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On a new genus and new species of diastylidse.
Journ. Dublin Soc. ii, 101-104 (1858-59).

Description of two rare crustaceans from the
coast of Durham. Trans. Tyneside Naturalists' Field
Clubiv, 15-16 (1858-60).

On the genus Niphargus. Proc. Dublin Zool.
Bot. Assoc, i, 237-40 (1859).

The crab and its allies. Neivman's Zoologist xvii,
6567-6578, etc. (1859) xix, 7548-7553, 7650-

On Bovisand sand beds. Rep. Devonshire Assoc.
i, 42 (1862).

The President's address, ib. i, 9-30 (1863).

On some Roman British remains found near
Plymouth, ib. i.

On a Cornish kjokkenmodden. ib. iii, 138.




BATE, C. Spenoe. (Gon.).

On a barrow in Constantine bay. ih. iii, 140.

On the prehistoric antiquities of Dartmoor.
ih. iii, 491-516 (1871).

On the tors of Dartmoor, ih. iv, 517-19.

Contribution towards determining the etjrmo-
logy of Dartmoor names, ih. iv, 520-35.

On the original map of the royal forest of Dart-
moor, ilhistrating the perambulation of Henry
III. in 1240. ih. iv.

An attempt to approximate the dates of the
flint flakes of Devon & Cornwall, ih. v, 128-36.

Researches into some antient tumuli on Dart-
moor, ih. vi, 272-78. £rit. Assoc. Bejx 1872, pt.
ii, 175.

On the pathology of dental caries. Tran. Odont.
Soc. iii, 40-100 (1865).

On the dentition of the mole. Six plates, ih.
V, 261-94 (1867).

On some new Australian specimens of Crus-
tacea. Froc. Zool. Soc. 1863, pp. 498-505.

Characters of new species of crustaceans dis-
covered by J. K. Lord, at Vancouver island, ih.
1864, pp. 661-68.

Description of Batea catharinensis by Dr. Fiitz
Miiller. Ann. and Hag. of Nat. Hist, xv, 276-77

On a new species of astacus. ib. xvi, 296-97.

Carcinological gleanings, ib. i, 442-48 (1868).

Two new Crustacea from the coast of Aber-
deen. 5 S. i, 409-11 (1878).

On the nauplius stage of prawns, ib. ii, 79-
85, 427.

On bellidia huntii of Gosse. ih.. ii, 135-36.

On the willemoesia group of Crustacea, ih. ii,
273-83, 484 (1878).

Clack Ccenatioum. Clack, A Journal. Ply-
mouth, 1865, pp. 9-12, 143-50, 238-40.

The power of God as exhibited in the habits
and instincts of some marine and fresh water
animals, ih. 1865, pp. 14-18, 78-80.

How I spent a Christmas week or seven days
on the north coast of Cornwall, ih. 1865, pp.
70-77, 92-99.

A child's last cry. ib. 1865, p. 170.

On a Cornish Kjokkenmodding. ib. 1865, pp.
171-77, 217-23.

An attempt to approximate the date of the
flint flakes of Devon and Cornwall. Pojndar
Science Rev. vi, 169-84 (1867).

Prismatic ice. Sandstone boulder in granite
on Dartmoor. Nature i, 556 (1869-70).

Report on the Prehistoric antiquities of Dart-
moor. With 6 pages of plates. Journ. Anthropo-
logical Institute i, pp. c-cxxi (1871).

Fourth report on the marine fauna of South
Devon. £rit. Assoc. Bep. 1872, pp. 48-53.

BATE, C. Spenoe. (Con.).

The prehistoric antiquities of Dartmoor. iJem
B.C.P. Soc. 1872, pp. 54, 147-63.

The antiquities of Dartmoor compared with
old Cornish legends, ib. 1874, pp. 41, 59-70.

A Cornish fauna. Crustacea revised and added
to by C. S. Bate. Journ. R.I.C. July 1878, pp

Account of excavations at a cemetery in Stam-
ford-hill, Plymouth Sound. In Llewellynn Jew-
ill's Hist, of Plymouth (1873) pp. 17-34.

On Grimspound. Trans. Plymouth Instil.

The inscribed stones and ancient crosses of
Devon, ih. v, 392-98 (1875).

Report on the present state of our knowledge
of the Crustacea. Rep. British Assoc. 1875, pt. i,
41-53; 1876, pt. i, 75-94; 1877, pt. i, 36-5S;
1878, pt. i, 193-208.

Note. — C. Spenoe Bate also contributed many
papers to The Medical Gazette.

BATE, Henry (son of Thos. Bate of Truro,
m. Catherine Slcipp of Gloucester), b. Truro.
M.R.C.S. Eng. 5 June 1846.

Vernon, a tale of the sea. By Henry Bate,
M.R.C.S. &c. Lond. Arthur Hall, Virtue & Co.
1856, 8". Half title and title 2 leaves, then pp.
1-247, 5/-.

" Tekel," " Thou art weighed in the scales and
found wanting," or The national religion of Eng-
land brought to the test of holy scripture and
found everywhere defective and erroneous. By
Puto [pseud, i.e. H. Bate]. Lond. Elliot Stock
1872, 8°.

BATE, William, b. Truro. Capt. R.M.; Gover-
nor of the Isle of Ascension, d. Ascension 11
Apl. 1838; Public monument erected to his
memory, m. Ellen, dau. of Dr. Wilson of
Scarborough, cf. C. Bedding's Personal reminis-
cences (1867) iii, 262.

BATE, William Thornton (son, of Capt. JVill
Bate, governor of Ascension), b. Chatham 1819,
Educ. R. Naval coll. Portsmouth; Entered
R.N. 2 Sep. 1831; Midshipman 1 May 1839;
Lieut. 8 Oct. 1841; Capt. 1856; Wounded in
operations at Canton, May 1841; At capture
of Ohapoo 18 May 1842; Assistant to Capt,
Collinson in surveying the Chinese watere
1841-46; Went through a course of instruc-
tion at naval coll. Portsmouth 1846-48; Sur-
veying the Chinese coast 1848-54; Com-
mander of the "Bittern" in Chinese waters
1856; Led a storming party at the attack on
Canton, Oct. 1856; Commander of the "Ac-
tion" 21 Aug. 1857; Killed at the taking of
Canton 29 Dec. 1857. bur. Hong-Kong ceme-
tery 31 Dec; Funeral sermon preached m




BATE, W. T. (Oon.J.

Cathedral by the Bishop; Public monument
erected to his memory at Canton, cf. Gent.
Mag. iv, 324 (1858); London Gazette 1841, pp.
2513, 2539, 1842, pp. 3693-94; O'Byme p.

A memoir of Captain W. Thornton Bate E.N.
By the rev. JohnBaillie...Lond. Longmans 1859,
8°. pp. xvi, 255 with 3 engravings from sketches
by Capt. Bate, 5/-. — .Third ed. Lond. Nisbet
1862, 12«. 3/6.

The China pilot. Part 1. By Capt. CoUinson.
Lond. 1855, 8». 3/6.

Note. — Partly compiled from surveys made by W.
T. Bate. An island off Bias bay, China, is called after
Capt. Bate.

BATH, Earls ov. See Grenville.

BATTEN, George Henry Maxwell (son of
Geo. Maxwell Batten, b. Hertingfordhwy, Herts
7 Apl. 1808, Of Bengal civil service, d. Calcutta
2lJuly 1834, m. Oct. 1829 at Calcutta, Amelia
Chichele, dau. of Trevor J. C. Plowden, of Bengal
civil service), h. Bengal 22 Jan. 1832. Educ.
Charterhouse and H. E. I. coll. Haileybury
1845-51; Of Bengal civil service 1852; Com-
missioner of inland customs; Officiating Mem-
ber of legislative council of viceroy of India

Selections from the Eecords of [Indian] gov-
ernment. North Western provinces. Agra, Cal-
cutta and Allahabad 1855-64, roy. 8°. and fol.

Note. — In vol. ii, pt. 37 occurs "Information re-
garding the cotton cultivation in the N.W. provinces.
By G. H. M. Batten, Allahabad 1862, fol." and in pt.
40 "Information regarding the slackness of demand for
European cotton goods. By G. H. M. Batten, Allaha-
bad 1864, fol."

BATTEN, Eev. Henry. See ante i, 17 (third
son of John Batten, J. 13 Sep. 1769, d. Pen-
zance 14 Dec. 1834, m. 13 May 1803, Mary
Ann Pidwell. She d. 27 Aiyl. 1837). Educ.
Exeter gram, sch.; Matric. from Ex. coll. Oxf
2 June 1831; B.A. 12 Nov. 1835, M.A. 14
May 1842; Built St. Paul's chapel, Penzance
1843, and was minister 1843-49; Master of
Penzance gram, sch.; P.O. of St. Mary's Pen-
zance 1849-60. d. Leskinnick house, Penzance

10 Mch. 1860, aged 47. m. 15 Oct. 1844 at
Gulval, Anna Maria Molesworth, youngest dau.
of rev. Jas. Carne. She was h. Sancreed vicar-
age 17 Mch. 1825 and now, 1879, resides at

11 Scarsdale villas, Kensington.

Responses, &c. By rev. H. Batten and H. W.
Viner (185-). See ante ii, 826.

Note. — A second Christmas hymn. By W. L. Viner
1857 is dedicated to rev. H. Batten.

BATTEN, Henry Howard (third son of rev.
Hen. Batten, d. 1860). h. Clarence place, Pen-
zance 3 Oct. 1846; Educ. Tonbridge sch. 1862-
65; Of the Charity commission office Mch.
1866; Fellow E. Geogr. Soc. 11 Nov. 1872;
Student of Lincoln's Inn 23 Jan. 1867, Bar-
rister 26 Jan. 1875.

Madron well as described in Gibson's notes to
Camden's Britannia 1695. Cornish Telegraph 12
June 1877, p. 3, col 5.

The Faroe islands. Signed "H.H.B." The Field
Ii, 69, 159, 352 (1858).

BATTEN, John. See ante i, 17 (eld. son of John
Batten, 6. 24 Sep. 1805, hanker and merchant,
d. Chapel st. Penzance 18 June 1875, m. 22 Aug.
1837 at Lisheard, Helen Holmes, dau. of Jos.
Childs of Lisheard. She was h. Lisheard 1806, d.
Penzance 11 May 1878). I. Penzance 4 Dec.
1839; Educ. Gram. sch. Penzance 1848-55 and
at Shrewsbury sch. 1855-58; Matric. from
Balliol coll. Oxf May 1858; Open exhibitioner
1859; First Classics Mod. 1860; B.A. 18 June
1863; Student of Lincoln's Inn 5 May 1863,
Barrister at law 30 Apl. 1866.

The stannaries act 1869. Edited with notes
explanatory of its several sections, and with
introductory chapters upon the jurisdiction of
the stannaries court, the cost book system and
similar matters; also with an appendix contain-
ing forms for the formation and regulation of
cost book companies and for proceedings in
regard thereto. By John Batten, Jun. esq...
Lond. Wildy and Sons 1873, 12". 7/6.

Note. — Half title, title and dedication to " To sir
John St. Aubyn, bart." 3 leaves, Preface, table of oases
and errata pp. i-vi then pp. 1-168.

The Law Journal reports. Lond. E. B. Ince,
5 Quality court. Chancery lane 1876-77, 4°.

Note. — Mr. J. Batten acted as one of the reporters
in the house of lords on appeals in the chancery division
from Michaelmas 1875 to May 1877. He has also con-
tributed to The Law Journal and The Solicitors' Journal.

Eeport addressed to the earl of Shaftesbury
at his request in reference to the employment
of climbing boys by chimney sweeps in the Mid-
land and northern counties. By John Batten.
MS. at The Home Office 1873.

Note. — cf. also The chimney sweeps. [A letter
from lord Shaftesbury dated June 18, enclosing Sum-
mary of state of facts respecting climbing boys extracted
from previous report and signed John Batten]. The
Times 20 June 1873, p. 10, col. 5.

BATTEN, John Hallet, and not Batten,
Joseph Hallet as printed ante i, 17 (son of
rev. Jos. H. Batten d. 1837). hapt. Haileybury
coll. chapel 7 June 1811; Educ, Hanwell sch.
1822-24 and Charterhouse 1824-26; Of




BATTEN, J. H. (Co}i.J.

Haileybury coll. 1827-29; Of Trhi. coll.
Camb. 1830-32; Entered Bengal civil service,
arrived in India 22 Nov. 1829, resigned 3
Mch. 1866; Assistant to collector and magis-
trate at Azingliur Dec. 1833, at Suharumpoor
Jan. 18.'^5; Assistant to Commissioner of
Kuraaon Sep.l8.''iG; Commissioner of Kumaon
Nov. 1848; Judge of Cawnpoor Jan. 1858;
Officiating commissioner of Rohilcund 1859;
Judge of Mynpoory Jan. 1860; Commissioner
of Agra and officiating judge of Suddur,
Dewanny etc. May 1863; M.R.A.S. 1856;
F.R.G.S. 1866; Hon. sec. R. Ge.ol. Soc. Corn-
wall 1869-73; Resident, 1879, Heavitree, Exe-
ter, m. 25 June 1846 at Naini Tal, Kumaon,
Mary Sarah, dau. of Capt. John Ostlife Beckett,
Bengal, N.I. and Anna Maria Booth his wife.
SheNvas b. Muttra, India 13 Sep. -1825.

Notes on Capt. Manson's Journal of a visit
to Melum. Journ. Asiat. Soc. of Bengal xi, 1157-
81 (1842).

A few notes on the subject of the Kumaon
and Rohilcund Turae^. ih. xiii, 887 (1844).

Notes and recollections on tea cultivation in
Kumaon and Garhwal. Journ of B. Asiatic Soc.
X, (1878). Bep. British ylssoc. 1877, p. -. Found
also as a Pamphlet 1878, 8". pp. 25.

A topical sketch of Nainee Tal 1850 with a
map. In Rushton's Almanack or Year hook for the
North Western provinces, Agra 1851.

Note. — For a reference to the paper on the " Him-
alaya snow line." cf. Humbuldt's Cosmos (Sabine's Se-
cond ed. 1847) i, note 40.3.

BATTEN, Rev. Joseph (second son of John
Batten, b. Penzance 1709, d. Fen::ance 1792,
m. (1) name not known, m. (2) 13 Feb. 1770
Margaret Gift). Copastor of Penzance Inde-
pendent chapel with rev. John Pearce and
afterwards Sole minister; Minister of Back st.
meeting. South wark. d. Penzance 6 Mch. 1823
aged 75. m. (1) 1777 Anna, dau. of John Luke.
m. (2) Miss Ellis, cf. London Christian Instructor
or Congregational Mag. iv, 496 (1821); Bcivxince
Congregational Mag. July 1877.

Penzance, a sketch. [Anon.hj Joseph Batten].
Penzance, printed and sold by T. Vigurs. n.d.
[181-] fol. 78 lines in rhyme with notes
2d. Copy penes John D. Enys esq.

Note. — See also under Vigurs, T. ante ii, 824-25.

BATTEN, Rev. Joseph Hallet (son of rev.
Joseph Batten, d. 1823). See ante i, 17. Of
Trinity coll. Camb.; Fellow 1 Oct. 1801; B.A.
and third wrangler 1799; Member's prizeman
1800, M.A. 1802, D.D. per lit. reg. 1815;
F.R.S. 1816; R.of Beesby, Lincolnshire 1810;

BATTEN, Eev. J. H. (Con.).

R. of Gretford with Wilsthorpe Lincolns. 1810;
Preb. of Lincoln Oct. 1814; Classical professor
PI. E. I. coll. Haileybury July 1805 and Prin-
cipal 18 Jan. 1815. d. 17 Marine sq. East
Cliff, Brighton, bur. All Souls' ch. Brighton.
m. 4 July 1807 at Bengeo ch. Hertford, Cath-
erine, third dau. of major Hamilton Maxwell
of Ardwell, Wigtonsh. and Maria his wife.
She was b. Bonaventure, Canada, 12 Aug. 1786,
d. Westbourne terrace road, Hyde park 31 Oct.
1862. cf Gent. Mag. ix, 103, 213(1838), xiii,
791 (1862).

BAWDEN, John (son of John Bawden, bur. St.

Day 1851, aged 96). b. St. Day 8 May 1808.

Schoolmaster at St, Day 30 years; Auctioneer

at St. Day; d.

Joseph and his brethren, dramatically arranged.
By John Bawden, St. Day, Gwennap. Printed
for the use of Sunday Schools. Helston, printed
by R. Woolcock. Second ed. n.d. [18—] 8».
pp. 32.

BAWDEN, Joseph. Self taught in reading,
writing, arithmetic, algebra, geometry and
astronomy; Maker of clocks; Invented an
apparatus for draining water from deep shafts;
Employed at Wheal Vor; Corresponded with
Mr. William Rogerson, Assistant at the Green-
wich Observatory, (i. Wheal Vor 29 Nov. 1858.
cf. IFcst Briton 10 Dec. 1858, p. 6, col. 1.

Note. — Joseph Ba-nclen is said to have published
" Lunar Tables," but we have not been able to see a

BAWDEN, Samuel, of St. Day.

Dislocation of lodes and strata. Bep. of Miners
Assoc, of a. d: D. 1866, pp. 29-31.

BAXTER, Richard, b. Rowdon, Salop 12 Nov,

1615. English nonconformist divine and author

of very numerous works, d. London 8 Dec,

1691. htr. Christ Church.

The poorman's family book; teaching him how

to become a true christian. In plain familiar

conferences between a teacher and a learner,

with forms of prayer suited to every occasion

by R. Baxter. Penryn, printed by W. Cock.

1815, 8". pp. 641.

BAZELEY, Rev. William (son of Will. Ba»
ley, b. St. Ives 1803, mayor of St. Ives 9 tinus,
d. St. Ives 1864, m. Caroline, dau. of^ Will
Morgan commander R.N. and Caroline Ms wife),
b. St. Ives Jan. 1843. Educ. Truro gram, sch,
1854-59; Cheltenham coll. 1859-61; Of Ch,
coll. Camb. B.A. 1865, M.A. 1870; A master
at Cheltenham coll. 1864-68; C. of Charlton-




BAZELEY, Rbv. William. (Con.).

Kings near Cheltenham 1867-70; C. of Horn-

sey, Middlesex 1870-75; R. of Matson since

1875; Unm.

Records of Matson and the Selwyn family.
Trans. Bristol and Gloucester Archceol. Soc. 1878,
pt. ii.

The early history of St. Ives. A lecture given
in the Town hall, St. Ives 26 Feb. 1878. cf.
Cornish Telegraph 5 Mch. 1878, p. 6, col. 5.

BEADON, Geoege (youngest son of Will. Beadon
of Gotten house, Somerset), b. 1810. Capt. R.N.
6 Nov. 1856, retired.

A.D. 1852, Dec. 21, No. 1121. Letters patent
to George Beadon of Creechbarrow near Taunton
in Somerset, now of St. Mary's Scilly, comman-
der R.N., for the invention of " Improvements
in constructing and propelling ships and vessels."
With diagram. Lond. Eyre and Spottiswoode
1854, fol. pp. 2, 1/OJ.

BEAL, Rev. William. See ante i, 18. Origin-
ally a shoemaker; WesI minister in Cornwall
1809-11, 1816-19, 1848-49, 1857-72; The
first Sunday school teacher in Cornwall, d.
Liskeard 18 June 1872.

Memoir of John Phillips, h. Roche 1769. d.
Liskeard 19 Oct. 1833. Wesl. M. Mag. Ivii,
630-32 (1834).

BEAL, Rev. W. See ante i, 18. h. 1815. V. of
Brooke 1847-70. d. Aigle, Switzerland 20
Apl. 1870. cf Men of the time (1868) p. 54;
Boase's Ex. coll. p. 160.

BEALE, John (son of Sam. and Charity Beale of

Tregony). b. Truro 30 Aug. 1810.

A.D. 1876, Sep. 6, No. 3501. Provisional speci-
fication [only] of John Beale of Truro for " An
improvement in brakes for railway and other
carriages." Lond. Eyre and Spottiswoode 1877,
fol. 2d.

BEARD, Rev. George. Cornish Fellow of Ex.
coll. Oxf 30 June 1614; B.A. 7 July 1617 ;
Allowed to incept 5 May 1620; M.A.; B.D.;
Sub-Rector of Ex. coll. and Reader in rhetoric
and mathematics, d. 20 Oct. 1638. bur. Ex.
coU. chapel. Administration bond of his will
dated 7 Nov. 16 38. cf (Griffiths Index to Wills
p. 5 ; Gutch's Hist, of colleges and halls in Oxf.
(1786) iii, 120; Boase's Exeter coll. p. 59.

Note. — George Beard son of a minister Matrio.
from Ex. coll. Oxf. 16 June 1615, aged 18, possibly he
was the same person as the above.

BEARD, Rev. George (son of Rich. Beard of
Maidsione,Kent, d.Southwarh, Surrey), b. South-

BBARD, Rev. Geokoe. (Con.).

wark Surrey 5 Sep. 1793. bapt. Clerkenwell.
Local preacher 1811; Wesl. minister in West
Indies Jan. 1826 to June 1839; Minister at
Helston 1839-41; Camelford 1842-44, 1869.
d. Charlestown, St. Austell 5 Apl. 1877. hir.
Charlestown ch. yard. m. in Southwark, Mary,
dau. of Will, and Mary Vincent. She was b.
London 7 Nov. 1795. d. Wadebridge. cf.
Minutes of Wesl. conference 1877, pp. 34-35.

Memoir of Miss Thirza Banbury, b. Laun-
cells 4 Oct. 1830. d. 20 June 1845. Christian
Miscell. iii, 187-88 (1848).

Note. — The rev. G. Beard was the author of "The
history of Methodism or the Wesleyan centenary, a
poem in 12 books" 1840, 12°. Minor poems. Lectures
on temper etc.

BEARD, George James (son of Rev. Geo.
Beard, d. 1877). h. Southwark 24 Dec. 1822.
Educ. Nassau, New Providence 1830-31.
Schoolmaster at Grenada 1837-38. Master of
the Mathematical Academy, Helston 1843-
44. d. Helston 30 June 1844. Unm. cf Wesl.
M. Mag. Ixvii, 775 (1844).


Descent of Beare of Trevedo, Anno Dom.
1620, with arms. Earl. MSS. 1174, art. 277;
Testamenta Fetusta ii, 645, 647; Chancery Proc.
Eliz. i, 122, 128, 134, 140; Eighth Rep. Dep.
Keeper of Records (1847) p. 153; Miscell. Geneal.
et Herald N.S. i, 46, (1874); Hutchins' Dorset
ii, 179.


Beatrice of St. Mawse [in Cornwall]. A story
for girls... Lond. John Morgan n.d. [1865] 16".
pp. 126 and frontispiece, 1/-.

BEAUCHAMP, Richard. Succeeded as twelfth
earl of Warwick 1401; Cr. earl of Albemarle
1422; Lord of manors of Alverton and Ty-
warnhaile. d. 1439. m. Elizabeth, dau. and
sole heir, of Thos. lord Berkeley, cf Inquisi-
tion es post mortem iv, 31, 191; Sir J. Maclean's
Trigg Minor ii, 500.

BEAUFORD, John. b. Cornwall. Of Trinity
coll. Camb.; B.A. 1686, M.D. comitiis regiis
1728; Candidate of Coll. of Phys. Lond. 25
June 1729. d. 1 Oct. 1750 at an advanced
age. cf. W. Munk's Roll of physicians {ed. 1861)
ii, 98; {ed. 1878) ii, 110; Gent. Mag. xx, 477
(1750); /. C. Jeaffreson's Booh about doctors
(1860) i, 188.

BECHER, John Joachim See ante i, 19. Trav-
elled in Cornwall 1681, 1682 where he studied
the mines and smelting works and suggested




BECHER, J. J. (Con.).

several improvements and ameliorations, cf.
Thos. Thomson's Hist, of chemistry (1830-31) i,
246-50; Encydop. Brit. {9th ed.) iii, 477;
Journ. R Instit. Cornwall Apl. 1867, pp. 280,

Joh. Joachimi Becheri, Spirensis medicinae
doctoris, Tripus hermeticus fatidicus, pandens
oracula chymica, seu i, Laboratorium portatile. . .
ii, Magnorum duorum productorum nitri & salis
textura & anatomia....iii, Alphabetum minerale
seu viginti quatuor theses de subterraneorum &
mineralium genesi .... Exaratum in Cornubia ad
extrema Anglise ora inter ipsa mineralia experi-
meuta & autopsiam. Franco-fvrti ad Moenvm
sumptibus Johannis Georgii Schiele 1689, 8".

Note. — Frontispiece and Title 2 leaves, The Dedi-
cation to "Domino Edm. Diokinsono M.D." is subscribed
" Scribebam Truro in Cornubia penes portum Falmouth
ad extrema Anglite ora vulgS Landes Ende" pp. 3-6;
Prffifatio, Prolegomena nonnvlla, Occasio inventionis
hujus furni pp. 7-30 with 2 plates; Laboratorium por-
tatile pp. 31-63 with 10 plates ; Magnorum mundi duorum
productorum textura pp. 64-97 with 2 plates ; Alpha-
bethum minerale seu viginti quatuor theses chymicse de
mineralium metallorum coeterorumque subterraneorum
genesi, principiis differentiis, mixtione et solutione. Cor-
nubiee in'Anglia inter ipsas multifarias mineras earumque
examinationes. autopsia & praxi congesta2 & demonstratse
juxta principia philosophica. PhysicEe subt erraneas Doct.
Becheri, Truro, Anno 1682, Dedicated to "Roberto
Boyleo esquire," Prsefatio pp. 98-103; Alphabethvm
minerale pp. 104-149; D. Johannis Joachimi Becheri
Concordantia mercuriorum lunse pp, 150-83. Concord-
antia menstruorum pp. 183-86. Index, Errata and To
the binder 5 leaves.

BECKEELEG, Adolphus (natural son of sir
Ease Price hart, and Miss Becherleg). b. Paul;
Primitive Methodist preacher, d. Penzance
1867 1

The barren fig tree. By A. Beckerleg. Pen-
zance, Beare and Son 1864, 12".

BEDDER, William.

A.D. 1865, Apl. 18, No. 1083. Letters patent
to William Bedder of Saltash, merchant for the
invention of "Improvements in the construction
of ships or vessels, or cars to float on water."
With 2 diagrams. Lond. Eyre and Spottiswoode
1865, fol. pp. 4, 1/-.

BEDFORD, Earls of. See Russell.

BEDFORD, Christopher (third son of rev. John
Bedford, R. of Gerrans). h. Gerrans circa 1665.
Adm. sizar Pemb. hall, Camb. 14 Jan. 16-|^
under Mr. Brown; Fellow of Pembroke hall,
Camb. 1690-98; B.A. 1684, M.A. 1688. cf.
Eawes' Hist, of Framlingham (1798) p. 279.

BEDFORD, Rev. John (son of rev. Will. Bed-
ford of Pembroke coll. Camb. B.A. 1696, M.A.

BEDFORD, Rev. John. (Con.).

1710, V. of Launceston, d. 24 June 1737, aged
63, m. Mary, dau. and coheir, of Chas. Bligh of
Brockle in South Petherwin and Judith, dau. of
Geo. Bellew of Plymouth. She d. 8 Dec. 1736
aged 55). Adm. sizar Pemb. hall, Camb. under
Mr. Addison 1740, aged 18; B.A, 1743; M.A.
1747; Elected Fellow 11 Dec. 1745, resigned
1761; V. of Morval 1748-87; R. of Landulph
20 May 1767-87; R. of Werrington, Devon;
V. of Launceston 1786-87. d. 17 Oct. 1787,
aged 64. Monu. Launceston ch. m. See Bed-
ford, Hannah, ante i, 19.

Catalogue of books of Rev. John Bedford of
Launceston. Sold by S. Woolmer of Exeter
1788, 8°.

Note. — Rev. Chas. Bedford (bro. of above) of Pem-
broke coll. Camb.; Adm. sizar under Mr. Crossinge 27
Feb. 17|f, aged 17; B.A. 1730, M.A. 1784; Elected
Fellow 29 Oct. 1733, vacated 1747; R. of Stoneham,
Hants 6 Nov. 1747 to 9 Nov. 1748. d. 29 Oct. 1786, aged
77. The father and the two sons held the living of
Launceston for 73 years.

BEDFORD, Timothy (only son of rev. John Bed-
ford, master of Plymouth gram. sch. and V. of
St. PFenn 1685-1738, d. 1738, aged 90). b.
Plymouth. Adm. to "the second table" at
Pemb. hall, Camb. under Mr. Hawkins 17 Jan.
17§f, aged 15; B.A. 1710, M.A. 1714; Rot
St. Just in Roseland 1722-33. d. 1733.

Epicedium Cantab, in ... . Georgium .... Annas
conjugem. Cantab. 1708, fol.

Gratulatio acad. de pace. Cantab. 1713, fol.

Note. — The above works contain sets of Latin
verses by " Tim. Bedford A.B. Aul. Pemb."

BEDFORD, Rev. Thomas. See ante i, 19, (sm
of rev. Fras. Bedford, R. of Cuby by Elizabeth,
dau. and heir, of rev. John Hughes, R. of Creed).
Of Ex. coll. Oxf. B.A. 15 Mch. 1756; E. of
Philleigh 1758-1803; R. of Launceston 1759;
R. of Week St. Mary 20 Mch. 1772, resigned
1781. d. 19 Apl. 1803.

Joe's Oddities a poetical exhibition... Sold by
W. Smith, printer, Bedford 1791, 4°. 10 leaves,
1/-. Bodleian Lib.

Note, — This copy has MSS. notes giving most of
the names of the persons alluded to. Joe was "Joe
Waldock, a bricklayer's labourer, the chief of Mr.
Payne's mob during the late election." This work is
attributed to rev. T. Bedford on the authority of Mr.
Jas. Wyatt P.R.G.S. of Bedford.

BEKYNTON, Thomas, b. Beckington, Somerset
1390. dUJan. 14f|. ter. Wells cathedral

Memorials of the reign of king Henry VI.
Official correspondence of Thomas Bekynton,
secretary to king Hen. VI, and bishop of Bath




BEETNTON, Thomas. (Con. J.

and Wells. Ed. by Geo. Williams B.D. [Rolls
series]. Lond. Longmans 1872, 2 vols, 8". 20/-.

Note. — Contains an account of T. Bekington's
landing at Falmouth in Feb. 1442, and journey through
Cornwall in ii, 239-40. cf. also "A Journal by one of

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