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agt, rooming 1 S Pleasant
" House Livery Stable, Melrose S Paige prop, Amity



The electric motors in your
factories, the lights in your
shops, offices and homes — all
of the multitude of comforts,
conveniences and necessities
which electricity gives to man-
kind are made possible by
the work of your fellow citi-
zens who are the heart and
soul of the public utility cor-

The men who make up the
organization you know as your
electric light and power com-
pany are rendering a service
of first importance to this

Through their loyal efforts
and through the efforts of the
engineers who have planned
it and the stockholders who
have lent their money to build
it, an organization has been
created for YOUR service.

We need your good will and
y( ur need ours, so let us pull
together for the good of all,
remembering that the pros-
perity of THIS COMMUN-
ITY depends on the healthy
development of our industries
and utilities.



• ta

flmberst Cavern

Eouis Pappas, Proprietor

You will find at the


A first-class hotel service

Transients and auto parties receive particular
attention and every accommodation

Modern Rooms
Excellent Cuisine

"J\ fiotel that is fiomeliKe"

24 Pleasant Street Amherst, Mass.

Phone 60


AMHERST LAUNDRY CO (Inc), 3 E Pleasant, phone 3-W, see

under name


FAMILY WASHINGS— Five changes of water; time,

80 minutes

Dirty Linen Kept Separate

Silks Cleaned by Hand Fresh Hot Air Used in Drying

Woolens treated with Pure Soap — even temperature of water

to avoid shrinking

Dry Cleaning a Specialty. Carpets and Rugs Cleaned at

Low Cost

3 East Pleasant Street Amherst, Mass.

Amherst Mfg Co., Inc, mfrs mercerized cotton, Kelloggville,

r 1, Belchertown rd
AMHERST RECORD Carpenter & Morehouse pubs, Cook pi

" Savings Bank The, 11 S Pleasant
AMHERST SHOE REPAIRING CO Damerst & Fotos props, 16 Main

see insert
AMHERST TAVERN THE Louis Pappas prop, 24 Pleasant, phone
60, see insert opp name

" Variety Store, J H Trott prop, 15^ Pleasant

" Vulcanizing Co., Samuel Judd prop, 11 Amity

" Water Co Inc., 37 S Pleasant

' Wax Paper Division Mfg Co (American Tissue Mills),

" & Sunderland Division Holyoke Street R R Co, W W In-
galls supt, office S Pleasant
Amodio Antonio, emp A & S St Ry, b 48 College

" Rose, emp Hills Co, b 48 College
Anastasiadis Paul, emp College Candy Kitchen, r 31 Pleasant
Anderson Alexander, laborer, h 24 McClellan

" Alexander, candy maker 22 Main, r do

" Harry N., emp The Hills Co, h 124 Main

" Paul J., prof M A C, h 25 Lincoln
Angell Ella R., wid Edwin A, dom, r 71 Main
Angus Nelson E., retired, h 33 Whitney
Archibald John G, prof M A C, h Pelham rd, Pelham
Armstrong Oakland, U S A, h 138 S Pleasant
Arnold Frank B., engineer Hills Co, h 82 Main

" Lena M. (Mrs Frank), emp The Hills Co, h 82 Main
Ashley Edgar L., prof M A C, h Amherst House

" J. Clifton, carpenter, h N East, Cushman

" Lilla S., wid, Frank h North East, Cushman

" Sophronia, b N East, Cushman
Asonowicz Stefen, laborer, h Summer n a
Atkins William H., farmer, h S East s a



Atherton Adelaine, student, b 17 Northampton rd

" Fred, carpenter, h S East
Atkinson Geoffrey, asst prof Amherst College, b 2 College

" Guy, emp New York, b 2 College

" Sophie, wid Hoffman, h 2 College

" William, student, r 16 Amity
Atlantic & Pacifhc Tea Co The Great, L Webb mgr,

groceries 7 Pleasant
Atwood Everett, laborer, h 8 Clifton av
Avery Roy C, emp M A C, r 15 Spring
Ayres Clarence E., prof Amherst College, h 95 S Pleasant

BACON A. EDWARD, foreman M R Co, h off Pelham rd,

" Carleton H., lab, b 36 Cowles Lane

" Charles T., laborer, Pelham rd

" Susan L., emp K L & N Co, b 36 Coles Lane

" Viola M., emp K L & N Co, b Coles Lane
Bailey Frank W., emp G B B & Son, r 9 Gray
Baker Albert J., farmer and poultryman, West r 1

" Alice B., b 40 Sunset av

" Arthur, emp B & M, b 132 S Pleasant

" Charles N., emp G B B & Son, h 11 Salem

" George, student, b West, r 1

" Henry J., student, b 11 Salem

" James Stannard, student, b 40 Sunset av

" Jessie A., wid P Ray, opr, h 30 Main

" John A., farmer, h off Chestnut

" L. Ada, teacher, b 29 N Prospect

" Ray Stannard, author and editor, h 40 Sunset av

" Roger D., student, b 40 Sunset pi
Ball Alyn S., laborer, h 94 Main

" Clarabelle P., wid Wm 0,bWB Hatch

" George H., farmer, h Pine n a

" Katherine, wid Charles, b 29 Northampton rd

" Nettie, wid William, dom 3 Allen, b do

" Loren E., student, b 3 Allen

" Minnie L., b 94 Main
Bangs Charles, b 134 S Pleasant

" Edmund I., plumber and steamfitter A College, h 29 Lin-
coln av

" Fannie W., wid Edward D, r Perry House

" Oliver C, h Summer n a
BANGS RAYMOND C dentist Nash blk, office hrs 9-12 and 2-5

p m, tel 75, h 293^ Lincoln av
Banning Joseph, mech, h E Pleasant, Cushman
Banta Luther, asst prof M A C, h 70 Lincoln av
Baranski George, farmer, h S East, s a
Barber Grace M., wid John, hskpr 76 Pleasant, b do


Barden Thomas H., treas-mgr Amherst Mfg Co, res Boston

" Thomas H. Jr., asst mgr Amherst Mfg Co, r Belchertown
rd, r 1
Bardwell A. Frank, sealer weights and measures, h 38 Pleasant.

" Fred H., elk, h 11 Gaylord

" Robert A., wire chief N E Tel & Tel Co, h 1 Alle n
Barisas Nellie, wid Peter, h State, Cushman
Barker Marjorie, dressmaker 76 Main, b do

" Samuel, dyer, h 76 Main
Barkowski Delia, emp K L & N Co, b Pleasant n a

" John, farmer, b Pleasant n a

" Michael, laborer, h Pond n a

" William, farmer, h Pleasant n a

" William, lab, h Pine n a
Barlow Harry E., insurance 157 Main, h do
Barney Helen J., chief opr N E T & T Co, res Northampton
Barnoski George, lab, h West, r 1
Barrett Carl G., physician, h 29 Pleasant
Bartesavich John, farmer, h Market, Cushman
Bartholomew Francis M., poultryman, h 6 S East

" Luella M., prin Kellogg School
Bartlett Birney E., motorman A & S St Ry, b Pine n a

" Eugene P., pres Amherst Water Co and mgr Montague
City Rod Co, h Pelham rd, Pelham

" Herbert, lab, b Summer n a

" Lizzie, wid William H., h Summer n a

" Livingston S., h West

" Myrtle Mrs., teacher, b Pine n a

" Oliver W., machinist, h 22 Gray
Barselotti Andrew, elk 1 Amity, b do

" Elvira (Barselotti & Gentoso), h 1 Amity

" & Gentoso (Elvira Barselotti and Louis Gentoso) prop
Amherst Fruit Store, 1 Amity
Barton Hubert C, farmer, h Middle s a
Basara Michael, lab, b S East

" Nicholas, lab, b S East

" Stanley, farmer, h S East

" Stephen, lab, h Hillside
Bateman Calvin, laborer, h Hazel av

" Elizabeth M., emp Amherst Laundry, b Hazel av

" Frederick C, emp C R Elder, h 22 Railwoad
Bates Donald H., student, b Pine c Pleasant s a

11 Emma L., wid William, b 15 Amity

" Lester J., farmer, h S East, s a

" W. Luther, cond A & S S T Ry, h Pine n a
Bathrick Edward A., emp M C R Co, h Main, Pelham rd
Batistoni Eugene, farmer, h Market, Cushman

" Guerino, lab, b Market, Cushman

" John, laborer, h E Pleasant

" Paul, lab, b Market, Cushman


Baxter Arthur H., prof A College, h 39 S Pleasant, Cushman

Bay Road Fruit Farm, Waugh & Sears prop, Bay rd

Beal William J., retired, b 40 Sunset av

Beaman Nettie, dom, b 68 Main

Beanard William H., student, b 48 E Pleasant

Beaumont Arthur B., prof agronomy M A C, h 51 Amity

Beleski Charles, lab, h Summer n a

Bell Lillian, h 32 Amity

Belun John, laborer, h Sunderland rd

Bement John E., coal dealer 10 Main, h 103 Main

Bennett Charles E., inst Amherst College, h 6 Snell

Rodney E., night watchman, r 20 Amity
Bergeron Albert, mgr 2 Main, h 8 Allen
Berry Abbie S. Mrs., h Pleasant n a
Berube Joseph H., lumberman, h off Main, Pelham rd
Bester Frederick E., emp M C R Co, h Pelham rd, Pelham
Beston Anna, b 44 Lincoln av

John A., plumber M P & H Co, h 35 N Prospect
Kate (K & M Beston), h 44 Lincoln av
K & M (Kate & Mary), milliners 23 S Pleasant
Mary (K & M Beston), b 44 Lincoln av
Mary, wid John, h 44 Lincoln av
Beta Theta Pi Fraternity House, Boltwood av c College
Bianchi Martha Madame, h 44 Main
BIAS ALBERT B caterer 5 Main, h do, see p 33
" Charles H., cook, r 18 Spring

Ernest E., laborer, h Hazel av
" John H., student, b 5 Main
" Joseph, janitor, h 41 Pleasant

Julia Mrs., emp Amherst Laundry, b Hazel av
Mary S., cook, h Hazel av
Maud, dom, b 42 Northampton rd
Bigelow Aram, carpenter, b 39 Main
" Elmer E., carpenter, b 39 Main
" Grace Mrs., emp K L & N Co, h 144 Main

Henry O., h Pleasant n a
" Julia A., bkpr N E T & T Co, b Shays s a r 1 a

Loren A., farmer, h Shays s a r 1 a
" Milford, carpenter, b 39 Main

Ralph, farmer, b Shays sari
' William P., prof Amherst College, h 2 Orchard
Billings Carl, emp Amherst College, h Mill n a
" Dwight B., emp Cle\ eland O, b 10 Tyler pi
" Dwight M., sec-treas The Hills Co, h 10 Tyler pi
' Elizabeth B., student, b 10 Tyler pi
William B., painter Amherst College, h Meadow n a
Bilski Stanley, emp hat shop, h Bay rd, s a r 1 a
Bishop Clifton A., brakeman C V Ry, b 3 Spzulding
' Eleanor F., bkpr M A C, b 3 Spaulding
Emma H., wid Theron C, h 3 Spaulding


Bishop Lucien L., laborer, h 3 S East
Black Alice, student, b 10^ Kellogg av

" Arthur P., student, b 10}^ Kellogg av

" Hattie P. Mrs., h 10 l A Kellogg av

" Robert L., b 10 3/£ Kellogg av
Blackmer Sebre P., emp lab, h Stanley lane, S East
Blagbrough George T., emp M A C, h 4 N East
Blair Lewis M., trucking 12 Northampton rd, h do

" Roy R., ins agt, b 12 Northampton rd
Blake Mary J., housekeeper 6 Fairview way, b do
Blanchard Henry, janitor, b 8 S Prospect

" Henry D., janitor, h 11 S Pleasant

" Kathleen (Mrs Henry), maid 8 S Prospect, h 11 S Pleasant
Blasko Stanley, lab, h Hillside av
Bliss Elsie W, b J W Bliss

" John W., farmer and poultryman, h S East, s a 3 mis, r 1
Blodgett Leonard G., (Blodgett & Spaulding), h 99 Main

" & Spaulding (Leonard G Blodgett and Frederick Spauld-
ing), masons and contractors 99 Main
Boguslaski Martin, farmer, h E Pleasant
Boice Laura, wid Sanford, b The Rangeview, S East s a
Boleman Ruth, teacher Jr High
Bolles Emeline A., wid Lemuel N, b 63 Main

" Ernest M., shoes 8 Main, h 52 Lincoln av

" George W., janitor D K E, b do
Bolster Leon, emp Conn Valley St Ry Co, h Amherst House
Bolter Charles O., farmer, h Bay rd s a r 1 a
Borkowski Joseph, farmer, h Sunderland n a

" Michael, farmer, h Pleasant n a
Boston & Maine Railroad, J H Fletcher sta agt, off S Pleasant

" & Maine Railroad, S Amherst W L Mackenzie agt
Bosworth Edwin D., carpenter, h 61 Pleasant

" George E., contractor and builder 12 E Pleasant, h do
Bothwick Elizabeth, emp Hills Co, r 22 S Whitnev
Bough Gladys M., hskpr, b N East (Miller)
Bourne Arthur I., inst M A C, h 12 E Pleasant
Bowler John, emp The Hills Co, h Main
Bowles Paul D., student, r Inwood Place
Bowman Charles N., h Market Cushman
Boyaji George, emp College Candy Kitchen, r 22 Main
Boyce Charles, student, r 6 Phillips
Boynton Edward H., b Pelham rd, W Pelham

" Ira A., retired, h 32 N Prospect
Brace Gotleib, farmer, h West, r 1
Bradford Mary, wid George, b 92 S Pleasant
Bradley Arthur J., emp 6 Main, r do

" Ethel M., chemist M A C, b 79 Pleasant

" Thomas F., pool room 6 Main, h 27 S Prospect
Bradway Sophronia T., wid Erasmus, hskpr 2 Taylor
Branchaud Michael, farmer, b State, Cushman


Bray Dean W., emp T F P & E Co, h College
Breen Arthur J., student, b 27 Fearing
Bridges William L., emp F S Whipple, r 32 Amity
Bridgman Alson R., blacksmith 123 Main, h do
" Clara A., b Middle, s a

" Edward F., elk Central Market, h Sunrise av
" Gertrude L., farmer, b Middle s a
" Ida May, music teacher, b 123 Main
" Mabel C, bkpr M P & H Co, b 55 Amity
" Matilda M., nurse 33 Lincoln av, b do
" William E., elk First National Bank, r7^E Pleasant
Britt Carleton J., b 11 McClellan
" Johanna (Mrs John), emp The Hills Co, h 14 Railroad
' John J., mason contractor 14 Railroad, h do
" Michael H., carpenter, h 7 S Prospect
" William E., carpenter, h 11 McClellan
Broadfoot John K., cashier M A C, h 130 Pleasant

" Mary, elk M A C, b 130 Pleasant
Brock David S., emp Knickerbocker N Co, h 14 Gray

" Flora, emp S B B & Son, h Valley rd, Pelham
Brockway Franklin E. Jr., (Hough & Brockway), h 117 Main
Brookes George (O'Neil & Brookes), res Dwight Station
Brooks Charles A., emp 2 Main, h 57 Northampton rd
" Rebecca C, b 6 Farview Way

" William P., consulting agriculturist, Mass Exp Sta, h 6
Farview way
Brown Alfred H., broom mfr w a, h Meadow n a
" Alice C, students' boarding house 8 Spring, h do
" Benjamin F., carp, h Main
BROWN CHARLES H harness maker 15 Pleasant, h 12 N Prospect
see p 8
Clara, emp Hervey Parke, b 32 Triangle c Cottage
Clara, emp 50 Main, b do
Clarence, carpenter, b Main, Pelham rd
Egbert W., janitor Masonic Temple, h Triangle
Egbert W. Jr., student, b 32 Triangle
Ellsworth N., dentist 27 Pleasant, h 25 Woodside av
George, prof Amherst College, h 77 S Pleasant
Gertrude, sec A Meiklejohn, h 67 S Pleasant
Gertrude M., b 8 Spring

Gilbert M., emp E A Thompson, b Pelham rd, r 2
Grace Mrs., h 141 Main
Harold E., b 32 Triangle
Helen, emp K L & N C o, b Main
Henry M., machinist, b Sunderland rd n a
James V. B., carpenter, h Pine n a
Joseph, lab, b Main
Leon P., foreman M A C, h 13 S Pleasant
Marguerite Z., student, b 13 High
Marion M., bkpr, G B B & S, b 13 High


Brown Mildred, student, b James V. B. Brown

" Ralph, lab, h Main, Pelham rd

" Robert E., carpenter, b 13 High

" Roger C, electrician M A C, h 36 Whitney

" Ruth, emp M A C, b Pine n a

" Samuel R., carpenter, h 13 High

" Walter E., janitor M A C, h 87 Pleasant

" Warren R., insurance and real estate Savings Bank bldg,
h 60 Lincoln av, tel 54-W

" William H., prin High School, r 22 Dana
Bruce Frank, emp G B B & Son, b 32 High
Bryant Clark R., retired, h 72 Main

" Erwin T., agt Strout Farm Agency, b 72 Main
Buchanan Miriam T. (Mrs Scott), teacher High School, h 5

" Scott M., teacher High School, h 5 Hitchcock
Buell Charles H., carpenter, h West
Bullock James L., student, r 56 Pleasant
Burditt Frank W., laborer, h Pelham rd
Burger Anton B., emp A Mfg Co, h Belchertown rd
Burke Edward, inst, *M A C, r 21 Pleasant
Burleigh Joseph, lab, h Middle s a
Burnap Charles H., emp G B B & Son, h 26 Gray

" Charles H. Jr., emp Greenfield, b 26 Gray
Burnett Charles S., student, b 2 Sunset pi

" Eldridge T., student, b 2 Sunset pi

" G. Brinton, treas George B Burnett & Son, h 8 Sunset p '.

" George B. & Son (Inc), straw hat mfrs, Dickinson

" H. Wootton, asst treas G B B & Son, b 2 Sunset pi

" Mildred, student, b 2 Sunset pi

" William A., pres George B Burnett & Son, h 2 Sunset pi

" William A. Jr., b 2 Sunset pi
Burnham Harry, emp G B B & S, b 22 High
Burns Albert, b 39 S Pleasant

" Ann, maid 35 Lincoln, b do

" John B., elk, h Pleasant

" Margaret V., bkpr E D Marsh Estate, r 17 Pleasant
Burrington Lulu, wid Clifton, h Summer n a

" Raymond W., mechanic, b Lulu Burrington

" Reginald C, lab, b Lulu Burrington
Burrows Leon, gardener 25 Spring, b do

" Mary (Mrs Leon), maid 25 Spring, b do
Busch Bella E., lab, h 22 McClellan

" William A., lab, b 22 McClellan
Bush Alvin, emp 201 S Pleasant, b do
Bussing Harry, emp Hills Co, r 15 Amity
Butterfield Ira H., farmer, h 37 Sunset pi

" Ken yon L., pres M A C, h M A C Campus
Butterworth Caroline E. (Mrs Thomas), emp M A C, h 6


Butterworth Thomas F., emp M A C, h 6 Phillips
Buttrey Chester N., emp 1 S Pleasant, h 16 Kellogg av
Buxton G. Harold, h West, r 1

CADWELL ESTHER N., wid A J, b 17 High

" Frank A., wood and lumber 23 Pleasant, h do

" George, emp Amherst College, h Woodside av
Calhoun Frederick S., student, b 76 Pleasant
Callahan Ellen, wid John, cook, b 26 Gray

" John H., moulder, h 9 Pleasant
Cameron Daniel, emp D M Rosebrook, b do
Campagnari Peter, farmer, h State, Cushman
Campbell Harry F., carpenter, r 9 Pleasant

" Paul, emp M C R Co, b Pelham rd, W Pelham
Campion Margaret E., student, b 83 Pleasant

" Thomas W., student, b 83 Pleasant
Canavan Annie, h 102 Pleasant

" Charles H., laborer, h 57 Triangle

" Frank T., student, b 102 Pleasant

" Rose, emp N E T & T Co, b 57 Triangle
Cance Alexander E., prof M A C, b 9 Fearing
Capen Andrew, farmer, h Mt rd, sari

" Louis T., lab, b Mt rd, s a r 1
Capin Harry P., emp Hills Co, h Canton av
Cardela Angelina, emp K L & N Co, b John Cardela, Sunder-
land rd n a.

" John, laborer, h Sunderland rd n a
Cardillo Paul, lab, h 48 College

" Razi, emp C V Ry, b 48 College
Carley Alfred G., farmer, b S East s a

" Herbert S., farmer, h S East s a
Carlson Oscar, student, b 66 Pleasant

CARPENTER EDWARD W (Carpenter & Morehouse), h 27 Sunset

" Richard L., student, b 27 Sunset pi
CARPENTER & MOREHOUSE (Edward W Carpenter and C Fred-
erick Morehouse), editors and publishers Amherst
Record and printers Cook pi, see p 34
Carrier Ethel, wid Raymond, sten b 5 Hitchcock
Carroll Charles R., student, h 24 S East
Carter H. Edgar, boarding house, 19 S Prospect
Cary Martha B. Mrs., b The Rangeview s a
Case Frank, lab, h 71 Main
Casey Emily I., wid Karl E, b 7 Sunset av

" William H., emp M S Paige, h 7 Sunset av
Cashman Bridget, b S East \% mis out, r 1

" Daniel, laborer, b S East r 1

" Jeremiah, farmer, h S East r 1

" Margaret, b S East r 1
• " Michael, emp Hills Co, b 19 Spaulding


Cashman Michael, laborer, b S East
Cassin George, janitor, h 12 S Prospect
Castellani Louis, lab, h Mill, Cushman
Cavanaugh Annie M., emp Hills Co, b 23 Gray

" Ellen, wid Patrick, h 23 Gray

" John F., bricklayer, b 23 Gray

" Minnie E., dom 16 College, b do

" Thomas E., mason, r 6 Taylor
Central Market, Peter M Surprenant prop, 5 Main

" Vermont Railway, Main, W H Goodell agt

" Vermont Railway, Cushman, Perley Folsom agt
Cerniwski — see Sernioski

Chamberlain Joseph S., prof M A C, h Mt Pleasant nr Butter-
field ter
Champlin Sarah, wid Dennis, dom 5 Main, b do
Channon Walter, baker, h 45 Northampton
Chapin William T., treas Amherst Savings Bank, h 53 Pleasant
Chapman Electa V., wid Henry D, h 77 S Pleasant

" Lena, library asst M A C, b 77 S Pleasant

" Nellie, priv sec W H H Stowell, b 77 S Pleasant
Chase Harley, janitor Amherst College, r 16 Amity

" Hattie, wid Abraham, b Belchertown rd, r 1
Chenoweth Walter W., prof M A C, h Pleasant n a
Chi Phi Fraternity house 4 College
Chi Psi Lodge, Fraternity House 1 Northampton rd
Chici Dominick, lab, b 149 Main

" Pietro, section boss C V Ry, h 149 Maiii
Chicoine Wilda, wid Frank, h Market, Cushman
Childs Herbert L., emp 7 Amity, res Northampton
Chilson Horace F., farmer, h Mt rd s a r 1
Chow Chin, emp 1 Main, b do
Church Charles, painter, r 3 Pleasant

" Harry, emp M S Paige, r 18 McClellan

" Lucia G., wid Frederick, h Pine n a

" Norman W., teamster M S Paige, r 3 Pleasant
Churchill Alice, teacher, b 21 College av

" George B., prof Amherst College, h 25 Spring

" Hildegard E., student, b 25 Spring
Clark Alice, dressmaker West s a, r 1, h do

" Allen G., farmer, c N Pleasant and Meadow n a

" C. Louise, b Allen G Clark

" Enoch J., market gardener, h State Cushman town line

" Edwin W., bkpr, h 10 Hallock

" George B., farm hand, h E Pleasant

" Katherine, b A G Clark

" Marion, h West a r 1

" Martha, wid William, h Mill, Cushman

" Mary E., h Pinen a

" Mary H., b Mt Pleasant

" Orton L., asst prof M A C, b 16 College


Clarke Annie C, wid James E, housekeeper, b 123 S Pleasant

" Arthur M., teacher, b 123 S Pleasant

" Miriam K., b 123 S Pleasant
Cleveland Charles L., plumber emp G C Moore, h 11 Beston
Clifton John, emp Amherst Gas Co, r 71 Main
Clough Guernsey L., farmer, h S East s a

" William 0., retired, h 147 Main
Cobb Charles W., prof Amherst College, h 75 S Pleasant

" Eleanor, h 75 Northampton rd

" Elizabeth, b 75 Northampton rd
Cody Ellen J., wid John, h 42 High
Coe Truman B., farmer, h West r 1
Coffin Ida L., emp Hills Co, h 12 Hallock

" Robert L., emp Am Ry Exp Co, b 19 Phillips
Cogswell George E., retired, h 79 Pleasant

" Harold, student, b 79 Pleasant
Cole Martha A., wid Luther A, b 5 N East

" Maude R. (Mrs William), teacher, h 5 E Pleasant

" May F., emp Hills Co, b 5 N East

" William R., emp M A C, h 5 E Pleasant
Coleman Catherine, hskpr 10 Tyler pi, b do

" John, laborer, h 14 McClellan

" Nellie, b 14 McClellan
Coles Arnold E., cook, h Hazel av
COLLEGE CANDY KITCHEN Sarris Bros props, 22 Main, see p 33

" Drug Store, Wm H McGrath prop, 12 Main
COLLEGE INN THE George E LaFogg prop, boarding 7 North-
ampton, see p 32
Repairing, Robert Levin prop, 11 3^ Amity
COLLEGE SHOE SHINE PARLOR John M Deacon prop 13 Amity

see inside back cover
Collins Basil P., farmer, b 5 Woodside av

" John H., farmer, h 5 Woodside av

" Nellie F., wid Franklin, nurse 64 Northampton rd, h do
Collis Ada E., emp 31 Lincoln av, b do

" Carleton B., elk F M Thompson and Son, 15 Amity

" G. Edward, emp Amherst Creamery, h 3 Phillips
COLONIAL INN Anna E. Goodwin prop, 101 Pleasant, see p 32
Comings Charles, farmer, h Meadow nr Hadley n a

" Clara, h Flat Hill, Cushman

" Fred L, b H C Comings

" H. C, farmer, h Flat Hill

" Stella, h Flat Hill, Cushman
Condit Dixon, lab, h Bay rd, r 1

Connecticut Valley Street Railway (Mass Northern Rys)
agency at Deuel's Drug Store, Amherst, J A Tag-
gart supt, Greenfield
Connelly Michael J., emp M A C, h Leverett, n a

" John M., emp C V Ry, b 1 Taylor

" John P., emp Amherst Gas Co, h 1 Taylor


Connor Helen R., sten M A C, b 6 McClellan

" Michael G., florist M A C, h 6 McClellan
CONRAD WALLACE E office mgr Amherst Gas Co, h 2 Tyler pi
Converse Memorial Library, J A Lowell asst librarian, library

Con very Edward J., student, h 47 Pleasant
Conway Hannah L., teacher, b Pelhamrd

" Laura, emp Hills Co, b Pelham rd

" Matilda N., wid George W, h Pelham rd
Cook Charles, emp Allen Bros, r 18 Spring

" H. Ward, blacksmith, Leverett n a, h do

" Howard, emp J E Merrick & Co, h Belchertown rd

" Jason O., supt schools, h 22 Dana

" Lloyd C, printer, r 39 Main

" William J., hat wkr, h 4 Taylor
Cooley Edward, farm hand, b Snell

" Elsie H., b 27 S Pleasant

" Fred A., emp Amherst College, h ^7 S Pleasant

" George, emp M S Paige, h Snell

" Howard A., farmer, b Snell

" Rudolph H., elk Am Ry Exp Co, b Snell
Cooper James L, lawyer, h 16 College
Coretsopoulos George (Essex Lunch), b 15 S Pleasant
Corey Charles F., emp Hills Co, h ^8 Whitney
Cosby Ephraim Y., barber 1 S Pleasant, h 15 Amity
Costello James P. Rev., asst pastor St Bridget's Church, b 30

Costos George, cook Essex Lunch, r 8 Walnut
Couche Peter, farmer, h Bay rd s a r 1
Courtney Mary J., dom 8 Dana, b do
Covey George, lab, b Main (Little)
Cowan Dwight H., laborer, h Shays r 1

" Grace, student, b 159 S Pleasant

" Herbert W., emp Holyoke, h 159 S Pleasant

" Lydia, student, b 159 S Pleasant
Cowles Emma L., b 89 S Pleasant

" Fannie C, agt, h 36 Cowles Lane

" Frank T., lab h Main (Thayer)

" Herbert T., v-pres and cashier Nat Bank, h 6 Orchard

" Katherine, emp Amherst College Library, b 6 Orchard

" Sarah, wid Samuel, b 20 Northampton rd

" William, emp New Britain Conn,

" William L., prof Amherst College, h 20 Northampton rd

" Winfred P., farmer, h S East s a
Cowls Albert R., farmer,h Leverett c Summer n a

" Walter D., h Leverett n a
Cox Edward A., carp, b 39 Main
Crafts Cora B. (Mrs Samuel), emp Cook pi, h 134 S Pleasant

" Samuel W., bookbinder Cook pi, h 134 S Pleasant
Cramer George S., prop Variety Market, h 33 E Pleasant


Crampton Guy C, prof M A C, r Entomology bldg MAC

Crandlemere Frederick, carpenter, b 39 Main
Crane Florence E., wid Merritt B, h 94 Pleasant
Critchett Edward R., supt Bay Rd Fruit Farm, h 8 Hillcrest

Crocker Alpheus F., retired, h n Leverett n a

" Charles G., emp M A C, h 46 E Pleasant

" May L., teacher Kellogg avenue school, b n Leverett n a
Crockett Grace F., teacher, r 17 Northampton rd
Cronk Frank, U S A, h 56^ College
Crook James W., prof Amherst College, h 1 College av
Crosby Earle B., emp Hills Co, h 14 Gray

" Mary C, wid Henry A, b 4 Gray
Crossman Charles L., emp C R Elder & Co, h 2 Dickinson

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