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catalogue for I7S9-

BAUMFELDER, F. A. W. See vol. ii. p. 735 a

BAZIN, Francois, born at Marseilles Sept;.
4, 1 816, studied at the Paris Conservatoire 1
where he afterwards became professor of bar
mony, under Auber. [See vol. i. p. 392 S.] Ii
1S40 his 'Loyse de Montfort' gained the Prix d
Rome. In 1S60, on the division of the Pari
Orph(^on into two sections he was appointeii-



•onductor of tbem for the left bank of the Seine.
See vol. ii. 61 2 a.] The following operas by him
lave been given at the Op^ra-Comique : — ' Le
!>oii)pette cle M. le Prince,' 1846 ; ' Le Malheur
I'etre jolie,' 1847 ; ' La Nuit de la Saint-Sylves-
re,' 1849 ; ' Madelon,' 1852 ; ' Maitre Pathelin,'
856 ; 'Les D^sesp^r^s,' 1858 ; and 'Le Voyage
:n Chine.' 1865. Besides these, Bazin wrote
everal sacred compositions and a number of part-
ongs, etc. He died in Paris July 2, 1878. [M.]

BAZZINl Add that in Jan, 1867 his opera
Turandot ' (words by Gazzoletti) was given at
ililan. He ha^^ written two sacred cantatas,
Senacheribbo' and ' La Eesurrezione del Cristo,'
•esides settings of several Psalms; symphonic
vertures to Alfieri's ' Saul ' (Crystal Palace,
'"eb. 17, 1877) and to ' King Lear' (Do. Feb. 21,
880), and, in chamber music, three string-
uartets and a quintet. He was appointed direc-
or of the Milan Conservatorio in 1880. [G.M.]

BEALE, William, The following additions
nd corrections are to be made : — After the
■reaking of his voice he served as a midshipman
n board the Eevolutionnaire, a 44-gun frigate,
zhich had been taken from the French. From
an. 30, i8i6,toDec. 13, 1820, he was one of the
lentlemen of the Chapel Eoyal, In November
f the latter year he had been appointed organist
f Trinity College. Cambridge. In Dec. 1 8 2 1 he
eturned to London, and became successively
rganist of Wandsworth Parish Church and St.
ohn's, Clapham Rise. (Diet, of National Bio-
Taphy.) Add that he gained a prize at the
k.delphi Glee Club in 1840 (inserted in late
ditions). [W.B.S.]

BEAULIEU. Add day of birth, April 11,
.nd that he died in 1S63.

BECK, JoHANN Nepomuk, bom May 5, 1828,
t Pesth, where he studied singing and first
ppeared on the stage as Richard in 'I Puritani,'
aving been advised by Erl and Formes to adopt

musical career. He afterwards sang at Vienna,
lamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Mayence, Wies-
aden, and Frankfort, 1851 to 53. From 1853
o the present time he has been engaged at
Vienna as principal baritone, where he is a great
ivourite, being alike excellent both in singing,
cting, and in classical and romantic opera.
Wmong his best parts are Don Juan, Count
Umaviva, Pizarro, Mikheli (Wassertrager),
lans Heiling, William Tell, Nelusco, Hamlet,
Lmonasro, Orestes, the baritone parts in Wag-
ler's operas, etc. He has also performed in
he various cities of Germany and at Stockholm
yith great success.- — His son Joseph, born June
1, 1850, also a baritone of great promise, ap-
teared at Laibach (1870), and has appeared
rith success, among other places, at Berlin and
i"rankfort, where he is now engaged. [A,C.]

BECKER, CoNSTANTiN Julius. Add date of
i.eath. Mar. i, 1879.

i BECKER, Jean. Correct date of birth to
[lay II, 1S33, and add date of death, Oct.
'o, 1884.

VOL. IV. FT. 5.



BECKWITH, Line 2 of article,/or 1 759 read
1750. For lines 3-5, read under Dr, William
Hayes and Dr. Philip Hayes, He was appointed
organist of St. Peter Mancroft's, Norwich, on
Jan. 16, 1794; and succeeded Garland as organist
of the cathedral in 1808. (Diet, of Nat. Biog.)
He never wrote or gave his Christian name
officially otherwise than ' John,' and it is be-
lieved that the name ' Christmas ' was merely a
playful addition made by his Mends by reason of
his having been born on Christmas Day. He was
succeeded in both his appointments by his sou,
John Chaeles, bom 1788, died Oct. 5, 1828, who
in turn was succeeded by Dr. Buck. [W.H.H.]

BEETHOVEN, (N,B. Many of the follow-
ing corrections have been made in late editions.)

Pages 162 h, 163 b, the value of the florin is
rather overstated.

P, 164 h, 1, 14 from bottom,/or this year read

P. 165 5, 1. 14 from bottom, ^or Violin rondos
read Pianoforte rondos.

P. 166 b, 1. 16, 1 7, read Double fugue ; Double
counterpoint in the8th, loth, 1 2th. Last sentence,
read In the following October, Bonn was taken
possession of by the French republican army, and
the Elector fled.

P. 176 a, 1. 12, for brother read uncle.

P. 184 a, 1. ZZ^for 1766 read 1796.

P. 185 1, 1. 14 from bottom, ybr he began the
scoring of, read he was at work on.

P. 186 6, 1. 31, for the production read the
proposed production. (It appears never to have
taken place.)

P. 187 b, last 6 lines, read Breitkopf &
Hartel. Simrock published (in March) the 4th
Symphony, dedicated to Count Oppersdorf, as
op. 60, and Breitkopf & Hartel head their
splendid list with the Violin Concerto, dedicated
to Breuning, as op. 61, and also issued in March.
This they followed in April by the C minor.

P. 188 a, 1. 17, /or Schbnbrunn read Vienna.
Line 48, read Les Adieux.

P. 189 a, 1. 13, after 26 add 181 1.

P. 189 b, 1. 7, for Nov. 13 read Nov. 3.
Correct the whole sentence in which this date
occurs by a reference to vol. ii. 59.

There was a short visit to Toplitz in 181 1, as
well as the longer one in 1812. On Sept. 6 he
is there, in constant communication with Rahel,
Varnhagen, and Oliva ; and apparently towards
the end of the month returns to Vienna, whence
he writes on 1 1 th of the ' Wine month ' (October).
See Thayer, iii. 1 74-181.

P. 190 a, 1. 30,/or early in 1813 read on the
29th December.

P. 192 a, 1. 6, for Die read Der. Line 34,
for the latter read the Archduke Rodolph ; and
refer to vol. iii. 77 b, note 2. Line \1,for Kauka
read Kanka. Also in note 7.

P. 195 a, 1. 46, for exactly two read 1823,

P, 195 5, 1. 16, for Hymn of Joy read Hymn
to Joy. Line 2,0 for (op. 121) read (op. 124).

P. 197 h, 1. 6 from bottom, re«c? March 6, 1825.

P. 198 a, 1, 8, read published in Sept, 1827.

N n



P. 198 h, 1. 5 from bottom, for Krenn read
Kren; and in note 9 add a reference to the
Deutsche Musik-Zeitung, March 8, 1862.

P. 200 h, 1. 1,/or 12th read loth. Line 15 Trom
bottom, add He died Monday, March 26, 1827.

P. 201 a, 1. 13, after Czerny add Lablache.
Line 46, read On Nov. 5 and following days.

P. 201 b, note 5, read Schindler, ii. 147.

P. 206 1, 1. 7 from bottom,/or Count read Moritz.

P. 208 h, 1. 32, read from 181 2 to 1818.

B. & H.'s Complete Edition of the Works was
issued between Jan. 1862, and Nov. 1865. Since
the publication of the Dictionary Mr. Thayer's
3rd volume has appeared (1879) bringing the


life down to 1816. — Before his death in i!
Mr. Nottebohm issued a second ' Skizzenbuch '
(B. & H. i88o\ containing the sketches foi
the Eroica. Early in 1887 appeared ' Zweitt
Beethoveniana ' (Rieter-Biedermann), a volume
of 590 pages, containing the 'Neue Beetho-
veniana ' (p. 209 a) and many other articles o!
the highest interest, the whole comple,ied and
edited by E. Mandyczewski.

While this sheet is at press two works arrive : —
' L. van Beethoven, von W. J. v. W asielewski,
Berlin 1888, 2 vols. ; and 'Neue B'jethoveniana
von Dr. T. Erimmel,' Vienna, 188 3, with 6 illus

Catalogue of Beethoven'' s printed worJcs, compiled from NottehoTinCs Catalogue (B. & S. 1868)1
the Letters, the Works themselves, and other sources.

PF. = Pianoforte. V.= Violin. Va.= Viola. C. = Cello. Cbass = Contrabass. Clav. = Clavecin
Clar. = Clarinet. Ob. = Oboe. Fl. = Flute. Orch. = Orchestra. ^m^. = Autograph, ann. =an
nounced. arrt. = arrangement.



Three Trios. PF. V. C. (Eb. G.

minor). (For No. ScompareOp. 104.)
Three Sonatas, Clavecin or PF. (F

minor. A, C). (For No. 1 see No. 152)
Grand Trio. V. Va. C. (E b) possibl.v the

result of an attempt at a string

Grand Quintet. V.V. Va.Va. C. (Eb).

An arrt. of the original Op. 103.
Two Grand Sonatas, PF. C. (F, G

Sonata. 4 hands, Clav. or PF. (D).
Grand Sonata, Clav, or PF. (Eb).

Serenade. V. Va. C. (D). See Op. 42.
Three Trios, V. Va. 0. (G. D, C minor).

Three Sonatas. Clav. or PF. (C minor,

F, D).
Grand Trio. PF. Clar. (or V.) C. (Bb).
Three Sonatas, Clav. or PF. V.
Grand Sonata path^tique, ClBT. or

PF. (0 minor).
Two Sonatas, PF. (E, G).
Grand (^ncerto, PF. and Orch. (C).

(Really the second.)
Grand Quintet. PF. Ob. Clar. Baisoon,

Horn or V. Va. C. (E t>). Arrd. by

Beethoven as a Quartet for PF. V.

Va. C. Also arrd. as String Quar-
tet and marked Op. 75.
Sonata. PF. Horn, or C. (F).
Six Quartets, V.V. Va. C. (F, G, D,

minor, A. Bb).
Concerto, PF. and Orch. (Bb). (Eeally

the first.) See No. loL
Septet, V. Va. Horn, Clar. Bassoon. 0.

Cbass. (Eb).
Grand Symphony (C). (The first.)

Grand Sonata, PF. (Bb).

Two Sonatas. PF. V. (A minor, F).

Sonata in F, PF. V. (Op. 23). Op. 24
was originally PF. score of Prome-
theui, now Op. 43.

Serenade. Fl. V. Va. See Op. 41.

Grand Sonata. Clav. or PF. (At)).

No. 1. Sonata quasi una Fantasia,
Clav. or PF. (Eb).

No. 2. Sonata quasi una Fantasia,
Clav. or PF. (0 3 minor). [•Moon-

Grand Sonata, PF. (D). [' Pastoral '].

Quintet, V.V. Va.Va. C. (0).

Three Sonatas, PF. V. (A, C minor, G.)


Before April 1795.

1792,at Bonn.— jlttJ.S.Thal-

Before July 7, 1798.

Atlatest 1796.— ..lui.C.Has-

linger, Vienna.
Before April 6, 1797.

Before April 18. 1801.
Nos. 1 and 6 in 1800.

Before March 1795.— .4u(.

C. Haslineer. Vienna.
Before April 2, \>W).-Ayit.

Mendelssohns. Berlin.
Before April 2, 1800.

Before end of 1800.— Jferijei

cnpy^ Peters. Leipzig.
First two movements of So-
nata 1. composed in 1800.
Aut. Imperial Lib.Vienna.

im\.—Atit. J. Kaflia, Vi-
i^l.—Aut. Mendelssohns,

1802.-Ati<. of No. 1, MOUer
of Ueiningeu.

Original Puhliiher,

Artaria, Vienna, about Ap. 1793.
Artaria, Vienna, Mar. 9, 1796.
Artaria, Vienna, Feb, 8, 1797.

Artaria, Vienna, Feb. 8, 1797.

Artaria, Vienna, Feb. 8, 1797.

Artaria, Vienna, 1797.
Artaria. Vienna, Oct. 7, 1797.

Artaria. Vienna, ann. Oct. 7, 1797.
Traeg, Vienna, ann. July 21, 1798.

Eder, Vienna, ann. Sept. 26, 1798.

MoUo, Vienna, ann. Oct. S, 1798.
Artaria. Vienna, ann. Jan. 12, 1799.
Eder, Vienna, 1799.

Mollo, Vienna, ann. Dec. 21, 1799.
MoUo, Vienna, Mar. 1801.

Mollo, Vienna, Mar. 1801.

Mollo, Vienna, Mar. 1801.

Mollo. Vienna. Pt. I (1—3), Summer,

1801 ; Pt. II (4—6). Oct. 1801.
Hoffmeister & Kilhnel, Leipzig.

Hoffmeistpr ft EOhnel, Leipzig. In

2 parts in 1802.
Eoffmeister & Eilhnel, Leipzig, end

ol 1801.
Hoffmeister ft Euhnel, Leipzig, 1802.

Mollo, Vienna, ann. Oct. 28, 180L

Originally published as Op. 23. No. 2.
but made Op. 2i before 1803.

Cappi, Vienna. Early in 1802.
Cappi. Vienna, ann. Mar. 3, 1802.
Cappi, Vienna, both ann. Mar. 3, 1802.

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie,VIenna.
Breitkopf t HSrtel. Leipzig.

Bureau des Arts et d*lndtistrie, Vienna,
ann. May 28, 1803.

Pr. Carl von Lichnowtk.
Joseph Haydn.

Frederlclc William II
King of Prussia.

Countess Babette voi

Count von Brovroe (witl

Countess von Brovme.

Countess von Thun.

A. Satieri.

Pr. Carl von Llchnowsky

Baroness von Braun.
Princess Odescalcbi, i

Pr. Schwarzenberg.

Baroness von Braun.
Pr. von Lobkowitz.

Charles NIkl Noble dc

Empress Maria Thereat

Baron van Swieten.

Cotmt von Browne.

Count M. von Fries.


Pr. C. LIchnowsky.
Princess J. Liechtensteli

Conntess Ginlietta Glue

Joseph Edlen Ton Son-

Count M. V. Fries.

Alexander I, Emperor o



!P» Description.


Original Publisher.

Dedicated to

1 Three Sonatas, Clav. or PF. (G, D

Nos. 1 and 2, 1802.

Nos. 1 and 2 in ' Repertoire des Clave-

minor, £ b).

cinistes'; No. 5. N3geli, Zurich,
early in 1803. Then (with B.'s
corrections) 'Deux Sonates . . .
op. 31 . . . Edition tr^s correcte,'
N. Simrock. Bonn: and then as
' Deux Sonates pour le Clavecin
ou Pianoforte,' Cappi.Vienna. No.
3 in NSgeli's 'Repertoire.' No. 11,
1804. In 1805 as ' Trois Sonates p.
Clavecin ou Pianoforte . . . uvre
29. Cappi, Vienna.

Q Songj'AndieHoffnung.'Tiedge's* Ura-

Kunst und Industrie Coraptoir,
Vienna, ann. Sept. 18, 1805.

nia 'fEb).

S Seven Bagatelles, PF. (E b, C, F, A, C,

1782— 1802.— 4ii<. J. Kafka,

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie.Vienna,

D, F minor).


ann. May 28, 1803.

U Six Variations on an original theme,

Close of 1802.

Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig, 1803.

Princess Odeschalchl,

PF. (F).

rue Keglevics.

B [15] Variations with a fiigue, on theme

ISCa. — Aul. Ereitkopf &

Breitkopf & HSrtel, Leipzig, 1803.

Count M. Lichnowsky.

from Prometheus. PF. (Eb).

HSrtel, Leipzig.

K Symphony No. 2. Orch. (D).

C!lose of 1802. First per-

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie, Vienna,

Prince Carl Lichnowsky.

formance, April 5, 1803.

Mar. lyOi (Parts) Score.

17 Grand Concerto, PF. and Orch. (C

18C0. — 4i((. C. Haslinger,

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie, Vienna,



Nov. 1804.

B Trio, PF. Clar. V. or C. (E b), arranged

1802.— .!«<. of V. part. Sim-

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie, Vienna,

Prof. J. A. Schmidt, with

by author from Septet, Op. 20.


Jan. 1803.


99 Two Preludes, through all 12 major

1789. — Revised copy^ Ar-

Hoffmeister & Kuhnel, Leipzig, close

keys. PF. or Organ.

taria in Vienna.

of 1803.

W Romance. V. and Orch. CG.)


Hoffmeister & Kuhnel, Leipzig, 1803.

11 Serenade, PF. F. or V. (D). from the
Serenade, Op. 25; revised by com-

Hoffmeister & Kiihnel, 1803.


J2 Notturno, PF. Va. rO). arranged from
the Serenade, Op. 8.

Hoffmeister 4 Kahnel, Leipzig, 1804.

13 The men of Prometheus, Ballet, Nos.

Artaria, Vienna. June 1801 (PF. ar-


rangement only).

M Fourteen Variations, PF. V. C. (E b).

1792 or 1793.

Hoffmeister & Kiihnel, Leipzig, 1804.

•5 Three Grand Marches, PF. 4 hands

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie, Vienna

Princess Eaterhazy, n^e

(C, Eb, D).

Mar. 1804.


•6 Adelaide, by Matthisson, Cantata, for

1795 (?).

Artaria, Vienna, Feb. 1797.


Soprano with PF. (Bb).

17 Sonata [' Kreutzer' J. PF. V. (A). ' Per il

Mar. 17, 1803.

N. Simrock, Bonn, 1805.

R. Kreutzer.

Pianoforte ed un Violino obligate.

scritta in uno stilo molto concer-

tante quasi come d'un Concerto.'

18 Six Songs by Gellert. for Soprano:—
Bitten ; Die Liebe des NSchsten ;

Artaria, Vienna, 1803.

Count Browne,

Vom Tode: Die Ehre Gottes ; Gottes

Macht ; Busslied.

19 Two Easy Sonatas, PF. (G minor.

Not later than 1802.

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie.Vienna.

G major).

ann. Jan. 19, 1805.

50 Romance. V. and Orch. (F).

Aut. F. Amerling, Vienna.

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie.Vienna,

May 1805.
Artaria, Vienna. No. 1, 3797. No. 2,

Sept. 1802.

51 Two Rondos, PF. (C, G).

Countess Henrietta von


iS Eight Songs:— tTrian's Reise (Clau-

Mostly very early.

Kunst und Industrie Comptoir,

dius) ; Feuerfarb (Mereau) ; Das

Vienna, June 1805.

Liedchen v. d. Ruhe (TJeltzen):

Mail led (Goethe) ; Molly's Abschied

(Burger); Die Liebe (Lessing);

Marmotte (Goethe) ; Das Blilm-

chen Wunderhold (Burger).

B Grand Sonata [' Waldstein '], PF. (C).

1804.-^««. J. Kafka, Vi-

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie.Vienna,

Count von Waldstein.

See No. 170.


May 1805.

>* [' LI st'] Sonata, PF. CF).

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie.Vienna,

Ap. 1806.

58 Sinfonia eroica. No. 3 (E b).

Aug. 1804. — BeCTsed copy.

ContordelleArti edlndustria, Vienna,

Prince von Lobkowitz.

J. Dessauer, Vienna.

in Parts. Score.

58 Grand Concerto [Triple], PF. V. C.


Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie.Vienna

Prince von Lobkowitz.

and Orch. (C).

ann. July 1, 1807.

J! ['LIVth'] Sonata. PF. (F minor), so-


Bureau des Artset d'Industrie.Vienna,

Count Francis v. Bruns-

called * Appassionata.'

ann. Feb. 18, 1807.


S8 Fourth Concerto, PF. and Orch. (G).


Kunst und Industrie Comptoir,

Archduke Rudolph of

Vienna, Aug. 1808.


59 Three Quartets [' RasoumofTsky •],V.V.

Before Feb. 1807.-^«(. No.

Schreyvogel 4 Co. Pesth, Jan. 1808.

Count Ton RasoumofTsky.

Va. 0. (F, E minor, C). (7th, 8th, s,

1. Mendelssohns. Berlin.


'Begun May 26, 1806.'
Aut. No.S.Thielenius.Char-
lottenburg. No date.

10 Fourth Symphony (B b).


Bureau des Arts et dlndustrie, Pesth
and Vienna, Mar. 1809.

Count Oppersdorf.

n Concerto, V. and Orch. (D).

1806. First played Dec. 23,

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie.Vienna

Stephan von Breuning.

1806.- ^«^ Imperial Li-

and Pesth, Mar. 1809.

brary, Vienna.

Concerto, PF. and Orch., arranged by

April 1807.

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie.Vienna

Madame von Breuning.

author from his First Concerto for

and Pesth, Aug. 1808.

Violin (D).

S Overture to Coriolan.

April -im.-Aut. Herr Pa-

Bureau des Arts, et d'Industrie.Vienna

M. [H. J.] de Collin.

terno. Vienna.

Jan. 1808.

B Scena ed Aria, "Ah, perfldo!" Sopr.

Prague, 1796.

Hoffmeister 4 Kuhnel, Leipzig, 1805.

Countess von Clary.

and Orch.

U Twelve Variations on • Ein MSdchen '

J. Traeg, Vienna, Sept. 1798.

(Zauberflote), PF. C. (F).

17 Symphony, No. 5 (C minor).

Begun 1805; first played

Breitkopf & HSrtel, Leipzig, Ap. 1809.

Prince von Lobkowitz

Dec. 22, 1808.— ^u(. Men-

and Count Rasoumoff-

delssohns. Berlin.


N n 2




Pastoral Symphony, No. 6 (F).

Grand Sonata, PF. 0. (A).

Two Trios. PF. V. C. (D. E h).

Sextet, Clar. Clar. Cor. Cor. Fag. Fag.

Fidelio, or Wedded Love.


Concerto, PF. and Orcli. (Eb), the

Quartet [' Harfen ']. V. V. Va. C.(Eb).
(The 10th.)

Six Songs, Sopr. and PF. ' Kennst du
das Land,' 'Herz mein Herz,' and
' Es war einmal,' Goethe ; ' Mit
Liebesblick.' Halem ; ' Einst wohn-
ten' and 'Zwar schuf das Gliicli,'

Op. 7.5 is also marked to an arrt. of
Op. 16 as a string quartet.

[6 1 Variations, PF. < D). See Op. 113.

Fantaisie, PF. (G minor).

Sonata, FF. (F|).

Sonatina. PF. (G).

Fantasia, PF. Orch. Chorus. Words
by Kuffner. The theme of the varia-
tions is Beethoven's song 'Gegen-
liebe.' See No. 2.t4.

Sonata, PF. (Eb), ' Les Adieux, l'.\b-
sence, et le Ketour.'

Sextett, V.V. Va. 0. 2 Cors. (E b).

Four Ariettas and a duet, Sopr. and
PF. Words by Metastasio. 1.
'Dimmi ben mio.' i. 'T'intendo,
si.' 3. 'Chefa, il mio bene'(()ii^a).

4. 'Che fa il mio bene' (seria).

5. ' Odi I'aunu' German words by

Three Songs by Goethe. Sopr. and PF.
1. ' Trocknet nicht.' 2. ' Was zieht
mir.' 3. 'Kleine Blumen.'

Music to Goethe's Egmont. Overture.
1. Song, 'Die Trommel.' 2. £n-
tracte I. 3. Entracte n. 4. Song,
'Freudvoll und leidvoU.' 5. En-
tracte III. 6. Entracte IV. 7. Clara's
death. 8. Melodrama. 9. Battle

Christus am Oelberge, 'Mount of
Olives.' S. T. B. Chorus. Orch.

Mass, S. A. T. B. Chorus, Orch. (0)

Grand Trio for V.V. Va. (C) taken, with
Beethoven's approbation, from a
MS.Trio for 2 Oboes and Engl. horn.

Song, 'Das Gluck der Freundschaft,'
8. and PF. (A).

Polonaise, PF. (C).

Sonata, PF. (E minor).

Wellington's Victory, or the Battle of
Vittoria, Orch. Battle fought June
21, 1813. Kews reached Vienna,
July '^7, 1813.

Seventh Grand Symphony, Orch. (A).

Eighth Grand Symphony, Orch. (F).

Song. 'An die Hofftaung,' by Tledge,

8. and PF.
Quartet, V.V. Va.C.(F minor). (The

Sonata, PF. V. (G).

Alt. Baron van Katten-
dyke, Arnheim.


Begun 1803.

Produced in 3 Acts. Nov.
20.1805; Overture 'No. 2.'

Eeduced to 2 Acts and re-
produced Mar. 29, 1806;
Overture, 'No. 3.'

Much revised and again
produced May 23, 1814.
Overture in E first played
at second performance.

Overture.'No. 1.' composed
for a proposed perform-
ance in Prague, 1807, but
not played. See Op. 138.

1809. — ^««. C. Haslinger,

1809.— Au(. Mendelssohns,

No. 1. May 1810. No. 4,
1803.— aii(. of 5 & 6 Ar-
taria, Vienna.

1808 (?)

Before Dec. 1?0«,
Performed Dec. 22, 180S.

May 4, 1S09.

No. 4. 1>'09.— 4ii(. No. 1,

KW. — Aut. of Overture.
F. Hauser. Munich. Do.
of No. 8, Frl. Kistner.
Leipzig. First perform-
ance. May 24, 1810.

1800. First performance
April 5. 1803. Vienna.

1807. First performance,
Sept. 8, 1807, Eisenstadt.

1794(?).— -4u(. of original,

First performance, Dec. 8.


May 13. 1812.- ^n(. Men-
delssohns. Berlin. First
performance Dec. 8. 1813.

Linz, Oct. 1812. — .4ii(. C.
Haslinger, Vienna. First
performance, Feb. 27,

1816 (?).

Oct. 1810.- Xu(. Hofbiblio-

thek, Vienna.
1812. First performance

Jan. 1813. by Archduke

Rudolf and Bode.

Original Publisher,

Breitkopf & HSrtel, Leipzig, Ap. 1809.

Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig, Ap.l809.
Breitkopf 4 HSrtel, Leipzig, 1809.
Breitkopf i Hfirtel, Leipzig, Jan. 1810.

PF. Score, Breitkopf & HSrtel, Leip-
zig, 1810.

PF. Score, Artaria, Vienna, Aug. Igl4.
' Leonore, Oper in 2 Akten v. L.
van Beethoven ; voUstandiger Kla-
vierauszug der 2ten Bearbeitung
[1806] mit den Abweichimgen der
Isten.' with preface by O. Jahn,
Sept. 1S51. (B. & H. Leipzig.)

Breitkopf iHSrtel, Leipzig, May 1811.

Breitkopf iHSrtel, Leipzig, Dec. 1810.

No. 4 Appendix to Leipzig A. M. Z.

Oct. 1810.
Nos. r) & 6 in 'Deutsche Gedichte,'

July 1810. Artaria. Vienna.
Op. 7-% Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig,

Dec. 1810.
C. Haslinger.

Breitkopf* HSrtel. Leipzig. Dec. 1810.
Breitkopf A HSrtel, Leipzig, Dec. 1610.

Breitkopfi HSrtel, Leipzig, Dec.1810.

BreitkopfiHSrtel, Leipzig, Dec. 1810.
Breitkopf 4 Hartel, Leipzig, July 1811.

Breitkopf i Hfirtel, Leipzig, July 1811.

N. Simrock. Bonn, ISIO.

Breitkopf i HSrtel, Leipzig, May 1811.

Breitkopf Sc HSrtel, Leipzig, Nov. 1811.

Breitkopf & HSrtel, leipzig ; Over-
ture. Feb. 1811. Other movements,
April 1812.

Breitkopf 4 HSrtel, Leipzig, Oct. 1811.
Breitkopf 4 HSrtel, Leipzig, Nov. 1812.

Artaria, Vienna, April 1806 (for V.V.
Va.) The original by Breitkopfs
in the complete edition.

LBschenkohl. Vienna, 1803. Hoff-
meisier & Kuhnel. with Italian
text added. April 1>04.

P. Mechetti. Vienna. Mar. 1815 (with-
out Opus number).

Steiner, Vienna, June 1815.

Steiner, Vienna, Mar. 1816.

Steiner, Vienna. Score. Dec. 21. 1816.
Two-hand arrangement corrected
by Beethoven.

Steiner, Vienna. Score, 1816. Two-
hand arrangement corrected by

Steiner, Vienna, Ap. 1816.

Steiner, Vienna, Dec. 1816, Parts.

Steiner, Vienna, July 1816, Parts.

Prince Lobkowitz and
Count Rasoumoffvky.

' My friend Baron von

Countess Marie von Er*

Archduke Eudolph.

Archduke Eudolph.
Prince Lobkowitz.

Princess von Kinsky.

' To his friend Oliva.'
CountFrancis von Brum

Countess Ther^se vo)


Maximilian Joseph, KlD
of Bavaria.

Archduke Eudolph.

Princess von Kinsky.

Pr. Nicholaj! Esterhaz
de Galantha.

Empress of Russia.

Count Moritz von Lid

Prince Regent of Knj


Count von Fries.
Empress of Russia.

Princess Kinsky.

' His friend N. Zmeska
von Domanovetz.'






Original Publislter.

Dedtcated to


Trio.PF. V. C. (Bb).

1811. Mar 3-26.— Au«.Men-
delssohas, Berlin.

Steiner, Vienna, 1816, Parts.


Six Songs, 'An die feme <aut. ent-
fernte) Geliebte, Liederlireis,' by
A. Jeitteles.

April 1816.

Steiner, Vienna, Dec. 1816.

Prince Joseph von Lob-


Song, ■ Dp- Mann Ton Wort,' by Elein-
schmid <G).

Aut. Gurckhans, Leipzig.

Steiner, Vienna, Nov. 1816.

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