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By Geo. A. Gordon, A.M., Member of tlie New England Historic Genealogical S

THE commo ling of the name in New England is Butterfield,

Is usually throughout the United Stat< igh

instances are found of Botfield, of direct Germ raction ; and, occasion-

of Boterville, the French form. In England, the family date t
arrival from Normandy in the twelfth century.

two fees in Bedfordshire in 1165 and likewise in Norfolk (Liber Niger).
John ille was possessed of the lordship of Cheddington, in Bucks,

116 (Pa ; Pari. Writs). The name Botevyle occurs in th

Abbey roll. The estate of Bouteville was near Carentum, in Normandy,
a town at the mouth of the river Tante, where are yet to be seen old forti-
fications, a castle and a curious Norman church (The Norman People). A
branch of the family settled at Church Stretton, Shropshire. The i

i ates a corruption of the German word 1 I (53ot£,

a messenger, and feltf, field, or clearing where the trees have b
Sim ;: • cur in Butterley, Buttermere. Butterwick, I orth

. and perhaps Buterville in Ireland; the affix ii
ility — loj low, mere pond, wick bay, worth em

the messenger dwelt. Or, the derivation may be from I -which,

among the Anglo-h was that portion of the manor,

which was reserved for the repairs of the manor house, buildin

mending of the fences. Such privileges were styled Haybote (from
ftaie, hedge, or the land enclosed by it, and hot?, repair).
charged with such repairs was styled the Hayward, whence the mod
word: as also Heyward and Howard. Our word botcher, for a blundei
tairer, is a survival of this same bote in common speech.

B xeld, from whoi merican family chiefly derive

■t Charlestown, in the Bay Colony, in 1638. H> ably

. and brought a little family with Lira. Hi -
pears among of Wob

[n 11 I ad his name on tli list. J

the a
the i. river. The report w om-

upany of God's peoj fn 1653, Benjamin I}u
a petition of twenty-nine, including the petitioners of the preceding ;

l tract of laud six mile;-; s, "to begin at the Merrimack at a

neck of 'xt to Concord river," to ru: !

and west to the wild corojiryj, "ftfeipoj u to the native





Billei i Io<

Manna' x of


ie Merrimack,
e largest share of any one

uel and J were

i ; : - .• >hkm L.

i, is



jjuel Bi ed on the Wameait lands,

and the river.


1. in England; inhab. of Charlestown,

TToburn. 1
Hi he married 2nd,

of Thomu



i was born in England, and
ac o New England, ai

eh, d and Chelmsford. ]

married Mar 'hter of William born

_rd, 3 A

T vx

x. Prob

t 1 ••'• '••'.,''..'. '

He was one of the comn pointed • of Dr.

I 72, ned the a^ . in a j

round hand, J. „ art Recor

Children :

ii. M " )raham Y

7. iii. PH.


Nathahiel* Butterfield (Bi: rn in Wbbnro,

Ft 1642-4 ' I :Ji D er-

wood, a daughter of Willi :ia and Remembrance

is a hue t Cheh where his wil

25 June, 1
10 January 7 -10, he his real estate in the north part of

Chelmsford, betv, njamin, Samue on-

. deeds I

raisal of th in,

in ] -

as: ' en :

i. 5 Jan. 16f



17, removed with his father to Chelmsford, wher<:
till his death inJJJ. 4. H

April. 1703, d, his i Eliezer

Browne, one of the win ited 1 July, 1715* lii it, he

n> unuel and Jon;.

Ann. Phebe and Deborah. It lies ith

the fo te appended :

alx County

This Will of Samuel Bur.
'. contai


for Midi

Children :

11. i.

ii. V . 30 Jtu

en : .

iv. 1 H< ".ainnVld. Conn.


12. . (^

rn in Woburn, 15 August,

imily. He married, 12

of Joseph, one of the first

Andover. iraised

mber, 1 ' I inventoried on the same date. The

with the in , in the Middlesex Registry, viz. :

3 e of pn ' the County of Middlesex

your honour, these ms le you,


Imlnistral *-ate

I able of

i if your honour please to grant or alow of .
ye UtM7 LidyaBC' m.d.

i re of the "Widow, within named, of Joseph Bit I

non Tompson a
:■ of Chelmsford, yeoman.
• I Town Surety £300 I.E. J. P.

Children :
i. h, 3 b. 6 June, 1680.

iii. '!' b. 29 May, 1687; rn. E; Waters.

. ' ,10ct.

15. v. I

vi. , in. Simon 4 Tompson (James, 3 Simon, 2 James 1 ), Town Clerk

of Chelmsford.

6. Jonathan 8 Butterfield (Jonathan, 2 Benjamin 1 ) was born in
Chelmsford. Married in Woburn, 20 March, 1093-4, Ruth, daugh-
ter of John and Abigail Wright. He was a husbandman at West
Cambridge, near the Foot of the Rocks, now Arlington. 30 Novem-
ber, 1696, he -ed a deed at Charlestown (Mdx. Deeds, x.
). In February, 1706, he was one of a scouting party (Green's
Groton in the Indian Wars). He died in 1744, as, on 18 June
in that year, the widow Ruth and sons Jonathan, John and
William sign the mother's bond as administratrix of the estate of
Jonathan Butterfeild, late of Cambridge, deceased intestate. The
widow died 1753-4. Children:

16. i.

ii. Maky 9 ; m. 25 Oct. 1716, Thomas Fr

• of Ephraim and Hepzibah. They dwelt at Menotomy, where


17. iii. John, b. 1699; baj

Abigail, b. 11 May, 17 "Tieeler.

v. B 7 Sept. 1704; m. Willie

vi. J 'ge Cutter, son of Ger-

: r. She d. 7
vii. Lvdia, ba]

pt. 1710.

ix, :. 1713; m. Russell.

x. Locke, son of

Francis and They had

14 children: She d. 7 Sept. 17G9.

7. Joseph' TU;tt erfi elp, probably a son of Jonathan* and M

(Dixon) Butterrield, married Elizabeth ,hter of Ezekiel and

Mary (Bunker) Richardson, of Chelmsford. Children:

19. I. PH. 4

20. ii. Jo

21. iii. Josiah.

8. Benjamin 3 Bi d (Nathaniel? J i born in

Chelmsford, and dwelt there all his lays. He hud wife, Sarah,
;e left a widow at his death, 24 July, 1715. Children:

22. i. in. 4

ii. Sarah, b. 23 Sept. 1701; m. Zachariah on of Che!

iii. Mary, m. 17 Jan. 1737, Samu< ., ble.

v. A: 1715; m. 3 Feb. 1737, John Read of Westford.

9. Samuel* : ) wasborn in Chelms-.

ford, where he married 7 December, 1703, Rachel, born 2G Septem-
ber, 1655, daughter of Dea. Andrew arid Hannah (Jeffts) Spalding
of Chelmsford. In 1704 he was granted the sum of £4, by the
General Court of the Colony, for slaying an Indian. In 1705 he
was captured by the Indians, and received shocking treatment. He
survived and returned home. He was a tailor, a I in 1737.

His will, made 24 October, 1734, and probated 26 December, 1737,
is on fde at the Middlesex registry. Children :


23. ii. ,*b. 13 July, 1706.

iii. William, b. 1718 ; 111. of Capt. Jos. Parker of Chelms-

1 Litchfield, N. II.
iv. ',b. 1721; I. Susanna. In 176] :; of

v. Mary, b. 1722 ; m. 1742, David Fletcher of Wo
a i. Rebecca, b. 1726

• <\, in. 1st, Parker; 2d, Robert Bli d (12. iv.).

nil Rachel.
ix. H

10. Nathaniel 3 Butterfield (Nathaniel? Benjamin 1 ) was born in

Chelmsford, where he married 18 January. Sarah, daughter

of Lieut. William and Sarah ( Richardson) Fletcher of Nottingham
West. She was born 26 May, 1679. He died in 1740, leavii
widow Alice and children :

2-i. N.v t.. 4

Ii. \. ii M001

t. F<

11. ild (Samuel? Bp> ls born in Chelms-
d. Married Tabitha Butterfield, 7 May, 1730- He died in 1742,
iving a widow, Tabitha, and an ad . David (12. ii.), son of

his brother Jonathan. His will inuary, 1741-2, and pro-

bated 5 April, 1742, is on hi Middlesex Registry.

12. Jonathan* Butterfield ( i 1 1 ) was born in Chelms-

ford; had wife Elizabeth, who died earl ing one chi;

U Eli Id.

He married 2d, Eliz a daughter of Thomas and

Chamberlain of Chelmsford, who survived him. He was an hus-

July, 1728, was
/ A

/ i*V »


D {Joseph* Benjamin 1 ) wa in

[en ughter of Ezekiel

"ih of November, 1711, in company with a neighbor,

Scarlett farm on the e: of

Merrimack River, next the Dracut Line, nov the limits of

I domain of /hich he at once

I house, and dwelt there until Li., death

be possession of his

descendaD; o thirty children have been born on it,

ions of Butterfields have dwelt I His will,

ma September, 1745, provided that his wife should be exc

trix, but at the probate of the will, which was presented 26 May,

17 1 find this: "2 Oct. 1759, Lieut. Vamum, witness to the

will sworn, the other witnesses being dec' 1 ; the exc x dyed before

the testator. S. Danforth, J. Pro." Children:

4 d. unm. ; a soldier at Cape Breton, 1745.


Small, and dwelt in Tyngsboro'.

v. [, m. — of Merrimack, N. H.

vii. L7 ard Coburn of Pelham.

14. Benjamin 8 Bi ield {Joseph* Benjamin 1 ) was born in that

part of Chelmsford, now Tyngsboro', 1680-85. He had a wife,
Elizabeth. The} at, or near, Frances hill, now We'stford,

where he died in 1714-15. Children:
30. i.

iii. 'I'd-

Dec. ] -in Perham of

17 of Gov. Peruana of Maine).
v. Mart, b. 17'

1714; m. 9 Dec. 1740, James Bobbins of Grafton.

15. Jacob 3 Buttekfield {Joseph? Benjamin 1 ) was born in ( ord,

10 October, 1689. a twin with his brother 1 t a

few days. Jacob had a wif< i ho, left hi.: . married

2d, James Dutton. He died in 1728. Children:

i. Dinah, 4 b. 17

ii. 1715; a cooper in Westford 17



v. J a 1 ; non comj

16. Jonathan 4 Bctterfield (Jonathan, 3 Jonathan? B wai -

born in Chelmsford, !("■■ . Baptized in Cambridge 99.

Married in Lexington, January, 1721, Rachel, daughter of Jo
Rachel (Shepard) Stone of Le: Rachel v.

97. They settled in (South) Bridgewater, where h<
17 GO. They had no children. In his will he

Bridgewater church, and the bulk of his estate to his grandniece,
Rachel Leonard, daughter of Simon and Ann (Smith) Leona

17. John 4 Blt ter field (./• , : Bmj\

Cambridge, where he was I _' July, l(^)9. He married, 1

March, 1725-G, Mary (Grant) Hill, widow of Abraham Hill.
They dwelt in Cambridge, where he was a shoemaker. He d
childless in 1749, and his married 2d, 4 January, 17-

Abraham Watson, son of Abraham and Mary (Butterfii
Watson of Cambridge. Wa Lied 7 October, 1775; and Mary,

a third time widowed, in . 1789.

18. William 4 Butteri'ield {Jonathan? Jonathan?!: l ) was born

in Cambridge, where he wa zed 24 September, 1710. He

married, 12 December, 1733, Sarah Robbins, daughter of Nathaniel
and Susanna (Chandler) Robbins. She was born in 1714, and
•died in 1739. Children:

i. a:r,» b. 15 Sept. 1734.

ii. Jonathan, bap. 21 March, 1735-6.

ill. Mary, bap. 5 February, 1737-8.

These three died in infancy. In May, 1740, he married 2d,
Mehitable Chamberlain, with whom he lived twenty years, till his
death in August, 1760. His widow became, in 1770, the second
wife of Samuel Locke, whose first wife had been Mr. Butterfield's

ter, Deborah (6. x.). All dwelt at Menotomy, near Foot of Rocks.
Children :

iv. Sarah, 4 b. 31 May, 1741 ; d. 21 June, 1771.

v. William, Id.

vi. J 27 Jan. 1745 ; m 4 Aug. 1772, Mary Dixon, and d\s

•town, where lie died in 1775. 2 children,
vii. John, b. 11 Ja

i. Samuel, b. 15 April, 1750; m. 14 July, 1774, Elizabeth Bern :
ix. S >. 16 Feb. 1752.

Mary, b. 25 Aug. 1754.
xi. Abel, b 1757.

xii. Stephen, b. 30 Dec. 1750.

19. Joseph 4 Butterfield (Joseph, 3 Jonathan, 2 Benjamin 1 ) was born in

Chelmsford (west part). He married Dorothy, eldest daughter of
Gershom and Hannah Heald of Concord. They dwelt in Westford,
where his name appears on the earliest t. He 1741,

leaving widow and six children. The eldest son came of age in
1749, when the widow petitioned the Court as folio- •

C_ Wesford, Dec. 749.

To the table Samuel 1

. the folic o humbl

Held widow, wa

Loner with I

Bntti r Butterflel

old and Dorattrj B Ld You;

Prayeth that you wold be pi > at tnat Lif tenant Jabei


-f- li utter fl.-


rroton :

' iterbury, Conn.

20. »■,* Ben, was an early

I, where lie bad a wife Mary, and children :


21. JosiAn'* Butterfield (Joseph, Jonathan? Benjamin 1 ) was born in

Chelmsford; married' in 1737 Hannah Farnsworth, of Harvard.
They dwelt on Frances hill in Westford. Children :

i. Josiah,* b. 1738; soldier in Capt. Lawrence's Company, Nichols's

it, 1758.
ii. S ■. 1740.

22. John 4 Butterfield (Benjamin, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Benjamin 1 ) was born

in Chelmsford and had wife Anna, In Jan. 1728-9, he purchased
a large portion of the Brenton farm in Naticook ; 24 March, 1763, he
divided his Chelmsford lands between his sons, reserving life interest.
As, in 1766, the sons sold a large part of this estate, now the most
valuable part of the city of Lowell, to Thomas Fletcher (Mdx. Deeds,
lx: we judge the father must have been dead. Children :

i. EriiRAiM,* m. 10 March., 1732, Eliza of Littleton; dwelt

in West ford as- bled at E ton,

Mi a, Me. ; :

on the Kennebec; and 4, Bel . iio married James Gor<

of Wilton, Me.

ii. Benjamin.

23. E: ii 4 Butterfield (Samuel, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Benjamin 1 ) was

born in Chelmsford, 13 July, 1706, where he had wife Sarah, and
where four of his children were born. In 1744, he went to Dun-
stable. About 1750 his wife died. Children:

i. b. 26 Jan. 1732; m. 17 tbeth Emery; had five

■•'>, he remo ilh

•family: Ho died there 2 April, 1S21. A soldier of olu-

ii. S. "- Eeb. 1736; m. 12 Nov. 1761, ILumah Chandler, dau. of

aid Doroth ble) Chai

•rn, 27 . m in

Dui 31, he i o Farm Me.,

of which h i of

marked pr<

dren were born to them in ] on.

iii. L, b. 17 Nov. 17!

children ; was a leading mi. u in Dv

*ain. His descendants are in Dunstable to-day. He died 17
Nov. 1800.
iv. Jonas, b. 12 Sep. 1742 ; v her. In 1776 he was corporal of the

" tr ind," and served fo

ington. ' four chil-

dren, an I on ( farms on the Sandy

;, 22 June, i

iNIai; < ' L748 ; m. 1st, Peter Parker, and went with him to

Far He. < m. 2d, Ji nch Woo

and 16 years of age, dying 16 Oct. 1844.

Mr. Buttejcfield married 2d, Alice , and had by her three

more children. He and his wi od the Church covenant in

Dunstable in 1757. His sons were notable for their military caret"
and, after the restoration of peace, for their successful emigration to
new lands. Children :

vii. Jesse,* b. 28 April, 1752 ; was in . le of' Bunker nill, a member

of Capt. Cummings's Continentals, an I and true soldier of

the Revolution. In 17 ried Lydia, dau. of and

Jemima Blodget, and, at the close of i . they went with two

Iren to Farmington, Me., where they prospered. He

6 February, 1812, aged 90.

viii. E b. 8 October, 17

ix. Pb I October, 1757; also a continental soldier; was twice

married and settled at Wilton, Me. He had wife Mary and eight

24. Nathaniel 4 Btjtterfield (Nathaniel? Nathaniel," Benjamin 1 ) was
born in Chelmsford; married and had two sons, Nathaniel 5 and
Elijah, 6 the latter of whom deceased in early manhood. He was a
soldier in the French War, and died on the Crown Point expedition,
in 1758.

25. i David 4 Butterfield {Jonathan, 3 Samuel? Benjamin 1 ) was born in
Chelmsford in 1712. In 1724, he was adopted by his uncle Sam-
uel (9) who was childless, and in 1742 inherited his whole estate.
He married Kezia, who, with his adopted mother, Tabitha, were
widows on the estate at his decease in 1764. Children:

i. Samuel, 8 b. 1749-50.

ii. Kezia, m. Benjamin Shed of Bi'llerka, who died 19 Dec. 1760, and

she in. 2d, in 17G5, David Stickney, and removed to Grafton, Vt.

iii. Jean-

iv. 1

v. Sarah, m. Jacob Manning of Billerica.

vi. — , m. Dennis McLan

26. Jonathan 4 Butterfield (Jonathan? Samuel? Benjamin 1 ) was born

in Chelmsford and settled in Westford, at Millstone hill. Was a
soldier in the French War, serving from 1755 to 1761, in which
year he was Captain. He signed his will 22 Nov. 1757, like his
her, " Boterfeild," and left his estate in equal divisions to his
•three sons. Children :

i. d q1 to Peppereli, where had wife Lydia, and

children Mary, Rachel and Sybil.
ii. in.

iii. Samuel. .

27. Robert 4 Butterfield (Jonathan? Samuel? Benjamin 1 ) was born

in Chelmsford, iu 1716. Married 7 January, 1744-5, Mehitable
Boynton, by whom he had four children :

r, 24 Feb
Robert v. War,

; October, 1756. I

\h, 9 Joseph. 2 B< l ) was born

J 719. He grew up in what were the

colonial life. Tl.. bear and

The farms were fertile and crops abundant.

No sturbed the serenity of the frontier. Money

the churches and tl id fish were

The neighbors Perhams, Richards'- urns, Varnums,

md Parkers were of a merry, festive character. Families

e large and healthy, was abundant, and, though

r lives were plain, their happiness was substantial. '

dd married Elizabeth, (laughter of Capt! William and Eliza-
beth (Coburn) Ric i, of Dracut, where she was born 27 July,
1724. Their homestead in Tyngsboro' is now the " town farm."
He died 4 April, 1786; and his widow, 26 February, 1808. Chil-
dren :

i. ia, 6 b. 1759; m. Abi of Tim Dracut; had a

of four re in

- the vicinity. Capt. Asa died, old man, 2

ii. S a. 12 Dec. 1705),*Ebenezer Varnum.

ill. Rachel, m. 12 D y Varnui

iv. W m. 1st, Elija] ; ic Pike.

v. E, r, m. David Ciumni i

29. Ret/ben 4 Butterfield (Joseph, 5 Joseph, 2 Benjam as born in

Tyngsboro' in Oct. 1727, and was the youngest of his father's family.
He was a suckling child till into his ninth year, and grew to be
broad-shouldered and of great strength. He was the champion
athlete of his settlement, and could leap twelv He married,

in 1745, Mary Richardson, b. 18 April, 1728, a sister of his brother
Joseph's wife. He was early in the Revolution i -83, with

his sous, and soon was a captain. He wab at in most of

the engagements of the Northern army. After the war, he returned
to Tyngsboro' and spent the remainder of a long life on his farm,
where he died 22 February, 1816. Children:
i. Mary, 5 b. 6 Jan. 1746; m. Abiel Coburn, hs

ii- l; iy, 1749: > at

Hill; subsequently a it, and

iii. Levi, b. in in infa

iv. Levi, b. 20 D r of Ba>

aman, a
in which hi iken prisoner and carrii id. On


v. ; t

Me., and d re 10 May, 1787. No children.


vi. Sarah, b. 8 Jan. 1759; m. "William Sherburne of Pelham, where

vii. J 22 June, 1762 ; m. 27 Dec. 1787 • Lspent

life on the "Hoiii ' where he d. 28 Nov. 185G. Six

viii. Ab>hek-Richakdson, b. 24 July, 1764; m. 23 Oct. 1791, Ilepzibah

Butt]-. d. 6 March, 1851. Nine children,

ix. 1> • • 79 1 , lleuben Richardson of

Dracut. She d. J <
x. Benjamin, b. 16 At>. dau. of Jabesh Coburn of

Dracut. He d. ' r children,

xi. William, b. 7 May, 1775 ; of Tyngsboro',

■where they dwelt till his death, 19 July, 1819. No childn

30. Benjamin 4 BtJTTEjiFiELD (Benjamin, 2 Joseph," Benjamin 1 ) was

born in Chelmsford, dwelt in Westford, had wife Kezia, was an en-
sign in Choate's regiment at the siege of Louisburg, 1745, and died
in 1747. Children:

i. n, s b. 1724; m. 4 April, 1749, Aaron Chandler,

ii. Benjamin, b. 1726 ; husbandman ; m. 26 S , naSpald

:. of Jacob, of Che!: They d to Lunenbn

ultimately to Brattleboro', Vt.
iii. Jo 3; hous< m. 2 Oct. 1750, Martha Trull, removed

to Narragansel I (Temp a, in

1761 to Harvard, and iu 1764 to Shirley. Had : 1,
U; 2, John, b. 28 July, 1753; i

whose arm was torn off in a cider mill, 9 Sept. 1763 ; 4. Henry, b.

14 March, 1709; 5, Kezia, b. 28 Aug. 1761; and l ha, b. 14

April, Vt
iv. Timothy, b. 1730.

v. Kezia, b. 1733; m. 28 June, 1755, Josiah Nutting,
vi. Mary, b. 1735; m. 10 April, 1755, Lemuel Perham, of Dunstable.

Six children,
vii. Abel, b. 1737; d. 1745.
viii. Jo b. 1740.

ix. Isaac, b. 1742 ; m. 3 Dec. 1772, Ruth Spalding, dan. of Dea. Andrew

and Mehitable (Chandler) Spalding of Chelmsford.
x. James, b. 1744.

31. William 4 Bctterfield (Benjamin, 3 Joseph, 7, Benjamin 1 ) was born

in Chelmsford in 1705. Married Bathsheba Shepard, daughter of
Abraham, of Concord. They dwelt at Frances hill, Westford,
where his name appears on the first tax list, 1730. At the earliest
town meeting, 1730, he Was elected hog-reeve. He died in West-
ford, in 1785, and his widow in 1793. Children:

i. b. 1729 ; m. 1 Nov. 1753, Eben Ball of Townsend.

ii. I > 1731 ; m. 11 Sept. 1755, Jacob Wright, Jr.

iii. Y\ . I). 1734; d. s. p., V

iv. H.\ 37; m. Lemuel Potts of Town -en. I.

v. Peter, b. 1739 ; soldier in the French war 1757, and in the Revolution

177.5-83; settled in Townsend, where and in Bostou

have been merchants,
vi. A i, b. 1741 ; a soldier in the French War, and died at Crown

Point, N. Y..24 Sept. 1.
vii. Olive, b. 1713; d. 24 Jan.' 1749-50.
viii. Samuel, b. 1745.
ix. Bathsiieua, m. Lawrence.

Reprinted from the Ntw England Historical and Genealogical Registe r fo> Oo to bei ' i i> » n



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