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Baj Andrew J., farmer, Rocky Hill rd

" Anthony (Mrs), farmer, h East

" Frank, farmer, h Rocky Hill rd

" Martin, farmer, h Rocky Hill rd

" Michael (Julia), laborer, h 17 S Middle

" — see Bye
Bak Alexander, laborer, N H rd, n h

" David, laborer, h Main n h

" George (Emily), farmer, h Middle

" John, farmer, N H, P Amherst

" Joseph, farmer, Meadow, N H
Ballou George, farmer, b 15 S Middle


Banas Antoni, h French n h

" Frank, laborer, h Elmwood

" James, laborer, h Hill rd n h

" John, laborer, h Hadley

" Joseph, laborer, French n h

" Peter (Corena), farmer, h S Middle c New Boston

" William, farmer, h West
Banasiewski Felix (Mrs), farmer, h Spruce Hill
Barlow George W., farmer, h Hartsbrook, P O Amherst
BARRETT CLIFTON W (Nellie), general store Main, n h, h do
Barrus Hiram A., Hockanum
Barstow Aseph S., farmer, Hockanum

" Harold D., Hockanum

" Luther H., farmer, Hockanum
Beaman Hattie Mrs., hskpr G L Comins, h do
Bell Lome E., sten West

" Nellie, wid Reuben, b West
Bent William O. (Ida), mechanic, Middle
Berestka Ignat (Mrs) laborer, h Lawrence Plain
Bide-a-Wee, Mrs L M Stebbins, prop, lunchroom, S Middle
Bimbin Anthony, laborer, b Lawrence Plain

" Edward, laborer, h French n h

" Eddie, farmer, h Lawrence Plain

" Joseph, laborer, b Lawrence Plain
Bishko Alex (Mrs), b Harry Bishko

" Harry, farmer, Plainville n h, P O Amherst
Blajda Stanley (Mrs), farmer, h West

" Sylvester (Mrs), farmer, h West
Bogusz Mary, emp John Vollinger, b do
Boldyga Joseph, laborer, h Hartsbrook, P Amherst
Bonny Charles W., carpenter, New Boston
Boston & Maine R R, D P Sullivan agt, between Middle and

Breckinridge Annie, N H, P O Hadley

" Mary, N H, P O Hadley
Brick Oven Ye, Mrs Francis E Morse prop, 12 S Middle
Brotherton Harold, h Hartsbrook, P O Amherst
Bullard Minnie E., dressmaker Main, n h, h do
Burke Anna N., b Middle

" Agnes, b Middle

" Florence, b Middle

" Frank C., farmer, h Middle
" Grace, teacher, r Middle

;< James P., postmaster & confectionery, h Middle
" Julia, wid Thomas, h Middle
" Robert, b Thomas E Burke
Burt Henry A. (Ella J), carpenter, 15 S Middle
Bye Joseph, farmer, h Elmwood
" Tony, farmer, h East
" — see Baj


Byron Charles F. (Elizabeth), farmer, West
" Katherine, wid James S, West


" Hannah, wid John, b Middle

" Joseph F., farmer, h Middle

" Thomas, h Middle

" William J., b Middle
Callahan Catherine, teacher, b New Boston

" Cornelius, farmer, East Hadley

" Ellen, teacher, b New Boston

" John, student, b New Boston

" John R., (Katherine A) lawyer Holyoke, h New Boston

" Mary, b New Boston

" Patrick J., farmer, New Boston
Cascio Gasper, foreman Charles Cook & Son, h Russell

" Gasper W. (Margaret), broom mkr, h Russell
Chapman Arthur K., laborer, h Plain ville, P O Amherst
Ciaglo Antoni (Mrs), farmer, h Hartsbrook
Cindrowski Felix, laborer, h Sunderland rd, P O Amherst
Clancy Joseph W., farmer, New Boston

" Nellie, b Joseph Clancy
Clark John W. (Mary), fruit grower Main, N H

" J. Maxwell (Margaret), fruit grower Main, N H

" Nancy, wid George, h West
Coffee Edward W. (Nellie), farmer, h East

" John J., farmer, h Maple

" Philip C, carpenter, b Maple
Comins Charles L., farmer, Russellville, P O Amherst r

" George L., farmer, Russellville, P O Amherst

" Henry E., farmer, N Hadley

" Leroy, farmer, N Hadley rd, P O Hadley

" Nancy, h Russellville, P O Amherst

" William H., farmer, N Hadley r
Conant Arthur T., h Russellville n h

" Theodore L. (Corrie), farmer, Russellville n h
Conn. Valley St R R office and car barn, Elm wood, Edward W

Whalen asst supt, res Greenfield
Connolly George J., farmer, h East

" Mary E., emp Northampton, h Russell
Cook Ashley L. (Stella), farmer, h Maple av

" Austin E. (Lizzie M), farmer, Middle

" Charles & Son, Homer F Cook prop, broom mfrs, Russell

" Daniel W., farmer, b Mrs Nancy Clark

" Donald, ins agt, b Russell

" Fannie, b New Boston

" Frederick, surveyor's helper, b Russell

" Harry L., supt Hampshire Co Tobacco Ass'n, h Middle

" Homer F., prop Charles Cook & Son, h Russell

" Horace Mrs., h New Boston


Cook Jay E. (Mary), farmer, h Middle

" Joseph G., farmer, E Hadley, P O Amherst

" R. Lyman, farmer, h Middle

" S. Parson, farmer, h 38 Russell
Cowing Dwight T. (Chastina), h East
Cowles Austin C, farmer, h Plain ville n h
Crafts Fred B., farmer Russellville, P O Amherst r

" Harry C, farmer, Russellville, P Amherst r
Crosier Grace A., b L E Crosier

" Loins (Helen), farmer, h New Boston
Czajkowski John, farmer, h N Hadley

" Marion, laborer, h off River rd, P O Amherst
Czyz James, farmer, Hill rd n h

DANIELS LOUIS M. (Elvina), farmer, h Middle
Davin James H., farmer, Hill rd n h

" Nellie, Hill rd n h
Davis Emery H., farmer, Plain ville, P Amherst r

" Lester N. (Celia), com trav, b S Middle

" Walter H., farmer Plain ville, P Amherst
Day Fred M. (Lelia), h Russellville n h
Denio Benjamin W., machinist, Main n h
Dickey Anna, b Elm wood

" George, emp Northampton, h Elmwood
Dickinson C. D. & Son, Arthur C Howe prop, broom mach

mfrs, Main n h
DIRECTORY PUBLISHERS H A Manning Co, 289 Mainspring-
field, Mass
Donoghue C. F. Rev., pastor St John's Church, h Middle

" Julia, wid John, b Middle

" Mary, b Middle
Doskotz Joseph, laborer, h Plainville, P O Amherst
Drozdzal Andrew, laborer, b Hadley

" James, laborer, b Hadley

" Joseph, lab, b West

" Mike, farmer, h Main n h

" Wicek, farmer, Main n h
Dru cabbage Dan (Mary), farmer, h Middle
Dugan George, painter, r 15 S Middle

Dwyer John Jr. (Nellie), farmer, Russellville, P O Su ndernd

" Martin L., farmer, b New Boston

Michael T. (Catherine), Russellville n h, P O Sunderland r
William, retired, h Elmwood House
Dutkewicz Dan, h Middle
Dziekanowski James, farmer, h Plainville, P O Amherst

' Peter, farmer, h Plainville, P O Amherst

EDWARDS CHARLES H., prop Wellworth boarding house,
h West


Edv ards George R., farmer, b West

" Helen, emp Northampton, b West
Elm wood House, Martin E Lyons proo
Emond George T. (Florence), farmer, Main N Hadley

" James R., farmer, Main N Hadley

" Louis E., farmer, Main N Hadley

" Mary, wid Louis E, h Main n h

FELL FRANK (Agnes), farmer, h Russell
Fialkowski Anthony, h Ease
Field John C, farmer, Plain ville, P O Amherst r
Fitzgerald John B., laborer, b West

" Michael J., farmer, West

" Richard J., farmer, West
Flaherty Thomas Jr., farmer, Flaherty's Crossing
Ford Alexander T., farmer, N Hadley, P O Hadley

" Robert J., farmer, N Hadley, P O Hadley
Forsythe George (Alice), farmer, h West
Frary Edward (Northampton Tobacco Co), res Northampton

" Ernest A. (Luella) (Northampton Tobacco Co), h New
Boston c Middle
Fydenkewicz Edward, elk, b John Fydenkewicz

" John, laborer, N Hadley, P O Amherst

GARE HAROLD, emp Northampton, b Sanders

" Laura (Mrs Harold), emp Northampton, b Sanders
Gates Harriet, b New Boston

" Willard A., farmer, h New Boston

" William H. (Fannie), New Boston
Gaylord Harry E. (Bessie), Gaylord & Shipman, h Russell

" John F., retired, Russellville, P Amherst r

" Roswell S., laborer, h Russell
Gayney Annie, wid William, b S Middle
Gesiorek Anthony (Mrs), laborer, Hadley

" Joseph, farmer, h West

" Michael, laborer, Hadley
Gnatek Edward, farmer, Plain ville, P O Amherst
Gnaitek Frank, laborer, Lawrence Plain
Goering Charles, farmer, N Hadley rd n h
Goodman Franklin, laborer, b S Middle

" George E., h S Middle
Goodwyn Wirt, pres-treas Onion Growers' Exchange, res

Gouger Judson T., miller and ice dealer, New Boston, h do
Grady William, laborer, b East c Russell
Gralenski Ignace, farmer, Hill rd n h

" Peter, laborer, h n h
Graves Frank O. (Eva), carpenter, Main n h
Grebin Anthony, farmer, Plainville P O Amherst

" Mark, ice cream maker, N Hadley


Greene Charles W., farmer, Maple, P O Amherst, r

" Frank B. (Julia), farmer, h Russell

" Homer, laborer, Maple, Amherst, r
Grilla Mike, laborer, h Hill rd n h

" Peter, laborer, h State rd, P O Amherst
Griswold William P., farmer, h West
Gronostalski Martin, farmer, h West

" Tadensz (Mrs), farmer, h West
Gussier Casper, b Russell

Gwodzdz Albert, farmer, Russellville, P Amherst
Gwozdzek Alex (Mrs), farmer, h N Hadley rd

Halpin Anna, bkpr, b West

" John C, farmer, West

" Mary, sten, b West
Hammond Paul, ice cream mkr, h Main n h
Hannigan Edward C, painter, West
Hastings Margaret, b West

' Mary Mrs., teacher West st school, h West
Hawks Clarence (Mrs), author, West

" William, b West
Hawley Charles F., farmer, Plainville n h, P O Amherst
Heiden George, farmer, h Hartsbrook, Moody Bridge rd

' William C, farmer, Hartsbrook, Moody Bridge rd
Helit Anthony (Agnes), farmer, h 17 S Middle
Hewitt Vera, emp 10 S Middle, b do
Hibbard Clarence, farmer, b Main n h

' Ernest W., farmer, River rd, P Amherst

" Frank L., farmer, b Main n h

" Henry E., farmer, Main, n h

" John R. (Effie), farmer, h Main n h

" Ralph, farmer, Main n h

' Richard H., supt of streets, h Main n h
Hickey David E., farmer, Hill rd P O Amherst

' David S. (Mary), farmer, Russellville P O Sunderland

" Edward J., farmer, Hill rd, P O Amherst

" Edward W., farmer, Plainville, P Amherst

" Lena, Hill rd n h
Hill Bradford M., student, b C L Hill

Charles L. Rev., pastor Second Congregational Church, h
Main n h
Hillman Roland M., (La Salle & Hillman), b A La Salle
Hope Arthur H. Rev. (Elizabeth W), pastor First Congrega-
tional Church, h 7 S Middle
Hopkins Academy (High School), prin J R Reed, Russell
Horton Alice S., hskpr 18 S Middle, b do

" Bros (George B and Clifford M), milk dealers, West

" Clifford M. (Lulu), (Horton Brothers), h West

" Frank, auto mechanic, h S Middle


Horton George B. (Ella B) (Horton Bros), h Maple av
" Ralph M., motorman, h 18 S Middle
" Raymond, emp Northampton, b 18 S Middle
Hough Frank E. (Emilia), painter, h Elmwood
Howe Arthur C, prop C D Dickinson & Son, Main n h
Hull Lillian, b W A Stockwell

Hunter Willie A., farmer, ft Spruce Hill, Amherst rd
Huntington H. B., Huntington Farm, N Hadley rd

JACQUE FRANCIS, farmer, Lawrence Plain

" Oliver, farmer, Lawrence Plain
Jakoski Alex, farmer, h West
Jakubek Andrew (Susie), farmer, h Middle
Jandzinski John (Mrs) farmer, h West
Janik Joseph, laborer, West

Jaworek Julius Rev., pastor Polish Church, h Russell
Jedderick Andrew, farmer, h Elmwood
Jekanowski — see Dziekanowski
Jeziewszky Alex, laborer, h Main n h
Johnson Clifton, artist, Hockanum

" Edward, farmer, Hockanum

" Esther, teacher Hockanum school, b Edward Johnson

" Herbert L., physician, West, h do

" Oscar A., Hockanum

KARACULA MIKE (Mrs), laborer, West
Keefe Helen, teacher, b W L Keefe

" John L. (Lilla), farmer, West

" Julia, b W L Keefe

" May, b W L Keefe

" William L. (Myra), farmer, West
Kelley John S., farmer, b Plain ville, P Amherst

" Margaret, b Patrick Kelley

" Nora, hskpr Patrick Kelley, b do

" Patrick, farmer, h Plain ville, P O Amherst
Kellogg Giles M. (Fannie), farmer, h N Middle

" Henry M., farmer, h Middle

" Howard F. (Lillian), farmer, h Middle
Kendall Adelbert J., farmer, S Middle

" Waldo W., laborer, r S Middle
Kentfield Frederick B., farmer, Plainville, P O Amherst

" Frederick J., farmer, Plainville, n h, P O Amherst
Kielec Joseph, farmer, h Plainville, P O Amherst

" Paul, farmer, Meadow n h

" Thomas (Eva), farmer h East n Russell
Kimenski Joseph, farmer, h East
Kizeminska Mary, wid Mike, h Hadley
Klimoski Martin (Mrs), farmer', h West
Knightly Edward S., farmer, Plainville, P O Amherst

" John F., farmer, h Hadley


Knightly John J., farmer, Plainville, P O Amherst

" Thomas E., farmer, Plainville, P O Amherst

" William F., farmer, Plainville, P O Amherst

" William H., farmer, Plainville, P O Amherst
Knoka Joseph (Mrs), farmer, Main n h
Kobera Aleck, laborer, E Hadley
Koboski Henry, laborer, b Russellville
Kobyra John, farmer, Russellville, P O Amherst
Kokaski Stanley, farmer, Russellville, P O Amherst
Kokoski Joseph F., farmer, h N Hadley, P O Amherst
Koloski Addie, b Gough

" Edward, laborer, b Gough

" Jacob, farmer, h Gough

" Joseph, laborer, b Gough
Kosior Frank, laborer, b S Middle

" Peter (Margaret), farmer, h S Middle
Kosladinisku Joseph (Annie), laborer, h Middle
Kosloski Joe, laborer, h Russellville, P O Amherst
Kostak George (Stella), laborer, b S Middle

" Martin (Evelyn), farmer, b Russell
Kowal Martin, laborer, N Hadley rd

" Michael, laborer, h West
Kowaliski Joseph, laborer, h Main, n h
Kowalski Leopold, farmer, East
Kowall Anthony, farmer, h Elmwood
Kozieny Joseph, laborer, Meadow n h
Kozyra Andrew (Mrs), farmer, West
Krzemenski Joseph, laborer, Hill rd n h
Kucinski Joseph, grocer Main c Meadow n h, h do
Kuharski Adam, laborer, h Main n h
Kulikowski Stanley, grocer Main n h, h do
Kusek Peter, farmer, Meadow rd
Kusey Andrew (Mary), laborer, h Russell

" Felix (Mrs), laborer, h East

Philip (Annie), farmer, h East n Russell
Kuszaj Joseph, farmer, French n h
Kwederowicz James (Mrs), Meadow n h
Victor, laborer, Meadow n h

LAFOSKI ALEC, farmer, h West
Lamb Lester, laborer, h Plainville, P O Amherst
Lamont Fred, brush maker, b Agnes Ayres, S Middle
Lanor Frank, laborer, b 17 S Middle
LaSalle Arthur L. (Bessie L), farmer, Main n h
" James H. (LaSalle & Hillman), Main, N Hadley, h do
& Hillman (James H LaSalle and Roland M Hillman), ice
cream mfrs, Main n h
Lasher Fred C. (Mary), h The Russell
" Fred C. (Mary), prop The Russell College Tea House, Elm-
wood n West


Lawrence Marion, emp Northampton, b Nancy Clark
LeDuc Edward, broom mkr, b Russell
Lehan James, emp P Lehan, b do

" John, laborer, Plain ville n h

" Patrick, farmer, Plain ville, P O Amherst
Lester Edmund A. (Adeline), broom mfr, Elmwood

" Esther, b Elmwood

" Thomas, mechanic, h Elmwood
Litwin Frank (Annie), farmer, h Russell
Loring William, teacher, b 12 S Middle
Lyden Mary, wid Joseph, b East c Maple av
Lyman Fred R., porter Prospect House, Hockanum
Lyons Martin E., prop Elmwood House, h do

" Mary, wid Martin, b Elmwood House

" Nellie, b Elmwood House

Maculewski Stanley, laborer, Meadow n h
Mahoney Anna, b S Middle

" John (Nora), farmer, 16 S Middle
Majeski Gus, laborer, Elmwood
Majkoski John, laborer, Plain ville, P O Amherst

" Stanley, laborer, Plain ville, P O Amherst
Majowski Stanley, lab, h Main n h
Major George (Fannie), broom maker, h Russell
Malek Wasniec (Stella), lab, h S Middle
MANNING H A CO directory and map publishers, 289 Main,

Springfield, Mass
Marcinowski Sobestyjan, farmer, Plainville, P O Amherst
Marsh Carrie, h New Boston

" George C, farmer, Middle

" John W. (Lilla), carpenter, Russell

" Lucy A., wid D wight, h 6 S Middle

" Mary Mrs., b New Boston
Martula Joseph, farmer, h West
Mather William E., carpenter, h West
Matuszko Frank, farmer, h N Hadley

" John, farmer, East

" Joseph, farmer, Plainville, P O Amhersc
Mazeski Edward, student, b Middle

" John (Fannie), farmer, h Middle

" Lulu, b Middle
McGrath Ellen, wid Thomas, h West

" James E., carpenter, West

" Mary, b W J McGrath

" Thomas B., farmer, Hadley

" William J., carpenter, h Elmwood
McKeon Catherine Mrs., h Plainville n h, P O Amherst

" Daniel, laborer, Plainville, P O Amherst

" William J., laborer, Plainville, P O Amherst


McKilligott Maurice J., farm hand, h Elmwood
McQuestion Robert J. milk dealer, West
Mencinger William, emp E C Morton, b do
Metuska John, farmer, h Rocky Hill rd
Mileski Peter, farmer, h Elmwood
Miller Charles W. (Anna), mechanic, Middle

" Helen M., emp Easthampton, b Middle

" Lela, nurse Northampton, b Middle
Mimitz Agnes, emp Northampton, b West

" Joseph, farmer, West

" Joseph Jr., farmer, b West
Mish Stanley, farmer, Plainville, P O Amherst
Misiaszek John (Katie), lab, h 10 Middle
Mitchell Herbert A. (Sadie), emp elec R R, h Elmwood
Mizwa Martin, farmer, Plainville, P Amherst
Moffitt Gertrude, emp Amherst, b 11 S Middle

" Philip D. (Emms), painter and paper hanger, 11 Middle,
h do
Mojeski Walenthy, laborer, Middle
Mokrzecki Peter P. (Mrs), farmer, Main, a h
Molinski Paul, lab, h Middle
Montague Bertha E., teacher, b 12 S Middle
Montgomery Alexander, rose grower, Maple
' Co The (Inc), rose growers, Northampton rd

" Doris, student, r A Montgomery

" Ellen, student, r A Montgomery
Morgan Edwin W., farmer, E Hadley
Moriarty Finian J., blacksmith Gough, h Russell
Morse Frances (Mrs John), prop Ye Brick Oven, 12 S Middle

" John E., farmer, h 12 S Middle
Morton Carl, laborer Hartsbrook, P O Amherst
' Edwin C, farmer, h Hartsbrook, P Amherst

" T. Dwight (Anna L), farmer, Russell
Mulcahey Annie R., Hill rd n h

" Mary, Hill rd n h

" William, farmer, Hill rd n h
Murphy William H., elk, h Middle

Murray Harold, rural carrier, Plainville n h, P O Amherst
' Wallace D., farmer, Plainville, P O Amherst

NASH GEORGE S., laborer, Plainville, P O Amherst

' Herman B., Plainville n h, P O Amherst

" John, farmer, Plainville, P O Amherst
Neil Albert, farmer, h Sunderland rd

— see Gwozdyz
Nelligan Maurice P., farmer Maple, P O Amherst
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co., Northampton
Newton George F. (Alice), farmer, h Middle

" Jennie, Main n h
Nicpon William (Katie), farmer, h Middle


Niechaj John, farmer, h N Hadley rd
Niedbola Joseph, general store, Russell, h do
Niedwiecri Konstanty, farmer, h N Hadley rd
Niemczyk Frank, lab, b Middle
Nixa Ignate (Victoria), lab, h Middle

Northampton Tobacco Co., (Ernest A, Edward Frary and
Thomas Roe), Russell

O'DONNELL BRIDIE, sten, b West

" Mary, sten Washington D C, b West

" William, laborer, West
O'Hara George, farmer, b Middle
Okoto Michael, lab, h Russellville, P O Amherst
O'Leary Catherine, wid Charles, h West

" Charles H., student lawyer, b West
O'Neil Hannah, wid Thomas, h Middle n Russell

" James W. (Mary), carpenter, b Middle

" Mary Mrs., h Middle
Onion Growers Exchange (Inc), West
Ormond Howard (Mrs), farmer, b New Boston

" William (Mrs), farmer, h New Boston

PACYKA JOHN, farmer, E Hadley
Palka Frank (Mrs), b John Sadlowski
Parker Edith, dancing teacher, b S Middle

" Elizabeth, wid Seymour L, b S Middle

" Seymour H. (Mary E), farmer, S Middle

" William H., farmer, b S Middle
Passa Peter, farmer. Middle
Pekala John (Mrs), farmer, Hadley
Pelc Ignace, laborer, N Hadley rd n h
Pellissier Adolph A. (Julia), plumber, h S Middle

" Agnes, b J F Pellissier, West

" Arthur G. (Marguerite), farmer, h Middle

" Charles L., carpenter, b 15 S Middle

" Frank H., farmer, N Middle

" G. Fred, farmer, Hartsbrook

" John F., carpenter, West

" Lewis J., farmer, h Russell

" Mary, wid Lewis F, h Middle

" William J., Hartsbrook
Pendergast Alice, teacher, b East

" James, farmer, East

" William, farmer, East
Pepin Maria, wid Louis, emp 25 S Middle, b do
Phillips Doris, teacher, b East

" Gertrude S., nurse East, b do

" Homer G., farmer, b East

" Ralph, emp W Phillips, b East

" Roy (Maud), farmer, b East

Water byStemS a nd Heating Company


Phillips, William (Hannah), farmer, h East
Picard Francis (Delia), broom maker, h Russell
Pichette George A. (Lizzie), carpenter, h Russell

" George F., emp Springfield, b Russell

" Napoleon, emp Northampton, b Peter Pichette

" Peter D. (Selina), carpenter, Main n h
Pierce Martin S. (Annie), farmer, East c Maple av
Pincola John, farmer, Plainville n h, P O Amherst

" Stanley, farmer, Hadley
Podolak Joseph, laborer, h Middle
Polcioiartek Michael, farmer, h East
Popowicz Joseph, lab, h Main n h
Potter W. N. Sons & Co, flour, feed, grain, hay, straw and

mason's materials, n B & M sta
Powers Margaret M., bkpr, b 41 Russell

" Nicholas J. (Annie), farmer, h 41 Rtissell
Pratt Carrie E., b 9 Middle

" Carl M. (Ella M), farmer, h Hartsbrook P O Amherst

" Marcus S. (Lucy A), farmer, h S Middle
Punchski John, farmer, h Russell
Puncka Frank, laborer, h West
Purcell William, carpenter, West

RAIKO ALEX, lab, East

" John, farmer, h East

" Steve, laborer, East
Randall Earl A., farmer, b 7 Maple

" Lawrence A. (Grace R), farmer, h 7 Maple
Rasamowiecz John (Josie), lab, h S Middle
Reardon Eugene T. (Mrs), carpenter, h 1 Elmwood

" Frank J. (Nellie), farmer, dep sheriff, h Elmwood

" Grace, b Mrs Josephine Reardon

" Josephine, wid William, h 1 West

" William J. (Nellie), motorman, Elmwood
Reed James P., prin high school, h Russell
Reynolds Charles D., milk dealer, New Boston

" Francis C, b West

" Jennie, wid Francis S, h West
Rice Wilber D. (Minnie), blacksmith, h West
Roberts Mary, Russellville, P O Sunderland
Rodk Stanley, lab, h Meadow n h

Roe Thomas (Northampton Tobacco Co), res Northampton
Ruggles Frank E., carpenter, b East

" George Mrs., h East
Rupt Andrew, lab, h Meadow n r

Russell College Tea House The, Mrs Mary Lasher prop, Elm-
wood nr West

" Ernest S., laborer, Hockanum

" H. Clement, farmer, b C S Abbott Main, n h

" Henry J., Hill rd n h



Warren & Watt Electricians and Supplies



Russell Herbert O., onion dealer, Main n h
" James F., farmer, Spruce Hill
" Michael P., armer, Spruce Hill
" Patrick, farmer, East

Samuel M., farmer, Hockanum
' Theodore A. (Mary), farmer, h Russellville, P O Sunder-
Ryan Bridget A., teacher, b Russellville, P O Sunderland
" Edward, farmer, h Hartsbrook, P O Amherst
" Edward F., emp St Ry Co, h Elm wood
" Henry E., farmer, Russellville, P O Sunderland

Lester (Blanche), emp The Montgomery Co, h Russell
" William H. (Carrie), carpenter, b Middle

William P., farmer, Russellville, P O Sunderland
Rychlik William, laborer, h Main n h
Rydjeski Adam, farmer, Russellville, P O Amherst
Rytieba Michael, farmer, h West
Rytuba Joseph, lab, h West

SABIN HENRY W., farmer, Hartsbrook

Leroy C, farmer, Hartsbrook
Sadloski John, laborer, East

Joseph, farmer, Plain ville n h, P O Amherst
" Mike, laborer, East
Sakolowski Frank, farmer, h Main n h
Salvo Joseph (Catherine), laborer, Meadow n h
Samolewicz John, lab, h Plainville, P O Amherst
Sanders Charles W. (Nellie), farmer, h East
" Edna M., bkpr, h Russell
" Frank T. (Lillian), farmer, Russell

Leland (Hannah B), farmer, Main n h
<l Rosa A., wid J Monroe, h Russell
William F., electrician, h Russell
Sardna Sobestyjan, farmer, Plainville n h, P O Amherst
Scanlon Alice, sten, b John Shanlon, West
" Fred, b John Scanlon, West
" John, (Bridget), farmer, West

Katherine, b M Scanlon
" Michael, farmer, West
Scannell Daniel (Mary), laborer, North
Scoble John, laborer, Meadow n h
Scott Aaron, farmer (Caroline T) , N Hadley rd n h
Alice I., b Frank Scott
Edith M., b Frank Scott
Frank (Mary A), farmer, Main n h
Fred A., farmer, Main n h
Harry, laborer, Hill rd n h
Lorena C, student, b A Scott
Robert M. (Jessie), farmer, h Main n h
Roger W., student, b A Scott


Scott Rufus, laborer, Hill rdnh

Searle Abner S. (Mary F), farmer, New Boston

" Emerson (Marion), emp Springfield, b New Boston

" Halsey J., farmer, h Hartsbrook

" Joel B., farmer, h Hartsbrook
Sessions A. L. (Mrs), h River Drive
Shashinski Ignace, laborer, Meadow n h
Shattuck C. Russell, farmer, Russellville, P Amherst
Shaw Ezra I., farmer, h Plain ville
Shipman Henry S. (Jennie), (Shipman & Gaylord), b Russell

" Mabelle L., teacher, h Russell

" Mary, h Hockanum

" Raymond D. (Gladys), farmer, h Hockanum

" & Gaylord (Henry S Shipman and Harry E Gaylord),
general store, Russell
Shockro Joseph P. (Georgianna) , Garage, East c Russell, bdo

" Patrick, laborer, h East c Russell

" William T. (Nora), farmer, h East
Skobelski John, laborer, Meadow n h
Slaby Frank, farmer, h Rocky Hill rd

" John, (Katie), farmer, h West

" John, lab, h Plain ville, P Amherst
Slander Frank, farmer, h East

" Stanley, farmer, h East
Smith Chester (Matilda), farmer, h E Hadley

' Chester A., farmer, Hartsbrook, P Amherst

" Chester G., farmer, New Boston

" Edmund, farmer, h Maple, P Amherst

" Edwin C, laborer, E Hadley

" Elizabeth, h E Hadley

" Elvena, wid George E, h E Hadley

' Frank H. (Grace), physician, h 6 S Middle

" George (Mrs), E Hsdley

' Gertrude, emp Mrs George Ruggles, b do

" John (Katherine), h Maple

" Katherine, b Maple
' Leslie R. (Ethel), emp Boston, New Boston

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