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History of Stanislaus County California : with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the pres online

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Online LibraryGeorge Henry TinkhamHistory of Stanislaus County California : with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the pres → online text (page 1 of 177)
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Biographical Sketches


The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have
Been Identified with Its Growth and Develop-
ment From the Early Days
to the Present








Stanislaus County's First Inhabitants

Indians Everywhere Discovered. Indians Build Missions. The Chief
Estanislao. Defeat of General Vallejo. Our Knowledge of the Indians.
Classification of Indians. Physical Appearance of Tribes. Tribal Govern-
ment. Marriage. Indian Dress. Cost of Living. Religion. Indian Pestilence.
A Night of Horror. Disposal of Their Dead. The Widow Mourns. Indian
Wikiups. A Nearly Extinct Race. An Indian Beef and Flour Debt. The
Indian Chief Jose Jesus. Old Manuel. The Indian Burial Ground.


The Advance of Civilization ;

Discovery of Stanislaus County. The Trapper Expeditions. The John C.
Fremont Party. Wild Animal Life. The Mormon Colony. Stanislaus City
Founded. Mexico Declares Her Independence. Leading National Events.
James W. Marshall Discovers Gold. Gold Found on the Stanislaus. Cali-
fornia Suddenly Populated. General Riley Calls a Constitutional Convention.
Organization of a State. Creation of Tuolumne County. Origin of Name
Tuolumne. Scheming for a New County. The New County of Merced. County
Scheming Politicians. Opposition to a New County. Creation of Stanislaus
County. First County Election. Unwise Legislation. A Slice of San Joaquin
County. Stanislaus Annexes More Territory. Land Grants. Land of No
Value. Stanislaus County Land Grants. Government Surveys. Stanislaus'
First Settlers. Stanislaus County, Its Creation. Characteristics and Fertility.
Area, Nature of Soil, Climate. Stanislaus Climate. The Pastoral Stock Rais-
ing Days. Sheep Raising in Stanislaus. Hogs, Horses and Cattle. Cattle
Stealing. No-Fence Law Destroys Cattle Business. Cattle Men of Stanislaus.
Wheat for the World. An Isolated County. An Immense Sown Acreage. The
Banner Wheat Country. Raising Grain in Dry Climate. Primitive Harvest-
ing Days. Seed Time and Harvest. The Threshing Machine. The Harvest-
ing Crew. The Historic Grain Fire. The California Fear of Drought. The
Drought of 1877. Hatfield, the Rain Maker.

The River, Pioneer and Mining Towns

Grayson, the Pioneer Town. Grayson's First Store. A Mexican Camp Scene.
Grayson in 1878. Grayson's Distinguished Citizens. Tuolumne City. Booming
the City. First Court Trial. Township Officers. The First Marriage. An
Enterprising Merchant. The Town Deserted. Tuolumne City in 1868. The
Town Increasing. Tuolumne City Has the Smallpox. First County Fair.
Paradise City. A Fine School Building. Free Ferry. Paradise Celebrates
Washington's Birthday. July Fourth Celebration. The Paradise Flour Mill.
Reuel Colt Gridley, Citizen-Patriot. Adamsville. The First Fourth of July.
Empire City. The Enterprising Citizen, Eli S. Marvin. No Mail Nor Postal
Route. The County Seat. County Seat Removed to Empire. Empire City
in 1868. Dr. Thomas Tynan, the Pioneer. Crescent City. Hill's Ferry of the
San Joaquin. French Bar, the Golden Placers. The Foreign Miners' License
Tax. La Grange, the Mining Town. Largest Town in Countv. Talbot's
Flour Mill. The LaGrange Water Supply. Removal of County Seat. Knights
Ferry. The Dent Family. Knights Ferry Flour Mills. Tulloch's Sline Flour
Mill. The Chinese, Miners and Gardeners. Stage Transportation. The Story
of a Court House. Business Firms of Early Days. Abraham Schell, Enter-
prising Citizen. The Big Grain Fire, July, 1884.


Ferry and Steamer Transportation

Stanislaus River Ferries. First Established Ferry. The First Three Houses.
Ferry Competition. The Dickerson Ferry. The John D. Morley Ferry.
County Bridges. The Modesto Toll Bridge. The $120,000 County Bridge. A
Bridge Celebration. The State Highway Bridge. Transportation Now and
Then. Knights Ferry the Gateway Station. The First Up-River Boat. The
Pioneer Steamer. Efforts Made to Establish Trade. The Pioneer Freighters.
Kinds of Merchandise Shipped. First Passenger Boat. The Stanislaus Navi-
gation Company. Clearing the River Stanislaus. Terminal River Points.
The Shoaling Waters. The Height of the Grain Era.


The Railroad Era

Stanislaus Bonds for Railroads. Proposed Railroad for Stanislaus. Stockton
Railroad Talk. The Oakdale Railroad. The San Joaquin Valley or Southern
Pacific Railroad. The Modesto Branch, Southern Pacific.


Early Organization of County

First County Court Transactions. County Brand and Seals. County Great
Register. First County Fair. Stock Growers Association. The Stanislaus
Agricultural Association. Patrons of Husbandry. The Stanislaus Granges.
Cooperative Business Associations. Stanislaus County Militia. In the Camp

and Spanish War.


Modesto 91

Removal of County Seat. The County Court House. County Officials of 1871.

* Laying of the Town Site. The Name of the Town. The Exodus to Modesto.

Modesto's Pioneer Business Firms. Pioneer Hotels and Prominent Buildings.
Masonic and Odd Fellows Hall. Modesto's Water Works. Modesto's Gas
Works. Modesto's Early Fire Department. The Destructive Fires of 1890.
Terrible Death of Joel Clayton. Modesto's Golden Age. The Front Street
Dens of Vice. An Ungoverned Town. Deplorable Condition of the Streets.
Efforts to Organize a Town Government. A Mass Meeting Riot. The First
City Election. Street Improvements. The Street Problem. The Post Office.
Modesto Business Firms in 1880. The Nonpartisan Mass Meeting. The City
Election of 1886. Waterworks and Sewers. The Court House Cornerstone.
The Court House Annex. The Destructive Fire of 1901. The Political Boss,
Barney Garner. He Slaps an Attorney's Face. A Fearless Marshal. A
Commission Form of Government. Framing a Charter. The First Commis-
sion Convention. The Socialist Ticket. Election Day, 1911. Modesto's First
Commissioners. Commissioners Elected to Date.

Churches of Modesto 112

The Westport Methodist Church. The Congregationalist Church. The Chris-
tian Church. The Methodist Episcopal Church South. The Baptist Church.
The Catholic Parish and Church. The First Presbyterian Church. The Dan-
ish Baptists. The Episcopalian Parish. The Methodist Episcopal Church.
Seventh Day Adventists. First Church of Christ, Scientist.



Stanislaus County's First Newspapers 119

The Modesto News. Moved to Modesto. Modesto Herald. Hanscom Shoots
Himself. Brown Attempts to Shoot Editor. Hanscom Libels Judge Hewel.

Stanislaus County Schools 123

Earliest School Districts. Private Schools. First Public School. Legislative
School Laws. Modesto's First School Building. The Public School Corner-
stone. Schools Overcrowded. The High School Organized. The Com-
mencement Exercises. The First High School Building. Graduating Class
of 1890. The High School Alumni. The Graduating Class of 1921. School
Day Memories. Teachers' Institutes. Teachers' Associations.


Crimes and Tragedies of Stanislaus 130

Stealing by the Wholesale. The Murder of Sheriff Works. The Murder
of Frank Lane. Hunting for the Criminals. Execution by Mob Law. The
Murder of a Spaniard. A Mysterious Murder. Frank Bollinger Killed Mys-
teriously. The Rooney-Cockery Homicide. The Knights Ferry Murder. The
Murphy-Rodgers Homicide. The Murder at La Grange. The Wood Chop-
pers' Quarrel. The First Execution. The Latter-Date Cattle Thief. The
Fagan-Meneoman Tragedy. Murders His Friend. The Murder of James
Connolly. The Trial of Dona. The Sentence of the Judge. Peculiar Efforts
to Save Dona's Life. The Hanging of Dona. The Hill's Ferry Murder. The
Second Legal Execution. Edward Bentley Murder. Barney Garner Shoots
Jerry Lockwood. The Marshal Kills Garner. A Case of Poisoning. Suicide
of Isaac Brinkerhoff. A Brutal Murder. Another Cowardly Murder. Black-
smith Murders Purcell. The Father's Revenge. The MacCrellish Family.
The Robbins Case. Arrest of John H. Doane. The Comments of the Press.
The Trial of Robbins. The Gamblers' Rendezvous. The March of the
Vigilantes. Constable Spier Shoots a Disreputable Character. Drowning of
the Baker Boys. Thomas Owens Suddenly Disappears. Vigilante Kills John
H. Doane. More Threats of Hanging. The Famous Tynan Property Suit.
Chinese Cook Murders Wife of Rancher. Dr. Horr Suicides. Disappearance
of George French.

Societies and Miscellaneous Events 152

Masonic Lodges. Laying the Cornerstone of Masonic Building. Independent
Order of Odd Fellows. The Degree of Rebekah. Grand Army of the
Republic. Ancient Order of United Workmen. Knights of Honor. Native
Sons of the Golden West. Native Daughters of the Golden West. Benevolent
•and Protective Order of Elks. The Modesto Choral Society. The Story of
the Southern Pacific Depot. The Memorial Arch of Prosperity. Merchants'
Association. The Silent City. The McHenry Memorial Library. Stanislaus
Pioneers. Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Stanislaus County.
Street Cars and Traction Lines. The First July Fourth Celebration. July
Fourth at Tuolumne. July 4, 1861, at Knights Ferry. Modesto Society in
the Eighties. The First Dramatic Club. Rodgers Hall. Plato's Opera House.
Modesto's First Theater. Dedication and Destruction of Theater. July 4,
1890. The Woman's Improvement Club. Graceada Park. The Stanislaus
Country Club. Modesto's First Republican Club. Remarkable Election of
1914. The Anti-Saloon License Victory. July 4, 1911. Modesto Labor
Unions. July 4, 1917. Bone-Dry Prohibition Law. Loyalty Day. Modesto
Home Guard. Off for the War. Welcome Home.



The Progressive Railroad Towns 172

Turlock. The Pioneer Settlers. A Rabbit Drive of 75. Trade and Traffic.
The Great Fire of 1893. The Name and Post Office. Turlock Churches.
Methodist Episcopal Churches. The Catholics. Newspapers of Turlock.
Public Schools. Memorial Day Celebration. Great Fire of 1910. Turlock
Fire Department. Turlock the First Dry Town. Turlock Lodges and
Societies. The Woman's Club. The Carnegie Library. Turlock's Banks.
Opening of Carolyn Hotel. Crows Landing. Ceres. Denair. Hickman.
Empire. Hughson. Newman. Societies. Religion. Newspapers and Library.
Fire and Water Supply. The Patterson Colony. The City of Patterson.
Riverbank. Oakdale. Oakdale's Founder. Pioneer Buildings. Fire Destroys
Pioneer Buildings. Excursions to Oakdale. Oakdale Societies. Fraternal
Hall. Masonic Lodge. Knights of Pythias. Native Sons of the Golden West.
Woodmen of the World. The American Legion. Stanley L. Collins Post.
Order of the Eastern Star. Woman's Improvement Club. The Dorada Club
House. Carnegie Library. Newspapers. Grammar School. Laying of Cor-
nerstone. Union High School. Protestant Churches. First Church Dedica-
tion. City Government. City Hall. Heroic Volunteer Firemen. Oakdale
Water Works. Sierra and Jamestown Railroad. Banks and Banking.
Mexican Bull Fight. July 4, 1884. A Dry Town. The Hero Dead. Knights
Ferry Societies.


Irrigation in Stanislaus County 203

The Pioneer Irrigation Builders. The Diverting Watershed. First Irri-
gating Canal. First Irrigation Bills. The Preliminary Survey. The Irriga-
tion Prospectus. Farmers Petition for Water. The Modesto Irrigation
Law. The Wright-Bridgeford Law. The La Grange Dam. Sale and Valid-
ity of Irrigation Bonds. Hardships, Taunts and Jeers. The Turlock Canal.
Judge W. A. Waymire. Oakdale Irrigation System. Goodwin Dam Cele-
bration. Reservoirs and Dams. Irrigation and Its Results.


Political Doings in Stanislaus .- 212

Historic Reminders of Stanislaus 215

Stanislaus County Farm Census 228



Abbott, Charles Stuart 568

Abbott, Cyrus H 568

Adams, Winther Gladwin 691

Ahlberg, Peter 1345

Ahlgren, Carl N. P 1361

Ahrendsen, August C - 1 1 42

Albertson, Hans L 1071

Algar, Harry P 1386

Alquist, George E 1318

Amarante, Antone 1414

Anderson, Daniel S 846

Anderson, John Edward 1097

Anderson, Niels 1243

Andrews, Frank 763

Angelo, Michael E 1481

Anker, Alfred P * 1465

Annear, Capt. Edgar H 564

Annear, William 1302

Anspach, George B 1373

Anthieny, John W 1454

Arakelian, Dick H 1 129

Arakelian, Harry 1135

Arbios, Edward Earl, Jr 1229

Arthur, James E '. 825

Arthur, William 648

Aspe, William J 830

Asquith, George 1350

Austin, Charles H 856

Avila, George M 1 162

Avila, Joseph M 1151

Ayres, Ima W 1222

Azevedo, Manuel A 1474


Bach, William G 1155

Baker, C. C 268

Baker, Mrs. Cornelia Frances 273

Baker, J. Walker 570

Bailey, Otis Zorah 733

Bangs, R. E 829

Bangs, Hon. Vital E 288

Barker, John Gue 704

Barmore, Warren Rosewell 1259

Barnes, Abner M'. 1378

Barnes, Siddall Yancey 1402

Barnett, James K 968

Barnhart, Jeremiah 1 140

Bartch, Fred 537

Basso, Angelo 1 160

Basso, Angelo Nicholas 1447

Bates, Edward L 603

Bates, Harry A 409

Bauman, Louis F 707

Bavaster, Peter 1413

Baxter, Edgar .' 393

Beach, O. W 1267

Beard, Elihu B 478

Beard, George K 1167

Beard, Herbert Lewis 936

Beard, Thomas K 344

Beard, Walter F 412

Beaty, John 928

Bechis, Enos 1425

Bechtel, Aaron M 756

Beckner, Thomas N 1225

Beery, P. H 753

Bellaman, Irvin Clayton 1199

Benoit, John W 1145

Benson, Hugh 755

Bentley, Chesley 1 891

Bentley, Jefferson D 573

Berg, James C 1348

Berg, M. M 1366

Bergman, Nicholaus 1487

Berthold, A. F 1146

Bettencourt, Antonio S 1457

Bibens, Alex McCall 700

Biesemeier, Edward E 1335

Billdt, Rev. John 745

Bishop, Daniel B 373

Bladt, Peter, Jr 937

Blaine, Charles Duncan . 947

Bledsoe, Willis 420

Blue, Jesse William 1300

Bock, Hans Henry 545

Boden, Rev. Jonas 596

Boeswetter, E. E 1200

Boggs, Alexander M 1456

Bohn, Emil Bernard 1380

Boies, Lewis W 1141

Bomberger, John M 1059

Bontadelli, Charles 1313

Boone, Stonewall Jackson 898

Boothe, D. Power 1278

Borba, John 1445

Borba, John T., Jr 1415

Boren, James Henry 604

Borges, Jr., Frank 1484

Bortle, William H 595

Boss, Henry 1394

Bothe, William F 818

Bow, Charles N 1306

Bowles, George W 1480

Bowman, David 908

Bowman, Everett 1295

Brady, Mansfield W 11 10

Bravo, Steve 1470

Brazil, Manuel V 1488

Brennan, James A 1098

Brichetto, Louis F 1 122

Brinkerhoff, Isaac 507

Broden, Carl Victor 1354

Brodine, Andrew 1497

Bromley, Francis A 1197

Broughton, Miss Esto 485

Broughton, James R 335

Brown, Admer N 628

Brown, George A 1404

Brown, Harry Leslie 1047

Brown, William J 661

Brum, Manuel J 1488

Brunold, Peter 1152

Bucher, Jacob 1347

Burk, John E 1036

Busingdal, Carl 1173

Butler, Charles D 425

Butler, Chester Llewellyn 1 182

Butler, J. Wesley 425

Byrum, Mrs. Margaret E 312


Cadwallader, E. J 1364

Callander, Everett L : 973

Calkins, Mrs. Veda Hatfield 1340

Callnin, James A 1450

Camp, Charles E 857

Campbell, Donald E 877

Campbell, John F 496

Campbell, William E 1097

Capaul, Valentine 1472

Cardoza, Frank A 1185

Carlson, Abel 987

Carlson, Alfred 1 141

Carlson, Carl C 776

Carlson, Charles John 1001

Carlson, Emanuel V 1292

Carlson, Fred 1352

Carlson, Gust 942

Carlson, John D 958

Carlson, Paul W 1476

Carmichael, T. J : 343

Carson, William Thomas. '. 852

Casey, William E 457

Caswell, Thomas 725

Caulkins, William 907

Cavill, Henry 236

Chapman, Frank Carpenter 401

Chase, Willis S 431

Cheney, Florence V., M.D 862

Cheney, Thomas W 862

Church, Luke A 402

Chute, Rev. Elbert 831

Clarin, Mrs. Anna 1430

Clark, Col. Cy N 1116

Clayton, Edgar E 1326

Cleven, John 1378

Coffee, Henry J 851

Coffee, Stockard W 670

Cole, Clary W 1060

Collins, J. L., M.D 768

Commercial Bank of Turlock 1260

Conneau, Frank Ernest 294

Conner, Jasper Newton 1440

Conner, Lynn H 1171

Conron, Calvin H 968

Cornwell. H. E 786

Correa, Serafein S 1475

Correia, Joe D 1478

Corson, John P 1274

Costner, Earl William 1234

Costner, William S 1439

Cotta, Valentine 1473

Cottle, Francis Marion 303

Cottle, Mrs. Harriet L 303

Cox, Frank 1149

Cox, John Dunlap 242

Cox. William W 363

Crabtree, Henry Francis 1464

Craig, Robert 585

Crane, Horace S 1150

Crane, Stephen II 520

Crawford. Mrs. Mary Jane 560

Crcssey, Albert 1 265

Cressey, Calvin J 292

Cressey, Frank A 267

Crigler, Walter Millard 1219

Crispin, Harry E 1396

Crispin, Thomas J 783

Crouch, Roy A 1373

Crossmore, James L 1129

Crow, Charles F 1448

Crow, Henry T 912

Crow, Ralph B 686

Crowell, Arthur G 856

Crowell, Charles C 845

Cruse, Robert 1392

Curtis, David T 784

Curtis, James 538

Curtis, James Lee 538

Curtis, Jonathan Bird 849


Dalby, Mrs. Reca 707

Dalby, Savillion Cook 1260

Dale, Valentine B 639

Dallas, Robert L 332

Darr, Phillip 986

Date, James V 1339

Davis, Drua J v 1384

Davis, Edward" C 899

Davis, Edward Nelson 821

Davis, Mrs. Franklin C 339

Davis, George Thompson 554

Davis, James Alfred 378

Davis, Loren W 1451

Davison, James William 534

Deardorff, Jacob Warren 1245

De Diego, Rev. Emeterius 1191

Delbon, Rev. A. G 802

Demarest, Merton W 861

Dennett, Hon. Lewis Lincoln 523

De Yoe, Lawrence E 648

De Yoe, Nathan Emory 440

Dias, Frank C 1327

Dickinson, John F 978

Dickow, August 1246

Dingley, Samuel 251

Dinktlman, William August 1074

Doolittle, Ralph C 1399

Dorsey, Edward Worthington 1130

Downer, Willard A 489

Drake, Mrs. Eunice 368

Drake, Homer A 368

Drake, Lemuel Earl 359

Drake, Zachariah E 364

Drouillard, B. G ' 1347

Ducot, Mrs. Henrietta 1030

Duffy, Owen 750


Ealey, Edward 1216

Eastin, C. C 938

Eastin, C. C, Jr S15

Eastin, Lucius 938

Eastin, Marion G 938

Eckford, Carl F 1392

Edison. Charles II... 916

Edwards, John . . . '. . 1005

Edwards, J. II ' 1192

Eklund, Lars 1370

Elfers, Charles D 720

Elias, Solomon Philip 340

Elholm, Christine II.. 695

Elliott, John S 964


Ellsburg, Charles Emil 1355

Elmore, Albert Gordon 368

Elmore, Benjamin T 1073

Elmore, Emmett Lee 1071

Elmore, James Gordon 331

Emanuel Hospital 1441

Enos, Antonio I486

Enos, Emanuel Edward 1018

Enslen, Simon 248

Erickson, Andreas 1358

Erickson, Mrs. Anna C 1341

Erickson, Charlie 1415

Erickson, David G 1354

Erickson, Erick A 1462

Erickson, Gilbert 1203

Erickson, John 850

Erickson, Philip 850

Ervin, Mrs. Ella McCabe ,. . . . 691

Erway, Charles H 1375

Etcheto, Joseph 1438

Etcheto, Martin 1438

Eustice, Henry 1 329

Evans, John Henry 1013


Fahey, William D 677

Falk, E. V., M.D 742

Falk, Jacob W 922

Fargo, Leon K 1378

Farley, Anthony A 1281

Faulkner, H. J 1446

Fay, John J 1299

Fellows, Francis Marion 1491

Fellows, Herbert D 1286

Fellows, Orrin R 1395

Ferguson, Arthur P 948

Ferguson, William W 742

Fernandes, Joseph F 1320

Fernandes, Mary L. A 1320

Fetterman, Harry Oscar 1160

Filippini, Walter C 1372

Fine, Mrs. Mary J 370

Finley, Jesse M 888

Finley, John Milton 708

Fippins, Charles A 1314

First National Bank of Salida 871

First National Bank of Turlock 1260

Fisher, Orville Devilla 1394

Fitzpatrick, Sylvester ., 1239

Fleshman, C. E 841

Flux, Arthur 1165

Foletta, Harry 1369

Ford, Henry 1395

Ford, James B 422

Fordham, Free Delbert 1362

Fosberg, Axel P 1463

Foster, Arthur 1253

Foster, Harry R 1155

Foster, Samuel E 658

Fowle, William H 1467

Fowler, James F 662

Fowler. Robert R 1112

Fox, John 615

Fox, Joseph W 1406

Frago, Manuel J 1478

Franzen, Ehler 1431

Frazine. William H 530

Frederick, James Wesley 767

Freeman, Elza E 394

Freitas, George H 755

Freitas, John E 1407

French, Levi 1423

Fries, H. C 1442

Frisvold, Knut K 1249

Fritts, Joseph' F 1248

Fuentes, Eugene A '. 1412

Fulkerth, Asa Shinn 1339

Fulkerth, Loren W 486

Furtado, Manuel 1336


Gabaig, Jean 1485

Gabel, William 1422

Gaddis, Thomas R 419

Gaffery, John 439

Galeazzi, Joseph 1454

Galvin, Rev. James W 1117

Gambini, Tony 1421

Gandy, Clarence W 1010

Gant, Alonzo W 1009

Garcia, Manuel 1473

Garrison, William Henry 988

Gasner, John 1250

Gates, Laud C 421

Geckler, Robert Charles 790

Geer, Fred A 682

Gibson, James 956

Giddings, Ralph P 868

Giddings, William Warren 512

Giles, Rev. Michael Joseph 624

Giovanetti, Albert H 1343

Giovanetti, Angelo 1101

Giovannoni, Mrs. Geneva Maria 1126

Glass, Omer C 829

Godley, James 1494

Goeffert, Victor V 952

Gomes, Frank J 1039

Gomes, Frank P 31S

Gomez, Benj 1420

Gondring, John M 985

Gorham, John 821

Gortari, Pio 1486

Gotobed, Joseph C 1365

Gotte, Theodore J 1112

Grannis, Rev. G. W 887

Grant, W. W 1427

Graybiel, William N 1305

Green, Oscar 1247

Grider, Clayton K 1050

Gridley, Reuel Colt 241

Grischott, Jacob 1194

Grollman, William 554

Gronquist, Joseph 1371

Grossman, John 1403

Gross, M'ilton A 1054

Grothmann, William 1334

Grundy, Dan 1177

Gulart, John 1482

Gustafson, August 849

Gustafson, Charles 1254

Gustafson, John E 1464


Hackett, Dennie 715

Hackett, Daniel M 651

Hackett, William J 726

Haldeman, Frank C 1244

Hale, Charles C 822

Hale, Ernest A 1368

Hall, Erick 1428

Hall, John D 1319

Hall, Leland A 1271

Hall, William Edgar 1401

Hallner, Rev. Andrew 607

Halset, J 1305

Hamilton, George Washington 432

Hammett, Melvin 1053

Hammond, James A 577

Haney, Free 946

Haney, William Francis, D.V.S 832

Hanscom, George Tyler 647

Hanscom, N. C 872

Hansen, Christian H 1044

Hansen, Peter R 665

Hansen, William C 1273

Hanson, John H 1428

Hardie, James J 719

Harding, Richard 1327

Harman, Bion V 971

Harper, Homer 1324

Harris, Claude F 591

Harris, Mrs. Lottie 1431

Harter, W. A 1490

Harve, Anthon G 1351

Haslam, Earl F 1074

Hatton, William H 516

Hawkins, Robert Timothy 553

Haynes, Clarence T 992

Head, Mrs. Hugh 1240

Hedman, Carl B 1416

Hedman, Martin 797

Heier, Gunerius 1174

Heinzle, Frank L 1408

Heisel, William C 1481

Henshaw, Mrs. Charles 945

Herr, William H 1468

Hewel, Judge A 239

Higbee, Robert Oran 644

Higgins, William W 1489

High, Mrs. Katherine McCabe 1031

High, Willis Russell 385

Hilton, Charles A 495

Hindman, Jay A 458

Hintze, Prof. Herman 405

Hirst, Ralston S 873

Hocking, Thomas C 352

Hodges, George A., D.D.S 1336

Hodges, I. A 805

Hogin, Oscar 1035

Holder, Garett W 1296

Holeman, John W 546

Hollingsworth, Mrs. Roma J 1375

Holmquist, John A 1450

Holt, Charles F 1057

Holt, John H 891

Holt, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Carl 920

Holveck, David W 1 199

Horsley, Charles Chester 600

Hoskins, J. H 681

Hosmer, A. Walter 1096

Hosmer, F. W 519

Howell, Wade Hampton 759

Hubbert, Wallace H 1382

Huber, Henry 1460

Hudelson, Arthur McClellan 932

Hudelson, John Robert. 377

Huff, Jonathan B 1264

Huff, Martin Luther 1247

Hughson, George H 1029

Hughson, Hiram 415

Huls, Howard H 1062

Hultberg, Nels 1204

Hunt-Jewett-Bontz Company 1272

Hunt, Roland C 1301

Hurd, William H..
Hurlbut, O. Scott.
Hussey, J. W


[ngebretsen, Karl J 1410


Jacobsen, Louis C 1049

James, Capt. Henry George 678

Jarrett, Charles L 1207

Jarrett, Mrs. Laura E 779

Jenkins, George W 760

Jennings, J. B 921

Jensen, John D 1132

Jensen, Marie 1443

Jones, Al W 1446

Jones, Prof. G. F 958

Jones, Levi J 669

Jones, Percy F 995

Johnson, Abraham 1492

Johnson, Albert L 473

Johnson, Albert William 1363

Johnson, Andrew 636

Johnson, Clarence 1494

Johnson, Claus 382

Johnson, Frank G 1328

Johnson, George W 1208

Johnson, Henry Theodore 952

Johnson, Ingevall 1118

Johnson, James 320

Johnson, James F 1220

Fohnson, Jesse W 1221

Johnson, Mrs. Justine E 981

Johnson, Norman E 1095

Johnson, Otto 1357

Johnson, William 858

Johnston, Andrew 798

Johnston, Guy : 1427

Jons, Hans 1102

Jorgensen, Christen P 1310

Juncker, Peter A 1444


Kane, Peter C 639

Kaiser, Arnold 1409

Keast, Rev. Fred A 410

Keith, Edward 1177

Keith, George Sidney 785

Kelley, Frank S 1255

Kennedy, Charles Thomas 367

Kerr, Charles S 1379

Kerr, Judge James M 386

Kerr, Mrs. Margaret E 879

Kewin, Thomas Henry 347

Kewin, William E 880

Kidd, Mrs. Josie 681

Kiernan, Edward 711

Kiernan, Edward 511

Kiernan, Miss Frances 1364

Kiernan, T. Frank 511

Kilburn, Charles L 1136

Kilcher, Arnold 1458

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