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PSALMS OP DAVID. With Notes Explanatory and Critical by

Dean Johnson, Canon Elliott, and Canon Cook. Medium Svo. 10s. 6d.
PUSS IN BOOTS. With 12 lUnstrations. By Ono Specktbb.

16mo. It. 6d, Or coloured. 2i. 6d.
RAE (Edwabd). Country of the Moors. A Journey from Tripoli

to the Holy City of Kairwan. Map and Etchings. Crown Sto. 12«.




BAE (Edwibd). The White Sea Peninsula. Journey to the White

Sea, and the Kola Peninsula. With Map and Illustrations. Crown Svo.

BAMBLES in the Syrian Deserts. Post Svo. 10«. Sd.
BASSAM (Hobmuzd). British Mission to Abyssinia. lUnstra-

tions. 2 Vols. 8vo. 2Ss.
BAWLIKSON'B (Canon) Herodotni. A New English Yersion.

Edited with Notes and Essays. Maps and Woodeuts. 4 Vols. 8vo. 48*.
-, Five Great Monarchies of Chaldsea, Assyria, Media,

Babylonia, and Persia. With Maps and Illustrations. 8 Vols. 8ve. 42f.
(Sir Hbnrt) England and Bussia in the East ; a

Series of Papers on the Condition of Central Asia. Map. 8vo. 12«.
BEED (Sir £. J.) Iron-Clad Ships ; their Qualities, Performances,

and Cost With Chapters on Turret Ships, Iron-Clad Bams,^. With

Illustrations. 8vo. 12«.
■ Letters from Bussia in 1875. 8yo. 6s»
Japan : Its History, Traditions, and Beligions. With

Narrative of a Visit in 1879. Illnstrations. 2 Vuls. 8vo. 28f.
A Practical Treatise on iShipb ail ding in Iron and Steel.

Second and revised edition w ith Plans and Woodcuts. 8yo.
BEJBCTED ADDBESSES (Thn). By Jambs ahb Hokaoi Skhh.

Woodcuts. Post 8vo. St. 6d. ; or Popular EdUioUt Fcap. Svo. U
BBMBBANDT. [See Middleton.]

BBVISED VERSION OF N.T. [See Beokbtt—Buroon— Cook.]
BETNOLDS' (Sir Joshua) Life and Times. By C. B. Lnsui,

R.A. and Tom Tat lob. Portraits. 8 Vols. 8vo. 42«.
BICABDO'S (David) Works. With a Notice of his Life and

Writings. By J. R. M'Culloob. 8vo. I6t.
BIPA (Fathnr). Besidence at the Conrt of Peking. Post Svo. 2«.
BOBEBTSON (Canon). History of the Christian Church, from the

Apostolic Age to the Reformation, 1617. 8 Vols. Post 8to. 80. each.
BOBINSON (Bby. Dr.). Biblical Besearches in Palestine and the

Adjacent Regions, 1838— 68. Maps. 3 Vols. 8vo. 42«.
^ (Wm.) Alpine Flowers for English Gardens. With

70 niustraUons. Crown 8vo. 7t.6d,

English Flower Garden. Its Style and Posi-

tion. With an Illnstrated Dictionary of all the Plants used, and
Directions for their Culture and Arrangfcment With numerous
Illustrations. Medium 8vo. 15«.

Sub-Tropical Garden. Illustrations. Small Svo. 6s,

Parks and Gardens of Paris, considered in

Relation to the Wants of other Cities and of Public and Private
Gardens. With 850 Illustrations, fevo. 18f.

Wild Garden; or. Our Groves and Gkirdens

made Beautiful by the Naturalization of Hardy Exotic Plants. Beiifg
one way onwards from the Dark Affes of Flower Gardening, with
Suggestions for the Begeneration of Bare Borders of the London

Parks. With 90 Illustrations. 8vo. IQs.ed,

' Hardy Flowers. Descriptions of upwards of 1800

of the most Ornamental Species ; with Directions for their Arrange-
ment, Culture, &c. Post 8vo. 8«. 6d.

• God's Acre Beautiful ; or, the Cemeteries of the

Future. With 8 Illustrations. 8vo. 7«. 6tf.

EOBSON (E. R.). School Abohiteoturb. Remarks on the
Planning, Designing, Building, and Furnishing of School-houses.
Illustrations. Medium 8vo. 18a.

ROME (History of). [See Gibbow — Linniiir— Smith — Siudbhts'.]





8 vols. 8to. ^«. each. Half motoceo, 28«. each.
RITXTON (Oko. F.). Trayels inMezico; with Adyentores am<mg Wild

Tribes and Animals of the Prairies and Rocky Mountains. Post 8vo. 9s. 6d.
ST. HUGH OP AVALON, Bishop of Lincoln; hig Life by G. G.

Pebbt, Canon of Lincoln^ Post 8to. 10*. 6d.
ST. JOHN (Chaeles). Wild Sports and Natural History of the

Highlands of Scotland. Illustrated Edition. Crown 8vo. 16s, Cheap

EtHtion^ Post 8vo. Bs. (id.

(Batlb) Adventures in the Libyan Desert. Post 8vo. 2s,

SALDANHA (Duke op). [See Carnota.]

SALE'S (Sib Robebt) Brigade in Affghanistan. With anAeeonntof
the Defence of JeUalabad. By Rby. G. R. GLSia. Post 8vo. 2s,

SCEPTICISM IN GEOLOGY; and the Reasons for It. An
assemblage of facts from Nature combining to refute the theory of
"Causes now in Action." ByVRBiFiBB. Woodcuts. Crown 8vo. Sa.

SCHLIEMANN (Dr. Hbnrt). Ancient Mycenae. With 600
Illustrations. Medium Sto. 60s.

llios; the City and Country of tie Trojans,

including all Recent Discoveries and Researches made on the Site
of Troy and the Troad. With an Autobiography. With 20C0 Illus-
trations. Imperial Svo. &0f.

Troja : Results of the Latest Researches and

Discoveries on the site of Homer's Troy, and in the Heroic Tumuli
and other sites made in 1882. With Maps, Plans, and Illustrations.
Medium Svo. 42s.
The Prehistoric Palace of the Kings of Tiryns ;

Its Primeval Wall Paintings and Works of Art Excavated and

Described. With Coloured Lithographs, Woodcuts, Plans, Ac,

from Drawings taken on the spot. Medium Svo.
SCHOMBERG (Gemebal). The Odyssey of Homer, rendered

into English verse. 2 vols. Svo. 34s.
SCOTT (Sib Gilbert). The Rise and Deyelopment of Mediseval

Architecture. With 400 Illustrations. 2 Vols. Medium Svo. 42«.
SCRUTTON (T. E.). The Laws of Copyright. An Examination

of the Principles which should Regulate Literary and Artistic Pro-
perty in England and other Countries. Svo. 10^ 6d.
SEEBOHM (Hen&y) Siberia in Asia. A visit to the Yalley of the

Yenesaj in Eastern Siberia. With Descriptions of the Natural History,

Migrations of Birds, dec. Illustrations. Crown Svo. 148.
SELBORNE (Lobd). Notes on some Passages in the Liturgical

History of the Reformed English Church. Svo. 6s.
SHADOWS OP A SICK ROOAT. Preface by Canon Liddoh.

16mo. 2s. 6d.
SHAH OP PERSIA'S Diary during his Tour through Europe in

1873. With Portrait. Crown Svo. 12«.
SHAW (T. B.). Manual of English Literature. Post 8yo. 7s. Qd.
' Specimens of English Literatnre. Selected from the

Chief Writers. Post Svo. 7s. 6d.
— (Robbbt). Visit to High Tartary, Yarkand, and Kashgar^

and Return Journey over the Karakonim Pass. With Map and

Illustrations. Svo. 16«.
SIBRBA LEONE ; Described in Letters to Friends at Home. By

A Ladt. Post Svo. Zs. 6J.
SIMMONS (Capt.). Constitution and Practice of Courts-Mar-

tial. 8vo. 15«.
SMILES* (Samuel, LL.D.) WORKS :—

Bbitish EiraiNSBBs ; from the Earliest Period to the death of

the Stephenson". lUustratlonB. 6 Vols. Crown Svo. Is. 6d. each.



^SMILBS' (Samuil, LL D.) WORKS:—

Geome Stephbhsoh. Post 870. 2s, 6dL
James Nabmtth. Portrait and Illustrations. Or. Svo. 16«.
SooTOB Naturalist (Thos.Bi>waei>). lilostrations. Post 8vo. 6$,
SooTOH Geologist (Robert Dick). lilostrations. Or. 8yo.l2«.
HvQUENOTS IN Enqland AND Ireijlnd. GrownSvo. 7s, 6d,
Selv-Help. With Illustrations of Conduct and Perseyer-

anoe. PostSvo. 6«.
Character. A Book of Noble Characteristics. Post Svo. 6s.
Thrift. A Book of Domestic CounseL Post 8yo. Us,
Duty. With IllustrationB of Courage, Patience, and Endurance.

Post 8to. 6a.

Industrul Bioorapht; or, Iron Workers and Tool Makers.

PostSvo. 6#.
Boy's Yotaoe Round the World. Illustrations. Post Syo. 6s,
Men or Invention and Industry. Post Syo. 6s.
SMITH (Dr. George) Student's Manual of the Geography of British
India, Physical and Political. With Maps. PostSvo. 7$. 6d.

Life of John Wilson, D.D. (Bombay), Missionary and

Pbllauthropist. Portrait PostSvo. 9«.

Life of lWdq. Carey, DD., 1761-1834. Shoemaker and

Misslonarf. Professor of Sanscrit at the College of Fort William,
Calcutta. Crown Syo.

— (Philip). History of the Ancient World, from the Creation

to the Fall of the Roman Empire, A.D. 476. 8 Vols. Svo. Sit. <ki.

DioTioNART OF THE BiBLB; its Antiquitios, Biography,
Geography, and Natural History. Illustrations. 8 Vols. Svo. 106t.
Concise Bible Dictionary. Illustrations. Svo. 2\s.
Smaller Bible Dictionary. Illustrations. Post-Svo. 78. 6d,
Christian Antiquities. Comprising the History, Insti-
tutions, and Antiquities of the Christian Church. Illustrations. 2 Vols.
Medium Sto. &l.lSs.6d.
Christian Biography, Literatttrb, Sects, and Doctrines ;
from the Times of the AposUes to the Age of Charlemagne. Medium Svo.
Vols. I. II. & IIT. Sl« 6d. each. (To be completed in 4 Vols.)
Greek and Rohan Antiquities. Illustrations. Medium

Sto. iSs.
Greek and Rohan Biography abp Mitholoqy. Iiliutrations»

8 Vols. Medium Svo. H it.
Greek and Roman Geography. 2 Tola. Illastiations.

Medium Svo. 66i.
Atlas of Ancient Geography— Bibucal and Classical.

Folio. 62. 6«.

Classical Dictionary of Mythology, Biography, and

Gboobapbt. 1 Vol. With 760 Woodcuts. Svo. 18«.
Smaller Classical Dict. Woodcuts. Crovn Svo. 7s, 6d,
Smaller Greek and Roman Antiquities. Woodcuts. Crown

Svo. 7».M.
Complete Latin-English Dictionary. With Tables of the

Roman Calendar, Measures, Weights, and Money. Svo. 2U.
Smaller Latin-English Dictionary. New and thoroughly

Kevised Edition. ISmo. 7s. 6d.

Copious and Critical English-Latin Dictionary. Syo. 2U,
Smaller English-Latin Dictionary. 12]no. 78, 6d,




• School Manual of English Orahmab^ with Copious Exkkoisss
and Appendices. Poet Sto. 8«. 6<f.

Pbimabt English Gbamhab, for llementarj Schools, with
carefully graduated parsing lessons. 16mo. Is.

Manual of Enolish Composition. With Copions lUastra-
tions and Practical Exercises. 12mo. St. 6d,

Primabt Histort of Britain. 12mo. 28. 6d,

School Manual of Modern GsoaRAPBT, Physical and
Political. PostSyo. 69.

A Smaller Manual of Modern QsoaRAPHT. 16mo. 2^. 6d,

French Principia. Part I. A First Course, coutaining a
Qrammar, Delectus, Exercises, and Vocabularies. 12mo. 2t. 64,

Appendix to French Principia. Part I. Containiog ad-
ditional Exercises, with Examination Papers. 12nio. 2s, 6d,

French Principia. Part II. A ReadiDg Book, containing
Fables, Stories, and Anecdotes, Natural History, and Scenes from the
History of France. With Grammatical Questions, Notes and oopioug
Etymological Dictionary. 12mo. is. 6d.

French Principu. Part III. Prose Composition, coniaining
a Systematic Course of Exercises on the Syntax, with the Principal
Rules of Syntax. 12mo. [Zii th« Freu.

Student's French Qrammar. By C. Heron- Wall. With
Introduction by M. Littr^. Post Svo. 6s.

Smaller Grammar of the French Lanouaqb. Abridged
Arom the above. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

German Principia. Part I. A First German Course, contain-
ing a Grammar, Delectus, Exercise Book, and Vocabularies. 12mo. 8s. 6d.

German Principia. Part II. A Reading Book ; containing
Fables, Stories, and Anecdotes, Natural History, and Scenes from the
History of Germany. With Grammatical Questions, Notes, and Dic-
tionary. ISmo. Ss.6d.

Practical German Grammar. Post Svo, Be, 6d,

Italian Principia. Part I. An Italian Course, containiog a
Grammar, Delectuo, Exercise Book, with Vocabnlarits, and Materials
for Italian Conversation. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

Italian Principia. Part II. A First Italian Reading Book,
containing Fables, Anecdotep, Historf, and Passages from the best
Italian Authori), with Grammatical Questions, Notes, and a Copiou^
Etymological Dictionary. 12mo. 8s.6d.


The Touno Beoinner's First Latin Book : Containing the
Badiments of Grammar, Easy Grammatical Questions and Exercises,
with Vocabularies. Being a Stepping stone to Principia Latina, Part I.
for Young Children. 12mo. 2i.

Tub Youno Beginher's Second Latin Book : Containing an
easy Latin Readiog Book, with an AnalyKis of the Sentences. Notes,
and a Dictionary. Being a Stepping-stone to Principia Latina, Part II.
for Young Children. 12mo. 2s.

Principia Latina. Part I. First Latin Coarse, containing a

Grammar,Delectus,and Exercise Book, with Vocabularies. 12mo. Ss.6d.
*«* In this Edition the Cases of the Nonns, Adjeetives, and Pronouns
are arranged both as in the obdimabt G&amkaes and as in the Pobuo
School Primer, together with the corresponding Exercises.




8MITH13 (Db. Wm.) Lifiir Covtmm—cotUinued.

Afpbvdiz to Psnioipii. Lativa. Part L; being Additional

Ezareiaai^ with Examination Papera. 12mo. it. 6tL
Panrapii. Latoia. Part IL A Beading-book of llTthoIogj,

Qaofraphj, Bomau Antiquittas, aiul Hiatorj. With Notaa aiul Die-

tionarj. 19mo. Bt, 6d,
PanroiPiA Latiha. Part III. A Poetiy Book. Hezameten

and Pentamatan ; Eelof. OvidiaiMB; Latin Proaodj. ISao. 8«.64.
Pbdioipia Latiha. Partly. Proae Compoeition. Bnlesof

Syntax with Ezamplea, Explanationa of STnonyma, and Exerciaea

on tba Syntax. 12mo. 3$. 6d.
PnnoiPiA Latiha. Part Y. Short Tales and Anecdotes for

Tranalation into Latin. ISmo. ts.
Lativ-Eholish Yooabulabt ahd First LATiv-EiroLisH

Studbht^b liAf ih Gramxab. For the Higher Forms. Post

8vo. 6*.
Bmallbb Latih Qbaxmab. 12ino. 8«. 6d.


IsitiaGilsoa. PartL A First Greek Course, containing a Gram-
mar, Delectoa, and Exereiae-book. With Yoeabulariea. ISmo. 3$. 6d.

Appevdix to Initia Gbjboa. Part 1. Containing additional
Exercitiea. With Examination Papers. PostSvo. is. fid.

Ihitia Giuboa. Part IL A Reading Book. Containing
Short Tales, Aneedotea, Fables, Mythologf, and Oredan Hiatory.
12mo. 8a. Sd.

Isitia Gbjeoa. Part IIL Prose Compoution. Containing the

Rulea of Syntax, with copioas Examples and Exercises. 12ma 3«. 6tL
Student's Greek Grammas. For the Higher Forms. By

CuBTius. Peat Svo. 6s.
Smaller Greejl Grammar. 12mo. 3^. 6d,
Greek Aocidseok. 12mo. 28, 6d.
Plato, Apology of Socrates, &c. With Notes. 12mo. Zs, 6d,


Scripture History. With Coloured Maps and Woodcnts.

16mo. 8*. 6d.
Ancient History. Woodcnts. 16mo. Zs. 6d,
Ancient Geoorapht. Woodcuts. 16mo. Zs» 6d»
Modern Geoorapht. 16mo. 28. 6d,
Greece. With Coloured Map and Woodcnts. 16mo. Ss, 6d.
Rome. With Coloured Maps and Woodcuts. 16mo. 8s. 6d.
Classical Mttholoot. Woodcuts. 16mo. Ss.6d.
England. With Coloured Maps and Woodcuts. 16mo. 8s 6d.
English Literature. 16mo. 8s. Qd,
Specimens or Enqush Literature. 16mo. 8s. 6(2.

SOMERYILLE (Mart). Personal Recollections from Early Life
to Old Age. Portrait. Crown Sto. lis,

Physical Geography. Portrait. Post 8yo. 9s.

Connexion of the Physical Sciences. Post Syo. 9s.

Molecular k Microscopic Science. Illustrations.

»Vols. PostSvo. 21#.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


SOUTH (JoHH F.). Hoasebold Surgery ; or, Hints for Emergen-
eies. With Woodcuts. Fcap. 8ro. 8& 6(2.

Memoirs of. [See Feltoi.]

SOUTHS Y (BoBT.). Lires of Banyan and Cromwell Post 8to. 2s.

HisTORT or England from thb Reign or Qitesn Anne to
THB Pbaok ov Ybbsaillzs, 1701-83. 9 vols. Post 8ro. 6t, each.

Life or William Pitt. Portraits. 3 Vols. 8yo. 86«.

Miscellanies. 2 Vols. Post Syo. 13«.

British India, from its Origin to 1788w Post 8yo. Zs» 6i.

Histortof'^Fortt-Fiyb." Poat8yo. 8«.

HiSTORIOAL AND CrITIOAL EsSATS. Post 870. 8«. 6(2.

The Retreat from Moscow, and other Essat& Post 8f o. 7s, 6d,
Life of Belisarius. Post 8yo. lOs. 6d.i
Life of Ck)NDB. Post 8yo. Zs, 6d,
Stort of Joan of Arc. Fcap. 8yo. Is,
Addresses on Various Occasions. 16mo. Is.

Sinai and Palestine. Coloured Maps. 8yo. 12^.

Bible in the Holt Land ; Extracted from the aboye Work.

Woodeats. Fcap. 870. 2s. 6d.
Eastern Church. Plans. Crown 8yo. 68.
Jewish Church. From the Earliest Times to the Christian

Era. Portrait and Maps. 8 Vols. Crown 8to. 18*.
Church of Scotland. 8yo. 7s, 6d,
Epistles of St. Paul to the Corinthians. 8yo. IBs,
Life of Dr. Arnold. Portrait. 2 Vols. Cr. 8yo. 12«.
Canterbury. Illustrations. Crown Syo. 65.
Westminster Abbey. Illustrations. 8yo. 15^.
Sermons durino a Tour in the East. 8yo. 98,
■ ON Special Occasions, Preached in Westminster

Abbey. 8vo. 12».
Memoir of Edward, Catherine, and Mart Stanley. Cr.Syo. 9s,
Christian Institutions. Essays on Ecclesiastical Subjects.

8vo. 12$. Or Crown 8yo. 6«.
Essays. Chiefly on Qaestions of Church and State; from 1850

to 1870. Revised Edition. Crown 8ro. 6*.
[See also Bradley.]
STEPHENS (Key. W. R. W.). Life and Times of St John

Chrysostom. A Sketch of the Church and the Empire in the Fourth

Century. Portrait 8vo. 7s. 6d.
STEATFORD db REDCLIPPE (Lord). The Eastern Question,

Being a Selection from his Writings duriog the last Fire Years of his

Life. With a Preface by Dean Stanley. With Map. 8vo. 9»
STREET (G. E.). Gothic Architecture in Spain. Illustrations.

Boyal 8yo. 80«.
Gothic Architecture in Brick and Marble. With

Notes on North of Italy. Illnstrations. Royal 8to. Kt.
STUART (YiLLiERs). Egypt after the War. Being the Karratiye

of a Tour of Inspection, indnding Experiences amongst the' Natives,

with Descriptions of their Homes and Habits; to which are adde

Notes of the latest Arcbssological Discoveries and a revised Account of

the Funeral Canopy of an Egyptian Queen, With interesting addittooi.

Coloured Illustrations and Woodcuts. Boyal 8vo. 81s. 6c2.





Old TuTUf iht Histokt ; from the Or^atlon to the Betnm of

the Jews from Captivity. Woodcuts. Post 8to. 7». 6d.
Kbw TssTAiTKHT HisTOKT. With an Introduction connecting
the Historjofthe Old and New Testaments. Woodcuts. PostSro. 7«.6tf.
Etidihois or Cheistianitt. Bj H. Waob, D.D. Post Svo.

[In the Prm.
EocLESiASTiOAL HisTORT ; a History of the Christian Church
from its foaDdation till after the Reformation. By Philip Sxith, B. A.
With namerous Woodcuts. 9 Vols. It. 6(2. each.

PabtI. a.d. 30—1003. Part II.— 1003— 1698.

EvoLiSH Chuboh Histort; from the Planting of the Chnrch
in Great Britain to the Silencing of Gonvoeation in the 18th Cent By
Cakok Pebrv. aVol^ PoatSvo. 7<. 6(f. each.

Fittt Period, a.d. 696—1509. Secorvi Period, 1509—1717.

Anoiekt History or tbb East; Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia,
Media, Persia, Asia Minor, and Phoenieia. By Philip Smith, B.A.
Woodcuts. PostSvo. 7». 6<f.

Gbographt. By Canon Be van, M. A. Woodcuts.

Post. 8to. 7«. M,

History or Gresob ; from the Earliest Times to the Boman
Cooqnest By Wm. Smith, D.G.L. Woodcuts. Grown 870. 7«.6ii.
%* Questions on the ahoye Work, 12mo. _ 2«.

History of Bohb ; from the Earliest Times to the Establish-
ment of the Bmpire. By Dbajt Liddbll. Woodcuts. Crown 8ro. 7«. 6d
Gibbon's Dbclinb and Fall or the Bokan Empirb. Woodcuts.

Post 8vo. Is. 64.

Hallam's History of Europe during the Middle Ages.

PostSvo. 7».6d.

History of Modbbn Europe, from the end of the Middle
Ages to the Treaty of Berlin, 1878. Post Svo. [In the Preu.

Hallam*8 History or Enoland; from the Accession of
Henry VII. to the Death of George II. Post 8ro. 7*. 6d,

Hume's History or England from the Invasion of Julius
CsBsar to the Revolution in 1688. Revised, and continued to the
Treaty of Berlin, 1878. By J. S. Bkbwsb, M.A. Coloured Maps and
Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 7». 6d. Or in 3 parts, price ?5. ed each.
*«• Questions on the above Work, l^mo. 2s.

History of France; from the Earliest Times to the Fall

of the Second Empire. By H. W. Jebvis. With Coloured Maps and

Woodcuts. PostSvo. 7s. 6d,
English Lanouaoe. By Geo. P. Marsh. Post 8vo. 7^. 6d,
English Literature. By T. B. Shaw, M.A. Post 8to. 78. 6d,
Specimens op English Literature. By T. B.SnAw.Post 8 vo. 7«.6i.
Modern Geography ; Mathematical, Physical and DescriptiTe.

By Canon Bbvan, M A. Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 7s. M,
Geography of British India. Political and Physical By

Gboboe Smith, LL.D. Maps. FostSvo. 7s. 6d.
Moral Philosophy. By Wm. Fleming. Post 8yo. 7*. 6d,

SUMNEH'S (Bishop) Life and Episcopate during 40 Tears. By

Bev. a. H. SuuNEB. Portrait. 8vo. Us.
SWAINSON (Canon). Nicene and Apostles' Creeds; Their

Literary History ; together with some Accouat of " The Creed of St.

Athanasins." 8vo. 16«.

SWIFT (Jonathan). [See Craik— Fobster.]




8YBBL (YoH) HUtory of Europe daring the French Reyolntion,

1789-im. 4 Vols. 8to. 48».

8YM0ND3* (BfiY. W.) Records of the Rocks; or Notes on the

Geology of Wales, Deron, and Cornirall. Grown 8to. 12»,
TALMUD. [See Babclat— Diutsoh.]
TEMPLE (Sib Riohabd). India in 1880. With Maps. Syo. 16s.

Men and Events of My Time in India. 8to. 168,

• Orienial Experience. Essays and Addresses de-
livered on Yarions Occasions. With Maps and Woodcuts. 8vo. 18«.
THIBAUrS (Ahtoinb) Parity in Musical Art. With Prefatory

Memoir by W. H. Gladstone, M.P. Post 8vo. Is. 6d.
THIELMANN (Babon). Journey through the Caucasus to

Tabrees, Knrdistan, down the Tigris and Eaphratea to Nineveh and

Palmyra. Illastrations. 2 Vols. Post8ro. 18«.
THOMSON (Abohbishop). Lincoln's Inn Sermons. 8vo. 10«. 6d.

Life in the Light of God*s Word. Post Syo. 68.

' Word, Work, & Will : Collected Eesays. Crown 8yo.9«.

THORN HILL (Mabb). The Personal Adrentures and Experiences

of a Magistrate during the Rise, Pr'>gres8, and Suppression of the Indian

Matiny. With Frontispiece and Flan. Crown 8vo. 12«.
TITIAN'S LIFE AND TIMES. With some account of his

Family, from unpublished Records. By Gbowb and Cavaloasvllb.

Illastrationa. 2 Vols. 8vo. 21«.
TOCQUEVILLE'S State of Society in France before the Reyolution,

1789, and on the Causes which led to that Event. 8vo. lit,
TOMLINSON(Chas.). The Sonnet: Its Origin, Structure, and Place

in Poetry. Post 8vo. 9«.
TOZER (Rby. H. F.). Highlands of Turkey, with Visits to Mounts

Ida, Athos, Olympus, and Pelion. 2 Vols. Crown 8vo. 24«.
■ Lectures on the Geography of Greece. Post 8vo. 9«.
TRISTRAM (Canon). Great Sahara. Illustrations. Crown 8to. 15«.
Land of Moab : Travels and Discoveries on the East

Side of the Dead Sea and the Jordan. Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 16a,
TWENTY YEARS' RBSIDENCE among the Greeks, Albanians,

Turks, Armenians, and Bulgarians. 2 Vols. Crown 8vo. 2U.
TWINING (Rev. Thos.). Recreations and Studies of a Country

Clergyman of the Last Century. Crown 8vo. 9s.
TWISS' (Hobaob) Life of Lord Eldon. 2 Vols. Post 8vo. 21*.
TYLOR (E. B.). Researches into the Early History of Mankind,

and Development of Civilization. 3rd Edition. 8vo. 12$.
— Primitive Culture : the Development of Mythology^

Philosophy, Religion, Art, and Custom. 2 Vols. 8vo. 2i«.
VIRCHOW (Pbofbssob). The Freedom of Science in the

Modem State. Fcap. 8vo. 2a.
WAGE (EIbv. Hbnbt), D.D. The Principal Facts in the Life of

our Lord, and the Authority 'of the Evangelical Narratives. Post 8vo. 65.
I Luther's Primary Works. (See Luthbb).

WELLINGTON'S Despatches in India. Denmark, Portugal,

Spain, the Low Countries, and France. 8 Vols. 8vo. £8 Sa.
Supplementary Despatches, relating to India,

Ireland, Denmark, Spanish America, Spain, Portugal, France, Con-
gress of Vienna, Waterloo, and Paris. 15 Vols. 8vo. 20f. each.
Civil and Political Correspondence. Vols. I. to

VIII. 8vo. 20#. each.

Speeches in Parliament, 2 Vols. Svo. 42«.




WESTCOTT (Cahoh B. P.) The Gospel according to Si. John, with

Notes and DigaerUtlons (Reprinted from the Speaker's Commentarj).

8vo. 10«. 6c{.
WHARTON (Capt. W. J. L.), R^. Hydrographical Surveying :

being a description of the means and methods employed inoonstnictfaig

Marine Charts. With lUustrationP. 8vo. 15».
WHEELER (G.). Choice of a DwelUng. Post 8yo. 79. Qd,
WHITE (W. H.). Manual of Naval Architecture, for the use of

Naval Officers, Shipowners, Shipbulldera, and Yachtsmen. Illastra-

tions. 8to. 2is.

WHTMPER (finwABD). The Ascent of the Matterhom. With

100 Illu8trations. Mediam Svo. 10«. 6d.

WILBBRFORCE*S (Bishop) life of William Wilberforce. Portrait.

Crown 8vo. 6i.
' (Samuil, LL.D.), Lord Bishop of Oxf(»'d and

Winchester; his Life. By Canon Ash well, D.D., and R. G. Wilbbs-

roBCs. With Portraits and Woodcuts. 8 Vols. 8to. 16». each.
WILKINSON (Sib J. O.). Manners and Customs of the Ancient

Egyptians, fhelr PriTate Life, Laws, Arts, Beligion, Sec. A new tditioo.

Edited by Samusl Bibob, LL.D. Illustrations. 8 Vols. 8to. 84«.

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