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1748 Jan. _Smollett: Adventures of Roderick Random, 2 vols._
Apr. _Richardson: Clarissa, Vols. Ill, IV._
Apr. Life's Progress through the Passions.
Dec. _Richardson: Clarissa, complete._
1749 Feb. _Fielding: History of Tom Jones, a Foundling, 6 vols._
June Dalinda.
Nov. Epistles for the Ladies, 2 vols. (d. 1749-50).
1750 Jan. A Letter from H - - Q - - g, Esq.
1750 Mar. _Johnson: The Rambler._
1752 Mar.
1750 Apr. The History of Cornelia (?).
Dec. _Mrs. Lennox: The Life of Harriot Stuart, 2 vols._
1751 Feb. _Smollett: Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, 4 vols._
Oct. The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless, 4 vols.
Dec. _Fielding: Amelia, 4 vols._
1752 Mar. _Mrs. Lennox: The Female Quixote, 2 vols._
Dec. The History of Jemmy and Jenny Jessamy, 3
vols. (d. 1753).
1753 Nov. _Richardson: Sir Charles Grandison, Vols. I, II,
Dec. _Richardson: Sir Charles Grandison, Vols. V, VI._
1754 Nov. The Invisible Spy, 4 vols. (d. 1755).
1755 Dee. The Wife (d. 1756).
1756 The Husband.
Jan. The Young Lady, Nos. I, 2, 3, (?).
Feb. 25 Mrs. Haywood died.
1768 May Clementina.
1772 Apr. A New Present for a Servant Maid (d. 1771).
1778 Mar. The History of Leonora Meadowson, 2 vols.


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Stage Career
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_Wife to be Lett, A_,
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_Works_, Mrs. Haywood's,

Yonge, Sir William,
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