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History of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on online

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Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 102 of 109)
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and by an officer who loved him as a brother in Christ. He went to his
Lord in Apr. 1865." No issue.

4. Thomas Milligan, fourth son of " Sergeant John " came to Canada 54
years (1802) ago and d. in Hamilton, Ontario, in his 74th year. He was
educated as a gentleman and found it difficult to submit to any regular
occupation in America. His vocation was bookkeeping and, latterly, market
gardening. His wife's name was Eliza. He received regular remittances
of money from Ireland for many years until his father's death fifty years
ago, when all correspondence was discontinued. He expected some legacies
and his family sent for a copy of the will, but did not procure one. They
would not trust a lawyer and all remains unsettled. These had issue ten


children, five sons and five daughters, namely, Thonuis, William, EihviitJ,
William, Alfred, Frana's, Charlotte, (dec.) Elizabeth, Jfenrielta,7im\ I fame t.

5. Mary Ann Mil ligan, eldest daughter of "Sergeant John." n>. Thomas and had issue, one daughter, Jane, \\\. Richard Clark and their
daughter m. John Logan of Market St. Mf)naghan.

6. Elizabeth Milligan, second daughter of "Sergeant |(.hn." was in. to
TiiDMAS Hasiik. Moth deceaseil.

7. Alicia Milligan, third daughter of " Sergeant John," was n>. to Koukki
Hknderson, and when last heard from lived nine miles from .Montreal.

8. Charlotte Milligan,fourth daughter of "Sergeant John," was m. to William
Hanlon and d. i:hild!ess.

9. Francis Milligan, youngest daughter of ".Sergeant John," was m. to
William Dowik and lived in Helfast, Ireland. No familv.

Richard Milligan lived near the village of Donaghy within three miles of
Stewartstown, and about five miles from Cookstown, in ( "(j. Tyrone, Ireland.
He was commonly called " Dick " and d. about 1843. His wife's name was
Kennedy and her son was named for her family. These had three .sons
named James, Edward, and Kennedy.

I. James Milligan, son of Richard, was twice m. and had several sons, and
one daughter named Mary. He was a farmer. He was an Orangeman,
and on the 12th of July 1826, the lodge of which he was a member had
been celebrating with a fife and drum band as was then the custom, and
were returning home to Stewartstown. Party animosity was verv strong,
and when passing (ileno chapel, near the shore of Loch Neagh, they were
attacked by some two thousand of Papists or " Ribbon men." .\mong the
Orangemen were two old Waterloo pensioners who assumed command and
spread the company out with considerable space between them, each taking
such cover as he could t'lnd. Both parties were armed with old flint-locks,
and the firing was continued for two hours, and several of the Roman
Catholics were shot. The ammunition of the Orangemen was running low,
or was almost gone, when the other party, having got enf)Ugh of it, with-
drew and permitted those they had attacked to go home. James Milligan
participated in this battle called "The C.leno Tight." 'The names of the
two old veterans who led the Orangemen, since recorded in .song, were
Williamson and T»arclay.

Edward Milligan, son of James, emigrated to America and lived in Phila-
delphia where he is said to have "lived free from guile." He was b. about
ninety years ago, (1902) and left Ireland at the age of forty. He had not
less than two sons and one daughter who are now living in Philadelj-thia.
one being a member of the Select Council at the present time. This W. J.
Milligan is m. but has no issue. He says, " I have sustained the name un-
sullied, and added some lustre to it." Mary Millican, a sister of Kdward,
beforementioned, also came to Philadelphia about the same time and is
supposed to have d. there, unm. James Millican, a half-brother of Kdwanl,
d. without issue.


2. Edward Milligan, second son of Richard, was a farmer in the Townland
of Cleggan about two miles from Doneghy. Of his family I have no further

3. Kennedy Milligan, third son of Richard, was named for his mother's
family. He was b. in 1800, and d. in 1886. He m. Sarah Ann Bcjyd of
The Ross, near Stewartstown, and commenced the manufacture of linen at
Doneghy, but afterwards removed to Glencon, one mile away, where he con-
tinued the business. He was a Methodist, and a class leader in that church
for forty years. There were three sons and three daughters in this family.
Seaton Forest Milligan, the eldest son, is the managing director of a large
wholesale and retail drapery and linen business in Belfast, Ireland. Also
vice-president for Ulstor of the Royal Society of Antiquaries and a mem-
ber of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. He belongs to the Methodist
church. He is m. and has a family of nine children, the youngest being
fifteen years of age. Their oldest son is in business in Chicago, 111. His
second son was a captain of Artillery and served through the Boer war in
South Africa, having gone out in February 1900. He was promoted captain
and distinguished himself for gallantry. Three sisters are m., two living in
London, and one in Belfast, Ireland. ; an unm. brother also lives there. Two
daughters of Seaton F. Milligan are m. and reside in Glasgow, Scotland

Samuel Milligan and wife Margaret, natives of the north of Ireland, re-
moved to Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland, when their oldest son was a child, and
the other children were b. in their new home. The principal employment
of this family in Scotland was cotton weaving, and grandchildren of Samuel
and Margaret were engaged in this occupation at Mile End, Glasgow, in the
mills of Caird &: Thompson. Margaret Milligan d. in Scotland, but her
husband, Samuel, came to Caledonia, Canada, in 1864, where he d. some
30 years ago. These had seven children who lived to maturity and had

1. James Milligan, eldest son of Samuel, b. in Ireland, was taken to Scot-
land when a child. He m. Margaret Kennedy.

2. William Milligan, second son of Samuel, b. in Girvan, Ayrshire ; m. Eliza
Jane McCleary and was living in Patterson, N. J.

3. John Milligan, third son of Samuel, b. in Girvan, Ayrshire ; m. Margaret


4. Samuel Milligan, fourth son of Samuel, b. in Girvan, Scotland ; m. Agnes
Derah and had issue eleven children b. in Glasgow, named as follows:

I. Margaret Milligan, b. in Glasgow ; m. William Crawford, in
Caledonia, Canada, in 1878, by the Rev. Melish, Church of England.
Now (1901) aged 48.
11. Mary Milligan, b. in Glasgow ; d. aged one year.

III. Samuel Milligan, b. in Glasgow; d. aged two years.

IV. Agnes Milligan, b. in Glasgow ; m. John Symington, Caledonia,
Canada, 1876, by Rev. Melish.

V. John Milligan, b. in Glasgow; m. Mary Hanis of Ancaster, by
Rev. Clark. Aged about 40.


VI. William Mii.mcan, b. in dlasgow ; livintj with his mother in Ilarnil-

ton, Ontiirio ; aged 30, single.
VII. Mary Millii;an, b. in Caledonia. Ontario; ni. Wiii.iam (Ikkkr in

1886, by Rev. Win. liamilton.
viii. I'lioMAS Mii.i.u;a.\, b. in Caledonia, Ontario, d. when aged 23 yrs.
IX. Jamks Mili.ican, b. in Caledonia, Ontario; d. aged 3 years.
X. Elizabeih, b. in Caledonia, Ontario; d. aged 21 years.
XI. Jknnev Mii.i.ican, b. in Caledonia, Ontario; ni. ( iiAki-KS Mykke,
d. in 1898, aged 24 years.

5. Thomas Milllgan, tifth son of Samuel, b. in Civan, Scotland : ni. Ki.i/A-
HEiH Craic.

6. Elizabeth Milligan, daughter of Samuel, b. in Civan, Scotland ; in.

7. Margaret Milligan, daughter of Samuel, 1). in (iivan, Scotland ; was m.
The members of this family, not in America, are supposed to be living

at Mile Knd, Clasgow, Scotland.

Michael Milliken was a native of Scotland, and there are documents in the
family to show that he was Land Steward to King (ieorge ill, at Richmond.
It was the family tradition that he was closely related to the Millikens of
Renfrewshire, Scotland, now extinct in the male line. Michael's father was
a minister of the Kirk in Galloway, Wigtonshire, Scotland. Michael lived
in an old-fashioned house belonging to the King, at Richmond (Jreen, which
was taken down about 1848. It has been said that the then Lord Calloway
on one occasion when they were both attending the King, remarked to his
Majesty, "Mr. Milliken comes of one of the oldest families in Scotland."
He had several children. U'illia.m was placed by King George's influence
into the General Post Office of which he became Secretary. He had three
sons, William, Frederick, and Alfred. The elder, William, became Secre-
tary to the Bank of Australasia, and has a son IVilliaw, living, 'i'he second
son, Frederic, was put into the General Post OtVice, and retired after forty
years service ; now living. The third son, Alfred, became Comptroller of
the Post Office Savings Bank. He d. unm.

Frederic Milliken had issue: Frederic, now in the General Post Office;
William, stockbroker at Belfast ; Ernest, underwriter, member of Lloyds ;
Charles Napier, in Atlas Associated Company of London ; IJetlen Juliet, m.
to L Martin Brooks, architect, London.

James Milligan came from Ireland ; m. Jane Hallidav in 1794, and had
children as follows :

1. Samuel Milligan, b. Apr. i, 1814.

2. Rachel Milligan, b. Jan. 20, 1819 ; m. John Carson.

3. Isaac Milligan, m. and \r\(\Jolin B.,Jafte, Lizzie, Ellen.

4. Ruth Milligan.

5. Sally Milligan m. William Shaner.

6. Margaret Milligan m. Joseph Armole.


John B. Milligan of Coatesville, Pa., has three children. Wife, Hannah
MOSTELLER, b. Jail. 23, 1868.

1. Renie, b. June 7, 187 1.

2. Warren, b. July 15, 1875.

3. Beula, b. June 10, 1885.

4. Jennie, b. Aug. 14, 1891 ; d. May 27, 1893.

Warren Milligan, m. to Annie Dunnett and has one child, Anna, b. Jan.
27, 1898. ,==,

Robert Milligan, was a native of Thornhill, Co. Dumfries, Scotland, but came
to Canada in 1840, and purchased land at Stanley, York Co., New Bruns-
wick, where he settled with his family. His wife was Elizabeth Wood Sea-
ton. Both have been d. more than tifty years. His children's names will
follow :

1. James Milligan, m. Margaret Dunlop Aiken of Glasgow, Scotland.
He was engaged in the stone and marble business with his brother Robert.
He d. in 1882, in his 61st year. Issue:

I. James Alexander Milligan, d. in 1889.

II. George Seaton Milligan, now at 31 Manhattan Ave., N. Y. ; m.
and has issue.

III. William Aiken Milligan, now at 28 Manhattan Ave., N. Y. ; m.
One child.

IV. Robert Edgar Milligan, residing in Quinsy, 111. ; m. and has

v. Charles J. Milligan, now editor "Telegraph " St. John, New Bruns-
wick ; m. and has two sons and two daughters.
VI. L. Stewart Milligan, now at Demorest's Mfg. Co., 153 West 23d
. St., N. Y. Unm.

2. Agnes Milligan was the wife of David Douglas Sr., living at Stanley,
York Co., N. B.

3. Eliza Milligan, was m. to William Pendrigh, and resides in Yarmouth,

N. S.

4. George Milligan, was a Methodist minister, and after preaching in the
Maritime Provinces on different circuits for many years, was made Super-
intendent of Education in Newfoundland where he d.

5. Robert Milligan was for many years in the marble business with his
brother James.

6. Barbara Milligan was the wife of Capt. James Mitchell, and d. twenty
years ago.

William Millican, a native of Co. Londerry, Ireland, came with his sons in
1823, to Canada. He was twice m. and had issue by both wives whose
names do not appear. His sons, as far as known, as follows :

I. Andrew Millican, son of William, b. in Londonderry, Ireland, Sept. 12,
1795; m. Elizabeth Lynch, b. in Derry in 1825; d. in Hardingsville,


St. John, New l!i unswick, Oct. 6, 1894, aged 99 years. His widow sur
vives. He was at one time a shoemaker at Hanisville, N. H. Children:

I. William Jamks Millica.n, !>. 1, \'^y), is now a railway con-
ductor, Tacoma, \Vashinfj;ton.

H. Rebecca Millican. No ilate.
iiL Agnes Millican, d. at the age of 12 year.s.
IV. Andrew John Millican, b. July i, 1854, is now a salesman for

Jordan X: Marsh, .Uoston. Residence, Cambridge, Mass.
V. KoiiKKi Halk Millican, b. Feb. 26, 1859; is a farmer but handles

furniture for Jordan ^ Marsh, while educating his .son, a mute, in

Cambridge, Mass.

VI. Klizaheih Jane Millican, b. 1858; in. Jumn M> Ckakkn and lives-
in Moncton, Nova Scotia.

VI I. Margaret Ann Millican, b. 1861 ; m. a .Mr. Sieeves and lives in
Moncton, N. B.

2. James Millican, son of William, b. in old Londonderry, Ireland, was a
carpenter who d. about i860, without any family.

3. William Millican, son of William, a cabinet maker by trade, was killed
by a train of cars at Westheld, New Brunswick. He had one son, W'illuim,
and a daughter who was m. to Mr. Cassida. When last heard from were
living in St. John, N. H.

4. John Millican, son of William, 1). in Londonderry. Ireland, in 1815 ; m.
Nancy Kerr of Westtield, N. H. He was a carpenter and spent his life
between Westtield and St. John. He came to Frederictun in 1881, and d.
in 1882, aged 67. His wife d. in Halifax, N. S. in 1900. These had eight
children, named as follows:

I. John James Millican, m. at Westtield, Margaret Elliot who, hav-
ing had two children, d. The children, a son and a daughter, are
both dead. He m. second, Klizakeih Blake, who d. in 1900. He
d. in 1899. These had three children, Hanut, Harry, and William,
who are living at Campbelltown, N. B.

II. William Andrew Millican went to Minnesota,
in. David Thomas Millican lives in St. John.

IV. Elizabeth Ann Millican m. a Mr. Dixon, St. John,
v. Rebecca Jane Millican m. Peter Douglas.
VI. Amelia Millican.

VII. losEPH Samuel Millican, b. Nov. 27, 1857; m. in 1887, Selini>a
Loreh A Whelplev of Oak Point, daughter of Wilmot and Rebecca
Whelpley, and has had issue eleven children, six of whom are dead.
The living are Lilly, Wilmot, Hazel, Douglas, and Donald.

VI II. Marv Millican m. John Pond of Halifa.x, N. S.

A daughter of William Millican 1st, was m. tt> a Mk. Black and lived
in Baltimore, Md.

Andrew Millican, said to have been a brother of William ist. (see back)
came from Londonderry, Ireland, and lived on an adjoining farm in New-
Brunswick. He d. 54 years ago and his widow, the years later, leaving
two sons: Samuel Millican, machinist, employed by the Intercolonial


Railway Co., in St. John, N. B., and James Millican of St. John, N. B.,
conductor on the Intercolonial railroad. The former has no children; the
latter m. Milissa McLean, of Loyalist stock, and has nine children, five
sons and four daughters, three of whom are m. One son in Southern state,
two in the Northwest. Walter is in St. John, ticket agent.

James Milliken married a Miss Allen of Waterford, Ireland, daughter of a
prominent gentleman who was at one time collector of the Port, whose
several sons were officers in the British army and navy. After the death
of the father, Mrs. Milliken came to America ; first to Philadelphia, Pa.,
where the family remained a short time ; then to Louisville, Ky., for a
short time, and thence to New Orleans where they all lived and died. One
son, Richard Milliken, lived in New Orleans from his 17th year until
his death in his 79th year. He acquired great wealth and gave much to
charity, having built the Milliken Memorial Hospital at a cost of $500,000.
His father having died when he was a child, and leaving his early home so
young, he never knew much about his ancestors. His widow resides at
1534 First Street, New Orleans, La.

James Milliken, whose parents names and place of residences are unknown,
was twice m. His first wife was Louisa Wilson by whom he had a son
and daughter b. in Amhest, Nova Scotia. The mother d. and her children
lived with relations. His second wife was Elmira Potter. They removed
to Waterville, Me. and took the children home. The son, Joseph Mil-
liken, now living in Winstead, Conn., is about 28 years of age ; was m. to
Maggie E. Dunpley and has one child, James C. The sister, Mamie Mil-
liken is about 23 years of age. They have lost all trace of their father,
but suppose he lives somewhere in Maine.

The story of Mrs. John Mulliken's peanut achievement has not yet been
fully told. Besides the money received from her sales, Mrs. MuUiken made
$900 more, having won that amount from three gentleman, each of whom bet
$300 that she would not sell $50 worth of peanuts without eating, drinking
or sitting during the time of selling. Mrs. Mulliken fulfilled these condi-
tions, and more, selling 471^ bushels of nuts and not sitting, eating or
drinking for twelve hours. She has since received many congratulations,
together with orders for peanuts, from different parts of the United States.
Mrs. Mulliken has enclosed in a velvet bag some of the largest peanuts she
could find and sent them to President-elect Cleveland, with the story of her
peanut selling. Mrs. Mulliken, it should be added, now wears a ten-dollar
bonnet, another wager won on her day's work. D. L. M.

M ISC El. L A A'A O I 'S. 7 (| 7

James Milligan, residence Honeybrook Township, Chester Co., Pa., (P.O.
Capola) applied for pension Ian. 3S. 1S71, ajred 7S. Hr m. M\kv .Ann
Who, in the city of I'hiladelphia, 1 )ec. 31, 1SS2 ; she d. 1H4J. Was dr.ifted
at Rockville, Honeybrook Township, 1S14, in ("apt. Robert Wilson's Co.,
Penn. militia, and served 90 days.

Benjamin Milligan, residence Concrete, DeWitt Co., Texa.s, applied for jk-h-
sion Dec. 30, 1872, aged 84. His wife, to whom m. at Horry District, .S.C.,
June 23, 1811, was Ki.iZAnK.rii I'iidmi-son. She was d. in 1872. His ser-
vice : drafted in Capt. Jas. Johnson's Co., S. ( '. militia, at CJeorgetown, S.C.,
Sept. I, 1812. Transferred to I'ort Winyaw on Jilock River, S. C, under
command of Maj. liigham. This fort was vacated and condemned bv order
of Gov. .Vllston of S. C. He (Milligan) was discharged Sept. H), 1812.
His claim was rejected Jan. 30, 1875, for "insufficient evidence and pre-
sumptive abandonment." He also mentioned later service (1836) in
Florida war.

James A. Milligan, residence .\ngelo, .Monroe Co., Wis., applied for pension
March 21, 187 1, aged 74. He was m. at Cairo, (}reen Co., N. Y., Sept. 18 16,
to Eleanor Mead, who was dead when he applied. He was a private in
Capt. -Eli P. Robinson's Co., Col. Nondalson's Reg't, X. \ . militia. En-
rolled at Catskill, Greene Co., N. Y., .Vug. 15, 1814 ; discharged at Brooklyn,
N. Y., Dec. ID, 1814. He had removed to Branch Co., Mich., before .Apr.

John Milligan, residence West Newton, Westmoreland Co., Pa., aged 82,
applied for pension Oct. 31, 187 i. He m. in North Huntingdon Township,
Dec. 9, 1813, Maroaret Thomp.son. Served in Capt. Jos. Markle's Co.,
cavalry, Penn. militia. Enrolled at Robbstown, Sept. 15, 181 2; discharged
at Lebanon, O., Feb. 9, 1813. \N'as at the battle of Mississinewa, and seige
of Fort Meigs.

John Milligan, architect and civil engineer, a native of Dumfrieshire,

Scotland, d. May i, 1821, aged 47 years; interred in old burial ground, St.

John, N. B. Left a son John.

James Millican of the Parish of St. ^Lary's, Woolworth, London, bachelor,

and Jane Entuisle of the same parish, spinster, were m. Oct. 26, 1749,

in St. Paul's cathedral, by Benjamin Pierce.

ALatilda Georgianna Milligan, was m. at St. George's Square, London,

June 20, 1823, to Sir Thomas Barrett Leonarp, Bart, of St. Marylebone.

Louisa Milligan was m. .April 7, 1 831, to John Stanton of ("hrist's church,

St. Marylebone.

John Milligan was m. Aug. 24, 1S17 to Marihv Brown. St. George,

Hanover Square, London.

John Milligan was m. Feb. 7, 18 18 to Elizabeth Nelson, Si. George,

Hanover Square, London.

Robert Milligan Esq., St. Marylebone, was m. July 11, 1816, to Flizahkmi
Margarei' Baillie of same parish.

Mary Milligan d. July 2, 1723, and was buried in St. James, Clerkenwell.


Susanna Millican was m. Oct. 19, 1798, at St. George's Square, London, to
John Chandler.

David Milligan was m. June 21, 1793, to EnzAbETH Gunter.

John Milligan, St. Michael's, Bassinghall, London, m. July 21, i8o6, to
Sarah Watts.

James Millican, "a stranger," d. June 27, 17 10, in London.

William Millikan was m. Dec. 26, 1751, to Susanna Chadwick of Felton,

Middlesex, in St. George's chapel, Hyde Park Corner, London.

Sarah Milligan, daughter of James and Mary, christened June 2, 17 18, at
St. James, Clerkenwell, London.

Robert Milligan of London, merchant, was Deputy Chairman of the West
India Dock Company, when the first stone of that magnificent undertaking
was laid on July 12, 1800. He was chief promoter of this work, and a
noble bronze stature was erected at the entrance of the dockyard, perpetu-
ating his fame. Mr. Milligan carried on an extensive and lucrative business
in Kensington, Jamaica, under the firm name of " Dick & Milligan."
" Sacred to the memory of David Milligan Esq., son of the late Robert Mil-
ligan Esq., London, Merchant, born in that city 27th April 1789, died in
Jamaica after a short illness, on the i6th Feb. 1818. He left his own
country to attend upon a beloved brother, who died at sea on his way to
this Island for the recovery of his health, and whom he survived only a few
months. He was a man of strict integrity ; humane, generous, disinterested
and affectionate ; esteemed by his friends and beloved by his family — at
whose desire this memorial of his worth is placed on these sacred walls
near which he is buried — in a land where he experienced unbounded hos-
pitality and kindness."

Inscriptions in ;S^cottisb Cburcbnarbs.

On enclosed stones surrounded by an iron railing in Brittle, are two
fiat stones called "Thrughs," standing on pillars, and an obelisk built of
blocks, about thirty feet in height with a cornice. On one fiat stone is the
following inscription :

" Erected in memory of David Milligan of Dalkairth, who
died the 24th January 1798, in the 64th year of his age."
On the second flat stone the following inscriptions were found :
"To the memory of David Milligan who died 1733, a.ged 34
years. Also his wife, Mary Larmont, who died 1767, aged 83

Upon the east front of the obelisk is a ship in full sail in high relief,

and the following inscription:

"In memory of David Milligan, Esq., of Dalkairth, mer-
chant in London, who died the 24th of Januarv 1798, aged 64

And of Marian Clark of (^ulgvend, his wife, who died the
13th February 1800, aged 60 years."

An epitaph follows.


On a " ^rill.stone Grit " stone lying flat in Colvend, the following in-
scription was found :

•' Here Lyes Jank Murra Spouse to I'kikr Mii.mhan. She
Departed This Life Ano 1686, W NL"

Also on Freestone :

"Here lyes the dust of Mary Hknnink spose to Jamcs Mil-
Lic.AN in Upper (ilenstocking, who died September the 29th
1 77 1, aged 73 years."

James's death is recorded in 1790, aged 88 years.

On another stone is the following:

"James Mn,i,i(;AN who died in Michle Dalbeattie 29th Janu-
ary 1809, aged 75 years." (with an epitaph follf)wing) then:
Mary Williamson his spouse, died 1820 aged ^cy.
The following inscription was found in I'rr:

"In memory of the Rev, John Millioan, late minister of the
associated Congregation of Urr, who was born the 27th Septr.
1 7 15 in the parish of Closeburn, ordained to the Holy Minis-
try on the loth of Septr. 1748, departed this life Jan'y 26,
1795 in the 80th year of his age and 47th of his ministry. He
was a Judicious pious divine, a faithful laborious pastor, a
considerable Scholar well acquainted with the original Lan-
guages of the Old and New Testatament. Beloved by his
flock and generally Respected among his acquaintances and
a most affectionate Husband, parent and friend. .Also Klik/er
and Robert sons of Fj.iezer Miixican, Surgeon, who died
1801, and an infant who died 1798. Krected by Eleizer ;ind
George Milligan his sons."
On another stone is the following inscription :

"In memory of Mrs. Margaret Milligan spouse to Mr. E.
Milligan, Surgeon in Castle Douglas, who died i8th April
1804, aged 35 years."

NoTK. — The foregoing inscriptions were copied for this work by lames Matthcwson, b
Alpine Terrace, Dalbeattie, Dumfrieshire, Scotland, and forwarded from .St. Paul's Bay,
Island of Malta, where the shipwreck described in the 27th of the Acts of the Apostles,
occurred. Mr. Matthewson says: "Rev. John Milligan, (associate Kirk at Cilenarm I'rr)
baptised my maternal grandfather and grandmother, married them, and baptised the
seven of their ten children. 1 believe his son, (ieo. Milligan, died in the house of my

Online LibraryG. T. (Gideon Tibbetts) RidlonHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on → online text (page 102 of 109)