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This people as thy own ;
Beneath this roof; O dei^ to show,
How God may dwell with men belofr.

4. Here, may thine ears attend

Our interceding cries,
And grateful praise asoend

All fragrant to the skies ;
Here may thy word melodions somid,
And spread toe joya of hearen aroand.


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Itt time. Sd Unifl.

)To Ood the Fatber^a throne Tour highest bonort raise ;
Glo - ry to God the Son,

To God the Spirit praise :

■ I I I !—■ F ^ j=ri J l-l-g I I Ijj i^ — I I i I I

With an our powers, E - ter - nal King, Thy name we sing. While faith a - dores.






T r Mf H



878. /«y <j^ co<f » HoMc. [Pfc 84. ?.

1. To spend one sacred day,

Wnere Gk>d and saints abide,
Affords diviner joy

Tl^ thousand days beside.
Where Cfod resorts, I To keep the door,
I love it more | Than shine in ooorts.

2. God IS our son and shield,

Our light and our defence ;
With gifts his hands are filled,

We draw our blessings thenea
He will bestow I Peculiar grace,
On Jacob's race | And glory tea

8. The Lord his people loyes :

His hand no eood withholds

From those his heart approves,

From pure andjpious souls.

Thrice happy he, I Whose spirit tmsta

O God of bosta! Alone in thea

879, The Tnumpk9 of tk9 Crota. [Hji 128,

1. Tb saints I your music bring,

And sweU the rapturous sound;
Strike every trembling string,
TQl earth and heaven resound:
The triumphs of the cross we sinff,— >
Awake, ye samtal each joyful stnx^.

2. The cross — the cross alone —

Subdued the powers of hell ;
Like lightning m>m his throne.

The prince of darkness feU*
Hie triumphs of the cross we sinff,—
Awake, ye saints t each joyfdl stnng.

8. The cross hath power to save.
From all the foes that rise :
The cross hath made the grave
A passage to the skies :
The triumj^ of the cross we singer—
Awake, ye saints I cftohjoyMskiDig.

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Selbcwons 880—882.



The Office* of Ckritt,


1. Join all the gloriouB names
Of wiBdom, loTe and power.
That ever mortals knew,
That ever angels bore.
An are too mean to speak his worth,
Too mean to set mj Saviour forth.

8. Bnt O, what gentle terms,
What oondeseending ways,
Doth onr Redeemer use,
To teach his heavenly grace 1
Hinc eyes with joy and wonder see
What forms of love he bears for mew

S. Great Prophet of my God,

Hy t<nigue would bless thy name ;
By toee the joyful news
Of our salvation came.
The joyful news of sins forgiven,
Of hell subdued, and peace with heaven.

4b Jesus, my great High Priest,
Offered his blood and died;
My guilty conscience seeks
Xio sacrifice beside.

His powerful blood did once atone ;

And now it pleads before the throne.

b» O thou almighty Lord,

My Conqueror, and my King,
Thy scepter and thy sword,
Thy reigning grace I sing.^
Hiine is the power ; behold I sit
In willing bonds beneath thy feet


The Year qf Jubilee,

[By. US.

1. Faie shines the morning star ;
The silver trumpets sound.
Their notes re-echoing fkr.
While dawns the day around:
Joy to the slave ; the slave is free ;
II IS the year of jubilee.

2. Ptisoners of hope, in ffloom

And silence left to die.
With Christ's unfoldi^ tomb^

Tour portals open fly ;
Rise with your Lord ; — he sets yon free ;
It IB the year of jubilee.

A. Te, who yourselves have sold

For debts to justice due.
Ransomed, but not with gold.

He gave himself for you 1
The bloc^ of Christ hath made yoa f^;
It is the year of jubilee.

4. Captives of sin and shame,
. O'er earth and ocean, hear
An angel's voice proclaim
The Lord's accepted year:
Let Jacob rise, be Israel &••;
It is the year of jubilee.



For a Dedieahon.

1. Great Ffither of mankind.

We bless that wondrous graoe,
Which could for Gentiles find

Withm thy courts a place.
How kind the care I For us to raise
Our God displays, | A house of prayer I

2. Though once estranged for.

We now approach the throne;
For Jesus bnngs us near.

And makes our cause his own.
Strangers no more, I And find our home^
To thee we come, | And rest secure.

8. To thee our souls we ioin,
And love thy sacred name;
No more our own, but thine.
We triumph in thy claim.
Our Father King, I Our souls embnoe^
Thy covenant grace | Thy titles sing.

4. May all the nations throng
To worship in thy house;
And thou attend the MQg,
And smile upon their vows:
Indulgent stiU, I To join the eholr

Till earth conspire | On Zioo's failL

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To God the Father's throne Tour highest honors raise ; Gbry to God the Soo ; To

J. 1,^ ^ *■

fe ag ^-^f' i ' i f i ftff^tw^^^frtf

I ' I I " I

God the Spirit praise ; With all oar powers Eternal King^Thj name we sing, While fiuth adores.




CkrUCt Tnumpk.


1. GiBD on thy coa^uering sword.

Ascend tnj shining car,

And march, almighty Lord,

To waffe thy hohr war.

Before his wheels, I Ye valleys rise.

In glad surprise, | And sink ye hiUs,

8. Fair truth, and smiling loye.
And injured righteousness
Under thy banners moye,
And seek from thee redress : '
Tbou in their cause I And far and wide
Shalt prosperous ride, | Dispense thy laws.

8. Before thine awftil fjiee

Millions of foes shall Ml, ^

The captiyes of thy grace.
The ffraee that conquers all.
The world shaU know, | What wondrous things
Great King of kings, | Thine arm can do.

4. Here to my willing soul,

Bend thy triumphant way;
Here eyery foe control.
And all thy power display.
My heart, thy throne, I Bows low to thee^
Blest Jesus, see | To thee alone.

884. Crtatiotu Prmndence and Re- [Pi. IK. liL


1. GnrE thanks to God most high.

The uaiyersal Lord,
The Boyerei^ King of kin^;

And be his grace adored
**Ws ^wer and grace I And let his name
Are still the same; | Have endless praise.*

2. How mighty is his hand 1

What wonders hath he done !
He formed the earth a^{i seas,

And spread the heayens alone.
"Thy mercy, Lord, I And eyer sure
Shau still endure; | Abides thy woid.*

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SsiiEonoNS 886*-886.


8. His 'Wisdom fnmed tbe sun,
To crown the daj with light;
The moon and twinkling stars.
To cheer the darksome night
••fiis power and grace I And let his name
Are still the same ; | Have aidless praise."

4. He saw the nations lie
All perishing in sin ;
And pitied the sad state
The ruined word was in.
•Hit mercy, Lord, | And ever sure
8haU still endure ; | Abides thy word.**

6. He sent his only Son

To save us m>m our woe,
From Satan, sin, and death.
And every hurtful foe.
"Ss power and grace I And let his name
Are still the same; | Have endless praise.*

6. Give thanks aloud to God,
To God the heavenly King :
And let the spacious earth
His works and glory sing.
"Thy mercy, Lord, I And ever sure
Shall still endure; | Abides thy word."

Harki as they soar on high,
What music fills the airl
Their anthems say, I Hath left the d ead ' ■■
** Jesus, who bled, | He rose to-day."

4. Ye mortals, catch the sound.

Redeemed by him from hell ;
And send the echo round

The elobe on which you dwell;
Transported cry, — I Hath left the dead,
** Jesus, who bled, | No more to die."

5. All hul, triumphant Lord,

Who saVst us with thy blood 1
Wide be thy name adored.

Thou rising, reigning God.
With thee we rise, I And emphres (^
With thee we reign, | Beyond the skies.


Jojf m CkruCt Reign.

[Hy. 178.


CkritVi Resurrection.

[Hf. 114

1. Yib, the Redeemer rose ;

The Saviour left the dead;
And o'er our hellish foes

High raised his conquering head.
In wild dismay, I Fall to the ground.

The guards around | And sink away.

2. Lo 1 the angelic bands

In full assembly meet.
To wait his high commands.

And worship at his feet :
Joyful they come, I From realms of day,
^nA -wing their way, | To Jesus* tomb.

a. Then back to heaven they fly,
The joyful news to bear :

1. RxJOiOK 1 the Lord is Kmg—

Your God and King adore;
Mortals, give thanks and sing,

And tnumph evermore :
lift up the heart, lift up the voice :
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice.

2. His kingdom cannot fiul ,

He rules o'er earth and heavMi;
The keys of death and hell

Are to our Jesus given:
lift up the heart, lift up the voice:
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice.

8. He aU his foes shall quell.

Shall all our sins destroy,
^And every bosom swell

With pure seraphic joy :
lift up the heart, lift up the voice:
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice.

4. Rejoice in glorious hope I
Jesus, the Judge, shall (
Anid take his servants up
To their eternal home :
We soon shall hear the arebaageTb

The tramp of God shall eomid, B^oioel


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To God the Fa-ther't tbrone Your high • est hoQ- on raise; Glo ^







^^^t^E^lEk^h ^ ^

* vj to Ood th« Son; To God the Spi-rit, praise; With' all our









powers, E • ter - nal King, Thj




H9 »=

we siDg, While faith a - dorei;




887» Fra^ forikt CIttirek, [ftU 67. lUi

1. Riss, mciouB God t and ahme,

In lul thy saving might ;
And prosper each design

To spread thy glorious light:
Let healing streams of mercy flow.
That all the farth thy truth may know.

Si O bring the nations near.

That they may sing thy praise :
Let all the people hmr,
And learn thy holy ways :

Bdffn, mighty God! assert thy c

And goyem by thy righteous lawa.

S. Put forth thy glorious power:
The nations then will see,
And earth present her store,
In oonverts bom of thee :
NmI, our own Gk>d, his churdi will Uetii
'4 Mrtbiball teem with IhiitfohMMi




1. In Zion*s sacred gates,

Let hymns of praise beg^
Where acts of faith and love,

With ceaseless beauty shine.
In mer^ there, I Before his throne.

While God is known, | With songs appear.

2. In heayen, his house on high.

Ye angels, lilt your voice ;
Let heavenly harps resound.

And happy saints rejoice.
The glories sing, I With pomp divine,
That ever shine, | Around your King.

Z, His wondrous acts demand.
His wisdom and his grace,
The labors of our hands,
And transports of our praise.
Behearse his name I Where'er his power
To every idiore, | His works prodaim,


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ScLBonoNS 889—891.


4. Let the tnimp*8 martial Toice»
The timbrers softer Bound,
The organ's Bolemn peal,
United praise resound.
To swell the soug, I Let man employ
With highest joy, | Uls tuneful tongue.


GotPt AttritnUes,

[Hy. S7.

1. The Lord Jehovah reigns :
His throne is built on high ;
The garments he assumes,
Are light and majesty.
His glories shine I iJo mortal eye

With beams so bright, | Can bear the tight

2. The thunders of his hand

Keep the wide world in awe;
His 'wrath and justice stand
To guard his holy law ;
And where his love I His truth confirms
Besolves to bless | And seals the grace.

8. Through all his ancient works

Surprising wisdom shines,

Confounds ttie powers of hell.

And breaks their cursed designs.

Strong is his arm, I His great decrees.

And shall fulfill | His sovereign will.

4. And can this mia^hty King
Of glory condescend t
And will be write his name.
My Father, and my Friend ?
I love his name, I Join all my nowers,
I love his word ; | And praise the Lord.


Praise to the Redeemer.

[By. ISO.

1. Com, every pious heart

That loves the Saviour's name,
Tour noblest powers exert
To celebrate his fame ;
Tell all above, and all below,
The debt of love to hun you owe.

2. He left the starry crown.

And laid his robes aside ;
On wings of love came down,

And wept, and bled, and died;
What he endured, O who can tell.
To save om* souls from death and helL

8. From the dark grave he rose.
The mansion of the dead ;
And thence his mighty foet
In glorious triumph led;
Up through the sky the Conqueror rode,
And reigns on higli, the Saviour— God.

4. Jesus, we ne'er can pay

The debt we owe thy love ;
Tet tell us how we may
Our gratitude approve :
Our hearts — our all to thee we give:
•The gift, though small, wilt thou receive.



SueeeMB of the Gospel.

1. Praibe to the Lord on high.

Who spreads his triumphs wide 1 ,
While Jesus' fragrant name
Is breathed from every side :
Balmy and rich I And fill the earth
The odors rise, | And reach the skiea.

2. Ten thousand dying souls
Itfl influence feel, and live ;
Sweeter than vital air
The incense they receive:
They breathe anew, I Jesus, the Lord,
And rise and sing | Their conquering

8. But sinners scorn the grace
That brings salvation nigh ;
They turn their face away.
And faint, and fall, and die:
So sad a doom, I For 1 they fell
Te samts, deplore I | To rise no more.

4. Yet, wise and mighty Qod,
Shall all thy servants be.
In those who live and die,
A savor sweet to thee :
Supremely bright I Guarded with —
Thy grace shaU shine, | Of wrath divinti


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^^^J^ ^+^HN-^^^JE^

To God the Fa - thePs throne Your high - est hon - on raise ; 61o -



^: ^^=U44=iEUJ=M=U


to God the Son;

To God the Spi - rit praise ; With

^ ^^3=^^ ^^$

^ ^T^tt^^ m





all oar powers, E - ter - nal King, Thj name we sing, While faith a - dorea.

f-:-f-±—f- ,.^ (i , fi. - ♦ ^


-^*— «^






893. 0^>«m^o/Wor«ikip. [Pl.4l.lL

1. Lord, to thy- saered house

I eome with willing feet,
Where saints with mommg yowb

In fall assembly meet
Thy power divine | And from thy throna
Shall here be shown | Tliy meroy shina.

2. send thy light abroad !

Thy truth with heavenly ray
Shall lead my soul to God,

And guide my doubtful way.
1 11 hear thy word | And learn to fear
With faith sineere, | And praise the Lord.

8. Reach forth thy bounteous hand.

And all my sorrows heal;

Here health and strength divine

O make my boeom feel !

like balmy dew, I My bones rejoioa,

Shall Jesus* voice | My strength

892* jjope m God under TtuUm. [PS. 41 1.

1. Mt Qod, defend my cause

Against a host of foes ;
save me from th' unjust,

Who triumph in my woos 1
Why dost thou foint, I To God impart
Hy trembling heart! | Thy sad complaint

2. Why dost thou, O my Shield,

Desert me thus forlorn !
Why, hated and oppressed,

Thus bid me ceaseless mourn f
To God I fly ; I When low in dust

In God I trust, | My head shall lie.

S. My soul, awake to joy,

And triumph in the Lord,

My health, my hope, my song,

And my divine reward.

Ye fears remove ; I But blest return

No more I mourn. | To sing his love.


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SKLBonoKa 894—897.


4. Then in Uiy holy bfl],

Before Uime altaiv Lord,

HTharp and song shall sound

The glories of thy word.

Henceforth to thee, i A hymn of praise

O God of grace, | My life shall be.


Sahation bg Chritt. [Pl« 8J. OL

1. Tht mercy, O onr God,

To all Uiy church display:
Proclaim thy grace abroadC

And spread the gospel-day :
High on thy throne, | £ad quickly send
Our prayers attend; | Salvation dbwn.

2. Jesus the Saviour's ni^h

To those who fear his name;

He comes ! — ^his praise on high

Let all his church proclaim I

His footsteps still I Ana all the land

On earth shall stand, | His glory fill

8. Now truth and mercy meetl
in Jesus' face they shine ;
And peace and justice met,
With smiles of love divine:
With heavenly grace, I They join again
'Midst sons of men, | Their kind embrace.

4* The Lord his blessing pours

Around our favor^ land;

His grace like eentle showers

Descends at his command :

Cer all the plains i In rich supplies —

Blest fruits arise, | Since Jesus reigns.

5. His righteousness alone

Prepares his wondroutf way:
He rises to his throne.
In realms of endless day I
His steps we trace, I And, heaven in view,
His patn pursue ; | Adore his grace.

893. Praue to God, [Pi. 117. T.

1. Jkhovah'b praise sublime

Through the wide earth be sung ;
Ye realms of every clime I
Ye tribes of every tongue 1

Hh infinite compassion bl e ss

Hit everlasting fiuthfolness.

896. Pnymr/or the Hoty Spirit [Hj. 199L

L O THOU that hearest prayer I
Attend our humble cfy ;
And let thy servants share
Thy blessing from on high:
We plead the promise of thy word,
Grant us thy Holy Spuit» Lord I

2. If earthly parents hear

Their children when they ery ;
If they, with love sincere.

Their children's wants supply ;
Much more wilt thou thy love (usplay.
And answer when thy cnildren pray.

Z. Our Heavenly Father, thou, —
We— children of thy grace, —
let thy Spirit now
Descend and fill the place;
That all may feel the heavenly :
And all unite to praise thy name.


Joy m a Rnivai.


1. All hail, incarnate God ,

The wondrous thin^ foretold
Of thee in sacred writ.

With joy our eyes behold.
Still does thine arm new troj^ea
And monuments of glory rear.

2. To thee the hoary head

Its silver honors pays.
To thee the blooming youth

Devotes his brightest days.
And every age its tribute brings.
And bows to thee, the King of kingn

8. O haste, victorious Prince,
That happy, glorions day.
When souls, like drops of dew»
Shall own thy gentle sway.
O may it bless our longing eyes,
And bear our shouts beyond the tUdm,

4. An hail, triumphant Lord,

Eternal be thy reign ;
Behold the nations sue

To wear thv gentle chain.
When earth and time no more eodai%
Thy throne shall stand forever i


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To Ghxl the Father'a throne Yonr highest hon- on raise ; Glo -rj to God the







^ ^^-j-j- J4^



Son; To God the Spi - rit, praise ;

With all our powers, E •

-: r



ith all our powers, E-ter-nalffing, With

ter - nal King, With all our powers. Eternal Eing,Tliy name we sing, While ii»ith adores.

^feHd f I f I ' I ' I l ^t^-tf^


an our powers, E-ter -Dill King, Tby Dame vesing, While&ith a-doreai


[Ps. 71 iT.

CkrisCt Kuigdom,

1. Far as the isles extend

To the vast ooean*s bound.
Let kings to Jesus bend,

And poor their offerings round:
Arabia raise, I And Ame job

The song divine, | T* exalt his praise.

2. All princes shall adore,

And gifts and honors bring.
To hail the Saviour's power,

To crown Immanuel king.
Bemotest lands I And earth obey
Shall homage pay, | His high co]

899* Praite fhm att CreahtrtB. [Pit l48t I«

1. Yx tribes of Adam, join

With heaven, and earth, and seas,
And offer notes divine
To your Creator's praise.

Ye holy throng I In worlds of lighl»
Of angels bri^t, | Begin the song.
2. Thou sun, with dazzling rays.

And moon, that rul'st the ni^t^
Shine to your Maker's praise.
With stars of twinkling light
His power declare, I And clouds that fy
Ye floods on high, | In empty air.

8. The shining worlds above
In glorious order stand ;
Or in swift courses move,
By his supreme command.
He spake the word, I From nothing OUM
And all their frame | To praise the Lord.

4. Ye vapors, hail and snow.

Praise ye th' almighty Lord,
And stormy winds that blow
To execute his word.
When lightnings shine, I Let earth adore
Or tiiunders roar, | His hand dimea


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Sklxctions 900—802.

ft. L«t an the natioiw fear

The Qod that rules above ;
He brings his people near,
And makes them taste his lore.
While earth and sl^ i His saints shall raise
Attempt his praise, | His honors high.

900. Dniverma Praue. [Ij. !8.

L Toyonr Creator, God,

Yonr great Preserver, raise,
Ye creatures of his hand.
Your highest notes of praise :
Iiet erery voice I His name adore.
Proclaim his power, | And loud rejoice.

2. Let every creature join
To celebrate his name.
And all their various powers
Assist th' exalted tb^ne :
Lei nature raise, i A general song
From every tongue, | Of gratefid praise.

8. But 1 from human tongues
Should nobler praises flow ;
And every thankful heart
With warm devotion glow :
Your voices raise, | Above the rest ;
Ye highly blest 1 | Declare his praise.

4. Assist me, gracious God I

My hear^ my voice inspire ; •
Then shall I grateful join
The universal choir :
Thy grace can raise I And tune my song
Jfy heart, my tongue, | To lively praise.

901. Thg rmr qfJubOe*. [Hjf. !S6.

L Blow ye the trumpet, blow,

The gladly-solemn sound;
Let all the nations know,

To e«rth*s remotest bound,
ne year of jubilee is come ;
Betimi, ye raDSomed sioDers, home.

t. Exalt the lAmb of God,

The sinHitoning Lamb ;
Redemption by ms blood.

Through every land prodaim :
Tlie year of jubilee is come ,
Bttuiit ye ramomed ainiMrt, hooM.

8. Ye slaves of iin and hell.
Your liberty receive, ,
And safe in Jesus dwell.
And blest in Jesus live :
The year of jubilee is come ;
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home,

4. The gospel trumpet hear.

The news of pardoning grace :
Ye happy souls, draw near :

Behola your Saviour's fitoe :
Hie year of jubilee is come ;
Retimi, ye ransomed sinners, homa.

5. Jesus, our great High Priest»

Has ftill atonement made ;
Ye weary spirits, rest,

Ye mouminff souls, be glad:
llie year of jubuee b come ;
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.


[By. Ml

TkM Midnight Crif,

L Thx Saviour comes to call

The nations to his bar,
And take to glory all

Who meet for glory are :
Make ready for your free reward ;
Go forth with joy to meet your Lord.

2. Go, meet him in the sky;

Your everlasting Fnend :
Your head to glorify.

With an his saints ascend :
Ye pure in heart, obtain the grace
To see, without a vail, his UuSi.

8. The everlasting doors

Shall soon the saints receive.
With seraphs, thrones, and powers,
In glorious joy to live ;
And fiw from sorrow, pain, and sin,
To reign in peace and light divine.

4. Hmq let us wait to hear

The trumpet's welcome sound:
To see the Lord appear,
May we be watching found 1
BoR^iea in righteousness diviDe,
kii^idi the sainU ihall evtri"


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{To Grod the Father's throne Toor highest honors rmise ; )
Glo-ry to God the Son; To God the Spbit praise; ) With all our powers.

Thy name we sing, While &ith adores, Thj name we smg, While fScdth a - dorea.









Thy name wesing^While fiuth a - dorea,

6. Thy showers make soft the fields;
On everj side behold
The ripening harvests ware
Their loads of richest gold I
The laborers sing I And, blest, rtjoioe
With oheerful voice, | In Gkxi, their King.

6. [The thunder is his voice ;

His arrows bbsing fires ;
He glows in yonder son,

And smiles in starry choirs.
The balmy breeze, I His beauty blooms
His breath perfumes; | In flowers and treea.]

7. With life be dothes the spring;

The earth with sunmier warms;
He spreads Ui' autmnnal feast»

And rides in wintry storms.
His gifts divine I ^id round the year

Tlutnigh all appear, |



God in the Seasons, [Pt.6S.TL

1. How pleasing is thy voice,

O liord, our heavenljr Kmg,
That bids the frosts retire,

And wakes the lovely spring 1
The rains return, I And plains and hiUs

The ice distiUs, | Forget to mourn.

2. [The loft^ mountains stand.

Established by thine arm ;
Thy voice the ocean stills,

The tumult and the storm.
Through earth and skies, I Thy tokens dread
With terror spread, | All lands surprise.]

8. The mom with glory crowned.
Thy hand arrays m smiles ;
Thou bid'st the eve decline,
Rejoicing, o'er the hills.
Soft suns ascend ; I And beauty glows

The mild wind blows ; | To earth's £ftr end.

4. Thou mak'st the pastures green;
Thou call'st the flocks abroad ;
The springing com proclaims
The footsteps of our God.
^V)lh bird and beast I And, happy, share
rtake thy care, | The general iieait

His glories shine.


Joy m GodPt House*

1. LoED of the worlds above.
How pleasant and how fiur
The dwellings of thy love.
Thine earUily temples are 1
To thine abode I WiUi warm desires^

My heart aspiresi | To see my Qod.


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SBLBonoNB 905 — 907.


t. The sparrow for ber young

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