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I was made, viz. Nov. 7. The will of Ellen
te, the widow, was made on Xov. 21. In
le directs that she shall be buried in the
tshyard of St. Margaret's, near her husband
children. The names mentioned by the
ttrix are her mother, Katherine Tye (prob-
• a relation of Dr. Christopher Tye), her
i Anne Dingley, her sisters Susan Fulke
Mary Rowley, her daughters Margery and
le (both minors), her brother-in-law, Thos.
rkes, citizen and pewterer of London, Mr.
rener 'my husband's deere freinde,' and
ard Granwall ' one of the gentlemen of the
.68 Chappell.' The list of debts owing to
and her husband includes ' xxxvi^ -nii^ ' from
rard Parston, Esq. ; £6 from Gabriel Cawood,
izen and stacyoner of London,' and ' she
le in pawne a jewell of golde.' Mrs. "White
buried on Nov. 30, 1574, and the will was
red on Dec. 8 following. It has been suggested
1 great probability that the large sum owing
Vhite from Gabriel Cawood the printer was
ayment for some of his musical compositions.
gisters of St. Margaret's, "Westminster ; wills
lomerset House.) ["W.B.S.]

rECYTHORXE, Thomas. At end of article,
Mr. Julian Marshall read Sir. W, H. Cum-


^IDOR, C. M. Add that in 1888 he visited
.'land and conducted his ' Music to a Wal-
jis Night ' at the Philharmonic Concert of
■il 19.

/TLD, Feaxz. p. 456 a, 1. 10 from bottom,
vol. iii. read vol. iv.

?ILHEL]\r, Cael. Line 4 of article, for
r. 26, 1875, read Aug. 16, 1S73.
yiLHEM, G. L. B. P. 458 i, 1- 12, /or
ii. read vol. iii.

TILSON, JOHX. The date of birth has been
blished by Mr. James Love, who has found
jntry in the Canongate Eecords of Edinburgh,
he effect that the singer was the son of John
jjon, a coach-driver, and was bom Dec. 25,
o, and baptized Jan. 4, 1801. Line 12 of
de,/or Creselli read Crivelli.
7IND-BAND. P. 464 h, fourth stave of mu-
I example, in the second bar a group of
sending notes E, E, D, is to be inserted
ween the first and second groups of semi-
,vers and demisemiquavers, in order to com-
« the bar. P. 465 a, note i, for p. 385


VINGHAM, Thomas. Add that he has
n Choirmaster at the Oratory, Brompton,
je October 1882.



"WINN, William. Add date of death, June
I, iSSS.

WORKING-OUT. P. 489 a, 1. 14, read or a
figure extracted from a subject, to change, etc.

"WiJLLNER, Feanz. Add among his works,
a Stabat Mater for chorus.

"WYDO"W, Robeet, Mus.B. (also spelt "We-
dow. Widows, Wydewe, etc., and latinized into
Viduus). According to Leland he was born
at Thaxted, in Essex:. He was educated by
his step-father, the master and proprietor of a
school at Thaxted, who ultimately sent him to
Oxford to complete his studies. While there he
distinguished himself in literature and the arts,
especially in poetry and music, finally taking the
degree of Bachelor of Music. After his step-
father's death Robert Wydow succeeded him as
master of the school, and is said to have turned
out several illustrious pupils. Among his
patrons, Wydow numbered Edward I"\'' ; and, as
Edward had some connection with Thaxted,
being Lord of a third of the manor, it is not
unreasonable to suppose that it was owing to
that monarch's good offices that he obtained
the presentation to the vicarage of Thaxted
on Dec. 22, 1481, This living, which was
then worth about £28, Wydow resigned on
Oct. I, 1489. It was probably at this period
that he travelled in France and Italy for the
purposes of study, and added to those stores of
learning which gained him the appellation of
' Grammaticus '; and it was perhaps on his return
from the Continent that he was made ' Peni-
tentiarius' in St. Paul's Cathedral, if, as is
generally believed, he really held that post.
On Nov. 19, 1493, he was collated rector of
Chalfont St. Giles, in Buckinghamshire, a place
afterwards associated with the more illustrious
names of John Milton and William Penn.
After enjoying that living for rather more than
three years, he was installed by proxy Canon and
Confrater of Comba II. in Wells Cathedral, on
March 27, 1497 ; and a few months later (Sept.
10) was appointed Succentor in the place of
Henbt Abtsgdon [vol. i. p. 6]. On Sept. 21,
1499, he obtained the vicarage of Chew Magna,
in Somersetshire, which he held till his death.
In 1 499-1 500 he was made one of the resi-
dentiary canons, and on May 25 in the latter year
was installed Sub-Dean and Prebendary of Hol-
combe BurneU, in Devonshire. About the same
time Robert Wydow was made deputy for the
transaction of affairs between the Pope and the
Cathedral and Chapter of Wells ; he was also
granted the advowson of Wookey, in Somerset-
shire, the rectory and vicarage of which were
together worth about £15. He also held about
this time the offices of ' Scrutator Domorum ' and
Librarian in the Chapter House. On Sept. 21,
1502, Wydow was made Seneschal, and shortly
after Auditor, of the Chapter House. On Oct. i,
1 503, he was presented to the perpetual vicarage
of Buckland Newton, in Dorsetshire, which is
the last event recorded in his life, for he died



Oct. 4, 1505. He was a man of some wealth, if
we may judge from his benefactions to the Car-
thusian Priory of Henton, near Bath, which were
BO considerable that a Requiem was ordered to
be sung for his soul in every house of the Order
throughout the kingdom. Edward Lee, Arch-
bishop of York, who in his younger days had met
Wydow, called him ' facile princeps ' among
the poets of his day. Holinshed speaks of him
as an ' excellent poet,' and classes him among
the celebrities of Henry VII.'s reign. Wydow's
chief poetical work was a rhythmical life of
Edward the Black Prince, to which Leland
refers in these words : —

Contulit Hectoreis arguta voce triumphis
Eduerdum Viduus doctissimug ille Nigellum
Et facti pretium tulit immortale poeta.

This work is said to have been written by
Wydow at the instigation of his royal patron.
He also wrote a book of epigrams. No musical
composition by this author is extant. [A.H.-H.]

WYNNE, Sarah Edith, born March 11,
1842, at Holywell, Flintshire, was taught sing-
ing by Mrs. Scarisbiick of Liverpool, and by
Pinsuti, at the Royal Academy of Music, where
she was Westmorland Scholar, 1863-64. She
was subsequently taught by Romani and Van-
nuccini at Florence. She first sang in the pro-


vinces, and made her d^but in London (j
James's Hall), at Mr. John Thomas's Well
concert, July 4, 1862. She sang with gte
success in the following year at Henry Leslie
Welsh concert, Feb. 4, at the Crystal Pake
April 25, at Mr. Thomas's concert in his canta
' Llewellyn,' June 29, and as the heroine on tl
production of Macfarren's 'Jessy Lea,' at tl
Gallery of Hlustration, Nov. 2. Chorley w
one of the first to draw attention to her talei
She became a great favourite at the above co;
certs, at the Philharmonic, the Sacred Harmoni
the Popular, Ballad, and other concerts, ai
later at the Handel and provincial Festivals, et
She sang in the United States with the Patej
Cummings, and Santley, in 1 871-2, and at tl
Boston Festival of 1874. She played a fe
times in English opera at the Crystal Palace:
1869-71 as Arline, Maritana, Lady Edith (:
Randegger's ' Rival Beauties ') : but she wi
chiefly noted for her singing of songs and bs
lads, and was remarkable alike for her passiona:
expression and the simplicity of her pathos. Sim
her marriage with Mr. Aviet Agabeg, at tl
Savoy Chapel, Nov. 16, 1875, she has sung le
frequently in public, but has devoted herself pri;
cipally to giving instruction to young profession
singers in oratorio and ballad singing. [A.C



X, Y, Z.


XYLOPHONE. See Stkohfiedel.

YANKEE DOODLE. P. 494 a, in bar 8 of
musical example, the first note should be C,
not E.

The Merryman and his Maid. Opera in two
acts ; the words by W. S. Gilbert, music by Sir
Arthur Sullivan. Produced at the Savoy Theatre
Oct. 3, 1888. [M.]

YONGE, Nicholas. Line 10 from end of
article, for Bodenhara read 'A. B.', since Mr.
A. H. Bullen, in his recent re- issue of ' Eng-
land's Helicon' (1887), proves conclusively that
the ' A. B.' by whom the original work was
edited cannot be Bodenham, as was formerly

ZAUBERFLOTE, DIE. Last line but one
of a,ri,ic\e, for 1883 ^^'^^ 1833.

ZULEHNER. See Mozart, in Appendix.

ZUR MUHLEN, Raimund von, was boi
Nov. 10, 1854, on the property of his father i
Livonia. He received his education in German;
and in his twenty-first year began to learn sinj pi
ing at the Hochschule, Berlin, and continued tl; fd
study under Stockhausen at Frankfort, an pi
Bussine in Paris. His specialty is the Germa
Lied, particularly the songs of Schubert an^l
Schumann, of the latter of which he has mad jrl
a special study with Madame Schumann. Hi
voice is peculiar and sympathetic; but whs
gives Zur Muhlen's singing its chief charm ij«
the remarkable clearness of his pronunciatioi
and the way in which he contrives to ideii
tify the feeling of the words with the music Jg
to an extent which the writer has never hear
equalled. He sang in London first in 1882, arn
has been a frequent visitor since. The write
regrets not to have heard him in a work
Beethoven. ffls


[The following were too late for insertion in the earlier sheets of this Appendix.)

LARD, J. D. Add date of death, Feb. 22,
LKAN, C. V. Add date of death, March

ACH-GESELLSCHArT. Add to the lists
under this heading, and Kirchen-Can-
N, in Appendix, the following catalogue of
ontents of two volumes published in 1889 : —

Tol.XXXTV. 1884.
mmermusik fur Gesang.

ata, 'Durchlauchster Leo-

ita, 'Schwingt freudig euch
empor,' and 'Die Fieude
regt sich.' (Two versions
of the same ■worlc.)

ima, (Die Wahl des Hercules)
Lasst uns sorgen.*

ima, 'TOnet ilir Pauken.'

ita gratulatoria, and ' Pieise
dein Gliicke ' (appx.)

ima, ' Angenehmes Wie-

ima, ' Auf, ichmetternde

Vol. XXXV. 1885.
Church cantatas.
Gott wie dein Name.
Erschallet. ihr Lieder.
ErhOhtes Fleisch und Blut.
. Ich liebe den Hiichsten.
, Er rufet seinen Schafen.
, Es ist ein trotzig und verzagt

, Ich ruf zu dir, Heir Jesu
Wo Gott der Herr nicht bei
uns halt.
, Siehe zu, dass deine Gottes-
Schmiicke dich, liebe Seele.

ENOIT. Add that his ' Lucifer ' was given
the first time in London at the Albert Hall,
vl 3, 1889,

IRAHMS. Add the following to the list of
ks, vol. iv. p. 562 : —

B. Zigeunerlieder for 4 voices

and PF. acct.
)4. 5 Songs, a capella for

mixed choir.
)5. 5 Songs.

106. 5 Songs.
307. 5 Songs.
108. Sonata for violin
piano in D minor.

5REITK0PF & HARTEL. Add date of
th of Raymund Hartel, Nov. lo, 1888.

JRIDGE, J. F. Add that his cantata
illirhoe,' to words by W. Barclay Squire, was
duced at the Birmingham Festival of 1888.

BUCK, Dudley. Add that his 'Light of
ia ' was given for the time in England at
Velio's Oratorio Concerts, March 19, 1889.

DAVIDOFF, Gael. Add date of death,
b. 26, 1889.

DITSON, OLIVER & Co. (in Appendix).
Id date of death of Oliver Ditson, Dec. 21,

DVORAK. Add the following to the list of
works vol. iv. p. 624 :

Op. 81. Quintet for PF. and strings.
82. 4 Songs.

ELLA, John. Add date of death, Oct. 2,

FLORIMO (in Appendix). Add date of death,
Dec. 18, 1888.

GOW. Add that the Christian name of the
elderGow should be spelt 'Niel' (on the authority
of J. Cuthbert Hadden, Esq.).

GRIEG. Add to list of works in appendix.
Op. 44, 6 Songs, and Op. 46 the 'Peer Gynt'
music arranged for orchestra. Also that he and
Mme. Grieg came to England again early in
1889, appearing at the Philharmonic, the
Popular Concerts, and elsewhere.

GUNG'L. Add date of death of Josef Gung'l,
Jan. 31, 1889.

HUEFFER (in Appendix),
death, Jan. 19. 1889.

Add date of



Add date of death, Aug. 8,

JULLIElSr, J. L. A. (in Appendix) Add to list
of works his biography of Berlioz, tlie companion
volume to his * Richard Wagner,' 1888.

LTND, Jenny. Add the following to the cor-
rections in Appendix: — Vol.ii.p. 1406,1.15 from
bottom, ybr April 18 read April 22. P. 142a.
1. 15, /or May 18, read May 10. Add that she
sang in April and May, 1849, for Lumley, as
farewell appearances, at one concert (Flauto
Magico), and in six operatic performances, viz.
April 26, Sonnambula ; 28, Lucia ; May 3,
Figlia ; 5, Sonnambula ; 8, Lucia ; 10, Roberto
(her last appearance on the stage).

Lumley, in his book, mentions four, meaning
perhaps four different parts, or possibly with



the idea of undervaluing her assistance, which,
according to Nassau Senior, was gratuitously
given to Lumley.

According to L^on Pillet and Arthur Pougin
(Le M^nestrel, Nov. 20, 1887), the 'hearing' of
Mile. Lind (1842) by Meyerbeer, of which so
much has been said and written, had no refer-
ence whatever to an engagement at the Op^ra
at Paris. It seems to have been altogether
])rivate, and unconnected with any q^uestion of
the sort. [J.M.]

MACKENZIE, A. G. Add to list of works
'The Dreain of Jubal,' cantata, performed by
the Liverpool Philharmonic Society, Feb. 5, and
at Novello's Oratorio Concert, Feb. 26, 18S9.

Add date of death, March i.


MURSKA, ILMA Di. Correct date of birth
to 1836, and add date of death, Jan. 14, 1889.
She married (i) Dec. 29, 1875, Alfred Anderson,
at Sydney; and (2) May 15, 1876, J. T. Hill
at Otago.

Tonic Sol-fa Reporter was issued bi-monthly till
1878, and that it has been called 'The Musical
Heiald' since Jan. 1SS9.


April 6, 1889.

Add date of death,

RHEINBERGER. Add to list of works in
.appendix a Singspiel, ' Das Zauberwort,' op. 153,
and a twelfth organ sonata, op. 154.

ROSA, Cael. Add date of death, April 30,
1889, at Paris. To works mentioned, iv. 775?),
aild In 188S 'Robert the Devil,' 'The Puritan's
Daughter,' ' The Star of the North,' and ' The

Jewess' were produced; and on Jan. 12, 1889
Planquette's 'Paul Jones' at the Prince ot
Wales's Theatre, London. j

STEINWAY & SONS. Add date of deatb
of Theodore Steinway, March 25, 1889.


VIRGINAL MUSIC, Vol. iv. p. 307 a.!

The account of the younger Francis Tregian^
(based upon that given in Polwhele's Cornwall,
iv. 88-90) is incorrect. He was educated at
Eu, and entered Douay Sept. 29, 1586. On the
occasion of the visit of the Bishop of Piacenza,
Aug. 14, 1591, he was chosen to deliver a Latin
address of welcome. He left Douay on July li,
1592, and was afterwards for two years chamber-
lain to Cardinal Allen, upon whose death in
1594 he delivered a funeral oration in the church
of the English College at Rome. In a list of
the Cardinal's household drawn up after his
death, which is preserved in the Archives of
Simancas, Tregian is described as ' molto nobile,
di 20 anni, secolare, di ingenio felicissimo, dotto
in filosofia, in musica, et nella lingua latina.'
He returned to England, bought back his father's
lands, and in 1608-9 ^^^ convicted of recusancy
and committed to the Fleet. He died there,
jn-obably in 161 9, owing the Warden above £200
for ' meate, drinke and lodging.' In his rooms
at the Fleet a contemporary record states there
were many hundred books. If it were not for
the date of 'Dr. Bull's Jewel,' it might be con-
jectured that the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book was
written by the younger Tregian while a prisoner
in the Fleet. If this is impossible, there can be
but little doubt that it was written by some of
his associates, possibly by one of his sisters, who
were in England with him.

Morris, 'Troubles of our Catholic Forefathers,'
first series ; State Papers, Domestic, James L,
xli. No. 116, cxvi. No. 12; 'The Oeconoiny of
the Fleete,' ed. Jessopp, Camden Soc, p. 140;
Records of the English Catholics, vols. 1,2.






L. IV.


■ ■?■





(A.D. 1450—1889)













[ TUe liight of Translation and Jiepioduclion is reserved,']



The general aims and intentions of the Dictionary of Music and
lusicians were stated in the Preface to Volume I., and need not be
epeated here. The work now appears before the public in a complete
orm. The large demand for it, which has gone on steadily increasing,
Lot only in this country and the United States of America, but on the
Continent of Europe, shows that on the whole the book has fulfilled the
Qtentions with which it started. Shortcomings there will always be in
, work of this description, arising from inexperience, from the progress
»f the general subject, or from deaths of old musicians and arrivals of
lew ones ; but it is hoped that these have been met by the Appendix
)romised at the outset. For this very important part of the undertaking
he Editor has secured the able co-operation of the gentleman whose
lame appears on the title-page of Volume IV., and who has been of
lignal assistance to him in a very trying portion of his work. To Mr.
duller Maitland, and to all the other contributors to the Dictionary, who
lave so successfully and so cheerfully laboured throughout the long
lourse of its publication, the Editor here returns his heartfelt thanks for
heir valuable assistance ; and embraces the opportunity to express his
)ride and pleasure at having had the aid of so distinguished an array
)f workers. To the publishers he offers his sincere acknowledgements
'or much patience, and many a friendly act.

It would be invidious to single out special articles in addition to
ihose already mentioned, where all have been written with such devotion
md intelligence ; but the Editor cannot help mentioning, amongst many
)thers, the long articles on Schumann, Spontini, and Weber, by Dr. Spitta
)f Berlin ; on Sonata, Symphony, and Variations, by Dr. Hubert Parry ;
m Song, by Mrs. Edmond Wodehouse ; on Scotish Music, by Mr. J. Muir
W^ood ; on Wagner, by Mr. Dannreuther ; on the Organ, by Mr. E. J.
Eopkins ; the Piano by Mr. Hipkins ; the Violin by Mr. Payne ; and
those on Schools of Composition, and other historical subjects, by Mr. W. S.

A copious Index of the whole four volumes has been prepared by
Mrs. Wodehouse, and will shortly be published in a separate volume.

29 Bedfobd Street, Covent Garden,
Easter, 1889.



CaI:I k

Eet, F

Hon. ;
Mr, 1




lDdison F. Andrews, Esq., New York . , . . . . A. F. A.

pARL Aembeuster . , . . . . . . . . . . C. A.

pAviD Baptie, Esq., Glasgow . . , . . . . . . . D. B.

Tames B. Steendale-Bennett, Esq. .. .. .. .. J. R. S.-B.

p. H. M. BosANQUET, Esq E. H. M. B.

ElEv. H. R. Beamlet H. R.B.

HoEATio F. Beown, Esq. . . . . . . . . . . H. F. B.

'De. Heemann Budt . . . . . . . . . . . . H. B.

Hon. Mes. Bueeell . . . . . . . . . . . . M. B.

Mrs. "Waltee Caee . . . . M. C. C.

William Chappell, Esq., F.S.A. , . . . . , . . W. C.

Alexis Chittt, Esq. . . . . . . . . . . . . A. C.

M. GusTAVE Chouquet, Keeper of the Museum of the Con-
servatoire de Musique, Paris . . . . . . . . G. C.

Arthue Duke Coleeidge, Esq., Barrister-at-Law . . . . A. D. C.

Feedeeick Coedee, Esq., Mendelssohn Scholar, 1875-79 •• F. C.

Geoege Aethue Ceaweoed, Major . . . . . . . . G. A. C.

William H. Cummings, Esq. . . . . . . . . . . "W. H. C.

AV. G. CusiNS, Esq., Conductor of the Philharmonic Society;

Master of the Music to the Queen . . . . . . W. G. C.

Lionel Cttst, Esq. , , . . . . . . . . . . L. C.

Edwaed Danneeuthee, Esq. . . . . . . . . . . E. D.

Heer Paul David . . . . . . . . . . . , P. D.

John Hunter Davie, Esq. ... . . , . . . . . J. H. D. -


James W. Davison, Esq. . . . . . . . . . . J. W. D.

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Henry Frederick Frost, Esq., Organist of the Chapel Royal, Savoy H. F. F.

J. A. Fuller Maitland, Esq. . . J. A. F.-M., or in Appendix M,

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Heee Eenst Pauee

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Eev. Hugh Peaeson, Canon of Windsor

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Miss Phillimoee

Heee C. Feedinand Pohl, Librarian to the Gesellscliaft der
Musikfreunde, Vienna

William Pole, Esq., F.E.S., Mus. Doc.

E. PoLONASKi, Esq.











E. H.






W. P.

E. Pi





. .

R. L. R

. .


. .

W. Pg.

. .

C. H. P.

. .


. .

E. F. R.

. .

F. Rz.

. .

W. S. R

. .

D. L. R.

C. Sch.


T. L. S.

Reginald LA^"E Poole, Esq.

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Chaeles H. Purday, Esq.

LuiGi Ricci, Esq.

Edwaed F. Rimbault, Esq., LL.D. . .


W. S. RocKSTEO, Esq. . .

Desmond Lumley Ryan, Esq. . .

CuET ScHULz, Esq.

Gael Siewees, Esq.

t. l. southgate, esq. ..

Dr. Philipp Spitta, Berlin : Professor in the University ; Se-
cretary to the Royal Academy of Ai-ts ; and Managing-
Director of tlie Royal High-School for Music

W. Baeclay Squire, Esq.

Sir John Stainee, Mus. Doc, Oxon. ..

H. H. Statham, Esq. . .

Chaeles Edwaed Stephens, Esq., F.C.O., Hon. Member
R. A. M., &c

SiE RoBEET P. Stewaet, Mus. Doc, Professor of Music in Dublin

T. L. Stlllie, Esq., Glasgow..

William H. Stone, Esq., M.D.

J. Stuttafoed, Esq.

Online LibraryGeorge GroveA dictionary of music and musicians (A.D. 1450-1889) by eminent writers, English and foreign : with illustrations and woodcuts (Volume 4) → online text (page 193 of 194)