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" Lillian, housekeeper, b West

" Mary Jane, b C G Smith

" Myron H., student, b 5 S Middle

" Paul, lab, h Hill rd, n h

" Ralph H., farmer, h West

" Rufus M. (Lucy H), farmer, h 8 S Middle

" Ruth, b West

" William A., carpenter, b Maple
Snyder Gertrude Mrs., hskpr R Lyman Cook
Soldanski Henry, laborer, Meadow n h

" John, lab, b Main n h
Stebbins L. M., wid Clifford, prop Bide-a-Wee, h 10 S Middle
St. Lawrence Alcide J. (Mary), emp B & M, h Middle


Stockwell Wesley A., farmer, N Hadley rd, P O Hadley
Strzepa August W., farmer, h Hartsbrook, P O Amherst

" Kastantz, farmer, h Hartsbrook, P O Amherst
Suleski John, farmer, Russellville, P O Amherst
Sullivan Daniel P., B & M Station agt, h Elmwood House

" John, lab, b Seannell, Upper Lane
Superson Wojciech (Mary), lab, h 10 Middle
Swiakoski Adam, farmer, Russellville, P O Amherst

" Roman, emp A C Swiakoski, b do
Swift Delia, h Main, n h

Swinconek Adam, lab, h Plainville, P O Amherst
Syrek Toney, lab, h N Hadley
Szarkowsky Andrew, lab, h Main
Szafir Stanislaw, farmer, Middle
Szostoc Ignace, farmer, West
Szwacz John, lab, h 17 S Middle


" Richard N. O., h Main, n h
Tarbox Earle (Christine), alb, h Meadow n h
Teraska John Mrs., farming, Rocky Hill rd
Thayer Lillian, teacher, b West

" Richard P., Hockanum
Tomasewski August, farmer, Plainville, P O Amherst

" Frank, farmer, Plainville, P O Amherst
Toole Harold, lab, b West

" Stephen Mrs., h West
Topal Peter, farmer, h Middle
Trainer Agnes, hskpr, E C Hannigan, b do
Tudryn John, laborer, b Joseph Tudryn, P O Amherst

" John 2d, laborer, N Hadley rd n h

" John 3d, farmer, h E Hadley P O Amherst

" Joseph, farmer, h Hartsbrook, P Amherst
Tuttle Edward W., farmer, Maple P O Amherst

" Grove H., laborer, E Hadley

UNDERWOOD LYNN, carpenter, b Ralph Smith, West

VOLLINGER GEORGE (Margaret), retired, h Main n h
" John L. (Lillian), farmer, h Main n h

WANCYCK ANDREW, farmer, h Hartsbrook, P O Amherst
r 1

" Joseph, farmer, h West
Waskewicz Ignace (Julia), laborer, h S Middle

" John, farmer, Russellville, P O Sunderland

" Mike, laborer, Plainville, P O Amherst
Wasko Paul, h E Hadley, P O Amherst
Waywooda Michael, farmer, Hartsbrook
Waztowicz Allois, farmer, Amherst rd


Welch Alice, emp Amherst, Hill rd, n h

" James A., laborer, b Hill rd n h

" William, retired, h Hill rd n h

44 William Jr., laborer, h Hill rd n h
Wentzel George (Elizabeth), laborer, h Russell
West Edward P., farmer, h Hartsbrook

" Harold, laborer, b 6 Middle

" Lewis W., farmer, Hartsbrook
Western Union Telegraph Co, B & M station
Whalen Catherine, nurse, Meadow n h, h do

44 Edward W., asst supt Conn Valley St R R, res Greenfield

44 John E., farmer, Plain ville, P C) Amherst
Whitaker Carl F., student, b Russell

44 Sarah, wid Edwin T., h 41 Russell
White Francis (Anna), farmer, Main n h

44 George F., farmer, Hill rd n h

" George H., laborer, Hadley

44 Helen, b John White

" John (Mary), farmer, Plainville, P O Amherst

" John W. (Minnie), farmer, Main n h

" Joseph, farmer, b J White

44 Marion, student, b J White
Whittier Henry M. (Anna M), engineer St R R, b Elmwood

Wiatta John (Caroline), lab, h 10 Middle

44 Joseph, farmer, h West
Wielgus Joseph, lab, h Plain ville, P O Amherst
Wilcott Frank, (Laura), h Russell
Wilga Stanley, farmer, Rocky Hill rd
Wilson Jesse S. (Maria H), farmer N Hadley, n h
Wood Jennie Mrs., h New Boston
Wrman Frank (Katie), farmer, h S Middle
Wtoscina Lawrence, farmer, h Main n h
Wzonek Joseph, farmer, East

YARROW JOSEPH, farmer, Hartsbrook

44 Mary Mrs., dom, h Rivei rd, P O Amherst
Yesdrozyes Martin, farmer, Lawrence Plain
Yusko Joseph, lab, h N Hadley

ZASKEY MYRON, farmer, Plainville n h, P Amherst

44 William, farmer, Plainville, P Amherst
Zawaski Antoin, laborer, h West
Zigman Joseph (Nellie), farmer, h East

44 Mike, farmer, River Drive

44 Peter, farmer, h West
Ziomek Michael, lab, h Plainville, P O Amherst
Zuraw March), farmer, h E Hadley



Hadley Business Directory


Moriarty Finian J., Gough


Cook Charles & Son, Russell


Dickinson C. D. and Son, Main n h


Marsh J. W., Russell
McGrath Wm. J., Elmwood
Burke James P., Gough

Manning H. A. Co, directory and
map publishers, 289 Main, Spring-
field, Mass

Bullard Minnie E., Main, n h
American Express Co, B & M sta-
tion, Boston & Springfield Des-
patch Express Co, 46 King,

Gouger J. T.
Potter W. N. & Sons Co


Shockro Joseph, East c Russell

Barrett Clifton W., Main
Niedbola Joseph, Russell
Shipman & Gay lord, Russell


Gouger J. T.


Kucinski Joseph, Main c Meadow
Kulikowski Stanley, Main, n h


Elmwood House, West


LaSalle Hillman, Main, n h


Montgomery Co. The, pres. Alex-
ander Montgomery ; sec-treas,
Robert J. Montgomery

Onion Groceries Exchange, pres-
treas, Wirt Goodwyn


Callahan John R.
HickeY Thomas R.


Callahan John R., Holyoke


Horton Bros., West
McQuestion Robert J., West
Reynolds Charles D., West


Callahan John R.,
Halpin Mary E.

Phillips Gertrude S., East
Whalen Catherine, Meadow, n h


Montgomery Co. The, Northamp-
ton rd


Onion Growers Exchange, West


Moffit Philip D., 11 S Middle


Smith Frank R., 5 S Middle
Johnson H. L. West


Boston & Maine R R


(see Lunch rooms
Bide-aWee, 10 S Middle
Russell College Tea House, Elm-
wood n West
Ye Brick Oven, 12 S Middle


North Hadley and Hadley


Connecticut Valley St Ry Co, Main
offices in Greenfield


New England Telephone & Tele-
graph Co


Northampton Tobacco Co, Russell




Hampshire County. Four miles north of Northampton
and sixteen south of Greenfield. Population 1920, 2651



Selectmen — Chairman, John F.
O'Dea, Edward A. Breor, Raymond

Town Clerk and Treasurer —
Lewis H. Kingsley

Assessors — Lewis H. Kingsley,
John R. McGrath, Dewey Ryan

Tax Collector— E. L. Graves

Water Commissioners — Chair-
man, Lawrence Deinlain, John W.
Kiley, Roswell Billings

Auditor — C. E. Warner

Tree Warden — James S. Bardwell

Elector under Oliver Smith Will-
John McHugh

Inspector of Cattle — E. Seward

Superintendent of Streets —
James S. Bardwell


Congregational — Rev. Albert P.
Watson, pastor, Main

Holy Trinity (Polish) Rev.
Stanislaus C. Zsebel, pastor Main

St. Joseph's R. C— Thomas B.
Cunningham, pastor, School


Hatfield Free Public Library
Trustees — Marion C. Billings, M.
Mullaney, Peter L. Balise; librarian,
Nellie Waite


Chief Engineer — M. J. Ryan
Six hose companies housed in
different parts of township


Hatfield— Patrick R. Mullany,

Bradstreet — Mrs. Laura S.

North Hatfield — George H. Dan-
West Hatfield — Bernice Cutter

Smith Academy

Harold Wilcox, principal
Vernet H. Keller, treasurer


Committee — Chairman, Rev.

Thomas Cunningham; sec. Adam J.
Smith; Oscar E. Belden

Superintendent — C 1 i n t o n J.

Attendance Officer — Henry Pel-

The Only True Representative of a City

is the



Hatfield Resident Directory

Abbreviations — In the following pages, assn, association; av,
avenue; b, boards; blk, block; bldg, building; bkpr, bookkeep-
er; c, corner; ct, court; emp, employed; h, house; mis, miles;
n, near; opp, opposite; opr, operative and operator; pi, place;
rd, road ; ry , railway ; sq, square ; rem, removed ; r, rooms ; sten,
stenographer; supt, superintendent; treas, treasurer; ter, ter-
race; r, rural delivery; t g, tobacco grower; E, East; N, North;
S, South; W, West; wid, widow; dist, district; n h, North Hat-
field; wh, West Hatfield.

Name enclosed in parenthesis is the name of wife. Where
impossible to obtain name of wife we have inserted Mrs.

ABBOTT ELIZABETH, wid Charles, h Valley
Ablonski John (Stella), laborer, h Prospect
Adamczyk Joseph (Mary), lab, h Prospect
Allaire Alfred R. (Anna), machinist, h 48 Main

" Nelson, farmer and t g (5), h Elm
American Sumatra Tobacco Co, John W Kiley, agt 25 Pros-
Anczewski Theodore, emp Porter Mach Co, b Porter av
At wood Rose Mrs., emp T Graves, b do

BACH ELIAS & SONS, tobacco dealers J L Day, local mgr
Backiel Kajetan W. ( Wladyslawa) , laborer, h Main c Maple
Bak Alex (Nellie), lab, h Elm

" George (Nellie), lab, h Prospect n Bridge
Balise Gertrude, emp Northampton, b 22 Chestnut
" Paul (Celina), farmer and t g (8), h 22 Chestnut
" Paul E. (Rose) (Balise & Stenglein), h 22 Chestnut
" & Stenglein (Paul E Balise and John G Stenglein), The
Hatfield Garage, Prospect
Bardwell Arthur C. (Wilma), farmer and (Bardwell & Billings)
h 62 Main
Clara, hskpr E S Strong, b do
Curtis S., machinist, h 65 Main
Fred H. (Myra), farmer and t g (24), h 65 Main
Frederick T. (Marion), farmer and t g (35), h n h
James S., farmer and supt of roads, h North
Martha E., wid Francis G, farmer, North, n h
Ralph, emp Greenfield, b n h
Walter (Evelyn), lab, h Rocks n h

& Billings (Arthur C Bardwell and Roswell G Billings),
onion and tobacco dealers, 77 Main
Baretski John, lab, b A Novack
Bascesky John (Antonia), laborer, h Bradstreet


Bazesky Anthony (Stefania), h Bradstreet
Beals Augusta, wid Alden P, b 47 Main
Beletski William (Stella), laborer, n h

Belden Bros (Robert L and William L) , farmers and t g (30)

" Clarence E. (Nellie), onion and fertilizer dealer, Bradstreet

" Clifford L., student, b O E Belden

" George S. (Emma), (Oscar Belden & Sons), h Bradstreet

" Harrison R. (Gladys), farmer and t g (12), h Bradstreet

" Howard E. (Anna), farmer and t g (4), h Bradstreet

" Laura S., wid Herbert, postmistress Bradstreet, h do

" Lina K., student, b G S Belden

" Oscar E. (Emma) (Oscar Belden & Sons), h Bradstreet

" Oscar & Sons (George S and Oscar E), onion dealers and
t g (35), Bradstreet

" Robert L. (Reba), farmer and (Belden Bros), h Bradstreet

" William H. (Emma), farmer, h Bradstreet

" William L (Laura), (Belden Bros), and fertilizer agt, Brad-
street, h do
Bernstein Benjamin (Eva), blacksmith School c Prospect, h do
Betsold Francis, lab, b West w h

" Frank L. (Emma), carpenter and t g (18), h West w h

" George, student, b West w h

" John F. (Constance), farmer and t g (3^), h Chestnut

" John J., farmer and t g (20), h West w h

" Joseph, lab, b West w h

" Mary C, b w h
Bickford Amy, dom b Whitcomb's
Bieber Robert Jr., lab, h 12 Main
Billings Abbie, wid George, h 84 Main

" Carrie E., wid Roswell, tobacco dealer, 68 Main, h do

" David, farmer and t g (10), h 7S Main

" D Porter, b 78 Main

" Edward, farmer and t g L A Billings, h Valley

" Elizabeth, wid Samuel, h Valley

" Elizabeth H. Mrs.,h Main

" Gordon, student, b 74 Main

" G. Raymond, onion (14) and tobacco grower (18) b 84

" H. Louisa, teacher, h 68 Main

" Lewis A., farmer and t g (20), h 18 Valley

" Marion C, b 68 Main

" Maurice D., b 78 Main

" Roswell G. (Bardwell & Billings) onion and t g (30), h 77

" Samuel F. (Sarah), farmer and t g (20), h 74 Main
Bitner Dorothy, b West w h

" George (Annie), farmer and t g (7), h West w b

" John B. (Margaret), carpenter, Maif , h do
Blajda Joseph (Katie), laborer, h North


Blida Sebastian (Mary), farmer, h North
Blood George, teamster, b Prospect
Bokina Adolf (Edw-ga), lab, h Prospect
Bokum James (Fophie), lab, b n h
" James (Anng), b Hatfield rd, n h
" John (Kate), farmer and t g (3), h n h
" Joseph, laborer, b n h
Bolkina Alex (Valerie), laborer, h Prospect
Bolonoski Frank (Annie), laborer, h n h
Bonneville Alfred J. (Agnes G), physician, h 60 Main
Borowski John (Edwiga), farmer and t g, h Elm c Prospect
Boston & Main Railroad Station, w h and n h
Bourdon S. Mederic (Mary), barber School, h 70 Main
Boyle Edward W. (Olive), painter, h Prospect
" Elizabeth, teacher, r Elm

" George A. (Emma), farmer and t g (2^4), h 12 Main
" Harold E., emp James Boyle, b do
' James L. (Minnie), farmer and t g (40), h Prospect

John L. (Bridget), farmer and t g (6), b Chestnut w h
" Marjorie K., b 32 Bridge
" Mary E., teacher, b 44 Elm

Maud E., music teacher 43 School, b do
BOYLE MICHAEL W (Annie G) (Boyle & McGlynn), and treas
Hatfield Onion Storage Co, and tobacco grower and
packer, 35 Bridge, h do
" Patrick J. (Margaret), farmer nd t g (10), h 1 King
" Patrick T. (Mary), farmer and t g (21), h 7 Maple
" Ralph H., lab, b Chestnut, w h
" Robert W., student, b Bridge

" William E. (Nellie), pres Hatfield Onion Storage Co, farmer
h Chestnut
William F. (Annie), farmer and t g (6), h King
William P. (Mary Annie), painter 43 School, h do
BOYLE & MC GLYNN (Michael W Boyle and Mary Mc Glynn),
general insurance, 32 Bridge


General Insurance

Telephone 18-3

32 Bridge Street Hatfield, Mass.

Bozaski Tony (Stefania), lab, h Prospect n Chestnut
Brehm Eva, wid Henry, h Prospect

" Frank, janitor, b Prospect

" Margaret, h Prospect


Brennan John R., laborer, b Maple

" Mary Mrs., h Maple

" Michael J., farmer, h n h

" Patrick R., farmer and t g (2), b 26 Main

" Thomas D., (Catherine), farmer, h Maple

" Thomas C. (Lucy), farmer Whately, h Bradstreet
Breor Alfred E., student, b Elm

" Alfred H. (Alice), farmer and t g (8), h North

" Alfred J. (Grace), farmer and t g (5), h 18 Main

" Arthur R. (Gertrude), farmer and t g (5), h 15 Elm

" Catherine, wid Alfred, h Elm

" Edward A. (Mary), farmer and t g (20) and agt for S Ros-
sin & Sons, Prospect, h Elm

" Helen, teacher, b 40 Main

" John J., lab, h 15 Main
Briggs Homer (Unetta), milk dealer, h Whately
Brimmer Guy, shoe repairer Elm, res Northampton
Brokcski Anthony (Katherine), tobacco worker, h Elm
Brusko Stephen (Cristine), farmer and t g (10), h West w h
Bucala John (Anna), farmer, h Elm

" Stephen, lab, b Elm
Bucsela John, farmer, h West w h
Buczak Euzyli (Helen), laborer, h 54 Main
Bukcski Annie Mrs., domestic, h 73 Elm

" Christina, totacco wkr, b 73 Elm

" John, lab, b 73 Elm

" Paul, lab, b Elm
Bui da Walenty (Mary), farmer, h North
Burke Edward J. (Mary), laborer, h 63 Elm

" John Mrs., b 70 Main

" William, lab, b 63 Elm

" Wiliam H. (Delia), t g (5), h 70 Main
Burt Alfred N. (Minnie), teamster, h Prospect
Bussela Martin (Mrs), lab, h Elm
Butler James, carp F W Schepp, b do
Byrne Charles A. (Mary S), physician, h 40 Main

CAREN JOHN, farmer, h Hatfield rd, n h

" Mary, wid John, b Hatfield rd n h
Carl Augusta, wid John, h 45 Main
Augusta, student, b 45 Main

" Jacob (Abbie), farmer and t g (12), h 31 School

" Henry W. (Fannie), t g, h 31 School

' Nellie, student, b 31 School
Carter Esther B., student, b Bradstreet
' Herbert E. (Clara), farmer, h Bradstreet

" Warner, student, b Bradstreet
Casten William, farmer and t g (2), h Bridge ext w h
Celatka Joseph (Josephine), lab, h Chestnut
Cernak Paul, tobacco worker, h Prospect ext


Chandler August, b Mrs Barbara Chandler

" Barbara, wid George A, farmer and t g (1), h West, n h

" Joseph F. (Mary), carpenter, h West w h
Charlebois J. Henry (Lena), machinist, h School
Chase Angeline B., wid Frank A, h G H Danforth n h
Cheeseman Lewis (Janet), chemist, h 69 Main
Choala John (Mary), carpenter, h North
Coffey James R. (Louise), farmer and tg(lS), hnh

" William (Margaret), farmer and t g (7), Straights rd, n h
Congregational Church, Rev. Albert P Watson pastor, Main
Conn. Valley Onion Co, near B & M R R, n h
Connelly Irene, emp Northampton, b n h

" Margaret, student, b n h

" William P. (Mary A), farmer and t g (13), h n h near
Whately line
Costen Cora, bkpr, b Bridge ext, w h
Cowan C. Edward, emp Northampton, h 71 Main
Crafts Carl M., farmer, hnh

" Carlton H. (Cora L), farmer and t g (12), hnh

" Edson S. (Lizette), box mkr, hnh

" Muriel, emp Northampton, b State rd
Crawford Malcolm, retired, h 63 Main
Crnak Daniel (Elizabeth)
Cunningham Thomas B. Rev., pastor St Joseph's Church, h

Cutter Bernice, b Bridge, w h

" Carrie C, h Bridge, w h

" William R. (Mary), farmer and E g (15), h Bridge w h
Czapllyski Peter, hb, b Prospect
Czeczorka Joseph, lab, h Raymond av
Czelatka Alex ( Wladyslawa) , farmer, h 47 Elm
Czelotka Peter, farmer, h North

" — see Salotka

DANFORTH GEORGE H. (Annie), postmaster and mer-
chant n h
Darish John (Katie), laborer, h North
Day Alice L., bkpr, b 50 Main

Edward J. (Mary), farmer, h 48 Main

George A. (Emelia), farmer, h 50 Main

James H., b 50 Main

James L. (Mary), tobacco dealer and agt Elias Bach &
Sons, h 54 Main

John H. (Nellie), t g (4), h 49 Main

Leonard, b 50 Main

Marjorie, teacher, b 73 Main

Thomas M. (Mary), farmer and t g (3), h 50 Main

— see O'Dea

Dehey Ursula, wid J F, asst postmaster, h 13 Valley
Dembroski Alex, (Josephine), farmer and t g (9), h n h rd, n h


Deinlein Constance, emp James Day, b Bridge

" George, lab, b Bridge

" George A., farmer and t g (5), h Chestnut w h

" George L. (Margaret), farmer and t g (2), h Dwight, w h

" John S., farmer and t g (14), h Bridge, w h

" John H., mechanic, b John Deinlein

" John Jr., b John S Deinlein

" Joseph, lab, b Bridge

" Lawrence A., farmer, t g (8), h Chestnut, w h

" Peter J. (Margaret), farmer and t g (12), h Chestnut, w h
Dickinson Charles, lab, b n h

" Clara L., wid Wm C, h 45 Main

" Edward N., lab, h n h

" Edward Jr., lab, b n h

" Fred, lab, b n h

" Mae, hskpr, h n h

" Memorial Hall, Main

" William, farmer and t g (26), h 45 Main
Dippolt George (Cornelia) , farmer and t g (6) , h West w h

" Joseph (Anna), farmer, h West w h
Dobek Frances, emp 22 School, b do
Dole Benjamin P., machinist, b Porter av
Domaracki Michael (Katherine), lab, h Chestnut
Donbrowski Martin, farmer, h 10 Main
Donelson Alice L., elk, b West, n h

" Hattie M., wid George M., farmer and t g (8), h West n h

" Raymond E. (Mary), farmer and t g (12), h West n h
Donnis Alexander (Josie), farmer, h Prospect

" Joseph, emp Alexander Donnis, b do
Donovan Esther, student, b West n h

" Peter J. (Katie), h West, n h
Doppman Adam F. (Carrie), t g (6), h Chestnut w h

" George (Eva), machinist, h 39 Prospect

' Lawrence (Eva), farmer and t g (6), h Chestnut, w h

" Lawrence, lab, b Chestnut w h
Douyard Edith, nurse, b 54 Elm

" Joseph (Lena), farmer, h 54 Elm
Dubek Francis, dom b 22 School
Duga Paul (Christina), lab, h Chestnut c Prospect

" Stephen (Elizabeth), lab, h Elm
Dugal Archie (Agnes), farmer, h 16 Main
Dulaski Michael (Helen), mason Bridge c Prospect, h do
Dzienian Lena, dom, b 24 School

EBERLEIN CHARLES J., student, b 59 Main
' George (Maria), blacksmith and t g (3 J/0, h 59 Main
" Mary A., b 59 Main
Eddy Trueman (Ruth), lab, h North
Eldridge Edwin H. (Anna), farmer ,h Bradstreet


Englehardt George P. (Theresa), farmer, Bradstreet, n h
" Jacob, farmer, h Bradstreet
" Rupert (Margaret), lab, h West w h
" William F., farmhand, b Bradstreet n h

FASCZA JULIUS (Josie), laborer, h Prospect c Bridge
Field Edgar H. (Mattie), tobacco and onions (16) ,h Brad-

" Edwin W. (Mary), farmer, h Bradstreet

" Marjorie, b Bradstreet

" Samuel H. (Ethel), farmer and t g (16) onions (16), h Brad-
Filepek Charles (Oppolonia), farmer and t g (1^), h21 Chest-

" John, laborer, h Prospect
Fitzgerald David L. (Mary), farmer and t g (3H>), h 44 Elm

" Dennis, farmer, b 87 Main

" Patrick J., farmer and t g (7), h 64 Elm

" Richard, laborer, h 63 Elm

" Richard F. (Kate), laborer and t g (18), 40 Elm

" Thomas, b 64 Elm

" Thomas Jr., farmer and t g (7), b 64 Elm
Fitzgibbons John T., farmer and t g (15), h n h

" Dennis W., farmer and t g, h n h

" Elizabeth A., emp Florence, h n h

" Ella I., sten, r n h

" Margaret A., emp Northampton, b John T Fitzgibbons

" Mary A., emp Northampton, h n h

" Nellie G., emp Florence, h n h
Flynn Catherine, wid Edward, t g (3%), h n h

" Charles, farmer, b n h

" Elizabeth, emp Northampton, b n h

" Katherine M., emp Northampton, bnh
Foley Elizabeth, t g (1^), h Bradstreet
Folten Paul, laborer, b Samuel Osley, h Chestnut
Fortsch Anna, emp Springfield, b 31 Maple

" John (Anna), farmer and t g (5), h 31 Maple

" John Jr., (Shea & Fortsch), b 31 Maple

" Margaret, b 31 Maple

" Regina, teacher, b 31 Maple
Fox William (Susie), onion grower, h Prospect

" — see Ziuelewiycz
Fralick Barnabus, horse trainer Conn River Stock Farm, b 33

Franklin George M., laborer, b 70 Main
Fuseck John (Anna), farmer and t g (33^), h Chestnut

GAIEWESKI FRANK (Paulina), lab, h Porter av
Galiski Alex (Anna), farmer, h Bradstreet n h
Garboski Stanley (Polly), lab, h North


Geis George, farmer, b North
" Otto, farmer, b North
" Jacob (Lottie), farmer, h North
Gendron John (Catherine), farmer, h 52 Elm
Gleeson Margaret, hskpr Rev Thomas B Cunningham, b do
Glinioinowicz John (Mary), farm hand, h Porter av
Goclowski Joseph (Stella), farmer and t g (2), h Prospect

" Josephine, b Prospect
Godin Arthur, elec, b Main
" Ercent E. (Theresa), t g , h Main c South
" Ernest (Emelia), farmer and t g (20), h 17 Valley
" Joseph (Emily), farmer, h Main
" Joseph E. (Sarah), t g, h Main c Valley
" William, h 93 Main
Gogle Fecko (Katie), laborer, h Main

" Joseph (Francis), lab, b 49 Main
Goller Joseph (Margaret), farmer and t g (5), h West, w h
" Joseph lab, b West w h
" Mary, b West, w h
Gondran John (Catherine), farmer, h 52 Elm
Gore Esther, b 35 School
" Harold C, t g, b 35 School
" Raymond W., t g, b 35 School
" William W. (Julia), t g (9), h 35 School
Gorski Frank, lab, b 55 Elm
Gowash Frank, lab, h King

" Joseph, farmer, h King
Grabusky Stanley, farm hand, b Bradstreet
Gracyck John, lab, b 18 Chestnut

Graves Alfred H. (Anna), farmer and t g (32), h 17 Elm
: ' Archie P. (Margaret), farmer and t g (5), h Bradstreet
Benjamin F. (Louisa), emp Porter Machine Works, h Port-
er av
" Carrie L. Mrs., wid Edwin, h 13 Valley

Edwin L. (Elizabeth), farmer, onions, (3) and tax collect-
or, h 64 Main
Fred C, emp Northampton, b Porter av
" Harry E. (Ella), onion dealer, h 10 School

Mary, student, b Bradstreet
' Mary A., wid Thaddeus Sr, h 45 Main
Minnie, wid Lyman

Murray B. (Emma), farmer and t g, b 17 Elm
1 Thaddeus (Cora), farmer and t g (20), h 37 Elm
Walter L. (Leroy), electrician and plumbing, Maple c Main
h 13 Valley
Greenough William Jr. (Elsie), lab, b 35 School
Gresh W K & Sons, cigar mfrs and leaf tobacco dealers, Norris-

town, Pa, 84 Main
Gutfinski Andrew (Anronia), lab, h Elm
Gutowski John (Agnes), farmer and t g (10), h King


HADE MARGARET, h 45 School

Hadley Walter (Harriet), treas Pomeroy Bros Inc, h 18 Elm

Hafey J. N. (Nellie), farmer, Bradstreet

" T. J. (Mollie), farmer, h Bradstreet
Hampshire Manufacturing Co,mfr Spark Plugs, V Keller, mgr

Harris Carleton, farmer, h Bradstreet

" Helen L., sten, r Bradstreet

" Scott, farmer, b Bradstreet

" Leon E. (Minnie), farmer, h 25 School
Harubin Joseph, emp G P Englehardt, b do

" Tufield (Mary), farmer, h Bradstreet
Hatfield Garage The (Balise & Stenglein), Prospect

" Onion Storage Co., William E Boyle pres, M W Boyle,
treas, P W Mullins, mgr, E L Graves salesman, ononi
growers, dealers and storage, Bridge n B & M depot
w h
Hawley Dennis E., onion and t g (4), h 83 Main
Hayduck Joe, lab, b Bradstreet
Hayes John C. (Minnie), farmer, t g (15), Straits rd

" Michael W. (Margaret), t g (10), h 32 School
Helinski Joseph (Anna), lab, h Prospect
Hickey Anna, phone opr, b 43 Main
Hieden Frank, foreman Porter Mch Co, h Porter av
Hilbert Andrew Mrs., h West, w h
Hojnoski Frank (Helen), barber, b Prospect
Holich Cristine, b State rd n h

" John, farmer, b M Janos

" Paul (Susie), farmer and t g (11), hn h

" Paul Jr., lab, b State rd n h

" Susan, b State rd n h

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