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Jan. 23 M'^ Samuel Slader, of Covent Garden, & M'^ Ann Holland, of

S' Giles's

Jan. 23 M' Adam Dale & M"^ Alice Ellis, of S' Martin's

Jan. 23 M' George Hodgkinson, of S' Sepulchre's, & M" Elizabeth Wakeford,

of S' George's

Jan. 23 M' Thomas Taylor & M" Elizabeth Taylor, of S' Sepulchre's

Jan. 23 M'' Joseph Holloway & M'" Sarah Eand, of Cripplegate

Jan. 23 M.'^ John Watson, of S' Martin's, & M'' Mary Hammond

Jan. 24 M"' Alexander Cowan, of S' Martin's, & M." Jane Shilds, of S* Ann's

Jan. 24 M' William Gozzard & M''^ Margaret Bostock, of S* Ann's

Jan. 24 M'' Martin Eamsay, of S' Martin's, & M" Mary Daffey, of S' Giles's

Jan. 25 M"' David Prichard & M" Ann Bowler, of S' Martin's

Jan. 26 M' Thomas Ferriss & M''" Elizabeth Parkes, of S' Andrew's

Jan. 27 M' John Lester & M" Ann Thorp, of Stepney

Jan. 27 M'" John Charlton & M" Lucy Seguier, of S' Ann's

Jan. 29 M"' Peter Hill, of S' Martin's, & M" Catherine Natt, of S' James's

Jan. 30 M'' John Lambert & M" Silverwood, of S' Albau's, Wood Street

Jan. 30 M' Thomas Smith & M" Elizabeth Twist

Jan. 30 M^ Francis Eaworth & M" Mary Harris, of S' Margaret's

Jan. 30 M' James Howard & M" Mary Armstead, of Blomsbery



Jan. 30 M'' Christopher Taylor & Isabella Alder

Jan. 30 M"^ Thomas Price, of S' George's, & M''^ Ann Watkius, o£ Covent


Jan. 30 M"' Thomas Tawney & M" Sarah Dobney, of S' James's

Jan. 30 M' James Smith & M" Sarah Harward, of S' Andrew's

Jan. 30 M"' Isaac Johnson & M" Sarah Clark, of Spittlefields

Jan. 30 M" John Thompson & M"'^ Katherine Dodshon, of S' James's

Jan. 31 M' Patrick Cragg & M™ Alice Earl, of S* Mary le Strand

Jan. 31 Humfrey Maynwaring Howorth, Esq^ & M" Sarah Ordway, of S' Paul's,

Covent Garden, W.

I'eb. 1 M"' Francis Matthias Krouss & M.'^ Elizabeth Killingly, of S' Martin's

Feb. 1 M' William Story & M''" Marv Oldham, of S* Saviour's, Southwark

Feb. 2 M - Aaron Eichardson, of Stratford, & M" Elizabeth Bell, of Thundersley ,


Feb. 2 M' George Kussell, of Hampstead, Midd.,& M"Mary Johnson, of S* Ann's

Feb. 2 Mf John Hague & M''= Hannah Joplin, of S' James''s ; by Banns

Feb. 3 M"- John Neal & M'^ Rachal Gandar, of Southall

Feb. 3 M"' Thomas Wakefield, of the Savoy, & M" Margaret Lawrence, of

S' Peter's, Cornhill

Feb. 3 M'' Edward Larmer & M" Elizabeth Searl, of Tateley, Hants

Feb. 3 M - John Carroll, of S' George's, & M''^ Jane Millner; of S' Ann's

Feb. 5 M' William Edger & M'= Mary Manington, of S' Andrew's

Feb. 5 M"' Thomas Page & M" Mary Clarke, of S' James's

Feb. 6 M'- William Braithwaite & M'= Hannah Chaplain, of Shoreditch

Feb. 6 M'- John Dodson & M'" Ann Ennever, of S' Michael's, CornhiU

Feb. 6 M' Joseph Turner, of Whiteehapel, & M" Mary Atkinson, of


Feb. 6 M"' Richard Stanley & M"'" Ann Taylor, of S' Andrew's

Feb. 7 M'' Arthur Downes & M'^ Elizabeth Sudlow, of S' Bride's

Feb. 7 M'- William Mays, of S' James's, & M" Marv Baily, of Cov* Garden

Feb. 7 M'- John Walker, of S' George's, & M" Mabell Waight, of S' Martin's

Feb. 7 M' Thomas Ives, of Kensington, Midds., & M''= Katherine Barber, of

Lenham, Kent

Feb. 8 M' Thomas Luckin & M" Mary Hines, of Eumford, Essex

Feb. 10 M'' James Crighton, of S' Margaret's, & M" Jane Salmon, of S' Georges's

Feb. 10 M' Thomas Norton & M" Mary Drummond, of Putney, Surrey

Feb. 10 M' Kichard Eeeves & M''* Eose Handcock, of S' James's

Feb. 10 JM' Eobert Pordage, of Dover, Kent, & M'" Sarah Creed, of S' James's

Feb. 10 M'- Eeginald Trotter, of S' George's, & M" Mary Bluck, of S' Bride's

Feb. 10 M^ William Lyster & M''' Sarah Nest, of Bloomsbury

Feb. 10 M'- Jerome Vandiest, of S' Martin's, & M" Ursule Bragg, of

S' Marylebone

Feb. 10 M'' William Wliiston & M" Hester Pawson, of S' Mary, Islington

Feb. 11 M"' James Bell & M''" Mary Young, of Camberwell, Surrey

Feb. 12 M'- John Ellis & M"''* Mary Wroe

Feb. 12 M' Richard Webb & M'^ Ann Robinson, of S' Marylebone

Feb. 13 M"- Henry Wheelwright, of S' Leonard, Foster Lane, & M''^ Ann

Eussell, of S' Ann's

Feb. 13 M' George Squire & M" Elizabeth Corbet, of S' Marylebone

Feb. 13 M' John Bowland & Susannah Clarke, of S' John's, Westm^

Feb. 13 M' Matthew Pybus, of Blomesbury, & M" Ann Bayly, of S' Andrew's

Feb. 13 M' William Sutton & M" Mary Sutton, of S' John's, Westm'

Feb. 13 M'' Charles Harris & M'^ Susannah Batrich, of S* Giles's

Feb. 13 M'' David Heliot & M''^ Katherine Horseley

Feb. 13 M' Edward Heliot & M" Mary Whitehead

Feb. 13 M'' Francis Morton & M" Elizabeth Bushell, of S' Martin's

Feb. 13 M'' George Man, of S' Saviour's, Southwark, & M" Isabella Thompson,

of S' Mary Hill

ST. George's chapel, htde park corner. 29

Feb. 13 M' Solomon Wood, of S' Luke's, Old Street, & M« Jane Lambley, of

S' Andrew's
Feb. 13 M'' George Trusler, of S' Martin's, & M''' Sarah Mastin, of S* Giles's
Feb. 14 M"' Henry Willougliby Pennell, of S' Mary Le Strand, & M'" Catherine

Scott, of S' Clement's
Feb. 14 M'- Tliomas Atlee, of Allhallows the Great, & M" H.innah Stevens, of

S' Ann's
Feb. 14 M'' William Fletcher & M" Ann Peasly, of S' James, Clarkenwell
Feb. 14 M - llichard Withall, of Blomesbery, & M'' Christian Jones, of

S' Giles's
Feb. 14 M"- William Hartwell & M" Sarah How, of S' Leou.ard's, Shoreditch
Feb. 14 M'' William Hare & M''^ Marv Vinton, of S' Olave's, Southwark
Feb. 14 M'- William Whabell & W Ann Purckess, of S' M.irgaret's
Feb. 14 M'' John Baggatt & M'^ Frances Read, of S' Martin's
Feb. 14 Andrew Colli, Esq'', of Bush Lane, & M" Jean Dalrymple, of

S' George's
Feb. 15 M'' James Pilliner & M"= Mary Oliver, of Clarkenwell
Feb. 15 M' David Davies & M" Ann Bannister, of S' Laurence Poultney
Feb. 15 M"- Joseph Strank, of S' Bartholomew the Great, & M" Elizabeth Cave,

of S' George the Martyr
Feb. 15 M' William Parish & M" Ann Smith, of Mitcham, Surrey
Feb. 15 M'' Ealph Stopford & M"'^ Martha Holdway, of S' James's
Feb. 16 M>- Jeremiah Church & M" Bridget Brett, of S' James's
Feb. 16 M^ John Moody, of Hinchley [sic], Middx., & M" Eose Thiel, of

S' George's
Feb. 16 M' Thomas Goldfinch, of S' Andrew's, & M" Susannah Castle, of

Canterbury, Kent
Feb. 17 M'" William Bentley, of Nasing, Essex, & M''^ Jane Turrall, of London
Feb. 18 M"- Robert Mansfield & M" Elizabeth Wilkinson, of S' Martin's
Feb. 18 M"' James Rake & M"' Mary Steyley, of S' Andrew's
Feb. 18 M'' Henry Potter & M" Martha Redgrove, of Hoxne in Suffolk
Feb. 18 M'' Jonathan Wilkinson & M''^ Jane Witham, of S' Andr., Holborn
Feb. 19 M"' Francis Hawes & M" Elizabeth Adderly, of S' Martin's
Feb. 20 M"- John Elliot & M''^ Elizabeth King, of S' Martin's
Feb. 20 M"^ John Lewis & M" Mary Williams, of Rotherith, Kent [sic]
Feb. 20 M' James Wenn &, M" Sarah Merris, of S' James's
Feb. 20 M' William Harris, of S' Bennet Sheerhog, & M''" Ann Many weathers,

of Aldgate
Feb. 21 M'' Roger Jones & M''' Susannah Belris, of S' James's
Feb. 21 Mr John Imesou & M''" Sarah Read, of S* Giles's
Feb. 21 M"' John Harman, of Shoreditch, & M'' Ann Tanner, of Spittlefields
Feb. 21 M>^ Tudor Smith & M'^ Margaret Wingod, of Surrey
Feb. 22 M'- William Gale & M" Elizabeth Milnes
Feb. 22 M - Lingin & M'^ Ruth Green
Feb. 24 M"' John Hicks, of Barrow upon Soar, & M''= Ruth Boulter, of

Syston, CO. Leic.
Feb. 24 M.' Thomas Symons, of Chelsea, & M''^ Sarah Tayler, of S' George's
Feb. 24 M'' Edward Dalton & M''^ Alice Skelton, of S^ George's in the East
Feb. 24 M' John Knock & M"'^ Catherine Clements
Feb. 26 M'' Isaac Barton & M''' Sarah Thwaites, of Rochford, Essex
Feb. 26 M'- John Gooch, of Cripplegate, & M''^ Mary Brice, of Islington, Midd.
Feb. 27 M"' John White, of Stepney, & M''" Ann Pearson, of S' Bride's
Feb. 27 M'- William Glaister & M''^ Jane Hobdell, of S' Andrew's
I'eb. 27 M"' William Johnson & M''" Susannah Maria Darnell, of S' John's,

Feb. 27 M"' John Bilson, of Higham on the Hill, co. Leic, & M" Martha

Field, of S' Martin's
Feb. 27 M"' George Robinson & M" Mary Willis, of S' Dunstan's in the East


Feb. 27 M"- .Tosepli Panting & M" Aim Short, of S' Andrew's
Feb. 28 M' Francis Andrews & M" Susan Dudson, of S' Magnus by the Bridge
Mar. 1 M' Tho» Taylor, of S' James's, & M" Dorothy Brougham, of

S' Andrew's
Mar. 1 M'' John Marshall & M" Sarah Daws, of S' Giles's
Mar. 1 M"' Adam Smith & M" Alice Prior, of Edmonton, Midd.
Mar. 1 M' Benjamin Thompson & M" Barbara Gardiner, of Aldgate
Mar. 2 M'^ John Clough & M''^ Judith Gilbank, of S' Margaret's
Mar. 2 M"- Edward James, of S' Luke's, Old Street, & M" Sarah Butler, of

S' James's, Clerkenwell
Mar 3 M^ James Murray & M''" Mary Linly, of S' James's
Mar. 3 M'" John Blackshaw, of S' John Street, & M" Mary Hopkins, of

S' James's
Mar. 6 M' John Kerment & M''^ Elizabeth Morgan, of Westham, Essex
Mar. 6 M'' Samuel Tothill, of Aldermanbury, & M" Ann Spiers, of

S' Ethclburg
Mar. 6 M'' Alexander Kirk & M« Elizabeth Hunter, of S' Catherine's
Mar. 6 M'' Richard Carriage & M''^ Catherine Watson
Mar. 6 M'' Peter Collin &'M'" Jane Bowman, of S' Martin's
Mar. 7 M' John Christof Steinfort, of S' James's, & M''= Catherine Wirgmans,

of S' Mai-y le Strand
Mar. 8 M' Matthew Stevens & M''" Ann Goodman, of Edmonton, Midd.
Mar. 9 M'' James Becket & M''^ Sarah Jennings, of S' Mary's, Dover, Kent
Mar. 10 M- AVilliam Whittakers & M'= Mary Wilson, of Isleworth
Mar. 10 M'' John Ives, of Lambeth, & M"'^ Sarah G-rav, of Camberwell
Mar. 11 M - Arthur Allen, of S' James's, & M''^ Margaret Cooper, of

S' George's
Mar. 12 M' Joshua Bradshaw, of S' Michael's, Cornhill, & M'» Barbara Stirling,

of S* Martin's
Mar. 12 M' Joseph Mines & M''^ Mary Amber, of S' John's
Mar. 12 M"' John Serjant, of S' Mary Overs, Southwark, & M^' Elizabeth

Meeds, of Portsmouth, Hants
Mar. 13
Mar. 13
Mar. 13

Mar. 13 ..^ . - , ^ j.

Mar. 13 M'' Thomas Channell, of S' Marylebon, & M''^ Hannah Grant, ot

8' Martin's
Mar. 13 »!'■ Richard Swain & M''^ Sarah Stent, of S' Mary Overs, Surrey
Mar. 13 M^ James Addison & Elener Black, of vS' George's in the East
Mar. 13 M'' Harry Fleet, of S' George's, & M>-^ Mary Eldridge, of S' Margaret's
Mar. 14 M'- Rob' Walker & M''= Elizabeth Woolfe, of Stepney
Mar. 14 M' Jack Waldo & M''^ Sarah Bradly, of S' BarthoP' the Little
Mar. 14 M'' William Hudson & M''= Ruth Richards
Mar. 14 M'' Richard Turner & M« Jane Cale, of S' James's
Mar. 15 M"' Roger Banks & M'^ Catherine Alexander, of S' Ann's
Mar. 15 M'' John Inskip & M'^ Mary Skelton, of Chelsea
Mar 15 M'' Richard Brav & M'" Sarah Smith, of Abchurch Lane
Mar. 17 M' Edmund Wood, of Speldhurst, & M''^ Mary Elliot, of Tunbridge,

CO. Kent
Mar. 17 M' John French, of Whipenham, Isle of White, & M" Jane Ann

Duquesne, of S' Martin's
Mar. 17 M' Mile Child, of Rickmansworth, Herts, & M'^ Mary Peterson, of

S' Mary Ase
Mar. 17 Albert Delande, of the Middle Temple, Esq - , & M" Ann Corbin, of the

Isle of Guernsey
Mar. 18 M'' Abraham Pattinson, of S» Margaret's, & M" Elizabeth Booth, of

Richmond, Sui-rey

M'' Edward Harvey & M" Ann Norris, of S' Marylebon
M'' Robert Thomas & M" Ann Downs, of S' James's
M' John Goueld [sic] & M'^ Winnifred Bennet, of S' James's
M'' Robert Finchett & M''^ Sarah Williams, of S' Margaret's

ST. George's chapel, htde park corner. 31

Mar. 18 M"' James Eales, of Mordeu, & M" Mary "Warren, of Martin,

CO. Surrey
Mar. 19 M'' Aaron Butler, of Bloomsbery, & M" Elizabeth Harris, of Eotherith,

Mar. 19 M'' Cornelius Owen & M" Elizabeth Eowell, of S' Leonard's,

Mar. 19 M'" Joseph Cure, of S' James's, & M" Elizabeth Broadway, of

S' Marvlebon
Mar. 20 M' Thomas Denham, of S' John Zachary, & M" Mary Shale, of

S' Botolph's, Aldersgate
Mar. 20 M'' Stephen Watkins & M"'^ Sarah Howard, of Bloomsbery
Mar. 20 M^ John Kiddy, of Hornsey, Midd., & M" Sarah May, of Coleman

Mar. 21 M"' William Holland & M" Mary Hewitt, of S' Marylebon
Mar. 21 M'' Eobert Goodings & M'^ Mary Hust, of S' Ann's
Mar. 22 ISP William Shaw, of Eotherith, & M''^ Ann Shakeshirt, of S' Helen's
Mar. 23 M'' James Cearee & M''* Elizabeth Eeeves, of Ham'ersmith
Mar. 28 M'' AVilliam Dimond, of Ham'ersmith, Midd., & M''» Bridget Clarke, of

S' Margaret's
Mar. 2-1 M'' John Day, of S' Andrew's, & M'= Eebeeca Humphrys, of S' Martin's
Mar 24 M'' George Webster, of S' Thomas the Apostle, & Mary Erith, of Little

Thurlow, Suffolk
Mar. 24 M'' James Searl & M''^ Jane Malpas, of S' George's in the East
Mar. 24 M'' Francis Backhouse, of S' George's, & M''^ Susannah Campion, of

Chiswick, Midd.
Mar. 24 M' Joseph Gibson & M" Susannah Denmau


Mar. 25 M'' Holliday Lawes & M''' Elizabeth Matthews, of S' John's, Wappiug

Mar. 2G M'' Thomas Smith & M" Mary Windly

Mar. 27 M' John Barnard & M" Mary Coxon, of S' Margaret's

Mar. 27 M"' Daniel Butteris, of S' Mary Hill, & M'^ Mary Browne, of S' Olave's,

Mar. 27 M"' James Eobinson & M" Sarah Clarke, of S' John's
Mar. 27 M"' Thomas Oakes & M" Catherine Clarke, of S* Clement's
Mar. 28 M'' Thomas Peers, of Blackfryers, & M" Elizabeth Long, of S' James's
Mar. 28 M"' Peter Duke & M'^ Ann Spencer, of S* Dunstan's in the West
Mar. 29 M' Francis Allnutt & M" Ann Smith, of S* George's, Southwark
Mar. 30 M"' William Carter & M" Sophia Gibbius, of S' Martin's
Mar. 30 M'' Samuel Knight & M" Sarah Gillet, of Houghton Parva,

CO. Northampton
Mar. 30 M' John WiUiams & M" Eachal Baldwin, of Edmonton, Midd.
Mar. 31 M' Thomas Compton & Elizabeth Spur
April 1 M'' Stephen Jay, of Chelmsford, & M'^ Ann Oliver, of Whitham,

CO. Essex
April 2 M'' Benjamin Newman, of S' Olave's, Southwark, & M" Elizabeth

Newman, of fS' Clement's
April 2 M' Jesse Wane & M" Anna Maria Wooton, of Whitechapel
April 2 M'' William Hill & M'' Ann Swindale, of S' John's, Southwark
April 3 M'' William King & M" Ann Chillcott, of S* Sepulchre's
April 3 M"' Eichard Flint, of Woolwich, Kent, & M" Ann Carpeuder, of

S' George the Martyr
April 8 M'' Eobert Baldwin & M''" Sarah Sherredd, of S' James's
April 3 M'' Peter Thomas & M" Sarah Wicks
April 3 M' Thomas Titcomb & M"''* Susannah Hill
April 3 M'' Eobert Leadbetter & Mary Ceylock, of Shorediteh
April 3 M' John Tempest & Jane Devoto, of S' Martin's


April 3 M'' Thomas Sturges, of S' Micliael's Pattins [sic], & M" Hannah

Goldsmith, of Bloorasbery
April 4 M' George Hyde & M" Mary Crawley, of Enfield, Midd.
April 5 M'' William Wright & M" Sarah Downes, of Crntchet Fryers
April 5 M'- John Tovev, of S* Clement's, & M>-= Mary Trust, of S' James's
April 5 M'- James Kiiig, of (3' George's, Bloomsbury, & M"'^ Martha Jenkmson,

of S' Peter le Poor
April 5 M'- Edward Jarrett, of S' Marylebon, & M''^ Mary Abbot, of S' Giles's
April 6 M'- John Smeeton, of S' George's, & M'^ Jane Almond, of S' Giles's
April 6 M'- Eobert Friend & M''^ Elizabeth Johnson, of S' Mary Magdalen,

Bermondsey, Surrey
April 6 M' Samuel Boy son & M" Hester Brace, of Goodman's Fields
April 7 M'' William Harris & M''' Ann Hodsoll, of Cripplegate
April 7 M' Edward Hedges & M'= Elizabeth Batsford, of S' James's
April 7 Captain Thomas Moncur, of Shadwell, & M''' Ann Arnold, of

Kotherhith, Surry
April 7 M'^ William Higgins & M>'^ Mary Briseo, of S' Saviour's, Southw''
April 7 M"' William Wood & M''^ Ann Gray, of S' Clement's
April 7 M'' David Little & M''^ Ellinor Roberts, of S' James's
April 9 M - John Eussell, of S' James's, & M''^ Elizabeth Stanley, of S' George's ;

by Lie. Abp.
April 9 M"' John Vaughan, of Wandsworth, Surry, & M''= EUzabeth Fox, of

April 9 M' William Spence & M'^ Christiana Kidwell, of S' Margaret's
Ain-il 9 M - Joshua Gilbert, of Bow Lane, Cheapside, & M" Hannah Mussaphia,

of S* Mary Axe
April 9 M"- Charles Davis, of Lambeth, & M" Mary Beadle, of Newington,

April 9 M'' Christopher Hall & M'^ Elizabeth Hawkins, of S' George's in

the East
April 10 M"- Charles Barry & M" Mary Pelter, of White Chapel
April 10 Mr William Bricknell, of Kings Sutton, co. Northamp., & M" Ann

Dalton, of S' George's, Bloomsbury
April 10 M"- Timothy Wroth & M''^ Jane Hodder, of S' Marylebon
AjjrillO M' Lawrence lloyce, of Aldersgate, & M" Mary Hale, of White

April 10 M'' Jeremiah Batemau, of S' Bartholomew by the Change, &

M" Elizabeth Clement, of S' Marylebon
April 10 M'' Thomas Adams & M''= Elizabeth Clifford, of S' Marylebon
Ai)ril 10 M'' Charles William Durant & M''^ Ann Dorent, of Covent Garden
April 11 M' Thomas Holyland, of S' Martin's, & M" Ann Foerder, of S' Ann's
April 11 M'' Daniel Dupont & M" Ann Etherington, of S' Martin's
April 11 M'' James Bolton, of Langly Castle, co. Nott., & M>'= Eliz"' Charlwood
April 12 M'' Oliver Trulove & M''* Mary Kussell, of S' James's
April 13 M' Charles Hammond & M''= Katherine Everett, of Woolwich, Kent
April 13 M"^ William Carss, of Twittenham, Midd., & M'= Elizabeth Martin, of

Petersham, Surry
April 13 M' Joseph Lawrenson & M''^ Jane Dods, of Bishopsgate
April 14 M' George Dew & M''" Elizabeth Kerk, of Edger [sic], Middx.
April 14 M' John Banes, of Covent Garden, & M"'" Ann Hughes, of S' Andrew's
April 14 M' John Main & M^= Elizabeth Cooper, of S' Martin's in the Fields
April 14 M'' Thomas Fouch, of S» John's, Hackney, & M'^ Mary Thackery, of

S' Bride's
April 14 M'^ Francis Cogan & M" Elizabeth Smith, of S' Dunstan's in the West
April 14 M'' Thomas Pike, of S' James's, & M" Eleanor [name omitted], of

S' Ann's
April 14 M"" Henry Vawser, of S' James's, & M" Ann Bullen, of S' Ann's
April 14 M"^ Bernard Hyde & M" Susannah Ferrour, of S' Clement's

ST. George's chapel, htde park corner, 33


April 15 M'' John Ledger & M''^ Frances Calvert, of S' G-eorge's, Bloomslmry
April 15 M'' Isaac Hooper, of S' Antbolin's, & M" Sarah Jefi^erson, of S' Andrew's

Wardrobe ; by Lie. Abp.
April 16 M'- Thomas Kose.of Gray's Inn, & M''^ Mary Evans, of Great S' Helen's
April 17 M'Thomas Crouch, of S' Sepulchre's, &M".TemimaDoubleday, of St.\nn's
April 17 M'' .Jonathan Winter & M'^ Marth.a Ann Harden, of S' Andrew's
April 17 M"- Samuel Kiciiards & M''^ Elizabeth Small, of Lambeth
April 17 M'- John Walker & M" Sarah Gretton, of Hadley, Midd.
April 17 M'- Nathaniel Buck, of S' Clement's, & M" Ann Wlntefoot, of S' James's
April 17 M'' Henry Homer & M''^ Elizabeth Browne, of S' Katherine's
April 17 M'- Richard Groome & M''^ Esther Dayes, of S' George the Martyr
April 17 M'' John Hunt & M'" Catherine Gylburt, of the Tower Hamlet
April IS M'' William Pope & M'" Susannah Greenup, of S' Martin's
April 18 M'' Nathaniel Kobinson & Ann Nicholfion, of Stanwell, Midd.
April IS M'' Joseph Willard & M'" Mary Dyunuocks, of Newiiigton, Surry
April 18 M'- Joini Short & M"-^ Martha Foster, of AVhitcchapel
April 20 M"' William Dewing, of Covent Garden, & M'^ Jane Burfield, of

S' George's
April 20 M"^ D.aniel Blake & M''^ Elizabeth Cape, of S' .James's
April 21 M'' Humphrey Evans, of S' Ann's, & M'^ Elizabeth Chappcll, of Covent

April 21 M'' John Kent & M''^ Sarah Bossom, of S' Ann's
April 21 M'- William Ellis & M''^ Abygail Harris
April 22 M'' John Eow & M'" Sarah Hutchinson, of S' Martin's
April 22 M'' James Calmenil & M'^ Sarah Skinner, of Stepney
April 23 M'- John Curtis & M''^ Jane Stokes

April 24 M'' Thomas Parsons, of Whitechapel, & M''" Ann Bennet, of S' Pancras
April 24 M^ Samuel Canham & M'= Deborah Coleman, of S'' Clement's
April 24 M'' John Eoker & M'= Lidia Combes, W., of S' Butolph without

April 24 M'' Ambrose Buttler & M" Mary Marshall, of S' James's
April 24 M' Jonathan Smith & M''^ Alice Frazier, of S' James's
April 24 M'' John Welstead & M''" Agatha Smith, of S* Dunstan's in the East
April 24 M'- Edward Hurst, of Allhallows the Great, & M''^ Hannah Smith, of

S' Swithiu's, London Stone
April 24 M"' Eowland Williams & M''" Margaret Parry, of S' George's,

April 24 M"^ Richard Barnes & M''" Esther Aldersey, of S' Butolph, Aldgate
April 24 M'' George Edger & M" Mary Cooper, of Spittlefields
April 24 M"' John Ownlyworth & M''= Susannah Davile, of Allhallows, Thames

April 24 M'' Nathaniel Irlam & M'^ Ann Ralph, of S* Martin's
April 24 M'' Thomas Shirley & M'^ Elizabeth Allen
April 24 M'' John Wester & M''^ Mary Maul, of S' James's
April 25 M'' Thomas Hard wick & M''^ Dorothy Peck ham, of Lambeth, Surry
April 25 M'' John Bates & M" Mary Spong, of Wandsor [sic], Surry
April 25 M'- Charles Scott, of S' Sepulchre's, & M''^ Sarah Goff or Gough, of

S' Diouis
April 26 M'' John Bunce & M''^ Hannah Bennett, of S' Peter's Chaffing
April 26 M'- W" Edsall, of Maidstone, Kent, & M" Mary Nixson, of S' Martin's

le Grand

[After ail interruption of IS months aiid 3 days.']


May 30 M'' James Price & M" Sarah Preston

May 30 M'' John Berry, of S' Peter's, Cornhill, & M''^ Ann Salmon, of S' John's,



June 2 M'- Richard Pavratt, of S' Martin's, & M" Jane Thornhill, of tlie Old

Jiine 2 M'' William Taylor & M'^ Haunali Holliius, of S* Marylabon
June 4 M'' Henry Wardall, of Aldenliam, & M''^ Elizabeth Duck, of Bushey,

June 5 j\P Charles Collins & M'= Mary Gautier, of Stepney
June 7 M' James Henderson & M''= Jane Hodgkin, of S' George's in the

June 8 M'' George King & M''^ Ann Eversall, of Hitclien, Herts
June 8 M'' Stephen Stokas & M''" Elizabeth Horner, of S' Peter's, Canterbury
June 12 M'- Stephen Stanniuott, of Allhallows Barking, & M" Elizabeth Webb,

of Wandsworth, Surry
June 14 M'' David Thomas & Bl" Mary Andrews, of Aldgate
June 14 M'' Thomas Williams & M" A"nn Woodard, of Lambeth, Surry
June 15 M"- William Atkins & M"* Ann Buc-knell
June 17 M' AVilliam Vickars, of S' James's, & M''" Sarah Poster, of

Hammersmith, IMidd.
June 17 M'' William Bridge & M''^ Mary Bayley, of S' James's
June 17 M"' John Pilkiiigton & M'^ Catherine Hare, of S' James's
June 17 M'' Jonathan Gladman & M''= Ann Thornton, of S' Sepulchre's
June 18 M' John Tustin & M" Mary Whair, of Croydon, Surry
June 18 M'' Thomas Lakeland & M'^ Elizabeth Crosliy, of Christ Church, Surry
June 21 M'' James Banks, of Q.ueen Street, Cheapside, & M"'^ Jane Prince, of

S' George's
June 21 M'- Michael Lister & M'^ Elnor Walker, of S' Marylebon
June 22 M'' John Woodhouse, of Allhallows Staining, & M" Hannah Dell, of

Ailsbnry, Bucks ; by Lie. Abp. " Not to be own'd except to

M - Sam'. Sleigh or M" Ann Hunt"
June 24 M'' Samuel Hash, of Furnival's Inn, & M''" Dorothy Puller, of

June 24 M^ Eiehard Warbnrton & M'« Elizabeth Wedlock

June 24 M'' Edward Kilsby, of S' John's, & M" Ann Meridith, of S' Margaret's
June 24 M' Thomas Harrison & M''^ Hannah Smith
June 25 M'' Thomas Adams & M"'^ Margaret Swinton, of S' Giles's
June 26 M^ John Chad & M" Margaret Westmor, of Harrow on the Hill, Midd.
June 26 M'' John AVebb & M''' Mary Bunn, of S' Sepulchre's
3\me 27 M'' Peter Lens, of S' James's, & M'^ Elizabeth Gosbell, of S' George's
June 30 M"' Thomas Bloodworth & M''^ Ann Pickeridge, of S' Giles's
July 1 M'' Edward Brown & M''^ Lydia Mellish, of S' Martin's
July 2 M'' Eiehard Hanks & W^ Margaret Vence
July 2 M'- William Blakelock, of S' Martin's, & M" Elizabeth Mowbrey, of

S' James's
July 2 M"' Phillip Lambeth, of Eotherith, Surry, & M'*" Hannah Brough, of

July 8 M' Henry Eamsey & M" Frances Whitesides
July 8 M'' JohnBridgan & M'^ Mary Harrison, of S' Andr., Holborn
July 8 M'' James Parker & M''= Catherine Trump, of S< Martin's
July 8 M"' William Guest & M'* Elizabeth Peickiring, of S' Andrew's, Holborn

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