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James W. T. Davis, postmaster;
Harold H. Moakler, asst. post-
master; Edward J. O'Brien, Henry
T. Martin, Everett F. Pierce, John
L. Shea, Martha R. Wiley, Fred L.
Hill, clerks; letter carriers, Floyd S.
Jones, Rupert R. Marsh, Horace
H. Wolcott, Frank W. Prescott; R.

D. carriers, Francis B. Lyman,
No. 1, Harold F. Murray, No. 2,
Ernest E. McAvoy, No. 3

Office hours from 7. 30 a. m. to
8.15 p. m.

Rural Delivery Route No. 1
serves South East St., Belcher-
town Road, Kelloggvillc, Bay Road,
West St., South Pleasant St. Ex-
tension, Maple St. (Hadley;, Mur-
ray's Corners (Kadlcy,. No. I,
Pelham rd, Pelham, West Pelham,
part Shutesbury and part Dwight
Station. No. 3, N. East, N. Pleas-
ant, N. Amherst, N. Hadley, and

Newton D. Crossrran, postmaster;
Mary Harrington, elk

Postmaster, Perley O. Folsom


J. King, postmaster


Amherst Public Library, Town
Hall. Number of Volumes, about
15,000. Librarian, Katherine L.
Powell. Pres, vacant; v-pres, A.
L. Hardy; sec, Frederick Tucker-
man; treas, E. W. Carpenter.
Board of Managers, E. W. Car-
penter, F. Tuckerrran, H. T.
Cowles, A. L. Hardy, Charles R.
Green. Open 3 to 5.30 p. m. Mon-
day and Wednesday 3 to 5.30 and
7 to 9 p. m. Saturday

Jones Memorial Library, Amherst

North Amherst Public Library,
Leverett St. Librarian, Mary E.
Harrington. Open Wednesday and
Saturdavs from 2 to 5 and 6.30 to
8.30 p. m. Contains 3000 volumes.
Pres, Walter D. Cowls; scc'y and
treas Charles H. Haskins


Wesley Methodist Episcopal
Church, Main Street. Pastor Rev.
Frederick A. Leitch. Services: Sun-
day 10.45 a. m.; S. S., 12 m.,
Evening services, 7p.m.

Second Congregational Church.
East Amherst. Pastor Rev. Claire
F. Luther: Services Sunday, preach-
ing 10.45 a. m., Y. P. S. C. E. 7 p. m.

First Congregational Church,
Main Street. Organized 1739, in-



corporated 1904. Pastor, Rev. J. A.
Hawley, res Hitchcock. Services:
Sunday preaching 10.45 a. m.; S. S.,
12 m., supt, C. R. Greene; Y. P. S.
C. E. meeting, 7 p. m.; clerk, Susan
I. Whitaker; prayer meeting, Thurs-
days 7.30 p. m.

Grace Church Episcopal, Bolt-
wood avenue. Rector, Rev. H. C.
Parke. Sunday services : Holy Com-
munion, 7.45 a. m. Church School
9.45 a. m.; morning service 10.45 a.
m. ; Holy Communion 1st and 3rd
Sundays, Morning Prayer, alter-
nately. Evening Prayer 5 p. m. ; E.
L. Millington, treas

College Church, College Hill. Or-
ganized 1826. Services: Sunday
preaching 10.45 a. m.; Y. M. C. A.
at 6.45 p. m.

First Baptist Church, South Pleas-
ant Street. Organized 1827, re-
organized 1832. Pastor, Rev. Asa R.
Dilts, res 5 Northampton rd. Ser-
vices: Sunday preaching 10.45 a.
m.; S. S, 12 m, supt, E. L. Dish; Y.
P. S. C. E. meeting, 6.30 p. m. ; even-
ing service, 7.30 p. m.; weekly
prayer meeting, Thursday 7.30 p.

St. Bridget's Roman Catholic
Church, Pleasant St. Organized
1869. Pastor, Rev. John J. O'-
M alley; asst, Rev. James P. Cos-
tello. Services : 7.30 a. m. week days ;
Sunday, 7.30, 8.45 and 10.45 a. m.;
S. S. 9.15 a. m. Vespers and Bene-
diction 3.30, p. m.

Hope Congregational Church,
Gaylord Street. Pastor Rev. Mau-
rice N. Green. Services: Sunday,
preaching 7.30 p. m.; S. S. 12.15 p.
m.; Y. P. S. C. E. 6.15 p. m. prayer
meeting, Wednesday 8 p. m.

Methodist Episcopal Church,
Cushman. Organized 1849. Pastor
Frederick A. Leitch. Services: Sun-
day, S S, 1.15 p. m.; preaching 2.30
p. m. Y. P. S. C. E.7. p. m.

North Congregational Church,
North Amherst. Pastor, B. F.
Gustin. Services: Sunday, preach-
ing 10.45 a. m., S. S, 12 m.; evening
service, 7 p.m.; Christian Endeavor,
7.45, supt Howard Parsons; Parish
treas, N. D. Grossman; Church
treas, Frank Loomis

South Congregational Church!
South Amherst. Pastor, Rev. W-
H. Thurston. Services: Sunday,
preaching 10.45 a. m.; S S, 12m; Y.
P. S. E., 7 p. m.

A. M. E. Zion Church, Woodside
av. Pastor, Rev. F. T. Washington.
Services, Sunday worship 11:00 a.
m.; S. S. 12.15 p. m.; prayer meet-
ing Thursday 8 p. m.

Unity Church, Pleasant Street.
Pastor R.ev. H. G. Ives; pres, W. P.
Brooks; sec, James A. Foord.
Services, 10.45, p. m. Evening
service 7.30 p. m., treas, Harry E.
Barlow; Services 10.45 a. m.

Societies, Clubs, Associations,


A. O. U. W.

Amherst Lodge No. 188. Meets

1st and 3rd Mondays at Masonic

Temple. M. W., George H. Knightly,

rec, Rev. W. H. Kelley

A. O. H

Division No. 5. Organized 1896.
Pres, John White; v-pres, Finan
Moriarty; rec sec, Henry Martin;
fin sec, R. J. Knightly. Meets 2nd
and 4th Wednesdays in K of C

Ladies Auxiliary. Organized 1906.
Pres, Mary H. White; rec sec,
Agnes Doherty; fin sec, Anna Hon-
nay. Meets 2nd and 4th Thurs-
days in K of C Hall.


Mt. Doma S. Pleasant, pres. A.
H. Dakin; treas. F. C. Kenney


Range on Mountain View at
"The Notch." Pres, H. A. Thomas
sec. and treas, Frank Nestle


Pres, George Cutler Jr.; v-pres,
Walter D. Cowls; sec. Mrs. Clara
S. Clark; treas, Caroline T. Hunt


Pres, Mrs. K. L. Butter field; clerk
Mrs. F. P. Rand; cor sec, Caroline
T. Hunt; treas, Edith Dickinson.
Meets 1st and 3rd Mondays at 3.15
p. m. at Masonic Hall.


19 South Pleasant. Pres, Prof.
James W. Crook; sec, C. H. Ed-
wards; treas, G. Edward Fisher.
Meets 1st Tuesday in January,
April, July and October. Annual
meeting in April. Club Rooms 19 S



D. A. R.

Mary Mattoon Chapter. Regent,
Mrs. Jessie A. Thompson, v-regent,
Mrs. Nellie G. Elder. Meets third
Tuesdays, October to May

G. A. R.

E. M. Stanton Post, W. R. C.
Pres, Mrs. Ruby Jewett; S. V.,
Mrs. Harriet Wales; J. V., Mrs. Lila
Reed; treas, Clara Parker; sec,
Mrs. Minnie Tenney. Regular
meetings 1st and 3rd Wednesday
evenings in Pacific Hall

Mason W. Tyler Camp No. 76,
Sons of Veterans. Com, C. J. King;
S. V. C, F. Brainard Lyman; sec,
Alfred Goodale; treas, F. P. Scott.
Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays in
Court Room.


Pres, Charles S. Walker; elk,
Caroline T. Hunt; treas, George
Cutler; librarian, Sabra C. Snell.
House Amity c N Prospect. Open
Tuesdays and Fridays May 1st to
October 1st

I. O. O. F.

Amherst Lodge No. 152. Sessions
every Mondav 7.45 p. m., in Odd
Fellows Hall.' N. G., Warren A.
Witt; V. G. Roger C. Brown; fin
sec, William H. Abbott; rec sec,
Frank M. Hawley ; treas, Charles T.

Orient Lodge No. 167, D. of R.
N. G., Carrie Willis; V. G., Mrs.
Mary Whitcomb; sec, Mrs. Belle
Hawley; treas, Lillian Guilford.
Meets in Odd Fellows Hall 2nd and
4th Fridays

I. O. R. M.
Norwottuck Tribe No. 128.

Sachem, Paul H.Campbell; C. of R.,
H. H. Graves, Jr. Meets Thurs-
day evenings at Pacific Hall.

K. of C
Amherst Council No. 1819. G. K.,
H. T. Martin; D. G. K., W. H. Dal-
ton, treas, R. J. Knightly; fin sec,
Thomas H. Kelley; cor sec, Philip H.
White. Meets in K of C. Hall 1st
and 3rd Wednesdays


Gavin Court No. 226. C. R.,

Helen Foley; treas, Mrs. Horace

Thayer; fin sec, Anna Dufficy; rec
sec. Agnes Martin. Meets K of C
Hall 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 8

Pacific Lodge, A. F. & M. W. M.,

H. H. Wolcott; S. W., E. F. Bridge-
man; J. W., D. M. Billings; sec. B.
E. Mellor; treas, E. W. Elwell.
Meets Tuesday before full moon at
Masonic Temple

Amherst Royal Arch Chapter.

E. H. P., L. S. Walker; S., F. H.
Hawley; treas, F. C. Kinney; sec,

F. W. Bailey. Meets 2nd Thursday
in Masonic Temple.

Unity Chapter No. 66, O. E. S.
W. M., Mrs. W. P. B. Lockwood;
W. P., L. S. Dickinson; A. M., Mrs.
John Mullen; sec, Mrs. Catherine
Johnson; treas, Mrs. Margaret
Curtiss. Meets 2nd and 4th Wednes-
days in Masonic Temple.

N. E. O. P.
Eagle Lodge No. 145. W., Fred
H. Stacy; V. W., James H. Lovett;
rec sec, Mrs. Mabel Stacy; fin sec'y,
Charles T. Fish. Meets 2nd and
4th Tuesdays at 6 Boltwood av


Pres, Mrs. E. B. Kingsbury; sec,
and treas, Minnie Ball. Meets 2nd
and 4th Thursday of each month.

P. OF H.

Amherst Grange No. 16. M.,
Fred Kentfield; sec'y, Mrs. Florence
Goodell; O., Arthur Flynn; treas,
A. B. Palmer. Meets 1st and 3rd
Fridays at I. O. O. F. Hall.


Pres. E. P. Bartlett; treas, J. F.
Dickinson; Club House, N. Belch-

W. C. T. U.

Pres, Mary H. Scott; sec, Jennie
Nichols; treas, Mary H. Scott.
Organized July, 1876. Meets 3rd
Fridays, at First Church Parish



(Executive Committee)

Pres, Kenyon L. Butterfield, sec,

Laurence H. Parker, treas, Arthur

H. Dakin



(Amherst Branch)
Pres-director, S. B. Haskell; sec.
G. A. Thelin; treas. Cady R. Elder


Pres, G. E. Fisher; sec. J. J.
O'Connell; treas, E. M. Bolles


Wildwood Cemetery, Strong St.
Pres, George Cutler; treas, E. F.

West Cemetery, 39 Pleasant

North Amherst Cemetery, E

South Amherst Cemetery, East s a

Incorporated May 7, 1662. Shire
town, Northampton


Clerk of Courts — Haynes H
Chilson, Northampton

Treasurer — Kirk H. Stone,

Judge of Probate — William G.
Bassett, Northampton

Register of Deeds — Charles H.
Chase, Northampton

Medical Examiner — Edward W.
Brown, M. D., Northampton

Judge District Court — John B.
O'Donnell, Northampton

Special Justices — John L. Lyman,
Easthampton, John W. Mason,

Probation Officer Superior Court
— George H. Bean, Northampton

Probation Officer District Court
— John L. Sullivan

Clerk of District Court — John A.
Crosier, Northampton

County Commissioners — N.
Seelye Hitchcock, chairman, East-
hampton; Clarence E. Hodgkins,
Northampton; Alvin R. Wilson, S.

Associate Commissioners — Mil-
ton S. Howes, Cummington; Wil-
liam H. Murphy, Hadley

Sheriff— Albert G. Beckman

Jailer and Master — Edwin D.
Leavitt, Northampton

Deputy Sheriffs— David H. Till-
son, Amherst; Seth W. Kingsley,
Hatfield; John Mullen, Amherst;
Guy C. Allen, Jr., Belchertown;
Franklin J. Browning, Ware; Bar-
tholomew W. Buckley, Ware; George

E. Cook, Middlefield; Charles M.
Cudworth, Worthington; John W.
Donohue, Huntington; Arthur F.
Grover, Easthampton; Harry B.
Hess, Enfield; Frank A. Heyne, S.
Hadley; Leon J. Lavallee, North-
ampton; Edwin D. Leavitt, North-
ampton ; Albert W. Nichols, Chester-
field; George E. O'Donnell, East-
hampton; Frank J. Reardon. Had-
ley; Michael J. Ryan, Williamsburg;
Henry J. Sargent, Northampton;
George V. Warner, Williamsburg;
Alfred J. Preece (Special), North-


Supreme Judicial Court — Jury
sitting third Tuesday of April law
sitting first Wednesday after third
Tuesday of September at North-
ampton in even years; odd years at

Superior Court — (Civil and
Criminal), third Monday of
February; first Monday of June;
third Monday of October

Probate Courts — Northampton,
first Tuesdays of every month;
Amherst, second Tuesdays of Janu-
ary, March, June, August and
November; Belchertown. second
Tuesday in May and October ; Vv'are,
second Tuesday, February, Septem-
ber and December, third Tuesday of
June; Williamsburg, third Tuesday
of May and October

District Court — Northampton,
every day at 9 a. m. Saturday is the
day for entry, and Monday for trial
of civil cases. Amherst, first and
third Wednesdays of each month;
Huntington, second and fourth
Thursdays of each month; Belcher-
town, Easthampton and Cumming-
ton, when public business requires.
Ware, daily at 9 a. m. for criminal
cases. Civil session every Friday at
10 a.m.

County Commissioners — Meet-
ings held on the first Tuesday of
every month except the month of
November; in November, the re-
gular monthly meeting shall be held
on the first Wednesday

Governor — Channing H. Cox,


Lieutenant Governor — Alvan T.

Fuller, Maiden



Secretary of the Commonwealth-
Frederick W. Cook, Somerville

Treasurer Receiver General —
James Jackson, Westwood

Attorney General — J. Weston
Allen, Newton

Auditor — Alonzo B. Cook, Bos-

Executive Department from
March 4, 1921 to March 4, 1925
Warren G. Harding, Ohio, Presi-

Calvin Coolidge, Massachusetts,

Charles E. Hughes, New York,
Secretary of State, John W. Weeks,
Massachusetts, Secretary of War,
Edwin Denby, Michigan, Secretary
of Navy, Albert B. Fall, New
Mexico, Secretary of The Interior,
Herbert C. Hoover, California,
Secretary of Commerce, Andrew W.
Mellon, Pennsylvania, Secretary of
The Treasury, Henry C. Wallace,
Iowa, Secretary of Agriculture,
James J Davis Pennsylvania,
Secretary of Labor, Will H. Hays,
Indiana, Postmaster General, Wil-
liam H. Daugherty, Ohio, Attorney

H. A. Manning Co,

Publishers of

Directories and Maps

Directories and City Maps

for Cites and Towns in New England
and New York State.

Diredory or Map of any

City or Town in United States or Canada Furnished.
Springfield, Mass.

Schenectady, N; Y.

Members Association North American Directory Publishers



Streets, Roads, Avenues

Abbreviation — N. A., North Am-
herst; S. A., South Amherst; opp,
opposite; M. A. C, Massachusetts
Agricultural College.
Allen, fom Fearing north to Phillips
Amity, from 1 S Pleasant west to

Hadley line
Baker, off Snell, south
Baker Place, from 97 Pleasant east
Bay Road, S. A. from Hadley line

easterly to Belchertown
Belcher town Road, from East E A

to Belchertown line.
Beston, off 17 McClellan.
Boltwood Avenue, from Main at

Town Hall south, to Amherst

B utter fied Terrace off from 87

Canton av from 42 Whitney east
Chestnut, from 44 High, to 43 East

Clark (Mt Pleasant), off 121 Pleas-

Clifton Avenue, from 21 High, to 46

College Avenue, from Main, opp
Lessey, south to Spring

College, from Boltwood Avenue to
-C*asi. ill A

Cook Place, rear 40 Main

Cottage, from Triangle to Chestnut

Cowles Lane, from Pleasant, to
North Prospect

Cowls, from Leverett, N A, to
Sunderland rd

Dana, from Amity to Northampton

Depot road from S. Amherst center
to town line

Depot (Kelly Square), from Main
at C V Ry station south to

Dickinson, from 39 Main south to

Eames Avenue, north from Chest-

Eastman Lane, east from N Pleas-
ant byd experiment sta.

East Pleasant, from 39 Pleasant to

Elm, from 40 Lincoln Avenue to
Sunset Avenue

Farview Way, west from Pleasant
beyond M A C grounds

Fearing, from 80 Pleasant west to

Flat Hill, Cushman, from North
East to Market

Gaylord, from 11 South Prospect to
16 Lincoln Avenue

Gray, from 60 Main north

Green The, S A Center

Grove, east from 55 Whitney

Hadley rd from South Pleasant at
Mill Valley to Hadley Line

Hallock, from 44 Pleasant west to
North Prospect

Harvard, from High to Whitney

Hazel Avenue, from Northampton
road southerly

High, from 75 Main to Chestnut

Hillcrest pi, from S Pleasant west

Hillside, northerly from Fearing to
North Hadley road

Hitchcock, from Main near Congre-
gational Church, South to College

Kelley Square, near Central Ver-
mont Station

Kellogg Avenue, from 29 Pleasant

Kendrick Place, north from 12
Northampton rd

Lessey, from 40 Main, opp town hall
to Trinagle

Levreett, from Pleasant to Congre-
gational Church, N A to Leverett

Lincoln A enue, from 15 North-
ampton road to M A C

Main, from 1 South Pleasant east to
Pelham line

Market, Cushman, State to Shutes-
bury line

Mattoon, from 15 Triangle north
and east to Taylor

McClellan, from 50 Pleasant west to
Lincoln Avenue

McClure from 43 Fearing North to
N Hadley rd

Meadow, from Pleasant opp Con-
gregational Church, N A west to
Hadley line

Mechanic, from East S A, 4 miles
out to and from Bay road S A.

Mill, from; underland road N A,
east to Leverett line

Mill Lane, from South Pleasant at
Mill Valley to East

Warren & Watt Electricians and Supplies





Mountain rd from Bay rd to Notch
Mt. Domo, high ground west of

South Pleasant and south of Snell
Mt. Pleasant, parallel to Pleasant,

north from Triangle
North East S A, from village, north

to Mill lane
North East, from Main E A, opp

East to Cushman
Northampton Road, from South

Pleasant at College hall west to

Hadley line
North Prospect, from 17 Amity

north to Hallock
Nutting Avenue, from Fearing

north to Phillips
Orchard, from Northampton rd to

Woodside Avenue
Paige, from 40 McClellan north
Pease Avenue, off Hallock
Pelham Road, east of Main
Phillips from 90 Pleasant to

Nutting Avenue
Pine, from Pleasant N A to North

East, Cushman
Pleasant, from South Pleasant at

Amherst House to North Am-
herst Church
Pomeroy Lane, from East S A to

West S A.
Potwine Lane, from East S A below

the church to West S A
Printing House Square, from 26

Main to 1 1 Pleasant
Pulpit Hill Road, N A
Railroad, from Main at Depot

south to College
Roberts Lane, off State to Cush-
Salem, from 110 Main, north
Sellen, from 53 South Pleasant to 16

South Prospect
Shays, S A, from South Pleasant at

Mill Valley to South Amherst

Shumway Avenue, from 108 Main

south to College
Snell, from South Pleasant opp B

M R R depot west to Northamp-
ton rd

South East, from Main E A to Mill

South East, S A, from village south
to Bay road

South Pleasant, from Main st Am-
herst House south to Mill

South Prospect, from 17 Amity to 3
Northampton rd

South Whitney, from 87 Main to

Spaulding, from 96 Main north to
the C V Railroad

String, from 10 Maple Avenue east
to Dickinson

Spate, from Pine to Leverett line,

Stanley Lane, from Belcher town rd
at Kelloggville south and west to

Strong, from 53 East Pleasant east
to North East

Summer, from Leverett N A to
Factory Hollow

Sunderland, from Pleasant N A to
Sunderland line

Sunrise Avenue, from 79 Main to

Sunset Avenue, from 40 Amity
north byd Elm

Sunset Place from 44 Amity south

Taylor, from 17 High, west to Mat-

Thayer, south from Pelham rd

Tillson Court, off 5 East Pleasant

Triangle, from 56 Main north to

Tyler Place, off Lessey north

Walnut, from South Pleasant west

Ward, south from Pelham rd

Webster, from 27 Main south o

West, from Shays S A near the resi-
dence of D. Tiffany to Bay road

Whitney, from 76 Main north

Woodside Avenue, from 6 North-
ampton rd south to Walnut

Over Forty-five Publications

Of New England cities and New York cities




Mutual Plumbing and
Heating Company




Amherst House block, South Pleas-
ant cor Amity
Bank block, 39 South Pleasant opp

Chase's block, 1 to 7 Amity-
Cook's block, 1 to 12 Main
Dickinson's block, 1 to 5 Pleasant
Campion block, 14 to 16 Main
Lincoln block, 30-32 Main
Marsh's block, 18 to 20 Main
Masonic Building, 17 Main
Nash's block, 22 to 28 Main

Sheehan's block, 43 to 47 Main
Judge block, Main below Boltwood

Post Office block, Pleasant near

Pine N A
Sanderson's block 7-1 1^ Pleasant
Savings Bank block, 30 South

Smith's block, 19 Pleasant
Trott's block, 15 Pleasant
Williams block, South Pleasant


Carpenters hall, Printing House

College hall, South Pleasant cor

Northampton rd
I. O. O. F. hall, Kellogg av

Knights of Columbus hall, Cooks

Masonic Hall, 17 Main
Parish hall, Leverett near Pine N A
Town hall, cor Main andBoltwood


H. A. Manning Co,


House Numbering Contractors
for Cities and Towns


We have numbered many towns for post office delivery

38 Parker Bldg.
89 Main St.




Amherst Resident Directory

Abbreviations — In the following pages: assn, association; av,
avenue; beyond, byd; b, boards; blk, block; bldg, building;
bkpr, bookkeeper; c, corner; ct, court; emp, employed; h, house
mis, miles; n, near; opp, opposite; opr, operative and operator;
phone, telephone;, pi, place; rd, road; ry, railway; sq, square;
rem, removed; r, rooms; sten, stenographer; supt, superinten-
dent; tel opr, telegraph; treas, treasurer; ter, terrace; r, rural
delivery; E, East; N, North; S, South; W, West; wid, widow;
dist, district; n a, North Amherst; s a, South Amherst; A &
S St Ry, Amherst and Sunderland Street Railway; B & M,
Boston & Maine Railroad; C V Ry, Central Vermont Railway;
G B B & Son, George B. Burnett & Son; K L & N Co, Knick-
erbocker Leather & Novelty Co; M A C, Massachusetts
Agricultural College; Exp Sta, Massachusetts Agricultural
Experimental Station ; M P & H Co, Mutual Plumbing and
Heating Co.

ABBOTT CARL R., stock clerk M A C, b 35 High

" Charles H., emp M A C, h Dana

" Frank E., emp E D Marsh Estate, h 35 High

" John, prof M A C, r 21 Pleasant
ABBOTT LESTER C prop Abbott's Garage, h 32 High

" William H., (The Star Electric Co), h 35 Northampton rd
ABBOTT'S GARAGE Lester C Abbott prop, Webster see p 7
ABERCROMBIE F C sec-treas Amherst Gas Co, res Turners Falls
Aceman Adam, laborer, h Stanley lane S East
Adair Robert, farmer, h 12 S East
Adamatis Kiab, farmer, h Mill C Cushman
Adams Augustus W., h State, Cushman

" Charles H., milkman, h Pleasant n a

" Fred C, painter and paperhanger, h S East
ADAMS HENRY & CO Mrs Maud Mitten prop, druggists 2-4
Main, see p 25

" Horace, laborer, b Hawley N East

" J. Henry, teamster, Leverett n a

" Rapell, laborer, h N Pleasant n a

" Robert C, farmer, h Pleasant
Aggie Inn, Ye, F A McLaughlin mgr, 103 Pleasant
Ahearn John R., emp M A C, h Strong

" Patrick F., emp A Gas Co, h 44 Whitney

" William F., emp M A C, b Strong
Albee Edward B. Mrs., h State Cushman

" Hervey S., machinist, h E Pleasant 2 mis out

" William D., carpenter, h E Pleasant 2 mis out


Alberty Albert L., pocketbook shop, b 22 High
Alccck J. Richard, asst M A C, b Mrs Alice Puffer
Aldrich Henry C, carpenter, h 97 Main

" Leonander E., emp M C R Co, b Pelham rd

" Royal, emp M C R Co, h Pelham rd, Pelham

" Sam C, farmer, h 29 S East

" Walter S., U S N, b 29 S East
Allen Baxter (G S Allen & Son), b 113 Main

" Chester C, emp Springfield, h 41 Pleasant

" Eliza E., wid Lucien, h 41 E Pleasant

" Fred, emp Holyoke, h Shays, r 1

" George Sprague, plumber G S Allen & Son, 113 Main, h do
ALLEN GEORGE S contractor and builder 110 S Pleasant, h do

" Harry L., emp experiment sta, b 89 Main

" Lena M., sten Pirs' Nat Bank, b Pelham rd

" Lyman, emp M C R Co, h off Pelham rd, W Pelham

" Mary, wid Lysander, h 89 Main

" Minnie, h Belchertown rd

" Nellie M., teacher, h Snell

" Saizie E., teacher High School, h Snell
Alley Florence A. Mrs., b Eames av

" Hattie B., wid Henry, h Eames av
Allis Frederick S., sec A College Alumni Asso, h 40 Amity

" Rufus D., lab, h 92 Main
Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity House, S Pleasant opp Commons

" Gamma Rho Frat House, 90 Pleasant

" Sigma Phi Frat House,. 85 Pleasant St
American Ry Express Co, James Murphy agt, 13 Amity

" Tissue Co, Albert E Renner, supt paper mfrs, Leverett rd,
Ames Ethel (Mrs William W), emp G B B & Son, b 42 Whitney

" Frank M., elk 17 Pleasant, h 21 N Prospect

" Mildred, bkpr George E Fisher, b 9 Spaulding

" Myron W., fireman A College, h 9 Spaulding

" Warren Jr., emp E S Puffer, 1 5 Amity

" Warren W., janitor Amherst College, h 5 Amity

" Willirm W., agt Elec Express Co, Springfield, b 42 Whitney
AMHERST BOOK STORE C F Dyer prop, 3 S Pleasant, see p 30

" Brick Co., Charles Field prop, brick mfrs off S East

" College, College Hill, south of Common

" Creamery Co. (Inc), C T Fish supt, Sunset av

" Free Public Library, Town Hall bldg

" Fruit Store, Baiselotti & Gentoso props, 1 Amity
AMHERST GARAGE CO (Inc) 17^ S Prospect, phone 464, see p 3
AMHERST GAS CO (Inc), 11 N Pleasant, see insert opp name

" High School, 6 Lessey

" Home Aged Women, N Pleasant, N Amherst

" House (Edward C Lane and Mrs Jane C Lane), E C Lane

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