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PART I. — LocKHART Library: — Books relating chiefly to China and the
Far East, in European and Oriental Languages, pp. 1-138.

PART II. — LocKHART Library : — Chinese Printed Books, with a few
Japanese Works and Reprints, pp. 139-172.

PART III. — General Library: — European and Oriental Books related to
Foreign Missionary Spheres, Subjects, and Operations, other than
IN China and the Far East. pp. 173-320.









The Lockhart Library was generously presented to the London Missionary
Society by the late William Lockhart, Esq., F.R.C.S., F.R.G.S., etc., some four
years before his death. Dr. Lockhart, who was born at Liverpool on the 3rd of
October, 1811, and died at Blackheath on the 29th of April, 1896, was the first
Medical Missionary sent by the Society to China, where he laboured at various
stations, but chiefly in Shanghai and Peking, from 1838 to 1864. After his return
to England he served the Society most devotedly and efficiently 'for many years as
one of its Directors, in the year 1869-70 filling the office of Chairman to the
Board. For upwards of fifty years he utilised a portion of his leisure time — at
first in China, and afterwards in London and other European Capitals — in bringing
together the volumes of which this Library consists. The results of his wide
experience and of his indefatigable labours are seen in the costly, valuable, and
unique Collection of Works, comprising some 3,800 Books and Pamphlets, relating
chiefly to China and the Far East, together with many Books of Travels and
curious Maps and Prints, the contents of which have been catalogued in the first
two parts of this volume.

Part I includes some 1,800 ordinary volumes, together with 81 volumes
containing more than 1,000 bound Pamphlets. The works are printed in ten
European and fourteen Oriental tongues; and they include among them many old
and very rare books, in Latin and other languages, some of them not to be met
with elsewhere.

Part II consists of Chinese Printed Books, with a few Japanese Works and
Reprints, numbering about 900 "Volumes. Along with them it has been found
convenient to catalogue more than 100 Volumes of Chinese Scriptures, which originally
belonged to the General Library. The entries referring to the latter, together with
those relating to a few other books of similar origin occurring in Part I, are
preceded by an asterisk (*).

Part III comprehends all the works in the General Library of the Society —
other than the Chinese Scriptures referred to above — to the number of about
3,300 Books and Pamphlets, the inclusion of which in the Catalogue was resolved
upon after it had already made some progress. The Ordinary Volumes are about
2,600, with some 50 Volumes containing nearly 600 bound Pamphlets. The works
represent one hundred difierent languages, distributed as follows, viz. : — European 21,
African 23, Asian (mostly Indian) 28, American 6, Polynesian and Australian 22.
Among other subjects they include valuable works dealing with Oriental Religions,
Philosophy, and Literature.

The works in these two Libraries having been brought together mainly with
the object of throwing light upon Foreign Missionary Spheres, Subjects, and
Operations, their titles have been arranged in the way which seemed best adapted to
facilitate their selection for that purpose. Hence, besides cataloguing the various works
{a) under the names of their authors, they will be found either entered or referred
to by cross entries {b) under the name of the Country, Place, or Station with
which they deal, and (c) under the heading of the (foreign) Language in which
they have been printed, or to which they chiefly refer. It will thus be found
easy to ascertain what there is in the Libraries relating to any given Country,
Locality, or Sphere of Work.

Further than this, in so far as classification is practicable in a Dictionary
Catalogue by transposing words in the titles and by the use of cross references,
certain works of a related character will be found placed together under
such headings as the following, viz., "Bible," "Medical Mission," "Mission,"
" Missionary," " Sacred Books of the East," the names of leading Missionary
Societies, etc. ; or under the words " Dictionary," " Grammar," " History," " Maps,"
"Plates," "Travels," "Voyages," and others. Where the letters "P.P." occur
following any title they may be taken to denote either a " Parliamentary Paper,"
or a Blue Book, or any purely Official Government Document.

Although, for the most part, the Catalogue has been prepared single-handed,
the Compiler desires gratefully to acknowledge the help given by various friends
in identifying books, or in translating their titles. Especially are such
acknowledgments due to the memory of the late Rev. John Chalmers, A.M., LL.D.,
of Hongkong, without whose able assistance Part II could not have been printed
in its present complete form, and who, besides afibrding other very valuable help,
revised the whole of the Chinese proofs.

In a catalogue of this description, containing about 14,000 entries, dealing
with upwards of 7,200 works, which are printed in more than one hundred different
languages, and much of the work for which was necessarily done apart from the
companionship of the books themselves, it could scarcely be supposed that some
errors have not crept in unawares, notwithstanding every precaution taken
to guard against their admission. In the case of a few books printed at Mission
Stations, or elsewhere abroad, upon inadequate presses, by instalments of sheets,
an element of uncertainty is introduced into the calculation of the size, which
should be borne in mind in order to reconcile apparent discrepancies in description
with the actual facts.

December, 1899.

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Books in the Lockhart Library relatinc chiefly to China and the
Far East, in European and Oriental Languages.

Titles in Oriental Characters Transliterated.


A (Anna d'). A Lady's Visit to Manila and

Japan. Zotidon, 1863. 8vo. . A, 1.

Abdalla of Beyza, — Chinese Chronicle by — .
Translated from the Persian by S. Weston.
London, 1820. Para. -Vol. 17: N, 6.

Abdallee Beidawei Historia Sinensis Latine

reddita ab Andrea Mullero. Berolini et Jena,

i68q. 4to. 0, 4.

Also in Pam.-Vol. 50 : 0, 1.

Abeel (David). Journal of a Residence in China
and the Neighbouring Countries from 1829 to
1833. New York, 1834. 12mo. Q, 5.

Also London, 1835. 12mo. 0, 4.

To the Bachelors of India.

Pam.-Vols. 11 and 12: N, 6.

Abel (C.) und Mecklenburg (F. A.). Arbeiten
der kaiserlic'h llussischen Gesandschaft zu
Pekin iiber China. Berlin, 1858. 8vo. ft, 5.

Narrative of a Journey in the Interior

of China, etc. Maps and plates. London,
1 8 18. 4to. N, 1.

Abel Redivivus, or the Dead Speaker. The
substance of an Anniversary Sermon preached
at Whitehall. London, 1 674. 8vo.

Pam.-Vol. 84 : T, 5.

Abulgasi Bayadur-Chan, traducteur. Histoire
genealogique des Tatars. Cartes. Le.yde,
ijib. 12mo. R, 5.

Abyssinia,— The Captives in — . C. T. Beke.
London, 1865. Pam.-Vol. 18: N, 6.

On a Bark called Heetoo, used in — , ,and on

the Korarima and Koussoo. Jas. Vaughan.
1853. Pam.-Vol. 21 : N, 6.

Acclimatization and Preservation of Animals.
Pam.-Vol. 20 : N, 6.

Acheson (Jas.). Index to "Williams' " Syllabic
Dictionary of the Chinese Language," arranged
according to Sir T. Wade's system of Ortho-
graphy. ILongkong &• Shmighai, 1879. 8vo.

N, 1.

Acosta (E.). Rernm a Societate Jesu in Oriente
gestarum volumeu, etc. Culonice, 1574. 8vo.

R, 1.

"Acta Causae Rituum."

Pamphlet-Volume No. 56. 8vo. Including: —

1. Acta Causae Rituum seu Ceremoniarum
Sinensium. Venetiis, 1709.

2. Scriptum P. Francisci Furtado ad
Pantonitim Rubriscum. Feb. 8, 1640.

3. Reflexions Generales sur la Lettre . . .
touchant du Ceremonies Chinoises. 1700.

4. Priere pjur I'figlise de la Chine, etc.

5. Lettre k Mons"" Docteur de Sorbonne.

6. Lettre sur les Progres de la Religion a
la Chine.

7. Histoire Apologetique de la Conduite des
Jesuites de la China. 1700.


Adams (A.). Travels of a Naturalist in Japan
and Manchuria. London, 1870. 8vo. R, 2.

Aden,— Notes upon Drugs observed at — . J.
Vaughan. 1852-53. Pam.-Vol. 21 : N, 6.

Admonitions. Sermon preached on board the
American ship " Morrison," Dec. 2, 1833.
R. Morrison. Pam.-Vol. 69 : 0, 5.

Adventures Merveilleuses du Mandarin Fum-
hoam. Contes Chinois. Park's, 1723. 2 vols.
12mo. 0, 4.




; AfgHaiilsf44. '-.S^e.'Bevgal to England.

Voyage dans 1' — . See Foe-koue-ki.

Africa and Asia, — Travels of a Philosopher, or
observations on the manners and arts of various
nations in — . Translated from the French of
P. le Poivre. London, 1769. 8vo. T, 5.

Africa, Asia the Great, — Especially describing
the famous Empire of Persia and Industani, —
Some years' travels into — . T. Herbert,
London, 1638. 8vo. P, 2,

Also 4th edition. Plates. London, 1697.
Fol. S, 2.

Africa, South — . See East, — British World in

Africaine. See Asiatic et — .

Afrikaensche Gewesten, — Naukeurige beschrij-
vinge der — . 0. Dapper. Many fine plates.
Amsterdam, 1668. 2 vols. Fol. P. 1.

Afrique. See Voyages, — Histoire Generals des — .
Vols, vii-xviii.

See Indes, — Histoire Philosophiqu'e.

Ainos of Yesso. Account in the Leisure Hour,
April 22 and 29, 1865. 8vo. 0, 5.

Ainsworth (W. F.), editor. All Round the
World ; or an illustrated record of voyages,
travels, and adventures in all parts of the
globe. Parts ii and iii. London. 4to. T, 1.

Aitcheson (C. U.), Chief Commissioner of British
Burma. Memorandum on the Consumption of
Opium. June 2, 1881. First & pages wanting.

M, 1.

Alboquerque (A. d'), Capitao General que foi
das Indias Orientales, — Commentarios do — .
Lishoa, 1774. 4 vols. 8vo. T, 4.

Alceste. See Yellow Sea, etc.

Alcock (B, ). Elements of Japanese Grammar
for the use of Beginners. Shanghai, 1861. 4to.

R, 1.

■ Letter addressed to — . See Missions in

China, — Protestant — .

Our Policy in China. London, 1858.

Pam.-Vols'. 23 and 29 : N, 6.

— Summary of Eesults of the Treatment of
Injuries. 1841. Pam.-Vol. 29 : N, 6.

The Chinese Empire in its Foreign Rela-

tions. 1857. ^^^•

Pam.-Vols. 24 and 29 : N, 6.

Alexander (Major-Gen.)- Rise and Progress of
British Opium Smuggling. London, 1 846.

Pam.-Vol. 8 : N, e.

Alexander (Wm.). The Costume of China. 48
coloured plates. London, 1805. 4to. X, 1.

Alexander VI, Papae, — Historia Arcana sive de
vita — , seu excerpta ex diario John Burchardi.
Edita G. G. Leibnizio. Hanoverice, 1697.

Pam.-Vol. 80 : R, 5.

AUe Volkeren, — Hedendaegscho Historie of
Tegen-Woordige Staet van — . Translated
from the English of M. Salmon ; door M. van
Goch ; I Deel. {Re China, Japan, Ladrones,
Philippines, Moluccas.) Amsterdam, i-^k). 8vo.


Allen (N.). The Opium Trade, etc., as carried
on in India and China. 2nd edition. Lowell,
1853. Pam.-Vol. 23: N, 6.

Allen Nationem, — Die heutige histoire von, —
oder der gegenwartige staat. Aus dem
Englischen iibersetzt. Altona, i^iz. 4to. N, 4.

Allesandro (S.)- De la institutione di tutta la
vita de I'huomo nata nobile, e in citta Liberia.
Libra ix, in linqua Toscana. 1543. 8vo. XJ, 6.

Althorp, Lord, — Letter on the China Trade to — .
London, 1833. Pam.-Vol. 52: 0, 1.

America, — Discovery of — . See Fusang.

Japanese Embassy in — . London, 1872.

8vo. R, 1.

America and Asia, — Across — . Notes of a five
years' journey around the world, and of
residence in Arizona, Japan, and China.
R. Pumpelly. Plates. London, 1870. 8vo.

T, 2.

America, North, — Remarks on the Indian

Languages of — . Jno. Pickering. 1836. 8vo.

Pam.-VoL 10 : N, 6.

See Indes, — Histoire philosophique et

politique, vols, vi and vii.

America, North-West Coast, — Voyages made in
the years 1788-9 from China to the — . John
Meares. London, 1790. 4to. P, 2.

Americaine Expedition. See^&^on, Histoire, etc.

American Merchant resident at Canton, on the
Opium Crisis. London, 1839. 8vo.

Pam.-Vol. 23 : N, 6.

Settlement at Shanghai, — Plan of the — .

Published by order of the Municipal Council.
Shanghai, 1864-66. ft, 4.

Squadron to China Seas. See Narrative

of an Expedition to the-

American, North — , and West Indian Stations.
See ''St. George," — Cruise of the — .

Amerique, — Anglais — . See Indes.

Amerique, Nord — . See Indes.

Amerique, Sud — . See ludcs.

See Voyages, — Histoire Generale des — .

Vols, xlv, xlvi, xlix, li, liii-lv.


Amiot (P.), tradudeur. Eloge de la ville de
Moukden et ses environs. Poem composee
par Kien-long, empereur de la Chine. Paris,
1770. 8vo. 0, 4.

Amoor. See Russians on the — .

Travels in the Eegions of the Upper and

Lower, — and the llussian Acquisitions on the
confines of India and China. T. W. Atkinson.
Maps and plates. London, 1 860. 8vo. R, 4.

, the Pacific, and Japan — . H. A. Tilley.

Plates. London, 1861. 8vo. R, 2.

Amoy, — History of the Presbyterian Churches

at—. J. V. jST. Talinadge. New York, 1863.

Pam.-Vol. 4 : N, 6.

Pronunciation. See Chinese Language, —

Syllabic Dictionary of the — .

— Report of Medical Mission Hospital, 1867.
Hongkong. 8vo. Pam.-Vol. 64 : 0, 5.

— Second Annual Report of Chinese Hospital
at—. 1862. Pam -Vol. 38 : 0, 1.

Amur, — River — .

Pam.-Vol. 7 : N, 6.

Anacharsis, — Voyage du Jeune — . J. J.
Jiarthelemy. Paris, 1801. 7 vols. 8vo.

U, 1.

Anatomica et Medica. See Ishrandi de Diemer-
broeck Opera Omnia.

Anatomie, chirurgicale, generaux et topo-
graphique, du corps humain. — Traite com-
plet d' — . A. A. L. M. Velpeau. 3rd edition.
Bruxelles, 1834. 8vo. U, 4.

Anciens Peuples, Chaldeens, Hebreux, Pheni-
ciens, Egyptien", Grecs, etc., jusqu'au temps
de Cyrus, — Reflexions sur I'origine, I'histoire,
et la succession des — . S. Fourraont. Nouvelle
edition. Paris, 1747. 2 vols. 4to. T, 1.

Ancient Remains. See Prehistoric Times.

Anderson (A.). Narrative of the British
Embassy to China in the years 1792-93-94.
London, 1795. 4to. M, 2.

Anderson (J.)- Correspondence respecting
Cochineal Insects, the Varnish and Tallow
Trees, White and Red Lac, and Silkworms.
Madras, 1791. 8vo. Pam.-VoL 20 : N, 6.

Mandalay to Momein : ^Narrative of the

two Expeditions to Western China of 1688
and 1875, London, 1876. 8vo, ft, 4.

Mission to the East Coast of Sumatra in

1823. Map and plates. London, 1826. 8vo.

R, 2.

Andrada (J. F. de). Life of Dom John de
Castro, fourth Viceroy of India. London,
1664. Eol. P, 2.

Vida de D. Joao de Castro, quarto viso-rey

da India. Madrid, 1802. 8vo. T, 5.

Andreae (V.) und Geiger (J.). Bibliotheca
Sinologica, Uebersichtliche Zusammenstellun-
gen als Wegweiser durch des Gebiet der
Sinologischen Literatur. Frankfurt, 1864.
8vo. Pam.-Vol. 86 : U, 1.

Andrews (S. P.). Discoveries in Chinese ; or the
Symbolism of the Primitive Characters of the
Chinese System of Writing. New York ^
London, 1854. 8vo. 0, 3.

Anglo-Chinese Calendar for 1832, and Com-
panion to ditto. J. R. Morrison. Macao.
12mo. CI, 5.

1847-55, Canton. 2 vols. 8vo. 0, 5.

— College, — Account of the Foundation in
1819, and Reports from 1825 to 1836.

Pam.-Vols. 12 : N, 6 ; 33, 46, 48, 49 : 0, 1 ;
and 69 : 0, 6.

Fleet, — Correspondence respecting the — .

February 9, 1864. P.P. London. Fol, M, 2.

Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries of the Ages of Paganism,
— Antiquities of the — , Lecture by T.Wright.
Liverpool, 1854. Pam.-Vol. 20: N, 6.

Angolia. See Congo, Matamba, and — .

Animali diversi nella morte, — Sermoni funebri
de vari authori. Qenoua, 1559. 8vo. XJ, 3.

"Ann," — The Brig—. See China,— British
Captives in — .

Annam. See China, — Pictorial, Descriptive, and

See Chinese and English Vocabulary of

Proper Names.

See Japon, Indo-Chine, etc.

Annamiticum Dictionarum ; seu Tunchinense
cum versione Lusitanea et Latina. A. de
Rhodes. Romce, 1651. 4to, R, 3.

Anstey (T. Chisholm). Crime and Government
at Hongkong. London, 1859.

Pam.-Vol, 26 : N, 6.

Antarctic, See Voyages, — Histoire Generale
des — , Vol. xlii.

Ante-diluviens, — Histoire des tems — .

Pam.-Vol. 58 : 0, 1.

Antilles. S(e Voyages, — Histoire Generale des.
Vols, lix, Ix.

Anville (M. d'). Antiquite geographique de
rinde, et de plusieurs autres contrees de la
Haute Asie. Paris, 1775. 4to. T, 2.

Memoire sur la Chine. Peking, 1776. 8vo.

Also in Pam.-Vol. 53 : 0, 1.

Anville (S. d'). Nouvel Atlas de la Chine, de la
Tartiirie Chinoise, et du Thibet, ainsi Coree.
La Uaije, 1737. Fol. Y, 1.


Apologiae pro voto B. Virginis Manse deiparae,
Libii tres. P. S. Geroldito. Argentorate,
1668. Pam.-Yol. 80: R, 6.

Aquanina (Claudio). Lettera della Cina dell'
anno 1601. Venetia, 1604. 18mo. 0, 6.

Arabic and Chinese Dictionary. China (?). 4t().


Language, — A Practical Grammar of

the — . Paris el Shidac. London, 1856. Svo.

T, 5.

Arabs and Arabian Colonies, — On the Know-
ledge possessed by the Ancient Chinese of
the — . E. Bretsclmeider. London, 1871. Svo.
Pam.-Vol. 18: N, 6.

"Archaeology, Chronology, etc."

Pamphlet- Volume No. 73. Svo. Including: —

1. Etchings to illustrate the Narrative of the
late Nanning Expedition. Malacca, 1831.

2. Stone Drums of the Chou Dynasty.
S. W. Bushell. London, 1874,

3. Calendar of the Tungwen College, First
issue. Peking, 1879.

4. The Nirvana of the Northern Buddhists.
J. Edkins. 1881.

5. History of the Archaic Chinese Writing
and Texts. A. T. de Laconperie. London, 1882.

6. The Old Numerals, the Counting- Rods, and
the Swan-Pan in China. A. T. de Lacouperie.
London, 1883.

7. La Grammaire Chinoise du Pere Francisco
Varo. H. Cordier. Paris, 1887.

8. Chinese Chi'onology. Paper by J. Legge.
London, 1890.

9. Principles of Composition in Chinese as
deduced from the Written Characters. J. Legge.
April, 1879.

10. Inaugural Lecture on the Constituting
of a Chinese Chair in the University of Oxford.
J. Legge. London, 1896.

1 1 . Confucianism in Relation to Christianity.
J. Legge. Shanghai, 1877.

12. The Nestorian Monument of Hsl-an Fu,
relating to the Diffusion of Christianity in the
Seventh and Eighth Centuries. Or Christianity
in China: — Nestorianism, Roman Catholicism,
Protestantism, J. Legge. London, 1888.

13. Paper on T. McClatchie's Confucian
Cosmogony. J.Chalmers. i874(?).

14. The Onomastic Similarity of Nai
Hwang-ti of China and Nakunte of Susiana.
A. T. de Lacouperie. London, 1890.

15. The Calendar Plant of China, the Cosmic
Tree and the Date Palm of Babylonia. A. T. de
Lacouperie. London, 1890.

16. Formosa Notes on MSS., Languages,
and Races. A . T. de Lacouperie. Hertford, 1887.

17. The Overland Journey from St. Peters-
burg to Peking. North China Herald, 1864.

18. Chinese and Mediaeval Guilds. F. W.
Williams. Yale Review, Aug. & Nov., 1892.

0, 5.

Arcbipel der Middelantsche Zee, — Naukeurige
bt^schrijving der eilanden in de — . 0. Dapper.
Amsterdam, 1688. Fol. S, 2.

Archipelago, — Eastern — , Narrative of the
Voyage of H.M.'s ship " Samarang," 1843-46,
employed in surveying the Islands of the — .
Accompanied by a brief Vocabulary of the
principal languages. E. Belcher. London,
1848. 2 vols. Svo. R, 2.

India, China, and America, — Travels of

several learned Missionaries of the Society of
Jesus into divers parts of the — . From the
French edition of 1713. London, 17 14. Svo.

R, 5.

— See Borneo and the Indian — .

See Indian — .

Architecture. See Plates of Battles, Ceremonies,

Argensola (B. L ). The Discovery and Conquest
of Molucco and the Philippine Islands.
Translated from the Spanish of — . London,
1708. 4to. R, 2.

Armenia, — Missionary Researches in — . In-
cluding a journey through Asia Minor and
into Georgia and Persia, with a visit to the
Nestorian and Chaldean Christians of Oormiah
and Salmas. Eli Smith & H. G. 0. Dwight.
London, 1834. Svo. T, 1.

Armenie. See Christianisme.

Armstrong Guns, — Admiral Kuper's Official
Report respecting — . Aprils, 1864. M, 1.

Arrighii (Antonii). De vita et Rebus Gestis
Francisci Mavroceni. Peloponnesiaci Principis
Venetorum ad Senatum. Liber iv. 1749. 4to.

P, 2.

Arrivabene (L.).

1599. 4to.

Istoria della China.


Arrowsmith (J.). Map of China. London, 1854.

a, 4.

Map of China, in case. 1858 (?). ft, 4.

Map of Northern Asia, in case. 1842. Svo,

T. 5.

Arsenic, — On the Separation of — . J. March.

Pam.-Vol. 36 : 0, 1.

Asia, — Christian Researches in — . With notices
of the translation of the Scriptures into
Oriental lanjruages. C. Buchanan. 2nd
edition. London, i 8 1 1 . Svo. T, 4,

Historical Account of Discoveries and

Travels in — , from the earliest ages to the
present time. Maps and plates. Hugh Murray.
Edinburgh ^ London, i%io. 3 vols. Svo. T, 2.

— Map of — . J. Arrowsmith.
London, 1842.

— Polyglotta. Julius Kiaproth.
1823. 4to.

Also Sprachatlas. 1823. Fol.

— See Africa and — .

— See America and, — Across — .

In case,
T, 5,

T, 1.
P, 1.


Asia. See Cina, — Historia della Compagnia di
Giesu la — .

; The First Part being an accurate descrip-

tion of Persia, the vast Empire of the Great

Mogul, and other parts of India. John Ogilby.

London, 1673. Fol. S, 1.

— the Great. See Africa, etc.

to Europe .... through Mongolia and

Siberia, — A Land Journey from — . "W. A.
"White. London, 1871. 8vo. R, 4.

Travels in — . A. Yambety. London,

1864. 8vo. T, 2.

Travels in — . From modern writers.

W. Bingley. Plates. London, 1822. 8vo.

T. 6.

Asia and America, — Account of the Russian
discoveries between — . \V\ Coxe. 3rd
edition. London, 1887. Bvo. R, 4.

Asia, Central — , Bussians in — . Also
descriptions of Chinese Turkestan and
D'Zungaria. Captain Valikanof, M. Vensukof,
and others. Translated from the Russian by
J. and R. Michell. London, 1865. Bvo. R, 4.

Asia, Eastern. See ludian Archipelago.

Asia Minor. See Armenia, — Missionary Re-
searches in — .

Asia, Northern, — Map of — . J. Arrowsmith.
In case. London, 1842. T, 6.

Asia Ulterioris. See Persicarum et — .

Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for
Rritish India and its Dependencies (also for
China and Australia). Vols, iii-x, xxiii-xxvii ;
and New Series, i-xxiv. London, 1817-zo
aud 1827-36 inclusive. 38 vols. 8vo. TJ, 5.

Asiatic Magazine. {Includes China, Japan, India,
etc., etc.) Weimar, 1802. 8vo. T, 5.

Asiatic Society of China, — Address at Inaugural
Meeting of the — • Sir J. F. Davis. Hongkong,
1847. Pam.-Vol. 12: N, 6.

Asiatics, — Annual Report of the Strangers'
Home for — , London, 1872-3.

Pam.-Vol. 72 : 0, 5.

Asiatique Journal, — Lettre k M. le Redacteur
du— . S. Julien. Pam.-Vol. 10 : N, 6.

Asiatique et Africaine, — Bibliotheque — .
Catalogue des ouvrages relatifs k I'Asie et
k I'Afrique qui on paru depuis la decouverte
de I'imprimerie jusqu'en 1700. H. Jernaux-
Compans. Paris, 1841. 8vo. XT, 1.

Asiatiques, — Melanges — . A. Remusat. 2 tomes.
Paris, 1825. 8vo. N, 5.

Nouveau Melanges — . A. Remusat. 2 tomes.

Paris, 1829. 8vo. N, 5.

Asie, — Carte de
Paris, 1847.

A. H. Brue.

In case.
T, 2.

Asie, — Memoires relatifs k V — . Contenant
Ic'S recherches historique, geographique, et
philosophique sur les peuples de 1' Orient.
J. Klaproth. Paris, 1824. 3 vols. 8vo. T, 2.

Asie, I'Afrique, et I'Amerique, — Lettres
edifiantes et curieuses concernant 1' — . Publiees
sur la direction de M. I'Amiee-Martin. Paris,

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