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on yellow-fever germs of Freire,

Storage of water, 47
Study hours for pupils, 198
Suicide and season, 26
Sun-stroke and humidity, 13
Supervision of sanitary arrangements,

Sweating sickness, 298
Swell-head, 343
Swill-milk, 93
Syphilis, 340

Table of constituents of animal foods,

of constituents of vegetable foods,
Tea, 118
Temperature and health, 13

of the air, 5

of fire-rooms of ships, 250
Tents and huts, 235
Tests for atmospheric impurities, 33

for impurities in drinking-water, 70
Texas quarantine regulations, 382
Thorne on typhoid fever from drinking-
water, 61
Tobacco, 119

Toilet's system of barracks, 234
Total solids in water, 71
Tracy, Dr. R. S., on infecundity of

tobacco-workers, 223
Traps, 173

Trichina spiralis in meat, 99
Tuberculous meat, 104
Typhoid fever, 328

Typhoid fever and ground-water, 13i

causation of, 329

from drinking-water, 61

in armies, 238
Typhus fever, 330

in armies, 238
Tyrotoxicon in milk, 95

Vaccination, 305

and syphilis, 311

mode of performing the operation,
Valve-closets, 168

Vaughan, V. C, on the bacillus ty-
phoideus in drinking-water, 64
on poisonous cheese, 97
on tyrotoxicon as a cause of cholera
infantum, 95
Vaughan's daily ration, 83
Venereal diseases in armies, 239
Ventilation, 38

and heating of hospitals, 183
- of prisons, 258
of ships, 248
Vital statistics, 359
Voit's standard diet-tables, 83

Waring system at Memphis, 145
Water-carriage system of sewage re-
moval, 144
Water-closets, 167
Water required by human beings, 45

supply in dwellings, 166
Well-water, 53
Whisky, 114

Wilkinson, Dr.C. P., on Louisiana quar-
antine, 372
Wines, 115

Wolpert's air-tester, 34
Wyman's case-record, 189

Yellow fever, 331

causation of, 332
Yellow-fever cordon in Texas, 395



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Annual of the Universal Medical

Sciences 27, 28, 29


Practical Anatomy — Boenning 4

Structure of the Central Nervous Sys-
tem — Edinger 8

Charts of the Nervo-Vascular System —

Price and Eagleton 17

Synopsis of Human Anatomy— Young . . 25


Bacteriological Diagnosis — Eisenberg . . 8

Clinical Charts.
Improved Clinical Charts — Bashore ... 3


Consumption r How to Prevent it, ete. —
Davis 7

Domestic Hygiene, etc.

The Daughter : Her Health, Education,

and Wedlock — Capp 5

Consumption : How to Prevent it, etc. —

Davis 7

Plain Talks on Avoided Subjects —

Guernsey 9

Heredity, Health, and Personal Beauty —

Shoemaker 21


Practical Electricity in Medicine and

Surgery— Liebig and Rohe 12

Electricity in the Diseases of Women—
Massey 13


Fever : its Pathology and Treatment —

Hare 10

Hay Fever— Sajous 19


Lessons in Gynecology — Goodell 9

Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, etc.

Diseases of the Heart, Lungs, and

Kidneys— Davis 7

Diseases of the Heart and Circulation in

Children— Keating and Edwards ... 12

Diabetes : its Cause, Symptoms, and

Treatment— Purdy 17


American Resorts — James 11

Text-Book of Hygiene— Rohe 18

Materia Medica and Thera-

Hand-Book of Materia Medica, Phar-
macy, and Therapeutics— Bowen ... 4

Ointments and Oleates — Shoemaker ... 21

Materia Medica and Therapeutics — Shoe-
maker 22

International Pocket Medical Formulary
— Witherstine 26




Book on the Physician Himself— Cathell . 5

Oxygen— Demarquay and Wallian .... 7
Record-Book of Medical Examinations

for Life Insurance — Keating 11

The Medical Bulletin, Monthly 13

Physician's Literpreter 15

Circumcision — Remondino 18

Medical Symbolism— Sozinskey 23

International Pocket Medical Formulary

— Witherstine 26

The Chinese : Medical, Political, and

Social — Coltman 31

A, B, C of the Swedish System of Educa-
tional Gymnastics — Nissen 32

Lectures on Auto-Intoxication — Bouchard 32

Nervous System, Spine, etc.

Spinal Concussion — Clevenger 6

Structure of theCentral Nervous System

— Edinger 8

Epilepsy : its Pathology and Treatment-
Hare 10

Lectures on Nervous Diseases — Ranney . SO

Childbed : its Management : Diseases and

Their Treatment— Manton 13

Eclampsia — Miehener and others 15

Obstetric Synopsis— Stewart 14

Pharmacology .

Abstracts of Pharmacology — Wheeler . . 25


Practical and Scientific Physiognomy —

Stanton 30


Physiology of the Domestic Animals —
Smith 23

Surgery and Surgical Operations.

Circumcision — Remondino IS

Principles of Surgery — Senn 20

Swedish Movement and Massage.

Swedish Movement and Massage Treat-
ment — Nissen 15

Throat and Nose.

Journal of Laryngology and Rhinology . 11

Hay Fever — Sajous 19

Diphtheria. Croup, etc.— Sanne 19

Lectures on the Diseases of the Nose and

Throat— Sajous 31

Venereal Diseases.

Syphilis : To-day and. in Antiquity — Buret 4
Neuroses of the Genito-Urinary System
in the Male— Ultzmann 24

Age of the Domestic Animals— Huide-

koper 32

Physiology of the Domestic Animals —

Smith 23

Visiting-Lists and Account-

Medical Bulletin Visiting-List or Physi-
cians' Call-Record 14

Physicians' All-Requisite Account-Book . 16


Bashore's Improved Clinical Chart.


Designed for the Convenient, Accurate, and Permanent Daily Recording of Cases in
Hospital and Private Practice.


Case Xo—

Initial Date ,


















E M E M E M E Ml E M E MC M E M E M E itf E

b -} -*-


° X I

._ — ft 1

5 5

If ± :_

03 A /' N 1 k ■ » - —■

... .. .... | r -.

\ ■ V i A A

-3—i £d- JJ 31






H i M Hm#


LW nl


: _ fc q 5

_ zl-t-frt-h-tT

— 4 -B - 3 -3

-B— '-"I-E-Fl EE

1 : f-¥ F

z¥-h-r - 4-$-W — - L - 4-

gg" 1 1 L_JL_i

f y.. UIH4-UU h

3 I 3 s



55 ■ —


____ii=_ iiuiiipi

/ 1 1 - H ! 1 i [-

46 ==i=^EE-==E E li3===

*°1 Tl 1 Trl y^nTTTTTTlnT

^ — -j Tr n|~~ __X__-I

35 S -3_3

""■ 3 "" p il~U.~' r ^




2 5 ,-iy JU_ C _l ^&_^_

— T~I — C_KZ — _c ££ :

-A-4_r;-itrtc tS _ 5

20 ^ztzzzazizzzszzzzzizi



is ;:::

| __ z B

S S ■ - _____

D..c, * M r. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 »f * 1 1 1 J-l-L-L.


50 C3aa,zrts„ ioa TaTolet I-Tor-aa. Size, S __ 12

Price, in the United States and Canada, Post-paid, 50 Cents,
Net; Great Britain, 2s. 6d.; France, 3 fr. 60.

The above diagram is a little more than one-fifth (1-5) the actual size of the chart and shows the
method of plotting, the upper curve being the Temperature, the middle the Pulse, and the lower the
Respiration. By this method a full record o? each can easily be kept with but one color ink.

It is so arranged that all practitioners will find it an invaluable aid in the treatment of their patients.

On the back of each chart will be found ample space conveniently arranged for recording " Clinical
History and Symptoms" and "Treatment."

By its use the physician will secure such a complete record of his cases as will enable him to review
them at any time. Thus he will always have at hand a source of individual improvement and benefit in
the practice of his profession, the value of which can hardly be overestimated.


(F. A. DAVIS, Medical Publisher, Philadelphia, Pa,, U.S.A.)

Medical Publications of F. A. Davis, Philadelphia.

A Text-Book on Practical Anatomy.

Including a Section on Surgical Anatomy.

By Henry C. Boenning, M.D., Lecturer on Anatomy and Surgery
in the Philadelphia School of Anatomy ; Demonstrator of Anatomy in
the Medico-Chirurgical College ; Demonstrator of Anatomy in the
Philadelphia Dental College ; Lecturer on Diseases of the Rectum in
the Medico-Chirurgical College, etc., etc.

Fully illustrated throughout with about 200 Wood-Engravings.
In one handsome Octavo volume, printed in extra-large, clear type,
making it specially desirable for use in the dissecting room. Nearly
500 pages. Substantial^ bound in Extra Cloth. Also in Oil-Cloth, for
use in the dissecting-room without soiling.

Price, post-paid, in the United States, $2.50, net; Canada (duty paid), $2.75, net;
Great Britain, 14s. ; France, 16 fr. 20.


Hand-Book of Materia Medica, Pharmacy,
and Therapeutics.

By Cuthbert Bowen. M.D., B.A., Editor of" Notes on Practice."
Tii-e second volume in the Physicians' and Students' Ready Refer-

■ence Series. One 12mo volume of 370 pages. Handsomely bound in

Dark-Blue Cloth.

Price, post-paid, in the TJnited States and Canada, $1.40, net; in Great
Britain, 8s. 6d. ; in France, 9 fr. 25.

EXTRACT FROM THE PREFACE.—" While this is essentially a Student's Manual,
a large amount of matter has been incorporated which, it is hoped, will render it a useful refer-
ence-hook to the Young Graduate who is just entering on his professional career, and more
particularly the individual whose sphere of work demands a more practical acquaintance with
pharmaceutical processes than is required of the ordinary city practitioner. Great care has
Tseen taken throughoTit the book to familiarize the student with the best methods of administer-
ing the various drugs he will be called upon to use, and with this object a large number of
standard prescriptions have been selected from the works of the most eminent authorities,
which he can either adopt, with modifications to siiit particular cases, or use as models on which
to construct his own formulae."

This excellent manual comprises in its 366
pages about as much sound and valuable
information on the subjects indicated in its
title as could well be crowded into the com-
pass. The book is exhaustively and correctly
indexed, and of a convenient form. The paper,
press-work, and binding are exceUent, and the
typography (long primer and brevier) is highly
to he commended, as opposed to the nonpareil
and agate usually used in compends of this

sort, and which are destructive to vision and
temper alike. — St. Louis Med. and Surg. Jour.

In going through it, we have been favorably
impressed by the plain and practical sugges-
tions in regard to prescription writing, and
the metric system, and the other things which
must be known in order to write good and ac-
curate prescriptions. — Medical and Surgical

Syphilis : To-day and In AntiquKy.

By Dr. F. Buret (Paris). Translated from the French, with the
author's permission, by A. H. Ohmann-Dumesnil, A M., M.D., Professor
of Dermatology and Syphilology in the St. Louis College of Ph}'sicians
and Surgeons.

To he completed in three 12mo volumes. Volume I, Syphilis in
Antiquity. In Press. Ready in October, 1891.


Medical Publications of F. A. Davis, Philadelphia.


Her Health, Education, and


The Daughter.

Homely Suggestions to Mothers and Daughters

By Willtam M. Capp, M.D., Philadelphia. This is just such a book
as a family physician would advise his lady patients to obtain and read.
It answers man} r questions which every busy practitioner of medicine
has put to him in the sick-room at a time when it is neither expedient
nor wise to impart the information sought.

It is complete in one beautifully printed (large, clear tj-pe) 12tno
volume of 150 pages. Attractively bound in Extra Cloth.

Price, post-paid, in the United States and Canada, $1.00, net ; In Great
Britain, 5s. 6d. ; Prance, 6 fr. 20.

In the 1-14 pages allotted to him he has com-
pressed an amount of homely wisdom on the
physical, mental, and moral development of
the female child from birth to maturity which
is to be found elsewhere in only the great
book of experience. It is, of course, a book
for mothers, but is one so void of offense in
expression or ideas that it can safely be recom-
mended for all whose minds are sufficiently
developed to appreciate its teachings. — Phila-
delphia Public Ledger.

Many delicate subjects are treated with

skill and in a manner which cannot strike any
one as improper or bold. The absolute ignor-
ance in which most young girls are allowed to
exist, even until adult life, is often productive
of much misery, both mental and physical.
Quite a number of books written by physi-
cians for popular use have been prepared in
such a way that the professional man can read
between the lines strong bids for popular
favor, etc. These objectionable features will
not be found in Dr. t'app's brochure, and for
this reason it is worthy the confidence of
physicians. — Medical Neivs.


Book on the Physician Himself

And Things that Concern his Reputation and Success.

By D. W. Cathell, M.D., Baltimore, Md. Being the Ninth Edition
(enlarged and thoroughly revised) of the " Physician Himself, and what
he should add to his Scientific Acquirements in order to Secure Success."
In one handsome Octavo "Volume of 298 pages, bound in Extra Cloth.

Thousands of physicians have won success in their chosen profession
through the aid of this invaluable work.

This remarkable book has passed through eight (8) editions in less
than five } T ears. It has just undergone a thorough revison by the author,
who has added much new matter covering many points and elucidating
many excellent ideas not included in former editions.

Price, post-paid, in the United States and Canada, $2.00, net; in Great
Britain, lis. 6d. ; Prance, 12 fr. 40.

I am most favorably impressed with the
wisdom and force of the points made in "The
Physician Himself," and believe the work in
the hands of a young graduate will greatly en-
hance his chances for professional success. —
From Prof. I). Hayes Agneiv, Phila., Pa.

"We strongly advise every actual and intend-
ing practitioner of medicine or surgery to have
" The Physician Himself," and the more it in-
fluences his future conduct the better he will
be. — From the Canada Medical and Surgical
Journal, Montreal.

In the present edition the entire work has
been revised and some new matter introduced.
The publisher's part is well done ; paper is
good and the print large ; altogether it is a
very readable and enjoyable book. — Montreal
Medical Journal,

We have read it carefully and regret much
that we had not done so earlier and followed
its precepts. The book is full of good advice.
Get it at once. — Pacific Record of Medicine
and Surgery.

We cannot imagine a more profitable invest-
ment for the junior practitioner than the pur-
chase and careful study of "The Physician
Himself." — Occidental Medical Times.

To the physician who has discovered that
there is something else besides dry book-learn-
ing needed to make him a desirable visitor at
the bedside, we commend this volume, that he
may assimilate some of the ready crystallized
worldly wisdom which otherwise he may be
many years acquiring by natural processes. —
North Carolina Medical Journal.


Medical Publications of F. A. Davis, Philadelphia.


Spinal Concussion.

Surgically Considered as a Cause of Spinal Injury, and Neuro-

logically restricted to a certain symptom grroup, for which

is Suggested the Designation Erichsen's Disease,

as One Form of the Traumatic Neuroses.

By S. V. Clevenger, M.D., Consulting Physician Reese and Alexian
Hospitals; Late Pathologist County Insane Asylum, Chicago; Member
of numerous American Scientific and Medical Societies ; Collaborator
American Naturalist, Alienist and Neurologist, Journal of Neurology
and Psychiatry, Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases; author of
" Comparative Physiology and Psychology," " Artistic Anatomy," etc.

This work is the outcome of five years' special study and experience
in legal circles, clinics, hospital and private practice, in addition to
twenty years' labor as a scientific student, writer, and teacher.

The literature of Spinal Concussion has been increasing of late years
to an unwieldy shape for the general student, and Dr. Clevenger has in
this work arranged and reviewed all that has been done by observers
since the days of Erichsen and those who preceded him.

There are abundant illustrations, particularly for Electro-diagnosis,
and to enable a clear comprehension of the anatomical and pathological

The Chapters are: I. Historical Introduction; II. Erichsen on
Spinal Concussion; III. Page on Injuries of the Spine and Spinal Cord;
IV. Recent Discussions of Spinal Concussion ; V. Oppenheim on
Traumatic Neuroses; VI. Illustrative Cases from Original and all other
Sources; VII. Traumatic Insanity; VIII. The Spinal Column; IX.
Symptoms; X. Diagnosis; XI. Pathology; XII. Treatment; XIII.
Medico-legal Considerations.

Other special features consist in a description of modern methods
of diagnosis by Electricity, a discussion of the controversy concerning
hysteria, and the author's original pathological view that the lesion is
one involving the spinal sympathetic nervous system. In this latter
respect entirely new ground is taken, and the diversity of opinion con-
cerning the functional and organic nature of the disease is afforded a
basis for reconciliation.

Every Physician and Lawyer should own this work.

In one handsome Royal Octavo Volume of nearly 400 pages, with
thirty Wood-Engravings.

Price, post-paid, in United States and Canada, $2.50, net ; in Great
Britain, 14s. ; in France, 15 fr.

The reader will find in this book the best
discussion and summary of the facts on this
topic, which will make it very valuable to
every physician. For the specialist it is a
text-book that will be often consulted. — Tlie
Journal of Inebriety.

The work comes fully up to the demand,
and the law and medical library, to be com-
pute, cannot be without it. — Southern Medical

This work really does, if we may be per-
mitted to use a trite and hackneyed expres-
sion, "fill a long-felt want." The subject is
treated in all its bearings ; electro-diagnosis
receives a large share of attention, and the
chapter devoted to illustrative cases will be
found to possess especial importance.' The
author has some original views on pathology.
—Medical Weekly Review.


Medical Publications of F. A. Davis, Philadelphia.



How to Prevent it, and How
to t,ive witli it.

Its Nature, Causes, Prevention, and the Mode of Life, Climate,
Exercise, Food and Clothing Necessary for its Cure.

By N. S. Davis, Jr., A.M , M.D., Professor of Principles and Practice of
Medicine in Chicago Medical College; Physician to Mercy Hospital; Member of
the American Medical Association, Illinois State Medical Society, etc., etc.

12mo. In Press.


Diseases of the Heart, Lungs, and Kidneys.

By N. S. Davis, Jr., A.M., M.D., Professor of Principles and Practice of
Medicine in Chicago Medical College; Physician to Mercy Hospital; Member of
the American Medical Association, Illinois State Medical Society, etc., etc.

In one neat 12mo volume. No. in the Physicians' and Students' Ready-
Reference Series. In Preparation.


0* *\ A- Practical Investigation of the Clinical

On OXYOeno and Therapeutic Value of the Gases

in Medical and Surgical Practice,

With Especial Reference to the Value and Availability of Oxygen,
Nitrogen, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen Monoxide.

By J. N. Demarquay, Surgeon to the Municipal Hospital, Paris, and of the
Council of State; Member of the Imperial Society of Surgery; Correspondent of
the Academies of Belgium, Turin, Munich, etc ; Officer of the Legion of Honor,
Chevalier of the Orders of Isabella-the-Catholic and of the Conception, of
Portugal, etc. Translated, with notes, additions, and omissions, bj r Samuel S.
Wallian, A.M., M.D., Member of the American Medical Association; Ex-Presi-
dent of the Medical Association of Northern New York; Member of the New
York County Medical Society, etc.

In one handsome Octavo Volume of 316 pages, printed on fine paper, in
the best style of the printer's art, and illustrated with 21 Wood-Cuts.

Price, post-paid, in United States, Cloth, $2.00, net; Half-Russia, $3.00,
net. In Canada (duty paid), Cloth, $2.20, net; Half-Russia, $3.30,
net. In Great Britain, Cloth, lis. 6d. ; Half-Russia, 17s. 6i In
Prance, Cloth, 12 fr. 40; Half-Russia, 18 fr. 60.

For some years past there has been a growing demand for something more
satisfactory and more practical in the way of literature on tbe subject of what
has, by common consent, come to be termed "Oxygen Therapeuties." On all
sides professional men of standing and ability are turning their attention to the
use of the gaseous elements about us as remedies in disease, as well as sustainers
in health. In prosecuting their inquiries, the first hindrance has been the want
of any reliable, or in any degree satisfactory, literature on the subject.

This work, translated in the main from the French of Professor Demarquay,
contains also a very full account of recent English, German, and American ex-
periences, prepared b3 r Dr. Samuel S. Wallian, of New York, whose experience
in this field antedates that of any other American writer on the subject.

This is a handsome volume of 300 pages, in
large print, on good paper, and nicely illus-
trated. Although nominally pleading for the
use of oxygen inhalations, the author shows in
a philosophical manner how much greater
good physicians might do if they more fully
appreciated the value of fresh air exercise and
water, especially in diseases of the lungs, kid-
neys, and skin. We commend its perusal to
our readers. — Tfie Canada Medical Record.

The book should be widely read, for to many
it will bring the addition of a new weapon to
their therapeutic armament. — Northwestern

Altogether the book is a valuable one, which
will be found of service to the busv prac-
titioner who wishes to keep abreast of the
improvements in therapeutics. — Medical


Medical Publications of F. A. Davis, Philadelphia.

Bacferioioglcal Diagnosis.

Tabular Aids for Use in Practical Work.

By James Eisenberg, Ph.D., M.D., Vienna. Translated and aug-
mented, with the permission of the author, from the latest German
Edition, by Norval H. Pierce, M.D., Surgeon to the Out-Door Depart-
ment of Michael Reese Hospital ; Assistant to Surgical Clinic, College
of Ph} r sicians and Surgeons, Chicago, 111.

This book is a novelty in Bacteriological Science. It is arranged
in a tabular form in which are given the specific characteristics of the
various well-established bacteria, so that the worker maj', at a glance,
inform himself as to the identity of a given organism. The}' then serve
the same function to the Bacteriologist as does the " Chemical Analysis
Chart " to the chemist, and the one will be found as essential as the

The Greatest care has been taken to bring the work np to the

Online LibraryGeorge H. (George Henry) RohéText-book of hygiene; a comprehensive treatise on the principles and practice of preventive medicine from an American standpoint → online text (page 34 of 39)