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spong. zinc. — Beating pains : Bell, carh.-veg. cic. dros. graph.
Teal. Jcreos. laur. lye. magn.-m. mere, mosch. tnur.-ac. natr.-m,
n.-vom. pids. rhah. sep. sulph. tart. thuj. zinc. — Crampy pains :
See § 1. — Greeping pains: Alum, caust. colch. plat. pids.
rhod. rhus. — Gnawing pains : Alum, am'in. amm-.m. ars,
haryt. calc. carh.-vcg. graph, hep. lach. lye. natr. nitr.-ac.
phosph. plat. p%ds. rhod. ruta. sil. sulph. — Tearing pains:
Aluon. amm. ars. haryt. carh.-an. cupr. Jcreos. lye. mere, n.-vom.
puis. ruta. sep. sidph. — Stitching pains : 1) Am. hry. caust,
colch. dig. lach. rhus. sep. 2) Alum. amh. amm,
haryt. calc. canth. carh.-an. chin. con. cupr. grap)h. ign.
magn.-c. natr.-m. phosph. sidph. — Feeling of fidlness :

1) Ghin. dig. kal. lach. lye. n.-mosch. n.-vom.. petr. phosph.

2) Aeon. am. asa. kcd. mere. mez. staph. — Sore pain : Alum,
haryt. hry. calc. chin, colch. con. hell. ign. Jcal. lach. magn.-c.
mang. mosch. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. ran. sahad. sep. — Gonstric-
tive., contractive pains; \)Amm. carh.-an. carh.-veg. graph,
magn.c. natr. natr-m. n.-vom. sidph. 2) Alum, horax. chin,
coeeid. dig. guaj. kal. lye. mere, natr.-m. nitr.-ac. petr,
pjhosph. plumh. rhah. rhus. sep, sidph. -ac.

§ 7. When the patient suffers especially in the evening :
1) Calc. puis. 2) Carb.-v. lye. phos. sep. sulph.-ac. thuja.
— when pressed upon : \) Ars. hry. lye. n.-vom. sil. 2) Aeon,
amm. calc. ign. lach. natr.-m. puis, sulph. — from stepping:
1) Bry. 2) Anac. baryt. hell. puis, magn.-m. — ^from the
touch : 1) Ars. baryt. natr.-m. n.-vom. phos. sulph. 2) Bry.
calc. con. cupr. lach. mere. natr. spig. — from motion : Ang.
hry. cas. cupr.— from stoo^jing :' Alum. rhus. — from, eating :
Ang. arn. cic. con. sep. tart, verat. — during the sicalloicing of
the food : Baryt. nitr.-a. sep. — after eating: V)Ars. hell. chin.
lach. n.-vom. puis, sulph. 2) Baryt. hry. carb.-v. cham. cic.
coloc. ferr. kal.-bi. petr. phos. plat. sil. — improvement from
eating : Graph, phos. sep. — from a false step : Bry. puis,
rhus. — in the open air: Lye. n.-*^om. — -'mornings : 1) Ars. bry.
calc. natr.-m. 7i.-vom. puis. 2) Chin. lye. j)hos. staph, sulph. —


from xmXking : 1) Calc. phos. puis. sep. 2) Bell, biy, — from
drinking coffee: Cham, n.-vom. — amelioration from coffee:
Cham. — amelioration from cold drinks : Phos. — amelioration
from lying down : Bell. bry. calc. cham. caust. chin, graph,
stann. — at night: Arg.-n. ars. calc. carb.-v. cham, graph, lye.
n.-vom. phos. puis. rhus. sulph. — amelioration by rest : Bry.
cham. — aggravation by fright: Carb,-v. — when sitting: Hep.
puis, sulph. — aggravation from speaking: Caps. natr. n.-vom.
— after drinking : 1) Ferr. n.-vom. 2) Aeon. kal. nitr.-ac. rhod
sil. sulph.-ac. — amelioration from the warmth of the bed :
Graph, lye.

§ 8. The pains are relieved by motion : Calc. chin. — by
stooping : N.-vom. — ^by lying down : Bry. calc. cham. — by ly-
ing on the, back: Bry. — ^by leaning backward: Bell. — by
bending down: Arg.-n. ars. bell. bry. cham. n.-vom. —by sit-
ting : Bry. — by eating: Phos. — ^by eructations: Bell. bry..
dig. calc. con. coloc. lach. — by vomiting : N.-vom. — \ij exter-
nal heat: Ars. coloc. graph, lye. phos. — hj pressure : Bry.

§ 9. Accompanied by vertigo: Lye. n.-vom. puis. — head-
ache: Bell. bry. lye. n.-vom. se\x— redness of face: Bell.;
n.-Yom.— paleness of face : Ars. chin. sep. — thirst: Ars. bell,
n.-vom. — thirstlessness : Puis. — hunger: Chin. ign. n.-vom. — ■■
water-brash : Bry. cocc. n.-vom. sil. — acidity : Bry. carb.-v.
chin. cocc. n.-vom. phos. puis. — eructations: Ars. bell. bry.
calc. cocc. lye. n.-vom. puis. sep. sulph. — hiccough: Sec. —
nausea : Ars. bell. bism. cocc. coloc. croc. lye. mez. n.-mosch.
n.-vom. sep. — vomiting : Arg.-n. ars. bry. calc. carb.-v. cocc.
coloc. lye. mez. n.-vom. phos. plumb, puis. sec. sep. sil. — con-
stipation : Ars. bell. bry. calc. coloc. con. lye. mez. n.-vom.
plumb, puis. sec. sulph. — diarrhcea : Ars. calc. n.-vom. puis.
— cold sweat with anguish : Ars. carb.-v. cocc. coloc. sep. — •
fainting : Ars. bell.

§ 10. Compare: Vomiting; Stomach, weakness of; Colic j
Condition ; Causes, &c.

CATARACT : The best remedies for cataract are : 1) Cann.
caust. con. magn.-c. phos. puis. sil. sulph. 2) Amm. baryt. bell,
calc. chel. dig. euphr. hep. hyosc. lye. nitr.-ac. op. ruta. seneg.
spig. stram. — for cataract from injury by a blow, (cataracta
traumatica) .* 1) Con. 2) Amm. euphr. puis. ruta.

Glaucoma, or blue or green cataract, seems to require prin
cipally : phosphorus.

For RETICULATED cataract give : Caust. and plumb.



IvTasal Catarrh. ?. cepa. cham. dulc.

Prof. C. C. Smith, of Philadelphia, gives'^-^- rumex.^ sanguin.

bllowin^ indications for remedies : euphor. ign. ipec.

,-, , • ^ r • • carb.-v. caust. ecu.

1. baity expectoration. Most promment^p gjj ^inc

remedies, Arsenicum, JSmx Vom., -Pz^/^fl^i//^, en the development
Lycopodmm, Phoi<pJiorus and Sepia. catarrhal affection

2. Transparent mucus like the white of egg.y T[^^j ^
Leading remedy, Natriim Mur.; next, Sid-^;^ of^'he^nose, use,
7hiir : then ^Jtrciirius. nedies : Bry. calc.

Prof. Allen states that Argeiitum iYiYWt?. vom. phos. plat. sil.

las nasal discharge like boiled starch. The^"^^^^ inpants, is

ndications for Arqentum Nit, were afiven v ^\is.t i

, , , • T r\. .'^is- l)Merc. puis,

rem the lectures and materia medica of Prof. lyQ jjitr -ac sil

A.llen. ATARRH, are : Bell.

Dr. Miller reported successful treatment '• <?ulp-,ipec. n.-vom.
)f several inveterate cases of nasal catarrh cimicif . euphr. ign.

VI ^> 77- ^ T J- .• 1 • ^c>m. 2) Aeon. ars.

vith CoraUinni 6. Indication : accumulation

)f serous mucus in the pharynx, occasioning )apt. calc. carb.-v. '^^^^^^ ^
•-onstant hawking and spitting. a4r^(??2?^?/??2 m. nitr,-ac. phytol.^ ^'^-'-^'^-^
V/7/'/c., has constant accumulation, hawkina", ^'^^ suppuration of -^^^^

pitting, thick tenacious mucus. Kt\Ql Kali ^„, ^. ^ ^.

\ ^ >est remedies are \/titr^mn^

ich, has acrid or thick, yellow, ropy discharge sulph., and the xq-^^^'^^^i
rom posterior nares. /kZtZ^

§ 4. J^'or tiie consequences ot suppressed catarrh, give :^*«:v^,?«fc.
Aeon. ars. bell. bry. chin. cin. gels, n.-vom. puis, sanguin. ^^^^/f^ 2-
sticta. sulph. ^ —-*—

If the head be greatly affected, give : 1) Aeon. hell. cham.^n.yv7S^
chin. cin. n.-vom. sulph. 2) Ars. carb.-v. lach. lye. puis. ^o^t^^^.^..

If the ey 65 should be principally affected, give: 1) Bell.^^''-^^-^
cham. euphr. ign. lach. n.-vom. puis, or 2) Hep. mere, sulph. ^^^ f^^^

For asthmatic complaints.^ use : 1) Ars. ipec. lob. 2) Bry.
n.-vom. sulph.

For hronchitis : Aeon. bry. mere, n.-vom. puis. rhus. sulj3h.

§ 5. Particular indications:

-^scTjLus-Hip. : Severe fluent coryza ; burning in the nos-
tril, raw feeling throughout the whole nasal cavity ; discharge
of watery thin mucus from the nose ; formication in the nose ;
burning and stinging in the eyes ; lachrymation.

Ammonium : Stoppage of the 7iose, especially at night ;


from waXking : 1) Cal<
drinking coffee : Chan
Cham. — amelioration fi
from lying dow7i : Bel
stann. — at7iight: Arg
n.-vom. phos. puis, rhi
cham. — aggravation by
puis, sulph. — aggravat]
— after drinking : 1) Fe
sil. sulph.-ac. — amelior;
Graph, lye.

§ 8. The pains are
stooping : N.-vom.^ — b^
ing on the back: Br
beyiding down : Arg.-n
ting: Bry. — ^by eatim
dig. calc. con. coloc. la
nal heat: Ars. coloc.

§ 9. Accompanied I
ache: Bell. bry. lye.
n.-vova.— paleness of fa
n.-vom. — thirstlessness .
water-brash : Bry. coC'
chin. cocc. n.-vom. ph(
calc. cocc. lye. n.-vom.
nausea: Ars. bell, bisn
n.-vom. sep. — vomiting

coloc. lye. mez. n.-vom. j^uv^o. piuiuu. ^xxia. ocu. isep. sn. — con-
stipation : Ars. bell. bry. calc. coloc. con. lye. mez. n.-vom.
plumb, puis. sec. sulph. — diarrhma : Ars. calc. n.-vom. puis.
— cold sweat with anguish : Ars. carb.-v. cocc. coloc. sep. —
fainting : Ars. bell-

§ 10. Compare: Vomiting; Stomach, weakness of; Colic;
Condition ; Causes, &c.

CATARACT : The best remedies for cataract are : 1) Cann.
caust. con. magn.-c. phos. puis. sil. sulph. 2) Amm. baryt. bell,
calc. chel. dig. euphr. he^). hyosc. lye. nitr.-ac. op. ruta. seneg.
spig. stram.' — for cataract fi-om injury by a blow, (cataracta
traumatica) ; 1) Con. 2) Amm. euphr. puis. ruta.

Glaucoma, or blue or green cataract, seems to require prin
cipally : phosphorus.

For RETICULATED cataract give : Caust. and plumb.



I 1. Principal remedies : 1) Amm. ars. cepa. cliani. dulc.
eupat. gels. hep. lach. mere, n.-vom. puis, rmnex. sanguin.
sticta. sulph. 2) ^sc. hep. bell, cimicif. euphor. ign. ipec.
lye. natr. samb. 3) Alum, anac, bry. calc. carb.-v. caust. cou.
graph, hydrast. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. senec. sep. sil. zinc.

§ 2. For the peecuesoey symptoms, when the development
of the catarrh seems to be delayed, with catarrhal affection
of the frontal cavities.^ eyes, &c., use : 1) Amm. calc. lach.
n.'Vom. puis. 2) Caust. hep. natr.-m. 3) Ars. bry. lyc.

For DEY coEYZA, or catarrhal obstruction of the nose, use,
together with the above-mentioned remedies : Bry. calc.
o-arb -V. ign. lyc. natr. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. phos. plat. sil.

Obstruction of the nose in case of new-boen estfants, is
generally relieved by N^ux-vomica or Sambucus.

For FLUENT COEYZA, blcnorrhoea nasalis ; 1) Merc. puis,
sulph. 2) Ars. bell. cham. dulc. hep. ipec. lyc. nitr.-ac. sil.

§ 3. The best remedies for oedinaey cataeeh, are : Bell,
eupat. hep. lach. mere, rum ex. sticta. 2) Ars. dulc. ipec. n.-vom.
sanguin. 3) Cham. puis, sulph. 4) Amm. bry. cimicif. euphr. ign.

For CATAEEH WITH FEVEE : 1) Merc. n.-vom. 2) Aeon. ars.
gels, sabad. spig. verat.-vir.

For cHEONic CATAEEH I Alum. anac. bapt. calc. carb.-v. ^^'^^^^ ^>^
caust. con. graph, hydrast. lyc. natr. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. phytol.^ -"'^'^-^ ^
Sep. sil. zinc. — and the remedies indicated for suppuration oi ^^^•^'^^^'-G^
the nose. vizj>»«isa«- cfc^o

For the disposition to cataeeh, the best remedies are : /t^^'-^ f'l^^ ^'
-^sculus. calc. graph, natr. puis. sil. stict. sulph., and the re- />^^^^*^A^"
medies indicated for cold. /f^-^..„ (>ti


§ 4. For the consequences of suppeessed cataeeh, give i^^yr^^^^^^ -
Aeon. ars. bell. bry. chin. cin. gels, n.-vom. puis, sanguin. ^^f^^ 2- c^
sticta. sulph. ^ cZ^^P^

If the head'hQ greatly affected, give : 1) Aeon. bell. cham.^>wn^«**?^ *-&^
chin. cin. n.-vom. sulph. 2) Ars. carb.-v. lach. lyc. puis. /o-a-t*,«**c,^

If the eyes should be principally affected, give: 1) Bell.^'*>^'^^-^"^
cham. euphr. ign. lach. n.-vom. puis, or 2) Hep. merc. sulph. ''^^^ fri-jc.^

For asthmatic complaints., use : 1) Ars. ipec. lob. 2) Bry.
n.-vom. sulph.

For broyichitis : Aeon. bry. merc. n.-vom. puis. rhus. sulph.

§ 5. Particular indications:

u^scuLtrs-Hip. : Severe fluent coryza ; burning in the nos-
tril, raw feeling throughout the whole nasal cavity ; discharge
of watery thin mucus from the nose ; formication in the nose ;
burning and stinging in the eyes ; lachrymation.

Ammonium : Stoppage of the nose., especially at night ;


swelling and painful sensitiveness of the nostrils ; discharge
of blood from the nose on blowing it, dryness of the nose ;
painful eyes, lachrymation ; epistaxis ; dry mouth, especially
at night.

Arsenicum : Stoppage of the nose, with copious discharge
of a watery mucus and burning in the nose, with soreness
of the adjacent parts ; sleepless night ; bleeding at the nose ;
hoarseness ; buzzing in the ears, headache with beating in
the forehead and nausea ; relief by warmth / absence of
thirst or desire to drink always, but little at a time.

Bryonia : Severe dry coryza with catarrh of the frontal
and maxillary cavities and severe tearing, drawing, twitch-
ing and stitching pains in the affected parts, and when
N.-vom. did not helj).

Chamomilla : Principally suitable to children, or after
suppression of sweat ; with ulcerated nostrils ; chapped lips ;
great drowsiness ; heaviness of the head with dullness ; chills
with thirst ; one cheek is red, the other pale ; acrid mucus
from the nostrils, (frequently suitable before or after Puis.)

Cepa : Profuse discharge of bland water from the eyes
and burning excoriating water from the nose / terrible la-
ryngeal cough, compelling the patient to grasp the larynx
with his hands, for it seems, that the cough would tear it.

CiMiciFUGA-RAC. I Dry coryza with stinging sensation in
the evening / fluent coryza of whitish mucus during the day ;
abundant watery coryza with sneezing and aching pain in the
head and eye-balls ; great se^isitiveness to cold air^ as if every
inhalation brought the cold air in contact with the brain.
Severe pains in the face with lassitude all over.

DuiiCAMARA : Stoppage of the nose with discharge, which
is suppressed by the least contact with cold air ; the symp-
toms are worse during rest and abate during motion ; bleed-
ing of the nose ; dryness of the mouth without thirst ; rough
and hoarse voice.

Gelseminum : Watery discharge from the nose ; sneezing
with dull headache ; tingling in the nose, bloody mucus dis-
charge ; hoarseness ; soreness in the throat and chest ; severe
cough with a metallic sound, somewhat like. croup ; epistaxis.

Hepar ; In all cases of ordinary catarrh^ after partial re-
lief by Merc, or when the patient had been drugged with
mercury ; generally when every breath of cold air causes a
new attack of catarrh or headache ; or when the catarrh is
confined to one nostril and the headache gets worse by


Hydrastis: Constant discharge of thick, white mucus
fi'om the nose with profuse lachrymation ; stuffed up, smart-
ing sensation in posterior nares, with discharge of thin, clear
mucus; sharp, raw, excoriating feeling in both nares.

Lachesis : Where Merc, or Hep. were indicated, but did
not suffice, or extremely copious discharge of loatery 'mucus ^
swelling of and soreness of the nares and lips ; plugs in the
nostrils ; lachrymation ; sneezing ; or when the coryza does
not form itself fully, mth obstruction of the nose ; buzzing
in the ears ; lachrymation, headache, ill-humor and entire
inability to think ; and especially when N.-vom. does not help.

Mercurius : Ordinary catarrh^ whether epidemic or not.
Symptoms : frequent sneezing ; copious discharge of watery
saliva / swelling, redness and soreness of the nose, with itch-
ing and pain in the nasal bones on pressing upon them ; fetid
smell of the nasal mucus ; painful heaviness in the forehead ;
night-sweats, chills and feverish heat ; great thirst ; pains in
the limbs ; desire to be alone ; the symptoms are aggravated
by warmth or cold. — (Compare: Bell. hep. and lach.).

ISTux-voMiCA : Suppression of the catarrhal discharge with
stoppage of the nose ; headache with heaviness in the fore-
head or with stitching or tearing pains ; hot face, especially
in the evening, with burning redness of the cheeks ; rigidity
of the whole body ; vexed mood, vehement ; the catarrh is
fluent in the morning, dry in the evening or at night, with
dry mouth, without much thirst ; feeling of dryness in the
chest ; constipation or hard stools ; or simultaneous stoppage
of the nose and discharge of a burning and corrosive mucuE^
for which Ars. did no good ; or when accompanied by severe
pains in the face. — (Compare : Ars. bry. ipec. and* lach.)

Phytolacca : Total obstruction of the nose^ when riding, so
that one is forced to breathe through the mouth ; not relieved
by blowing the nose ; flow of mucus from one nostril, while
the other is stopped ; mucus discharged with difficulty ; con-
tinual hawking.

Pulsatilla : Loss of appetite ; loss of taste and smell ;
discharge of a yellowish^ green^ thick and fetid mucus /
swelling of the nose ; discharge of blood from the nose on
blowing it ; ulceration of the nostrils ; frequent sneezing ;
photophobia ; rough voice ; dullness and heaviness of the
head, especially in the evening and in a warm room, with ob-
struction of the nose ; amelioration in the oj^en air ; chills,
especially in the evening, absence of thirst, whining mood.
— (Frequently suitable after or before Cham).


RuMEX : Dull headache, worse by motion ; sore feeling in the
eyes, without any external signs of inflammation ; fluent coryza
with painful irritation in nostril and sneezing; bleeding of
the nose ; violent and rapid sneezing ; feeling of dryness in
posterior nares ; cough excited by tickling in the throat-pit
and aggravated by the least current of air ; hoarseness.

Sangutnaria : Fluid coryza with frequent sneezing ; wa-
tery, acrid coryza, making the nose sore ; copious watering
of the right eye ; fluid coryza alternating with stoppage of
the nose ; loss of smell ; rawness in the throat, pain in the
breast, cough and finally diarrhcea.

Sticta-pul. : Premonitory symptoms of catarrh ; exces-
sive dryness of the nasal mucous meinbrane^ which becomes
painful. The secretions dry so quickly, that they are dis-
charged with great effort in the form of scabs ; deglutition
painful from dryness in the throat ; aggravation at night ;
incessant sneezing, burning in the eyes; dull frontal head-
ache, with feeling of fullness at the root of the nose.

Sulphur : Stoppage and great dryness of the nose or co-
pious secretion of a thick, yellowish or purulent mucus ; fre-
quent sneezing ; discharge of blood from the nose on blow-
ing it ; loss of smell ; soreness and ulceration of the nostrils,
&c. — (Suitable after Puis.)

§ 6. Of the other remedies, the following deserve con-
sideration :

Belladonna : After partial effect of Merc, or Hep., the
sense of smell is at times more, at others less keen than
usual ; headache worse from motion ; dull pain in frontal

Euphrasia : Copious discharge of whitish mucus, with red
eyes and lachrymation.

Ignatia : Catarrh of nervous persons, with frontal head-
ache and hysteric nervousness.

Ipecacuanha : After partial effect of Ars. and K.-vom.,
for great debility, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting.

Lycopodium : Stoppage of the nose at nighty dull head,
burning pain in the forehead.

ISTatrum : The catarrh returns every other day ; it is excit-
ed by the least draught of air and does not yield to sweating.

Sambucus : Suitable to new-born infants ; the nose is ob-
structed by a tenacious thick mucus, with sudden starting
from sleep, as if suffocating.

§ 7. Compare : Cough, Catarrh, Suppuration of the nose
and especially : Mucous membranes, diseases of the.


CATARRH, SUFFOCATIVE, Orthopno&a paralytica,
paralysis pidinonmn. — The best remedies are : 1) Ars.
carb.-v. chiii, ipec. lach. op. tart. 2) Aeon, baryt. camph. gels,
graph, puis. samb. 3) Aur. bell. bry. cham. con. clros. hep.
hyosc. ignat. mgt.-arc. mere, n.-vom. phos. spong. sulph. verat.

§ 2. For suffocative catarrh with acciimidation of mitcus
in the hro7ichi^ give : 1) Ars. camph. chin. ipec. tart., or 2)
Carb.-veg. graph, puis. samb.

For APOPLEXiA PULMONUM from congcstion of blood to the
lungs: 1) Aeon. bell. bry. chin. gels. ipec. phos. samb. 2) Ars.
aur. cham. n.-vom. op. spong. sulph.

For PARALYTIC ORTHOPisrcEA, purely nervous or true pa-
ralysis of the lungs : 1) Baryt. graph, hyosc. lach. n.-vom.
op. 2) Ars. aur. carb.-v. chin, mgt.-arc.

§3. The best remedies for children, are : 1) Aeon. ipec.
samb. tart. 2) Bell. cham. hep. ign. mere, sulph.

For OLD PEOPLE ; 1) Baryt. lach. op. 2) Ajs. aur. carb.-v.
con. phos. verat.

§ 4. Compare : Asthma^ Congestion to the lungs., Pneu-

CATARRH OF THE BLADDER : The best remedies,
are : Coloc. dulc. lye. n.-vom. puis, sulph., or also, 2) Ant.
apis, apocyn.-c. calc. carb.-v. chimaph. con. erig. hamam. hy-
drast. kal. phos. stict. uva. — after catching cold : Dulc. puis.
cep. — with bleeding : Hamam. millef.

See Cystitis and Ischuria.

CATALEPSY, Nyctolasis^ Somnamhulism.

§ 1. These diseases are essentially related to each other.
We include them in the same paragraph, in order to give the
reader a chance, in case he should not discover suitable reme-
dies for one form, to study the remedies of the other.

§ 2. For CATALEPSY wc usc principally: 1) Cham. ipec.
plat, stram. 2) Aeon. agar. bell. cic. hyosc. gels. lach. mosch.
verat. 3) Asa. camph. coloc. dros. ign, mere. op. petr.

For SOMNAMBULISM ; 1) Bry. natr.-m. sil. sulph. 2) Petr.
phos. rhab.

For NATURAL CLAIRVOYANCE : Phos. ; also : 1) Aeon. bry.
cicut. hyosc, magn.-arc. 2) Agar, mosch. natr.-m. sil. sulph.

Compare : Spasins / Emotions, morbid, and Dreams.

CAUSES OF DISEASE. — A great many particular causes
have been mentioned in special paragraphs. It may, how
ever, be interesting to the reader to review the principal
causes of disease under one head, as follows :


a) From ahuse of medicines : (See the tlifferent drugs.)

b) From Sexual ahuse: 1) Cah. cliiii. n.-voni. phos.-ac. s'll.
staph, sulph. 2) Am. anae. carb.-veg. con. mere, natr.-m. phos.
Sep. 3) Agar. ars. cin. con. Teal. natr. petr. phos. puis. sil. spig.
thuj. — (Compare : Debility.)

c) From bathing: Ant. ars. hell. calc. carh.-veg. caust.
nitr.-ac. rhus. sassa]). sep. sulp)h. — Compare : Cold.)

d) Inhalation of noxious vapors : (See Yapoks.)

e) If from congelation : 1) Aeon. ars. hry. carh.-veg. lach.
nitr.-ac. puis, sulph.-ac. 2) Agar, camph. colch. petr. phos.
sulph. — Compare : Apparent death.)

f) If from heing heated: 1) Aeon. ant. hell. hry. camph.
carh.-veg. sil. 2) Gaps. kal. natr.-m. n.-vom. op. thuj. zinc. —
Compare : Heat, ill effects of.)

g) From loeariness in walking: Am. hry.cann. chin. coff.
ferr. rhus. thuj. veratr. — (Compare : Woen out.)

h) From violent concussion of the hody : l)Am. hry. cic.
con. spig. 2) Aeon. hell. calc. cin. hep. ign. n.-vom.. phos.-ac.
rhus. ruta. sulph,

i) From riding in a carriage., swinging.^ or some other
passive motion : 1) Ars. cocc. petr. sulph. 2) Colch. ferr.
n.-mosch.sep). sil. 3) Borax, carh.-veg. colch. croc, graph, hep.
ign. hat. natr. natr.-m. phos. plat, select, staph.

k) Yyovo. mental exertion : 1) Bell. calc. lach. n.-vom. puis,
sulph. 2) Anac. am. aur. cocc. colch. ign. lye. natr.-m. oleand.
plat, sahad. sep. sil. — (Compare : Woejst out.)

1) From emotions ; 1) Aeon. hell. hry. cham. coff. coloc.
hyos. ign. lach. mere, n.-vom. op. phos. phos.-ac. plat. pids.
staph, stram. veratr. 2) Ars. aur. calc. caust. cocc. coff'. lye.
natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.-mosch. rhus. sep. sulp)h. — (See : Emotions )

m) From hurtful food or drink. — (See: Stomach, w^eak-


n) From poisonous things or animals. — See : Poisoning )
o) From stings of insects. — (See : Stings of insects.)
p) From physical exertions : 1) Aeon. am. hry. calc. chin.

cocc. coff. mere. rhus. sil. veratr. ''I) Alum. cann. lye. natr.-m.

n.-vom. ruta. sahin. sidph. — (Compare : Worn out.)

q) From derangement of the stomach : 1) Ant. am. ip)ec.

n.-vom. puis. 2) Aeon, ars hry. carh.-veg. chin. coff. hep. ign.

natr. staph. 3) Cede, carh.-veg. cham. hep. natr. natr.-m. phos.

sep. sil. sulph. veratr.

r) From watching : 1) Carh.-veg. cocc. n.-vom. puis.

2) Amh. hry. chin, ij^ec. natr. natr.-m. phos.-ac. ruta. sahhi,

selen. sep. — (Compare: Wobn out.)


s) From getting wet hy ram^ d^c. : 1) Calc. dulc. puis,
sidjjh. 2) Ars. carb.-veg. n.-mosch. rlius. sassap. 3) Ars. hell,
horax. hry. caust. colch. hep. lye. phos. sep. — (See : Cold.)

t) Yvom. intoxication : l)Ant. carb.-veg. coff. n.-vom. snlph.
2) Bell. hry. calc. chin. dulc. natr. nitr.-ac. phos. phos.-ac.
rhus. — (Compare : Drunkards, diseases of, and Worn out.)

u) From loss of animal fluids., hlood-letting ^ dtc. : 1) Calc.
carh.-veg. chin. cin. lach. n.-vom. phos.-ac. sulph. veratr.
2) Ars. con. ferr. ign. Teal. mere. natr. natr.-m. phos. ptds,
Sep. sil. spig. squill, staph. — (Compare : Debility.)

v) For ailments of hahitucd drunJcards : 1) Ars. hell, calc.^
chin. coff. hell. hyos. lach. mere. natr. n.-vom. op. pids. sidph.
2) Agar. ant. carh.-veg. cocc. ign. led. lye. natr.-m. n.-mosch,
ran. rhod. rhus. ruta. selen. sil. spig. stram. veratr.— (See :

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