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Oxford : Clarendon Press.


Philo. About the Contem-

pJative Life ; or, the Fourth Book of the
Treatise concerning Virtxies. Critically
edited, with a defence of its genuine-
ness. By Fred. C. Conybeare, M.A.
8vo. 14s.

Reliquiae Sacrae secundi ter-

tiique saecxJi. Recensuit M. J. Routli,
S.T.P. Tonii V. 8vo. il. 5.9.

Scriptorum Ecdesiasticoruin

Opuscula. Eecensuit M. J. Routh.
S.T.P. Tomi II. 8vo. los.

Socrates' Ecclesiastical His-
tory, according to the Text of Husse}',
with an Introduction by William
Bright, D.D. Crown Svo. 7.S. 6d.

Sozomeni Historia Ecclesi-

afiticn. Ed id it R. Hussey, S.T.B.
Tomi III. Svo. I5,s.

Tertulliani AjMlogetlciis ad-

versus Gentes pro Christianis. Edited,
with Introduction and Notes, by
T. Herbert Bindley, B.D. Crown
Svo. 6s.

de PTaescriiMone

Haereticorum, : ad Martyras : ad Scapii-
lam. Edited, with Introduction and
Notes, by T. Herbert Bindley, B.D.
Crown Svo. 6s.

Theodoreti Ecclesiasticae His-

foriae Libri V. Recensuit T. Gaisford,
S.T.P. Svo. p.ed.


Adamnani Vitcc >S. Columhae.

Edited, with Introduction, Notes,
and Glossary, l)y J. T. Fowler, M. A.,
D.C.L. Crown Svo, half-bound,
8s. 6d. net.

The same, together with

Translation. 9s. 6d. net.

Baedae Historia Ecclesiastica.

A New Edition. Edited, with Intro-
duction, English Notes, &c., by C.
Plummer, M.A. 2 vols. Crown
Svo. 21.9. net.

Bedford (W.K.R.). The Blazon-

of Episcopacy. Being the Arms borne
by, or attributed to, the Arch-
bishops and Bishops of England
and Wales. With an Ordinary of
the Coats described and of other
Episcopal Arms. Second Edition,
Revised and Enlarged. With One
Thousand Illustrations. Sm. 4to,
T)uckram, 31s. 6d. net.

Bigg. The Christ ictnPlatonids

of Alexandria. By Charles Bigg, D.D.
Svo. I OS. 6d.

Bingham's Antiquities of the

Christian Church, and other Works. 10
vols. Svo. 3^. 3s.

Bright. Chapters of Early

English Church History. By W. Bright,
D.D. Third Edition. Svo. 12s.

Burnet's History of the Refor-
mation of the Church of England. A
new Edition, by N. Pocock, M.A.

7 vols. Svo. ll. I OS.

Cardweirs Documentary An-
nals of the Reformed Church of England ;
being a Collection of Injunctions,
Declarations, Orders, Articles of
Inquiry, &c. from 1546 to 17 16.
2 vols. Svo. iSs.

Conybeare . 2'h e Key of T) -uth .

A Manual of the Paulician Church
of Armenia. The Armenian Text,
edited and translated with illus-
trative Documents and Introduc-
tion by F. C. Conybeare, M.A. 8vo.
15s. net.

Lunduu : llKNKv Frowde, Amen Corner, E.G.


Councils and Ecclesiastical

Documents relating to Great Britain and

Ireland. Edited, after Spelman and

Wilkins, by A. W. Haddan, B.D.,

and W. Stubbs, D.D. Vols. I and

III. Medium 8vo, each il. is.

Vol. II, Part I. Med. 8vo, los. 6d.

Vol. II, Part II. Church of Ireland ;

Memorials of St. Patrick. Stiff

covers, 3s. 6d.

Fuller's Church History of

Britain. Edited by J. S. Brewer,
M.A. 6 vols. 8vo. il. 19s.

Gee. The Elizahethan Clergy

ayid the Settlement of Religion, 1558-
1564. By Henry Gee, B.D., F.S.A.
Co-editor of ' Documents Illustra-
tive of English Church History.'
With Illustrative Documents and
Lists. 8vo, los. 6d. net.

Gibson's 8y nodus Anglicana.

Edited by E. Card well, D.D. 8vo. 6s.

Hamilton's {Archbishop John)

Catechism, 1552. Edited, with In-
troduction and Glossary, by Thomas
Graves Law, Librarian of the Signet
Library, Edinbiirgh. With a Pre-
face by the Eight Hon. W. E. Glad-
stone. Demy 8vo. 12s. Gd.

John, Bishof) of Ef)hesus. The

Third Part of his Ecclesiastical History.
[In Syriac] Now first edited by
William Cureton, M.A. 4to. il. 12s.

The same, translated by

E. Payne Smith, M.A. 8vo. los.

Le Neve's Fasti Ecclesiae

Anglicanae. Corrected and continued
from 1715 to 1853 by T. Duffus
Hardy. 3 vols. 8vo. il. is.

Noelli (A.) Catechismus sive

prima institiiHo disciplinaqiie Pietatis
Christianae Latine explicata. Editio
nova cura Guil. Jacobson, A.M. 8vo.

5.5. 6d.

Ommanney. A Critical Dis-
sertation on the Athanasian Creed.
By G. D. W. Ommanney, M. A.

Svo, \6s.

Records of the Reformation.

The Divorce, 1527-153 3. Mostly now
for the first time printed from MSS.
in the British Museum and other
Libraries. Collected and arranged
by N. Pocock, M.A. 2 vols. 8vo.
\l. 1 6s.

Reformatio Leguni Ecclesias-

ticarum. The Eeformation of Eccle-
siastical Laws, as attempted in the
reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI,
and Elizabeth. Edited by E. Card-
well, D.D. 8vo. 6s. 6d.

Shirley. Some Account of the

Church in the Apostolic Age. By WW.
Shirley, D.D. Second Edition. Fcap.
Svo. 3s. 6d.

Stubbs. Registonion Sacrum

Anglicanitm. An attempt to exhibit
the course of Episcopal Succession
in England. By W. Stubbs, D.D.
Small 4to. Second Edition. los. 6d.

Turner. Ecclesiae Occiden-

talis Monumenta luris Antiquissima :
Canonum et Conciliorum Grae-
corum Interpretationes" Latinae.
Edidit Cuthbertus Hamilton
Turner, A.M. Ease. I. pars. I.
4to, stiff covers. los. 6d.


Bradley. Lectures on the

Book of Job. By George Granville
Bradley, D.D., Dean of Westmin-
ster. Crown Svo. 7s. 6d.

Lectures on Ecclesiastes.

By the same. Second Edition. Crown
Svo. 5s. 6d.

Bull's Works, with Nelson's

Life. Edited by E. Burton, D.D.
8 vols. Svo. 2I. gs.

Burnet's Exposition of the

XXXIX Articles. Svo. 7s.

Oxford : Clarendon Press,


Butler's Works. Divided into

Sections ; with Sectional Headings ;
an Index to each vohime ; and some
occasional Notes ; also Prefatory
Matter. Edited by the Right Hon.
W. E, Gladstone. 2 vols. Medium
8vo. 14s. each.

Cranmer's Works. Collected

and arranged by H. Jenkyns, M.A.,
Fellow of Oriel College. 4 vols.

Svo. I?. I OS.

Enchiridion Theologicum


Vol. I. Jeremy Taylor's Dissua-
sive from Popery, and Treatise
on the Real Presence. Svo. 8s.

Vol. n. Barrow on the Suprem-
acy of the Pope, with his Dis-
course on the Unity of the
Church. Svo. 7s. del.

Vol. III. Tracts selected from
Wake, Patrick, Stillingfleet,
Clagett, and others. Svo. i is.

Greswell's Harmonia Evan-

ijelica. Fifth Edition. Svo. 9s. 6d.

Hall's Works. Edited by P.
Wynter, D.D. 10 vols. Svo. ^l. 3s.

Heurtley. Harmonia Sym-

holica : Creeds of the Western Church.
By C. Heurtley, D.D. Svo. 6s. 6d.

Homilies ai^pointed to he read

in Churches. Edited by J. Griffiths,
D.D. Svo. 7s. 6d.

Hooker. An Introduction to

the Fifth Book of Hooker's Treatise of
the Laws of Ecclesiasticcd Polity. By
F.Paget, D.D. Medium Svo. 7s. 6f?.

Works, with his Life

by Walton, arranged by John Keble,
M.A. Seventh Edition. Revised by
R. W. Church, M.A., Dean of St.
Paul's, and F. Paget, D.D. 3 vols,
medium Svo. i?. i6s.
*:jc* For the convenience of purchasers,
Vol. II of this edition {Ecclesiasticcd
Polity, Book V), is sold separately, price
Twelve Shillings.

Hooker. The Text as arranged

by J. Keble, M.A. 2 vols. Svo. us.

Jackson's (Dr. Thomas) Works.

1 2 vols. Svo. 3?. 6s.

Jewel's Works. Edited by R.

W. Jelf, D.D. 8 vols. Svo. il. los.

Martineau. A Study of Re-
ligion : its Sources and Contents. By
James Martineau, D.D. Second Edi-
tion. 2 vols. Crown Svo. 15s.

Patrick's Theological Works.

9 vols. Svo. ll. IS.

Pearson's Exf)osition of the

Creed. Revised and corrected by
E. Burton, D.D. Sixth Edition. Svo.

1 OS. 6d.

Minor Theological Works.

Edited with a Memoir, by Edward
Churton, M.A. 2 vols. Svo. los.

Sanderson's Works. Edited by

W.Jacobson,D.D. 6vols. Svo. il.ios.

Stillingfleet's Origines Sacrae.

2 vols. Svo. 9s.

Rational Account of the

Ch-ounds of Protestant Relicjion ; being
a vindication of Archbishop Laud's
Relation of a Conference, &c. 2
vols. Svo. I OS.

Taylor. The Oxyrhynchas

Logia and the Apocryphal Gospels. By
the Rev. Charles Taylor, D.D. Svo,
paper covers. 2s. 6d. net.

Wall's History of Infant Bap-
tism. Edited by H. Cotton, D.C.L.

2 vols. Svo. ll. IS.

Waterland's Works, with Life,

by Bp. Van Mildert. A new Edition,
with copious Indexes. 6 vols. Svo.

21. IIS.

Review of the Doctrine

of the Eucharist, with a Preface by
the late Bishop of London. Crown
Svo. 6s. 6d.

London : Henry Frowde, Amen Corner, E.G.



Wheatly's Ilhistration of the

Book of Common Prayer. 8vo. 5s.

Wyclif. A Catalogue of the

Original Works of John Wyclif. By
W. W. Shirley, D.D. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

Wyclif. Select English Works.
By T. Arnold, M.A. 3 vols. 8vo.

I^. IS.

Trialogus. With the

Supplement now first edited. By
Gotthard Lechler. Svo. 7s.


CardwelPs Two Books of Cor)i-

mon Prayer^ set forth by authority
in the Keign of King Edward VI,
compared Avitli each other. Third
Edition. Svo. 7s.

History of Conferences

on the Book of Common Prayer from
1 551 to 1690. Svo. 76-. 6d.

The Gelasian Sacramentary.

Liber Sacramentonim Romanae Ec-
desiae. Edited, with Introduction,
Critical Notes, and Appendix, by
H. A. Wilson, M.A. Medium Svo.

1 8s.

L'turgies, Eastern and

v»restern. Edited, with Introduc-
tions and Appendices, by F. E.
Brightman, M.A., on the Basis of
the former Work by C. E. Ham-
mond, M.A.
Vol. I. Eastern Liturgies. Demy
Svo. il. IS.

Helps to the Study of the

Book of Common Prayer : Being
a Companion to Church Worship.
By the Very Rev. W. R. Stephens,

B.D., Dean of Winchester. Crown
Svo. 2s. ; also in leather bindings.

LeoMe Missal, The, as used
in the Cathedral of Exeter during
the Episcopate of its first Bishop,
A.D. 1050-1072 ; together with some
Account of the Red Book of Derby,
the Missal of Robert of Jumieges,
&c. Edited, with Introduction and
Notes, by F.E. Warren, B.D., F.S.A.
4to, half-morocco, il. 15s.

Maskell. Ancient Liturgy of

the Church of England, according to
the uses of Sarum, York, Hereford,
and Bangor, and the Roman Liturgy
arranged in parallel columns, with
preface and notes. By W. Maskell,
M.A. Third Edition. Svo. 15s.

Monumenta Ritual ia

Ecclesiae Anglicanae. The occasional
Offices of the Church of England
according to the old use of Salisbury,
the Prymer in English, and other
prayers and forms, with disserta-
tions and notes. Second Edition.
3 vols. Svo. 2I. I OS.

Warren. The Liturgy and

Ritxal of the Celtic Church. By F. E.
Warren, B.D. Svo. 14s.





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Notes on the text of the book of Genesis

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