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which they possess, and enjoy, through him.

*' 16. There shall be an handful of corn in the
earth, upon the top of the mountains; the fruit
thereof shall shake like Lebanon : and they of the
city shall flourish like the grass of the earth."

It is here foretold, that in the days of Solomon,
wonderful shall be the fruitfulness of Judea; of tlie
country in corn, by which the city is supported; and
of the city in people, who, by their numbers, con-
stitute the strength of the king. The fruitfulness
of the country was to be so great, that from an
** handful of corn," and that sown on the most bar-
ren spot, the " top of a mountain," should issue a
produce, the ears of which would " shake" and
wave in the winds, like the woods of " Lebanon;"
while in the city, a fresh progeny of Israelites was
still springing up, and advancing to maturity, like
the unnumbered blades of grass, in afield which the
Lord hath blessed: see 1 Kings iv. 20, &c. Such,
under the reign of King Messiah, was the amazing
increase of the " word," when sown in hearts bar-

H 3


[Ps. 72.

ren before ; such the astonishing multiplication of
citizens in the Christian church : as it is written,
Acts vi. 7. " And the word of God increased ;
and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jeru-
salem greatly." So let it be, blessed Lord, where-
soever thy Gospel is preached, throughout the

" 17. His name shall endure for ever; his name
shall be continued, Heb. propagated, as long as the
sun ; and men shall be blessed in him : all nations
shall call him blessed.'*

The person and kingdom of Solomon have been
used all along as a channel, through which to con-
vey a most illustrious prophecy concerning those of
Christ. But liere the type seems to be wholly ab-
sorbed in the great antitype. His " name," his
saving name, " shall indeed endure for ever, propa-
gated," with the faith, through all the generations
of men, while the " sun," another of his represen-
tatives, shall continue to maintain his station in the
heavens, and to diffuse his light upon the earth. In
Him, as it was promised to Abraham, shall all the
true children of Abraham be " blessed" with the
blessings of eternity; " all nations shall call Him
blessed," as they are taught to do in the remain-
ing verses of this exalted composition.

" 18. Blessed be the Lord God, the God of
Israel, who only doth wondrous things. 19. And
l)lessed he his glorious name for ever : and let the
whole earth be filled naith his glory: Amen, and

Ps. 73.] 167

Blessed, therefore, be thou, O Lord Jesus ! for
thou art the Lord God, even the God of Israel,
who hast vvrought such miracles of mercy, for the
salvation of the church : and blessed, by the tongues
of men and angels, be thy holy and glorious name ;
and let the whole earth be filled with the amazingly
transcendent and inconceivable majesty of thy most
excellent glory, for evermore ! So be it, so be it.


Fourteenth Day. — Evening Prayer.

ARGUMENT, — The person speaking in this Psalm relates, 1 — 3.
tlie process of a temptation, occasioned by his beholding the
prosperity of wicked men upon earth, which he describes,
4—11. with, 12 — 14. the suggestions of nature on the occa^
sion ; but, in opposition to these, grace urges, 15. the exam-
ples of saints, 16. the difficidty of judging concerning God's
dispensations, and, above all, 17 — 20. the final issue of things
at the last day, and the end of that prosperity, which had ex-
cited his envy. Perfectly satisfied with these considerations,
21, 22. he owns his uneasiness to have sprung from his igno-
rance ; and, 23 — 28. closes the Psalm with the most aflfection-
ate expressions of his full trust and confidence in the divine
mercy and goodness. No temptation is more common, or more
formidable, than that above-mentioned. A more powerful
and effectual antidote to it cannot be devised, than this most
instructive and beautiful Psalm affords.

" L Truly God is good to Israel, evefi to such as
are of a clean heart."

This declaration seems to be the result of a lon

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Online LibraryGeorge HorneA commentary on the book of Psalms (Volume 2) → online text (page 11 of 24)