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Note. — Kidclle-a - wink. A Cornish drama. By
Erownlow Hill [d. Cambridge, Jan. 1872] was first
performed at the Victoria theatre London 30 Jan. 1864.

The kiddle-a-wink or the three guests. By the
author of "Patience Caerhydon"... [Favourite
authors British and Foreign]. Lond. Ward, Lock
and Tyler «.rf. [1876] 8°. 2/-.

Note. — Title, Dedication "To the Cornish emi-
grants who in many a strange land through exile, dan-
ger and toil stand loyally fast by each other, faithfully
staunch to their motto " One and All" and contents 3
leaves, then pp. 1-360.

Family pride. A novel. By the author of
"Olive Varcoe"...Lond. Tinsley Brothers 1871
3 vols. 8". 31/6.

DERRICK, Feanois. (Con.).

Olive Varcoe, a novel. By Francis Derrick...
New ed. [with portrait of the authoress]. Lend
Virtue & Co. 1872, 8°. 6/-. Dedication signed
"F.E.M.N.".— .New ed. Lond. Bentley 1879
8". '

Forgotten lives. A [Cornish] novel. By the
author of "Olive Varcoe." Lond. Tinsley Bros
1875, 3 vols. 8°.

Love's bitterness, the story of Patience Caer-
hydon. By F. E. M. Notley, Author of " Olive
Varcoe," "Family pride," "Forgotten lives,"
"Beneath the wheels," &c. &c. [Favourite
authors, British and Foreign]. Lond. Ward, Lock
& Co, 1877, 80. pp. 384, 2/-.

Note. — "Notice. This work was originally publish-
ed under the name of Patience Caerhydou, but the un-
wonted Cornish word has proved harsh and foreign to
English ears, therefore it has been deemed advisable in
issuing a cheap edition to give the story the more
simple title of Love's bitterness."

Love's young dream, a Novel. By F. E. M.
Notley... Lond. Tinsley Bros. 1877, 3 vols. 8".

Love's crosses, a novel. By F. E. M. Notley
...Lond. R. Bentley & Son 1878, 3 vols. 8".

Cordelia. By the author of " Olive Varcoe."
Lond. R. Bentley & Son [Feb.] 1879, 3 vols.
8°. 31/6.

Note. — Originally appeared in Cassell's Family Mag.
1878, p. 1 etc. under the title of " Time shall try."

The white house on the moor, a chronicle of
Cornwall in 1780. By the Author of " Mildred's
Wedding/' " Kiddleawink," &c. 'Temple Bar xx,
350-66, 556-72 (1867).

Gatherings in Britany. By the author of
"Mildred's Wedding." Belgravia ix, 331-42,
525-37 (U ^

eral John.

Letters from major general Desborough to
secretary Thurloe, dated " Truroe, Jan. 1655."
Thurloe State Papers iv, 462, 472.


To the freeholders of the county of CornwaU,
Signed " Detection December 29th 1789." n.{.
or d. or printer's name [1789] fol.

Note. — Refers to the contested election between Sir
J. St. Aubyn, bart. and Francis Gregor and sir W. Moles-
worth & sir W. Lemon.

DEVEREUX, Robert (son of Bolt, second earl
of Essex), bapt. in lady AValsingham's house,
Seething lane, St. Olave's. Hart st. London
22 Jan. 15-g^.; Earl of Essex 1603; Captain
General of parliamentary forces 12 July





1642. d. 14 Sep. 1646. bur. Westminster
abbey 19 Oct. cf. John, Vicars' England's
Worthies 1647 (Reprint. Land. 1845, sm. 4".)
pp. 6-8 ; Col. Chester's Registers of Westminster
abbey p. 141.

Order signed by the earl of Essex to send to
his head quarters at Bodmin, 20 bushels of
good and sweet meal, 8 gallons to the bushel ;
31 July 1644. MSS. penes Earl of Mount Edg-
cumbe, Mount Edgcumbe.

DEWSTOE, Rev. William S. b. St. Ives 8
July 1835. Wesl. Minister since 1858; In
South Africa 1875-78; Supernumerary at
Falmouth 1878; Eesident, 1, Florence ter.

The Cornish biblical quarterly. By the rev. W.
S. Dewstoe. No. 1, Mch. 1879. Earle, printer,
Quay, Falmouth 1879, 8°. pp. 52, 1/-.— .No. 2
appeared in June 1879.

DIED IN, Charles. See ante i, 115.

The tea table, written and composed by Mr.
Dibdin and sung by him, in his new entertain-
ment called A Tour to the Land's End. Lond.
printed and sold by the author at his music
warehouse, Leicester place, Leicester sq. n.d. 4".
pp. 4, 1/-.

Note. — All tlie following songs, have distinct titles
similar to the above with the additions of these sub
titles — True courage ; The Cornish miners ; Yo heave
ho; The anchorsmiths; Advice; The lady's diary;
The Wig gallery; Laughing prohibited; Beauty's ban-
ners ; Nelson and Warren ; Smiles and tears ; The
converted rake; The temple of fame; The barrel organ ;
Magnanimity; Nancy; Strawberries. In Feb. 1870,
E. Sotheran & Go. had for sale a bound \ip set of C.
Dibdin's Songs in 10 vols it included the whole of the
above pieces. The set is now in the Liverpool Free
Library, cf. also " Mr. Dibdin's Professional Life "
(1803) iv, 118-60, where the words of all the above
named songs are given.

DIBDIN, Thomas (son of Chns. Dibdin, d. 181 4).
h. London 1772. d. London 16 Sep. 1842.

Morning, noon and night or the romance of a
day. A comic opera by Thomas Dibdin pro-
duced at the theatre royal, Haymarket, on
Monday, Sept. 9, 1822. The overture and music,
with three exceptions, composed by Mr. Perry.
Lond. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall 1822, 8°-
Title and Persons represented 2 leaves then pp.
1-62, 2/6. Scene on the Cornish coast.

DINGEY, Francis.

A.D. 1870, June 2, No. 1602. Letters to
Francis Dingey of Truro for "Improvements in
machinery for pulverizing or reducing ores and
other hard substances." Lond. 1870, fol. 1/2.

DINGEY, Francis. (Con.).

NoTK.— c/. aho Ee.p. of R.O.P. Soc. 1870, pp. 83-
86; Hep of Miners' Assoc, o) G. <& D. 1872-73, p. 46;
J. H. Collins' Western Chron. of Sci. i, 4, 85-38, 178

DINGLE, Edward (second son of Jeffery King
Dingle, b. CalUngton 6 Sep. 1766, d. Uallington
25 Feb. 1825, m. Apl. 1810 at St. Stephen's by
Saltash, Sarah, dan. of John Doidge. She was b.
Palac street, Bradstone, Devon\19>6, d. 16 Aug.
1849, aged 63). b. Callington 7 Aug. 1814;
Educ. at Callington and under Mr. Burstel,
R.N. at Stoke Uamarel 1827-28; Entered
R.N. as second class volunteer, Feb. 1828 and
was 5 years at sea; Resided at Callington
1833-52; since then at 19 King st. Tavistock.

The gifts promised to the church. By E.
Dingle. Plymouth, J. B. Rowe, Whimple st.
1842, 120. pp. 1^

Healthful musings for evening hours. By E.
Dingle. Lond. Partridge & Co. ; Yapp, Old
Cavendish st. 1857, 8°. pp. vi, 105, 2/-.

An examination of a recently published pam-
phlet entitled Ancient truths respecting the deity
and true humanity of the Lord Jesus (1857),
by Benjamin Wills Newton. By E. Dingle. Ply-
mouth, printed for the author by W. Brendon
1858, 12". pp. 37, 3d.

Hints from the dawning, or the creation story
considered under the laws of light and motion.
ByE. Dingle... Lond. Judd & Glass, New Bridge
St. 1860-61, 12". pp. 305.

Note. — No 1. The cause of the diurnal motion of
the earth &a. 1860, pp. 1 55, 1/- ; No. 2. The atmosphere
or earth's native heaven, its evidence to Mosaic accuracy
and the centrifugal force 1860, pp. 1-95, 1/1 ; No. 3. The
third day 1801, pp. 1-165, 2/6. Many of these numbers
were destroyed in a fire.

How globes are raised and moved, or the crea-
tion story considered under the laws of light and
motion. By Edward Dingle.. .Lond. Ford and
Shapland 6 Great Turnstile, Lincolns' Inn fields
1868, 8°. pp. 335 and 2 diagrams.

Practical deism. By the Author of " How
globes are raised and moved." Lond. Ford and
Shapland n.d. [18—] 12°. pp. 4.

'Tis a real good thing in a family. Signed E.

D e. Plymouth, W. Brendon n.d. [IS — ]

12°. pp. 4.

Catechism on the ordinances. By E. Dingle.
Lond. J. K. Campbell, High Holborn; Plymouth,
Brendon [printed] n.d. [18—] 32". pp. 32, Id.

Repent and be baptized every one of you.
Verses. Signed E. D. A leaflet. Lond. J. K.
Campbell, Holborn 18—, 12".

The believer's abiding place. By E. Dingle.
Plymouth, W. Brendon 18—, 12". pp. 12, Id.

Fruit in Christ, a memento mori. By E..




DINGLE, Edward. (Con.).

Dingle. Lond. J. K. Campbell, Holborn 18 — ,
12°. pp. 16, Id.

On the sin of judicial swearing. By E. Dingle.
Plymouth, Jenkin Thomas 9 Cornwall st. 18 — ,
12"- pp. 8, Id.

A word on morality. By E. Dingle. Plymouth,
W. Brendon 18—, 12°.

Manhood in Christ. By E. Dingle. Verses.
A leaflet.

My Lord and God. By E. Dingle. Verses. A

Pitman's Popular lecturer. Ed. by Hen. Pit-
man. Manchester, J. Heywood, Vol. 6-7, 1861-
62, 12°.

Note. — Contain By E. Dingle. The force of light.
No. 60, Apl. 1861, vi, 120-28; The law of light and the
ocean tides. No. 70, Feb. 1862, vii, 33-50.

The lunar orb discussion. The British and
Foreign Mechanic No. 8, i, 208 (1869).

A synopsis of gravity, ih. No. 25, i. 649

The Principia. ih. No. 37, ii, 282 (1870).

The Mosaic account of the creation of the
world. Christian Standard, Conducted hyJas. Gi-ant
ii, 196 etc. (1873).

The whole family of Israel, ib. ii, 260.

Note. — Mr. Dingle is the inventor of a Hand Dib-
bler for wheat, mangolds, turnips, &c. This was regis-
tered in a partnership with Mr. Eendle, horticulturist,
of Plymouth.

DINGLE, Eev. John feld. son of J. K. Dingle, d.
1825). h. Callington 23 Oct. 1812. Entered
at Corpus coll. Camb. Oct. 1836, Scholar 1837,
First prizeman 1837, 1838 and 1839, Wrangler
Jan. 1840, B.A. Jan. 1840, M.A. Oct. 1863;
C. of Withington, Salop 8 Mch. 1840 to 1849;
Master of the High Ercall gram. sch. 29 Sep.
1840 to Mar. 1856; P.O. of Withington, Salop
1849 to 27 Dec. 1855; V. of Lanchester,
Durham 27 Dec. 1855.

The universal obligation of the fourth com-
mandment demonstrated from a consideration
of the nature of the Jewish dispensation. By
the rev. J. Dingle. Lond. Hamilton, Adams &
Co.; Wellington, Salop, B. Smith [printed]
1850, 80. pp. 28, 1/-.

The war in connection with the prophecies,
a sermon preached in Lanchester church on the
day of thanksgiving. By the rev. J. Dingle.
Lond. Wertheim and Macintosh n.d. [1856]
12«. pp. 15, 3d.

The harmony of revelation and science. A
series of essays on theological questions of the
day. By the rev. J. Dingle. Cambridge, Deighton,
Bell & Co.; Lond. Bell & Daldy 1863, 8°. pp.
xii, 212, 6/-

DINGLE, Bev. John. (Con.).

Adresse aux pasteurs des eglises protestantes
de France. Par, John Dingle, M.A. F.A.S.L.
Cur6 de Lanchester (Angleterre). Paris Libraire
de Ch. Meyrueis et Cie, Rue de Rivoli 174 1864
12". pp. 12.

Note. — This pamphlet was dictated to the writer's
wife whilst he was ill with the rheumatic fever in Parig
the translation being made by an officer of the French

Mr. Gladstone and his opponents. A pro-
testant review. By rev. J. Dingle. Durliam
John Slack [printed]. Lond. Simpkin, Marshall
& Co. n.d. [1875] 8". pp. 44, 6d.

An exposition of the Apocalypse, based upon
the most eminent expositors and brought down
to the present time. By rev. John Dingle. Lond.
Seeley, Jackson and Halliday 1879, 8". 5/-.

Pitman's Popular lectures. Manchester, J,
Heywood vol. 6, 1861, 12".

Note. — Contains The value of knowledge by rev.
J. Dingle, No. 58, Feb. 1861, vi, 43-60.

DINGLE, Eev. Richard Doidge (youngest son
of J. K. Dingle, d. 1825). h. Callington 26
June 1825. Of St. John's coll. Camb. B.A.
and Senior optime 1850; C. of Sedgley,
Staffordshire 1852; C. of St. Giles, Durham
1854; Vice principal of Durham training sch,
d. Durham 5 July 1857.

A brief sketch of the life of our Lord Jesus
Christ and harmony of the gospel narratives.
By the rev. E. D. Dingle. Lond. Wertheim and
Macintosh w.d [1855] 8". pp. 16, Id.

Fanny's flowers or fun for the nursery. ^Awii,
By rev. R. D. Dingle]. Lond. Joseph Masters
1856, 8". pp. 32.

DINHAM FAMILY. See ante \,\\<o. cf.Journ.

R.I.C. Nov. 1877, pp. 358-59; N. & Q. 5, S,

ix, 394 (1878).

Household roll and other documents relating
to the family of Dynham, 41, Edw. Ill to 10
Hen. V. MSS. penes Lord Arundell of Wardm
at Wardour castle.

DIX, Rev. Edward. See ante\,\\^. J. Churston
near Torbay, Devon. Matric. from Ex. coll
Oxf 7 Dec. 1820, aged 17; B.A. 9 June 1824,
M.A. 25 June 1831. cf. Gent. Mag. viii, 427-
28 (1837), xlv, 433 (1856).

DIX, Rev. Thomas. Minister at St. Germans
to 1625; Was persecuted by sir John Mohun,
afterwards Baron Mohun, V.W. of the stan-
naries 1628; Sir J. Eliot left him a legacy of
£10. cf John Forster's Sir John EM (1872) i,
273, ii, 132, 368.




DIXON, Rev. Edmund Saul (son of John Dixon
b. Norwich 17 Nov. 1782, d. Norwich 6 Dec. 1857,
m. Judith, dau. of John Saul. She d. Norwich).
b. Norwich 9 Mch. 1809; Of Corpus Christi
coll. Camb. B.A. 1831, M.A. 1834; R. of Int-
wood with Keswick 6 June 1842; Author of
" The history of ornamental and domestic
poultry" 1848, 1 2°. andnumerous otherworks;
Came into Cornwall to act as judge at the first
Poultry Show at Penzance 1852; Now, 1879,
resident at Guines near Calais.

If this should meet his eye [a search after
Cornish choughs. .4wora. by E. S. Dixon]. House-
hold Words iv, 598-600 (1852).

Not found yet. ib. v, 186-88 (1852).

Still on the wing. ib. v, 204-207.

Note. — cf. also HonseTiold Words v, 104, 582.

DIXON, W. Jerrold.

A picnic at Penzance. With an illustration.
London Society, Holiday Number, June 1874, pp.

DODDRIDGE, Sir John. See ante i, 116-17
(son of Rich. Doddridge, m. Joan Badcoch).
M.A. of Ex. coll. Oxf. 21 Feb. 16||; F.S.A.
1589. cf G. W. Boase's Ex. coll. p. 228.

A discourse of the ancient and modern estate
of the principality of Wales, and dutchy of
Cornwall, etc. Lambeth MSS. 290, fol. 48; Sir T.
Phillipps' MSS. 9142.

History of the duchy. MSS. penes Marquis of
Bath, Longleat.

DODGE, Joseph Thomas (son of Will. Deacon
Dodge, b. St. Austell, Now, 1879, resident at 2&
Benhill road, Brunswick sq. Camberwell, m. Anna,
dau. of Reuben Thomas. She was b. St. Austell, d.
Trenarren, St. Austell), b. St. Austell 21 July
1833. EducbyH.H.Drake, St. Austell; Mid-
shipman with Messrs. Dunbar, London 1850.
d London 1873. Jwr. Finchley. m. in France,
Charlotte Plater. She d. Buenos Ayres, S.

A.D. 1853, Oct. 4, No. 2266. Provisional speci-
fication [only] of J. T. Dodge of St. Austell for
"Improvements in the formation and arrange-
ment of and mode of rigging and working the
sails of yachts, ships and other vessels." Lend.
1854, fol. pp. 2, l/8|d.

Note. — J. T. Dodge was a great traveller and con-
tributed sketches to the Illttst. L. News.

DOLBEN, John (son of John Dolben, archbp. of
York, d. UApl. 1686). bapt. Ch. Ch. cath.
Oxf. 1 July 1662; Matric. from Ch. Ch. coll.
Oxf. 23 Mch. 16i|, B.A.; Of the Temple;
M.P. Liskeard 1706? to 1710? through the


interest of Bp. Trelawny; Presented a clock
to his constituents in 1707. tZ.Epsom, Monday
29 May 1710.

The life and adventures of John Dolben, esq.
late member of Parliament for the burough of
Lescard in the county of Cornwall and the person
that first mov'd the impeachment of Dr. Henry
Sacheverell in the house of commons; after which
he was order'd to carry it up to the house of
lords, and made one of the managers at his tryal
&c. Lond. printed in the year 1710, 8°. pp. 16,

An elegy on the lamented death of John Dol-
ben, esq.... Lond. printed in the year 1710, fol.
s. sh. Elegy 44 lines, Epitaph 1 lines .

Note. — cf. also " A letter written by Mr. John Dol-
ben to Dr. H. Sacheverell. Lond. 1710, 12°."

DONITHORNE, Nicholas (? son of Nicholas
Donilhorne, Sheriff 1731, d. St. Mewan 7 Sep.
1758). b. St. Agnes; Commissioner of the Lot-
tery Dec. 1780. d. Croydon 27 Sep. 1796. m.
Anne Comyn. She d. Southgate, Middlesex 30
July 1818. cf Gent. Mag. Ixiv, ii, 1052 (1794);
Ixvi, ii, 881 (1796); Ixxxviii, ii, 375 (1818).

A.D. 1780, June 12, No. 1256. Specification
of Nicholas Donithorne of St. Mary, Alderman-
bury, merchant, Robt. Sherson and Edwd. Smith
for "A new white composition called marine
metal, which will be found particularly useful
for sheathing of ships and other valuable pur-
poses." Lond. 1870, fol. — .Reprinted Lond. 1856,
fol. pp. 3, 3d. cf. Repertory of arts vi, 308-10

DOUGLAS, James Nicholas, C.E. Consulting

engineer. Trinity house.

The Wolf rock lighthouse. By James Nicholas
Douglas. With 4 plates. Minutes of Proc. of In-
stil, of Civil Engineers xxx. Part ii, 1-28 (1870);
Proc. R. Instil, of Gt. Britain vi, 214-17 (1871).

DOUGLAS, Nicholas.

A.D. 1855, Dec. 27, No. 2929. Letters patent
to Nicholas Douglas of St. George's in the Fields,
Middlesex, engineer, for " Improvements in the
construction of lighthouses, beacons, piers and
other similar erections." Lond. 1856, fol. pp. 4,

DOWN, John Langdon Haydon (son of Jos.
Almond Down, b. St. LuMs, Middlesex 28 Feb.
1783, d. Torpoint 5 Aug. 1853, m. Hannah, dau.
of John Haydon and his wife Jane Langdon. She
was b. Braunton, Devon 7 Jan. 1785, d. Torpoint
27Dec.l870). 6. Torpoint 18 Nov. 1828. bap)t.
Bethel chapel 18 Jan. 1829. Educ. Devonport

5 Q




DOWN, J. L. H. fCon.J.

classical sch. 1840-42, and at Univ. coll. Lond.;
Matric. Univ. of Lond. July 1854, M.B. 1858,
M.D. 1859; M.R.C.S. Eng. and L.S.A. 1856;
M.R.C.P. Lond. 1859 and Fellow 1869; Phys.
Lond. hospital 1869; Phys. Earlswood asylum
1858-68; Phys. Normansfield training Instit.
Middlesex, m. 10 Oct. 1860 at Hackney, Mary,
dau. of Philip and Eliza Crellin. She was b.
London 22 Feb. 1829.

Nature's Balance. A prize essay on the wisdom
and beneficence of the Creator as displayed in
the compensation between the animal and the
vegetable kingdoms. By J. L. H. Down. Lond.
J. Crockford; Taunton, W. A. Woodley [printed]
1853, 8°. Title, preface and dedication 3 leaves,
then pp. 1-37.

The aspirations of the medical student. By
J. L. H. Down 1860, 8".

On the condition of the mouth in idiocy. By
J. L. H. Down 1863,8° .—.Translated into French
byM. Bourneville 1863, 80.

On the education and training of the feeble in
mind. By J. Langdon Down. Lond. H. K. Lewis
1876, 8°. pp. 17, 1/-.

Account of a case in which the corpus callosum
and fornix were imperfectly formed and the sep-
tum lucidum and commissura mollis were absent.
Trans. Med. Chir. Soc. xxvi, 219-25 (1861).

On polysarcia andits treatment. Andrew Clark's
London Hospital Reports i, 97-103 (1864).

Marriages of consanguinity in relation to de-
generation of race. ib. iii, 224-36 (1866).

Observations on an ethic classification of idiots.
ib. iii, 259-62.

On the best method for educating the idiotic
and imbecile. Trans. Nat. Assoc, for Social Science
1867 Meeting, pp. 345-50 (1868).

On the relation of the teeth and mouth to
mental developement. Trans. Odontological Soc.
iv, 7-29 (1872).

Note. — Mr. Down lias also contributed to the
British Medical Joum. tbe Journal of Mental Science
and The Lancet. He is also one of the editors of the
Health Primers issued by David Bogae, London 1878, etc.

DOWNING, Benjamin (son of Geo. Downing),
d. Penzance 8 Deo. 1869.

Penzance weekly Times and Mount's Bay
directory. No. 1, Saturday June 5, 1869. Printed
and published by B. Downing, 6 Market place,
Penzance June 5, 1869, fol. pp. 8, Id.

DOWNING, Joseph.

A treatise on the disorders incident to horned
cattle, comprising a description of their symp-
toms, and the most rational methods of cure
founded on long experience by J. Downing.
Helston, W. Penaluna 1835, 12". pp. 87.

DOWNING, Joseph. (Con.J.

Note.— This is a reprint of "A treatise on the
disorders incident to horned cattle. By J. Downiuij
Stourbridge " 1797, 8°. The preface of which is signed
" Joseph Downing, Fairfield near Bromsgrove, Worces-
tershire Jan. 1797."

DOWNING, Nicholas Berriman (son of Jos.
Downing, b. Newlyn, Paul, d. Penzance IBSsj
m. Hannah, dau. of Nicholas and Elizabeth
Berriman. She was b. and d. Penzance). J.
Penzance 26 June 1830. Educ. under Mr.
Eich. Barnes, Penzance Jan. 1841 to 1846 •
Clerk to Messrs. Batten, Carne & Carne
bankers, Penzance 1848, then managing part-
ner to 1874; Vice Consul at Penzance for
France, Sweden, Norway and Denmark 1869-
74; Preached in St. James' hall, London 7
Nov. 1875; Paper manufacturer at Mendip
Mills, Wells 1878; Resident, 1879, Eastfield
lodge, Walthamstow. m. 4 May 1853, at Mad-
ron, Emily, dau. of Will. D. and Eliza Mathews
of Penzance. She was b. Penzance, cf. The
Oornishman 19 Sep. 1878, p. 6, col. 5.

I.O.G.T. Answer of the West Cornwall dis-
trict lodge executive to the Reply of The
G[rand] W[orthy] C[hief] T[emplar] to the
memorial of the Lodge, together with corres-
pondence. Penzance, the Cornish Telegraph
general printing ofiice n.d. [Oct. 1873] 8". pp.
16, 1/-.

Note. — Contains letters from N. B. Downing to
Joseph MaUns the G.W.C.T.

Answer to the Grand Worthy Chief Templar's
speech at Devonport, February 26th, 1874. By
Nicholas B. Downing. Penzance, printed at the
"Cornish Telegraph" ofiaces n.d. [Mch. 1874]
8°. pp. 15.

Administration of liquor in workhouses. Tem-
perance Record 1874, pp. 349, 363-64.

The Methodist. A weekly paper. London,
265 Strand, W.C. vol. i, 1874, fol. Contains
articles by N. B. Downing.

A.D. 1876, May 11, No. 1977. Letters patent
to N. B. Downing and John Edward Hughes
for " Improvements in means or apparatus for
the manufacture of paper pulp." Lond. 1876,
fol. pp. 4, 6d.

DRAKE, Sir Francis, d. off Nombre de Dios,

North America 27 Dec. 1595.

A letter to sir F. Drake to cause the mariners
within the county of Devon and Cornwall to
be put in readiness for employment. Yekertm
MSS. cf Bernard's Cat. MSS ii, 170.

DRAKE, Henry Holman. See ante i, 118. ia:pt.
Nonconformist chapel, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1820; M.A. ; Ph. D. Leipsic 1845. m. (1) Eliza-




DEAKFi, H. H. (Con.).

beth Tod. She d. St. Austell 14 Apl. 1849 ;
m. (2) 8 June 1857 at St. Andrew's ch. Ply-
mouth, Mary, second dau. of John Mills Car-
keet, merchant, Plymouth and his wife Mary
Carveth, cousin of Fred. Temple, Bishop of
Exeter. She was h. Falmouth.

The visitation of the county of Cornwall (1874).
See Vivian, Lieut.-Col. J. L. ante ii, 833.

St. Fimbarrus church, Fowey, its founders
and their history. By Henry H. Drake M. A. Ph.
D...With etchings by the writer. Truro, Lake
and Lake 1876, 4° Frontispiece, title and dedi-
cation 3 leaves, then pp. 1-31 and folding pedi-
gree sheet, 2/-.

The arms of sir Francis Drake. Archceol. Journ.
XXX, 358-88 (1873); N. & Q. 5 S. ii, 371-72,
419 (1874)j Herald & Genealogist viii, 478-82

Eoman catholic loyalty. The Times 25 Dec.
1874, p. 5, col. 2.

1878, July 11, No. 2788. Letters patent to
H. H. Drake and the hon. Jas. Terence Fitz-
maurice of Maidenhead for " Improved method
of and apparatus for protecting vessels from tor-
pedo attacks." Lond. 1878, fol.

Note. — ^Dr. Drake is now engaged in editing a re-
modeled edition of Hasted's History of Kent.

DEAKE, John Pode (son of Thos. Drake, b. Wol-
borough, Devon 13 Dec. 1757, c^. Jersey 1835, m.
25 May 1784 at Stoke Damarel, Frances Pode.
She d. Jersey), b. Stoke 1794. By a special
order of the Navy Board apprenticed to Mr.
Tucker the master shipwright of H.M. Dock-
yard ; Went to America where he practised as
an artist; Living, 1879. m. 24 Mch. 1819 at
Stoke, Susannah Johns Holman. She was h.
Stoke, d. St. Austell 4 Oct. 1865, aged 68. cf.
Sir J. Maclean's Trigg Minor i, 320-21.

A.D. 1837, July 19, No. 7406. Specification
of John Poad Drake of Arundel street, Strand,
for "Improvements in buildings ships, steam
vessels and boats, and also in the building of
canal and river barges and lighters." With 11
folded plans. Lond. 1838, fol. — .Rep. Lond.
1857, fol. pp. 7, 4/3.

A.D. 1851, Sep. 4, No. 13736. Specification
of John Poad Drake of Saint Austell for " Im-
provements in constructing ships and other ves-
sels, and in propelling ships and other vessels."
With 26 folded drawings. Lond. 1851, fol.—.
Eeprinted Lond. 1855, fol. pp. 16, 10/4. cf. Bep.
B.C.P. Soc. 1851, p. xxxiii.

Drake's Breech-loading cannon. Mechanics'
Ixvii, 242-43 with woodcuts, 300, 349-50,
393'-95 with woodcut, 422,493-94, 538-39 (1857),
Ixviii, 107-108 (1858), Ixix, 61-62.

DEAKE, John Pode. (Con.).

On the so called Armstrong gun. Signed
"Observer" [i.e. J. P. Drake], ib. NS. ii, 381

Note. — Mr. J. P. Drake claims the invention of
Armour plating for ships of war ; The Steam ram ; The
Snider rifle in 1835; and Eevolving redoubts or revol-
ving covered platforms for big guns. cf. The Standard
26 Nov. 1866, p. 5, 13 Apl. 1868, p. 2 ; The Morning
Herald 5 Dec. 1866, p. 4.

Whilst in America Mr. Drake received 200 guineas

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