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Sowne, v., see Soune. Sprad, p. p.; Spradde, v., pret.;
Space, n., room, space of time, see Sprede.

while, opportunity. O. F. Sprede, v., spread, open. A. S.

espace. sprsedan.

Spade, n., spade. A. S. spada. Spreynd, p. p., see Springe (weak
Spak, i'., pret. sing., see Speke. verb). Cf. Y-spreynd.

Spanne, n., span. A. S. spann Springe, v., strong., spring up,

/. rise, grow. A. S. springan.

Span-newe, adj., span-new, Springe, v., weak, sprinkle,

brand new. scatter. A. S. sprengan.

Spare, v., spare, refrain, cease, Springes, n., plu., springs, merry

pass over. A. S. sparian. dances.

Sparhauk, n., see Sperhawk. Spronge, p. p., see Springe
Sparke, n., spark. A.S.speaica. (strong verb).

Sparowe, n., *ee Sparwe. Spyce, n., spice. O. F. espice.

Sparre, n., wooden beam. Spyced, p. p., spiced, scrupu-
Sparth, n., battle-axe. 0. N. lous.

spartSa. Spycerye, n., collection of spices,



mixture of spices. 0. F.


Spye, n., spy. O. F. espie.
Squerels, n., plu., squirrels.

0. F. esquireul.
Squyer, n., squire. O. F. es-


Stable, n., stable. 0. F.
Stablissed, p. p., established.

0. F. establir.
Stace, Statius.
Staf, n., staff. A. S. staef.
Stage, n., place, position. O. F.


Stak, v., pre/. sw0., see Stike.
Stal, n., stall. A. S. steall.
Stal, ., prei. sing., see Stele.
Stalke, n., stalk, piece of straw.
Stalke, v., creep up, move

stealthily, move slowly. A. S.


Stalle, n., dot., see Stal.
Stampe, v., stamp, crush, strike.

A. S. stempan.
Stape, p. p., advanced. A. S.


Stare, n., starling. A. S. staer.
Starf, v., pret. sing., see Sterve.
Stark, adj., strong. A. S. stearc.
Startling, pres. partic., starting,

moving suddenly.
Stat, n., estate. 0. F. estat.

See Estaat.
Statut, n., statute. 0. F. es-


Staves, n., plu., see Staf.
Stede, n., place. A. S.
Stede, n., steed. A. S. steda.
Stedfast, adj., steadfast. A. S.


Stedfastly, adv., steadfastly.
Stedfastnesse, n., constancy,


Steel, n., steel. A. S. stel.
Stele, v., steal, go stealthily.

A. S. stelan.
Stellifye, v., transform into a

star or constellation. 0. F.

Sterne, v., shine, glow. A. S.

Stente, v., leave off, cease, stop.

A. S. styntan. See Stinte.

Stepe, adj., plu., prominent,

staring. A. S. steap.
Stere, n., helm, rudder; helms-
man, pilot. A. S. steora.
Stere, v., steer, rule. A. S.

Stere, v., stir, move, excite. A. S.

Steringe, s., stirring, motion.

A. S. styrian.

Sterlinges, n., plu., sterling coins.
Sterne, adj., stern, violent. A.

S. styrne.
Sterre, n., star, planet. A. S.


Sterry, adj., starry.
Stert, n., start, moment.
Sterte, v., start, go quickly,

rouse. A. S. styrtan. See


Sterve, ., die. A. S. steorfan.
Stevene, n., voice, sound, lan-
guage, talk, time. A. S. stefn/.
Stewe, n., fish-pond. 0. F. estui.
Stewe, n., small room, brothel.

0. F. estuve.
Stewe-dore, n., closet door. O.

F. estuve A. S. duru.
Steyre, n., stair, staircase. A.

S. staeger /.
Stiborn, adj., stubborn.
Stif, adj., strong. A. S. stif.
Stike, v., stick, pierce. A. S.

Stikke, n., stick, twig. A. S.

Stilbon: ordinarily Mercury, but

as Chaucer uses the name it is

an error for Chilon mentioned

by John of Salisbury.
Stille, adj., still, mute, silent;

adv., still. A. S.
Stinte, v., leave off, cease, stop.

A. S. styntan. See Stente.
Stire, v., see Stere.
Stirte, v., start, go quickly.

A. S. styrtan. See Sterte.
Stith, n., anvil. O. N. steo'i.
Stiwardes, n., plu., stewards.

A. S. stiweard.
Stix, Styx: a river in the Nether

Stod, t>. 5 pret. sing.^ set Stonde.


Stok, n., stock, stump, post. Streite, p. p. as adj., drawn.

A.S. stocc. Cf. Strecche.

Stoke, v., stab, thrust. Streme, v., stream.

Stomble, v., stumble. Streng, n., string. A. S. streng.

Ston, 71., see Stoon. Strenger, adj., compar., stronger.

Stonde, v., stand, abide by. A. Strengest, adj., superl., strongest.

S. standan. Strengthe, n., strength, force.

Stongen, p. p., stung. From A. S. strengtSu.

Stinge. A. S. stingan. Cf. Strepe, v., strip. A. S. strypan.

Y-stonge. Strete, n., street, road. A. S.

Stoon, n., stone, rock, gem. A. strat /.

S. stan. Streyne, v., compress, strain,

Stoor, n., store, stock. O. F. constrain, hold. 0. F. es-

estor. streindre.

Storie, n., history, tale, story. Streyt, adv., see Streight, Streit.

0. F. estorie. Strike, n., hank.

Storfen, v., pret. plu., see Strode, Ralph Strode: a philos-

Sterve. opher of Chaucer's time, follower

Stot, n., stallion, horse, cob. of the doctrines of Albertus

Stounde, n., hour, time, while. Magnus and Aquinas, and

A. S. stund /. opponent of Wy cliff e (especially

Stoundemele, at various times, in Wycliffe's doctrine of pre-

from time to time. A. S. destination).

stundmaelum. Strogelest, v., second person sing.,

Stoupe, v., stoop, droop. A. S. pres. indie., see Strugle.

stupian. Strond, n., strand, shore. A. S.

Stout, adj., strong, bold. 0. F. strand.

estout. Stroof, v., pret. sing., see Stryve.

Strake, v., move, proceed. Strook, n., stroke.

Stratford atte Bowe, Stratford at Stroyer, n., destroyer.

Bow: a Benedictine nunnery in Strugle, v., struggle.

London. Stryf, n., strife. O. F. estrif.

Straught, p. p., as adv., straight. Stryve, v. t strive. 0. F. es-

See Strecche. triver.

Straughte, v., pret., see Strecche. Stubbes, n., plu., stubs. A. S.

Straunge, adj., strange, foreign, stub.

difficult, distant. 0. F. es- Studie, n., study, meditation.

strange. O. F. estudie.

Straungely, adv., distantly. Studie, v., study, give heed,

Straw, lakke: See lakke. deliberate. O. F. estudier.

Strecche, v., stretch, reach, ex- Studye, n., see Studie.

tend. A. S. streccan. Sturdinesse, n., sternness.

Stree, n., straw. A. S. streaw. Sturdy, adj., stern, cruel, harsh.

Streem, n., river, current, stream. O. F. estourdi.

A. S. stream. Style, n., stile. A. S. stigel /.

Streight, adj., straight; adv., Style, n., style, mode of writing.

straight, straightway. A. S. 0. F. stile.

streht. Subgit, n., subjects. 0. F.

Streighte, v., pret., see Strecche. subget.

Streit, adj., narrow, strict. A. F. Substaunce, n., substance, that

estreit. which is substantial, the thing

Streit, adv., closely. 0. F. es- itself (cf. Accident), the ma-

treit. jority. O. F. substance.


Subtil, adj., subtle, ingenious, Swerd, n., sword. A. S. sweord.

skillful. O. F. Swere, v., swear. A. S. swerian.

Subtiltee, n., subtlety, specious Swete, adj., sweet. A. S. swete.

reasoning, trick. O. F. sou- Swete, v. t sweat. A. S. swsetan.

tilte. Swetnesse, n., sweetness. A. S.
Successour, n., successor, swetness/.

follower. 0. F. successor. Sweven, n., dream. A. S.
Suffisaunce, n., sufficiency, swefen.

enough, competency. O. F. Sweynte, p. p. as adj., tired
Suffisaunt, adj., sufficient, able. out, exhausted, slothful. From

O. F. soufisant. Swenche. A. S. swencan.

Suffraunce, n., longsuffering, pa- Swich, adj., such. A. S. swilc.

tience. O. F. sufrance. Swiche sevene, seven times

Suffraunt, adj., patient, toler- as many.

ant. A. F. suffrant. Swink, n., labor, toil. A. S.
Suffre, v., suffer, permit. 0. F. (ge) swine.

sufrir. Swinke, v., labor, toil. A. S.
Suffyse, v., suffice, be able. swincan.

O. F. suffire. Swinker, n., laborer.

Superfluitee, n., superfluity, ex- Swogh, n., sough, low noise, mur-

cess. 0. F. superfluite. mur; swoon, state of collapse.

Supprysed, p. p., surprised. Swollen, p. p., see Swelle.

From Suppryse. 0. F. sou- Swommen, v., pret. plu., swam,

prendre. were filled with swimming

Surcote, n., surcoat, upper coat. things. From Swimme. A.

O. F. S. swimman.

Surgerye, n., surgery. O. F. Swonken, p. p., see Swinke.

surgerie. Swoor, v., pret. sing., see Swere.

Suspecioun, n., suspicion. O. F. Swote, adj., sweet. A. S. swot.

suspecion. Swote, adv. t sweetly. A. S.
Suspect, n., suspicion. L. L. swote.

suspectus. Swough, n., see Swogh.

Sustene, v., sustain, support, Swoune, v., swoon, faint. A. S.

maintain. O. F. sustenir. swogan.

Suster, n., sister. A. S. swuster. Swow, n., see Swogh.

Sustren, n., plu., see Suster. Swowne, v., see Swoune.

Sute, n., see Suyte. Swyn, n., swine, boar. A. S.
Suwe, v., see Sewe. swin.

Suyte, n., suit, array, uniform Swythe, adv., quickly, immedi-

pattern. O. F. siute. ately. A. S. swi?5e.

Swal, v., pret. sing., see Swelle. Sy, v., pret. sing., saw. From
Swalowe, Swalwe, n., swallow. See. A. S. seon.

A. S. swealwe. Syde, n., side. A. S. side.

Swappe, n., swoop. Sye, v., sink down. A. S. sigan.

Swappe, v., strike, dash. Syghes, n., see Syk.

Swapte, v., pret., see Swappe. Syk, adj., sick. A. S. seoc.
Swartish, adj., darkish, dark. See Seek.

Swatte, v., pret., see Swete. Syk, n., sigh.

Swelle, v., swell. A. S. swellan. Syke, v., sigh. A. S. sican.

Swelte, v., die, languish. A. S. Sykliche, adj., sickly, ill.

sweltan. Syre, n., see Sire.

Swelwe, v., swallow. A. S. Sythe, n., time. A. S. si?5. Ofte

swelgan. sythe, oftentimes.


Telle, v., tell, recount, relate,

count. A. S. tellan.

Tabard, w., a short coat, some- Tembrace, To embrace.

times sleeveless; the coat of Teme, v., bring. A. S. teman.

a herald with a coat of arms. Tempestous, adj., tempestuous.

O. F. A. F.

Tabard, the Tabard Inn. Temple, n., temple, inn of court.

Tabernacle, n., tabernacle, O. F.

shrine. F. Tenbrace, To embrace, see En-
Table, n., table, tablet. F. brace.

Table dormant, permanent Tendre, adj., tender. O. F.

side table. Tables, plu., tables, Tendrely, adv., tenderly.

the game of "tables" or back- Tendyte, To endyte, see

gammon. Endyte.

Tabreyde, To abreyde, see Tene, n., vexation, grief. A. S.

Abreyde. teona.

Tabyde, To abyde, see Abyde. Tente, n., tent. 0. F.

Tacoye, To acoye, see Acoye. Tentifly, adv., attentively, care-

Taffraye, To affraye, see Affraye. fully.

Taille, n., tally. F. Tercel, adj., male. O. F.

Tak, v., imper., take. From Tercelet, n., male falcon. O. F.

Take. A. S. tacan. tiercelet.

Takel, n., tackle, archery-gear. Terciane, adj., tertian, recur-

Tale, n., tale, story, enumera- ring every other day. O. F.

tion. A. S. talu. tiercain.

Tale, v., tell, talk, speak. A. S. Tere, n., tear. A. S. tear.

talian. Tere, v., tear. A. S. teran.

Talent, n., inclination, wish, de- Tereus: husband of Procne and

sire. 0. F. Philomela.

Talighte, To alighte, see Alighte. Terme, n., set time, period, set

Tantale, Tantalus. phrase, limit. O. F.

Tapicer, n., upholsterer, maker Terme-day, n., day appointed.

of carpets. O. F. tapicier. O. F. terme A. S. daeg.

Tapite, v., cover with tapestry. Termyne, v., determine, express

0. F. tapissier. in set terms. F. terminer.

Tappestere, n., female tapster, Tertulan, Tertullian: a Church

barmaid. A. S. taeppestre. Father (c. 155-0. 222}, author

Tare, n., tare, kind of weed. of treatises on chastity.

Targe, n., target, shield. O. F. Tery, adj., teary. A. S. tearig.

Tarraye, To arraye, see Arayed. Tespye, To espye, see Espye.

Tars, Tartarye, Tartary. Testif, adj., headstrong. A. F.

Taryinge, s., tarrying, delay. A. Tewnes, Tunis.

5. tergan. Thalighte, Thee alighte, see

Tas, n., heap. O. F. Alighte.

Tassaille, To assaille. Thank, n., expression of thanks.

Tassaye, To assaye, see Assaye. A. S. bane. His thankes, of

Tassoille, To assoflle, see AssoiUe. his free will, willingly.

Tast, n., taste, relish for. O. F. Thanne, adv., then, than. A. S.

Taverne, n., tavern. 0. F. banne.

Tecches, n., plu., evil qualities, Thapocalips, The Apocalypse.

defects. O. F. teche. Thaqueintaunce, The aquein-

Teche, v., teach, instruct, in- taunce, see Aqueyntaunce.

form. A. S. tsecean. Thar, v., pres. sing., impers., is



necessary, is needful. A. S.

Tharivaile, The arivaile, see

Tharray, The array, see Aray.

Thascry, The ascry, see Ascry.

Thassay, The assay, see Assay.

Thassege, The assege, see As-

Thaventayle, The aventayle, see

Thavisioun, The avisioun, see

The, pers. pron., thee.

Thee, v., prosper, thrive. A. S.

Theef, n., thief, robber. A. S.

Thembassadours, The embassa-
dours, see Embassadour.

Then, conj., than. A. S. paenne.

Thencens, The encens, see En-

Thencrees, The encrees, see

Thende, The ende, see Ende.

Thenke, v., think. A. S.

Thenne, adv., then. See Thanne.

Thennes, adv., thence, from
that place.

Thentente, The entente, see

Thentree, The entree, see Entree.

Thenvyous, The envyous, see

Theodamas, probably Thiodamas
in the Thebaid (viii, x).

Theofraste, Theophrastus: dis-
ciple of Aristotle, author of a
treatise on marriage, of which
a fragment is preserved in Je-
rome's treatise against Jovin-
ian. See Seint lerome.

Ther, adv., there, where, where-
fore, wherever. A. S. pser.

Ther-aboute, adv., concerned
with that, about it, round it.
A. S. pser abutan.

Ther-biforn, adv., beforehand,
previously. A. S. par

Therfro, adv., therefrom.

Ther-inne, adv., therein. A. S.

pser nine.

Ther-oute, adv., out there, out-
side there. A. S. paer ute.
Thesiphone, Tisiphone: a Fury.
Thewes, n., habit, natural qual-
ity, virtue. A. S. peaw.
Thider, adv., thither. A. S.


Thiderward, adv., thither.
Thikke, adj., thick. A. S.


Thikke-herd, adj., thick-haired.
Thilke, pron., that same, that.

A. S. J>ylc.
Thing, n., thing, fact. A. S.

ping. Make a thing, draw up

a legal document.
Thinke, v., seem. A. S. pyncan.
Thinne, adj., thin. A. S. pynne.
Thirle, v., pierce. A. S. pyrlian.
Tho, pron., plu., those. A. S.

Tho, adv., then, at that time.

A. S. pa.

Thogh, conj., though.
Thoght, n., thought, anxiety. A.

S. poht.
Thoghte, v., pret., see Thenke,


Tholosan, of Toulouse.
Thombe, n., thumb. A. S.

Thonder, n., thunder. A. S.

Thonke, v., thank. A. S. pan-


Thonour, The honour.
Thorgh, prep., through. A. S.

Thorisoun, The orisoun, sec Ori-


Thorp, n., village. A. S. porp.
Thought, n., see Thoght.
Thoughte, v., pret., see Thenke,

Thral, n., thrall, slave, subject.

A. S. prael.
Thral, ad/,, subject.
Thralle, v., subject.
Thraste, v., pret., see Threste.
Thredbar, adj., threadbare. A.

S. prad bser.


Threed, n., thread. A. S. prsed. Tiptoon, n., plu., tiptoes. A.

Threshfold, n., threshold. A. S. S. ta.

perscwold. Tissew, n., tissue. 0. F. tissu.

Thresshe, v., thrash. A. S. Tit, v., third pers. sing., pres.

perscan. indie., see Tyde.

Threste, v., thrust, push. A. S. Title, n., title, name, pretence.

prsestan. O. F.

Threte, v., threaten. A. S. To, adv., too. A. S.

preatian. Toas, Thoas.

Thridde, ord. num., third. A. S. To-bete, v., beat severely. A. S.

pridda. to beatan.

Thrift, n., success, profit, wel- To-breke, v., break in pieces.

fare. A. S. to brecan.

Thriftily, adv., profitably, care- To-breste, v., burst in twain,

fully. break in pieces. A. S. to

Thrifty, adj., profitable. berstan.

Thringe, i'., press. A.S. pringan. To-cleve, v., cleave in twain.

Thriste, v., thrust. O. N. prysta A. S. to cleofan.

C/. Threste. To-dasshed, p. p., dashed vio-

Throp, n., see Thorp. lently, much bruised.

Throstel, n., throstle, song- To-forn, prep., before. A. S.

thrush. A. S. prostle. toforan.

Throte, n., throat. A. S. protu. Togeder, adv., together. A. S.

Throwe, n., while, period. A. S. to-gaedere.

prag /. To-hange, v., hang thoroughly,

Throwes, n., plu., throes, tor- put to death by hanging.

ments. A. S. praw. A. S. to hangian.

Thrye, adv., thrice. A. S. priga. To-hewe, v., hew in twain, cut

Thryes, adv., thrice. in pieces. A. S. to heawan.

Thryve, ., thrive. Toke, v., second pers. sing., pret.

Thundringe, n., thundering. indie., tookest; pret. plu., took.

Thurfte, v., pret., see Thar. From Take. A. S. tacan.

Thurgh, prep., see Thorgh. See Tak.

Thurgh-darted, p. p., transfixed To-laughe, v., laugh excessively.

with a dart. A. S. to hliehhan.

Thuighfare, n., thoroughfare. Tolle, v., take toll.

A. S. Jrorh faru. Tombesteres, n., plu., female

Thurgh-girt, p. p., pierced tumblers, dancing girls.

through. To-melte, v., melt utterly. A. S.

Thurghoute, prep., throughout. to meltan.

A. S. purh ute. To-morwe, n., to-morrow. A.

Thurgh-shoten, p. p., shot S. to morgen.

through. A.S.^tA sceotan. Tonge, n., tongue, speech. A.

Thurste, v., thirst. A. S. pyr- S. tunge.

stan. Tonged, adj., tongued.

Thwyte, ., whittle, cut up. A. Tonne, n., tun, barrel. A. S.

S. pwitan. tunne.

Tideus, Tydeus. Tonne-greet, adj., great as a tun.

Tikelnesse, n., ticklishness, in- A. S. tunne great.

security, uncertainty. Toon, n., plu., toes. A. S. ta.

Tikle, v., tickle. To-race, v., tear in pieces.

Tipet, n., tippet, cape. A. S. Torche, n., torch. O. F.

taeppet To-rende, v., rend in twain,


rend in pieces. A. S. to- Trayse, v., betray. 0. F. trair.

rendan. Trayteresse, n., traitress. 0. F.

To-rente, v., pret., see To-rende. traitresse.

Torets, n., plu., rings on the Traytour, n., traitor. O. F.

collars of dogs. O. F. toret. traitor.

Torn, n., turn. A. F. tourn. Trecherye, n., treachery, trick-
Tome, v., turn. O. F. torner. ery. 0. F. trecherie.
Torney, n., tourney. 0. F. tornei. Trede, v., tread. A. S. tredan.
To-shivered, p. p., broken to Tregetour, n., juggler, magician.

pieces. O. F. tresgeteor.

To-shrede, v., cut into shreds. Tresor, n., treasure. 0. F.

A. S. to screadian. Tresorere, n., treasurer. O. F.

To-sterte, v., start asunder, tresorier.

burst. A. S. styrtan. Tresorie, n., treasury. 0. F.

To-swinke, v., labor greatly. Tresoun, n., treason, treachery.

A. S. to swincan. O. F. traison.

To-tere, v., tear in pieces, rend. Tresse, n., plait of hair, tress.

A. S. toteran. O. F. trece.

Tough, adj., troublesome, per- Tretable, adj., tractable, docile.

tinacious, difficult. A. S. toh. F. traitable.

Make it tough, be trouble- Trete, v., treat, treat of, tell,

some, be pertinacious. discourse. O. F. traitier.

Tombe, n., tomb. 0. F. Tretee, n., treaty. 0. F. traitie.

Toun, n., town. A. S. tun. Tretis, n., treaty, treatise, ac-

Tour, n., tower. 0. F. tur. count. A. F. tretiz.

Touret, n., turret. 0. F. torete. Tretys, adj., graceful, well-pro-

To-yere, adv., this year. A. S. portioned. O. F. tretis.

to gear. Trewe, adj., true, honest. A. S.

Trace, Thrace. treowe.

Trad, v., pret. sing., see Trede. Trewe, n., truce. A . S. treow /.

Traisoun, n., see Tresoun. Trewely, Trewly, adv., truly,

Traiterye, n., treachery. certainly. A. S. treowlice.

Tramissene, Tremessen:oMoor- Treye, adj., three. 0. F. trei.

ish kingdom in Africa. Triacle, n., sovereign remedy.

Translate, v., translate, change. 0. F.

F. translator. Trist, n., trust.

Transmutacioun, n., change. F. Triste, n., tryst, station. O. F.

transmutation. Triste, v., trust.

Transmuwe, v., transform. F. Troden, v., pret. plu.; p. p.; see

transmuer. Trede.

Trappe, n., trap, snare, trap- Trompe, n., trumpet, trumpeter.

door. A. S. treppe. 0. F.

Trapped, p. p., furnished with Tronchoun, n., broken shaft of

trappings. a spear. O. F. tronchon.

Traunce, n., trance. O. F. Trone, n., throne. O. F.

transe. Trotula: this author has not been

Traunce, v., tramp about. satisfactorily identified.

Travaile, n., labor, toil. 0. F. Trouble, adj., troubled, dis-

travaille. turbed, anxious. O. F.

Travaile, v., labor. 0. F. tra- Trouthe, n., truth, troth. A. S.

vaillier. treowS /.

Trays, n., plu., traces. O. F. Trowe, v., believe, trust. A. S.

trais. treowian.


Troyan, Trojan. lation, the Ephemeris Belli

Troyanisshe, Trojan. Trojani.

Troye, Troy. TT

Trunipe, v., blow the trumpet.

O. F. tromper. Unavysed, p. p., unadvised, un-
Trussed, p. p., packed. O. F. aware. A. S. un aviser.

trousser. Unbodie, v., leave the body.

Truwe, n., see Trewe. Unbokele, v., unbuckle. A. S.
Tuel, n., pipe, slender chimney. un F. bocler.

O. F. Unbrent, p. p., unburnt. A. S.
Tukked, p. p., tucked. un O. N. brenna.

Tullius, M. Tullius Cicero. Unbroyden, p. p., unbraided.
Turkye, Turkey. A. S. un bregdan.

Turneyinge, s., tournament. 0. Uncommitted, p. p., not en-

F. torneier. trusted to one. A. S. un

Turtel, n., turtle-dove. A. S. L. committere.

turtle. Uncouth, adj., strange, foreign.
Twelf, adj., twelve. A. S. twelf. A. S. uncutS.

Twelfmonth, n., twelvemonth, Undergrowe, p. p. as adj., of

year. A. S. twelf monaS. short stature. A. S. under

Tweye, adj., two. A. S. twegen. growan.

Tweyne, adj., twain. A. S. Undern, n., about nine to ten in

twegen. the morning. A. S.

Twigges, n., plu., twigs. A. S. Undernethe, prep., underneath.

twig. Understonde, v., understand. A.
Twight, p. p., twitched, dis- S. understandan.

traught; Twighte, v., pret., Undertake, v., undertake, affirm.

twitched. FroraTwicche. A. A. S. under tacan.

S. twiccian. Undo, v., unfold, reveal, un-
Twinkeling, s., twinkling. A. S. fasten. A. S. undon.

twinclian. Unespyed, p. p., undetected.
Twinne, v., sever, part, separate. A. S. un espier.

Twyes, adv., twice. Unethe, Unethes, adv., scarcely,
Twyn, n., twine. A. S. twin. with difficulty. A. S. un

Twyne, v., twine. eacSe.

Tyde, n., time, hour. A. S. Unfamous, adj., lost to fame,

tid /. forgotten by fame. A. S.

Tyde, v., befall, happen. A. S. un L. famosus.

tidan. Unfettre, v., unfetter, release.

Tydinge, n., tiding, piece of Unholsom, adj., ailing, weak.

news. A. S. un hal sum.

Tygre, n., tiger. 0. F. tigre. Unkinde, adj., unnatural, cruel.
Tyme, n., time. A. S. tima. A. S. un cynde.

Tyraunt, n., tyrant. 0. F. Unkist, adj., unkissed.

tirant. Unknowe, p. p., unknown. A.
Tythes, n., plu., tithes. A. S. S. un cnawan.

teofia. Unkonning, adj., unskillful,
Tytus, Dictys Cretensis: sup- stupid.

posed warrior against Troy Unkouth, adj., see Uncouth.

and author of a history of the Unmanned, n., unmanly act.

Trojan war, of which the chief A. S. un man had.

extant version is, if genuine, Unmerie, adj., sad. A. S. un

a fourth century Latin trans- mirige.


Unnethe, Unnethes, adv., see From Up-heve. A. S. up

Unethe. hebban.

Unpinne, v., unpin, unfasten. Upright, adv., upright, lying with

Unreste, n., unrest, restlessness. the face upward. A. S. up-

A. S. un rsest /. riht.

Unright, n., wrong, injury. Up-rist, v., third pers. sing., pres.

Unsad, adj., unsettled, unsteady, indie., rises up. A. S. up

fickle. A. S. unsaed. risan.

Unsely, adj., unhappy, unfor- Up-rist, n., up-rising.

tunate. A. S. unsselig. Upryght, adv., see Upright.

Unshette, v., pret., unlocked; Up-so-doun, adv., upside down.

p. p., as adj., not shut. A. S. Upsterte, Upstirte, v., pret.,

un scyttan. started up, arose. A. S.

Unsittinge, pres. partic. as adj., up styrtan.

unfit. A. S. un sittan. Up-yaf, v., pret. sing., yielded

Unswelle, v., decrease in ful- up, gave. From Up-yeve.

ness, subside. A. S. un A. S. up giefan.

swellan. Up-yolden, p. p., yielded up.

Unswete, adj., bitter. A. S. From Up-yelde. A. S. up

un swete. gieldan.

Unteyd, p. p., untied. A. S. Urne, n., urn. L. urna.

untigan. Usage, n., usage, custom, habit.

Unthank, n., want of thanks, O. F.

the reverse of thanks. A. S. Usaunce, n., custom. O. F.

unj>anc. usance.

Unthrift, n., extravagance, folly. Usure, n., usury. F.

Unthrifty, adj., profitless. Uttereste, adj., uttermost.
Untressed, adj., not done up

into tresses, unarranged. "

Untrewe, adj., untrue, false; Vacacioun, n., leisure, spare

adv., untruly. A . S. untreowe. time. 0. F. vacation.

Untrouthe, n., untruth, deceit, Vache, n., cow, beast. 0. F.

faithlessness. A. S. untre- Vache, Sir Philip la Vache: a

owt5/. distinguished contemporary of

Unwar, adj., unaware; adv., un- Chaucer, soldier, courtier,

expectedly. A. S. unwaer. Knight of the Garter, keeper of

Unwist, adj., unknown, unwit- the royal manor and park of

ting. Woodstock and of Chili 'ern,

Unwitingly, adv., unwittingly. married to Elizabeth Clifford

Unwrye, v., uncover, reveal. (daughter of Sir Lewis Clifford}.

A. S. unwreon. Valence: Valence near Lyons,

Unyolden, p. p., without having France; or possibly a reference

yielded. A. S. un gieldan. to Valenciennes lace.

Up, prep., on, upon. A. S. Valerie: a reference to the Medieval

Up-born, p. p., upborne, valued. Latin treatise "De non du-

A. S. up beran. cenda uxore" which was en-

Up-bounde, p. p., bound up. titled Epistola Valerii ad Ru-

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