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John Newman, Assoc. Mem. Inst C.E. Second edition, revised and
enlarged, crowTi 8vo, cloth, 6j.

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Depreciation of Factories. — The Depreciation

of Factories and their Valuation, By EwiNG Matheson, Mem. Inst.
C.E. Second edition, revised, with an Introduction by W. C. Jackson,
Member of the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.
8vo, cloth, 7J. (id,

Drainage. — The Drainage of Fens and Low Lands

by Gravitation and Steam Power, By W. H. WHEELER, M. Inst C.E.
With plates, 8vo, cloth, I2j. td.

Drawing, — Hints on Architectural Draughtsman-
ship, By G. W. TuxFORD Hallatt. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, u. td.

Drawing. — The Draughtsman! s Handbook of Plan

and Map Drawing; including instructions for the prepaiation of
- ~ • Witl

Engineering, Architectural, and Mechanical Drawings. With numerous
illustrations in the text, and ^^ plates (imprinted in colours). By G. G.
Andr^, F.G.S., Assoc. Inst C.E. 4to, cloth, 91.

Drawing Instruments. — A Descriptive Treatise

on Mathematical Drawing Instruments: their construction, uses, quali-
ties, selection, preservation, and suggestions for improvements, with nints
upon Drawing and Colouring. By W. F. Stanley, M.R.I. Sixth edition,
vfith numerous illustrations^ crown Svo, cloth, $/.

Dynamo. — Dynamo- Tenders' Hand-Book. By

F. B. Badt. With 70 illustrations. Third edition, i8mo, cloth, 4J. dd.

Dynamo. — Theoretical Elements of Electro-
Dynamic Machinery, By A. E. Kennelly. With illustrations, 8vo,
cloth, 4J. (>d.

Dynamo -Electric Machinery. — Dynamo- Elec-
tric Machinery: a Text-Book for Students of Electro-Technology. By
Silvanus p. Thompson, B.A., D.Sc. 8vo, cloth. .

Earthwork Slips. — Earthwork Slips and Subsi-
dences upon Public Works: Their Causes, Prevention and Reparation.
Especially written to assist those engaged in the Construction or
Maintenance of Railways, Docks, Canals, Waterworks, River Banks,
Reclamation Embankments, Drainage Works, &c, &c. By John
Newman, Assoc. Mem. Inst C.E. , Author of 'Notes on Concrete,* &c.
Crown 8vo, cloth, *is, td.

Electric Bells. — Electric Bell Construction : a

treatise on the construction of Electric Bells, Indicators, and similar
apparatus. By F. C. Allsop, Author of * Practical Electric Bell Fitting.'
Prith 177 Illustrations drawn to scale, crown 8vo, cloth, 3J. 6d,

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Electric Bells. — A Practical Treatise on the

fitting up and maintenance of Electric Bells and all the necessary apparatus.
By F. C. Allsop, Author of * Telephones, their Constniction and Fitting.'
Second edition, revised, nearly 150 illustrcUions^ crown 8vo, cloth, jj. (yd.

Electric Lighting. — Wrinkles in Electric Lighting.

By Vincent Stephen. With illustrations. i8mo, cloth, 2s, 6d,
Contents :

z. The Electric Current and its production by Chemical means — 3. Production of Electric
Cnrrents by Mechanical means— ^. Dynamo-Electric Machines— 4. Electric Lampsi—
5. Lead— 6. Ship Lighting.

Electric Telegraph. — Telegraphic Connections^

embracing recent methods in Quadruplex Telegraphy. By Charles
Thom and Willis H. Jones. With illustrations. Oblong 8vo, cloth.

Electric Testing. — A Guide for the Electric Test -

ing of Telegraph Cables. By Col. V. HOSKICER, Royal Danish Engineers.
Third edition, crown 8vo, cloth, 4r. dd.

Electric Telegraph. — A History of Electric Tele-

graphy, to the Year 1837. Chiefly compiled froifa Original Sources and
hitherto Unpublished Documents, by J. J. Fahie, Mem. Soc of TeL
Engineers, and of the International Society of Electricians, Paris. Crown
Svo, cloth, gs.

Electric Toys. — Electric Toys. Electric Toy-
Making, Dynamo Building and Electric Motor Construction for
Amateurs. By T. 0*Conor Sloane, Ph.D. With cuts, crown Svo,
cloth, 4J. 6d.

Electrical Notes. — Practical Electrical Notes and

Definitions for the use of Engineering Students and Practical Men. By
W. Perren Maycock, Assoc. M. Inst. E.E., Instructor in Electrical
Engineering at the Pitlake Institute, Croydon, together with the Rules
and Regulations to be observed in Electrical Installation Work. Second
edition. Royal 32mo, cloth, red edges, 3J.

Electrical Tables. — Electrical Tables and Memo-
randa. By SiLVANUS p. Thompson, D.Sc, B.A., F.R.S., and Eustace
Thomas. In waistcoat-pocket size (2J in. by if in.), French morocco,
gilt edges, with numerous illustrations ^ is.

Electrical Testing. — A Handbook of Electrical

Testing. By H. R. Kempe, M.I.E.E. Fourth edition, revised and
enlarged, Svo, cloth, i&r.

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Electrical Testing. — A Practical Guide to the

Testing of Insulated Wires and Cables. By Herbert Laws Webb,
Member of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and of the
Institution of Electrical Engineers, London. Crown 5vo, cloth, 4r. 6^.

Electricity. — The Arithmetic of Electricity: a

Manual of Electrical Calculations by Electrical Methods. By
T. O'CoNOR Sloane. Crown 8vo, cloth, 41. 6</.

Electricity. — Short Lectures to Electrical Artisans^

being a Course of Experimental Lectures delivered to a practical
audience. By J. A. Fleming, M.A., D.Sc. (Lond.), Professor of Elec-
trical Technology in University College, London, With diagrams^
fourth edition, crown 8vo, cloth, 41.

Electricity. — Electricityy its Theory, Sources, and

Applications, By John T. Sprague, M. InstE.E. Third edition,
thoroughly revised and extended, with numerous illustrations and' tables,
crown 8vo, cloth, 15^.

Electricity. — Transformers : their Theory, Con-
struction^ and Application Simplified, By C. D. Haskins, Assoc. Mem.
American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Illustrated, crown 8vo,
cloth, 41. 6^.

Electricity in the House. — Domestic Electricity

for Amateurs, Translated from the French of E. Hospitalier, Editor
of 'UElectricien,' by C. J. Wharton, M. Inst. E.E. Numerous
illustrations. Demy 8vo, cloth, dr.

Contents :

1. Production of the Electric Current— 2. Electric Bells— 3. Automatic Alarms— 4. Domestic
Telephones— c. Electric Clocks — 6. Electric Lighters— 7. Domestic Electric Lighting—
6. Domestic Application of the Electric Light— 9. Electric Motors— xo. Electrical Locomo-
tion— xx. Electrotyping, Platbg, and Gilding— za. Electric Recreations— 13. Various appli-
cations—Workshop of the Electrician.

^\^z\X0'^yi2i%Xi^\.-The Electro-Magnet and Electro-

magnetic Mechanism, By SiLVANUS P. Thompson, D.Sc, F.R.S.
With 213 illustrations. Second edition, 8vo, cloth, 15J.

Electro-Motors. — Notes on design of Small Dy-
namo, By Geo. Halliday, Whitworth Scholar, Professor of Engineer-
ing at the Hartley Institute, Southampton. Plates^ 8vo, cloth, 2s, 6d,

Electro-Motors. — The practical management of

Dynamos and Motors, By Francis B. Crocker, Professor of Electrical
Engineering, Columbia College, New York, and Schuyler S. Wheeler,
D.Sc. Cuts, crown 8vo, cloth, 41. 6^.

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Engineering Drawing. — Practical Geometry^

Perspeetvve and Engineering Drawing ; a Course of Descriptiye Geometry
adapted to the Requirements of the Engineering Draughtsman, including
the determination of cast shadows and Uometric Projection, each chapter
being followed by numerous examples; to which are added rules for
Shading, Shade-lining, etc., together with practical instructions as to the
lining, Colouring, Printing, and general treatment of Engineering Draw-
ings, with a chapter on dnwing Instruments. By Georgs S. Clarke,
Capt R.E. Second edition, with 21 pleUa, 2 vols., cloth, lor. 6d.

Engineers' Tables. — A Pocket-Book of Useful

Formula and Memoranda for Civil and Mechanical Engineers, By Sir
Guilford L. Molesworth, Mem. Inst C.E., and R. B. Molesworth.
With numerous illustrations^ 782 pp. Twenty-third edition, 32mo,
roan, dr.

Synopsis of Contents:

Surveying, Levelling, etc.— Strength and Weight of Materials— Earthwork, Brickwork,
Masonry, Arches, etc.— Struts, Columns, Beams, and Trusses— Floonng, Roofing, and Roof
Trusses— Girders, Bridges, etc— Railways and Roads— Hydraulic Formulae— Canals* Sewers,
Waterworks, Docks— Irrigation and Breakwaters— Gas, Ventilation, and Warming— Heat,
Light. Colour, and Sound— Gravity : Centres, Forces, and Powers— Millwork, Teeth of
Wheels, Shafting, etc.— 'Woricdxop Recipes — Sundry Machinery— Animal Powei^-Steam and
the Steam £n|pne— Water^wer, Water>wlieels, Turbines, etc.— Wind and Windmills-
Steam Navigation, Ship Building, Tonnaf^e, etc.— Gunnery, Projectiles, etc.— Weights,
Measures, and Money-^rigonom^ry, Come Sections, and Curves— Telegraphy — Mensura-
tion—Tables of Areas and Circumference, and Arcs of Circl«i— Logarithms, Square and
Cube Roots, Powers— Reciprocals, etc— Useful Numbers— Differential and Integral Calcu-
lua— Algebraic Signs—Telegraphic Construction and Formul2^.

Engineers' Tables. — Spans Tables and Memo-
randa for Engineers, By J. T. Hurst, C.E. Twelfth edition, revised and
considerably enlarged, in waistcoat-pocket size (2f in. by 2 in.), roan,
gilt edges, is.

Experimental Science. — Experimental Science:

Elementary, Practical, and Experimental Physics. By Geo. M. Hopkins.
Illustrated by 890 engravings, 840 pp., 8vo, cloth, i6j.

Factories. — Our FactorieSy WorkshopSy and Ware-
houses: their Sanitary and Fire- Resisting Arrangements. By B. H.
Thwaite, Assoc. Mem. Inst C.E. With 183 wood engravings^ crown
8vo, cloth, 9J.

Foundations. — Notes on Cylinder Bridge Piers

and the Well System of Foundations, By John Newman, Assoc. M.
Inst. C.E., 8vo, cloth, 6j.

Founding. — A Practical Treatise on Casting and

Foundings including descriptions of the modern machinery employed in
the art. By N. E. Spretson, Engineer. Fifth edition, with 82 plates
drawn to scale, 412 pp., demy 8vo, cloth, i8j.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


Founding. — American Foundry Practice: Treat-
ing of Loam, Dry Sand, and Green Sand Moulding, and containing a
Practical Treatise upon the Management of Cupolas, and the Melting of
Iron. By T, D. West, Practical Iron Moulder and Foundry Foreman.
Second edition, with numerous illustrations^ crown 8vo, clotl^ 12^. td,

-French Polishing. — The French - Polishers

ManuaL By a French- Polisher; containing Timber Staining, Washing,
Matching, Improving, Painting, Imitations, Directions for Staining,
Sizing, Embodying, Smoothing, Spirit Varnishing, French-Polishing^
Directions for Repolishing. Third edition, royal 32mo, sewed, 6d,

Furnaces. — Practical Hints on the Working and

Construction of Regenerator Furnaces^ being an Explanatory Treatise on
the System of Gaseous Firing applicable to Retort Settings in Gas
Works. By Maurice Graham, Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E. Cuts^ 8vo,

Gas Analysis. — The Gas Engineers' Laboratory

Handbook. By John Hornby, F.I.C, Honours Medallist in Gas
Manipulation, City and Guilds of London Institute. Numerous illtts-
trations, crown 8vo, cloth, 6j.

Contents :

The Balance— Weights and Weighing— Sampling— Mechanical Division— Drying and
esiccation — Solution and Evaporation — Precipitation— Filtration and Treatment of
Precipitates— Simple Gravimetric Estimations — Volumetric Analyses— Special Analyses

Desiccation — Solution and Evaporation — Precipitation— Filtration and Treatment of
Precipitates— Simple Gravimetric Estimations — Volumetric Analyses — Special Anal
required by Gas Works— Technical Gas Analysis — Gas Referees' Instructions, etc. etc.

Gas Engines. — Gas and Petroleum Engines: a

Practical Treatise on the Internal Combustion Engine. By Wm. Robin-
son, M.E., Senior Demonstrator and Lecturer on Applied Mechanics,
Physics, &c.. City and Guilds of London College, Finsbury, Assoc. Mem.
Inst C.E., &c. Numerous illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 141.

Gas Engineering. — Manual for Gas Engineering

students. By D. Lee. z8mo, cloth, is.

Gas Works. — Gas Works: their Arrangement,

Construction, Plant, and Machinery. By F. Colyer, M. Inst. C.E.
With II folding plates^ 8vo, cloth, I2s. 6d,

Gold Mining. — Practical Gold-Mining : a Com-
prehensive Treatise on the Origin and Occurrence of Gold-bearing Gravels,
Rocks and Ores, and the Methods by which the Gold is extracted. By
C. G. Warnford Lock, co- Author of * Gold : its Occurrence and Extrac-
tion.' With 8 plates and 275 engravings in the text, 788 pp., royal 8vo,
cloth, 2/. 2s,

Graphic Statics. — The Elements of Graphic Statics.

By Professor Karl Von Ott, translated from the German by G. S.
Clarke, Capt R.E., Instructor in Mechanical Drawing, Royal Indian
Engineering College. With 93 illustrations^ crown 8vo, doth, $s.

Digitized by V^OOQIC


Graphic Statics. — The Principles of Graphic

Statics, By George Sydenham Clarke, Capt. Royal Engineers.
With 1 12 illustratiotts. Second edition, 4to, cloth, I2s, 6d»

Graphic Statics. -^ Mechanical Graphics. A

Second Course of Mechanical Drawing. With Preface by Prof. Perry,
B.Sc., F.R.S. Arranged for use in Technical and Science and Art Insti-
tutes, Schools and Colleges, by George Halliday, Whitworth Scholar.
With illustrations y 8vo, cloth, dr.

Graphic Statics. — A New Method of Graphic

statics y applied in the construction of Wrought- Iron Girders, practically
illustrated by a series of Working Drawings of modem type. By
Edmund Olander, of the Great Western Railway, Assoc Mem. Inst.
C.E. Small folio, cloth, lor. 6^.

Heat Engine. — Theory and Construction of a

Natural Heat Motor, Translated from the German of Rudolf Diesel
by Bryan Donkin, Mem. Inst. C.E. Numerous cuts and plates^ 8vo,
cloth, 6^.

Hot Water. — Hot Water Supply: a Practical

Treatise upon tlie Fitting of Circulating Apparatus in connection with
Kitchen Range and other Boilers, to supply Hot Water for Domestic and
General Purposes. With a Chapter upon Estimating. By F. Dye.
With illustrations^ crown 8vo, cloth, 3^.

Hot Water. — Hot Water Apparatus: an Ele-
mentary Guide for the Fitting and Fixing of Boilers and Apparatus for
the Circulation of Hot Water for Heating and for Domestic Supply, and
containing a Chapter upon Boilers and Fittings for Steam Cooking. By
F. Dye. 32 illustrations^ fcap. 8vo, cloth, is, 6d,

Household Manual. — Spons Household Manual :

SL Treasury of Domestic Receipts and Guide for Home Management
Demy Svo, cloth, containing 975 pages and 250 illustrations, price Js, 6d,
Principal Contents:

Hints for selecting a good House — Sanitation— Water Supply— Ventilation and Warming
—Lighting— Furniture and Decoration— Thieves and Fire— The Larder— Curing Foods for
lengthened Preservation— The Dairy— The Cellar^The Pantry— The Kitchen— Receipts for
Di^es — The Housewife's Room— Housekeeping, Marketing — The Dining-Room— The
Drawing-Room— The Bedroom— The Nursery^The Sick-Rooin— The Bath-Room— The
Laundry— The School-Room— The Playground— The Work-Room— The Library^The
Garden— The Farmyard— Small Motors— Household Law.

House Hunting. — Practical Hints on Taking a

House, By H. Percy Boulnois, Mem. Inst. C.E., City Engineer,
Liverpool, Author of * The Municipal and Sanitary Engineer's Hand-
book,' * Dirty Dustbins and Sloppy Streets,' &c. i8mo, cloth, u. 6</.

Hydraulics. — Simple Hydraulic Formulce. By

T. W. Stone, C.E., late Resident District Engineer, Victoria Water
Supply. Crown Svo, cloth, 4^.

Digitized by V^OOQIC


Hydraulic Machinery. — Hydraulic Steam and

Hand-Power Lifting and Pressing Machinery. By Frederick Colyer,
M. Inst C.E., M. Inst. M.E. Second edition, revised and enlarged. With
%% plates^ 8vo, cloth, 28j.

Hydropathic Establishments. — The Hydro-

Jathic Establishment and its Baths. By R. O. Allsop, Architect.
Author of * The Turkish Bath.' Illustrated with plates and sections^ 8vo,
clo*^> 5^- Contents :

General Considerations— Requirements of the Hydropathic Establishment — Some existing
Institutions— -Bath^ and Treatments and the arrangement of the Bath-House — ^Vapour Baths
and the Russian Bath — The Douche Room and its appliances— Massage and Electrical
Treatment — Pulverisation and the Mont Dore Cure — Innalation and the Pine Cure — The
Sun Bath.

Hydraulic Motors. — Water or Hydraulic Motors.

By Philip R. Bjorling. With 206 illustrations^ crown 8vo/ cloth, 9j.
Contents :

X. Introduction— 2. Hydraulics relating to Water Motors— 3. Water-wheels— 4. Breast
Water-wheels— 5. Overshot and High-breast Water-wheels— 6. Pdton Water-wheels— 7.
General Remarks on Water-wheels— 8. Turbines— 9. Outward-flow Turbines — 10. Inward-
flow Turbines— 11. Mixed-flow Turbines— la. Parallel-flow Turbines— 13. Circumferential-
flow Turbines — 14. Regulation of Turbines — 15. Details of Turbines — 16. Water-pressure or
Hydraulic Engines— 17. Reciinrocating Water-pressure Engines— z8. Rotative Water-
pressure Engines — 19. Oscillating Water^pressure Engines — 20. Rotary Water-pressure
Engines — ax. General Remarks and Rules for Water-pressure Engines — 33. Hydraulic Rams
—as. Hydraulic Rams without Air Vessel in Direct Communication with the Drive Pipe-
s'. Hydraulic Rams with Air Vessel in Direct Communication with the Drive Pipe— 25.
Hydraulic Pumping Rams— 36. Hydraulic Ram Engines — 27. Details of Hydraulic Rams—
sS. Rules, Formulas, and Tables for Hydraulic Rams — 99. Measuring Water in a Stream
and over a Weir— Index.

Indicator. — Twenty Years with the Indicator. By

Thomas Pray, Jun., C.E., M.E., Member of the American Society of
Civil Engineers. With illustrations, royal 8vo, cloth, I2j. td.

Indicator. — A Treatise on the Richards Steam-

Engine Indicator and the Development and Application of Force in the
Steam-Engine. By CHARLES T. PoRTER. With illustrations. Fourth
edition, revised and enlarged, 8vo, cloth, 9^.

Induction Coils. — Induction Coils and Coil

Making : a Treatise on the Construction and Working of Shock, Medical
and Spark Coils. By F. C. Allsop. With 118 illustrations, crown 8vo,
cloth, 3x. dd.

Iron. — The Mechanical and other Properties of Iron

and Steel in connection with their Chemical Composition, By A. Vosmaer,"
Engineer. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6^.

Contents :

The metallurgical behaviour of Carbon with Iron and Steel, also Mangjanese — Silicon —
Phosphorus ~- Sulphur — Copper— Chromium — Titanium— Tungsten— Alummium— Nickel—
Cobsut— Arsenic— Analyses of Iron and Steel, &c.

Digitized by V^OOQIC


Iron Manufacture. — Roll-Turning for Sections in.

Steel' and Iron^ working drawings for Rails, Sleepers, Girders, Bulbs,
Ties, Angles, &c., also Blooming and Cogging for Plates and Billets.
By Adam Spencer. Second edition, with 78 large plates. Illustrations
of nearly every dass of work in this Industry. 4to, cloth, i/. I Of.

Lime and Cement. — A Manual of Lime and

Cement^ their treatment and use in construction. By A. H. Heath.
Crown 8vo, cloth, 6j.

Liquid Fuel. — Liquid Fuel for Mechanical aTtd

Industrial Purposes. Compiled by E. A. Brayley Hodgetts. With
wood engravings, 8vo, doth, 5j.

Magneto Hand Telephone. — The Magneto

Hand Telephone. Its construction, fitting-up, and adaptability to every-
day use. By Norman Hughes. C«/j, i2mo, cloth, 3^. dd.

Mechanics. — The Essential Elements of Practical

Mechanics^ based on the principle of work ; designed for Engineering
Students. By Oliver Byrne, formerly Professor of Mathematics,
College for Civil Engineers. Fourth edition, illustrated by numerous
wood engravings^ post 8vo, cloth, *js, 6d,

Mechanical Engineering. — Handbook for Me-
chanical Engineers, By Henry Adams, Professor of Engineering at
the City of London College, Mem. Inst. C.E., Mem. Inst M.E., &c
Second edition, revised and enlarged. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6j.
Contents :

" Fundamental Principles of Mechanics — Varieties and Properties of Materials — ^Streng^
of Materials and Structures — Pattern Makine^ — ^Moulding and Founding— Forging, Welding
and Riveting — ^Workshop Tools and General Machinery — ^Transmission of Power, Friction
and Lubrication— Thermodynamics and Steam — Steam Boilers — The Steam Engine — Hy-
draulic Machinery — ^Electriod Engineering— Sundry Notes and Tables.

Mechanical Engineering. — The Mechanician :

a Treatise on the Construction and Manipulation of Tools, for the use and
instruction of Young Engineers and Scientific Amateurs, comprising the
Arts of Blacksmithing and Forging ; the Construction and Manufacture
of Hand Tools, and the various Methods of Using and Grinding them ;
description of Hand and Machine Processes ; Turning and Screw Cutting.
By Cameron Knight, Engineer. Containing 1147 illustrations, and
397 pages of letter-press. Fourth edition, 4to, doth, i&r.

Mechanical Movements. — The Engineers' Sketch-

Book of Mechanical Movements^ Devices, Appliances, Contrivances, Details
employed in the Design and Construction of Machinery for every purpose.
Collected from numerous Sources and from Actual Work. Classified and
Arranged for Reference. Nearly 2000 Illustrations, By T. W. Barber^
Engineer. Second edition, 8vo, cloth, is, 6d,

Digitized by V^OOQIC


Metal Plate V<fox\L.— Metal Plate Work: its

Patterns and their Geometry, Also Notes on Metals and Rules in Men-
suration for the use of Tin, Iron, and Zinc Plate-workers, Coppersmiths,
Boiler-makers and Plumbers. By C. T. Millis, M.I.M.E. Second
edition, considerably enlai^ed. With numerous , illustrations. Crown
. 8vo, cloth, Qj.

Metrical Tables. — Metrical Tables. By Sir G. L.

MoLESWORTH, M.I.C.E. 32mo, cloth, ij. dd,

Mill-Gearing. — A Practical Treatise on MilUGear-

ingy Wheels^ Shafts, Riggers, etc. ; for the use of Engineers. By Thomas
Box. Third edition, with ii plates. Crown 8vo, doth, *js. 6d,

Mill - Gearing. — The Practical Millwright and

Engineer's Ready Reckoner; or Tables for finding the diameter and power
of cog-wheels, diameter, weight, and power of shafts, diameter and
strength of bolts, etc By Thomas Dixon. Fourth edition, z2mo,
doth, 3/.

Miners' Pocket-Book. — Miners Pocket-Book ; a

Reference Book for Miners, Mine Surveyors, Geologists, Mineralogists,
Millmen, Assayers, Metallurgists, and Metal Merchants all over the
world. By C. G. Warn ford Lock, author of * Practical Gold Mining,*
* Mining and Ore-Dresfting Machinery,' &c. Fcap. 8vo, roan, gilt edges,

'^' ^ Contents :

Motive Power-^Dams and Reservoirs — ^Transmitting Powers-Weights and Measures-

Copper Smelting—Treatment of Ores — Coal Cleaning — Mine Surveying— British Rocks —
Geological Maps — Mineral Veins — Mining Methods— Coal Seams— Minerals— Precious
Stones— Metals and Metallic Ores— Metalliferous Minerals— Assaying — Glossary— List of
Useful Books — Index, &c.» &c., &c.

Mining and Ore-Dressing Machinery. — By

C. G. Warnford Lock, Author of * Practical Gold Mining.' Numerous
illustrations, super-royal 4to, cloth, 25^.

Mining Machinery. — Mining Machinery : a

Descriptive Treatise on the Machinery, Tools, and other Appliances used
in Mining. By G. G. Andr^, F.G.S., Assoc. Inst C.E., Mem. of the
Society of Engineers. Royal 4to, uniform with the Author's Treatise
on Cg^ Mining, containing ii2 plates, accurately drawn to scale, with
descriptive text, in 2 vols., cloth, 3/. 12s.
Contents :

Machinery for Prospecting, Excavating, Hauling, and Hoisting— Ventilation— Pumping—
Treatment of Mmeral Products, including Gold and Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead, Iron,
Coal, Sulphur, China Clay, Brick Earth, etc.

Digitized by V^OOQIC


Municipal Engineering. — Tke Municipal and

SanUary Engineer's Handbook, By H. Percy Boulnois, Mem. Inst.
C.E., Borough Engineer, Portsmouth. With numerous illustrations.
Second edition, demy 8yo, doth, i$s.

Contents :

The Appointment and Duties of the Town Surveyoi^-Traffic— Macadamised Road way a —
Steam RoUmg— Road Metal and Breaking—Pitched Pavements— Asphalte— Wood Pavements
—Footpaths — Kerbs and Gutters— Street Naming and Numbering— Street Lighting — Sewer-
age—Ventilation of Sew e r s Disposal of Sewage— House Drainage— Disinfection!— Gas and

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