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Bibliotheca cornubiensis. A catalogue of the writings, both manuscript and printed, of Cornishmen, and of works relating to the county of Cornwall, with biographical memoranda and copious literary references online

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inints and drawings in Br. Museum. Political
satires vol. ii, pt. ii, pp. 1228, 1234-36; W.
C. Oulton's Theatres of London (1796) i, 1-12,

<J J J J




FOOTS, Samuel. (Con.).

14-24, 36-37, 48-49, 57-58, ii, 186-87; John
Gait's Lives of the flayers (1831) i, 290-315;
Benjamin Victors History of the theatres (1761-
71) iii, 183-99; Thespian dictionary (Lond.
1802) 2 pages; The Newspaper press by Jas.
Grant i, 202-210; Fitzedimrd Hall's Modern
English (1873) p. 67 etc. ; Select letters by Mr.
Thos. Hull (1778) i, 246-47; /. P. Grinsted's
Last homes of departed genius p. 42 ; John
O'Keeffe's Eecollections (1826) i, 323-31; Re-
miniscences of Hen. Angela (1828) i, 77, 130,
ii, 354, 413 ; R. Humphrey' s Memoirs of J. De
Castro (1824) pp. 7-10, 187-89; Records of
my life, by John Taylor, author of Monsieur
Tonson (1832) ii, 19-20, 304, 360-65; G. G.
Cunningham's Lives of eminent Englishmen vi,
87-91; Rev. Ii. Pulwhele's Biog. sketches ii, 33-
37; John Timbs' Anecdote biography (1863) pp.
187-250; F. K. Hunt's The fourth estate (lt<50)
i, 213-25; Tyer man's Life of rev. J. JVesley
ii, 366-68; Memoirs of Thos. Holcroft (1852)
pt i, 70-72, 101; Percival stockdale's Memoirs
i, 317-19 ; Recollections of table talk of N. Rogers
(■drd ed. 1856) pp. 102-104, 331; [Chas. John-
ston's] Chrysal or the adventures of a guinea
(1768); ii, 55-68; Hen. Curling's Recollections
of the mess table (1855) pp. 42-45; John IFalk-
er's ^Selections (1814) iii, 35-40; Kdw. Hamil-
ton's Catalogue raisonni of works of sir Joshua
Beynolds (1874) p. 21; Thos. Frost's The Old
showman (1874) p. 182; Percy Fitzgerald's li'o-
mance of the English stage (1874) i, 83-86, 188,
223, 228-70; Percy Fitzgerald's The Kembles
(1871) i, 151 ; W. HazHtt's English conic writers
(1819) pp. 340-42; Town and ciuntry Mag. v,
319-21 (1773), vii, 412-15 (1775), viii, 693-
96 (1776), ix, 507-509, 596-601 (1777) ; Bent-
ley's Miscellany i, 10, 298-305 (1837) with por-
trait; The weekly entertainer (Sherborne) iii, 306
(1784); Recreative review ii, 52, 456 (1822);
Wmid of wit. By A Cosmopolite (Halifax 1836,
8».) pp. 17. 18, 19, 49, 65, 73, 103, 203, 204,
239; Georgian Era-{l83i) iv, 359-63; Dublin
University Mag. Ixxvii, 706, 709-10 (1871);
Temple Bar xiii, 443-44 (1865), xlv, 448-64
(1875); Gent. Mag. xliv, 37 (1774), v, 615-
17 (1868), viii, 303-17 (1871); Imperial Mag.
iii, 331 (1821); N.&Q. 4: S. vii, 161 (1871),
5 S. iii, 232 (1875), viii, 366 (1877); H. C.
Decanver's [i.e. C. H. Cavender] Catalogue of
works on Methodism (Philadelphia 1846) p. 12

Whipping rods, for trifling, scurrhill, scrib-
lers; as Mr. F — T on Taste, Spectorhill his late
pamphlet and papers; his Theophrastus on
stones or gems with other of his principal per-
formances... Lond. printed for M. Cooper 1752,
8°. pp. XV, 34, 1/-.

FOOTE, Samuel. (Con.).

Memoirs of the Shakespear's Head, in Covent
Garden in which are introduced many enter-
taining adventures. By the Ghost of Shakespear.
Lond. F. Noble 1755, 2 vols, 12". Dedicated
" To Samuel Foote esq."

An exhortatory address to the brethren in ths
faith of Christ, occasioned by a remarkable Letter
from Mr. Foote to the reverend author of Chris-
tian and critical remarks on the Minor. By a
Minister of the church of Christ. Lond. printed
by Mr. Keith 1760, 8°. 4d.

A h-'tter of expostulation from the manager
of the theatre in Tottenham-court, to the man-
ager of the theatre in the Hay-market, relative
to a new comedy called The Minor. Lond.
printed for R. Stevens n.d. [1760] fol. pp. 12,
1/-. This poem is signed " George Squintum."

A satyrical dialogue between the celebrated

Mr. F te and Dr. Squintum. Lond. Burd

1760, 4°. 1/-.

A trip to Calais, a madly maritime sketch,
being the poetical, prosaical production of Tim-
othy Timbertoe esq. Dedicated to a Duchess (of
Kingston) 1775, 8'>.

The court of Thespis being a collection of...
prologues and epilogues... Written by...Garrick,
Colman, Foote etc. Lond. printed for Richardson
and Urquhart 1769, 12".

Note. — Contains the following by S. Foote, Prologue
to the Englishman in Paris, Introduction and conclud-
ing speech to the Minor, Prologue to the Taylors, Mr,
Foote's Address to the public. An occasional prologue,
Prologue spoken by Mr. Foote, Prologue to the Author.

The Orange-girl at Foote's to Sally Harris :
or the town to the country Pomona. An heroic
epistle. ..Lond. printed for S. Bladon, in Pater-
noster-row 1773, 4<*. pp. 11 [192 lines] 1/-.

Dr. Last in his cliariot. In three acts. Trans-
lated by Isaac BickerstaflFe from Moliere's Malade
Imaginaire and some new scenes by Mr. S. Foote.
A collection of farces (Edinb. C. Elliot 1788) v,

Catalogue of Library and effects of Samuel
Foote esq. 1778. 8".

Aristophanes : being a classic collection of
true Attic wit, containing the jests of Sam
Foote and his contemporaries. Lond. 1778, 8°.

Wit for the ton ! The convivial jester or Sam.
Foote's last budget opened... Second ed. with
additions. Lond. W. Adlard 1779, 8o. pp. 48,

Letter to George Colman esq. proprieter of
the theatre-royal in the Haymarket, respecting a
claim for printing Foote's plays. Signed "Thomas
Sherlock Juno 9 1779." fol. Br. Museum.

Garrick's Jests or genius in high glee, con-
taining all the jokes of the wits of the present-
age, viz: Mr. Garricklord Lyttleton...Mr. Foote

5 T




FOOTE, Samuel. (Con.).

...Lond. printed for Chas. Steele n.d. [1790?]

Note. — The stories, jests, &c. referring to S. Foots
are on pp. 14-15, 18, 33, 136, etc.

The Author... Lond. printed by J. Jarvis for
J. Parsons 1794, 8". pp. 52.

The Lame lover. ..Lond. printed by J. Jarvis
1794, 8 •. pp. 67.

The Liar... as altered by Charles Mathews
[De Witt's Acting plays. No. 111]. New York,
Robert M. De Witt 1872, 8». pp. .34, 15 cents.

Letter from David Garrick, mentioning Foote's
death on his landing at Calais. " He had much
wit and no feeing sacrificed friends and foes to
a juke and so has died very little regretted, even
by his nearest acquaintance." 22 Oct. 1777.
ilfiS. penes Earl Spencer at Spencer liouse, St.

Copy of correspondence between the duchess
of Kingston and Foote, about "The trip to Ca-
lais." MSS ib.

A case with pedigree and opinion stated,
signed Henry Brooke, Oxon. Jan. 21, 1737,
stating that Mr. Foote was a cognatus and a
consangnineus of the founder of Worcester col-
lege sir Thomas Cooke and therefore entitled to
a fellowship. 3ISS. Worcester college.

The grand panjandrum. A comic madrigal for
5 voices, music by Sophia Dobson Collet, words
by Foote. Lond. J. A. Novello [1855?] fol. pp.
9, 2/-.

So she went into the garden to cut a cabbage
leaf to make an apple pie. Nonsense talk by S.
Foote, translated into Latin, Greek, etc. iV". (&
Q. 5 S. viii, 366 (1877), ix, 11-12 (1878).

FORBES, David, F.R.S. b. Douglas, Isle of
Man 6 Sep. 1828. Sec. of Geological Soc. of
Lond. d. 11 York place, Portman sq. London
5 Dec. 1876. bur. Kensal green 11 Dec. 1876.
cf. Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc. xxxiii, 41-48
(1877); Geol. Mag. iv, 45-48 (1878).
On the alleged hydrothermal origin of certain

granites. Geol. Mag. iv, 49-59 (1867).

Researches in British mineralogy. Polytelite.

jj. V, 47-48, 147-48 (1868).

Granite from St. Just examined by the mi-

■croscope. Popular Science Rev. vi, 368 (1867).
Native gold in Cornwall. Philos. Mag. xxxvii,

321-25 (1869).

PORBES, Sir John. See ante i, 157-58. Sec.
R. Geol. Soc. of Cornwall ; Physician to Pen-
zance public dispensary 1817-22. cf. A. Hay-
. ward's Autobioaraphy of Mrs. Piozzi {1st ed.
1861) ii, 322, 327.

On the temperature of mines. .By John For-

FORBES, SiE John. (Con.).

bes, M.D. honorary member and late secretary
of the Royal geological society of Cornwall.
Penzance, printed by T. Vigurs 1822, 8" pn
61. ■ ^'

Sketch of the medical typography of the hun-
dred of Penwith, comprising the district of the
Land's End in Cornwall. With map of Corn-
wall. Trans. Provincial Medical and Surgicd
Assoc, ii, 81-147 (1834), iv, 152-261 (1836).

Note. — Contains List of minerRls in Land's end
district. By Joseph Game, ii, 132-35 ; List of rarer
indiRenoiiS plants. By rev. W. T. Bree, ii, 136-38 •
List of shells. By Lieut. -General Richard Bingham
[d. London 18 Nov. 1829, aged 62], ii, 138-41; Regis-
ter of thermometer for 1821-32, with account of rain
winds, dry and wet days. By E. C. Giddy ii, 141-47.

Letters from Robert Jameson, Edinbro'; Dr.
T. Brown, Glasgow ; John Forbes, Edinbro' ;
Henry Boase, Aug. 1817, respecting Dr. Forbes
succeeding Dr. Paris at Penzance as a medical
man. Br. Museum Addit. MSS. 29281, fol. 114,
116, 118, 120.

Letters from Dr. Forbes, London 1822 to
Henry Boase, esq. Penzance, ib. 29281, fol. 185,
189, 195.

Note. — The " Thirteenth annual report of the Pen-
zance Public dispensary 10 Apl. 1822," contains i letter
to Capt. H. Gudgeon, secretary from Dr. John Forbes,
dated " Chichester 6 Mch. 1822," in reply to the letter
of the committee accepting his resignation of the office
of Physician to the dispensary and thanking him for
his services.

FORD, Charles Lawrence (son of Chas. Ford,
b. JVrington ? Somerset I Apl. 1801, d. Bath 9
Nov. 1870, m. Caroline James. She was b.S
Feb. 1798, d. Bath 8 Apl 1867;. b. Bath 31
Dec. 1830. Educ. under W. F. Shaw, Devon-
shire place, Bath, Oct. 1840 to Nov. 1848;
Matric. from Univ. of Lond. 1852, B.A. 1856;
Tutor to the sons of Dr. Geo. Smith of Cam-
borne 1856-62; Master of Basset villa classical
sch. Camborne since 1863. Unm.

Lyra Christi, hymns and verses on the' life,
work and sayings of our blessed Lord. With
other poems chiefly on sacred subjects. By
Charles Lawrence Ford B.A. Lond. Houlston
and Sons 1874, 8" pp. viii, 216, 5/-.

Note. — C. L. Ford has contributed hymns and
verses to the following publications : Lyra Anglicana,
English lyrics. Book of sacred poems and Home songs
for quiet hours, all ed. by rev, Ca,non,R. H.,Baynes;
Lyra mystioa, Lyra Messianica, and Lyra euchariptina,
all ed. bv rev. Orby Shipley; The Chvrchvmn's shilliTi^
Mag., The West. M. Mag., The Rev. Hen. AUon'a Sup-
plemental hymn book and The Baptist. hymnal 18'?9.
cf. also S. W. Christophers' Poets of Methpdi^m ISli,
pp. 470-77.

FORD, Thomas (son of John, Ford of Eidgmmd
mar Woburn). b. Luton, Beds 13.Mch.il835.




FORD, Thomas. (Con.).

Wesleyan schoolmaster at Delabole for 5 years;
Now, 1879, at Caistor, Lincolnshire.

A chalice of Castalian Dew. By Thomas
Ford. Lend. W. Mackintosh 1873, fcp. 8°. pp.
xii, 196, 4/-.

Note. — Preface dated " Roseland terrace, Delabole,
Camelford 1 Jan. 1873." Contains Lanteglos-by-Camel-
ford pp. 93-94, The sands of Mount's bay pp. 95, The
woods of Trehannick pp. 96-97. Thos. Ford has also
published "Secular songs for day schools. Lond. W.
Collins, Sons & Co." 1875, 12°; "God save Britannia's
Queen, Song," 1877, 4°.

FORFAR, W. B. See ante i, 158.

The great grizzler. By W. B. Forfar. Hayle
Miscellany 1859.

FOESTER, Rev. B. See ante i, 158-59.

Copy of a letter of rev. T. Warton D.D. to
rev. B. Forster dated " Trin. Coll. Uxon, Feb.
22, 1790." E. H. Barker's Litero.ry Anecdotes
(1852) ii, 17.

Letter about Jonathan Toup (1784). See ante
ii, 732, col. I.


De titulo Edwardi comitis Marchise. By sir
John Fortescue, knight. With a translation into
English by the reverend William Stubbs. n.d.
[1877J 4».

Note. — Supplement to Contents pp. xxi*-xxii*.
Half title and Preface to De Titulo. Signed C[lerinont]
36 Jan. 1877, pp. 59*-62*. De titulo pp. 63 - 90*.
Directions to binder, on a slip, Corrigenda 1 leaf, Hist.
of family of Fortescue. Addenda and Corrigenda 1 leaf.
The above is an addition to " A History of the For-
tescue family 1869, 2 vols, fol." [See ante i, 159] and
has all the pages starred so as to permit of the treatise
"De titulo" being inserted in chronological order in
the original work.

FOSTER, Clement Le Neve. See ante i, 159-
60 (second son of Peter Le Neve Foster M.A.
I. Lenwade, Norfolk 17 Aug. 1809, Secretary
of Soe. of Arts 1853-79, d. Wandsworth 20
Feb. 1879, vi. 14 Aug. 1838 at Omieston, Suf-
folk, Georgiana Elizabeth, dau. of rev. Clement
and Sophia Chevallier. She was b. Badingham,
Suffolk 25 Mch. 1817, and still survives), bapt.
in ruins of St. Giles' eh. Camberwell 21 Apl.
1844. Educ. at College communal, Boulogne-
sur-mer Oct. 1853 to Aug 1857; At R. Sch.
of Mines Oct. 1857 to July 1859, at Berga-
kademie Frieberg Aug. 1859 to Aug. 1860; Of
Univ. of France B. Sc. 7 Aug. 1859; Of Univ.
of Lond. B. Sc. Oct. 1863, B.A. Oct. 1864,
D. Sc. June 1865; Assist, geologist in Geol.
Survey of Gt. Britain 25 Oct. 1860 to 10 May
1865; Lecturer to Miners' Assoc, of C. & D.
May 1865 to Jan. 1868; Sec. E. C. Polytech-

FOSTER, C. L. N. (Con.).

nic Soc. 1867; Exploring in Egypt and Sinai
for Viceroy Jan. to July 1S68; Exploring at
Caratal gold field in Venezuelan Guyana Sep.
1868 to Jan. 1869; At the Pestareiia Co.'s
gold mines Val. Anzasca, Piedmont May 1869
to 1 Sep. 1872; H.M. Inspector of mines for
Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and part of Somerset
since 8 Apl. 1873; Hun. Curator of museum
of R. Geol. Soc. of Cornwall since Oct. 1873;
One of the secretaries of R. Instit. of Cornwall
1874-77. m. 6 Nov. 1872 at St. Leonard's-on-
sea, Sophia Chevallier, dau. of Arthur and
Mary Anne Torapson. She was b. Belton, Suf-
folk 12 June 1845.

Guide to the museum of the Royal Geological
society of Cornwall 1875. See Barnett, A. K.
ante iii, 1050-51.

Lectures on mining. By Jules Pierre Callon.
Vol. i. Cours d'exploitation des Mines, Paris
1874. Translated from the French by C. Le
Neve Foster and W. Galloway. Lond. 1876, 8".

On the superficial deposits of the valley of
the Med way with remarks on the denudation of
the Weald. By C. Le Neve Foster and Will.
Topley Quart. Jourii. Geol. Soc. Lond. xxi, 443-
74 (1865).

On the occurrence of celestine in the nummu-
litic limestone of Egypt. By C. Le Neve i'oster
and H. Bauefman. ib. xxv 40-44 (1869).

Notes on Haytor iron mine. ib. xxxi, 628-30

On the great flat lode south of Redruth and
Camborne, and on some tin-deposits formed by
the alteration of granite tin stock works in
Cornwall. «&. xxxiv, 640-54(1878). [Sep. British
Assoc. 1877, Pt. 2, p. 70].

On some tin stock works in Cornwall, ib.
xxxiv, 654-59.

On the duty of arrastres in reducing gold ore
in Italy. Bep. British Assoc, for 1873, Pt. 2, p.

On the occurrence of linarite at Huel Penrose,
Helston. Geol. Mag. iii, 525 (1866).

Remarks on the tin producing districts of Asia.
Bep. of Miners' Assoc, of C. & D. 1866, pp. 1 1715.

Tabular account of the boring machines exhibit-
ed or described at the Polytechnic Exhibition,
August 1867. ib. 1867, pp. 73-79.

On the use of Doering's boring machine at
Tincroft mine. ij. 1!^67, p. 81.

On the use of concrete for making leats or
water-courses, ib. 1873, pp. 19-20.

On the amalgamation of gold ores in Italy.
ib. 1873, pp. 21-24.

Note on some new uranium ores from Schnee-
berg in Saxony, ib. 1873, pp. 40-41.

On a deposit of tin at Park of Mines near St.
Columb. ib. 1875, pp. 22-26.




FOSTER, C. L. N. (Con.).

Mining education in Germany. Journ. Soc. of
Arts XV, 113-17 (1867).

Sulphur in Sicily, ib. xxi, 169-70 (1873).
The feast of St. Anthony in the Val Anzasca.
Siifned Ossola i.e. C. h. N. Foster. Land and
TJ'uti'r 3 July 1869, p. 15.

Eemarlcs on the lode at Wheal Mary Ann,
Menheniot [1874]. Trans. R.O.S.G. ix, 15-2-57

On the place and mode of occurrence of the
mineral andrewsite. [1874] ib. ix, 163-64.

Notes on the tin deposits on East Wheal
Lovell. ih. ix, 167; \_Bery und Butternmdnnische
Zeitung xxxv, 417].

Remarks on some tin lodes in the St. Agnes
district, ib. ix, 204-19 (1877).

On luxullianite from St. Just. ih. x, 7 ; [Cor-
nish Telegraph 5 Nm. 1878, p. 3, col. 2].

Observations on Balleswidden mine. By C.
Le Neve Foster and T. P. Rowe. ih. x, 11; Cor-
nish Telegraph 5 Nov. 1878, p. 3, col. 2.

The geology of North Derbyshire and the ad-
joining parts of Yorkshire. By A. H. Green,
C. Le Neve Foster, and J. R. Dakyns. Memoirs
of the Geol. Survey of England & Wales. Lond.
Limgmnns 1869, 8°. pp. xiii, 167, 4/-.

The geology of the Weald. By W. Topley. In
part from the notes of H. W. Bristow...and G.
Le Neve Foster, ih. Lond. 1875, 8°. pp. xiv,

Notes on some old play bills found at Launces-
ton. Journ. H.I.C. Sep. 1875, pp. 148-49.

Notes on Belowda hill mine. ih. Sep. 1875, p.

Notes on a new locality for the mineral pistacite
(epidote). ih. S'-p. 1875, p. 213.

A day's paddling on the river Toce, Italy.
Eoyal School of Mines Mag. i, 8-10 (1877)

Notes on new minerals and mineral localities
in Cornwall. Mineralogical Mag. i, 8-10 (1876-
77). The first of several articles in this maga-

On a miners permanent relief society for Corn-
wall and Devon. By C. Le Neve Foster and W.
Pike, Proc. Mining Instil. Cornwall vol. 1, 1

The home of the Eddas. By C. G. W. Lock.
Lond. Sampson Low 1879, 8". 16/-.

Note. — (/hapter xi Across the Sprengisandr desert.
Bursting sand, Iceland is by C. Le Neve Foster.

Report on the inspection of metalliferous
mines in Cornwall, Devonshire and part of Som-
ersetshire 31 Dec. 1873. By "C. Le Neve Fos-
ter, Truro 1 1 May 1874," pp. 295-321. "Reports
of Inspectors of mines 1873, Lond. 1874, fol.; Farl.
Papers 1874, vol. xiii."

FOSTER, C. L. N. (Con.).

NoTF.. — Mr. C. Le Neve Foster has since oontinuecl
these reports annually and they are printed in the Blue

Parts of sheets 5, 6 and 81 N. E, of the Geological
map of England, and of the horizontal sections 75, 76
77, 78 were surveyed by C. Le Neve Foster 1860-65.

FOSTER, Ernest Le Neve (sixth son of Peter
Le Neve Foster, d. 1879). b. Camberwell, Sur-
rey 23 Jan. 1849. Educ. Kennington, 1863,
at Brussels 1866. and at Schools of Mines
London and Freiberg; At Pestarena Co.'s gold
mines, Italy 1S69-71 ; Manager of silver mines
in Chontales since 1871. m. 1875, Charlotte,
dau. of Geo. Teal of George-town, Colorado.
She was b. 26 July 1854.

The water-pressure engine. Rep. of Miners'
Assoc, of G. & D. 1869, p. 48.

Something about Colorado, its mines and
minerals. Rep. R.C.P. Soc. 1874, p. 40; Kep. of
Miners' Assoc, of G. & D. 1874-75, pp. 63-65.

FOSTER, Peter Le Neve (eldest son of P. Le
Neve Foster, d. 1879). h. Sandridge Bury near
St. Albans 12 July 1839. Chevalier of the
order of the Crown of Italy; Resident, 1879,
Racalniuto, Sicily, to. 1866, Giacinta Gnoli
of Turin.

Coal mining in Italy. Rep. R.C.P. Soc. 1874,
p. 40; Rep. of Miners' Assoc, of C. & D. 1874-75,
pp. 40-45.

FOSTER, Reginald Le Neve (son of Peter Le
Neve Foster, d. 1879). h. Camberwell, Surrey
18 Aug. 1846. Educ. at Kennington 1860,
Hanover 1863, Brussels 1864, and at R. In-
stitution laboratory, Manchester 1865; Chem-
ist and manager to F. C. Calvert & Co.
manufacturers of carbolic acid 1868; F.C.S.
1872; Resident, 1879, North road, Droyls-
den, Manchester, m. 24 Sep. 1874 at Beb-
bington, Cheshire, Ann A. dau. of John and
Ann Lightbound. She was h. Liverpool 10
Feb. 1843.
Notes on carbolic acid, its preparations and

derivatives. Journ. R.I.C. Nov. 1877, pp. 385-


Note.— R. Le Neve Foster has also written "Some
of our domestic poisons." A lecture 1879, 8°; and
"Salicylic Acid." Journ. Soc. Arts lii, 993.

B.D. See ante i, 160. Matric. from Trin. coll.
Camb. 20 Mch. 1618; Minor Fellow 1624,
Major Fellow 1625; R. of St, Ive 1639; B.
of Southhill 1647; Prebendary of Exeter 13
Dec. 1639, ejected 4 June 1647, restored
1660. d. ante Oct. 1677. bur. Barham, Kent.




FOTHEELY, Key. C. fCon.J.

cf. Walker's Sufferings of the Clergy (1714) Pt.
ii, p. 31; Bev. P. Parsons' Monuments of 100
churches in Kent (1794) pp. 314-15; Sixth Rep.
Eisimical Commission (1877) pp. 181, 194.

FOX FAMILY, cf. Jos. Foster's Pedigree of
Forsters & Fosters (2nd ed. 1871) Pt. ii, pp.
58-60; Fox of Brislington in J. J. Howard's
Miscell. Geneal. et Herald. (Monthly Ser.j i, 283-
85; Smdles' Lives of Boulton d- JFatt (1865) p.
331; Burke's Landed gentry (1838) iv, 142-44,

A revised genealogical account of the various
families descended from Francis Fox of St. Ger-
mans, Cornwall, to which is appended a pedi-
gree of the Crokers of Lineham and many other
families connected with them. Privately print-
ed. Lond. printed for the compiler by Head,
Hole & Go. Farringdon st. 1872, 4". pp. 33,
but printed on one side of the leaf only and in-
terleaved with blank paper. There is also a
folding pedigree sheet. Sold at 20/-.

Note. — The Introduction is signed " Joseph Fos-
ter, Allonby villa. New Barnet, Herts, Sept. 1872."
This work contains pedigrees of the following families ;
Churchill, Collier, Cookworthy, Copplestone, Croker,
Debell, Ellioot, Fox, Kingston, Prideaux, Tuckett and

FOX, Alfred (Uh son of Robert Were Fox, m.
Elizabeth Tregelles). 6. 9 Sep. 1794. Consul for
United States of America; Knight of the
order of Leopold of Belgium ; Cavaliere of the
order of the Corona d'ltalia; Eesided at Glen
Lurgan. d. Wodehouse place, Falmouth 20
May 1874. m. 15 May 1828 at Birmingham,
Sarah, youngest dau. of Samuel and Eachael
Lloyd. She was b. Farm, Birmingham 25 Nov.
1804 and .still survives, cf. West Briton 21
May 1874, p. 4, col. 6; Rep. B.G.P. Soc. 1874,
pp. 15, 25.
The ladies diary. Lond. 1814, 12 ».

Note. — A. Fox communicated mathematical prob-
lems and replies to the Diary in 1814, 1815, etc.

FOX, Alfred Lloyd (eld. son of Alfred Fox, d.
1874). h. Falmouth 26 May 1829. m. 15 Mch.
1864 at Tottenham, Mary Jane, dau. of Fras.
Fox. She was b. Tottenham 27 June 1831.

On some fossils from Mount Lebanon. Trans.
B.G.S.C. ix, 46-48 (1875).

FOX, Anna Maria. See ante i, 160. cf. Life
of Rowland Williams D.D. (1874) i, 223, 226.

FOX, Caroline, d. 1871. See ante i, 160. cf
Annual Monitor No. 30, 1872, pp. 72-79.

Bible cases of conversion. Written for a Bible

FOX, Caeoline. (Con.).

class by the late Caroline Fox. Friends' Quar-
terly Examiner vi, 290-97 (1872).

FOX, Charles. See ante i, 1 60 (son of Joseph
Fox), b. Falmouth 1749. Bookseller at Fal-
mouth; Landscape and portrait painter, d.
Villa place, Bathwick, Bath 1 May 1809 and
not as previously stated, m. 1792, Miss Feni-
ers, dau. of a Dutch merchant, cf. Piilwhele's
Biog. sketches ii, 62-68; Joseph Cottle's Early
recollections chiefly relating to S. T. Coleridge
(1837) ii, 26-27; Poems and Letters of Will.
Isaac Robeits (1811) pp. xiii-xiv, 146, 209,
232 etc.; Hugh Owen's Tivo centuries of ceramic
art in Bristol (1873) pp. 273, 284; Cent. Mag.
Ixxix, 385 (lt*09); Annual liegister \i, 658-59

A historical and descriptive catalogue of the
European and Asiatic manuscripts in the library
of the late Dr. Adam Clarke. . .By J. B. B. Clarke,
Trin. coll. Camb. Lond. John Murray 1835, 8°.

Note. — Contains Art. 223. European JlfiSS. Poetical
translations from the Persian. By the late C. Fox of
Bristol. 3 vols. 8°.

Art. 224. Loves of Leily and Mejnour, a Persian
poem. Translated by C. Fox. 2 vols. 8°. See also Art.
153 of Persian, &o. MSS.

Art. 225. Miscellaneous prose translations from the
Persian. By C. Fox, 12°.

Art. 226. Travels in Denmark, Norway, Sweden
and Russia. By C. Fox, 1787, 4°. To the account of
this MS. is added " The whole of the views, costumes
&c. which were designed to illustrate these travels are
in my possession, executed in the most spirited and
elegant manner, amounting to some hundreds."

Art. 222. Persian &c. MSS. The Mesnair. For-
merly penes C. Fox.

Art. 277. Persian extracts written by the inimitable
hand of the late poet and elegant Persian scholar, Mr.
C. Fox. 8°.

Art. 278. Several chapters of St. Matthew in Per-
sian, transcribed from the London Polyglott by C. Fox
in a style of Taleekh unrivalled for elegance and beauty.
8°. pp. 69.

Art. 286. Extracts from various Persian authors .
■written by 0. Fox in a Taleekh unrivalled for exquisite
neatness and beauty. 3 vols. 12°.

FOX, Charles. See ante i, 160-61. One of the
Founders of the R. C. Polytechnic Soc. Fal-
mouth 1 833 and President 1871,1872; Found-
er of Lander prizes 1841 ; President of E.G.S.
of Cornwall 1864-67; President of Miners'
Assoc, of C. & D. 1861-63; With sir C. Lemon

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