgow. Born 1880 in
London. Org. Parkhead Par. Ch., Glasgow, 1914-1920 ; Elder Park Par. Ch.,
Go van, since 1920.

GLEAVE, J. HOWARTH, Joymount, Carrickfergus. Born 1877 at Man-
chester. Org. Broadheath Cong. Ch., Altrincham, 1896-1908 ; Albertbridge
Cong. Ch., Belfast, 1908-1916; First Pres. Ch., Carrickfergus. since 1916.
GLENDINING, R. RASHLEIGH, mus. b. (oxon.). a.r.c.o., 7, Horncliffe Road,
South Shore, Blackpool. Born 1872 at Tiverton. Trained at St. Andrew's.
Plymouth. Org. Par. Ch., St. Germans, 1896 ; Par. Ch., Bodmin, 1910 ; Par.
Ch., Oswestry, 1915 ; Par. Ch.. Nimeaton, 1919 ; Holy Trinity Ch., South
Shore, Blackpool, 1921.

GLENN, GEORGE R., 20. Berwick Street. Workington. Born 1877 at Dron-
field. Org. St. Mary's. Westfield. 1890-1909 ; Presb. Ch.. Workington, 1909-
16 ; St. John's, Workington, since 1916.

GLOVER, JAMES IRVING, mus. b. (cantab). f.r.c.o.. Henderson House,
64, Chester Road, Kidderminster. Org. All Saints', Wilden. Cdr. Kidder-
minster Choral Soc.

GLOVER, WILLIAM CECIL, 39. Cherryfield Avenue, Clonskea. Dublin.
Born 1893 at Belfast. Trained Foyle Coll.. Londonderry. O. & C. North
Strand Par. Ch., Dublin, since 1917. Formerly Asst. Org. Rathmines Par. Ch.,

GLYNN, FRANKLIN, Exchange Cinema, Northampton. Org. Exchange
Cinema, Northampton, since 1920.

GODDARD, FRANCIS GEORGE, Kingham Hill, Oxford. Born 1881 in
London. Org. Sch. Cha]iel, Kingham Hill, Oxon., since 1904.
GODDARD, \lOHN EDWARD, HoUy Bank. Netherthong. Thongsbridge.
Huddersfield. Born 1886 at Netherthong. Org. Netherthong Wes. Ch.. 1899-
1901 ; Upperthong Par. Ch., 1901-18 ; Honley Par. Ch.. since 1918.
GODDARD, SCOTT, Winchelsea. Sussex. Born 1895 in Sussex. Trained
Temple Ch. and R.C.M. Org. Leighton Park Sch., Reading.


GODEFROY, CLAUDE, 10, Mina Road, Merton Park, S.\V.19. Born 1881
in London. Trained King's Coll., Lend. Org. All Saints' Ch., Wimbledon,
1898-1914 ; St. Andrew's Ch., Wimbledon, 1915-1919; Christ Ch., Wimble-
don, since 1920.

GODFREY, ARTHUR E., 64, CUfton Hill. London, N.W. Born 1868 in
London. Trained St. Paul's Cath. Choir Sch. and R.A.M. O. and C. St.
John's, Waffing. 1883-6 ; All Saints', Finchley Road, N.W., 1886-97 ; St.
Mary the Virgin, Primrose HlU, 1897-1900 ; St. Andrew's Presb., Frognal,
since 1903.

GODFREY, GAVIN, l.R.a.m., a.r.c.o., 32, Polwarth Terrace. Edinburgh.
Born 1870 in Edinburgh. Trained R.A.M. and T.C.L., Org. Elder St. Ch.
(now St. James', M'Donald Rd.), 1882-6 ; Tron. Ch., 1886-8 ; Old Greyfriars'
Ch., 1888-93. O. and C. Lauriston Place, U.F. Ch., 1893-5 ; St. Michael's
Par. Ch., N. Merchiston, 1895-15. Music Master Morelands Sch., Grange,
1890-1900. Cdr. Lauriston Place Musical Assn., 1893-5 ; St. Michael's Musical
Assn., 1895-15 ; Edinburgh Western Choral Soc, 1901-9 ; Markinch Choral
Soc. (Fifeshire) 1904-9 ; Juniper Green and District Choral Soc. (Midlothian)
1905-8. Director of the Male Choir, AU Saints' Ch., 1900-1 ; " Mr. Godfrey's
Choir," 1909-10 ; Org. and Accompanist Edinburgh Royal Choral Union,
since 1910 ; Teacher to the Choral Union Theory Classes since 1912. South
Leith Par. Ch. since 1915.

GODFREY, GRAHAM, mus. b., Capri, Driffold, Sutton Coldfield. Born 1889
at Birmingham. Trained Univ. of Birmingham. O. and C. All Saints'.
Erdington, 1908 ; St. Peter's, Maney, 1913 ; Carr's Lane Cong. Birmingham,
since 1920. Music Master West House Sch.. Edgbaston, 1919 ; Bishop
Vesey's Grammar Sch., Sutton Coldfield, 1920.

GODFREY, PERCY, mus. b., a.r.C.m., Brentwood, South Canterbury. Org.
King's School Chapel, Canterbury Cath.

GOFF, CONSTANCE S. (MISS), 6, Victoria Road, Folkestone. Org. St.
Saviour's, Folkestone, since 1911.

GOLDSBROUGH, A. W,, f.r.c.o., 57a, Dean Street, Soho, W.l. Born 1892 at
Gomersal, Yorks. Sub-Org. Manchester Cath., 1917-9 ; O. and C. St. Anne's,
Soho, W., since 1919 ; Asst.-Org. Westminster Abbey, 1920.
GOLDSMITH, J. W., JUNR., 38, Thorofare, Woodbridge. Born 1896. Asst.
Gt. Clacton Ch., 1912 ; O. & C. New Coll., Clacton-on-Sea, 1913 ; Asst.
Org. St. Paul's, Clacton-on-Sea, 1914 ; Garrison Org. Curragh, 1919 ; O. & C
St. John's Ch., Woodbridge, since 1920.

GOLDSMITH, PERCY C. H., a.r.c.o., 5, Milton Road, Eastbourne. Born
1886 at Brighton. Deputy Org. St. John's. Brighton. 1904 ; Org. Par. Ch.
Rottingdean, 1910 ; Par. Ch., Eastbourne, since 1912.
GOLLOP, ROBERT H., 12, York Road, W. Norwood, S.E. Born 1867 at
Tetbury. Org. Stockwell Cong. Ch., 1894 ; Lewin Road Bapt. Ch., Streatham.
1904 ; Chatsworth Road Bapt. Ch., Norwood, since 1914.
GOMERSALL, J. E., f.r.c.o.. Lulworth, Birkheads Road, Reigate. Born 1889
at Kirkhamgate, Yorks. Trained Wakefield Cath. Asst.-Org. Wakefield
Cath., 1906-14 ; O. and C. St. John's, Wakefield, 1910-4 ; Par. Ch., Notling-
ham, 1914-5 ; in H.M. Army, 1915-9. O. and C. St. Mark's. Reigate, since

GOMERSALL, J. E., f.r.c.o., 34, Reigate Hill, Reigate. Born 1889 at Kirk-
hamgate. Yorks. Trained Wakefield Cath. Asst.-Org. Wakefield Cath.,
1906-14 ; O. and C. St. John's. Wakefield, 1910-4 ; Par. Ch., Nottingham.
1914-5 ; in H.M. Army, 1915-9. O. and C. St. Mark's, Reigate, since 1919.
GOODACRE, H. M., f.r.c.o., Ashfield Park, Ross, Herefordshire. Trained
Peterborough Cath. Asst.-Org. Peterborough Cath.. 1900 ; Org. St. Mary's
Par. Ch., Ross, since 1902. Cdr. Ross. Choral Soc. 1902.
GOODALE, ELSIE L. (MISS), Fairholme, Wantage. Born at Wantage.
Org. Bapt. Ch., Wantage, since 1915.


GOODALL, MARSH SANDERS, Victoria House, West Brompton, Newcastle-
under-Lyme. Born 1876 at Burslem. Org. St. Mary's Coll., Bangor, and
Asst. Bangor Cath., 1895-7 ; O. and C. Wadhurst Par. Ch., Tunbridge Wells,
1897-8 ; Brunswick Wes. Ch., Newcastle, Staffs, 1898-1907 ; Cong. Ch.,
Newcastle, Staffs 1907-17; Caverswall Par. Ch., Stoke-on-Trent, 1917-8;
St. Paul's, Crewe, 1918-9; St. Paul's, Burslem, since 1919. Cdr. Wadhurst
Choral and Orchestral Classes 1897-8.

GOODMAN, EDWARD PERCY, 67, Amesbury Avenue, Streatham Hill, S.W.
Born 1864 at HoUoway. Org. Lambeth Presb. Ch., 1901-10.
GOODMAN, FREDERICK BERNARD, R N , 139, Gillot Road, Edgbaston,
Birmingham. Born 1877 at Swadlincote. Org. Bapt. Ch., Swadlincote,
1895-8 ; Edinboro' Road Cong. Ch., Portsmouth, 1902 ; Malta D'yard,

GOOD WAY, WILLIAM GEORGE, a.r.c.m.. l.t.c.l., 26, Gosberton Road,
Balham, S.W. 12. Born 1878 at Peckham. Trained T.C.L. Org. St. Barna-
bas, South Lambeth, 1906-16 ; St. Saviour, Clapham, 1916-20 ; St. Michael,
Battersea, since 1920.

GOODWIN, P. C, Ivy House, Walton Road, Aylesbury. Born 1875 at Dover.
Org. Walton Par. Ch., Avlesbury, 1910-4 ; St. John's, Aylesbury, since 1917.
GOODWORTH, WILLIAM GEORGE WALLER, mus. b. (dx;nei,m), l.m.t.c.i. .
F.T.s.F.c , 74, Queen's Road, London, N.4. Trained T.C.L. Exmr. T.C.L.
Exmr. T.S.F.C. ; Prof. Sight-Singing, T.C.L. and Northern Polytechnic ;
Musical Director National Temperance Choral Union ; Cdr. Northern Poly-
technic Institute Choir and City and North Lond. Temperance Choir ; Choir-
master St. Augustine's Ch., Highbury.

GORDON, PERCY DOUGLAS, mus. b. (oxon.), l.R.a.m., 18, Ann Street, Hill
Head, Glasgow. O. and C. Newlands U.F. Ch., Glasgow ; Cdr. Glasgow Select
Choir. Music Master Mary hill Girls' Sch., Glasgow ; East Chapelton Sch.,

GORE, MISS MURIEL, Beacon Lodge, Heme Bay. Born 1894 at Heme Bay.
Hon. Org. Hoath, Nr. Canterbury 1914-15 ; Asst. Org. 1915-19 and Org. since
1919, Christ Ch., Heme Bav.

GOSTELOW, FREDERICK JAMES, a.r.a.m., a.r.c.m., f.r.c.o., 29, Upper
George Street, Luton. Org. St. Mary's Par. Ch., Luton, since 1889 ; also
Luton Hoo Mansion (private chapel) since 1900. Formerly Org. at various
Chapels in Luton. Professor and Examiner of Trinity Coll. of Music, London.
Cdr. Luton Choral Soc.

GOUGH, JOHN B., " Holmleigh," Belper. Born at Belper, 1859. Org.
Belper- Pottery Wes. Ch., 1874-8 ; Belper Wes. Ch. since 1878. Late Hon. Cd.
Belper Amateur Orchestra, and Belper Nonconformist Choral Union ; Hon.
Sec. Belper Orpheus Glee Singsrs, since 1889 ; Cdr. Singing by the United S.S.
Scholars, Diamond Jubilee, 1897 ; also the Coronation, 1902 ; and of the
Beaurepaire Glee Singers.

GOULTEN, ANNIE, Leven House, Stokesley. Born at Stokesley. Org. Par.
Ch., Stokesley, since 1917.

GOURLAY, A. J., a.r.c.o., 5, Albert Road, Cro.sshill, Glasgow. Born 1887
at Manchester. Org. St. Matthew's Par. Ch., Glasgow, 1913-18 ; Millhead
Cong. Ch., Glasgow, 1918-19; Albert Road U.F. Ch., Glasgow, 1919-20;
South Shawlands U.F. Ch., Glasgow, since 1920.

GRACE, GEORGE, mus. d. (oxon.), a.r.c.m., 94, Blenheim Gardens, Crickle-
wood, N.W.2. Trained Southwark Cath. O. and C. Ho'y Trinity, Taunton.
1900-5 ; St. John The Evangelist, Taunton, 1905-11 ; St. Andrews, Willesden
Green, N.W. since 1911.

GRACIE, G. H. HEATH, f.r.c.o., 58, Geoffrey Road, Brocklev, S.E.4. Trained
Bristol Cath. Org. Par. Ch., Frome, 1914 ; .St. Peter's, Brockley, since 1918.
Cdr. S. London Phil. Soc. 1918.

GRAFTON, WILLIAM B., " Willowdale," Liverpool Road, Maghull, Lanes.
Born 1885 at Liverpool. Deputy-Org. St. Mary's Par. Ch., Walton-on-Hill,
1907-13 ; Org. St. Andrew's, Litherland, 1916 ; St. Peter's, Aintree, 1917-18 ;
St. Thomas's, Lydiate, since 1919.


GRANGER, WILLIAM, a.r.c.m., f.i.s.c, 11, Summerfield, Broomhill, Shef-
field. Solo Chorister and Asst.-Org., Lichfield Cath.. 1879-91 ; Org. St.
Michael's, Lichfield, 1888-91 ; O. and C. St. Mary's, Bedford, 1891-2 ; Par.
Ch., Omagh. 1892-4 ; All Saints', Southport, 1894-8 ; Par. Ch., Kendal. 1898-
17 ; St. John's, Ranmoor, Sheffield, 1917-20 ; St. Mark's, Sheffield, since
1920. Music Master, King Edward VII. Sch., Sheffield, and Barnsley Gram-
mar Sch.

GRANGER, W. J., F.R.C.O., 27, Merthyr Road, Pontypridd. Born at Nether-
ton, Nr. Dudley. Org. St. Augustine's, Holly Hall, Dudley, 1883 ; St. Mary's,
Brampton, Huntingdon, 1886 ; O. and C. St. Saviour's, Dartmouth, 1890 ;
St. Mark's, Portsmouth, 1891 ; Par. Ch., Pontypridd, since 1902. Formerly
Asst.-Org. Par. Ch., Dudley Par. Ch., Scarborough ; Par. Ch., Huntingdon ;
GRANT, FRANK, f.R.c.o., 7, Streatham Place, London, S.W.2. Trained
G.S.M. O. and C, Brixton Hill Wes. Ch., Lambeth ; formerly of Camberwell
Green Cong. Ch.

GRAY, ALAN, mus. d. (canTab), i,i,.m., F.r.c.o., York House, Chaucer Road,
Cambridge. Born at York 1855. Trained St. Peter's Sch., York ; and Cam-
bridge. Org. Wellington Coll., 1883-92 ; Trinity Coll., Cambridge, since 1892.
Cdr. Cambridge University Musical vSoc, 1893-1912.

GRAY, ALBERT J., 115, Broomhill Drive. Glasgow. Born at Lenzic, 1871.
O. and C. St. Mary's Par. Ch., Glasgow ; one of the Organists to the Corpora-
tion of Glasgow. Formerly Org. St. Peter's Episcopal Ch., Glasgovv' ; and
Burnbank U.?". Ch., Glasgow.

GRAY, FRANCIS GILLESPIE, Sydney Cottage, Bieldside, Aberdeen. Org.
North Par. Ch., Aberdeen, since 1915.

GRAY, JAMES, East Fergus Place, Kirkcaldy. Born at Dundee 1867. Org.
Par. Ch., Logie, 1884-90 ; Dysart, 1891-6 ; Kirkcaldy since 1896 ; to Kirk-
caldy Corporation since 1902. Music Master, Kirkcaldy High Sch., since 1910.
GRAY, JOSEPH HOWARD, Briar Cottage, Heworth, York. Born 1881 at
Heworth. O. and C, Heworth Par. Ch., York.

GREATOREX, WALTER, m.a. (cant.\b), f.r.c.o., Greshams School, Holt.
Norfolk. Born 1877 at Mansfield. Trained St. John's Coll., Cambridge.
Asst. Mus. Mast. Uppingham, 1900-10 ; Mus. Mast. Gresham's Sch., Holt,
since 1911.

GREEN, CHRISTIE, mus. d. (oxon.), f.r.c.o., 5, Lyme Grove, Altrincham,
Cheshire. Born in Yorkshire. Org. St. Thomas Ch., Sutton-in-Craven,
Yorks, 1883-91 ; Asst.-Org. Leeds Par. Ch., 1891 ; O. and C, Emmanuel Ch.,
Leeds, 1891-1900 ; O. and C, Blackburn Par. Ch., 1900-12 ; Holy Trinity
Ch., Coventry, 1912-18 ; St. Margaret's, Dunham Massey, 1918.
GREEN, CLARENCE, mus. b. (dunelm), i^.r.a.m., a.r.c.m., a.r.c.o., 150,
St. Huberts Road, Gt. Harwood, Blackburn. O. and C. St. Peter's Ch.,
Accrington ; Choir Master St. John's, Gt. Harwood.

GREEN, FREDERICK, l.r.a.m., a.r.c.m., i^.t.s.c, St. George's, 7, High Street,
Macclesfield. Born 1883 at Bollington. Deputy-Org. Par. Ch., Bollington,
1896-1900 ; Org. Wes. Ch., Bollington. 1900-6 ; St. Peter's, Congleton,
1906-14 ; St. George's, Macclesfield, since 1914. Hon. Sec. Macclesfield and
District Organists' Assoc.

GREEN, HARRY J., 45, Cowper Road, Hanwell, W.7. Born at Hammer-
smith. O. and C. St. Anthony's. Stepney, 1896-1906 ; St. Mark's, Hanwell,
1906-10 ; St. Mellitus, Hanwell, since 1910. Founder and Cdr. St. MeUitus'
Choral Soc.

GREEN, JOSEPH ERNEST, mus. b.,, a.t.s.c, 31, Heathdene Road,
Streatham, S.W. Born in London. O. and C. Rye Lane Bapt. Ch., Peckham
since 1893.

GREEN, WILLIAM, 78, Orrell Road, Pemberton, Wigan. Born 1865 at
Pemberton. Org. St. John's, Pemberton, 1895-9 ; St. Thomas' Wigan, since

GREENGRASS, BURTON A., " The Ferns," Priory Avenue, Hastings. Born
1886 at Greenwich. Org. All Souls' Ch., Hastings, 1915-18; St. Stephen's
Ch., Bexhill-on-Sea, since 1920.


GREENISH, ARTHUR JAMES, MUS.D. (cantab), f.r.c.o., f.r.a.m., Pembroke,
1, Steele's Road, Hampstead, N.W. Trained R.A.M. Org. St. Mary's,
Battersea, 1880-82 ; O. and C. St. Saviour's. South Hampstead, 1882.
GREENISH, FREDERICK ROBERT, mus. d. (oxon.), l.t.c.i,., The Laurels,
Warlingham, Surrey. Born at Haverfordwest. Org. St. Martin's, Haverford-
west, 1881-7 ; St. Mary's, Haverfordwest, 1888-1909. Adjudicator National
Eisteddfod of Wales, Carnarvon, 1906.

GREENWOOD, FRANK, mus. b. (dunelm), f.r.c.o., a.r.c.m., 6, West Street,
Rochdale. Born 1877 at Todmorden. O. and C. Baillie St. U.M. Ch., Roch-
dale ; and Org. to Rochdale Corporation. Formerly Org. Providence Cong.,
Ch., Rochdale ; and Withington Cong. Ch., Manchester.

GREENV<^OOD, HARRY STANSFIELD, l.r.a.m., Egerton House, Lord Street,
Fallowueld, Manche.ster. Born at Manchester. Asst. Org. St. Laurence's
Col'. Chapel, Ramsgate, 1886; Org. St. Clement's, Longsight, 1888; St.
Thomas', Heatou Chapel, vStockport, since 1891.

GREENWOOD, JOHN ROBERT, 21, Albert Street, Seaham Harbour. Born
1890 at Haswell. Org. St. Hilda and St. Helen Ch., Dawdon, Seaham Har-
bour, since 1917.

GREGORY, A. A., f.r.c.o., 18, Christchurch Street, W., Frome. Born 1894 at
Kingston-on-Thames. Org. Kingston Cong. Ch., 1912-16 ; Staines Par. Ch.
1916 ; Frome Par. Ch., since 1916.

GREGORY, ALFRED EDWARD, mus. b. (oxon.), a. mus., t.c.i,., Carlton
Tower, Harpenden, Herts. O. and C. St. John's Par. Ch., Keswick ; and
Music Master Keswick Sch., 1898-1906. Org. and Music Master, St. Georges'
Sch., Harpenden, since 1907. Cdr. Harpenden Musical Soc. 1907-1911.

GREGORY, CHRISTINE HILDA (WISS), a.t.c.l., 203, Uxbridge Road, W.12.

Born at Slough. O. and C. Oaklands Cong. Ch., Uxbridge Road, W.12., since


GREGORY, GEORGE HERBERT, mus. b. (oxon.), f.r.c.o.. Church Close,

Boston. O. and C. Holy Trinity Episcopal Ch., Melrose, 1872-4 ; Tamworth

Par. Ch., 1874-5 ; Boston Par. Ch., since 1876-1919.

GREIR, R. ARNOLD, f.r.c.o., a.r.c.m., l.r.a m., 2, High View Road, Ealing,
W. Born 1888 in London. Trained R.C.M. Org. St. Mary Abchurch, E.C..
1908-11; St. Peter's, Ealing, since 1911. Asst. -Org. Royal Choral Soc,
London, since 1907 ; Holy Trinity Ch., Sloane Street, S.W., since 1917.

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