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Duet, ' llerkenstein near Baden,' by
J. B. Rupprecht. (F)

Dec. 22, 1814 (?)

Steiner, Vienna, Sept. 1816.

Count von Dietrichstein
(Dedn. by Eupprecht).


Sonata, PF. (Hammer-klavier) (A).

First performance Feb. 18,

July and Aug. 1^5.— Aut.

Steiner, Vienna, Feb. 1817.

Baroness Dorothea Ert-


Two Sonatas, PF. C. (C, D).

Simrock. Bonn and Cologne, 1817.

No dedication.

( 'Freie Sonate 'J, 0. Jahn,
Aul. Artaria.

Artaria. Vienna, Jan. 1819.

Countess von Erdady.


Octet, 2 Ob. 2 Clars. 2 Cors. 2 Fag.

Artaria, Vienna, 1831.

(Eb). The original of Op. 4.


Quintet, V.V. Va.Va. C (C minor), ar-
ranged by Beethoven from op. 1,
no. 3.

Six Tery easy themes varied, PF. F.

Grand Sonata, PF. (Hammer-klavier)

Ten [national] themes with variations.

Aug.14,1617.— 4ii(. Artaria.

Artaria. Vienna, Feb. 1819, Parts.


1818, 1819.

Artaria, Vienna, Sept. 1819.



Artaria, Vienna, Sept. 1819.

Archduke EndoU.



N. Simrock, Bonn and Cologne, 1820.

PF. F. or V.


Twenty-five Scotch Songs, 2 Voices
and small chorus, PF. V. C.

May 1815 (?).

Schlesinger, Berlin.

Pr. Eadzivil.


Sonata. PF. (E).

1S20 (?).— .4«(. Schlesinger,

Schlesinger, :Berlin, Nov. 1821.

FrI. Maximiliana Bren-


Sonata, PF. (Hammerklavier), (Ab).

Dec. 2.J.lS21.—.lu«. Artaria.

Schlesinger, Berlin and Paris, Aug.


SonaU, PF. (C minor) ; the last sonata.

Jan.l3,l'-22.— 4ti«. Artaria,

Schlesinger, Berlin and Paris. April

Archduke Eudolt (ded.



by publishers).


Calm sea and prosperous voyage.
S.A.T.B.andOrch. Goethe's words.

1815. — BevUed copyX. Has-
linger, Vienna.

Steiner t Co. Vienna, Feb. 28. 1823.



The JKuins of .\thens. Kotzebue's
words. Chorus and Orch. Over-
ture and 8 numbers. For Ko. 4, see
op. 76.

18U. Produced Feb. 9.1812.
—Aut. of Overture and
Nos.3, 6. 8, and corrected
copy of No.7,C.Uaslinger.
Aut. No. 2, Artaria.

Artaria, Vienna, 1816.

King of Prussia.


March and Chorus (E b) from ' Euins
of Athens,' for the Dedication of
the Josephstadt Theatre. Vienna.

Steiner & Co. Vienna, 1824.


Grand Overture in C. composed (ge-
dichtet) for grand Orche.stra ; some-
times called ■ Namensfeier."

' Am ersten Weinmonalh
(October) 1814.' Pro-
duced Dec. 25, 1S15.

Steiner & Co. Vienna, 1825.

Prince Eadzivil.


Terzetto, 'Tremate,' S.T.B. (Bb).


Steiner & Co. Vienna, 1826.


King Stephen. Grand Overture (Eb)

1811, for performance with

T. Haslinger, Vienna. ISl.i. Overture,

and » numbers.

Op. 113 on Feb. 9, 1812.

Score alone. The other numbers
in Breitkopf 's general edition.


Elegiac Song. S. A. T. B. and Strings

'Summer mi.' — Aut. C.

T. Haslinger, Vienna, July 1826.

'His friend' Baron Pas-

(E). In memory of Eleonora Pa.s-

Haslinger, Vienna.


qua'ati died Aug. 23, 1.<11.


New Bagatelles, easy and agreeable.
PF. (G minor. C, D, A, C minor, G,
G, C, C, A minor A, Bb, G>.

Nov. 1-6, 1622.

Nos. 7—11 in Starke's Vienna PF.
School.1821. Nos.l— ll.Schlesinger.
Paris, end of lt^23. No. 12 Diabelli
4 Co. Vienna. 1828 or later.


33 Variations on a Waltz (by Diahelli)

18231?).— 4u(. C. A. Spina,

Cappi & Diabelli, Vienna, June 1823.

Mad. Antonia von Breo-

(C). composed for a collect on



called • Vaterlandischer Kttnstler-


Adagio. Variations, and Rondo, PF.

V. C. (G).
Opferlied, by Matthisson, Sopr. with

Steiner i Co. Vienna, May 7, 1824.


1822 (?). The original ver-

Schott & Sons, Mainz, 1825.

Chorus and Orch.

sion 1>02. Produced Ap.
4. 1S24.— .4ii(. PF. Kore,
G. Fetter, Vienna.


Bundeslied. by (Joethe (Bb), 8. A.
Chorus and Wind.

1S23.— Aut. PF. score, G.
Fetter, Vienna.

Schott & Sons, Mainz, 1825.


Mass in D, ■ Messe Solennelle.'

1S23. — Aut. Kyrie, Imp.
Library.Berlin ; the rest,
Artaria, Vienna. A re-
ifiaed MS. (M. Solennis)
iji the Musikgesellschatt
Library, Vienna.

Schott 4 Sons, Mainz, April, 1827.

Archduke Eudolph.


Overttire In C, called 'Weihe des
Hauses.' Written for opening of
Josephstadt Theatre. Vienna.

End Sept. ISii.—Aut. Ar-
taria, Vienna.

Schott 4 Sons, 1825.

Prince N. Galitzin.


Symphony. No. 9 (D minor;. Grand
Orch. S. A. T. B. and Chorus.

1823.— .du«. of first three
movements in Imp. Li-
brary, Berlin. Portions
of Finale. .\rtaria.Vienna.

Schott & Sons, 1826.

King of Prussia.


Six Bagatelles, PF. (G, G minor, Eb,
Bminor. G, Eb, Eb).

Eariy in 1823.-^u(. Hit-
ter von Pfusterschmid,

Schott & Sons, Mainz, 1825.


Quartet, V.V. Va.C. (The 12th) (E b).

1824. — Aut, first move-
ment, Mendelssohns,
Berlin ; second do. Ar-
taria. Vienna.

Schott & Sons, Mainz, Mar. 1826,

Prince N. Galitein,


Arietta, 'The Kiss,' by Weisse.

End of 1822. — ^ti«. fo>
merly Ascher. Vienna.

Schott 4 Sons, Mainz, early 1825.


Eondo a capriccio, PF. (G.). "Fury
over a lost groschen, vented In a

A. Diabelli 4 Co. Vienna, 1828.




Qu»rtet, W. Va. 0. (Bb). (The 13th.)

Quartet. V.V. Va. C. (Cj{ minor).
• Fourth Quartet." (The 14th.)

Quartet, V.V. Va. C. (A minor),' Second
Quartet.' (The 15th.)

Grand Fugue.V.V. Va. C. (B b) ' TantOt
libre. tautdt rccherchee.' Origi-
nally the Finale to Op. 130.

Grand Fugue (Op. 133;. arranged by
the Author lor PF. 4 hands.

Quartet, V.V. Va. C. (F.)— (the last.)

Der glorreiche Augenblick (' the glo-
rious moment'). Cantata. S. A. T. B.
Chorus and Orch ; words by A.
Weissenbach. 6 numbers.

Also as Freis der Tonkunst (* Praise of
Music') by F. Rochlitz.

Fugue. V.V. Va.C.(D). Composed for
a collection of B.'s worlds pro-
jected by Uaslinger. now in the
Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde,

Overture, Orch. (C). known as ' Leo-
nora, no. 1." but really Leonora,
no, 3. See Op. 72,

1825 and (finale) Nov, 1826.
—Aul. First movement
Meudelssohns, Berlin ;
second do. F. Gross ; third
do. J. Hellmesberger; Ca-
vatina. Artaria; Finale
Ascher— all In Vienna.
Produced with op. 133 as
finale. Mar. 21. Ib26.

Oct. 1826. — Aut. First
movement, Meudels-
sohns. Berlin. Beviied
MS. Echotts. Mainz.

1825. Produced Nov. 6,
1825.— .4iii, Meudelssohns,

Aul. COuvertura'), Ar-
taria, Vienna.

Gneiiendorf.Oct. 30.1826.—
Aul. of second and fourth
movements formerly with
Ascher. Vienna. Aut. of
the parts. Schlesinger,

Sept. 1K14. Produced Nov.
29. 1814.— .lu(. C. Has-
Unger, Vienna.

Oriffinal PublUhtr

Nov. 28, 1887.

1807 (?). Bevised MS. score.
C. Baslinger, Vienna.

Artaria, Vienna, Hay 7, 1827.

Schott k Sons, Mainz, Ap. 1827.

Schlesinger, Berlin, Sept. 1827.

M. Artaria, Vienna, May 10, 1S27.

M. Artaria. Vienna, May 10, 1827.
Schlesinger, Berlin, Sept. 1827.

T. HasUnger, Vienna. 1836.

T. HasUnger, Vienna, 1836.
T. Baslinger, Vienna, 1827.

T. HasUnger, Vienna, 1832. Score.

Frmce N. Galium.

Baron von Stutterheim.

Prince N, Galitzin.
Archduke Budolph.

Archduke Budolph.

' Bis friend Johann Wolf-

The Sovereigns of Au»
tria, Bussis and Prus



12 Minuets, D. Bb, G, Eb, C, A, D, Bb,
G. Eb. C, F.

12 Deutsche TSnze, C, A, F, Bb, Eb,
G. C, A. F. D. G, C.

12 ContretSnze. C, A, D. Bb, Eb, 0,
Eb, C. A. C, G, E". N.B. No. 7 is
the dance used in the Finale of
Prometheus, the Eroica. etc. No. 11
also used in Finale of Prometheus.

Minuet of congratulation (Eb), for
Hensler. Director of New Joseph-
stadt Theatre.

Triumphal March, for Kuffner'5 'Tar-
peia ■ or ■ Hersilia ' (C).

Military March (D).

Military March (F), (Zapfenstrelch).

For the Carrousel on Aug. 25, 1«10.
Eondino (Eb), 2 Ob. 2 Clar. 2 Cors.

2 Fags.
3 Duos. Clar. and Fag. (C. F, Bb).
Allegro conBrio,V.Orch (C). Fragment

of 1st movement of a V. Concerto.

Completed by Jos. Hellmesberger.
Musik zu einem Bitterballet.

Before Nov. 22. il95.—Bev.
3f5.PaW5,Artaria. Vienna.
Before Nov. 22, 1795.

Nos. 2, 9, 10. 1802.

Before Mar. 26. 1813. Be-
viaed Parts, C. HasUnger,

Before June 4, 1816.

Very early. — 4u(. 0. A.
Spina, Vienna.

1800?— j1u(. Library of the
Gesellschaft der Musik-
freunde, Vienna.

1791 (?;

FF. arrangement, Artaria * Co. Dec
1795. Score, B. i H. edition.

PF. arrangement, Artaria 4 Co. Dec
1795. Score. B & H. edition.

Nos. 8. 7. 10, 4, 9, 1, for PF. only.
Mollo t Co. Vienna, April 1602.
Early in 1803. Orch. ParU of the
12. Score, B A E. edition.

Artaria, Parts 1835, Score, B, ft H.

For PF. in ' Die musik. Biene ' Pt. 5,
No. 9. Vienna 1819. In Score after
1827, T. HasUnger. Vienna.

For PF. Cappi i Czerny, Vienna, Ap.
1827. In Breitkopf 's complete ed.

Schlesinger, BcrUn, 1822.

Lefort, Paris. 1815 (?).

F. Schreiber, Vienna, 1879.

Eieter-Biedermann, Leipzig, 1872. Ar-
ranged for Piano by F. Dulcken.

Dr. G. von Breunlog.


Sonatina for the Mandoline and Cem-
balo (C minor).

Bondo, PF. and Orch. (B b). Probably

finished by Czerny. Perhaps In-

tentled for op. 19.
3 Quartets. PF. V. Va. C. (Eb, D. C).

N. B. Adagio of No. 3 is employed

In Op. 2, No. 1.
Trio. PF. V. C. (Eb).
Trio in one movement. PF. V. C. (Eh).

Bondo. Allegro, PF. and V. (G).

12 Variations on 'SI vuol ballare,'
PF. andV.(F).

Aut. British Museum Add.

MSS. 29,801.

Aul. Diabelli.

i-85.— Aut. Artaria.

17S5(?)— jlti(. Wegeler.
June 2, 1SV2.— Aut. Bren-

tanos at Frankfort.
Probably sent to Eleunora

vou Ereunlng in 1794.

' Dictionary of Music and Musicians '
( Macmillans. London ), under
■ Mandoline.' Also by Eicordi.

A. DiabeUi t Co., Vienna, June 1829.

Artaria, Vieima, 1832.

Dunst. Frankfort, 1830.
Dunst, Frankfort, 1830.

Simrock, Bonn, 1808.
Artaria, Vienna, July 1793.

Eleonora von Breimios,

1 See ' Zweite Beethoveniana ' p. 396 note.






Original Publisher,

Dedicated to


12 Variations on ' See, the conquering
hero,' PF. and C. (G).

Aut. in Gesellschaftd.M.F.
Library, Vienna.

Artaria, Vienna, 1797.

Princess Lichnowsky.


7 Variations on 'Bel MSnnem,* PF.

Jan. 1, ISCa.—Aut. F.Amer-
ling, Vienna.

MoUo, Vienna, ann. Ap. 3, 1892.

Count von Browne.


Variations on a theme by Count Wald-

SImrock, Bonn, 1794.

stein, PF. 4 hands (C).


Air with [6] Variations on Goethe's


Kunst und Industrie Comptolr,

Countess Josephine Deym

• Ich denke dein.' PF. 4 hands (D).

Vienna, Jan. 1805.

and Countess Theresa


3 Sonatas, PF. (£ b, F minor, D).

'These Sonatas and the
Dressier Variations my
first work,' L. v. B.

Bossier, Spire, 1783.

Elector Maximilian Fred-
eric of Cologne.


Sonata [called Easy], PF. (C), two
movements only, the second com-


Dunst, Frankfort, 1830,

Eieonora von Breunlng.

pleted by F. Eies.


2 Sonatinas. PF. (G. F). Kot certainly

J. A. BCbme, Hamburg, after 1827.



Eondo, Allegretto, PF. (A),
Minuet, PF.(Eb).

Bossier, Spire, 1784.

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrle,Vlenna,


Jan. 1805.


Prelude, PF. (F minor).

1785 (?)

Do. Jan. 1805.


5 Minuets, PF. (C. G, Eb, Bb, D, 0).
Perhaps written for Orch.

Artaria, Vienna, March 1796.


7 LSndler dances (all in D).

Artaria, Vienna, 1799.


6 LSndler dances (all in D but No. 4
in D minor), also for VV. and C.


Artaria, Vienna, Sept. 1802.


Andante [favori] PF. (F), said to have
been intended for Op. 53.

1804 (?)

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie, Vienna,
May 1806.


6 AUemandes, PF. and V. No. 6, In G.
for PF.

L. Maisch, Vienna, July 1814.


ZlemUch lebhaft, PF. (C minor).

Aug. 14, 1818, written by

Berlin Musikzeitung, Dec. 8, 1824.


Bagatelle, PF. (A minor). 'Fiir Elise

Aut. in the papers of Frau

In Nohl's ■ Neue Briefe Beethovens,"

am 27 April zur Erinnerung von L.

Therese von Drossdick

1867, p. 28.

T. Bthvn."

geb. Malfatte.


Andante maestoso (C), arranged from
the sketch for a Quintet and called
'Beethovens letzter musikalische

Nov. 1826 (?)

A. DiabelU, Vienna, 1840.


10 Cadences to Beethoven's PF. Con-

Auls. of 10, Breitkopf t

Breitkopf ft HSrtel, Leipzig, Compl.

certos in C. B b, minor, G and D


Edition. No 11 had appeared

(arrt. of Violin Concerto, see Op.

in the Vienna 'Zeitschrift fur

61). Also 2 to Mozart's PF. Concerto

Kunst ' Jan. 23, 1836.

in D minor.


[9] Variations and a March by Dressier,

1780 (?) said by B. to be his

GOtz, Mannheim, early in 1783.

Countess Wolf-Metter-

Harpsichord (Clavecin), (C minor).

first work, with the So-
natas, No. 161.



24 Variations on Eighiai's air ' Vieni
(sic. i.e. 'Venni') amore,' Harpsi-
chord (Clavecin) CD).


Traeg, Vienna, 180L


[13J Variations on DittersdorFs air ' Es

1792 (?).

Simrock, Bonn, early 1794.


war einmal,' PF. (A).
[9]Variations on Paisiello's air " Quant'


Traeg, Vienna, Dec. 1795.

Prince C. von Lichnow-

i, pia bello," PF. (A).


[6] Variations on Paisiello's duet ' Nel
cor pill,' PF. (G).

1795 (?) "Perdute per la—
ritrovate par L. v. B.'

Traeg, Vienna, March 1796.


12 Variations on minuet [a. la Vigan61
from Haibel's ballet ' Le nozze dls-

1795 (?)

Artaria, Vienna, Feb. 1796.


turbate,' PF. (C).
12 Variations on the Bussian dance
from Paul Wranizky's ' Waldmfid-
chen,' for Clavecin or Pianoforte.

1796 or 7.

Artaria, Vienna, Apr. 1797.

Countess von Browne.


6 easy Variations on a Swiss air. Harp-
sichord or Harp (F).

Revised copy, SImrock of

Simrock, Bonn, 1798.


8 Variations on Gritrj's air 'TJne fl^vre

bralante,* PF.
10 Variations on Sallerl's air Xa Stessa,

Traeg, Vienna, Nov. 1798.


Artaria, Vienna, Mar. 1799.

Countess Babette deKeg-

la Stessissima," Clavecin or PF.


7 Variations on Winter's quartet ' Kind

willst du,' PF. (F).

8 Variations on Siissmayr's trio ' TSn-

MoUo, Vienna, Dec. 1799.


F. A. HoffmeUter, Dec. 1799.

Countess von Browne.

deln und scherzen,' PF. (F).


6 very easy Variations on an original

1800 (?)

Traeg, Vienna. Dec. 1801.


theme, PF. (G).
17] Variations on ' God save the King,'

PF. (C).
[5] Variation* on 'Eule Britannia,'

PF. (D).

Bureau des Artsetd'Industrie.Vlenna,
March 1804.


Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie, Vienna,
June 1804.


32 Variations, PF. (0 minor).

1806 (?)

Bureau des Arts et d'Industrie, Vienna,

April 1807.
Dunst, Frankfort, 1831,


[8] Variations on ' Ich hab' ein klelnes

1794 (?)


Hattchen nur,' PF. (B b).


Bass Solo, Chorus. Orch. 'Germania!'
Finale for Treitschke's Singspiel

Bass solo. Chorus. Orch. ' Es ist voll-
bracht.' Finale to Treitschke's
Singspiel ' Die Ehrenpforten.'

'Miserere' and 'Amplius.' Dirge at
B.'s funeral. Chorus of 4 eq. voices
and 4 trombones. Adapted by Sey-
fried from two of 3 MS. Equali for
trombones, written at Llnz, Nov. 2,

First performance April 11,

First performance July 15,

Nov. 2, 1812.— .Aut. Haa-

Hoftheater Mu.iik-Verlage, Vienna,
June 1814, PF. arrangement.

i, 1815, PF.
HasUnger, Vienna, June 1827.

Stelner, Vienna, July



Cantata on the death of the Emperor
Joseph II. (Feb. 20, 1790). 'Todt!
Todt! stOhnt es aus.' for Solos,
Chorus and Orchestra (C minor).

Another Cantata (Sept. 30. 1790), ' £r
schlummert,' on the accession of
Leopold II, is in the press (181-7).

Song of the monks from Schiller's
William Tell-'Kasch tritt der Tod.'
* In recollection of the sudden and
unexpected death of our Krump-
holz. May 3, 1817.' T.T.B. (C minor).

Chorus, '0Hoffiiung'(4 bars); for the
Archduke Kudolph (G.)

Cantata, S. A, B. and PF. (Eb).

Cantata, 'Graf Graf, lleber Graf."
Voices and VF. (Eb) to Count llo-
rltj Lichnowsky.

Cantata, ' Seiner kalserlicher Hohelt '
(C). To the Archduke Eudolph.

Cantata (4 bars), on the arrival of
Herr Schlesinger of Berlin— 'Glaube
und hoffe' (Bp). Comp. No. 22.

Slelodram for speaking voice and Har-
monica. ' Du dem sie gewunden.'
written for ' Duncker's ' Leonora
Prohaska' (D).

Canon i a 3 to Heltzen's ' Im Arm der
Liebe.' comp. op. .'J2, no. 3.

Canon i a 4. ' Ta, ta, ta, lieber MSlzel.'

Canon i a 3 to SchiUer'sS ' Kurz ist der
Sclinierz ' (F minor), for Herr

Canon ' a 3 ' Kurz ist der Schmerz '
(F), for Spohr.

Canon (Riitbsel Canon) to Herder's
'Lerne Schwelgen o Freund' (F),
for Neate, Jan. 16, l^ie.

Canon I a 3 ' Kede, rede, rede,' for

Canon'aS. 'Gluck, Gliick, zumneuen
Jahr' (F), for Countess Erdody,
comp. no. 220.

Canon' a4, 'AUesGute! AllesSchSne!'
(C), for the Archduke Rudolph.

Canon i a 2. ' Hoffmann 1 Hoffmann ! i

sei ja kein Hofmann' (C).
Canon 3 In 1, ' Tobias ! ' (D minor),

for Tobias Haslinger.
Canoni a 6, to Goethe's ' Edel sei der

ilensch ' (E).
Canon 4 in 1. 'Schwenke dich ohne

Schwaake,' for Schwenke of Ham-
Canoni a 3, 'KQhl, nicht lau' (Bb),

referring to Fr. Kuhlau.
Canoni a 3, ' Slgnor Abate ! ' (G minor),

on AbbiS Stadler.
Canoni a 3, 'Ewig dein' (C), perhaps

for Baron Pasqualati.
Canon 3 in 1,'Ich bitt' dich,' on the

scale of Eb, for Uausclika.

Canon (free) 4 in 1 to Goethe's ' Gluck
zum neuen Jahr,' (E b). Comp. no.

Canon (RSthsel canon) 'SI non per
portas • (F), to M. Schlesinger.

Canon in 8va (A), • Souvenir pour Jlon-
sleur S. de M. Boyer par Louis van

28 Irish Songs, for Voices with PF. V.
0.:— 1. 'The Eeturn to Ulster'
(Fminor). 2.'Sweetpowerofsong'
a 2 (D). 3. • Once more I had thee '
(F). 4. 'The morning air" (G minor).
6. ■ The Massacre of Glencoe ' (A
minor). G. 'What shall I do' a 2
(D). 7. ■ His boat comes on the
sunny tide' (D). H. 'Come, draw
we round ' (D minor). 9. ' The
soldier's dream' (Eb). 10. 'The

May 3, 1817.— .<lu(. formerly
A. i'uchs.

' Evening of April 12, IS-IS.'
forthebirthday of Prince
Lobkowitz. — Aut. Otto-
kar Zeithamer, Prague.

Jan. 12, 1820.— 4u(. in the
Library of tlie Gesell-
schaft der Musikfreunde,

Sept. 21, 1819.

1814.— Aut. Gesellschaft der
Musikfreunde, Vienna.

1795 (?)

Spring of 1812.2
Vienna, Nov. 23, 1813.

Vienna, March 3, 1815.

End of 1815 (?)

Vienna, Jan. 24, ISIS.— Aut.

of '20-: and 209 in Neate's

Vienna. Dec. 31, 1819.

Jan. 1, lS20.—Aut. Gesell-
schaft d. Musikfreuude,

1820 (?)

Baden, Sept. 10. 1821.

1823 1?)

Vienna, Nov. 17, 1824.

Baden, Sept. 3, 1825.

Aut. J. Street, Esq. .London.

Vienna, Sept. 26, 1825.

Baden, Aug. 3, 1825.— Aut.
O. A. Schulz, Leipzig.

Original PublisJie

Ereitkopf & Hftrtel, Leipzig, 1887.
PF. score.

'Neue Zeitschrift der Musik,' June

In Steiner's ' Musikalisches Museum.'
1810, Part 7. See also Nohl's ' Neue
Briefe Beethovens.' 1867, p. 168.

Nohl's 'Neue Briefe Beethovens,' 1867,
p. 221.

Nohl's 'Briefe Beethovens," 1865,
p. 107.

Nohl's 'Briefe Beethovens,' 1865^
p. 203.

Marx, ' Beethoven,' vol, il.

' Dictionary of Music and Musicians*
(Macmillans,Londan), under ' Har-

Breitkopf s general edition no. 296.

Hirschbach's ' Musikalisch-kritisches

Eepertorium," 1844.
Neue Zeitschrift fiir Musik.

Spohr's Selbstbiographie, 1860, vol. 11.

Vienna, AUgemeine Musik. Zeitung,
March 6. 1817.

Breitkopf 's general Edition, no. 256.

Ereitkopf 's general Edition.

Breitkopf 4 HSrtel's general Edition,
no. 256.

CScilia, April 1825.

AUgemeine Musikalische Zeitnng

(Leipzig). 1863, p. 7'27.
Vienna Zeitschrift tUr Eunst etc.

June 21, 1823.
CScilia, April 1825.

Seyfried, L v. Beethoven's Studlen,

lf<32 ; Anhang, p. 26.
Breitkopfs general Edition, no. 256.

AUgemeine Musik Zeitung, 1863, p.856.

Breitkopfs general Edition, no. 256.

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Contained in a select collection of
original Irish airs for the Voice,
united to characteristic English
poetry written for this work ; with
symphonies and accompaniments
for the Pianoforte. Violin, and
Violoncello, composed by Bee-
thoven. By George Thomson, Edin-
burgh, vol. i. 1814.

Dedicate al signore lllo
trissimo Hauschka d;
suo servo L. v. B.

• These are more properly Rounds.

» Schlndler, confirmed by Nottebohui, z,v,e.ic x>e

« Hoffmann In Nuhl, 'Briefe Beethovens,' no. 328

-..V...; aic luore properly itounds.

Schlndler, confirmed by Nottebohm, ' Zweite Beethoveniana " a8S7), p. 113. 3 Jungfrau von Orleans.

uoffmnni. In \,.i,i . t.-..f. t,.„.u . „. . ^^j Hofmann in B. & H.'s edition, no. 256. See Thayer's ' Chron. Verzeichniss," no.22&



Deserter' (F;. 11. 'Thou emblem
of faith' (C minor). 12. ' Eng'.ish
Bulls' (D). 13. ■Mu.'iing on the
roaring ocean' (C). 14. 'Dermot
and Shelah' (G). 15. 'Let brain-
spinning swains' (A). 16. 'Hide
not thine anguish ' CD). 17. " In
vain to this desert,' a 2 (D). 18.
'Thej- bid me slight,' a 2 (D minor).
19. ' Wife, children, and friends '
a2(Aminor). 20. 'Farewell bliss'
a 2 (D minor). 21. 'Morning a cruel
turmoiler is' (D). 22. ' Garryone '
(D); comp. no.212. no.7. 23. 'The
wandering gypsy ' (F). 24. 'Shall
a son of ODonnel ' (F). 25. ' harp
of Erin ' (E bj ; comp. no. 212, no. 2.

20 Irish Songs:— 1. 'When eve's last
rays,' a 2. 2. 'No riches Irom his
scanty store." S. ' The British li gh t
dragoons.' 4. 'Since greybeards
inform us." 5. 'I dreamed I lay,'
a 2. 6. ■ Sad and luckless.' 7. ' O
soothe me, my lyre.' 8. ' Norah of
Balmagairy.' 9. 'The kiss, dear
maid." 10. 'The hapless soldier,'
a 2. 11. "When far from the home.'
12. 'I'll praise the saints.' 13. ' Sun-
shine.' 14. 'Paddy O'Rafferty.' 15.
"Tis but in vain.' 16. 'O might
I but my Patrick love ! ' 17. ' Come,
Darby dear, easy.' 18. 'No more,
my Mary. ' 19. ' Judy, lovely, match-
less creature.' 20. ' Thy ship must

12 Irish Songs :— 1. ' The Elfin Fairies.'
2. ' harp of Erin '; comp. no. 210,
25. 3. "The farewell song.' 4. 'S.
Patrick's day.' 5. • O who, my dear
Dermot.' 6. ' Put round the bright
wine.' 7. ' Garryone '; comp. no.
210, 22. 8. ' Nora Creina.' 9. '
would I were but that sweet linnet !'
a 2. 10. 'The hero may perish,' a 2.

11. 'The soldier in a foreign land."
a 2. 12. ' He promised me at part-
ing." a 2.

26 Welsh Songs:— 1. ' Sion the son of
Evan,' a 2. 2. ' The monks of Ban-
gor's march,' a 2. 3. ' The cottage
maid.' 4. 'Love without hope.' 5.
' The golden robe.' 6. ' The fair
maids of Mona.' 7. '0 let the night
my blushes hide.' 8. 'Farewell,
farewell, thou noisy town.' 9. 'The
MoWaji harp.' 10. 'Ned Pugh's
farewell.' 11. ' Merch Megan.' 12.
'Waken lords and ladies gay.' 13.
■Helpless woman,' 14. 'The dream,'
a 2. 15. ''Wlien mortals all.' 16.
'Thedamsels of Cardigan.' 17.'The
dairyhouse.' 18. 'Sweet Eichard.'
19. ■ The Vale of Clwydd.' 20. ' To
the blackbird.' 21. ' Cupid's kind-
ness.' 22. ' Constancy.' a 2. 23.
' "The old strain.' 24. ' Three hun-
dred pounds.' 25. 'The parting
kiss.' 26. ' Good night.'

12 Scottish songs :— 1. ' The banner of
Buccleuch," 8. T, B. 2. ' Duncan
Gray.' S. T. B. 3. 'Up, quit thy
bower." 8. S. B. 4, Te shepherds of
this pleasant vale,' S.T.B. 5. ' Cease
your funning.'i 6. 'Highland Harry."

7. "Polly Stewart." 8. •'Woman-

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