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getauSfabrcn, v. ir. n. to start

forth ; to mount up, p. 208.
lotxaniQtt)tn,,n. logo out.
$eraudtr&ufeln, o. n. to drip or

drop out.
^ e r b e t, adv. hither, near, on.
^f rBeifu^ren, v. a. to lead or

bring on.
( e r b f i 1 cf e n, o. a. to entice, al-
lure ; to bring on.
§ f r b e i f (|> a f f e tt, t>.a. to procure;

to get
(^erberoe, /. shelter; quarters;

^ f t bfl, m. (H) autumn.
e r c )^ n t f (^, adj. Hercynian ; bit

— ttt SBBvilber, the Hercynian woods

or forests,
gerb, «. (e«) hearth; fire-place;

fire-side ; an il)rtm — t, id their fire-
side, p. 91.
^ ere in, in {towards the speaker),

into ; — ! come in ! walk in !
^ereinblicfen, o. n. to look in.
^cretnbrec^fn, n. to come

on suddenly, to approach, p. 117.
gcreinfommtn, «. tr. n. to come

in, to enter,
geretnlaffen, «. ir. a. to let in.
g e r e i n t T e t e p, «. ir. n. to step in,

to enter,
^creinwinlen, v. n to beckon

in ; to look invitingly (into a place).
^ e r f m m f n, V. ir. n. to come from

(any place).
^txtommii6), adj. customary,

^erfunft,/ origin, extraction.
^ e r m an n, m. Herman,
i^ernac^, adv, aftenMirds, after

that; and then, p 88.
^ernifbtr, cuiv. down ; bid auf bte

Soblcn — , down to the very soles

(jf his feet), p. 127.
Ce;tiiebf tfltf fen, v. ir. n. tc

ioir down, to descend, p. 95.
(crplb, m. (el) herald.
^ero< (fi .^eroen) hero.

^erV, m. (n, pi en) master; gentle

man ; lord ; mein — , sir ; — Ob^ini,

sir uncle ; ber — , our Lord, the Sa

viour, p. 152.
.gerrentag, OT. (cl) feast-day, feat!

J^txxli^, adj. glorious, s\aiely,

splendid, excellent, beauteous ; de>

Jcious ; adv. gloriously, &c.
.^ ertlid^f eit, /. glory, magnid-

cence, splendour,
.g c r r f c^ af t, / {pi. en) dominion,

power; a v^rson invested with

power, the lord of a manor (p. 103);

bte (jn&btge — , our gracious lord,

his grace, our lord, p. 105.
.gerrfc^en, v. n. to rule, reigb,

.gerrfc^enb/ part. adj. ruling, pre-
.gerrf(^er, m. (8, pi. — ) ruler

master, lord-
<gerum, adv. around; rtnflS — ,

round about.
.§ e r u n t e r, adv. down ; tocnn ct —

Xo\\[, if he seems inclined to coibe

down, p. 200.
.gerunter^angenb, part, adj

hanging down ; huge (of a lip),
fervor, adv. forth ; out.
^ervotbttngen, ». ir. o. to bring

forth or out; to produce; to ut-
^er^prrtngen, rang, gerunfien, v

refl. to disengage one's self, to es

cape by struggling,
.gervortufen, o. ir. a. tocallfonh

or out.
^ e r p r f p 1 1 1} e n, v. n. to spcmt

forth, gush out.
.geroorflrSinen, v. n. to strean

forth or out.
.gertjprtreten, v. ir. n. to stcf

forth ; to come cut.
.gervorjieben, jog, flejogen, v. a

to draw forth, pull out.
^ er |, n. (en«, pi. en) heart ; breai I

von — en gertt, with al. my heart.
^ e t { en, V. a. to press to the heail
' tc embrace, tiare^s.

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^crjcrgrclfent, adj, pathetic,

^crjflopfen, n. (S) throbbing of
the heart.

^CTglid), adj. cordial, affectionate.

^ e r g 1 1 d) f e i t , ./l eordialitj, affection.

^et^en, v. a, to chase, hunt; to in-
cite, set on (hounds).

^cucrntc, /. hay-making, hay-

c u ( c n , V. n. to howl, yell; to
whine ; to roar, bellow (of a storm).

Ocut(e), adv, to-day.

^cutig, cdj, to-day's, of to-day;
—en Sagej, now-a-days, at present.

{ e ^ c r; ate ^Icr^er,

i e n i e t e n , adv, here below, in this

§ I e r or ^ie, adv. here ; in this place ;
— unb ba, here and there; — auf,
hereupon; at this; after this; — ^ci
thither, to this place, this way ; bid



^leroglJjpl&f, /. (pi n)

^ I m m e ( , m.{i,pl, — ) heaven, sky ;
am — , in the heavens or sky ; o —
oh heavens I

$lmmeUgeii)oIBc,n. ) celestial

^ImmeUjelt, n. 5 vault, vault
of heaven.

^Immlifc^, adj. heavenly, oeles-
tial; I*, ble — c, I, the heavenly
one, p. 41

^ I n , adw. {implying motion away
from the speaker, Gr. p. 134) thith-
er, there; away; along; on; to,
towards ; sometimea it is expletive,
as: iibcr bie SBeUen — , over the
waves, p. 108; — unb §cr, to and
fro, up and down; — unb tvicbcr,
here and there, to and fro ; au(^ ^{cr
na(^ bem ®eb{rg* ifl er — {supply
gegangcn), he, too, is gone, up hither
towards the mountains, p. 199 ; fe^t
— ! lo there I

i n a B , tidv. down (aicay from the I

speaker); i^ mup — (supply ge^ciiX

I must go down, p. 128.
^ I n a b fl e I g < n, v. tr. n. to go down,

^inabjlel^en, jog, gcjogcu/ v. a. to

draw down.
^ I n au f , €idv, up, up to or towards j

ben 93crg —, up the mountain, up hill
<$lnaufful^rcn, v. a. to lead up.
<& I tt au f f m m e n , to get 09

oome up.
-^Inaufrufen, rlef, gerufcn, ». n. tc

call up to, p. 94.
<^lnauff(^auen, v.n. to look up.
<& I n a u 8^ adv. out ; beyond.
^lnau«fllegen, flog, gcjlogen, ». n.

to fly out or away,
^liiauige^en, v. ir. n. to go out;

to extend, reach, p. 214.
<&inaudgefto|cn, part. adj. cast or

turned out.
•& i n b e r n , v. a. to hinder, impede.

— ^cr, thus far; — »on, hereof, of ^Inburc^, adv. through; through-
out; during; idf toltt — , i. e gc^en,
I will go through, p. 78; \>ai Baffx
— , during the year.

<$lneln, ac^v. in, into ; it is frequent-
ly expletive, as: in ben ffialb — , into
the wood, p. 27; In ^arl« — , into
Paris, p. 46 ; too fie fi* -r- fc^ten, iato
which they seated themselves, f ,82.

<$lnclnto(fen, v. a. to entice into
(a place).

•§ I n e I n f e ]^ e n , to look in.

«& I n e I n f (^ 1 1 n g e n, r. ir. a. to swal«
low up, devour, engulf.

^ I n f a 1 1 e n , to fall or drop

>& i n g e B e n , v. ir. a. to give away or
up ; to sacrifice.

<0 i n f n i e e n , v.n. to kneel down.

^ I n I eg e n , v a. to lay down ; fit^ — ,
to lay one's self down, to lie down.

<&lnrel(^cn, v. a. to reach ; to hand

•& I nt e I p e n, a. to carry away,
to transport, ravish ; — b, trazispo^
ing, ravishing

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Cinfinfftt, v. tr. n. to sink down,

to fiiint away,
g { n t e n, adv, behind ; in the rear.
^ 1 11 1 e r, adj. back, hind ; prep, fy

adv. {toith the dat ) behind, in the

rear of, after, back,
^tntergrunb, m. (eg) hack ground.
^inttti)alt, m, (eS) ambuscade,

^ i n t e T I i fl i g, culj. cunn'ng, insidi-
ous, deceitful.
\^initx^t, (mp. of ^tnter) hind-
must ; hit — n ^n^t, the hind feet,

p. 167.
^tntert^itr, /. back door.
^ t n ii b e r, adv. over, across,
^tniiberleitf n, v. a. to lead or

conduct over.
J&infiberfdjlnmmern, v. n. to

slumber over (into the other

$ t n u n t e r, adv. down, downward,

that way.
ginunterfel^ett, v. ir. a. to look

^inuntixtoa^tn, V. rffl. to venture

§tttn>e(^ adv, away, over; — !

away! begone!
^ t r f d^, w. (e8, pi. c) stag, deer,
gtrfc^fjf nger m. («) cutlass,

^irt, m. (en, ji/. en) shepherd,

^ i ^ e, /. heat ; ardour.
i^Odf, adj. high ; tall ; lofty, great ;

adv. highly, &c.
goc^bcgliid f, adj. highly fa-
$ (^ a m t n. (el) high mass.
^ (^ a u f, adv. high up ; aloft,
©oc^fabrenb, adj. high-flown,

imperious, haughty,
g c^ b e r 5 1 g, adj. high-minded,

g 6d? fl, adj. {sup. of ]^o(^) highest;

adv. in the liighest degree, most.
60(^flen<, adv. at the meet, at

f^^ltit, f Tvedding; feast at

court; anf bie — , to the wedding
*r feast ; auf ber — •, at the feast.

.g f, m. (c8, pi. e*) court-yard, yard
palace, court ; household (of t
prince) : am or beim — e, at court.

Ȥ of ^unb, m. (eg) house-dog, watch-

.& f r a u m, m. (8) court-yard.

^offl a at, m. (d) household of i
prince, court.

<g f t J ii r, /. door of a court-yard,

.goffen, v, n. to hope; to expect;
auf @inen —, to trust or confide
in ; auf ttmai — , to hope for.

$offttun{j, /. {pi, en) hope, ex-

^bfiid), adj. courteous, polite ;
auf eine — e 2lrt, in a courteous
manner, politely.

^ 6 f I i n g, m. (8, pi. e) courtier.

.gSfltnflgfc^aar, /. crowd or
throng of courtiers.

^ b« adj- M« bocf).

.go be, /. height; loftiness, high-
ness ; in bie —, up, upwards, aloft ;
in bcr — , on high, aloft; aug ber
— , from on high.

•§ b c i t, /. loftiness, majesty.

^oi)tx, adj. {comp. of ^oc<^) higher ;
more advanced (of age) ; in eineni
— en 9Uter, at a more advanced age,
p. 179.

<^^^\, adj. hollow; indistinct o»
dull (of sound).

jQbi)i t,f. {pi. n) hollow ; cavern ; den.

.g b I w eg, m. (e§, pi. e) hollow-way, '

ig b n, m. (e») scorn, derision, cod

.g 1 b, adj. kind ; favourable, friend'
ly; lovely, sweet; fair, beaui39iz«;
adv. kindly, &c.

.g 1 b f e 1 1 g, adj. sweet, lovely,

^b\\t,f hell.

.gollenbrut, / hellish brocd «

^bUtnf^unh, m {t8, pi t) tt^I'
hoondi Cerberus.

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6 9 1 tt n r a(^ en, m. (d) jaws of hell.
^Illcnraum, m. (0 Bpace of hell,

^iiitnt^ox, n. (8) gate of hell.
^pl|, n. (ed) wood.
«^ 5 1 ) e ¥ n, adj. wooden, of wood.
^ p m e r(u d) m. Homer.
^ m e J i f c^, ad;. Homeric.
•^Pttig^m. (d) honey.
«^pnigfatt adj. satisfied or satiat-
ed with honey; — mac^' i^ eu(^, I

will procure you your fill of honey,

p. 165.
1^0 pi uU, {expressive qf extJtation ;

also m imitation of the trot of a

horse) bop!
J^ r a, /. Hora, a goddess presiding

over the sea.sons of the year; or

one of the seasons, spring.
@ P t a |, m. Horace, a Latin poet.
^ r (^ f n, V. n. to listen ; hearken,
^(ren, V. a. ^n. to hear; to give

ear, attend ; ftc^ — laffen, to make

one's self heard, i. e. to give note,

p. 202.
§ 5 r f r, m. («, pi. — ) hearer,
jg p r 1 1 n t, m. (ed) horizon.
$ P rn, n. (f8, pi. tt*) horn ; bugle ;

in« — flofcn, to wind or blow the

$5rnerf(^an, m. (g) sound of

boms or bugles.
i^orrtbP^, a word imitative of the

clatter and voc derations of a hunt*

Ing train.
Jgfi fit I, m. («, p, — ) hill, hillock.
^nkn,n. fowl ; chicken.
$uM! ^- {expressive of horror)

whew! whew!
Qui I tat. {denoting quickness) quick !

in an instant or trice.
^ u 1 f *, /. help, assistance, aid ; (SU

nem }U — f ommctt, to come to one's

aid or rescue.
Qvilfxtiii, adj. ready or inclined

to help, aiding, helping.
^iilf€btt>iitfti^ adj in want of

belp; needy.
^ fi II t,f. veil, cover, hull.
^ftUcti, o. a. to wrap up, vel, cover.

«g u nb, m. {H,pl. e) dog, hound
Qnn\> d9tn,n. dim. little dog.
.^ u n h e r t, num. hundred .
^unbertj&^rig, adj. a hundrei:

years old ; very ancient,
•gunbertmal, adv. a hundred

^unberttaufenb, num. hundred

.gungcr, m. («) hunger; — ^abeit

to be hungry; au9 —^, out of hvD

^ u r b f , /. (jH. n) fold (of a shep

herd), pen.
^uffafa! tn<. huzza! hurrah!
^Vit,m. {tifpl.t*) hat.
^nt, f. care, guard, protection; ic

^eirger —^, under sacred protection

under the care of the gods.
Q\ittt,f.{pl. n) cottage ; hut, tent
Q\)aiitt t^t,f. {pi. n) hyacinth.

3 (the vowel).
3 6), pron. pers. I, see Gr. p. 427 —

fclbfl, I myself.
3 b e a I, adj. ideal ; bad •— , the idea
3bi?Ue,/. (/rf.n)idyl.
3 ^ m, pron. pers. dot. ting, tf tv,to

him ; to it.
3 ^ n, pron. ace. sing, tf ft, him ; it
3 ^ntn, pron. qf fie, to theis,

them ; to you, you {in addressing

any one),
3 h r, pron. pers. pi. qf bu, ye or yt

dot. sing, qfjiit, to her, her.
3^r, pron. poss. her, hers; theb

3 ^ter^pron. </fte, of them.
3^ti0t, bcr, bte, bad, pron. poss

hers ; theirs ; yours, Gr. p. 432.
3 m,for ttt bem, in the.
3nimcJ, adv. ever, always; yet,

still ; ouf — , for ever ; — mc^r.

more and more ; — Wtlbcr, wildei

and wilder; — firfler, worse airf

fl n, prep, {toith the ace ^ dot.) into

to ; in, at, within.
3n(C0tiff, m. sum total, ess^um
3nbrnnfl /. ardour, fonrour.

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)n^em, eon/, while, whilst, when;
{pfcuuU) because, since, as.

5 u b c $, \ adv. meanwhile, in

3 H b e f f e n, ( the mean time, while ;
conj. however, notwithstanding, yet.

3 u I) c 1 1, m. (e«) contents (of a book) ;
purport, substance.

3 un, in. the Inn, a river.

3 tt n c r c, ber, bie, ba«, adj. interior ;
inward, inner; mcin — «, my in-
most being, ray hear:, soul, p. 163.

rjautflf adj. intimate, fervent, ar-

3 n li i (J I i c^ adj. heartfelt, cordial.

3n«,ibr in ba«, into the, Ac.

3 » f c^ 1 1 * t /. (/rf. en) uiscription.

Sttfel,/. (jK. n) island, isle.

SnfltumcKt, n. {t%, pi. t) instru-

SntelligtBel, adj. intellectual;
invisible, spiritual.

3 n t e II t g c n 5, /. intelligence, intel-
lectual being.

Sntereffe, n. (8) interest.

Sntoniren, ». n. to intonate.

3 V ^ i 9 < « i «» /• Iphigenia ; ba3 0^)ff r
bet — « the sacrifice of Iphigenia (a

3rbif4^, adj. earthly, terrestrial;
fliortal, temporal.

SrflCttb, adv. {of place) anywhere,
tome where ; (<j'<tme) ever, at any
time ; {of manner) in any way, per-
haps ; — ttcocA, any thing, aught;
-^ Qxvc or Semanb, any one, any

^rren, © n. ^ rtfi. to err, to go
astray ; to be mistaken ; wenn tc^
ntd^t trre, unless I am mistaken.

3 tv 1 i (^ t n. (c8, pi tx) ignis fatuus,

3rrtf)um, m. («, pi. er*) errcr, de-
ception ; erroneous or false notion.

3t r w efl, m. («, p/. e) wrong way, by«
5i».th ; path of error or sin.

^t a 1 1 e n i f (^, adj, Italian.

%%9, for \t%X, adv. now, at present.
3 {the consonant).

%a, adv. yet, yea, ay; certainly, in-
dead, tmrely, nay, forsooth. It i

often refert to Momething already
mentioned or well known: at you
know, you see, p. 108, but i» fre-
quently a mere expletive; on p. 97 U
has the force of a causal conjunC'
turn: for.

3a(^, adv. suddenly, hastily, head-

3 a ft b, /. chase, hunt.

3aflbflebriiUe, n. (e) whooping 9
clamour of the chase.

3o(jbbunb, m. (f«, pi. e) hunting'
dog, hound.

3 a b I u fl, /. pleasure of the chase,

3agen, v. a. 4r n. o chase, hunt;
to go a hunting or sporting; to
drive or chase (away) ; — b, sport
ing, hunting.

3&dcr, m. {a, pi, — ) hnntsmui,

^af)x, n, (e8, p(. e) year; ba« gangi
— 'bur(^, all the year round; jebff
— , every year, yearly; tm Qan|c«
— t, throughout the entire year.

3a^re«jcit, /. {pi. en) season (ol
the year).

3a^r^uttbett n. y^,pl. c) century,

3 a t) r U (6, adj. yearly, annual ; adv.
annually, every year.

3&^iorn, m. (d) violent anger .:
propensity to sudden anger, pat-

3 a m m c r, m. («) misery, calamity.

3ammen)oU, adj. deplorable, wo-
ful ; adv. full of anguish or distress,
p. 96.

3 am merited, adv. miserably, wo-

3a))Ven, n. (8) gaspmg, gaping.

3 a u ^ J e n, o. n. to shout, exult.

3c, adv. always, ever; {with compar*
aiives) the; — n5!)er, the nearer
p. 85 ; — 5fter mtb an^altcnbcr, th«
oflener and longer, p. 209 ; — . . .
beflo, the . . . the {with compara^
tives) ; — riefenmaf iget . . . bfflo
^5f)er, the more gigantic . the
higher, p. 184.

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3e^ c r, icbe, \tt>ti, tin jeber, ^c. pron. \^U£tnt>ii^,adj. yotithful, yoimg.
each, every, every one ; eincr ;eben, 3 u g c n b t a g c, p/. days of youth,
to each of them, p. 75.

Seberm an n, pron. every body,

every one
3eber$eit, adv. always, at all

2[ebO(^, cojy. yet, however, never-
3 e fl I i (^ c t, jcglic^e, icgli^cS, prcn.

each, every.
3 c m a 1 0, adv. ever, at any time.
3 1 m a n b, pron. some one, some body,

any one.
3encr, jenc, jcncS, pron. that, yonder,

that one ; {when opjiosed to fcicfcr)

the former.
3cn f ci t, prep, {with the gen.) on the

other side, beyond.
3 1 n f e i tf adv. on the other side.
3efuS!nabe, m. (n) the infant

3cfe t, adv. now, at present ; — eBcn,

but just now ; erfl — , now for the
- first time ; — np(t, still, even now ;

bis — , hitherto.
Scjuw^ilen, adv. once in a while,

3i>4^« n. (c5) yoke; ridge or chain of

Ifo^ann, m. John; <Bt. (<Sanft) — ,

St. John ; @t. — bc3 JtaiiferS Dr^

ben, the 3rder of St. John the

Baptist, p. 143.
3 n i e n, n. ('8) Ionia, a country in

Asia Minor.
3 on i e r, m. ('«, pi. — ) inhabitant of

Ionia, Ionian.
5 n t f cfe, adj. loniaa., Ionic
3ubf I, m. (S) shout of joy, jubila-
3 U b e I f C fl. n. (e«) jubilee.
3 U B C I n, v. n. to shout, rejoice, ex-
ijug e n b, /. youth ; period of youth ;

young persons.
Jufltnbfreunb, m. (ti,pL e) friend

of one's youth, early friend.
5nflenh!raft,/. (j)/. e*) vigour or

•trcniifr!- of youth.

3 n I i « 8, m. July ; in bcr ^ad)t »oi»
4. jum 5. — , in the night bctweei
the 4th and 5th of July, p. 178.

3 u n g, adj young, youthful.

3unge, m. (n) boy, lad.

Sungfet, /. (pLn) maiden; spm

3 u n (J f r a u, /. maid, vir.gin.

3unofraultc^, adj. iAiden-lik«.

3 ii n g I in 0, m. (8, ji/. e) young man,

3 II n g fl, adv. recently, lately.

3iing{le, bet, >te, bag, the youngest;
ber — 3^ag, u e last day, dooms-day.

3upiter, m. («) Jupiter.

3 u fl t n u 8, m. Justin, a Roman his-

Jt a f e r, m. (8, pi. —) chafer, beetle

J? a f t g, > m. (c8, pi. — ) bird-cago,

Jt a f i d^ t, J cage.

Stai){, adj. bald, bare.

^ai)n,m. {t9,pL c*} boat, wherry.

^ a t f e T, m. (5, pi. — ) emperor.

^ a t f e r U 4), adj. imperial, the ei>

.^atferfaal, m. (es) imperial hail,

^alt, adj. cold; cool, indifferent;
adv. coldly ; dehberately, cooly

Staittff. cold, coldness.

.^ a m m e n, o. a. to comb ; dress (thu

Jl a m nt e r, / (pi. n) chamber, apart-
ment; bed-room.

Jlammcrl)err, m. {n,pl. en) cham-

Jla m vff »». {t9,pl' e*) combat, fight;
conflict, struggle.

^ 5 m V f e n, v.n. to fight ; strugglOf

Jt a n J I e r, m. (8) chancellor.

Staptlicf. {pi- n) chapel.

Stax^\)tit, f. stinginess, ponuriou?

JtSrglt^, adj. penurious; scanty

Statx^lm. (e8, pi. m) caip

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ftaxxtn,m,{i, pi —) cart ; barrow.

ft 5 f e, m. (5, pi. — ) cheese.

jt a f f a n b e r, OT. Cassander.

ft a« f e u, ». o. to buy, purchase

ftaufmann, m. («, pL ^auflcute)

ft a u m, adv. scarcety, scarce, hard-
ly ; — ... fo, scarcely . . . when,
p. 77.

ft e if ctdj. bold, fearless.

ft e § I c, /. throat ; voice; ani feller
— , with a clear voice.

ft t i I, m. (e8, pi. e) wedge.

ft c i in, m. (5. p/. f ) germ, bud.

ft f i m e n, w. n. to shoot, germinate.

ft c I u, feinc, Uin, pron, adj. no, not
any ; none, no one ; — Scbctt m(t)X,
no longer any life, p. 196.

fteiuer, pron. indejiniie, nobody, no

ft c I c^, m. (c§, pi. e) cup ; calyx (of

ft e U e r, m. (g, pi. — ) cellar.

ftcnncn, iaiintt, (jefaunt, tj. a. to
know, to be acquainted with ; —
leruen, to become acquainted with,
make the acquaintance of.

ft e u n c r, m. (8, pi. — ) connoisseur,
judge (of art).

ft e n u t n i ^, /. (pi ffc) knowledge,

ft cm, m. (c3, pi. e) kernel or stone
(of fruit).

ft c f f e U m. («, pi — ) caldron, ket-
tle, boiler.

ft c 1 1 e, /. (p/. n) chain ; seres.

ft eu d^ c n, v.n. to pant, gattp ; — b,
panting, gasping, out of breath.

ft i e f e r n a b e I, /. ( p/. n) fir-needle.

ft i n b, n. (f 8, pi. cr) child.

ft t n b 1 i (f>, adj. child-like, becoming
a child.

ft i n b I i (J)! e { t /. child like senti-
ments or disposition.

fttnbtuuf fc^maud, m. (e8) christ-

ft t tt n, n. (6) chin.

ftird^c, /. (p/. n) church.

ftird^engefttttG, m. («) singing at
church; sacred chant or anthem.

^ircf^en^^mne, /. {pi. n) hymn

canticle, anthem,
ft i r 4> e iim u f t f , /. church-music.
Stixxi^itin, n. (5) Utile church*

^ t fl e, /. chest, coffer.
Jt i ttcl, m. frock, gown,
jt i 1 1 c i c() c tt, 71. (8) dim. of Mittti,
.ftUffen, V. n. to gape, chink; ta

clatter ; to bark, yelp.
^ Ufle, /. {pi. n) complaint, lament;

action or suit (at law).
^ I a (J e n, ». n. to complain, lament j

V. a. to complain of, to tell (as l

matter of grief).
^ I a rt e II 8 K i t, /. time for lamenting
St I a Qlitb, adj. pitiful, wretchod.

sorrowful; in — tx ©eflalt, with

sorrowful mien,
ftlang, n. (c8, pi. c*) somid; claiyj,

,ft I a r, adj. clear, bright, serene ;

plain, pure (of sound); open; evi-
dent ; adv. clearly, &c.
,ftlatfd)en, v. n. to applaud; to

clap applause.
Jllaue,/. {pi. n) claw, clutch,
ill a tt « ne r, m. (§) anchorite, her

ftlcib, n. {tS, pi. cr; often in tfu

plural) dress, garment, habit,

J! I C t b U n g, /. apparel, clothes, dresa.
^ 1 c i n, adj. small, little ; irisignifi>

cant, trifling, mean ; short, p. 40 ;

til —cr ©ntfcrming, a short dis-
tance, p. 90 ; bet or bic —t, the

little one, child.
^Icinob, n. (c8, pi. c) jewel; trea

ft I c m m e n, t>. a. to cramp, pinch, yvta
ft lima, n. {6,pl. ta) clime, climate,
ft U ng c n, t{an({, gcfluiiQcn, v. n. to

s lund ; to tinkle, jingle
^i.\>pt,f. {pi. n) steep 'ock, ciiff

Jtlivpcnfif^w. (c8) lub-fish.
,ft 1 V f c n, t). n. to knock
^ 1 fl c r, n («, pi. — *) cloister, cod


Digitized by VjOOQ IC




ftluft, f. {jd. c*) eavern, ravine;
gnir, abyss.

K I u g, adj. prudent, wise ; shrewd ;
adv. prudently, &c.

StluQf^tit,/. pruder ne, sense.

itluglt(^, adv. prudently, sagely,

Stnaht, tn. (n, pi. n) boy stripling,

it tt a n« tn. crack, clap, s Ack (of a
whip); clatter

Stnaliin, v. n. to clap, cack, smack
(of the whip, &c.).

it tt a )>)>(, m. (n, pi. n) squire; at-

jt ne (^ t m. (fd, pi. e) servant; slave,

jtnte, n. (t9,pl. knee.

^nittn,v. n. to kneel.

Xnix{d>tn,v.n. to grate; gnash or
grind (the teeth) ; ba3 — , the grat-
ing, gnashing of teeth.

if n 08 D e, /. ipl. tt) bud, gem (of a

jl 1^, m. (e8, p/. e*) cook.

Stodfcn, V. a. fy n. to cook, boil;
to do the cooking.

$tbhtx,m. (8, pi. — ) bait.

Stot^\t,f.{pl.n) coal ; charcoal.

Rf>f)ii^ant>t, f. {pi, n) cabbage-

Jt5ln, n. Cologne, a town in Ger-

^^ c 1 n i e, /. (p/. tt) colony.

jlnmmcn, fam, fltfomnten, v. n, tn
come; to arrive, get at; ju etWttS
— , to come by, to get, p. 83.

SthniQ,m. (c8, pi. e) king ; bte brei
— C, the wise men or magi of the
Ea-n (in Scripture).

jt b tt t fl i n n, /. (p/. en) queen.

ft ft n i 1 1 dj, adj. kingly, royal.

ft6nt(jrei(i, n. (8, p/. c) kingdom,

fti^ntfl8fp^n, m. \8, pi c*) king's
■on, prince.

St » n i fi 6 1 (^ 1 1 r, /. ( p/. — ♦) king's
daughter, princess.

£lititfn, tcnntt, gefonnt, v. a. ^
«(.r t^ be able (can, could) ; to

know how ; to be permitted (may
might); id) faun, I can, may; t4
!5nute, I could, might; fonnte td>
e8 t^uu, I might do it, p. 108.

it p f, m. (e8, pi. e*) head ; disposi.
tion ; genius ; tin toarmcr — , a
hot-headed person, enthusiast, p

Stbpf^trt, dim. n. (i, pL — ) little

^otalle,/. {pi. tt) coral.

itorint^ or Jtorint^tt8, n. Co-

itotn, ». (c8;i»/. er*) grain; com,

it 5 ttt t e ttt, dim. n. {9, pi. — ) gran-
ule, little seed or grain.

it 6r p c r, m. (8, pi. — ) body.

it 5 r per It (^, adj. corporeal, bodily

it fl b a r, adj. costly ; precioiiB.

it fl e n, j>^. expense, cost

it oflen, o. n. to cost {with dot. cfthk

it5fin^, adj. costly; preciouc,
choice, delicious.

Stxa^tn, V, n. to crash, cracki
break ; — b, crashing, thundering.

^raft, /. {pi. t*) strength, vigour,
power, force, energy.

it r a f 1 1 8, adj. weak, powerless,

itraftoolt, adj. full of strength,
nervous, vigorous.

it r a 1 1 e, /. (K n) claw ; clutch.

^tanidf,m. (8, jU. e) crane.

^ r a tt f, adj. sick, infirm ; ber — t;
the sick man.

.^ T a n f e tt; v. n. to grow sick or ill
to sicken.

^ranfettbettn. (8) sick-bed.

itranfHft, <^j- 4r ^^^ morbk

Strant^tit,/. {pi. en) sickness, iL

it r it R f It (^, adj. weak, morbid

it r an J, m. (c8, p/. e*) garland, chap
let, wreath ; fig. halo, p. 58.

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