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Text-book of hygiene; a comprehensive treatise on the principles and practice of preventive medicine from an American standpoint online

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of Hypodermatic Medication, including the newer remedies ; Uses of the Hypo-
dermatic Syringe ; Formulae and Doses for Inhalations, Nasal Douches, Gargles,
and Eye-washes ; Formulae for Suppositories ; Use of the Thermometer in Dis-
ease ; Poisons, Antidotes, and Treatment ; Directions for Post-Mortem and
Medico-Legal Examinations ; Treatment of Asphyxia, Sun-stroke, etc. ; Anti-
emetic Remedies and Disinfectants ; Obstetrical Table ; Directions for Ligations
of Arteries ; Urinary Analysis ; Table of Eruptive Fevers ; Motor Points for
Electrical Treatment, etc.

This work, the best and most complete of its kind, contains about 275
printed pages, besides extra blank leaves — the book being interleaved throughout
— elegantly printed, with red lines, edges, and borders; with illustrations. Bound
in leather, with side flap.

It is a handy book of reference, replete with the choicest formulae (over
1800 in number) of more than six hundred of the most prominent classical writers
and modern practitioners.

The remedies given are not only those whose efficiency has stood the test
of time, but also the newest and latest discoveries in pharmacy and medical
science, as prescribed and used by the best-known American and foreign modern

It contains the latest, largest (66 formulae), and most complete collection of
hypodermatic formulae (including the latest new remedies) ever published, with
doses and directions for their use in over fifty different diseases and diseased
• conditions.

Its appendix is brimful of information, invaluable in office work, emergency
cases, and the daily routine of practice.

It is a reliable friend to consult when, in a perplexing or obstinate case, the
usual line of treatment is of no avail. (A hint or a help from the best authorities,
as to choice of remedies, correct dosage, and the eligible, elegant, and most palat-
able mode of exhibition of the same.)

It is compact, elegantly printed and bound, well illustrated, and of conve-
nient size and shape for the pocket.

The alphabetical arrangement of the diseases and a thumb-letter index
render reference rapid and easy.

Blank leaves, judiciously distributed throughout the book, afford a place to
record and index favorite formulae.

As a student, the physician needs it for study, collateral reading, and for
recording the favorite prescriptions of his professors, in lecture and clinic; as a
recent graduate, he needs it as a reference hand-book for daily use in prescribing
(gargles, nasal douches, inhalations, eye-washes, suppositories, incompatibles,
poisons, etc.); as an old practitioner, he needs it to refresh his memory on old
remedies and combinations, and for information concerning newer remedies and
more modern approved plans of treatment.

No live, progressive medical man can afford to be without it.

Price, post-paid, in United States and Canada $2.00, net ;
Great Britain, lis. Sd. ; France, 12 fr. 40.

enough of incompatibilities before commenc-
ing practice to avoid writing incompatible and
dangerous prescriptions, 'the constant use of
such a book by such prescribers would save
the pharmacist much anxiety.— The Drug-
gists? Circular.

In judicious selection, in accurate nomen-
clature, in arrangement, and in style, it leaves
nothing to be desired. The editor and the
publisher are to be congratulated on the pro-
duction of the very best book of its class. —
Pittsburgh Medical Review.

It is sometimes important that such prescrip-
tions as have been well established in their
usefulness be preserved for reference, and
this little volume serves such a purpose better
than any other we have seen. — Columbus Med-
ical Journal.

To the young physiciun just starting out in
practice this little book will prove an accept-
able companion. — Omaha Clinic.

As long as "combinations" are sought, such
a book will be of value, especially to those
who cannot spare the time required to learn


Medical Publications of F. A. Davis, Philadelphia.

Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences.

A Yearly Report of the Progress of the General Sanitary
Sciences Throughout the World.

Edited by Charles E. Sajous, M.D., formerly Lecturer on Laryngology
and Rhinology in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, etc., and Seventy
Associate Editors, assisted by over Two Hundred Corresponding Editors and
Collaborators. In Five Royal Octavo Volumes of about 500 pages each, bound
in Cloth and Half-Russia, Magnificently Illustrated with Chromo-Lithographs,
Engravings, Maps, Charts, and Diagrams. Being intended to enable any physi-
cian to possess, at a moderate cost, a complete Contemporary History of Universal
Medicine, edited by many of America's ablest teachers, and superior in every
detail of print, paper, binding, etc., a befitting continuation of such great works
as "Pepper's System of Medicine," " Ashhurst's International Encyclopaedia of
Surgery," "Buck's Reference Hand-Book of the Medical Sciences."


Subscription Price per Year (including the " SATELLITE " for one year) :
In United States, Cloth, 5 vols., Royal Octavo, $15.00; Half-Russia, 5 vols.,
Royal Octavo, $20.00. Canada (duty paid), Cloth, $16 50; Half- Russia,
$22.00. Great Britain, Cloth, £4 7s. ; Half-Russia, £5 15s. France, Cloth,
93 fr. 95 ; Half-Russia, 124 fr. 35.

The Satellite of the "Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences." A
Monthly Review of the most important articles upon the practical branches of
Medicine appearing in the medical press at large, edited by the Chief Editor of
the Annual and an able staff. Published in connection with the Annual, and
for its Subscribers Only.

Editorial Staff of the Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences.

CONTRIBUTORS TO SERIES 1888, 18S9, 1890, 1891.

Editor-in-Chief, CHARLES E. SAJOUS, M.D., Philadelphia.


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Medical Publications of F. A. Davis, Philadelphia.



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Medical Publications of F. A. Davis, Philadelphia.

Lectures on Nervous Diseases.

From the Stand-Potnt of Cerebral and Spinal Localization, and

the Later Methods Employed in the Diagnosis and

Treatment of these Affections.

By Ambrose L. Ranney, A.M., M.D., Professor of the Anatomy Mid
Physiology of the Nervous System in the New York Post-Graduate
Medical School and Hospital ; Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases
in the Medical Department of the University of Vermont, etc. ; Author
of" The Applied Anatomy of the Nervous System," " Practical Medical
Anatomy," etc., etc.

It is now generally conceded that the nervous system controls all
of the physical functions to a greater or less extent, and also that most
of the symptoms encountered at the bedside can be explained and
interpreted from the stand-point of nervous physiology.

Profusely illustrated with original diagrams and sketches in color
by the author, carefully selected wood-engravings, and reproduced photo-
graphs of typical cases. One handsome royal octavo volume of 180 pages.


Price, in United States, Cloth, $5 50; Sheep, $6.50; Half-Russia, $7.00.
Canada (duty paid), Cloth, $6.05; Sheep, $7.15 ; Half-Russia, $7.70.
Great Britain, Cloth, 32s. ; Sheep, 37s. 6d. ; Half-Russia, 40s. Prance,
Cloth, 31 fr. 70; Sheep, 40 fr. 45; Half-Russia, 43 fr. 30.

We are giad to note that Dr. Ranney has
published in book form his admirable lectures
on nervous diseases. His book contains over
seven hundred large pages, and is profusely
illustrated with original diagrams and sketches
in colors, and with many carefully selected
wood-cuts and reproduced photographs of
typical cases. A large amount of valuable
information, not a little of which has but
recently appeared in medical literature, is pre-

sented in compact form, and thus made easily
accessible. In our opinion, Dr. Ranney's book
ought to meet with a cordial reception at the
hands of the medical profession, for, even
though the author's views may be sometimes
open to question, it cannot be disputed that
his work bears evidence of scientific method
and honest opinion. — American Journal of


Practical and Scientific Physiognomy;



I*ECo\s7- to IFS-^a-d Faces.

By Mary Olmsted Stanton. Copiously illustrated. Two large
Octavo volumes.

The author, Mrs. Mary O. Stanton, has given over twenty years to
the preparation of this work. Her style is easy, and, by her happy
method of illustration of every point, the hook reads like a novel and
memorizes itself. To physicians the diagnostic information conveyed is
invaluable. To the general reader each page opens a new train of ideas.
(This book has no reference whatever to phrenoIogjO


Price, in United States, Cloth, $9.00; Sheep, $11.00 ; Half-Russia, $13.00.
Canada (duty paid), Cloth, $10.00; Sheep, $12.10; Half-Russia,
$14.30. Great Britain, Cloth, 56s. ; Sheep, 68s. ; Half-Russia, 80s.
France, Cloth, 30 fr. 30 ; Sheep, 36 fr. 40 ; Half-Russia, 43 fr, 30.


Medical Publications of F. A. Davis, Philadelphia.

Lectures on the Diseases of the Nose
and Throat.

Delivered at the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.

By Charles E. Sajous, M.D. Formerly Lecturer on Rhinology and
Laryngology in Jefferson Medical College; Vice-President of the
American Larvngological Association; Officer of the Academy of
France and of Public Instruction of Venezuela; Corresponding Member
of the Royal Society of Belgium, of the Medical Society of Warsaw
(Poland), and of the Society of Hygiene of France ; Member of the

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