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Is rolled — the curse shall cease — thy love no mora
Unequal bless thy sons : the precious tears
Thine e'ves of beauty weep, shall sanctify



Alike our memories. Yes ! In deatli are quenched
The fires of rage ; and Hatred o\ras subdued,
The mighty reconciler. Pity bends
An angel form above the funeral urn,
With weeping dear embrace. Then to the toinb
Stay not my passage : — Oh ! forbid me not,
Thus with atoning sacrifice to quell
The curse of Heaven.

Isabella. All Christendom is rich

In shrines of mercy, where the troubled heart
May find repose. Oh ! many a heavy buixlen
Have sinners in Loretto's mansion laid ;
And Heaven's peculiar blessing breathes around
The grave that has redeemed the world ! — The prayoi-s
Of the devout are precious — fraught with store
Of grace, they win forgiveness from the skies ; —
And on the soil by goiy murder stained
Shall rise the purifjdng fane.

Don C^sab. We pluck

The arrow from the wound — but the torn heart

Shall ne'er be healed. Let him who can, drag on

A weary life of penance and of pain,

To cleanse the spot of everlasting guilt ; —

I would not live the victim of despair ;

No ! I must meet with beaming eye the smile

Of happy ones, and breathe erect the air

Of liberty and joy. Wliile yet alike

We shared thy love, then o'er my days of youth

Pale Envy cast his withering shade ; and now,

Think'st thou my heart could brook the dearer tics

That bind thee in thy sorrow to the dead ?

Death, in his undecaying palace throned.

To the pure diamond of perfect virtue

Sublimes the mortal, and with chastemng fire

Each gathered stain of frail humanity

Purges and bums away : high as the stars

Tower o'er this earthly sphere, he soars above mc ;

And as by ancient hate dissevered long.

Brethren and equal denizens we lived.

So now my restless soul with envy pines.

That he has won from me the glorious prize



Of immortality, and like a God

In memory marches on to times unborn !

IsAB. My sons ! Why have I called you to Messina
To find for each a grave ? I brought ye hither
To calm your strife to peace. Lo ! Fate has turned
My hopes to blank despair.

Don C^sar. Whate'er was spoke,

My mother, is fulfilled ! Blame not the end
By Heaven ordained We trode our father's halls
With hopes of peace ; and reconciled for ever,
Together we shall sleep in death.

Isabella. My son,

Live for thy mother ! In the stranger's land.
Say, wouldst thou leave me friendless and aloue,
To cruel scom a prey — ho filial arm
To shield my helpless age ?

Don C-esar. When all the world

With heartless taunts pursues thee, to our grave
For refuge fly, my mother, and invoke
Thy sons' divinity — we shall be Gods !
And we will hear thy prayers : — and as the Twins
Of Heaven, a beaming star of comfort shine
To the tost shipman — we will hover near thee
With present help, and soothe thy troubled soul I

IsAB Live — for thy mother, live, my son —
Must I lose all ?

[She throws her arms abcnJt him loith passionate
emotion. He gently a yngages himself, and,
turning his face away, extends to her his hand

Don C^sar. Farewell !

Isabella. I can no more !

Too well my tortured bosom owns how weak
A mother's prayers : a mightier voice shall sound
Resistless on thy heart.

[She goes towards the entrance of the scene
My daughter, come!
A brother calls him to the realms of night ;
Perchance with golden hues of earthly joy
The sister, the beloved, may gently lure
The wanderer to life again,

[Beatrice appears at the entrance of the scene.


Donna Isabella, Don C^sab. and the Chorus.

DoK G^SAE [on seeing her, covers his face with Jiis hands)

My mother !
What hast thou done ?

Isabella [leading Beateice /oru'arrfs).

A mother's prayers are valu 1
Kneel at his feet — conjure him — melt his heart!
Oh ! bid him live !

Don C^sae. Deceitful mother, thus

Thou triest thy son ! And ■wouldst thou stir my eovu

Again to passion's strife, and make the sun

Beloved once more, now when I tread the paths

Of everlasting night ? See where he stands —

Angel of life ! — and wondrous beautiful,

Shakes from his plenteous horn the fragrant store

Of golden fruits and flowers, that breathe around

Divinest airs of joy ; — my heart awakes

In the warm sunbeam — hope returns, and life

Thrills in mv breast anew.

Isabella {to Beateice). Thou wilt prevail!

Or none ! Implore him that he live, nor rob
The stafi" and comfort of our days.

Beateice. The loved one

A sacrifice demands. Oh, let me die
To soothe a brother's shade ! Yes, I will be
The victim ! Ere I saw the light forewarned
To death, I live a wrong to Heaven ! The curso
Pursues me still : — 'twas I that slew thy son —
I waked the slumbering furies of their strife —
Be mine the atoning blood !

Cajetan. Ill-fated mother !

Impatient all thy children haste to doom,
And leave thee on the desolate waste alone
Of joyless life.

Beateice. Oh, spare thy precious days

For Nature's band. Thy mother needs a sou ;
My brother, live for her! Light were the pang
To lose a daughter — but a moment shown.
Then snatched away !

Don C^sae [with deep epilation). 'Tis one to live or die,
Blest with a sister's love!

L r. a



Beatrice. Say — dost thou eii\-^'

Thy brother's ashes?
Don CiESAE. In thy grief he lives

A hallowed life ! — my doom is death for ever !
Beat. . My bnther !

Don C^sae. Sister ! are thy tears for me ?

Beat. . Live for our mother!
Don C^sar {dropping her hand, and stepping back).

For our mother ?
Beatrice {hiding her head in his breast). Live

For her and for thy sister !
Chorus (Bohemund). She has won !

Resistless are her prayers. Despairing mother,
Awake to hope again — his choice is made !
Thy son shall live !

[At this moment an anthem is heard. The fold
ing doors are thrown open, and in the Churcli
is seen the Catafalque erected, and the coffin
surrounded ivith candlesticks.
Don CiESAE {turning to the coffin). I will not rob thee, brother !
The sacrifice is thine: — Hark! from the tomb.
Mightier than mother's tears, or sister's love,
Thy voice resistless cries: — my arms enfold
A treasure, potent with celestial joys,
To deck this earthly sphere, and make a lot
Worthy the Gods ! but shall I live in bliss,
While in the tomb thy sainted innocence
Sleeps unavenged? Thou, Piuler of our days,
All just — all wise — let not the world l.ehold
Thy partial care! I saw her tears! — enough —
They flowed for me! I am content: my brother !
I come!

[He stabs himself with a dagger, and falls dead
at his sister's feet. She throws herself into her
mothers arms.
Chorus, Cajetan {after a deep silence).

In dread amaze I stand, nor know
If I should mourn his fate. One truth revealed
Speaks in my breast; — no good supreme is life ;
But of all earthly ills the chief is — Guilt !




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ASCHAM'S Schoolmaster. Edit, by
by Prof. J. E. B. ^layor. [l>i tlic press.

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'WTovks, including Essays, Apophthegms,
Wisdom of the Ancients, New .\tlantis,
Henry VII., Henry VHI., Elizabeth,
Henry Prince of Wales, Historj' of Great
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BECKMAJfN (J.) History of Inven-
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Portraits of Beckmann and James Watt.
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BREMER'S (Frederika) Works.

'Jrans. by M. Howitt. Portrait. 4 vols. N.S.

BRINK (B. T.) Early English Litera-
ture (to Wiclif). l!y I'ernhard Ten Brink.
Trans, by Prof. H. M. Kennedy. N. S.

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White. Cabinet ICdition. With Frontis-
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Speeches on the Impeachment

of Warren Hastings ; and Letters. 2 vols.
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Lockhart, D.C.L. A new and enlarged
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W. S. Douglas. Portrait. N. S.

BUTLERS (Bp.) Analogy of Reli-
gion; Natural and Revealed, to the Con-
stitution and Course of Nature ; with Two
Dissertations on Identity and Virtue, and
Fifteen Sermons. With Introductions,
Notes, and Memoir. Portrait. N. S.

CAMOEN'S Lusiad, or the Discovery

of India. An Epic Poem. Trans, from
the Portuguese, with Dissertation, His-
torical Sketch, and Life, by W. J. Mickle.
5th edition. N. S.

CARAFAS (The) of Maddaloni.

Naples under Spanish Dominion. Trans,
by .-Mfred de Reumont. Portrait of Mas-

CARREL. The Counter-Revolution

in England for the Re-establishment of
Popery under Charles 11. and James II.,
by Armand Carrel : with Fox's History of
James II. and Lord Lonsdale's Memoir of
James II. Portrait of Carrel.

CARRUTHERS. — .S-tv Pope, in I tins-

tratcit Libftiry.

CARY'S Dante. The Vision of Hell,
Purgatory, and Paradise. Trans, by Rev.
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'J'rans. by ']'. Koscoe. Portrait. A', i".


[In i lie press.
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CERVANTES' Galatea. A ,Pastoral
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W. K. Kelly. N. S.

Don Quixote de la Mancha.

Motteux's Translation revised. With Lock-
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. Confessions of an Inquiring

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Containing the lectures taken down in
iSii-13 by J. P. Collier, and those de-
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Biographia Literaria ; or, Bio-
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and Opinions; with Two Lay Sermons.

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of the Arabs in Spain. Trans, by Mrs.
Foster. Portrait of Abderahmen ben
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Correspondence, and Translations. Edit,
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With Continuation from the Accession of
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4 Portraits. 4 vols.

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Eminent British Painters. With Notes
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Works. With Prefaces and_ Notes, in-
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Vol. II.— English Traits, Nature, and
Conduct of Life.

Vol. III.— Society and Solitude— Letters
and Social Aims— Miscellaneous Papers
(hitherto uncollected)— May-Day, &c.

FOSTERS (John) Life and Corre-
spondence. Edit, by J. t. Ryland. Por-
trait. 2 vols. A' S.

■ Lectures at Broadmead Chapel.

Edit, by J. E. Ryland. 2 vols. .V. ^\

Critical Essays contributed to

the ' Eclectic Review.' Edit, by J. E.
Ryland. 2 vols. A^. 5.

Essays : On Decision of Charac-
ter ; on a Man's writing Memoirs of Him-
self; on the epithet Romantic; on the
aversion of Men of Taste to Evangelical
Religion. N. S.

Essays on the Evils of Popular

Ignorance, and a Discpurse on the_ Propa-
gation of Christianity in India. yV. S.

Fosteriana : selected from periodical

papers, edit, by H. G. Bohn. ^s. N. S.

FOX (Rt. Hon. C. Z.)—See Carrel.

GIBBON'S Decline and Fall of the

Roman Empire. Complete and unabridged,
with variorum Notes ; including those of
Guizot, Wenck, Niebuhr, Hugo, Neander,
and others. 7 vols. 2 Maps and Portrait.
A'. 5.

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Sir Walter Scott, &c. &c. 11 vols. N. S.

Vols. I. and II.— Autobiography and An-
nals. Portrait.

Vol. III.— Faust. Complete.

Vol. IV.— Novels and Tales : containing
Elective Affinities, Sorrows of Werther,
The German Emigrants, The Good Wo-
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Vol. v.— Wilhelm Meister's Apprentice-

Vol. VI.— Conversations with Eckerman
and Soret.

Vol. VII.— Poems and Ballads in the ori-
ginal Metres, including Hermann and


GOETHE'S 'Works.— C(7«//«W(/.

Vol. Vm.— GOtz von Herlichingen, Tor-
quato Tasso, Egmont, Iphigenia, Clavigo,
Wayward Lover, and Fellow Culprits.

Vol. IX. — Wilhelm Meisters Travels.
Complete Edition.

Vol. X. — Tour in Italy. Two Parts.
And Second Residence in Rome.

Vol. XI. — MiscellaneousTravels, Letters
from Switzerland, Campaign in France,
Siege of Mainz, and Rhine Tour.

Vol. XII. — Early and Miscellaneous
Letters, including Letters to his Mother,
with Biography and Notes.

Correspondence with Schiller.

2 vols. — .S"dv SchiiUr,

GOLDSMITH'S "Works. A New Edition,
containing pieces hitherto uncollected, a
Life of the Author, and Notes. 4 vols.

Vol. I. — Life, Vicar of Wakefield, Essays,
and Letters.

Vol. II. — Poems, Plays, Bee, Cock Lane

Vol. III.— Citizen of the World.

[In the press.
TONSON (Poems of). With Notes and
'Memoirs by R. Bell. A". 5'.

GREGORY'S (Dr.) The Evidences,

Doctrines, and Duties of the Christian Re-

GRIMM'S Household Tales. AVith the
Original Notes. Trans, by Mrs. A. Hunt.
Introduction by Andrew Lang, M.A. 2
vols. N. S. [/« the press.

GTJIZOT'S History of Representative

Government in Europe. Trans, by A. R.

English Revolution of 1640. From

the Accession of Charles I. to his Death.
Trans, by W. Hazlitt. Portrait.

History of Civilisation. From the

Roman Empire to the French Revolution.
Trans, by W. Hazlitt. Portraits. 3 vols.

HALL'S (Rev. Robert) "Works and

Remains. Memoir by Dr. Gregory and
Essay by J. Foster. Portrait.

HA"WTHORNE'S Tales. 3 vols. N. S.

Vol. I. — Twice-told Tales, and the Snow

Vol. II. — Scarlet Letter, and the House
with Seven Gables.

Vol. III. — Transformation, and Blithe-
dale Romance.

HAZLITT S ("W.) "Works. 6 vols. K.S.


- — The Literature of the Age of

Elizabeth and Characters of Shakespeare's
Plays. .V. .S".

English Poets and English Comic

Writers. .V. S.

HAZLITT'S ("W.) '^or^LB.— Continued.

The Plain Speaker. Opinions on

Books, Men, and Things. N. S.

Round Table. Conversations of

James Northcote, R.A. ; Characteristics.
X. S.

Sketches and Essays, and Winter-
slow. A". S.

HEINE'S Poems. Translated in the
original Metres, with Life by E. A. Bow-
ring, C.B. 5.?. A^. S.

HUNGARY : its History and Revo-
lution, with Memoir of Kossuth. Portrait.

HUTCHINSON (Colonel). Memoirs

of. By his Widow, with her Autobio-
graphy, and the Siege of Lathom House.
Portrait. A". .S".

IR"VaNG'S ("Washington) Complete

Works. 15 vols. A". S.

Life and Letters. By his Nephew,

Pierre E. Irving. With Index and a
Portrait. 2 vols. A''. 6".

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Cffiur de Lion. Portraits of Richard and
Philip Augustus. 2 vols.

Louis XI"V. Portraits. 2 vols.

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Heroines. Characteristics 01 Women. By
Mrs. Jameson. jV. S.

JEAN PAUL.— ^-fd- Richier.

JONSON (Ben). Vqqvus of.— See Greene.

JUNIUS 'S Letters. With Woodfall's
Notes. An Essay on the Authorship. Fac-
similes of Handwriting. 2 vols. N. S.

LA FONTAINE'S Fables. In English
A"erse, with Essay on the Fabulists. By
Elizur \\'right. A'. 6".

LAMARTINE'S The Girondists, or

Personal Memoirs of the Patriots of the
French Revolution. Trans, by H. T.
Ryde. Portraits of Robespierre, Madame
Roland, and Charlotte Corday. 3 vols.

The Restoration of Monarchy

in France (a Sequel to The Girondists).

5 Portraits. 4 vols.

The French Revolution of 1848.

6 Portraits.

LAMB'S Charles) Elia and Eliana.

Complete Edition. Portrait. A'. S.

Specimens of English Dramatic

Poets of the time of Elizabeth. Notes,
with the E.xtracts from the Garrick Plays.
A'. ^^

LAPPENBERGS England under the

Anglo-Saxon Kings. Trans, by B.Thorpe,
F.S.A. 2 vols. -V. 6\


LANZI'S History of Painting in

Italy, from the Period of the Revival of
the Fine Arts to the End of the i3th
Centurj'. With Memoir of the Author.
Portraits of Raffaelle, Titian, and Cor-
reggio, after the Artists themselves. Trans.
by T. Roscoe. 3 vols.

LESSING'S Dramatic Works. Com-
plete. P.y E. Bell, M..\. With Memoir
by H. Zimmern. Portrait. X. S.

Laokoon, Dramatic Notes, and

Representation of Death by the Ancients.
Frontispiece. 1 vol. A. 6.

LOCKE'S Philosophical Works, con-
taining Human Understanding, with Bishop
of Worcester, Malebranche's Opinions, Na-
tural Philosophy, Reading and Study.
With Preliminar)' Discourse, Analysis, and
Notes, by J. A. St. John. Portrait. 2 vols.
N. S.

Life and Letters, with E.xtractsfrom

his Common-place Books. By Lord King.

LOCKHART (J. G.)-See Bums.

LONSDALE Lord).— 5c.' Carrel.

LUTHER'S Table-Talk. Trans, by W.
Hazlitt. With Life by A. Chalmers, and
Li'THERs Catechism. Portrait after
Cranach. .V, .9.

Autobiography. — Sec Michelcf.

MACHIAVELLI'S History of Flo-
rence, The Prinxe, Savonarola, Historical
'I'racts, and Memoir. Portrait. N. S.

MARLOWE, Poems ot.—See Greene.

MARTINEAU'S (Harriet) History

of England (including Historyofthe Peace)
from 1800-1846. 5 vols. N.S.

MEN Z EL'S History of Germany,

from the Earliest Period to the Crimean
War. 3 Portraits. 3 vols.

MICHELET'S Autobiography of

Luther. Trans, by W. Hazlitt. With
Notes. -V. S.
The French Revolution to the

Flight of the King in 1791. N. S.

MIGNET'S The French Revolution,

from 1789 to 1814. Portrait of Napoleon.
A'. .9.
MILTON'S Prose Works. With Pre-
face, Preliminary Remarks by J. A. .St.
John, and Inde.\. 5 vols.

MITFORD'S (Miss' Our Village.

Sketches of Rural Character and .Scenery.
2 Engravings. 2 vols. JV. .S".

MOLIERE'S Dramatic Works. In
English Prose, by C. H. Wall. With a
Life and a Portrait. 3 vols. A". -S".

' It is not too much to say that we have
here probably as good a translation of
Moliere as can be given.' — Acndci/iy.

MONTESQUIEU'S Spirit of Laws.

Revised Edition, with D'Alembert's Analy-
sis, Notes, and jvlemoir. 2 vols. A'. .S.

NEANDER Dr. A.) History of the

Christian Religion and Church. Trans, by
J. Torrey. With Short Memoir. 10 vols.

Life of Jesus Christ, in its His-
torical Connexion and Development. A'. .S".

The Planting and Training of

the Christian Church by the Apostles.
With the .\ntignosticus, or Spirit of Ter-
tullian. Trans, by J. E. Ryland. 2 vols.

Lectures on the History of

Christian Dogmas. Trans, by J. E. Ry-
land. 2 vols.

Memorials of Christian Life in

the Early and Middle Ages ; including
Light in Dark Places. Trans, by J. E.

OCKLEY S.) History of the Sara-
cens and their Conquests in Syria, Persia,
and Egypt. Comprising the Lives of
Mohammed and his Successors to the
Death of .^bdalmelik, the Eleventh Caliph.
By Simon Ockley, B.D., Prof, of Arabic
in Univ. of Cambridge. Portrait of Mo-

PERCY'S Reliques of Ancient Eng-
lish Poetry, consisting of Ballads, Songs,
and other Pieces of our earlier Poets, with
some few of later date. With Essay on
Ancient Minstrels, and Glossary. 2 vols.
A'. .S.


of. Containing the Histories of Louis XI.
and Charles V HI., and Charles the Bold,
Duke of Burgundy. With the History of
Louis XL, by J. de Troyes. With a Life
and Notes by A. R. Scoble. Portraits.
2 vols.

lated, with Notes and Life, by A.
Stewart, M.A., late Fellow of Trinity
College, Cambridge, and G. Long, M.A.
4 vols. A'. S.


from One Hundred Poets, from 1776 to
1876. With Introductory Review, and
Specimens of Negro Melody, by W. J.
Linton. Portrait of W. Whitman. N. S.

RANKE (L.; History of the Popes,

their Church and State, and their Conflicts
with Protestantism in the i6th and 17th
Centuries. Trans, by E. Foster. Portraits
of Julius II. (after Raphael), Innocent X.
(after Velasquez), and Clement VII. (after
Titian). 3 vols. A'. S.

History of Servia. Trans, by Mrs.

Kerr. To which is added. The Slave Pro-
vinces of Turkej', by Cyprien Robert. N. S.

REUMONT (Alfred ^e.).—Sce Cara/as.


REYNOLDS' (Sir J.) Literary Works.

With Memoir and Remarks by H. W.
Beechy. 2 vols. X. 6".

RICHTER (Jean Paul). Leyana, a 1
Treatise on Education ; together with the ^
Autobiography, and a short Memoir. .V .i".

Flower, Fruit, and Thorn Pieces,

or tlie Wedded Life, Death, and Marriage
of Siebenkaes. Translated by .\le.\. Ewing.

y. s.

The only complete English translation. 1

ROSCOE'S (W.) Life of Leo X., with
Notes, Historical Documents, and Disser-
tation on Lucratia Borgia. 3 Portraits. |
2 vols. j

Lorenzo de' Medici, called ' The

JMagnilicent,' with Copyright Notes, j
Poems, Letters, &c. With Memoir of 1
Roscoe and Portrait of Lorenzo. j

RUSSIA, History of, from the

earliest Period to the Crimean War. By '
W. K. Kelly. 3 Portraits. 2 vol^. !

SCHILLER'S Works. 6 vols. AT. S.

Vo\. I.— Thirty Years' War — Revolt in
the Netherlands. Rev. A. J. W. Morrison,

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