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He cald to minde thai murder was forbidden,
And though a while, it could not long be hidden.
Destract in minde, & fearfull in his place, 3474

Having noe power to call to God for grace,
The devill doth suborne him to dispaire,
Tells him 'tis pitty he should breath this aire
Which, hath been such a villaine ; thrusts him on 3478
To worke his ovma death & confusion.
He, though he had tha murderous hand to spill
Anothers blood, himselfe yet diirst not kill.
And was afraide of others. What e're stirres 3482
He iudgcth to be men & officers
Come to attache him, & liis sight vnstable

SAT. 7.]



Takes every bush to be a constable.^
Thus plagud & tortm-de w/th dispaire & feare,
Out must tha fact, he can iioe more forbeare ;
For w7i/ch according to tlia course of lawe
Deaths heavy sentence one him he doth drawe ;
And being brought vnto Hlq place of death,
There in disj^aire yeilde^ vp his latest breath.

Thus each affection like a tyrant raignes
Over mans soule, w/a'ch letteth loose tTiQ reines
Vnto selfe will, iix w7i2ch soe slavish state,
Mans sence captivd'e, his reason subiugate,
Makes tliQ soule clogd, a massie lump of sinne,
W7«'ch following his creation should have been
Like his Creator pure ; — soules were made free,
Not to be held in base captivitie
By every passion, but Av/th reasons bitte
To checke affections from all things vnfitt.
He therfore that intends to live vpright
Let him in time curbe hedstrong appetite.

> See 3 Hen. VI., v. 6.

and he fears
-HQC every bush is a
OioO constable;

till he yields
himself to


So every passion
reigns over
man's soul.



He that would
o rn o ^'^^ upright
ooyjo must curb his


[end of the SATIRES.]


[Ctrtatnt l^mms.']


I (lid not intend
to place these
Poems before

had not my
friends per-
suaded me to do

They were so
suddenly put to
press, that I


Certaine Poems, comprising Things

Naturall, Morrall, & Tlieologicall,

written by H. C, Gent.

E dulci virus contractat aranea flore,
Quando ex vrtica mella legiuitur ape.

Ad Lectorem.

I had not thoitglit (courteous reader) to have pre-
tended thus conspicuously in thy sight this rude &
indigested chaos of conceites (the abortive iss[u]e of
my vnfertile braine) & to have set before thee this
iin?nature & vnpleasing fruit, collected only for my
private recreation, & not for thy publique satisfactio?^
& delight ; but tJie vehement importunity & instiga-
tion of certaine friends, "w/th whom I did communicate
my moste private studies, prevailing above mine owne
determination, enforced me (otherwise vnwilling) to
commit this piece of poetry alsoe to thy curteous
acccptaunce & kinde censure. It was soe sodainlie
thrust into the presse, that I had noc competencie of


time, w/th tha bear, to lick over this wliealp, & -vv/th a pray you excuse

,.,. ,, errors.

more duigent pervsall to correct any easily overslipped
errowr. Whcrfore I desire thee, if thou finde any, to
think it is rather a lapsus pennte then an error ^
mentis. As for tlie. crabbed & criticall interpretation
of many, /7u

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Online Librarygent R. C.The times' whistle: or, A new daunce of seven satires, and other poems: → online text (page 12 of 17)